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Women and Health (Hardcover, 2nd edition): Marlene B. Goldman, Rebecca Troisi, Kathryn M. Rexrode Women and Health (Hardcover, 2nd edition)
Marlene B. Goldman, Rebecca Troisi, Kathryn M. Rexrode
R2,912 Discovery Miles 29 120 Within 8 - 15 working days

"Women and Health "is a comprehensive reference that addresses health issues affecting women of all ages - from adolescence through maturity. It goes far beyond other books on this topic, which concentrate only on reproductive health, and has a truly international perspective. It covers key issues ranging from osteoporosis to breast cancer and other cancers, domestic violence, sexually transmitted diseases, occupational hazards, eating disorders, heart disease and other chronic illnesses, substance abuse, and societal and behavioral influences on health.

In this second edition of "Women and Health," chapters thoughtfully explore the current state of women s health and health care, including the influences of sex and gender on the occurrence of a wide variety of diseases and conditions. All chapters have been extensively updated and emphasize the epidemiology of the condition - the etiology, occurrence, primary and secondary prevention (screening), risk factors, surveillance, changing trends over time, and critical analysis of the diagnostic and treatment options and controversies. Treatment sections in each chapter have been expanded to create a stronger dialogue between epidemiologists and women's health practitioners.
Saves researchers and clinicians time in quickly accessing the very latest details on a broad range of women s health issues, as opposed to searching through thousands of journal articlesProvides a common language for epidemiologists, public health practitioners, and women s health specialists to discuss the behavioral, cultural, and biological determinants of women s healthResearchers and medical specialists will learn how the gender-specific risks and features of one organ system s diseases affect the health of other organ systems
For example: Hormone replacement therapy used to treat imbalance within the endocrine system is also being used to prevent and treat cardiovascular disease; Drugs developed for type 2 diabetes are now being used in chemopreventionOrients the non-gerontologist about the importance of considering the entire life cycle of women within research designs and treatment plansProfessors teaching courses in women s health will use slides and additional materials to structure lectures/courses; students will use slides as a unique resource to study for exams"

Medical Cell Biology (Hardcover, 3rd edition): Steven Goodman Medical Cell Biology (Hardcover, 3rd edition)
Steven Goodman
R761 Discovery Miles 7 610 Within 7 - 11 working days

This Third Edition of Medical Cell Biology focuses on the scientific aspects of cell biology important to medical students, dental students, veterinary students, and prehealth undergraduates. Maintaining a primary focus on eukaryotic cell biology, the text explains general cell biology principles in the context of organ systems and human and animal disease.
* 60% New Material
* New Topics include:
Apoptosis and cell dealth from a neural perspective
Signal transduction as it relates to normal and abnormal heart function
Cell cycle and cell division related to cancer biology
* All new clinical cases
* Serves as a prep guide to the National Medical Board Exam with a CD-ROM of 200 sample board-style questions (using Exam Master(R) technology): www.exammaster.com
* Focuses on eukaryotic cell biology as it related to human disease, thus making the subject more accessible to pre-med and pre-health students

Basic Medical Endocrinology (Hardcover, 4th edition): H.Maurice Goodman Basic Medical Endocrinology (Hardcover, 4th edition)
H.Maurice Goodman
R1,185 Discovery Miles 11 850 Within 7 - 11 working days

Basic Medical Endocrinology, Fourth Edition provides up-to-date coverage of rapidly unfolding advances in the understanding of hormones involved in regulating most aspects of bodily functions. The discussion focuses on molecular and cellular aspects of hormone production and action firmly rooted in the context of integrative physiology. Topics are approached from the perspective of a physiologist with over 40 years of teaching experience.
This fourth edition is richly illustrated in full color with both descriptive schematic diagrams and laboratory findings obtained in clinical studies. Each of the fourteen chapters starts with an 'Overview' of the topic and ends with a 'Suggested Reading' list. Initial chapters lay a foundation by presenting basic information and principles of hormone structure, secretion, and actions, and the physiological roles of the principal endocrine glands. Subsequent chapters address the role of the endocrine system in solving such physiological problems as the regulation of the volume and composition of body fluids in the face of changing environmental demands, and the regulation of short and longterm energy balance. The final chapters deal with the indispensable role of hormones in growth, development and reproduction.
* Strikes an excellent balance between systems/organismal level of overview and cellular/molecular analysis
* Richly illustrated with over 250 full color figures, descriptive schematic diagrams, and laboratory findings
* All chapters have been thoroughly rewritten and updated, including new discussions of adrenal steroid biosynthesis, the parathyroid in osteoporosis, obesity and metabolism, as well as an entirely new chapter ongastrointestinal hormones
* Editor has 45 years of experience teaching endocrinology and physiology to medical students at Harvard and UMass

Platelets (Hardcover, 3rd edition): Alan D. Michelson Platelets (Hardcover, 3rd edition)
Alan D. Michelson
R3,546 Discovery Miles 35 460 Within 8 - 15 working days

PLATELETS is the definitive current source of state-of-the-art knowledge about platelets and covers the entire field of platelet biology, pathophysiology, and clinical medicine. Recently there has been a rapid expansion of knowledge in both basic biology and the clinical approach to platelet-related diseases including thrombosis and hemorrhage. Novel platelet function tests, drugs, blood bank storage methods, and gene therapies have been incorporated into patient care or are in development. This book draws all this information into a single, comprehensive and authoritative resource.
Comprehensive and definitive source of knowledge about platelets for clinicians, pathologists and scientists

Integrates the entire field of platelet biology, pathophysiology, and clinical medicine

Full color reference comprising 64 chapters, 1400 pages, and 16,000 references

Contributions from 126 world leaders in their fields New chapters on topics such as the regulation of platelet life span, platelet microRNAs, GPVI and CLEC-2, monitoring of antiplatelet therapy, novel antiplatelet therapy, and making platelets "ex vivo"

Statistics in Medicine (Hardcover, 3rd edition): Robert H. Riffenburgh Statistics in Medicine (Hardcover, 3rd edition)
Robert H. Riffenburgh
R1,103 Discovery Miles 11 030 Within 8 - 15 working days

"Statistics in Medicine, Third Edition" makes medical statistics easy to understand by students, practicing physicians, and researchers. The book begins with databases from clinical medicine and uses such data to give multiple worked-out illustrations of every method. The text opens with how to plan studies from conception to publication and what to do with your data, and follows with step-by-step instructions for biostatistical methods from the simplest levels (averages, bar charts) progressively to the more sophisticated methods now being seen in medical articles (multiple regression, noninferiority testing). Examples are given from almost every medical specialty and from dentistry, nursing, pharmacy, and health care management. A preliminary guide is given to tailor sections of the text to various lengths of biostatistical courses.

Key Features:

*User-friendly format includes medical examples, step-by-step methods, and check-yourself exercises appealing to readers with little or no statistical background, across medical and biomedical disciplines

*Facilitates stand-alone methods rather than a required sequence of reading and references to prior text.

* Covers trial randomization, treatment ethics in medical research, imputation of missing data, evidence-based medical decisions, how to interpret medical articles, noninferiority testing, meta-analysis, screening number needed to treat, and epidemiology.

* Fills the gap left in all other medical statistics books between the reader s knowledge of how to go about research and the book s coverage of how to analyze results of that research.

"New in this Edition: "

* New chapters on planning research, managing data and analysis, Bayesian statistics, measuring association and agreement, and questionnaires and surveys.

* New sections on what tests and descriptive statistics to choose, false discovery rate, interim analysis, bootstrapping, Bland-Altman plots, Markov chain Monte Carlo (MCMC), and Deming regression.

* Expanded coverage on probability, statistical methods and tests relatively new to medical research, ROC curves, experimental design, and survival analysis.

*35 Databases in Excel format used in the book and can be downloaded and transferred into whatever format is needed along with PowerPoint slides of figures, tables, and graphs from the book included on the companion site, http: //www.elsevierdirect.com/companion.jsp?ISBN=9780123848642

*Medical subject index offers additional search capabilities."

Molecular Tools and Infectious Disease Epidemiology (Hardcover): Betsy Foxman Molecular Tools and Infectious Disease Epidemiology (Hardcover)
Betsy Foxman
R1,683 Discovery Miles 16 830 Within 7 - 15 working days

Molecular Tools and Infectious Disease Epidemiology examines the opportunities and methodologic challenges in the application of modern molecular genetic and biologic techniques to infectious disease epidemiology. The application of these techniques dramatically improves the measurement of disease and putative risk factors, increasing our ability to detect and track outbreaks, identify risk factors and detect new infectious agents. However, integration of these techniques into epidemiologic studies also poses new challenges in the design, conduct, and analysis. This book presents the key points of consideration when integrating molecular biology and epidemiology; discusses how using molecular tools in epidemiologic research affects program design and conduct; considers the ethical concerns that arise in molecular epidemiologic studies; and provides a context for understanding and interpreting scientific literature as a foundation for subsequent practical experience in the laboratory and in the field. The book is recommended for graduate and advanced undergraduate students studying infectious disease epidemiology and molecular epidemiology; and for the epidemiologist wishing to integrate molecular techniques into his or her studies.

Principles of Gender-Specific Medicine (Hardcover, 2nd edition): Marianne J. Legato Principles of Gender-Specific Medicine (Hardcover, 2nd edition)
Marianne J. Legato
R3,055 Discovery Miles 30 550 Within 7 - 15 working days

The field of gender-specific medicine examines how normal human biology and physiology differs between men and women and how the diagnosis and treatment of disease differs as a function of gender. This revealing research covers various conditions that predominantly occur in men as well conditions that predominantly occur in women. Among the areas of greatest difference are cardiovascular disease, mood disorders, the immune system, lung cancer as a consequence of smoking, osteoporosis, diabetes, obesity, and infectious diseases.
The Second Edition of Principles of Gender-Specific Medicine will decrease in size from two to one volume and focus on the essentials of gender-specific medicine. In response to the market as well as many of the reviewers suggestions, the Editor has eliminated approximately 55 chapters from the first edition to make the book more compact and more focused on the essentials of gender-specific medicine. The content will be completely updated, redundant sections and chapters will be merged with others that are more relevant to the current study of sex and gender differences in human physiology and pathophysiology.
Editor has eliminated approximately 55 chapters from the first edition to make the book more compact and more focused on the essentials of gender-specific medicine.

Longer bibliographies and suggested reviews/papers of particular relevance and importance will be added at the end of each section.

Each author will be asked to include recent meta-analysis of data

Each chapter will progress translationally from the basic science to the clinical applications of gender-specific therapies, drugs, or treatments

Section on drug metabolism will be eliminated but the subject will be incorporated into each relevant chapter

Section on aging will be eliminated but age will be considered as a variable in each of the separate chapters "

Global Perspectives on Childhood Obesity - Current Status, Consequences and Prevention (Hardcover): Debasis Bagchi Global Perspectives on Childhood Obesity - Current Status, Consequences and Prevention (Hardcover)
Debasis Bagchi
R3,522 Discovery Miles 35 220 Within 7 - 15 working days

Understanding the complex factors contributing to the growing childhood obesity epidemic is vital not only for the improved health of the world's future generations, but for the healthcare system. The impact of childhood obesity reaches beyond the individual family and into the public arenas of social systems and government policy and programs. "Global Perspectives on Childhood Obesity" explores these with an approach that considers the current state of childhood obesity around the world as well as future projections, the most highly cited factors contributing to childhood obesity, what it means for the future both for children and society, and suggestions for steps to address and potentially prevent childhood obesity.
1. This book will cover the multi-faceted factors contributing to the rapidly growing childhood obesity epidemic.
2. The underlying causes and current status of rapidly growing obesity epidemic in children in the global scenario will be discussed.
3. The strategies for childhood obesity prevention and treatment such as physical activity and exercise, personalized nutrition plans and school and community involvement will be presented.

1. A comprehensive and concise book addressing the global epidemic of childhood obesity targeted for nutritionists, dieticians, medical and health professionals, educators and scientists.
2. The strategies for childhood obesity prevention and treatment such as physical activity and exercise, personalized nutrition plans and school and community involvement will be presented.
3. The impact and its consequences of this ongoing epidemic on individual family and community as a whole will be addressed.

Nutritional Oncology (Hardcover, 2nd edition): George L. Blackburn, Vay Liang W. Go, John Milner Nutritional Oncology (Hardcover, 2nd edition)
George L. Blackburn, Vay Liang W. Go, John Milner; Edited by (editors-in-chief) David Heber
R3,789 Discovery Miles 37 890 Within 7 - 11 working days

Nutritional oncology is an increasingly active interdisciplinary field where cancer is investigated as both a systemic and local disease originating with the changes in the genome and progressing through a multi-step process which may be influenced at many points in its natural history by nutritional factors that could impact the prevention of cancer, the quality of life of cancer patients, and the risk of cancer recurrence in the rapidly increasing population of cancer survivors.
Since the first edition of this book was published in 1999, the idea that there is a single gene pathway or single drug will provide a cure for cancer has given way to the general view that dietary/environmental factors impact the progression of genetic and cellular changes in common forms of cancer. This broad concept can now be investigated within a basic and clinical research context for specific types of cancer. This book attempts to cover the current available knowledge in this new field of nutritional oncology written by invited experts. This book attempts to provide not only the theoretical and research basis for nutritional oncology, but will offer the medical oncologist and other members of multidisciplinary groups treating cancer patients practical information on nutrition assessment and nutritional regimens, including micronutrient and phytochemical supplementation. The editors hope that this volume will stimulate increased research, education and patient application of the principles of nutritional oncology.
* Covers hot new topics of nutrigenomics and nutrigenetics in cancer cell growth
* Includes new chapters on metabolic networks in cancer cell growth, nutrigenetics and nutrigenomics
* Presents substantially revised chapters on breast cancer and nutrition, prostate cancer and nutrition, and colon cancer and nutrition
* Includes new illustrations throughout the text, especially in the breast cancer chapter
* Includes integrated insights into the unanswered questions and clearly defined objectives of research in nutritional oncology
* Offers practical guidelines for clinicians advising malnourished cancer patients and cancer survivors on diet, nutrition, and lifestyle
* Provides information on the role of bioactive substances, dietary supplements, phytochemicals and botanicals in cancer prevention and treatment

Seldin and Giebisch's The Kidney - Physiology and Pathophysiology (Hardcover, 5th edition): Robert J. Alpern, Michael J... Seldin and Giebisch's The Kidney - Physiology and Pathophysiology (Hardcover, 5th edition)
Robert J. Alpern, Michael J Caplan, Orson W. Moe
R5,691 Discovery Miles 56 910 Within 8 - 15 working days

A classic nephrology reference for over 25years, "Seldin & Giebisch s" The Kidney, is the acknowledged authority on renal physiology and pathophysiology. In this 5th edition, such new and powerful disciplines as genetics and cell biology have been deployed to deepen and widen further the explanatory framework. Not only have previous chapters been extensively updated, but new chapters have been added to incorporate additional disciplines. Individual chapters, for example, now provide detailed treatment of the significance of cilia; the role of stem cells is now given special consideration. Finally, there has been a significant expansion of the section of pathophysiology, incorporating the newer findings of cell biology and genetics. If you research the development of normal renal function or the mechanisms underlying renal disease, "Seldin & Giebisch s" The Kidney is your number one source for information.
Offers the most comprehensive coverage on the market of fluid and electrolyte regulation and dysregulation in85 completely revised chapters and 10 new chapters.Includes 4sections, 62 chapters, devoted to regulation and disorders of acid-base homeostasis, and epithelial and nonepithelial transport regulation.Includes foreword byDonald Seldin and Gerhard Giebisch, world renowned names in nephrology and editors of the previous three editions."

Back to Basics in Physiology - Fluids in the Renal and Cardiovascular Systems (Paperback, New): Juan Pablo Arroyo, Adam J.... Back to Basics in Physiology - Fluids in the Renal and Cardiovascular Systems (Paperback, New)
Juan Pablo Arroyo, Adam J. Schweickert
R639 Discovery Miles 6 390 Within 8 - 13 working days

This original six chapter book will briefly review and integrate the basic concepts behind water distribution and movement in the body. This fills a knowledge gap that most medical and undergraduate physiology students acquire when these topics are studied separately. As of now, there is no textbook that fully integrates renal, cardiovascular and water physiology in a clear understandable manner. The book is intended primarily for medical students and undergraduate physiology students. Chapters include: 1) Water and its Distribution; 2) Water Dynamics; 3) Fluid Handling by the Heart and Blood Vessels; 4) Fluid Handling by the Kidneys; 5) Water and Oxygen Delivery; 6) Integration in the Response to Hemorrhage, Volume Depletion, and Water Redistribution.
An easy-to-read, step by step explanation of how water is distributed, how it moves, how this aides in oxygen delivery and how this is regulated in the human body.

Presentsa complex and detailed topicin an original way that will allow students to understand more complex textbooks and explanations"

Comparative Anatomy and Histology - A Mouse and Human Atlas (Expert Consult) (Hardcover, New): Piper M. Treuting, Suzanne M... Comparative Anatomy and Histology - A Mouse and Human Atlas (Expert Consult) (Hardcover, New)
Piper M. Treuting, Suzanne M Dintzis
R2,390 Discovery Miles 23 900 Within 7 - 11 working days

Comparative Anatomy and Histology: A Mouse and Human Atlas is aimed atthe new mouse investigator as well asmedical and veterinarypathologists who need to expand their knowledge base into comparative anatomy and histology. It guides the reader through normal mouse anatomy and histology using direct comparison to the human. The side by side comparison of mouse and human tissues highlight the unique biology of the mouse, which has great impact on thevalidation of mouse modelsof human disease.
Print + Electronic product - E-book available on "Elsevier s Expert Consult" platform through a scratch-off pin code inside the print book, customers will be able to access the full text online, perform quick searches, and download images at expertconsult.comOffers the first comprehensive source for comparing human and mouse anatomy and histology through over 600 full-color images, in one reference workExperts from both human and veterinary fields take readers through each organ system in a side-by-side comparative approach to anatomy and histology - human Netter anatomy images along with Netter-style mouse imagesEnables human and veterinary pathologists to examine tissue samples with greater accuracy and confidenceTeaches biomedical researchers to examine the histologic changes in their mutant mice"

Complementary and Alternative Therapies and the Aging Population - An Evidence-Based Approach (Hardcover, New): Ronald Ross... Complementary and Alternative Therapies and the Aging Population - An Evidence-Based Approach (Hardcover, New)
Ronald Ross Watson
R1,312 Discovery Miles 13 120 Within 7 - 11 working days

The major objective of this book is to review in detail health problems occurring with significant frequency in aging adults which are proposed to be treated or ameliorated using nutriceuticals as foods and dietary supplements as well as other complementary and alternative therapies. Chapters primarily focusing on nutrients have been excluded to maintain a focus on complementary and alternative medicine (CAM).
Overview of the Book: The book is divided into three general sections as follows: I. Nutriceuticals and Botanicals in Health Promotion; (A) Specific Nutriceuticals Used in Treating Aged, (B) General Nutraceutical Approaches to Therapy with emphasis on cancer. II. Non-nutritional CAM Therapies. (A) Mind-mediated Therapies, (B) Physically Applied CAM Therapies

I. Non-Nutritional Components in Diet and Supplements, Nutriceuticals and their Role in Health Promotion in the Mature Adult.
Nutrient requirements for optimum health and function of aging physiological systems often are quite distinct from young ones. Nutriceuticals, without nutrients as foods or dietary supplements benefit the aged by both protecting nutrients from oxidative damage as well as through their direct biological activity. Recognition and understanding of the role of CAM nutriceuticals in health of the aged is being intensively researched and tested, especially due to the increases in the elderly in the general population. In developed countries, economic restrictions and physical inactivity during aging can significantly reduce food intakes, contributing to nutritional stresses and needs. Many disease entities and cancers are found with higher frequency in the aged. Cancer, trauma, or infectiousdisease can alter intakes of nutriceutical containing foods and/or requirements for various nutrients. Nutriceuticals, especially those of botanical origins have thousands of biologically active chemicals. Thus specific foods and nutriceutical supplementation may be helpful in treatment of aged adults including cancer patients. Many adults and elderly are using foods and nutriceutical supplements above the recommended daily allowance, which may not always be needed for optimal health. To some extent, treatment of these conditions with diet or nutriceutical supplements is a unique problem in the aged. In summary, increasing numbers of older adults and elderly in the population require detailed study and directed research to understand their health problems, using novel nutriceutical and CAM therapies.
II. Nutriceuticals in Disease and Cancer Therapy in Seniors.
Research continues to show that non-nutritional materials in the diet or as supplements can have important health promotion benefits. Those that are antioxidants act, in part, by protecting antioxidant vitamins. However much needs to be learned about benefits and risks of nutriceuticals which have a variety of biological activities in their own right. Therefore botanical extracts and components will be reviewed for their benefits to seniors.
III. Non-dietary Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) Use and Benefits to the Elderly in Health.
The elderly are frequently using various non-traditional and often unproven CAM therapies, beyond nutritional and nutraceutical supplements. Therefore a variety of physical and psychosocial treatments will be evaluated by experts in CAM research for their benefits/risks andthe extent of scientific testing.
*Identifies the important nutritional requirements of the aging population, and how nutraceuticals and other CAM options affect those
* Addresses the many disease entities and cancers are found with higher frequency in the aged, including cancer, trauma, or infectious disease that can alter intakes of nutraceutical containing foods and/or requirements for various nutrients.
* Explores the nutritional materials botanical extracts and components that can have important health promotion benefits and risks, to ensure safe consumption
* Reviews the frequently used non-traditional and often unproven CAM therapies, beyond nutritional and nutraceutical supplements, including a variety of physical and psychosocial treatments.

Muscle 2-Volume Set - Fundamental Biology and Mechanisms of Disease (Hardcover, New): Joseph Hill, Eric Olson Muscle 2-Volume Set - Fundamental Biology and Mechanisms of Disease (Hardcover, New)
Joseph Hill, Eric Olson
R2,973 Discovery Miles 29 730 Within 8 - 15 working days

A valuable study of the science behind the medicine, Muscle: Fundamental Biology and Mechanisms of Disease brings together key leaders in muscle biology. These experts provide state-of-the-art insights into the three forms of muscle--cardiac, skeletal, and smooth--from molecular anatomy, basic physiology, disease mechanisms, and targets of therapy. Commonalities and contrasts among these three tissue types are highlighted. This book focuses primarily on the biology of the myocyte.

Individuals active in muscle investigation--as well as those new to the field--will find this work useful, as will students of muscle biology. In the case of hte former, many wish to grasp issues at the margins of their own expertise (e.g. clinical matters at one end; molecular matters at the other), adn this book is designed to assist them. Students, postdoctoral fellows, course directors and other faculty will find this book of interest. Beyond this, many clinicians in training (e.g. cardiology fellows) will benefit.
The only resource to focus on science before the clinical work and therapeuticsTiered approach to subject: discussion first of normal muscle function through pathological/disease state changes, and ending each section with therapeutic interventionsCoverage of topics ranging from basic physiology to newly discovered molecular mechanisms of muscle diseases for all three muscle types: cardiac, skeletal, and smooth

Heart Development and Regeneration (Hardcover, New): Nadia Rosenthal, Richard P. Harvey Heart Development and Regeneration (Hardcover, New)
Nadia Rosenthal, Richard P. Harvey
R3,378 Discovery Miles 33 780 Within 8 - 15 working days

The development of the cardiovascular system is a rapidly advancing area in biomedical research, now coupled with the burgeoning field of cardiac regenerative medicine. A lucid understanding of these fields is paramount to reducing human cardiovascular diseases of both fetal and adult origin. Significant progress can now be made through a comprehensive investigation of embryonic development and its genetic control circuitry.

"Heart Development and Regeneration, " written by experts in the field, provides essential information on topics ranging from the evolution and lineage origins of the developing cardiovascular system to cardiac regenerative medicine. A reference for clinicians, medical researchers, students, and teachers, this publication offers broad coverage of the most recent advances.

Volume One discusses heart evolution, contributing cell lineages; model systems; cardiac growth; morphology and asymmetry; heart patterning; epicardial, vascular, and lymphatic development; and congenital heart diseases.

Volume Two includes chapters on transcription factors and transcriptional control circuits in cardiac development and disease; epigenetic modifiers including microRNAs, genome-wide mutagenesis, imaging, and proteomics approaches; and the theory and practice of stem cells and cardiac regeneration.

Authored by world experts in heart development and disease

New research on epigenetic modifiers in cardiac development

Comprehensive coverage of stem cells and prospects for cardiac regeneration

Up-to-date research on transcriptional and proteomic circuits in cardiac disease

Full-color, detailed illustrations

Bioactive Food as Dietary Interventions for Cardiovascular Disease - Bioactive Foods in Chronic Disease States (Hardcover):... Bioactive Food as Dietary Interventions for Cardiovascular Disease - Bioactive Foods in Chronic Disease States (Hardcover)
Ronald Ross Watson, Victor R. Preedy
R2,101 Discovery Miles 21 010 Within 8 - 13 working days

One major example of the synergy of bioactive foods and extracts is their role as an antioxidant and the related remediation of cardiovascular disease. There is compelling evidence tosuggest that oxidative stress is implicated in the physiology of several major cardiovascular diseases including heart failure and increased free radical formation and reduced antioxidant defences. Studies indicate bioactive foods reduce the incidence of these conditions, suggestive of a potential cardioprotective role of antioxidant nutrients.

BioactiveFood as Dietary Interventions for Cardiovascular Diseaseinvestigates the role of foods, herbs and novel extracts in moderating the pathology leading to cardiovascular disease. It reviews existing literature, and presents new hypotheses and conclusions on the effects of different bioactive components of the diet.
Addresses the most positive results from dietary interventions using bioactive foods to impact cardiovascular diseaseDocuments foods that can affect metabolic syndrome and other related conditionsConvenient, efficient and effective source that allows readers to identify potential uses of compounds or indicate those compounds whose use may be of little or no health benefitAssociated information can be used to understand other diseases that share common etiological pathways"

The World's Health Care Crisis - From the Laboratory Bench to the Patient's Bedside (Hardcover, New): Ibis... The World's Health Care Crisis - From the Laboratory Bench to the Patient's Bedside (Hardcover, New)
Ibis Sanchez-Serrano
R1,639 Discovery Miles 16 390 Within 8 - 13 working days

At present, human society is facing a health care crisis that is affecting patients worldwide. In the United States, it is generally believed that the major problem is lack of affordable access to health care (i.e. health insurance). This book takes an unprecedented approach to address this issue by proposing that the major problem is not lack of affordable access to health care per se, but lack of access to better, safer, and more affordable medicines. The latter problem is present not only in the United States and the developing world but also in countries with socialized health care systems, such as Europe and the rest of the industrialized world. This book provides a comparative analysis of the health care systems throughout the world and also examines the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries.

Examines the health care structure of the United States, Europe, and the third world, both separately and comparativelyOffers primary source insight through in-depth interviews with pharmaceutical and health care industry leaders from around the worldCarefully explains, in clear terms, the intricacies of the health care and pharmaceutical system and how these intricacies have led to the current crisisOffers concrete, comprehensive solutions to the health care crisis

Experimentation with Animal Models in Space, Volume 10 (Hardcover, New): Gerald Sonnenfeld Experimentation with Animal Models in Space, Volume 10 (Hardcover, New)
Gerald Sonnenfeld
R3,382 Discovery Miles 33 820 Within 7 - 15 working days

Exposure to space flight has been shown to results in changes in many physiological systems, including the musculoskeletal system, the cardiovascular system, the immune system, and the neurovestibular system. These changes could negatively impact the ability of humans to undertake long-term habitation and exploration of space. However, there are limits to the studies that can be done with humans in space. Both ground-based and space flight animal model systems are currently used for these studies as an alternative. This volume covers the latest developments in the use of animal models to study the effects of the space flight environment on human physiological systems.
* Includes unique insights into the mechanisms and the potential role of gravity, stress, radiation and other space flight environment factors on physiological systems
* A complete history back to the beginnings of space flight
* Discusses the development of countermeasures to prevent any damaging effects of the space flight environment on physiological systems

Molecular Medicine - An Introductory Text (Hardcover, 3rd Revised edition): R.J. Trent Molecular Medicine - An Introductory Text (Hardcover, 3rd Revised edition)
R.J. Trent
R2,135 Discovery Miles 21 350 Within 7 - 15 working days

Molecular medicine is the application of gene or DNA based knowledge to the modern practice of medicine. This book provides contemporary insights into how the genetic revolution is influencing medical thinking and practice on a broad front including clinical medicine, innovative therapies and forensic medicine. Extensively revised just after the completion of the Human Genome Project, it provides the latest in molecular medicine developments. It is the only book in Molecular Medicine that has undergone 3 editions, in which current practice as well as future developments are identified, and includes extensive tables, well presented figures resources for further understanding.

The Liver in Biology and Disease, Volume 15 - Liver Biology in Disease, Hepato Biology in Disease (Hardcover): Edward Bittar The Liver in Biology and Disease, Volume 15 - Liver Biology in Disease, Hepato Biology in Disease (Hardcover)
Edward Bittar
R2,489 Discovery Miles 24 890 Within 7 - 15 working days

The Liver in Biology and Disease was conceived as a sequel in the series "Principles of Medical Biology," whose general aim continues to be the integration of human biology and molecular cell biology into modern molecular medicine. It is a volume molded by the Information Revolution which few will deny has forced the teaching faculties in our medical schools to curtail and prune the teaching load and focus on fundamentals and principles. With this intention in mind, a volume of this nature takes into account the close dependence of progress in the medical sciences on bioinformatics (gene and protein analysis) or more precisely, computational biology and of course, the Internet. In general, it follows the pattern of its predecessors.
*Chapters are illustrated with numerous figures and references are current
*Clear, concise and accurate text about a large number of liver diseases
*Describes the liver's histology, biochemistry, and pathology in molecular terms

Handbook of Pediatric Transfusion Medicine (Hardcover, New): Christopher Hillyer, Ronald G. Strauss, Naomi L.C. Luban Handbook of Pediatric Transfusion Medicine (Hardcover, New)
Christopher Hillyer, Ronald G. Strauss, Naomi L.C. Luban
R2,810 R2,665 Discovery Miles 26 650 Save R145 (5%) Within 8 - 13 working days

Structured to be a companion to the recently published Handbook of Transfusion Medicine, the Handbook of Pediatric Transfusion Medicine is dedicated to pediatric hematology-oncology and transfusion medicine, a field which remains ambiguous and which has generated few comprehensive texts. This book stands alone as one of the few texts that addresses transfusion issues specific to pediatric medicine. Written in an eminently readable style, this authoritative handbook is a requirement for any pediatric physician or caregiver.
* Neonatal and fetal immune response and in utero development issues
* Blood compatability and pre-transfusion testing issues specific to pediatric and neonatal transfusion
* Therapeutic apheresis including red blood cell exchange and prophylactic chronic erythrocytapheresis for sickle cell patients
* Also includes a section that concentrates on the consent, quality and legal issues of blood transfusion and donation

Developmental Biology Research in Space, Volume 9 (Hardcover): H.J. Marthy Developmental Biology Research in Space, Volume 9 (Hardcover)
H.J. Marthy
R3,456 Discovery Miles 34 560 Within 7 - 15 working days

In this volume of ASPA, devoted to developmental biology research, 9 authors from different fields of developmental biology present their investigations on various developing plant and animal models. An "a priori" concern in mind that weightlessness might have negative effects on developmental processes, it is encouraging to know that the overall development of various organisms tested so far is essentially correct under spaceflight conditions, leading to viable individuals with viable offspring. On the other hand, particular studies on specifically neurophysiological aspects in developing organisms reveal important flight or postflight disturbances; however it is encouraging to know that they appear to be transient only.
The book contains ten chapters, giving details on how, in technical terms, experiments for spaceflights are prepared, performed and analysed and on how, in scientific terms, the available results have to be interpreted. One contribution is devoted to plant systems, five consider the overall aspects of embryonic development in invertebrates and vertebrates, two focus on neurophysiological aspects and one reports on the "mother-offspring system" in weightlessness in a mammalian model, the last chapter presents new ESA facilities and instruments to be integrated into the European research Laboratory "Columbus" of the ISS.

Genetic Recombination in Cancer (Hardcover, New): Gajanan V. Sherbet Genetic Recombination in Cancer (Hardcover, New)
Gajanan V. Sherbet
R4,049 Discovery Miles 40 490 Within 7 - 15 working days

Genetic recombination is a process of combining genes that leads to the generation of cell variants that possess different characteristics. This process is important to the evolution of a species and to embryonic growth and differentiation. However, this process can also lead to the development of abnormal, cancerous cells. This book reviews the role of genetic recombination in the generation of various cancers and how genetic alterations have been or could be employed to elicit clinically useful information.
* Provides detailed discussion of the genetic mechanisms that result in the generation of normal and abnormal cells
* Examines the role of genetic recombination in cancer including cancer invasion and metastasis
* Information is presented in a manner that is useful and accessible to everyone from graduate students to established cancer researchers

Caloric Restriction: A Key to Understanding and Modulating Aging, Volume 1 (Hardcover, 1st ed): E. J. Masoro Caloric Restriction: A Key to Understanding and Modulating Aging, Volume 1 (Hardcover, 1st ed)
E. J. Masoro
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For many years, it has been known that when rats and mice are given a reduced amount of food, their life span is increased and they remain healthy and vigorous at advanced ages.

What is the reason for this change in the usual pattern of aging? The evidence is overwhelming that the life extension results from a slowing of aging processes. And the factor responsible is the decrease in caloric intake. The obvious question: How does this factor work? A good question - and the reason that research on the anti-aging action of caloric restriction is today one of the most studied research areas in biological gerontology. For it is felt that if the biological mechanisms of the anti-aging action of caloric restriction can be uncovered, we would gain an understanding of the basic nature of aging processes, which would, in turn, yield possible interventions in human aging. This book aims to provide the growing number of researchers in this field (faculty, postdoctoral trainees, and graduate students) with a detailed knowledge of what is known about caloric restriction within the frame of gerontology, as well as insights on future of this field.

Programmed Cell Death, Volume I, Volume 5 - Cellular and Molecular Mechanisms (Hardcover): M.P. Mattson, S. Estus, V. Rangnekar Programmed Cell Death, Volume I, Volume 5 - Cellular and Molecular Mechanisms (Hardcover)
M.P. Mattson, S. Estus, V. Rangnekar
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Apoptosis, or programmed cell death, is an adaptive form of cell death that plays a critical role in turnover of mitotic cells and various tissues in the adult, including epithelial cells, fibroblasts and various endocrine cells. Programmed cell death also plays a major role in development in organizing the body plan and molding intricate cellular structures such as nerve cell circuits in the brain. Rapidly progressing research into the molecular and biochemical underpinnings of the programmed cell death process are revealing novel genetic programs and molecular interactions that coordinate a process that results in death and removal of cells without an immune response and in the absence of the adverse effects on neighboring cells.

"Programmed Cell Death, Volume I," critically details the molecular, biochemical and cellular mechanisms of apoptosis. This volume covers programmed cell death in a variety of tissues and organ systems highlighting the interesting families of proteins involved in promoting or preventing apoptosis. These include the caspase and calpain families of proteases, Bcl-2 family members, and inhibitors of apoptosis proteins. Each chapter is written by an internationally recognized expert in a particular aspect of programmed cell death.

This book will provide the reader with a comprehensive understanding of the cascade of events leading from an apoptotic signal, such as trophic factor withdrawal or increased oxidative stress, to cell death. Importantly, this volume also covers signaling mechanisms designed to prevent apoptosis. Such anti-apoptotic signaling cascades involve neurotrophic factors and stress response pathways. "Programmed Cell Death, Volume I," provides the molecular and cellular foundation for http: //www.elsevier.com/locate/isbn/0444507302Programmed Cell Death, Volume II in which the roles of aberrant regulation of apoptosis in human diseases ranging from cancer to Alzheimer's disease are considered.

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