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The Crossfire Series  - Bared To You / Reflected In You / Entwined With You (Paperback, Boxed set): Sylvia Day The Crossfire Series - Bared To You / Reflected In You / Entwined With You (Paperback, Boxed set)
Sylvia Day 1
R360.00 R306.00 Discovery Miles 3060 Save R54.00 (15%) Within 4 - 8 working days

The bestselling erotic romance series, now available for the first time in one complete box set.

Bared to You
Gideon Cross came into my life like lightning in the darkness - beautiful and brilliant, jagged and white hot. I was irresistibly and irrevocably addicted to him. And yet, we were both plagued by demons of the past. I only prayed that they wouldn't tear us apart . . .

Reflected in You
I knew that I should stay away. It was too hard, too painful for such damaged souls . . . except when it was perfect. For Gideon and I were bound by an insatiable hunger. It would transcend our passion to the sweetest, sharpest edge of obsession . . .

Entwined with You
No one knows how much Gideon risked for me. And entwined by our secrets, we had to try to defy the odds and evade the dark and dangerous shadows of the past . . .

Fifty Shades Trilogy  - Fifty Shades of Grey / Fifty Shades Darker / Fifty Shades Freed  (Paperback, Boxed set): E. L. James Fifty Shades Trilogy - Fifty Shades of Grey / Fifty Shades Darker / Fifty Shades Freed (Paperback, Boxed set)
E. L. James 4
R576.00 R437.00 Discovery Miles 4370 Save R139.00 (24%) Within 6 - 13 working days

Fifty Shades of Grey
When literature student Anastasia Steele interviews successful entrepreneur Christian Grey, she finds him very attractive and deeply intimidating. Convinced that their meeting went badly, she tries to put him out of her mind - until he turns up at the store where she works part-time, and invites her out. Unworldly and innocent, Ana is shocked to find she wants this man. And, when he warns her to keep her distance, it only makes her want him more. But Grey is tormented by inner demons, and consumed by the need to control. As they embark on a passionate love affair, Ana discovers more about her own desires, as well as the dark secrets Grey keeps hidden away from public view...

Fifty Shades Darker
Daunted by the singular tastes and dark secrets of the beautiful, tormented young entrepreneur Christian Grey, Anastasia Steele has broken off their relationship to start a new career with a Seattle publishing house. But desire for Christian still dominates her every waking thought, and when he proposes a new arrangement, Anastasia cannot resist. They rekindle their searing sensual affair, and Anastasia learns more about the harrowing past of her damaged, driven and demanding Fifty Shades. While Christian wrestles with his inner demons, Anastasia must confront the anger and envy of the women who came before her, and make the most important decision of her life.

Fifty Shades Freed
When unworldly student Anastasia Steele first encountered the driven and dazzling young entrepreneur Christian Grey it sparked a sensual affair that changed both of their lives irrevocably. Shocked, intrigued, and, ultimately, repelled by Christian's singular erotic tastes, Ana demands a deeper commitment. Determined to keep her, Christian agrees. Now, Ana and Christian have it all--love, passion, intimacy, wealth, and a world of possibilities for their future. But Ana knows that loving her Fifty Shades will not be easy, and that being together will pose challenges that neither of them would anticipate. Ana must somehow learn to share Christian's opulent lifestyle without sacrificing her own identity. And Christian must overcome his compulsion to control as he wrestles with the demons of a tormented past.

Darling Beast (Paperback): Elizabeth Hoyt Darling Beast (Paperback)
Elizabeth Hoyt
R111.00 R91.00 Discovery Miles 910 Save R20.00 (18%) Within 7 - 11 working days

Falsely accused of murder and mute from a near-fatal beating, Apollo Greaves, Viscount Kilbourne has escaped from Bedlam. With the Crown's soldiers at his heels, he finds refuge in the ruins of a pleasure garden, toiling as a simple gardener. But when a vivacious young woman moves in, he's quickly driven to distraction . . .
London's premier actress, Lily Stump, is down on her luck when she's forced to move into a scorched theatre with her maid and small son. But she and her tiny family aren't the only inhabitants-a silent, hulking beast of a man also calls the charred ruins home. Yet when she catches him reading her plays, Lily realizes there's more to this man than meets the eye.
Though scorching passion draws them together, Apollo knows that Lily is keeping secrets. When his past catches up with him, he's forced to make a choice: his love for Lily . . . or the explosive truth that will set him free.

One in a Million (Paperback, 12th): Jill Shalvis One in a Million (Paperback, 12th)
Jill Shalvis
R111.00 R91.00 Discovery Miles 910 Save R20.00 (18%) Within 7 - 11 working days

As the brains behind wedding site TyingTheKnot.com, Callie sees it all: from the ring to the dress, the smiles . . . to the tears. It's that last part that keeps her single and "not" looking. Getting left at the altar will do that to a girl. But when Callie returns to her old hometown, she finds that her sweet high school crush is sexier than ever. And he makes it hard to remember why she's sworn off love . . .
Tanner is a deep-sea diver with a wild, adrenaline-junkie past-and now his teenage son is back in his life. How can Tanner be a role model when he's still paying for his own mistakes? It's hard enough that gorgeous Callie has appeared in town like a beautiful dream, challenging his best-laid plans to keep his heart on lockdown. Though there's something about being around her again that makes him feel like he can be the man she-and his son-deserve. Little Lucky Harbor holds their past; can it hold a beautiful new future?

The Story Of X (Paperback): A J Molloy The Story Of X (Paperback)
A J Molloy 1
R170.00 R146.00 Discovery Miles 1460 Save R24.00 (14%) In stock

Shy student Alexandra - 'X' to her friends - arrives in Naples desperate for adventure beyond the sheltered life she's led. As she explores the sun-soaked Italian city streets, she meets a man like none she has ever met before.

Lord Marcus Roscarrick is handsome, charismatic and wealthy beyond all imaginings - and yet, underneath his smooth exterior, X senses he is a man well-acquainted with danger. He begins to dazzle her in a way that she cannot resist. As they embark on a passionate affair, X is drawn further into Roscarrick's glittering world. But soon she discovers there's a darker side to him.

And as he reveals his darkest secrets, and urges her to submit to his desires, X must decide: is she in too deep, or dare she take the final plunge?

Anything He Wants & Castaway (Paperback): Sara Fawkes Anything He Wants & Castaway (Paperback)
Sara Fawkes
R215.00 R179.00 Discovery Miles 1790 Save R36.00 (17%) Within 7 - 11 working days
You (Hardcover): Caroline Kepnes You (Hardcover)
Caroline Kepnes
R358.00 R293.00 Discovery Miles 2930 Save R65.00 (18%) Within 7 - 11 working days

Love hurts...
When aspiring writer Guinevere Beck strides into the East Village bookstore where Joe works, he's instantly smitten. Beck is everything Joe has ever wanted: She's gorgeous, tough, razor-smart, and as sexy as his wildest dreams.
Beck doesn't know it yet, but she's perfect for him, and soon she can't resist her feelings for a guy who seems custom made for her. But there's more to Joe than Beck realizes, and much more to Beck than her oh-so-perfect facade. Their mutual obsession quickly spirals into a whirlwind of deadly consequences . . .
A chilling account of unrelenting passion, Caroline Kepnes's "You" is a perversely romantic thriller that's more dangerously clever than any you've read before.

A Girl Walks Into A Wedding (Paperback): Helena S. Paige A Girl Walks Into A Wedding (Paperback)
Helena S. Paige
R115.00 R99.00 Discovery Miles 990 Save R16.00 (14%) Within 4 - 8 working days

Your best friend is getting married, and she's asked you to be her bridesmaid. So many decisions: for starters, do you ask the gorgeous mystery man you met online to come as your date? Or do you go solo to check out the talent?

But once the country wedding weekend gets going, all kinds of adventures are on offer. Will you ditch your date? Duet with the dishy DJ? Dodge the disreputable best man? Or perhaps the rugged pilot you meet in the bar will open up unexpected erotic opportunities - and who knew the maid of (dis)honour had such a sultry streak? All this while dealing with the bachelorette party, the bride's jitters, the Dress From Hell, and more.

Perhaps the most tempting option is to flee with a tall, dark stranger ...or maybe an old friend surprises you with a sizzling encounter.

You make the decisions - you choose the happy ending. It's your fantasy. Your rules.

A Girl Walks Into A Bar - A Choose-Your-Own Erotic Destiny Novel (Paperback): Helena S. Paige A Girl Walks Into A Bar - A Choose-Your-Own Erotic Destiny Novel (Paperback)
Helena S. Paige
R115.00 R99.00 Discovery Miles 990 Save R16.00 (14%) Within 4 - 8 working days

When your friend cancels on your girls' night out at the last moment, you suddenly find yourself all dressed up and alone at an exclusive bar. What do you do now?

Will you spend the evening drinking tequila with a rock star? Or perhaps the suave and charming millionaire businessman is more your style? But the angelic young barman with a body made for sin has also caught your eye... then there's the bodyguard who has the keys to his boss's sports car and is offering you a ride... or maybe you'd rather just head home instead - to your sexy new neighbour.

Whichever way you decide to go, each twist and turn you make will lead to an unforgettable encounter. Can you choose the ultimate sensual experience? The power is entirely yours!

A Girl Walks Into A Bar gives a fresh twist to a genre that, until now, was in danger of becoming repetitive, making THIS series stand out for all the right reasons.

Season of Passion, Bk. 2 (Paperback, Complete ed): Sadie Matthews Season of Passion, Bk. 2 (Paperback, Complete ed)
Sadie Matthews 1
R185.00 R156.00 Discovery Miles 1560 Save R29.00 (16%) Within 7 - 11 working days

A provocative, romantic story of desire, submission and love: the second book in the Seasons series by the author of the After Dark trilogy. Flora Hammond is trying to make her dream of being an actress come true by studying her craft in Paris. But she cannot escape her privileged background and the paranoia of her wealthy father who is obsessive about his daughters' safety. The situation is not helped by the fact that Flora's older sister, Freya, has just run off with her bodyguard. Drawn into the family scandal, Flora tries to make peace between the warring factions. In the meantime, her path crosses with that of a mysterious businessman, Andrei Dubrovski, and there is an instant attraction between them. Even though Flora is warned off getting involved with him, she doesn't think she can resist. Is Freya right when she claims that their father's girlfriend Estella is engaged in a campaign against the sisters? And where has Freya disappeared to? Does Estella have the power to split the family apart, even to the point of breaking the bond between Flora and her twin sister, Summer? As Flora's obsession with Andrei grows, it's clear that where passion is concerned, the heart has its reasons ...

He's So Fine (Paperback, 11th): Jill Shalvis He's So Fine (Paperback, 11th)
Jill Shalvis
R112.00 R92.00 Discovery Miles 920 Save R20.00 (18%) Within 7 - 11 working days

For Olivia Bentley, Lucky Harbor is more than the town where she runs her new vintage shop. It's the place where folks are friendly to strangers-and nobody knows her real name. Olivia does a good job of keeping her past buried, not getting too cozy with anyone . . . until she sees a man drowning. Suddenly she's rushing into the surf, getting up close and personal with the hottest guy she's ever laid hands on.
Charter boat captain Cole Donovan has no problem with a gorgeous woman throwing her arms around his neck in an effort to "save" him. In fact, he'd like to spend a lot more time skin-to-skin with Olivia. He's just not expecting that real trouble is about to come her way. Will it bring her deeper into Cole's heart, or will it be the end of Olivia's days in little Lucky Harbor?

Notorious Pleasures (Paperback): Elizabeth Hoyt Notorious Pleasures (Paperback)
Elizabeth Hoyt
R88.00 R74.00 Discovery Miles 740 Save R14.00 (16%) Within 7 - 11 working days

Their lives were perfect . . .
Lady Hero Batten, the beautiful sister of the Duke of Wakefield, has everything a woman could want, including the perfect fiance. True, the Marquis of Mandeville is a trifle dull and has no sense of humor, but that doesn't bother Hero. Until she meets his notorious brother . . .
Until they met each other.
Griffin Remmington, Lord Reading, is far from perfect - and he likes it that way. How he spends his days is a mystery, but all of London knows he engages in the worst sorts of drunken revelry at night. Hero takes an instant dislike to him, and Griffin thinks that Hero, with her charities and faultless manners, is much too impeccable for society, let alone his brother. Yet their near-constant battle of wits soon sparks desire - desire that causes their carefully constructed worlds to come tumbling down. As Hero's wedding nears, and Griffin's enemies lay plans to end their dreams forever, can two imperfect people find perfect true love?"

The Nine Lives of Christmas (Paperback): Sheila Roberts The Nine Lives of Christmas (Paperback)
Sheila Roberts
R125.00 R107.00 Discovery Miles 1070 Save R18.00 (14%) Within 7 - 11 working days

"In The Nine Lives of Christmas by Sheila Roberts, two people are about to discover that when it comes to finding love, sometimes Christmas magic isn't enough...sometimes it takes a pesky orange cat named Ambrose."When a guy is in trouble, he starts making deals with his Creator...and Ambrose the cat is no exception. In danger of losing his ninth and final life, Ambrose makes a desperate plea to the universe. He'll do anything--anything --if he can just survive and enjoy a nice long, final life. His prayer is answered when a stranger comes along and saves him--but then Ambrose is faced with having to hold up his end of the bargain."A warm holiday yarn." --"Library Journal"The stranger turns out to be a firefighter named Zach, who's in need of some serious romantic help. If Ambrose can just bring Zach together with Merilee, the nice lady who works at Pet Palace, it's bound to earn him a healthy ninth life. Unfortunately for Ambrose, his mission is a lot harder than he ever thought. Merilee is way too shy to make the first move on a ladies' man like Zach, and Zach thinks he's all wrong for a nice girl like Merilee. Now it's going to take all of Ambrose's feline wiles--and maybe even a good old-fashioned Christmas miracle--to make them both realize that what they're looking for is right in front of their eyes." ""Plenty of holiday cheer."
"--Publishers Weekly "

Scandalous Desires (Paperback): Elizabeth Hoyt Scandalous Desires (Paperback)
Elizabeth Hoyt
R87.00 R73.00 Discovery Miles 730 Save R14.00 (16%) Within 7 - 11 working days

River pirate "Charming" Mickey O'Connor has lifted himself from the depths of the slums to be the king of St. Giles. Anything he wants he gets-with one exception. Silence Hollingbrook has been haunting his dreams ever since she spent a single night in his bed.
Once Silence was willing to sacrifice anything to save the man she loved. Now a widow, she's finally found peace when Charming Mickey comes storming back into her life with an offer she can't refuse. But this time she won't be the only one paying the price for his sins.
When his past comes back to torment him, Mickey must keep Silence safe from a merciless enemy, while wrestling with the delicious hold this widow has on his heart. And in the face of mounting danger, both will have to surrender to something even more terrifying . . . true love.

Christmas with a Seal (Paperback): Tawny Weber Christmas with a Seal (Paperback)
Tawny Weber
R75.00 R62.00 Discovery Miles 620 Save R13.00 (17%) Within 8 - 13 working days

When the clock strikes midnight...
Ghost hunter Noelle McRae is familiar with hauntings--including the ones caused by heartbreak. While flying to Philadelphia to investigate a house rumored to be haunted by erotically charged paranormal activity, Noelle finds herself making out with the hottest guy to ever grace the skies. Then her sexy mystery man disappears...just another ghost.
But not quite. Turns out her sizzling airplane hookup is private investigator Landon Chestnut--who's been hired to "spy" on Noelle for the next three weeks. Even though Noelle will never again trust a cop, her longing for Landon burns hot through her. Now she must determine whether this house is indeed occupied by sexually stimulating specters...or if what she feels is just a manifestation of her own dark desire

Wicked Intentions (Paperback): Elizabeth Hoyt Wicked Intentions (Paperback)
Elizabeth Hoyt
R87.00 R73.00 Discovery Miles 730 Save R14.00 (16%) Within 7 - 11 working days

From the "New York Times" bestselling author of "To Desire a Devil" comes this thrilling tale of danger, desire, and dark passions.
Infamous for his wild, sensual needs, Lazarus Huntington, Lord Caire, is searching for a savage killer in St. Giles, London's most notorious slum. Widowed Temperance Dews knows St. Giles like the back of her hand-she's spent a lifetime caring for its inhabitants at the foundling home her family established. Now that home is at risk . . .
Caire makes a simple offer-in return for Temperance's help navigating the perilous alleys of St. Giles, he will introduce her to London's high society so that she can find a benefactor for the home. But Temperance may not be the innocent she seems, and what begins as cold calculation soon falls prey to a passion that neither can control-one that may well destroy them both.

Oh, Naughty Night! (Paperback): Leslie Kelly Oh, Naughty Night! (Paperback)
Leslie Kelly
R75.00 R62.00 Discovery Miles 620 Save R13.00 (17%) Within 8 - 13 working days
Ignited - A Most Wanted Novel (Paperback): J. Kenner Ignited - A Most Wanted Novel (Paperback)
J. Kenner
R201.00 R164.00 Discovery Miles 1640 Save R37.00 (18%) Within 7 - 11 working days

For fans of "Fifty Shades of Grey, Bared to You, "and" Release Me "comes an all-new erotic series of three enigmatic and powerful men, and the striking women who can bring them to their knees.
"He promised to take me as far as I could go--and I wanted to go to the edge. "
My whole life has been a cover, a con, a lie. I was born into the grift, raised on the thrill of playing someone I'm not. As a rule, I never let anyone get too close--until Cole August makes it impossible for me to stay away.
Cole is tough, sexy, and intensely loyal, yet his secrets are dark and his scars run deep. Not many women can handle his past, or the truth behind his fierce demands. But something about him beckons me--and our desire is a game I must play.
I know he's dangerous, that even his touch is trouble, but what is passion without a little risk?
" "
"Ignited "is an erotic romance intended for mature audiences.

Jagged (Paperback): Kristen Ashley Jagged (Paperback)
Kristen Ashley
R100.00 R84.00 Discovery Miles 840 Save R16.00 (16%) Within 7 - 11 working days

The next novel in Kristen Ashley's sizzling Colorado Mountain series introduces a new electrifying relationship that turns Carnal, Colorado into a hotbed of action, romance, and suspense.
An old flame rekindled . . .
Zara Cinders always knew Ham Reece was the one, but he wasn't interested in settling down. When she found someone who was, Ham walked out of her life. Three years later, Zara's lost her business, her marriage, and she's barely getting by in a tiny apartment on the wrong side of the tracks. As soon as Ham hears about Zara's plight, he's on her doorstep offering her a lifeline. Now, it will take every ounce of will power she possesses to resist all that he offers.
Ham was always a traveling man, never one to settle down in one town, with one woman, for more time than absolutely necessary. But Ham's faced his own demons, and he's learned a lot. About himself, and about the life he knows he's meant to live. So when he hears that Zara's having a rough time, he wants to be the one to help. In fact, he wants to do more than that for Zara. A lot more. But first, he must prove to Zara that he's a changed man.

A SEAL's Fantasy (Paperback): Tawny Weber A SEAL's Fantasy (Paperback)
Tawny Weber
R76.00 R63.00 Discovery Miles 630 Save R13.00 (17%) Within 7 - 11 working days

Subject: Navy SEAL Lieutenant Dominic Castillo
Mission: Protect--not seduce --his sexy target
Dominic Castillo loves his SEAL team like brothers--except one, who made sure Castillo was left behind during the latest mission. But when his rival is kidnapped by a vicious drug lord, Castillo receives a black ops mission of his own: protect his rival's sister. And any mistakes will either result in her death...or his.
Lara Banks clearly has no interest in being protected by a military man, especially an acquaintance of her estranged brother. So why is she doing her best to drive him crazy with pure temptation? Lara insists on having her naughty way with him--over and over--but is fulfilling their fantasies worth the price?

Lord Savage (Paperback): M Gabriel Lord Savage (Paperback)
M Gabriel
R203.00 R166.00 Discovery Miles 1660 Save R37.00 (18%) Within 7 - 11 working days

"I'd never felt so vulnerable, at once both lost and found, as I now did sprawled across Savage in this foolish throne-chair. His strength was my solace, my comfort, and there was nothing better than hearing the beating of his heart beneath my ear. "Once trapped in a loveless, pleasure-less marriage, Evelyn Hart leaves her home in New York for the glittering ballrooms of 1800s London. However, when she arrives she meets the Earl of Savage, a dark, powerful, dominating man who seems to live up to his name, despite his noble trappings, a man who possesses her with just one look. Soon Evelyn finds herself pulled into Savage's world - a world of dark pleasures and erotic passions unlike any she has ever experienced. Evelyn's heart is captured with no hope of escape. But can they overcome the tortures of the past together...? Savage never imagined someone like Evelyn walking into his life. As soon as he sees her he knows he "must" have her, no matter the cost, in "Lord Savage "by Mia Gabriel.

Rose Bride (Paperback): Elizabeth Moss Rose Bride (Paperback)
Elizabeth Moss 1
R183.00 R153.00 Discovery Miles 1530 Save R30.00 (16%) Within 7 - 11 working days

She is a fallen woman, an object of men's lust...Margerie Croft yielded up her virginity before her wedding, and then fled from her eager suitor - knowing that she could not marry a man she did not love. Now she is viewed as soiled goods, fit for only for the role of courtier's plaything. He sees something in her that others don't...Virgil Elton is King Henry VIII's physician, working on a tonic to restore his sovereign's flagging libido. But first it must be tested. Who better, then, than the wanton Margerie Croft? But as he gets to know her Virgil discovers someone as intelligent and passionate as she is beautiful - someone who has been gravely misunderstood. For her part, Margerie finds Virgil irresistible - with or without the help of his special medicine. But she knows she could never make Virgil a respectable wife. And yet, despite herself, Margerie can't help but wonder...Will they find the formula for a lasting love?

Triple Threat (Paperback): Regina Kyle Triple Threat (Paperback)
Regina Kyle
R76.00 R63.00 Discovery Miles 630 Save R13.00 (17%) Within 7 - 11 working days

Sabotage...and Seduction
The Playwright It's emerging playwright Holly Nelson's big break. Broadway. Having survived her traumatic marriage and divorce, Holly is now aiming for success, not love. And any naughty dreams about Nick Damone--the gorgeously dishy star who was her crush back in high school--must remain a fantasy.
The Star For Nick, Broadway is a chance to go from big-screen eye candy to serious actor, and to explore the lust blazing between him and Holly. But life-threatening accidents will force a chain of events that could bring down the curtain on the whole production...or give Nick and Holly a chance to finish the sexy something that started fifteen years ago

Undercover: The Adventures of a Real Life Gigolo (Paperback): Luke Bradbury Undercover: The Adventures of a Real Life Gigolo (Paperback)
Luke Bradbury 1
R161.00 R124.00 Discovery Miles 1240 Save R37.00 (23%) Within 6 - 13 working days

He's sexy, charming and gorgeous. And he's yours - for the right price...When young Aussie Luke Bradbury finds himself alone, broke and out of ideas in London, things look desperate. Until he spots a tempting ad. Lured by the promise of easy money - and the chance to bed as many women as he can handle - Luke becomes a gigolo. It's a job millions of men would kill for. Soon, Luke finds himself the hottest property in town as the calls - and the money - come flooding in. His clients include a shy fortysomething still living at home with her mother, a glamorous lesbian couple, a virgin desperate for experience and even a drugged-up rock chick and an A-list celebrity couple. Luke quickly learns all there is to know about women in his quest to give them the ultimate pleasure, climbing inside their heads as well as their beds. But all too soon Luke discovers the darker side of his lucrative new profession. Is he selling his soul as well as his body?

Eighty Days Amber - Eighty Days: Book 4 (Paperback): Vina Jackson Eighty Days Amber - Eighty Days: Book 4 (Paperback)
Vina Jackson 2
R181.00 R139.00 Discovery Miles 1390 Save R42.00 (23%) In stock

I'd always liked bad boys. And as I grew up, they became bad men ...In her youth, Russian dancer Luba fell for a bad man; a handsome but dangerous rare amber dealer who would disappear for months on end but expect Luba to drop everything when he called. Despite everything Luba could not deny her attraction to the seductive Chey, but their passionate, turbulent relationship came to an end when Luba fled Russia having discovered a shocking secret about her lover. From elite private clubs in New Orleans to the London mansion of an enigmatic rockstar, Viggo Franck, Luba embarks on a journey of self discovery and embraces the exciting, enticing experiences her new life as a dancer brings. Her adventures introduce her to a fiery, flame-haired violinist, Summer, and Lauralynn, a woman with decidedly dark desires. But can this new life ever truly satisfy Luba, or will she forever crave the one man she knows isn't good for her.

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