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IQHK LEGO Star Wars - Darth Vader Key Chain Light: IQHK LEGO Star Wars - Darth Vader Key Chain Light
R154 R132 Discovery Miles 1 320 Save R22 (14%) Within 3 - 5 working days

Darth Vader takes on the galaxy! This key light is the same size and has the same features as the LEGO Key Chains. Press the button in his chest to turn on the lights in his feet.

MOOV Now Activity Tracker (Stealth Black): MOOV Now Activity Tracker (Stealth Black)
R1,399 Discovery Miles 13 990 In stock

Moov Now: The multi-sport wearable coach that talks to you as you work out.

Casio FX-82ZA+ Scientific Calculator: Casio FX-82ZA+ Scientific Calculator
R235 Discovery Miles 2 350 In stock

Developed in Collaberation with South African Educators for the SA Syllabus.

Wiso Bluetooth Smart Safety Whistle with Emergency Location Tracking (Android and iOS)(Purple): Wiso Bluetooth Smart Safety Whistle with Emergency Location Tracking (Android and iOS)(Purple)
R499 R192 Discovery Miles 1 920 Save R307 (62%) In stock

Blow or press WISO for 2 seconds, it can promptly activate your help call and SOS texts and emails. Immediate help from friends and family can be provided in your moment of need, thanks to the Bluetooth technology.

Casio FX 82ZA+ Scientific Calculator (Pink): Casio FX 82ZA+ Scientific Calculator (Pink)
R249 R235 Discovery Miles 2 350 Save R14 (6%) In stock

Software of
fx-ES PLUS series

Software of fx-ES PLUS series operations with a similar operating feel.

Strong support for educational-material preparation and the teaching process
Provides strong support to teachers with many of the functions most appropriate and needed for educational-material preparation and the teaching process, including functions such as screen capture, zoom display, and key logging functions.

Installation can be done separately for each model to be used

Various models are available. Each model can be installed one by one and introduced in the classroom as necessary.

Sharp EL-334FB Thin Cabinet Calculator: Sharp EL-334FB Thin Cabinet Calculator
R187 Discovery Miles 1 870 In stock

With its large 10-digit tilt LCD, the EL-334FB is a pefect companion for all kind of desktop tasks!

Energizer Vision Headlight (80 lumens) (Boxed set): Energizer Vision Headlight (80 lumens) (Boxed set)
R114 Discovery Miles 1 140 In stock

Brilliant ways to use your head. Energizer Vision series premium headlights are an assortment of powerful and lightweight headlights, featuring state of the art LED technology. Comfortable, secure and durable, they’re the perfect solution for those jobs and activities that demand the use of both hands.

Casio FX-82MS Scientific Calculator (10+2 Digit)(Black & Grey): Casio FX-82MS Scientific Calculator (10+2 Digit)(Black & Grey)
R170 R145 Discovery Miles 1 450 Save R25 (15%) In stock
Energizer Rechargeable Multi-Lantern: Energizer Rechargeable Multi-Lantern
R485 Discovery Miles 4 850 In stock

The Energizer ER 1W U-Tube Fluorescent Lantern
Is an economical, convenient lighting solution. There are no batteries to purchase and the fluorescent tube is replaceable. Multiple lighting levels allow you to select extra bright or less bright to prolong battery life. Also, the light requires no bulky adaptor. Its built-in cord just plugs into an outlet.

Casio HL-815L Pocket Calculator (8 Digit)(White): Casio HL-815L Pocket Calculator (8 Digit)(White)
R60 R51 Discovery Miles 510 Save R9 (15%) In stock
Maglite AA Holster Flashlight Combo Pack (Camo): Maglite AA Holster Flashlight Combo Pack (Camo)
R333 R313 Discovery Miles 3 130 Save R20 (6%) In stock

With its high-intensity adjustable light beam and compact size, the Mini Maglite Two-Cell AA Flashlight and Holster Combo Pack offers limitless around-the-house and on-the-go options. This slender flashlight succeeds where flimsy plastic flashlights fail, providing a steady, fast-focus stream of light wherever and whenever you need it. For easy portability, the flashlight comes with a nylon holster with belt loop.

Casio FX-82ES PLUS Scientific Calculator (10+2 Digit)(Purple & Black): Casio FX-82ES PLUS Scientific Calculator (10+2 Digit)(Purple & Black)
R190 R162 Discovery Miles 1 620 Save R28 (15%) Within 3 - 7 working days
Energizer Compact LED Lantern: Energizer Compact LED Lantern
R136 Discovery Miles 1 360 Within 3 - 7 working days

The Energizer 2AA Compact Lantern is made for hours of light. Easy to operate and easy to hold, it is an ideal light to use for camping and has both a carrying handle and a built in hanging clip.

HP 300s+ Scientific Calculator: HP 300s+ Scientific Calculator
R207 Discovery Miles 2 070 In stock

HP 300s+ Scientific Calculator
Arm yourself with the sophisticated HP 300s+ Scientific Calculator with advanced functions to tackle your most challenging Math and Science Courses.

Maglite LED ULTRA 2D Flashlight (Black): Maglite LED ULTRA 2D Flashlight (Black)
R737 Discovery Miles 7 370 In stock

Built tough enough to last a lifetime, its durability and patented features are now available with the new MAG-LEDT Technology.
A Powerful Projecting Beam that focuses simply by rotating the head.
Balanced OpticsT, combining a highly refined reflector with a quality LED, for a brilliant adjustable beam.
Intelligent Energy Source Management (patent pending)
balancing high brightness with efficient power usage.
Candle Mode Unscrew flashlight head, place head down on stable flat surface and set flashlight barrel into head.

Maglite 3D Cell Flashlight (Black): Maglite 3D Cell Flashlight (Black)
R720 Discovery Miles 7 200 Within 4 - 8 working days

Mag-Lite is unique among torches. These models use D batteries and are particularly good for extended use. They are comfortable to hold and are widely used by the policy, fire brigade and rescue services.

Sharp EL231 LB Pocket Calculator: Sharp EL231 LB Pocket Calculator
R45 Discovery Miles 450 Within 3 - 7 working days
Casio MS-10B Pocket Calculator (10 Digit)(Black): Casio MS-10B Pocket Calculator (10 Digit)(Black)
R180 R153 Discovery Miles 1 530 Save R27 (15%) Within 3 - 7 working days
Sharp EL-738FB Advanced Financial Calculator (Black and Red): Sharp EL-738FB Advanced Financial Calculator (Black and Red)
R599 Discovery Miles 5 990 Within 3 - 7 working days

The EL-738FB is a fully featured non-programmable financial calculator with a 2 line dot matrix LCD display, which provides comprehensive business solutions, advanced financial functions, extensive statistical and scientific functions, as well as Day/Date calculations.

Oregon Scientific BAR218HG Weather@Home Bluetooth-Enabled Weather Station (Dark Grey): Oregon Scientific BAR218HG Weather@Home Bluetooth-Enabled Weather Station (Dark Grey)
R1,099 Discovery Miles 10 990 In stock

Weather@Home Wireless Weather station with Bluetooth connectivity.
The Weather@Home Wireless Weather Station with Weather Alert combines a wireless weather station with the latest Bluetooth technology allowing you to also monitor local weather condition on your smart phone as well at the station itself.

This wireless weather station brings you all the vital weather information you need to plan your day, Receiving information from a wireless outside sensor (included), the weather station displays both indoor and outdoor temperature and humidity, 12-24 hr Weather Forecast as well as moon phase.The Weather Alert feature also shows you at a glance what to expect; heat, fog, frost, rain and wind /storm.

The clock function automatically syncs with your phone making it always accurate and automatically updating for the start and end of British Summer Time.
View the last 7 Day History via the App

The BAR218HG features the next generation Bluetooth (BLE*). The addition of Bluetooth Low Energy allows you to communicate directly with the weather station using a Smart Phone App. The App will shows you temperature and humidity in up to 5* locations with a 7 day history and a data logger all from the comfort of your Smart Phone or tablet.

Its low-latency rating and 30m transmission range means you can freely move around your house while checking the outdoor temperature and humidity, making this the perfect accessory for gardeners, motorists or those just wanting to know whether to pack an extra jumper or scarf for those days out.
Monitor your whole home via the App

Keep your family comfortable both indoors and out. The Weather@home range supports up to 5 sensors* Allowing you to monitor the temperature and humidity in up to 5 locations around your house. The living room, the baby’s room, the garden, the greenhouse or garage - put a remote sensor anywhere you like! And with a easy labeling feature it’s incredibly easy to identify the different areas in your home via the App.

Adata PT100 Power Bank (10000mAh)(White & Blue): Adata PT100 Power Bank (10000mAh)(White & Blue)
R359 R258 Discovery Miles 2 580 Save R101 (28%) In stock

The PT100 Power Bank
Offers high-capacity 10000mAh charging via two USB outlets. Charge your smartphone and tablet simultaneously and quickly. Use your PT100's handy LED flashlight to light up your mobile life!

Portable Easy-Grip Design

A streamlined easy-grip design allows you to carry the PT100 easily while charging. Available in 2 color combos: White / Blue & Black / Green

Worry-Free, Continuous Charging
No need to worry about running out of power when you're on the go! The PT100 comes with a whopping 10000mAh charge capacity – enough for up to 5 full charges for an iPhone 5, and 1.5 charges for an iPad Mini.

Auto On-Off & Synchronous Charge / Discharge
Whenever you connect your device to the PT100, it automatically begins charging without needing to press a button. When charging finishes, the PT100 automatically shuts off. With synchronous charging and discharging, your PT100 provides a even quicker charge.

4-Mode LED Lighting
ADATA's PT100 Power Bank also works as an LED flashlight with 4 lighting modes. Just press and hold a button for 2 seconds to turn on the built-in flashlight. Press the button quickly to switch between flashlight modes. Whenever you need to use your PT100, it remembers which mode you last used.

LED Power Level Display
An LED power level indicator shows how much power remains in the PT100.
Smart Energy Saver
The PT100 automatically turns off when disconnected from your device, when the device is fully charged, or when idle for 20 seconds.

Stability Meets Durability
By using high-quality battery components, the PT100 Power Bank offers you superior stability and extended lifespan.

Sharp EL-535 Scientific Calculator: Sharp EL-535 Scientific Calculator
R221 Discovery Miles 2 210 Within 3 - 7 working days

Sharp EL-W535 over 330 advanced scientific functions and utilizes WriteView Technology, 4-line display and Multi-Line Playback to make scientific equations easier for students to solve.

Romoss Solo1 Power Bank with Torch Light Function (USB)(2000mAh)(White & Grey): Romoss Solo1 Power Bank with Torch Light Function (USB)(2000mAh)(White & Grey)
R159 Discovery Miles 1 590 Within 2 - 5 working days

ROMOSS is a world leading manufacturer of external batteries.
It’s products, powered millions of mobile devices like, smartphones, tablets, laptop and many other bluetooth devices. ROMOSS unrivaled, patented eUSB Auto Voltage Switching Technology (patent no.201120289581.7), charge fast and protect your devices batteries from over charging and collateral damage. ROMOSS incorporate innovative technology into it's products that are smaller, more powerful, durable, and safe!

Using a unique brand of hi-tech energy conversion technology, ROMOSS provide an intelligent gateway to using external batteries. The entire ethos is all about our commitment and passion. These distinguishing features make ROMOSS a leading brand in the global 3C external battery industry.

ROMOSS products is sold worldwide and a top seller in many countries, and it had received numerous awards for it’s reputable design, technology, high quality user experience and safety performance.

Singing Machine SML385 Karaoke System with Microphone & Built-In Speaker: Singing Machine SML385 Karaoke System with Microphone & Built-In Speaker
R1,799 Discovery Miles 17 990 Within 4 - 7 working days

Host a dance party with the SML385 Singing Machine Karaoke system
Features a top loading CD Player that plays music CDs and CD + Graphics.  54 LED disco lights with dimmer settings let you control the party ambiance. Auxiliary input lets you connect to other audio devices. RCA output jacks connect to your TV to scroll the lyrics, and the two microphone jacks allow you to sing a duet without sharing a microphone (one microphone included). The built-in speaker provides powerful sound.

dokiWatch Advanced Smartwatch for Kids (Shark Grey): dokiWatch Advanced Smartwatch for Kids (Shark Grey)
R2,999 Discovery Miles 29 990 Within 6 - 8 working days

Video Calling
dokiWatch is the first-ever smartwatch for kids with an integrated video calling feature. Now you can see and talk to your kids anytime and anywhere, whether you’re at the office or out of the country. It’s the next best thing to being right by your child’s side.

Voice Calling

With the Doki app, parents can preset contact numbers that their child’s dokiWatch can call and receive calls from. Your kids can also scroll through their contact list and call mom on their own with just one touch.

Voice Messaging

Kids can even send voice messages to family members and friends on their contact list.

Text Messaging

Parents can send text messages to their kids from the Doki app.

Sending Emojis

Sometimes an emoji says it all. Kids can send fun emojis to other family members and friends from their dokiWatch.

Smart Locator

dokiWatch uses a combination of GPS, GSM, and WiFi technology to allow parents to accurately track their child’s location directly from their Doki app.


AlertArea is a virtual radius or geo-fence around a specific location, like home, school, or a friend’s house. Once an AlertArea is set from the Doki app, parents will receive a notification every time their child enters or leaves that area.

Family Members

With the Doki app, parents can give other family members the same ability to track and communicate with their child by adding them to the preset contacts.

Kids can easily add other friends by pairing their dokiWatches through Bluetooth. Rest assured that parents will always receive a notification whenever their child adds a new friend.

Class Mode

With the Doki app, parents can remotely deactivate their child’s dokiWatch at set times with Class Mode.

Fitness Tracking

dokiPet is a virtual pet that acts as a fitness tracker. dokiPet makes sure your kids stay healthy by encouraging them to keep moving: the more active your kids are, the bigger and stronger dokiPet grows. dokiWatch’s built-in accelerometer tracks steps, distance, and calories Burned.

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