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The Duchess (Paperback): Danielle Steel The Duchess (Paperback)
Danielle Steel 1
R285 R245 Discovery Miles 2 450 Save R40 (14%) Within 4 - 8 working days

Angélique Latham has grown up at magnificent Belgrave Castle under the loving tutelage of her father, the Duke of Westerfield, after the death of her aristocratic French mother. At eighteen she is her father’s closest, most trusted child, schooled in managing their grand estate. But when he dies, her half-brothers brutally turn her out, denying her very existence. Angélique has a keen mind, remarkable beauty, and an envelope of money her father pressed upon her. To survive, she will need all her resources—and one bold stroke of fortune.

Unable to secure employment without references or connections, Angélique desperately makes her way to Paris, where she rescues a young woman fleeing an abusive madam—and suddenly sees a possibility: Open an elegant house of pleasure that will protect its women and serve only the best clients. With her upper-class breeding, her impeccable style, and her father’s bequest, Angélique creates Le Boudoir, soon a sensational establishment where powerful men, secret desires, and beautiful, sophisticated women come together. But living on the edge of scandal, can she ever make a life of her own—or regain her rightful place in the world.

From England to Paris and New York, Danielle Steel captures an age of upheaval and the struggles of women in a male-ruled society—and paints a captivating portrait of a woman of unquenchable spirit, who in houses great or humble is every ounce a duchess.

The Pearl Sister (Paperback): Lucinda Riley The Pearl Sister (Paperback)
Lucinda Riley 2
R285 R219 Discovery Miles 2 190 Save R66 (23%) Within 4 - 8 working days

The Pearl Sister is the fourth book in the number one international bestselling Seven Sisters series by Lucinda Riley.

CeCe D’Aplièse has never felt she fitted in anywhere. Following the death of her father, the elusive billionaire Pa Salt – so-called by the six daughters he adopted from around the globe and named after the Seven Sisters star cluster – she finds herself at breaking point. Dropping out of art college, CeCe watches as Star, her beloved sister, distances herself to follow her new love, leaving her completely alone.

In desperation, she decides to flee England and discover her past; the only clues she has are a black-and-white photograph and the name of a woman pioneer who lived in Australia over one hundred years ago. En-route to Sydney, CeCe heads to the one place she has ever felt close to being herself: the stunning beaches of Krabi, Thailand. There amongst the backpackers, she meets the mysterious Ace, a man as lonely as she is and whom she subsequently realizes has a secret to hide . . .

A hundred years earlier, Kitty McBride, daughter of an Edinburgh clergyman, is given the opportunity to travel to Australia as the companion of the wealthy Mrs McCrombie. In Adelaide, her fate becomes entwined with Mrs McCrombie’s family, including the identical, yet very different, twin brothers: impetuous Drummond, and ambitious Andrew, the heir to a pearling fortune.

When CeCe finally reaches the searing heat and dusty plains of the Red Centre of Australia, she begins the search for her past. As something deep within her responds to the energy of the area and the ancient culture of the Aboriginal people, her creativity reawakens once more. With help from those she meets on her journey, CeCe begins to believe that this wild, vast continent could offer her something she never thought possible: a sense of belonging, and a home . . .

The Woolgrower's Companion (Hardcover): Joy Rhoades The Woolgrower's Companion (Hardcover)
Joy Rhoades 3
R290 R249 Discovery Miles 2 490 Save R41 (14%) In stock

Kate Dowd's mother raised her to be a lady but she must put away her white gloves and pearls to help save her family's sheep farm in New South Wales.

It is 1945, the war drags bitterly on and it feels like the rains will never come again. All the local, able-bodied young men, including Jack, the husband Kate barely knows, have enlisted and Kate's father is struggling with his debts and his wounds from the Great War. He borrows recklessly from the bank and enlists two Italian prisoners of war to live and work on the farm. With their own scars and their defiance, the POWs Luca and Vittorio offer an apparent threat to Kate and Daisy, the family's young Aboriginal maid. But danger comes from surprising corners and Kate finds herself more drawn to Luca than afraid of him. Scorned bank managers, snobbish neighbours and a distant husband expect Kate to fail and give up her home but over the course of a dry, desperate year she finds within herself reserves of strength and rebellion that she could never have expected.

The Woolgrower's Companion is the gripping story of one woman's fight to save her home and a passionate tribute to Australia's landscape and its people.

The Shadow Sister (Paperback, Air Iri OME): Lucinda Riley The Shadow Sister (Paperback, Air Iri OME)
Lucinda Riley 4
R289 R218 Discovery Miles 2 180 Save R71 (25%) In stock

Following on from the bestselling The Seven Sisters and The Storm Sister, The Shadow Sister is the third book in Lucinda Riley's spellbinding series, loosely based on the mythology of the Seven Sisters star cluster.

Star D'Apliese is at a crossroads in her life after the sudden death of her beloved father - the elusive billionaire, named Pa Salt by his six daughters, all adopted by him from the four corners of the world. He has left each of them a clue to their true heritage, but Star - the most enigmatic of the sisters - is hesitant to step out of the safety of the close relationship she shares with her sister CeCe. In desperation, she decides to follow the first clue she has been left, which leads her to an antiquarian bookshop in London, and the start of a whole new world...

A hundred years earlier, headstrong and independent Flora MacNichol vows she will never marry. She is happy and secure in her home in the Lake District, living close to her idol, Beatrix Potter, when machinations outside her control lead her to London, and the home of one of Edwardian society's most notorious players, Alice Keppel. Flora is pulled between passionate love and duty to her family, but finds herself a pawn in a game - the rules of which are only known to others, until a meeting with a mysterious gentleman unveils the answers that Flora has been searching for her whole life...

As Star learns more of Flora's incredible journey, she too goes on a voyage of discovery, finally stepping out of the shadow of her sister and opening herself up to the possibility of love.

The Olive Tree (Paperback): Lucinda Riley The Olive Tree (Paperback)
Lucinda Riley 1
R285 R245 Discovery Miles 2 450 Save R40 (14%) Within 4 - 8 working days

It is said that anyone who comes to stay at ‘Pandora’ for the first time will fall in love . . .

It has been twenty-four years since a young Helena spent a magical holiday in Cyprus, where she fell in love for the first time. When the now crumbling house, ‘Pandora’, is left to her by her godfather, she returns to spend the summer there with her family.

Yet, as soon as Helena arrives at Pandora, she knows that its idyllic beauty masks a web of secrets that she has kept from William, her husband, and Alex, her son. At the difficult age of thirteen, Alex is torn between protecting his beloved mother, and growing up. And equally, desperate to learn the truth about his real father…

When, by chance, Helena meets her childhood sweetheart, a chain of events is set in motion that threatens to make her past and present collide. Both Helena and Alex know that life will never be the same, once Pandora’s secrets have been revealed . . .

Katryn (Afrikaans, Paperback): Winnie Rust Katryn (Afrikaans, Paperback)
Winnie Rust
R220 Discovery Miles 2 200 In stock

Katryn is Winnie Rust se laaste boek. Dis die 1860's. Op Wellington is die koms van die stoomlokomotief en die bediening van die nuwe predikant, Andrew Murray, ewe groot nuus. Die pad na die goudvelde van die noorde is oop, die Masonic-hotel op die dorp floreer en die geestelike herlewing het 'n nuwe vroomheid na die Boland gebring. Sedepreke teen alles wat modern of plesierig is, grief vir Blink Ben Marais, erfgenaam van die wynplaas Wolwehoek. Hy is geleerd en ervare en onrustig oor die uitwerking wat die nuwe opvattings op die boerdery kan he. Boonop kan hy die hoteleienaar se dogter nie uit sy gestel kry nie. Katryn is geheimsinnig, uitdagend en pragtig. Die mense praat en Blink Ben weet hy moet kies. Wellington is telkens sentraal in Winnie Rust se werk. Uit haar pen het verskeie dagstukkies verskyn, asook rubrieke, kortverhale en romans. Martha: 'n verhaal oor Martha Solomons, Countess of Stamford (Hemel & See Boeke) het die kortlys vir die Jan Rabie-Rapport-prys vir 2005 gehaal. Op 11 Mei 2016 is Winnie Rust in haar huis op Wellington vermoor. Die manuskrip van Katryn is kort voor haar dood voltooi.

An Orphan in the Snow (Paperback): Molly Green An Orphan in the Snow (Paperback)
Molly Green 1
R194 R152 Discovery Miles 1 520 Save R42 (22%) Within 8 - 15 working days

War rages, but the women and children of Liverpool's Dr Barnado's Home cannot give up hope. An Orphan in the Snow is the perfect heartwarming saga for Christmas.

Voyager - (Outlander 3) (Paperback): Diana Gabaldon Voyager - (Outlander 3) (Paperback)
Diana Gabaldon
R238 R193 Discovery Miles 1 930 Save R45 (19%) Within 8 - 15 working days

THE THIRD NOVEL IN THE BESTSELLING OUTLANDER SERIES - NOW A MAJOR TV SERIES Jamie Fraser is lying on the battlefield of Culloden, where he rises wounded, to face execution or imprisonment. Either prospect pales beside the pain of loss - his wife is gone. Forever. But sometimes forever is shorter than one thinks. In 1746, Claire Fraser made a perilous journey through time, leaving her young husband to die at Culloden, in order to protect their unborn child. In 1968, Claire has just been struck through the heart, discovering that Jamie Fraser didn't die in battle. But where is Jamie now? With the help of her grown daughter, Claire sets out to find the man who was her life - and might be once again.

A Little Learning (Paperback): Anne Bennett A Little Learning (Paperback)
Anne Bennett 1
R176 R140 Discovery Miles 1 400 Save R36 (20%) Within 8 - 15 working days

Can an ordinary girl dare to be different? The compelling new bestseller from Birmingham's Queen of FictionJanet is determined to make something of herself, instead of being chained to a sink with a baby a year like most women of her generation. She passes her eleven-plus and wins a scholarship to go to a good grammar school, but her father refuses to believe that girls have the right to do anything other than look after their husbands and raise children.Struggling to fit in at her new school and picked on by the other girls, Janet befriends, Ruth, another lonely pupil whose Jewish family have suffered many hardships. Janet and Ruth forge a strong friendship through her school life and beyond. But will their friendship survive when Janet falls for Ruth's brother, Ben -marriage to a Catholic girl would go against everything his community hold dear. When the whole world seems stacked against her, can Janet hold onto her dreams?

Snow Angels (Paperback): Elizabeth Gill Snow Angels (Paperback)
Elizabeth Gill 1
R178 R152 Discovery Miles 1 520 Save R26 (15%) Within 7 - 11 working days

A moving saga about love and forgiveness from a bestselling author. Perfect for fans of Dilly Court, Sheila Newberry and Rosie Goodwin.Abby Reed, grieving after the loss of her mother, finds an unexpected source of comfort exploring the rugged, snowy countryside with the brooding Gillan Collingwood, son of a local shipping merchant. It isn't long before she begins to hope that she and Gill might someday be more than friends . . . But then Gill meets his elder brother's new wife Helen, and falls instantly, deeply in love with her. Abby is shattered by the news and throws herself into an imprudent love affair. Her impulse will take her away from the frosty wilds of her homeland to London's glittering social scene . . . but can she ever forget the boy she left behind? A sparkling winter wonderland of a novel - the perfect fireside read!

Luke's Cut - A Romance Novel (Paperback): Sarah McCarty Luke's Cut - A Romance Novel (Paperback)
Sarah McCarty
R145 R112 Discovery Miles 1 120 Save R33 (23%) Within 7 - 11 working days
Daughters of Castle Deverill (Paperback): Santa Montefiore Daughters of Castle Deverill (Paperback)
Santa Montefiore 1
R202 R160 Discovery Miles 1 600 Save R42 (21%) Within 8 - 15 working days

Fall in love with beloved bestselling author Santa Montefiore's epic tale of romance, secrets, family and friendship. It is 1925 and the war is long over. But much has been lost and life will never truly be the same again.Castle Deverill, cherished home to the Deverill family in the west of Ireland for hundreds of years, has burned to the ground. But young and flighty Celia Deverill is determined to restore the sad ruin to its former glory. Celia married well and has the wealth to keep it in the family... and she cannot bear to see her beloved home stand neglected. But dark shadows are gathering once more, as the financial markets start to shake. And everything that felt so certain is thrown once again into doubt. The second novel in the beloved Deverill Chronicles, perfect for everyone who loves Jojo Moyes, Rosamund Pilcher and Victoria Hislop. ***What readers are saying about Santa Montefiore*** 'Nobody does epic romance like Santa Montefiore. Everything she writes, she writes from the heart' Jojo Moyes `I have a tendresse for sweeping and epic romantic sagas set around huge houses and aristocratic families and Santa Montefiore hits the spot for me like few other writers... Lush, vivid storytelling' Sarra Manning `An ideal summer read. Laced with secrets and forbidden liaisons, it is sure to keep you turning the pages' The Lady on The Beekeeper's Daughter `One of our personal favourites and bestselling authors, sweeping stories of love and families spanning continents and decades' The Times

The Regency Season: Shameful Secrets - From Ruin to Riches / Scandal's Virgin (Paperback): Louise Allen The Regency Season: Shameful Secrets - From Ruin to Riches / Scandal's Virgin (Paperback)
Louise Allen 1
R202 R187 Discovery Miles 1 870 Save R15 (7%) Within 8 - 15 working days

Never kiss and tell... From Ruin to Riches Certain he is close to death, William Hadfield, Lord Dereham needs a wife and Julia Prior is ruined and on the run. Accepting his shocking proposal, Julia finds life as Lady Hadfield a way to put her past sins behind her... Until three years later, when the husband she believes to be dead returns, as handsome and strong as ever and intent on claiming the wedding night they never had! Scandal's Virgin Heartbroken Lady Laura Campion has become infamous, flirtatious and shocking. Until suddenly, she has hope and will even go into battle against powerful Avery Falconer, Earl of Wykeham. Laura has discovered her lost daughter is alive and in Wykeham's care, although he will not release his ward lightly. When an irresistible attraction emerges between the two adversaries, will Avery be able to forgive Laura's scandalous past?

Winter on the Mersey - A Heartwarming Christmas Saga (Paperback): Annie Groves Winter on the Mersey - A Heartwarming Christmas Saga (Paperback)
Annie Groves 1
R174 R138 Discovery Miles 1 380 Save R36 (21%) Within 8 - 15 working days

The dramatic story of a young woman's war - full of heartache and triumph from the bestselling author of Christmas on the Mersey and London Belles Kitty has seen her fair share of tragedy and instead of thinking about romance, is determined to do her bit for King and country. Her life as a WREN means she is kept busy much of the time, but when Kitty finds herself stationed back home on Merseyside, she meets up again with Frank Feeny, the brave young officer who has always held a place in her heart.Britain is on the verge of victory, but will Kitty embrace the future and learn to love again?

The Regency Season: Blackmailed Brides - The Scarlet Gown / Lady Beneath the Veil (Paperback): Sarah Mallory The Regency Season: Blackmailed Brides - The Scarlet Gown / Lady Beneath the Veil (Paperback)
Sarah Mallory 1
R202 R188 Discovery Miles 1 880 Save R14 (7%) Within 8 - 15 working days

You will say `I do!' The Scarlet Gown Impoverished Lucy Halbrook is to play fake fiancee to Lord Ralph Aversane, who has arranged a Midsummer's Eve event on his estate. Lucy will act as hostess, while Ralph unravels the dark and dangerous mystery surrounding the death of his late wife. Lucy is the key and may also be able to unlock his guarded heart! Lady Beneath the Veil When Gideon Albury lifts his new bride's veil he can't believe his eyes - the woman before him is not the blonde beauty he's been courting! Dominique Rainault is at the altar facing a very angry groom only because of her scheming cousin's blackmail. Determined to seek a rapid annulment the married couple must keep their distance, but one stolen kiss may prove their undoing!

Pillars of Light 2017 (Hardcover): Pillars of Light 2017 (Hardcover)
R327 R280 Discovery Miles 2 800 Save R47 (14%) Within 8 - 15 working days
The Woman in the Camphor Trunk - An Anna Blanc Mystery (Paperback): Jennifer Kincheloe The Woman in the Camphor Trunk - An Anna Blanc Mystery (Paperback)
Jennifer Kincheloe
R290 R224 Discovery Miles 2 240 Save R66 (23%) Within 7 - 11 working days
Someone to Wed (Paperback): Mary Balogh Someone to Wed (Paperback)
Mary Balogh
R146 R113 Discovery Miles 1 130 Save R33 (23%) Within 7 - 11 working days
Die Hormoonfabriek (Afrikaans, Paperback): Saskia Goldschmidt Die Hormoonfabriek (Afrikaans, Paperback)
Saskia Goldschmidt; Translated by Daniel Hugo
R215 Discovery Miles 2 150 Within 10 - 15 working days

Liefde en venyn tussen broers, botsende belange tussen handel en wetenskap, fabrieksmeisies wat met sekshormone volgestop word en testosteroongedrewe base – Die hormoonfabriek is 'n bloedstollende verhaal, geinspireer deur historiese feite, waarin die onderskeid tussen goed en kwaad soms vertroebel raak deur die opwinding van wetenskaplike ontdekkings. Die suksesvolle besigheidsman Mordechai de Paauw, Motke vir sy vriende, besef op sy oudag dat hy nie daarin kon slaag om fatsoenlik te lewe nie. In die twintigerjare van die vorige eeu het hy en sy tweelingbroer Aron 'n asemrowende projek aangepak. Saam met die beroemde farmakoloog Rafael Levine het hulle 'n bedryf begin waarin die afvalvleis van Motke se vleisfabriek gebruik is vir die ontwikkeling van hormoonpreparate. Die omstandighede aan die begin van die onderneming is nie gunstig nie. Ernstige armoede, misdadigheid en opkomende antisemitisme vorm 'n giftige mengsel in die Katolieke plattelandse dorpie waar die twee broers woon en werk. Maar Motke de Paauw druk deur; geen prys is vir hom te hoog nie. As ten slotte na die Tweede Wereldoorlog bestek opgeneem word, blyk dit dat niemand ongeskonde uit die stryd gekom het nie.

The Hamilton Affair - The Epic Love Story of Alexander Hamilton and Eliza Schuyler (Paperback): Elizabeth Cobbs The Hamilton Affair - The Epic Love Story of Alexander Hamilton and Eliza Schuyler (Paperback)
Elizabeth Cobbs 1
R218 R183 Discovery Miles 1 830 Save R35 (16%) Within 7 - 11 working days

Love Hamilton: An American Musical? You'll adore The Hamilton Affair.THE NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLERWar will bring them together. Peace will tear them apart. History will make them immortal . . .Born a bastard and raised an orphan in the stifling heat of the Caribbean, Alexander Hamilton must prove his worth on the bloody battlefields of the American Revolution. A wealthy child of privilege, Elizabeth Schuyler has never wanted for anything, yet she longs for a life of so much more. When fate brings them together, a passionate, life-long love affair begins. But to Alexander, burdened by his tragic origins, matters of honour can never be forgotten. As he risks everything for the future of his bold new country, this extraordinary marriage will be tested like no other - and become forever immortalised in hearts and minds.Praise for THE HAMILTON AFFAIR:'The Hamilton novel that immediately leaps to the top of the list' Joseph J. Ellis 'A portrait of a love so deep it was able to survive betrayal and a devastatingly public scandal' Booklist'Cobbs' depiction of Hamilton will endear him in the hearts of readers' Publishers Weekly

The Cavendon Luck (Paperback): Barbara Taylor Bradford The Cavendon Luck (Paperback)
Barbara Taylor Bradford 1
R201 R159 Discovery Miles 1 590 Save R42 (21%) Within 8 - 15 working days

As the clouds of war gather over Cavendon Hall, the next generation must step forward...The great house of Cavendon Hall has stood on the Yorkshire moors for centuries. Two families, the aristocratic Inghams and the Swanns who serve them, have been bound by loyalty since the first stone was laid.But when war looms, sons, husbands and brothers are called up to fight; trials and tragedies strike the great house itself. The women of every generation and background must rise to meet the terrible threat posed by Hitler.The Cavendon Luck has held for a long time. Can it hold in the face of this greatest threat of all - and can it protect the next generation?

The Regency Season: Dangerous Dukes - Marcus Wilding: Duke of Pleasure / Zachary Black: Duke of Debauchery (Dangerous Dukes,... The Regency Season: Dangerous Dukes - Marcus Wilding: Duke of Pleasure / Zachary Black: Duke of Debauchery (Dangerous Dukes, Book 2) / Darian Hunter: Duke of Desire (Dangerous Dukes, Book 3) (Paperback)
Carole Mortimer 1
R204 R189 Discovery Miles 1 890 Save R15 (7%) Within 8 - 15 working days

Men about town... Marcus Wilding: Duke of Pleasure Marcus Wilding is the most accomplished lover in England and Lady Julianna Armitage needs him to teach her the art of love. Julianna is determined to maintain control, but as Marcus unleashes a sensual siege that awakens every sense, it is clear that losing control can be the most delicious thing of all! Zachary Black: Duke of Debauchery When Zachary Black comes face to face with beautiful Lady Georgianna Lancaster - his former fiancee - he's disturbed. Maybe the best way to restore his equilibrium is to hold her captive... and turn the secrets of the past into the sins of the present! Darian Hunter: Duke of Desire Darian Hunter is a legendary rake and notorious bachelor. Mariah Beecham, Countess of Carlisle is society's scandalous widow and secret agent of the crown. What will happen when, posing as lovers to stop an assassination, the temptation to indulge their every desire becomes overwhelming...

Snowdrift and Other Stories (includes three new recently discovered short stories) (Paperback): Georgette Heyer Snowdrift and Other Stories (includes three new recently discovered short stories) (Paperback)
Georgette Heyer 1
R180 R155 Discovery Miles 1 550 Save R25 (14%) Within 4 - 8 working days

Previously titled Pistols for Two, this collection includes three of Heyer's earliest short stories, published together in book form for the very first time. A treat for all fans of Georgette Heyer, and for those who love stories full of romance and intrigue. Affairs of honour between bucks and blades, rakes and rascals; affairs of the heart between heirs and orphans, beauties and bachelors; romance, intrigue, escapades and duels at dawn. All the gallantry, villainy and elegance of the age that Georgette Heyer has so triumphantly made her own are exquisitely revived in these wonderfully romantic stories of the Regency period. 'Wonderful characters, elegant, witty writing, perfect period detail and rapturously romantic. Georgette Heyer achieves what the rest of us aspire to.' Katie Fforde 'My favourite historical novelist - stylish, romantic, sharp and witty. Her sense of period is superb, her heroines enterprising and her heroes are dashing. I owe her many happy hours.' Margaret Drabble 'Georgette Heyer is unbeatable.' India Knight

Edenbrooke and Heir to Edenbrooke Collector's Edition (Hardcover): Julianne Donaldson Edenbrooke and Heir to Edenbrooke Collector's Edition (Hardcover)
Julianne Donaldson
R364 R282 Discovery Miles 2 820 Save R82 (23%) Within 8 - 13 working days
The Empire Girls (Hardcover): Sue Wilsher The Empire Girls (Hardcover)
Sue Wilsher 1
R483 R393 Discovery Miles 3 930 Save R90 (19%) Within 7 - 11 working days

Sue Wilsher, author of When My Ship Comes In, makes an emotional return to 1950s EssexTilbury, 1950s. The Empire is a boarding house run by Vi, Doris's mother - the Empire Girls of the title. When Doris becomes pregnant out of marriage, she is kicked out of the house and forced to fend for herself. Desperate to look after her daughter, she takes any job going. She falls in with the Windrush immigrants and finds herself helping one to a new life in Britain.

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