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Rule Of Law - A Memoir (Paperback): Glynnis Breytenbach, Nechama Brodie Rule Of Law - A Memoir (Paperback)
Glynnis Breytenbach, Nechama Brodie 1
R275 R236 Discovery Miles 2 360 Save R39 (14%) In stock

In Rule Of Law, Glynnis Breytenbach reflects back on her career as a prosecutor, including specific cases she has tried, and on her life to provide a fascinating commentary on the importance of the independence of judicial institutions and the precariousness of this independence.

Her current challenges are directly linked to how outspoken she is and how she continues to campaign fiercely for the rule of law in this country.

The Relatively Public Life Of Jules Browde (Paperback): Daniel Browde The Relatively Public Life Of Jules Browde (Paperback)
Daniel Browde
R240 R206 Discovery Miles 2 060 Save R34 (14%) In stock

When Daniel is tasked with writing the biography of his grandfather, Jules Browde - one of South Africa’s most celebrated advocates - he gets straight to work. But the task that at first seems so simple comes to overwhelm him.

The troubled progress of Daniel’s book stands in sharp contrast to the clear-edged tales his grandfather tells him. Spanning almost a century, these gripping stories compellingly conjure other worlds: the streets of 1920s Yeoville, the battlefields of the Second World War, the courtrooms of apartheid South Africa.

The Relatively Public Life Of Jules Browde is more than the portrait of an unusual South African life, it is the moving tale of a complex and tender relationship between grandfather and grandson, and an exploration of how we are made and unmade in the stories we tell about our lives.

Gorilla and the Bird - A Memoir of Madness and a Mother's Love (Hardcover): Zack McDermott Gorilla and the Bird - A Memoir of Madness and a Mother's Love (Hardcover)
Zack McDermott
R480 R360 Discovery Miles 3 600 Save R120 (25%) Within 7 - 11 working days
Clinical legal education - Law clinic curriculum design and assessment tools (Paperback): M.A. du Plessis Clinical legal education - Law clinic curriculum design and assessment tools (Paperback)
M.A. du Plessis
R450 R355 Discovery Miles 3 550 Save R95 (21%) Within 4 - 8 working days

Clinical legal education (CLE) is a springboard for entry into legal practice, preparing students for the professional challenges they will face after completing their studies and embarking on their legal careers. In her eight years of conducting research on CLE in South African universities, the author has found that the most urgent needs are in the area of student assessment. Designing a curriculum with assessable content is therefore essential for clinicians who, in certifying students' capabilities, are the gatekeepers to practice. This book identifies curriculum requirements across a number of jurisdictions, and proposes a menu of assessment methods, which may enhance the choices of assessment methodologies available to South African university law clinics. It also covers the setting of parameters for assessment, grading, grade descriptors and moderation systems, and discusses different forms of tests, assignments, essay- and oral-examinations, as well as self- and peer-evaluation, peer editing, case portfolios, and trial advocacy skills. The book addresses challenges such as clinicians' heavy workloads and differing levels of experience in supervision and assessment. It discusses challenges students face and presents solutions enabling clinicians to help them depending on their individual experience and needs. Also discussed are the potential conflicts between the needs of students and those of the local community being served by the law clinic. Although the aim of this book is to find appropriate assessment methods for CLE, the effectiveness of an assessment programme can only be determined when measured against a curriculum. The proposed curriculum is therefore measured against the identified assessment criteria. CLE Lecturers can download assessment forms, checklists and rubrics from the Juta Law website - visit https://juta.co.za/support-material/detail/clinical-legal-education for details.

A Target on my Back - A Prosecutor's Terrifying Tale of Life on a Hit List (Hardcover): Erleigh Wiley A Target on my Back - A Prosecutor's Terrifying Tale of Life on a Hit List (Hardcover)
Erleigh Wiley
R359 R277 Discovery Miles 2 770 Save R82 (23%) Within 7 - 11 working days

The success of documentaries like Making a Murderer and The Jinx bodes well for true crime Continued interest in these documentaries keeps true crime in the public eye; a sequel is planned for Making a Murderer and there is constant chatter about it online Interest in courtrooms and lawyers remains high as seen in O.J.: Made in America

Becoming A Lawyer - Fundamental Skills For Law Students (Paperback, 2nd Edition): Becoming A Lawyer - Fundamental Skills For Law Students (Paperback, 2nd Edition)
R951 R829 Discovery Miles 8 290 Save R122 (13%) Within 4 - 11 working days
As It Was: A Memoir (Hardcover): Robert M Pennoyer As It Was: A Memoir (Hardcover)
Robert M Pennoyer
R509 R420 Discovery Miles 4 200 Save R89 (17%) Within 7 - 15 working days

¬ Robert M. Pennoyer was born into a storied family - his maternal grandfather was the legendary J. P. Morgan. His irresistible memoir traces his sheltered childhood on the Gold Coast of Long Island; an adolescence overshadowed by the gathering clouds of World War II; and a young adulthood that survived one of the decisive engagements of the Pacific Theater - Iwo Jima. The author gives us as well a heartwarming account of a romance that blossomed into a lifelong matrimonial partnership and a close family life, tested nonetheless by crisis. And he chronicles a distinguished career, the early part of which was spent in the service of President Eisenhower and the latter part in private law practice and pro bono work. As It Was begins in an era of unprecedented wealth and privilege for some and great misery and poverty for others, - one that Mark Twain lampooned as the ¬ Gilded Age," and ends, coming in effect full circle, in our own era of the One Per Cent, as the income chasm in America reopens. What divides these periods, and is so impressively portrayed here, is the rise of American Progressivism led by the two Roosevelts. Most importantly, this book is itself a demonstration of the values that boosted America on its path to greatness and for which no finer exemplar could be found than its author. It bespeaks a belief in democracy that is passionate and unshakable, and builds on a deep appreciation of the institutions that enable it. The spirit that flows through these pages may be modest, but it is also filled with an irrepressible optimism and a faith in simple values that are both uplifting and marvelously contagious. As It Was is a lesson in a life well lived, and a tonic for dark and troubled times."-- Scott Horton, author of Lords of Secrecy: The National Security Elite and America's Stealth Warfare (2015), contributing editor,Harper's Magazine.

No Bar to Success - An Inspiring Life Story (Hardcover): Peter Whiteman No Bar to Success - An Inspiring Life Story (Hardcover)
Peter Whiteman
R510 R425 Discovery Miles 4 250 Save R85 (17%) Within 8 - 15 working days
And Give Up Showbiz? - How Fred Levin Beat Big Tobacco, Avoided Two Murder Prosecutions, Became a Chief of Ghana, Earned Boxing... And Give Up Showbiz? - How Fred Levin Beat Big Tobacco, Avoided Two Murder Prosecutions, Became a Chief of Ghana, Earned Boxing Manager of the Year, and Transformed American Law (Hardcover)
Josh Young
R449 R371 Discovery Miles 3 710 Save R78 (17%) Within 7 - 15 working days

In the early '90s, Big Tobacco was making a killing. There was no entity more powerful, and national tobacco-related deaths numbered in the hundreds of thousands each year. The economic loss from smoking-related illnesses was billions of dollars.
And yet, Big Tobacco had never paid a nickel in court. Until one trial lawyer discovered he could revise part of a Medicaid law so that it would enable Florida to sue Big Tobacco to reimburse the state for health care costs. The end result? Hundreds of thousands of American lives have been, and will continue to be, saved because one lawyer found a loophole and ran with it.
Meet Fred Levin.
Called by his son "a philanthropist and a cockroach," Fred Levin is no clean-cut lawyer pulled from the pages of a John Grisham novel. "And Give Up Showbiz?: How Fred Levin Beat Big Tobacco, Avoided Two Murder Prosecutions, Became Chief of Ghana, Earned Boxing Manager of the Year, and Transformed American Law" gives readers a glimpse into the extraordinary and entertaining life of the top trial lawyer who was a pioneer in establishing American personal injury law.
"And Give Up Showbiz?" presents the extraordinary life of a lawyer of a different breed. Seen as an inspiring innovator by some and a flamboyant self-promoter by others, Levin once called his profession "the most exciting damn thing in the world."
With victories for women, African Americans, workers, and his famous win against Big Tobacco, Levin's unprecedented legal career is just one aspect of his rollercoaster life story. From civil rights, to boxing management, to avoiding multiple disbarring attempts and murder investigations, Levin's story reads like a novel suitable for the silver screen. Levin worked closely with "New York Times" bestselling author Josh Young to create a memoir that is both shockingly candid and surprisingly funny.

Company Law in Practice (Paperback, 11th Revised edition): The City Law School Company Law in Practice (Paperback, 11th Revised edition)
The City Law School
R990 Discovery Miles 9 900 Within 8 - 15 working days

Company Law in Practice provides a detailed overview of the salient topics in company law which the junior practitioner is most likely to encounter in the first years of practice. Such key topics covered include the constitution of companies, share and loan capital, directors' and shareholder meetings, the role and duties of directors, shareholder protection, insolvency and compulsory winding up. An extensive worked example offers students the opportunity to apply their knowledge and refine the legal skills required to be successful in practice.

Excelling in Law School - A Complete Approach (Paperback): Jason C. Miller Excelling in Law School - A Complete Approach (Paperback)
Jason C. Miller
R728 Discovery Miles 7 280 Within 7 - 15 working days

Written by a recent law school graduate with an extraordinary success story, Excelling in Law School: A Complete Approach transcends merely surviving the experience, demonstrating how to earn high grades by working smart, excel in extracurricular activities, publish, and land top jobs. The author aced his first year at a fourth tier law school and transferred to a top-10 school from which he graduated, magna cum laude. Now, he shares his insights and his experience, surpassing expectations set by his less-than-lustrous LSAT scores. Miller relieves some of the anxiety about law school by conveying proven strategies that will appeal to today's tech-savvy law student. He outlines the available resources and study-aids and shows how to effectively use new technologies such as websites that distribute outlines, companies that provide MP3s of detailed lectures on first year courses, student-maintained outline banks, recorded lectures, professor podcasts, and PowerPoint slides. Students learn the specific, unique skills required to approach law reviews and scholarships and to hunt for jobs. Excelling in Law School: A Complete Approach observes successful tactics used by other students and guides readers in selecting the strategies and resources that best fit each personality

Loyola University New Orleans College of Law - A History (Hardcover): Maria Isabel Medina, M Isabel Medina Loyola University New Orleans College of Law - A History (Hardcover)
Maria Isabel Medina, M Isabel Medina
R857 Discovery Miles 8 570 Within 7 - 15 working days
You Will Wear a White Shirt - From the Northern Bush to the Halls of Power (Hardcover): Nick Sibbeston You Will Wear a White Shirt - From the Northern Bush to the Halls of Power (Hardcover)
Nick Sibbeston
R590 R479 Discovery Miles 4 790 Save R111 (19%) Within 7 - 15 working days

Growing up in a remote Northern community, Nick Sibbeston had little reason to believe he would one day fulfill his mother's ambition of holding a career where he would "wear a white shirt." Torn away from his family and placed in residential school at the age of five, Sibbeston endured loneliness, callous treatment and sexual assault by an older boy, but discovered a love of learning that would compel him to complete a law degree and pursue a career in politics. As a young, firebrand politician, Sibbeston played an instrumental role during a critical moment in Northwest Territories politics, advocating tirelessly to support the economic and political development of First Nations people in the North, and participating in early discussions of the separation of Nunavut. Sibbeston's career advanced in great strides, first as an MLA, then one of Canada's first Aboriginal lawyers, then as a cabinet minister and eventually premier of the Northwest Territories. Finally, he was appointed to the Senate of Canada, where he continues to represent the people of Canada's North, not least in advocating for the generations affected by residential school policies. Although his years at residential school compelled Sibbeston to fight tirelessly for the rights of Aboriginal northerners, they also left a mark on his mental health, fuelling continual battles with anxiety, depression and addiction. It was only in later life that healing began to take place, as he battled his demons openly, supported not just by the medical community but also by his strong faith and the love of his wife and family.

Law School Undercover - A Veteran Law Professor Tells the Truth About Admissions, Classes, Cases, Exams, Law Review, Jobs, and... Law School Undercover - A Veteran Law Professor Tells the Truth About Admissions, Classes, Cases, Exams, Law Review, Jobs, and More (Paperback)
Professor "X"
R299 R252 Discovery Miles 2 520 Save R47 (16%) Within 7 - 15 working days

There are numerous prelaw books. Some are written by former students; a few are written by professors. This book is written, pseudonymously, by a 20-year veteran law professor and dean with behind-the-scenes knowledge of admissions. The book offers students the straight truth they will get nowhere else -- not in books and not even in direct conversations with law professors and deans. How? Because this is written pseudonymously, after Professor "X" realised his advice to his own daughter departed radically from his advice to students. This book is his apology. All law students will benefit from his inside, "underground" advice. The book covers all aspects of law school, from selecting the right law school to admissions to first year to law review, moot court, and though graduation and jobs. Professor "X" reveals tricks-of-the-trade in admissions, based on years of experience in making these decisions; he discusses the best approaches to classes, exams, and law school activities; he discusses a rare third method for gaining acceptance to law review; and he lays out career options as no one else has.

Law, Life and Laughter - A Personal Verdict (Paperback): Irvine Smith Law, Life and Laughter - A Personal Verdict (Paperback)
Irvine Smith
R218 R171 Discovery Miles 1 710 Save R47 (22%) Within 8 - 15 working days

Legendary Sheriff Irvine Smith QC is one of the most formidable criminal lawyers of his generation. Called to the Bar in 1953, he was involved as Counsel in some of Scotland's biggest cases, including the Glasgow Bank Raid, known at the time as 'the crime of the century'. He also defended five capital murder trials before the abolition of the death penalty and knew the full responsibility of trying to keep defendants from the gallows. He later became a Sheriff, quickly building a reputation as a no-nonsense judge with a sharp intellect and a dry and ready wit. He presided over the test case in the Ibrox Disaster. He was also one of the finest after-dinner speakers of his generation, especially on the theme of St Andrew and Burns. This talent took him to many venues across the world. Irvine Smith's personal recollections are both frank and entertaining, charting the highs and lows of a remarkable life and career lived to the full.

In Search of a Better World - A Human Rights Odyssey (Paperback): Payam Akhavan In Search of a Better World - A Human Rights Odyssey (Paperback)
Payam Akhavan
R297 R233 Discovery Miles 2 330 Save R64 (22%) Within 7 - 11 working days
My Own Liberator (Paperback): Dikgang Moseneke My Own Liberator (Paperback)
Dikgang Moseneke 3
R299 R257 Discovery Miles 2 570 Save R42 (14%) Within 4 - 8 working days

In this memoir, the first of two, Dikgang Moseneke pays homage to the many people and places that have helped to define and shape him. These influences include his ancestry; his parents; his immediate and extended family; and his education both in school and on Robben Island as a 15-year-old prisoner. These people and places played a significant role in forming his principled stance in life and his proud defiance of all forms of injustice.

Robben Island became a school not only in politics but an opportunity for dedicated studies towards a law degree that would provide the bedrock for a long and fruitful career. The book charts Mosenekeís rise as one of the countryís top legal minds, who not only helped to draft the Constitution, but for 15 years acted as a guardian of it for all South Africans.

Not only did Moseneke assist in shaping our new Constitution, he has helped to make it a living document for many South Africans over the past 15 years.

And Then I Met... - Stories of Growing Up, Meeting Famous People, and Annoying the Hell Out of Them (Hardcover): James Rogan And Then I Met... - Stories of Growing Up, Meeting Famous People, and Annoying the Hell Out of Them (Hardcover)
James Rogan
R505 R414 Discovery Miles 4 140 Save R91 (18%) Within 7 - 15 working days

And Then I Met is a collection of humorous, adventurous, and sometimes poignant boyhood stories told by former Congressman James Rogan of doing everything possible, short of breaking the law, to meet and get advice from many famous politicians, sports and entertainment figures he met as a kid growing up in San Francisco. Through Rogan's diaries and photos, you'll meet and get rare behind-the-scenes glimpses of people like Harry Truman, John F. Kennedy, Ronald Reagan, Richard Nixon, Billy Graham, Bob Hope, Jimmy Stewart, Hubert Humphrey, Barry Goldwater, Cary Grant, Willie Mays, and dozens more. Rogan met everyone - from the last surviving witness of the massacre of General Custer to stars ofGone With the WindandThe Wizard of Oz.The stories and photographs brim over in this delightful compilation."

Truth, Reconciliation and the Apartheid Legal Order (Paperback): David Dyzenhaus Truth, Reconciliation and the Apartheid Legal Order (Paperback)
David Dyzenhaus; Foreword by Kader Asmal
R450 R355 Discovery Miles 3 550 Save R95 (21%) Within 4 - 8 working days

The Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC), established in South Africa after the collapse of apartheid, was the bold creation of a people committed to the task of rebuilding a nation and establishing a society founded upon justice, equality and respect for the rule of law. As part of its historic, cathartic mission, the TRC held a special hearing, calling to account the lawyers - judges, academics and members of the bar - who had been crucial participants in the apartheid legal order. This book is an account of those hearings, and an attempt to evaluate, in the light of the theories of adjudication, the historical role of the judiciary and bar in the apartheid years. It argues, often in the words of those who testified, how the judges failed in their duty to uphold the rule of law. For the most part, the lawyers of apartheid are found to have deserted its victims.;The few notable exceptions both illustrate the potential for lawyers to have done more and lay the basis for the respect the rule of law still enjoys in South Africa despite apartheid. Yet, the author argues, many continue to commit a more serious "crime". Failing to confront the past, and in many cases refusing even to attend TRC hearings, the lawyers who could have helped to resist the worst excesses of apartheid remain accomplices to its evil deeds. This book offers us the spectacle of an entire legal system on trial. The echoes from this process are captured here in a way that will appeal to all readers - lawyers and non-lawyers alike - interested in the relationship between law and justice, as it is exposed during a period of transition to democracy.

Marshall Hall - A Law unto Himself (Hardcover, UK ed.): Sally Smith Marshall Hall - A Law unto Himself (Hardcover, UK ed.)
Sally Smith; Foreword by Clive Anderson
R576 Discovery Miles 5 760 Within 7 - 11 working days

Sir Edward Marshall Hall KC saved more people from the hangman's noose than any other known barrister. In an age of inadequate defence funding, minimal forensic evidence, a rigid moral code making little allowance for human passion and a reactionary judiciary, his only real weapons were his understanding of human psychology and the power of his personality. His charismatic oratory and film star profile made him an Edwardian celebrity. Jurors collapsed and judges wept at the overwhelming power of his performances. Thousands congregated to await the verdicts in the trials in which he appeared for the defence. Curtains were brought down in West End theatres to announce the acquittals he secured. His famous trials included the Camden Town murder, Seddon the Poisoner, the Brides in the Bath, the Green Bicycle Murder and the Murder at the Savoy. As a result of his oratory in these he was adulated as an entertainer, his performances greeted with the same relish as those by the great actors; but he was also loved as a champion of the underdog, who almost single-handedly introduced compassion in to the Edwardian legal system. No other barrister in any age can claim such celebrity, nor such public adoration and affection. Meticulously researched, Marshall Hall: A Law unto Himself is the first modern biography of a complex and influential man and, as a result of access to new material: * Sets the legendary barrister in his social, historical and political context. * Reveals the sensational private life of the man behind the public figure, the two turbulent marriages, and the mistresses. * Tells the full story of his first wife's death. * Examines his magnetic oratory and extraordinary fame from a modern perspective.

Ross Harper: Beyond Reasonable Doubt - A Memoir (Hardcover): Ross Harper Ross Harper: Beyond Reasonable Doubt - A Memoir (Hardcover)
Ross Harper
R476 R361 Discovery Miles 3 610 Save R115 (24%) Within 8 - 15 working days

Throughout his glittering career, Ross Harper was a major figure in Scottish law, politics, journalism and business. He was a key player in many of Scotland's most high-profile legal cases from the 1960s to the 1990s, including the Albany Drugs Case and the Glasgow Rape Case, after having ambitiously set up his own firm while still in his mid-twenties. He was President of the Law Society of Scotland and the International Bar Association, received numerous commendations for his work and acted as a political consultant for big businesses such as William Hill. He has also been active in politics throughout his adult life, campaigning tirelessly for the Conservative Party from the 1970s onwards. Harper's work, viewpoints and high profile have, inevitably, exposed him to difficult situations and brought him no shortage of rivals and enemies. And he's had his fair share of run-ins with the media too. His work has also introduced him to a wide variety of people in positions of power on all sides of the political and social spectrum, including Margaret Thatcher, Tony Blair, John Smith and Nelson Mandela. Now, after a life in the spotlight, Ross Harper offers deeply personal views on the law, business and journalism, examining the roots of his career and the lifelong values of his upbringing in Glasgow during the Second World War. He shares the secrets of his success and shows how he has balanced an astonishingly busy professional life with a lifelong passion for fishing and his position as a devoted family man. This is the story of one of the major figures in Scottish life of the past fifty years, told with the warmth, humour and candour that those who know him would expect.

Law School Exams - Preparing and Writing to Win (Paperback, 2nd): Charles R Calleros Law School Exams - Preparing and Writing to Win (Paperback, 2nd)
Charles R Calleros
R715 Discovery Miles 7 150 Within 7 - 15 working days
Emanuel Confidential for the MBE (Paperback, New): Steven L Emanuel Emanuel Confidential for the MBE (Paperback, New)
Steven L Emanuel
R509 Discovery Miles 5 090 Within 7 - 15 working days

Emanuel Confidential for the MBE is the tool you need to get you through the crucial studying period before the bar exam. Emanuel Confidential for the MBE has outlines that thoroughly address key elements of each of the six MBE subject areas in a concise and easy-to-read way. Each outline breaks down complex areas of the law into manageable bullet points, as well as including useful test-taking tips to maximize your knowledge on the bar exam.

Emanuel Confidential for the MBE features

  • Written by Steven Emanuel, author of Law in a Flash flashcards, CrunchTime and Emanuel Law Outlines
  • Organized in outline form for quick reference
  • Step-by-step analysis of each of the six subject areas on the Multistate Bar Exam
  • Illustrative examples to clearly demonstrate complex issues of law
  • Test-taking hints for specific areas of law
  • Portable book design for on the go studying
  • Part of the Emanuel Bar Review series, which resulted in pass rates* 10% higher than average in major markets.

* Based on passage rates of students who used Emanuel Bar Review materials in California and New York for Bar Exams in 2008 and 2009 .

Jeremy Hutchinson's Case Histories - From Lady Chatterley's Lover to Howard Marks (Paperback): Thomas Grant Jeremy Hutchinson's Case Histories - From Lady Chatterley's Lover to Howard Marks (Paperback)
Thomas Grant 1
R242 R194 Discovery Miles 1 940 Save R48 (20%) Within 8 - 15 working days

THE SUNDAY TIMES BESTSELLERSHORTLISTED FOR THE CWA NON-FICTION DAGGER'Thomas Grant has brought together Hutchinson's greatest legal hits, producing a fascinating episodic cultural history of post-war Britain that chronicles the end of deference and secrecy, and the advent of a more permissive society ...Grant brings out the essence of each case, and Hutchinson's role, with clarity and wit' Ben Macintyre, The Times'An excellent book ...Grant recounts these trials in limpid prose which clarifies obscurities. A delicious flavouring of cool irony, which is so much more effective than hot indignation, covers his treatment of the small mindedness and cheapness behind some prosecutions' Richard Davenport-Hines, GuardianBorn in 1915 into the fringes of the Bloomsbury Group, Jeremy Hutchinson went on to become the greatest criminal barrister of the 1960s, '70s and '80s. The cases of that period changed society for ever and Hutchinson's role in them was second to none. In Case Histories, Jeremy Hutchinson's most remarkable trials are examined, each one providing a fascinating look into Britain's post-war social, political and cultural history.Accessibly and entertainingly written, Case Histories provides a definitive account of Jeremy Hutchinson's life and work. From the sex and spying scandals which contributed to Harold Macmillan's resignation in 1963 and the subsequent fall of the Conservative government, to the fight against literary censorship through his defence of Lady Chatterley's Lover and Fanny Hill, Hutchinson was involved in many of the great trials of the period. He defended George Blake, Christine Keeler, Great Train robber Charlie Wilson, Kempton Bunton (the only man successfully to 'steal' a picture from the National Gallery), art 'faker' Tom Keating, and Howard Marks who, in a sensational defence, was acquitted of charges relating to the largest importation of cannabis in British history. He also prevented the suppression of Bernardo Bertolucci's notorious film Last Tango in Paris and did battle with Mary Whitehouse when she prosecuted the director of the play Romans in Britain.Above all else, Jeremy Hutchinson's career, both at the bar and later as a member of the House of Lords, has been one devoted to the preservation of individual liberty and to resisting the incursions of an overbearing state. Case Histories provides entertaining, vivid and revealing insights into what was really going on in those celebrated courtroom dramas that defined an age, as well as painting a picture of a remarkable life.To listen to Jeremy Hutchinson being interviewed by Helena Kennedy on BBC Radio 4's A Law Unto Themselves, please follow the link: http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b04d4cpvYou can also listen to him on BBC Radio 4's Desert Island Discs with Kirsty Young: http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b03ddz8m

Employment Law in Practice (Paperback, 12th Revised edition): The City Law School Employment Law in Practice (Paperback, 12th Revised edition)
The City Law School
R959 Discovery Miles 9 590 Within 7 - 11 working days

Employment Law in Practice provides full coverage of the substantive areas of employment law likely to be encountered by a lawyer in the early years of practice. Topics covered include unfair dismissal, breach of contract, discrimination, equal pay and family friendly provisions. This manual also employs sample cases to illustrate how to complete relevant forms, deal with interlocutory stages and use special procedures and record settlements to encourage students to develop and practise their legal skills in an employment law context.

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