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Good Morning, Mr Mandela (Paperback): Zelda la Grange Good Morning, Mr Mandela (Paperback)
Zelda la Grange 1
R190 R152 Discovery Miles 1 520 Save R38 (20%) Within 4 - 8 working days

Good Morning, Mr Mandela tells the extraordinary story of how Zelda la Grange’s life, beliefs and prejudices were transformed by the greatest statesman of our time.

It is the incredible journey of an awkward, terrified young typist in her twenties who was chosen to become Nelson Mandela’s most loyal servant, spending the greater part of her adult working life travelling with and caring for the man she would come to call ‘Khulu’.

This is a book about love and second chances. It will touch your life and make you believe that every one of us, no matter who we are or what we have done, has the power to change.

Mandela: Long Walk To Freedom (DVD): Idris Elba, Naomie Harris, Riaad Moosa, Jamie Bartlett, Fana Mokoena, Terry Pheto, Deon... Mandela: Long Walk To Freedom (DVD)
Idris Elba, Naomie Harris, Riaad Moosa, Jamie Bartlett, Fana Mokoena, … 4
R159 R52 Discovery Miles 520 Save R107 (67%) Within 4 - 8 working days

Mandela: Long Walk To Freedom spans Nelson Mandela's extraordinary life, from his childhood in a rural village through to his inauguration as the first democratically elected president of South Africa.

It is the thrilling story of an ordinary man who rose to the challenge of his times and triumphed - an intimate portrait of the making of a modern icon.

(2014 Oscar nomination for: Best Original Song)

Long Walk To Freedom - Commemorative Edition (Hardcover, Commemorative ed): Nelson Mandela Long Walk To Freedom - Commemorative Edition (Hardcover, Commemorative ed)
Nelson Mandela 3
R495 R398 Discovery Miles 3 980 Save R97 (20%) Within 4 - 8 working days

Nelson Mandela is one of the great moral and political leaders of our time: an international hero whose lifelong dedication to the fight against racial oppression in South Africa won him the Nobel Peace Prize and the presidency of his country.

Since his triumphant release in 1990 from more than a quarter-century of imprisonment, Mandela has been at the center of the most compelling and inspiring political drama in the world. As president of the African National Congress and head of South Africa's antiapartheid movement, he was instrumental in moving the nation toward multiracial government and majority rule. He is revered everywhere as a vital force in the fight for human rights and racial equality.

Long Walk To Freedom is his moving autobiography, in which he tells the extraordinary story of his life - an epic of struggle, setback, renewed hope, and ultimate triumph!

Nelson Mandela - Portrait of an Extraordinary Man (Paperback): Richard Stengel Nelson Mandela - Portrait of an Extraordinary Man (Paperback)
Richard Stengel 1
R195 R156 Discovery Miles 1 560 Save R39 (20%) Within 4 - 8 working days

Previously published as Mandela's Way Written by the co-author of international bestseller Long Walk to Freedom, Nelson Mandela: Portrait of an Extraordinary Man presents fifteen powerful lessons on life and leadership based on the life and work of Nelson Mandela (1918 - 2013), whose fight against apartheid in South Africa has become an enduring example of resistance against injustice and oppression. A recipient of the 1993 Nobel Peace Prize, Mandela is a man who truly changed the course of world history and is arguably the most inspirational figure of the past century. Stengel spent almost three years with Mandela working on his bestselling autobiography Long Walk to Freedom, and through that process became a close friend. Written with the blessing of the Nelson Mandela Foundation, to which the author will donate a percentage of his royalties, Nelson Mandela: Portrait of an Extraordinary Man is an inspirational book of wisdom that will encourage people of all ages to look within themselves to improve their lives, to reconsider the things they take for granted, and to think about the legacy they leave behind.

Mandela - The Authorised Biography (Paperback, New Edition): Anthony Sampson Mandela - The Authorised Biography (Paperback, New Edition)
Anthony Sampson 1
R240 R199 Discovery Miles 1 990 Save R41 (17%) Within 4 - 8 working days

Widely considered to be the most important biography of Nelson Mandela, Antony Sampson's remarkable book has now been updated by acclaimed South African journalist, John Battersby.

Over a decade after his presidency of South Africa, Nelson Mandela remains an inspirational figure to millions of people -- both in his homeland and far beyond her borders. He is, without doubt, one of the most important figures in global history. Mandela's opposition to apartheid and his 27 year incarceration at the hands of South Africa's all-white regime are familiar to most.

In this utterly compelling book, eminent biographer Anthony Sampson, who knew his subject since 1951, reveals the man behind the events that rocked a continent -- and changed the world. With unprecedented access to the former South African president -- the letters he wrote in prison, his unpublished jail autobiography, extensive conversations, and interviews with hundreds of colleagues, friends, and family -- Sampson depicts the realities of Mandela's private and public life, and the tragic tension between them.

Newly updated by distinguished South African journalist John Battersby, Mandela is the ultimate biography of one of the twentieth century's greatest statesmen.

Invictus (DVD): Morgan Freeman, Matt Damon Invictus (DVD)
Morgan Freeman, Matt Damon; Directed by Clint Eastwood 1
R52 Discovery Miles 520 Within 4 - 8 working days

He was imprisoned 27 years for his heroic fight against apartheid. So what does Nelson Mandela do after he is elected president of South Africa? He rejects revenge, forgives his oppressors and finds hope of national unity in an unlikely place: the rugby field.

Clint Eastwood powerfully directs an uplifting film about a team and a people inspired to greatness.

In a performance that won him the National Board of Review’s Best Actor Award and an Oscar nomination, Morgan Freeman portrays Mandela, who asks the national rugby team captain (Best Supporting Actor Oscar nominee Matt Damon) and his underdog squad to do the impossible and win the World Cup.

One team, one country. The universal language of sports has never spoken so thrillingly as in Eastwood’s Invictus.

Doing Life With Mandela - My Prisoner, My Friend (Paperback): Christo Brand, Barbara Jones Doing Life With Mandela - My Prisoner, My Friend (Paperback)
Christo Brand, Barbara Jones 1
R240 R199 Discovery Miles 1 990 Save R41 (17%) Within 4 - 8 working days

"I was 19 years old when I came face to face with Nelson Mandela. He was 60. Until that day I had never heard of him, or his African National Congress. I was his prison warder on Robben Island and he changed my life forever." - Christo Brand

The two of them – one a young white warder, the other serving a life sentence - should have become bitter enemies. Instead they formed an extraordinary friendship through small acts of human kindness. Christo, a gentle young man who valued ordinary decency and courtesy, struck a chord with the wise and resilient freedom fighter.

This bond of trust endured between the two men long after Mandela was freed.

In this book Christo tells, for the first time, the incredible and moving story of their unlikely friendship. He provides rare and personal insights into Mandela’s life during his years on Robben Island.

Madiba A To Z - The Many Faces Of Nelson Mandela (Paperback): Danny Schechter Madiba A To Z - The Many Faces Of Nelson Mandela (Paperback)
Danny Schechter
R230 R183 Discovery Miles 1 830 Save R47 (20%) Within 4 - 10 working days

16 years went into the making of the feature film Mandela: Long Walk To Freedom, a biopic based on Mandela's bestselling autobiography. Danny Schechter, who has spent 40 years getting to know Mandela, was asked to make a non-fiction documentary about the biopic and this book is his companion to the feature, the documentary, and Mandela's life itself.

In Schechter's words:
"What do we see when we see Nelson Mandela? Many of those who adore him projected on to him a god-like persona as political superman. Others projected on to him the qualities they wanted or feared. For many years, his government silenced him as a faceless terrorist and communist. Others saw him as a savior who single-handedly won freedom for South Africa. Many of us only saw the political mission, not the man behind it, and, when we did, what man was that? Was it the victim turned victor, prisoner turned President, the lone hero and political magician or the wise leader of a liberation movement? He was courted by kings and queens, the biggest names in show business and world leaders--who appealed to his often unseen vanity--but despite some compromises and co-optation, he largely stayed true to the values that shaped and guided him becoming, as he aged, even more reflective and self-aware."

Opposite Mandela - Encounters With South Africa's Icon (Paperback): Tony Leon Opposite Mandela - Encounters With South Africa's Icon (Paperback)
Tony Leon 1
R281 R244 Discovery Miles 2 440 Save R37 (13%) Within 7 - 15 working days

Tony Leon has written a book of unique insight into an unexplored aspect of the presidency and leadership of Nelson Mandela. Opposite Mandela relates the untold stories of how South Africa's first democratic president related to his political opponents.

Leon served as leader of the Democratic Party during Mandela's presidency. Although they clashed, sometimes fiercely, on great issues of the day, Leon enjoyed an unusually warm relationship with Mandela and had direct access to the president's office. In this first-hand account, he relates some of the more consequential moments of those momentous times in South Africa's history-in-the-making through the lens of the opposition. Although this is a personal account, it also explores some of the major themes, from reconciliation to corruption, which not only marked that period but also laid the basis for the current challenges which confront South Africa today, nearly two decades after Mandela assumed the country’s highest office, the very moment when Leon's political leadership began.

Insightful, and simultaneously serious and amusing, it lifts the veil on many unknown or unexplained benchmarks from that era: the personal animosity between Mandela and FW De Klerk, the decision of the Democratic Party to reject Mandela's offer of a seat in his cabinet and whether the extraordinary outreach of Mandela to the minorities was the shrewd calculation of a latter-day Machiavelli or the genuine impulses of a secular political saint. This highly readable and first-hand account considers in a balanced manner both the golden moments and the blind spots of one of the most consequential presidencies and leaders of the modern democratic age.

Mandela: The Man And His Country (DVD): Mandela: The Man And His Country (DVD)
R89 R53 Discovery Miles 530 Save R36 (40%) In stock

An inspirational story of one man's resistance to apartheid.

Revolutionary, rebel and reformer, Nelson Mandela is a man who advocates freedom, though he himself has spent almost half his life in prison. Mandela, the man, the lawyer and the legend, is the focus of this program.

It brings to life Mandela's love for his country and his resistance to apartheid, from the early days and his final release from prison at the age of 71.

Nelson Mandela: By himself - The authorised book of quotations (Paperback): Nelson Mandela Nelson Mandela: By himself - The authorised book of quotations (Paperback)
Nelson Mandela
R170 R146 Discovery Miles 1 460 Save R24 (14%) In stock

Nelson Mandela: By Himself is the definitive book of quotations from one of the great leaders of our time. This collection - gathered from privileged authorised access to Mandela's vast personal archive of private papers, speeches, correspondence and audio recordings - features nearly 2000 quotations spanning over 60 years, many previously unpublished.

Nelson Mandela: The Journey (DVD, Boxed set): Nelson Mandela: The Journey (DVD, Boxed set)
R250 R181 Discovery Miles 1 810 Save R69 (28%) In stock

Each DVD concentrates on a particular time in Madiba's Life: Country, City, Rivonia, Prison and finally as President.

The Cambridge Companion to Nelson Mandela (Paperback, New): Rita Barnard The Cambridge Companion to Nelson Mandela (Paperback, New)
Rita Barnard
R352 Discovery Miles 3 520 Within 7 - 12 working days

Nelson Mandela was one of the most revered figures of our time. He committed himself to a compelling political cause, suffered a long prison sentence, and led his violent and divided country to a peaceful democratic transition. His legacy, however, is not uncontested: his decision to embark on an armed struggle in the 1960s, his solitary talks with apartheid officials in the 1980s, and the economic policies adopted during his presidency still spark intense debate, even after his death. The essays in this Companion, written by experts in history, anthropology, jurisprudence, cinema, literature, and visual studies, address these and other issues. They examine how Mandela became an icon during his lifetime and consider the meanings and uses of his internationally recognizable image. Their overarching concerns include Mandela's relation to 'tradition' and 'modernity', the impact of his most famous public performances, the oscillation between Africanist and non-racial positions in South Africa, and the politics of gender and national sentiment. The volume concludes with a meditation on Mandela's legacy in the twenty-first century and a detailed guide to further reading.

Playing the Enemy - Nelson Mandela and the Game That Made a Nation (Paperback, Tie-In - (Now filmed as Invictus)): John Carlin Playing the Enemy - Nelson Mandela and the Game That Made a Nation (Paperback, Tie-In - (Now filmed as Invictus))
John Carlin 1
R226 R186 Discovery Miles 1 860 Save R40 (18%) Within 7 - 12 working days

As the day of the final of the 1995 Rugby World Cup dawned, and the Springboks faced New Zealand's all-conquering All Blacks, more was at stake than a sporting trophy. When Nelson Mandela appeared wearing a Springboks jersey and led the all-white Afrikaner-dominated team in singing South Africa's new national anthem, he conquered the hearts of white South Africa. Playing the Enemy tells the extraordinary human story of how that moment became possible. It shows how a sport, once the preserve of South Africa's Afrikaans-speaking minority, came to unify the new rainbow nation, and tells of how - just occasionally - something as simple as a game really can help people to rise above themselves and see beyond their differences.

Conversations With Myself (Hardcover, Unabridged edition): Nelson Mandela Conversations With Myself (Hardcover, Unabridged edition)
Nelson Mandela; Foreword by Barack Obama 2
R505 R419 Discovery Miles 4 190 Save R86 (17%) Within 4 - 8 working days

Nelson Mandela is one of the most inspiring and iconic figures of our age. Now, after a lifetime of taking pen to paper to record thoughts and events, hardships and victories, he has opened his personal archive, which offers an unprecedented insight into his remarkable life.

From letters written in the darkest hours of his twenty-seven years of imprisonment to the draft of an unfinished sequel to Long Walk to Freedom, Conversations With Myself gives readers access to the private man behind the public figure.

Here he is making notes and even doodling during meetings, or recording troubled dreams on the desk calendar of his cell on Robben Island; writing journals while on the run during the anti-apartheid struggles of the early 1960s, or conversing with friends in almost seventy hours of recorded conversations. Here he is neither an icon nor a saint; here he is like you and me.

An intimate journey from the first stirrings of his political conscience to his galvanizing role on the world stage, Conversations With Myself is a rare chance to spend time with Nelson Mandela the man, in his own voice: direct, clear, private.

Madiba - The Life And Times Of Nelson Mandela (DVD): Madiba - The Life And Times Of Nelson Mandela (DVD)
R96 Discovery Miles 960 In stock

The story of Nelson Mandela from Poverty, to Prison, to Parliament to President. "Your freedom and mine cannot be separated" are the words written by Nelson Mandela from his prison cell to the people of South Africa in 1985.

After nearly three decades behind bars, Nelson Mandela walked triumphantly out of Victor Verster Prison. This film deals with the period leading up to, as well as the release of Nelson Mandela, the world's most famous political prisoner. The film sketches his background and pays tribute to the many campaigns waged for his release.

Major celebrations were held throughout South Africa and we witness Mandela's first political moves to lead South Africa into negotiations towards democratic South Africa. Through interviews with leaders of the African National Congress, archival film and photographs, and the words of Nelson Mandela himself. This DVD provides an introduction to the man who became an international symbol of resistance to South African apartheid

Goeiemore, Mnr. Mandela (Afrikaans, Paperback): Zelda la Grange Goeiemore, Mnr. Mandela (Afrikaans, Paperback)
Zelda la Grange
R190 R152 Discovery Miles 1 520 Save R38 (20%) In stock

GoeiemŰre, mnr Mandela vertel die uitsonderlike verhaal van hoe Zelda la Grange se lewe, oortuigings en vooroordele omvergewerp word deur die grootste staatsman van ons tyd.

Dit volg die ongelooflike lewenspad van ’n verskrikte tikster in haar vroeŽ twintigs wat gekies word as Nelson Mandela se lojaalste steunpilaar en haar loopbaan daaraan wy om reisgenoot en versorger te word van die man wat sy ‘Khulu’ noem.

Hierdie boek wentel om liefde en tweede kanse. Dit sal jou lewe raak en jou laat glo elkeen van ons, ongeag wie ons is en wat ons gedoen het, het die mag om te verander.

Viva Madiba - A Hero For All Seasons (DVD): Catherine Meyburgh Viva Madiba - A Hero For All Seasons (DVD)
Catherine Meyburgh
R100 R36 Discovery Miles 360 Save R64 (64%) Within 4 - 8 working days

Viva Madiba: A Hero For All Seasons is a celebration of Nelson Mandela's epic life and his status as an international icon.

He remains a man at the centre of attention, not only in South Africa, but around the world as a moral leader, an elder statesman and an exceptional human being.

Viva Madiba: A Hero For All Seasons takes one on a journey behind the headlines and away from the public eye and looks at Madiba as a loyal friend, a dependable comrade, a trusted confidant, a respected mentor, and a man who has touched and transformed countless lives. For the first time his complete story is being told - a life of struggle, humanity, destiny and greatness is recalled and celebrated by those who knew him best and who worked with him in the quest to break the chains of oppression, taking us beyond the political and into the personal.

The film features exclusive interviews with politicians, close friends and comrades of Madiba.

Nelson Mandela: Father Of The Nation - Collector's Edition (DVD): Nelson Mandela: Father Of The Nation - Collector's Edition (DVD)
R860 Discovery Miles 8 600 Within 4 - 8 working days

In telling the tale of South African history, one man stands tall as an example of strength, commitment and forgiveness. Imprisoned for over 27 years by the apartheid regime, Nelson Mandela never wavered in his complete dedication to his ideals, and it was this integrity that ensured that when he did walk free, it was into a better and fairer society. Now, honour the man who gave so much for his people, his country and the world with this unique collector s edition celebrating a life like no other.


From freedom fighter to peacemaker, prisoner to president, Nelson Mandela dedicated his life to the struggle against apartheid. Now, using rare and candid interviews with those who knew him best, Mandela s true legacy is revealed. From the man who guarded his cell on Robben Island eventually forging a deep friendship with his captive to former president De Klerk and Mandela s own family, we gain a remarkable insight into the man who taught the world the true value of forgiveness.


This fully-illustrated 62-page booklet goes back through South African history to tell one of the great tales of the 20th century. From the darkest days of apartheid, through his long years of incarceration, his famous walk to freedom and on to the presidency, the 1995 Rugby World Cup and beyond, we examine Mandela s life, work and legacy.


Celebrate the life of a genuine world icon with a collection of unique postcards showing key points in Mandela s life. From his early days in the ANC to his incarceration, release, election and more, these postcards honour a chapter in our history that demands to be remembered. Also included is a full-colour poster of Mandela wearing the Springboks jersey at the 1995 Rugby World Cup Final.

In the words of Nelson Mandela postcards (Postcard book or pack): Jenny Crwys-Williams In the words of Nelson Mandela postcards (Postcard book or pack)
Jenny Crwys-Williams
R170 R136 Discovery Miles 1 360 Save R34 (20%) Within 4 - 8 working days

Packed in beautiful silver tins, Penguin's stylish series of postcard collections features content from some of Penguin Books SA's most timeless publications. Each tin contains 20 postcards - to mail to friends or to keep.

Mzwakhe Mbuli - Tribute To Mandela (CD): Mzwakhe Mbuli Tribute To Mandela (CD)
Mzwakhe Mbuli
R65 Discovery Miles 650 Within 4 - 8 working days
Mandela - Son Of Africa, Father Of A Nation (DVD): Mandela - Son Of Africa, Father Of A Nation (DVD)
R169 Discovery Miles 1 690 Within 4 - 8 working days
Long Walk To Freedom - The Autobiography of Nelson Mandela (Paperback, Reissue): Nelson Mandela Long Walk To Freedom - The Autobiography of Nelson Mandela (Paperback, Reissue)
Nelson Mandela 5
R265 R220 Discovery Miles 2 200 Save R45 (17%) Within 4 - 8 working days

The riveting memoirs of the outstanding moral and political leader of our time, A LONG WALK TO FREEDOM brilliantly re-creates the drama of the experiences that helped shape Nelson Mandela's destiny. Emotive, compelling and uplifting, A LONG WALK TO FREEDOM is the exhilarating story of an epic life; a story of hardship, resilience and ultimate triumph told with the clarity and eloquence of a born leader.

'Burns with the luminosity of faith in the invincible nature of human hope and dignity - Unforgettable' Andre Brink

'Enthralling - Mandela emulates the few great political leaders such as Lincoln and Gandhi, who go beyond mere consensus and move out ahead of their followers to break new ground'
Donald Woods in the SUNDAY TIMES

8115 - A Prisoner's Home (Paperback, 2nd ed): Alf Kumalo, Zukiswa Wanner 8115 - A Prisoner's Home (Paperback, 2nd ed)
Alf Kumalo, Zukiswa Wanner
R210 R168 Discovery Miles 1 680 Save R42 (20%) Within 4 - 8 working days

In his autobiography, Long Walk to Freedom, Nelson Mandela describes his house at 8115 Vilikazi Street, Soweto, as '"...identical to hundreds of others... it had the same standard tin roof, the same cement floor, a narrow kitchen, and a bucket toilet at the back". Little did Mandela know when he first moved into the house in 1946 that it would become the stage for some of the most important political events in South Africa's turbulent history and, in recent times, a cultural landmark visited by thousands of tourists each year.

Renowned photographer and close family friend Alf Kumalo captured the day-to-day life of the Mandelas - the raids by the security police and intimate family moments, both of joy and sorrow, as well as Mandela's return to his home after his release from prison in 1990, twenty-eight years after he had left it.

Using this unassuming house as the setting, 8115: A Prisoner's Home collects some of Kumalo's most historically important and beautiful images of the Mandela family and their home, giving us a unique insight into the life of the family who would have a profound effect on South Africa's political landscape.

Mandela - A Biography (Paperback): Martin Meredith Mandela - A Biography (Paperback)
Martin Meredith 1
R360 R242 Discovery Miles 2 420 Save R118 (33%) Within 7 - 12 working days

"It provides new perspective and insights into the man and his times. . . . Meredith] is particularly good in recounting the parallel rise and inevitable clash of white Afrikaner and black African nationalism in this century . ..." --"The Washington Post"

"Meredith paints an insider's canvas of recent South African history as well as an epic tale of a freedom fighter." --"San Francisco Chronicle"

" R]evealing insights, particularly into the contrast between the disciplined Mandela who emerged from prison and the impetuous figure of the late 1940's and early 1950's." --"The New York Times Book Review"

"Meredith carefully avoids adulation while tracing the course of Mandela's remarkable career. . . . He] skillfully depicts Mandela's complex relationships with the close circle of white Communists who supported the African National Congress and] writes vividly but unsentimentally about the tribulations and betrayals that racked Mandela's family."--"The Los Angeles Times"

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