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Best Baby Names For 2017 - Over 8,000 Names and 100 Inspiration Lists (Paperback): Siobhan Thomas Best Baby Names For 2017 - Over 8,000 Names and 100 Inspiration Lists (Paperback)
Siobhan Thomas 1
R158 R134 Discovery Miles 1 340 Save R24 (15%) In stock

Choosing a name for your baby has never been easier with this ultimate baby-naming guide.

With all the information on the latest naming trends, this comprehensive and easy-to-use guide is full of inspirational names.


  • A-Z directories of over 8,000 names and their meanings;
  • over 100 inspirational lists;
  • naming trends for 2017;
  • and tips for choosing the perfect name for your baby.

Including modern names and variants, plus classics that have stood the test of time, this naming guide has everything you need for finding the perfect name for your new arrival.

Suster Lilian omvattende swangerskap-, geboorte- en ouerskapgids (Afrikaans, Paperback): Lilian Paramor Suster Lilian omvattende swangerskap-, geboorte- en ouerskapgids (Afrikaans, Paperback)
Lilian Paramor
R371 Discovery Miles 3 710 Within 7 - 15 working days

Suster Lilian is ’n ervare vroedvrou met praktiese ondervinding van swangerskap, geboorte en ouerskap. In hierdie hoog aangeskrewe gids spreek sy die belangrikste swangerskap, geboorte en ouerskap kwessies aan in haar sensitiewe maar sinvolle manier.

Hierdie boek gaan oor:

  • Stap-vir-stap gids deur elke trimester van swangerskap
  • ’n Volledige voedingsgids en oefenplan
  • Hoe om emosies te hanteer tydens swangerskap
  • Wat om te doen in die geval van ernstige siektes en komplikasies
  • Wat pa moet weet tydens swangerskap en geboorte
  • Hoe om die beste geboorteplan te kies
  • Natuurlike metodes om pyn te verlig tydens geboorte
  • Voeding vir babas en kleuters
  • Gesondheid vir die hele gesin
  • Homeopatiese middels
  • Eenvoudige antwoorde op algemene vrae en nog baie meer

Hierdie omvattende gids sal jou vertroude metgesel word wanneer jy voor die daaglikse uitdagings van swangerskap, geboorte en ouerskap te staan kom.

The Pregnancy Encyclopedia (Hardcover): Dk The Pregnancy Encyclopedia (Hardcover)
Dk 3
R475 R382 Discovery Miles 3 820 Save R93 (20%) Within 4 - 8 working days

Just discovered you're pregnant? Feeling a little bit lost? The Pregnancy Encyclopedia has the answers to all your questions, including the ones you haven't even thought of yet.

From early pregnancy symptoms such as morning sickness to having a baby and breastfeeding, The Pregnancy Encyclopedia covers everything that you need to know. Top experts in the pregnancy field offer up encyclopedic knowledge on every topic from trying for a baby right through to caring for your newborn up to 3 months and everything in between, including pregnancy symptoms. The Pregnancy Encyclopedia is set out in an accessible question-and-answer format so you can find the answer to your burning questions, including information on morning sickness, c-sections, breastfeeding, baby clothes and even a due date pregnancy calculator.

The Pregnancy Encyclopedia is the trusted back-up you need at one of the most important times in your life.

100 Best Foods For Pregnancy (Paperback): 100 Best Foods For Pregnancy (Paperback)
R325 Discovery Miles 3 250 In stock

This easy, photo-filled guide presents the 100 healthiest foods for you and your baby before, during and after pregnancy.

Filled with nutritional information and recipe suggestions, this is the cookbook that every expectant mother needs.

Sinvolle Voeding (Afrikaans, Paperback): Megan Faure, Simon Strachan, Katherine Megaw Sinvolle Voeding (Afrikaans, Paperback)
Megan Faure, Simon Strachan, Katherine Megaw
R154 Discovery Miles 1 540 In stock

Die boek baan vir jou die weg vorentoe en help jou met elke moontlike haakplek wat jou baba se kos betref.

Deel van die topverkoper Metz Press-ouerskapreeks.

Wat moet jy eet tydens swangerskap en borsvoeding? Hoe hanteer jy die uitdagings van bors- en bottelvoeding? Wat is die beste benadering tot vaste kos vir jou baba? Of jou baba nou ’n moeilike eter of ’n allergiese kleintjie is, Sinvolle Voeding baan vir jou die weg vorentoe en help jou met elke moontlike haakplek wat jou baba se kos betref.

The Wonder Weeks Milestone Guide - Your Baby's Development, Sleep and Crying explained (Paperback): Frans Plooij, Xaviera... The Wonder Weeks Milestone Guide - Your Baby's Development, Sleep and Crying explained (Paperback)
Frans Plooij, Xaviera Plas-Plooij
R223 R208 Discovery Miles 2 080 Save R15 (7%) In stock

Unique, research based and break-through science finally available to parents! Dr. Frans Plooij answers questions regarding babies' physical, mental, and emotional development, covering topics such as crying, sleeping, changing family dynamics, and many more.

This complete Q&A book is based on the must-have, bestselling book, The WonderWeeks, and the award-winning Wonder Weeks app.

-Developmental charts

-Fill-in schedules

-Unique insights into babies' development

-Practical and concise information

The Wonder Weeks..."This book will open parents' eyes to aspects of their children's growth, development, changing behavior, and emotional responsiveness that they might otherwise not notice or find puzzling and distressing." Catherine Snow, Ph. D., Shattuck Professor of Education, Harvard Graduate School of Education.

All parents want to know about baby's:

*physical development




*emotional development




'The Wonder Weeks Milestone Guide' is already a Bestseller in Europe and on great demand it's now translated in English!

The Wonder Weeks Milestone Guide informs parents about all the topics that are not described in The Wonder Weeks.

For those parents who want to know it all but have no time to go over a gazillion books. Complete, short and sweet. While 'The Wonder Weeks' is all about babies ten leaps in the first 20 month, 'The Wonder Weeks Milestone Guide' informs parents on other topics than the mental health explained in The Wonder Weeks. Together they are the most complete resources for parents to turn to.

This complete Q&A book is based on the must-have, best-selling book, The Wonder Weeks, and the award-winning Wonder Weeks app.

Hypnobirthing - The Mongan Method the Natural Approach to a Safe, Easier, More Comfortable Birthing (Paperback, 4th ed.): Marie... Hypnobirthing - The Mongan Method the Natural Approach to a Safe, Easier, More Comfortable Birthing (Paperback, 4th ed.)
Marie F Mongan
R306 R237 Discovery Miles 2 370 Save R69 (23%) In stock

HypnoBirthing(R) has gained momentum around the globe as a positive and empowering method of childbirth. Here's why: HypnoBirthing helps women to become empowered by developing an awareness of the instinctive birthing capability of their bodies. It greatly reduces the pain of labor and childbirth; frequently eliminates the need for drugs; reduces the need for caesarian surgery or other doctor-controlled birth interventions; and it also shortens birthing and recovery time, allowing for better and earlier bonding with the baby, which has been proven to be vital to the mother-child bond. What's more, parents report that their infants sleep better and feed more easily when they haven't experienced birth trauma. HypnoBirthing founder Marie Mongan knows from her own four births that it is not necessary for childbirth to be a terribly painful experience. In this book she shows women how the Mongan Method works and how parents they can take control of the greatest and most important event of their lives. So, why is birth such a traumatic event for so many women? And why do more than 40% of births now end in caesarian section, the highest percentage in history? The answer is simple: because our culture teaches women to fear birth as a painful and unsettling experience. Fear causes three physical reactions in the body--tightening of the muscles, reduced blood flow to the birthing muscles, and the release of certain hormones--which increase the pain and discomfort of childbirth. This is not hocus-pocus this is science.

Baby & Me 3-Book Collection - Baby Record Book / Baby's First Skills / Pregnancy Journal (Paperback): Baby & Me 3-Book Collection - Baby Record Book / Baby's First Skills / Pregnancy Journal (Paperback)
R699 R550 Discovery Miles 5 500 Save R149 (21%) In stock

Baby Record Book
This Baby Record Book is packed with beautifully illustrated pages to record all the special information and major milestones of your baby's first years. There are also dividers with keepsake pockets for all of the precious, little mementos you will want to keep forever, such as hospital bands and ultrasound images. This would make the perfect gift for any new parent and is sure to be cherished by the whole family for years to come.

Baby's First Skills
A parents' guide to helping your baby develop through creative play. It helps you discover how to help your baby develop during the first year: from their speech to movement, coordination and social skills, while bonding with them through play. It features 48 activities that help you get the most out of your time with your baby.

Pregnancy Journal
A fantastic way to record important observations and notes. This journal is packed with wonderful hints and tips. Document your special pregnancy moments, with beautiful photos that make this journal something to treasure.

Sister Lilian's Essential Pregnancy, Birth And Parenting Guide (Paperback): Lilian Paramor Sister Lilian's Essential Pregnancy, Birth And Parenting Guide (Paperback)
Lilian Paramor
R349 Discovery Miles 3 490 In stock

Sister Lilian is a trusted midwife with extensive experience of pregnancy, birth and parenting. In this comprehensive guide she addresses the most important pregnancy, birth and parenting issues in her sensitive but sensible way.


  • Step-by-step guide through every trimester of pregnancy
  • Detailed nutrition and exercise plan
  • How to deal with emotions in pregnancy
  • How to cope with common skin, health and beauty issues during pregnancy
  • What to do in case of serious illnesses and complications
  • Father-to-be during pregnancy
  • How to choose the best possible birthing alternative
  • Natural pain relief methods during birth
  • Getting to know your baby
  • Baby and toddler nutrition and sleep
  • Health basics for the whole family
  • Homeopathic remedies
  • Baby and toddler growth and development, and much more

Sister Lilian shares her wealth of knowledge in this comprehensive guide. Her workable, innovative approach will be invaluable to all parents.

Things That Helped - On Postpartum Depression (Paperback): Jessica Friedmann Things That Helped - On Postpartum Depression (Paperback)
Jessica Friedmann
R250 R194 Discovery Miles 1 940 Save R56 (22%) Within 7 - 11 working days
Mommy & Baby 3-Book Collection (Paperback): Mommy & Baby 3-Book Collection (Paperback)
R699 R550 Discovery Miles 5 500 Save R149 (21%) In stock

Healthy food ideas for moms and their babies.


What Should I Feed My Baby?
"What should I feed my baby?" is a simple but thorough guide for parents who want to introduce their baby to wholesome and nutritious food right from the start. Even if you are not skilled in the kitchen you will learn how to cook fresh and natural food so that you know your baby is receiving only the healthiest foods. This book takes a parent from baby`s first taste of solid food at around 4/6 to 12 months and beyond, and includes: A detailed list of organic and superfoods that your baby can eat at particular ages; Guidelines on fruit, vegetables, seeds, whole grains, nuts and superfoods; Simple recipes for babies and young children; Healthy recipes for the whole family to enjoy together; and Healthy and delicious recipes for special occasions, such as baby`s birthday! This book is not just about what your baby can eat at different stages but also what are the best and most nutritional foods for them to eat in order to develop into healthy and strong children.

Dr. Pixie's Baby & Toddler Meal Planner
Now that your baby is growing, it's time to explore the exciting, tasty world of solids, but getting organized can be a challenge for new parents. Dr. Pixie's Baby & Toddler Meal Planner shows parents how to plan and prepare effortless, balanced meals for their growing child during the various stages of weaning. With expert advice on the best first foods for your baby, time-saving tips and an easy-to-follow meal planner for each stage, this book will help you give your child a healthy, happy transition to family food.

The Yummy Mummy Pregnancy Cookbook
Eating the right foods in pregnancy means better health for you and your baby, so follow this menu for success. Follow trimester-by-trimester nutritional guidance on the best foods for your baby's development. Enjoy over 60 no-fuss delicious dishes for optimum nutrition, with daily menu plans, and yummy ideas for snacks, breakfasts, and lunches on the go. Plus pick up advice on breastfeeding, postnatal recovery and how to get your pre-baby figure back! Cooked up by Hope Ricciotti, an obstetrician and Associate Professor of Obstetrics at Harvard Medical School, it includes recipes created by her husband, Vincent Connelly, an experienced chef.

What To Expect The 1st Year [3rd  Edition] (Paperback): Heidi Murkoff What To Expect The 1st Year [3rd Edition] (Paperback)
Heidi Murkoff; As told to Sharon Mazel 1
R382 R291 Discovery Miles 2 910 Save R91 (24%) Within 7 - 11 working days

FROM THE AUTHOR OF THE BESTSELLING WHAT TO EXPECT SERIES, 40 MILLION COPIES SOLD WORLDWIDE.FULLY REVISED AND UPDATED THROUGHOUT. This comprehensive and practical month-by-month guide clearly explains everything parents need to know - or might be worrying about - in the first year with a new baby. Including:-All-new chapter on buying for baby; helping parents navigate through the dizzying gamut of baby products, nursery items and gear.Baby care fundamentals, from crib and sleep safety to vitamin supplements.Feeding for every age and stage, including tips on breastfeeding, preparing homemade baby food and the latest recommendations on starting solids.Charts for key development stages and sleeping habits, as well as sleep strategies that really work.Research on the impact of screen time (TVs, tablets, apps, computers).The most up-to-date medical advice on vaccines, illnesses, SIDS, safety, and more, plus handy first-aid guides.Dozens of Q&A sections, practical tips and advice that focus on advice for parents and their baby, covering everything from how to give a bath and decode your baby's crying to when to return to work.This is the only book on infant care to address both the physical and emotional needs of the whole family. This edition is organised more intuitively than ever before. Covering the most up-to-date knowledge, both medical and developmental, WHAT TO EXPECT THE 1st YEAR is, above all, down-to-earth and reassuring - and an invaluable aid for all parents of new babies. Praise for the What to Expect series:- `Written by mothers, for mothers, full of eminently practical advice.' New Generation `Worth its weight in gold.' Living Today

The Danish Octo Book - How to Make Comforting Crochet Toys for Babies - the Official Guide (Hardcover): The Danish Octo Book - How to Make Comforting Crochet Toys for Babies - the Official Guide (Hardcover)
R190 R161 Discovery Miles 1 610 Save R29 (15%) Within 7 - 11 working days

Delight a child with a colourful crocheted or knitted Octo. Octos' twisty tentacles are calming and comforting - and they feel a bit like mum's umbilical cord. THE DANISH OCTO BOOK is the official book on the adorable knitted and crocheted octopus puppets that have become a huge phenomenon in Denmark and is now spreading like wildfire across the globe. With tentacles reminding babies and young children of an umbilical cord, what started as a means to soothe and calm premature babies in hospitals has now become a natural presence in lots of Danish homes, and turned into an unstoppable movement with Octo groups forming all over the world. But this is only the beginning. With the octopuses having showed similar effects with older babies, the Octo movement is about to reach a whole new magnitude. It all started with one octopus-obsessed dad who, when his daughter was born premature, got hold of a small octopus-shaped puppet for her. At the hospital, people soon noticed that the little girl was clutching onto the puppet's tentacles, looking calmer and more secure. It didn't take long till two volunteers started crocheting similar puppets for the neonatal units at three hospitals. This is how the Danish Octo Project was born. Today, this association of volunteers has many ambassadors in the country, supplying Octos for babies at every hospital in Denmark. THE DANISH OCTO BOOK tells the story of this fascinating international phenomenon, but also contains lots of cute and inspiring knitting and crocheting patterns to help parents and guardians make their own octopuses. Written in collaboration with The Danish Octo Project, this small, lovely book is the original and official book on this new movement. Combining the Danish way of life with the mindfulness of knitting, this is the ideal book for parents, grandparents, and all those who want to cultivate their meditative passion for knitting, while at the same time creating the ultimate loving gift for a child.

What to Expect When You're Expecting 5th Edition (Paperback): Heidie Murkoff What to Expect When You're Expecting 5th Edition (Paperback)
Heidie Murkoff 2
R335 R278 Discovery Miles 2 780 Save R57 (17%) Within 4 - 8 working days

FULLY REVISED AND UPDATED 5TH EDITION OF THE WORLD'S BESTSELLING PREGNANCY GUIDE. 'My best friend during my pregnancy' Mariella Frostrup With 18.5 million copies in print, What to Expect When You're Expecting is read by 93 per cent of women who read a pregnancy book and was named one of the 'Most Influential Books of the Last 25 Years' by USA Today. This cover-to-cover new edition is filled with must-have information, advice, insight, and tips for a new generation of mums and dads. With Heidi Murkoff's trademark warmth, empathy, and humour, What to Expect When You're Expecting answers every conceivable question expectant parents could have, including dozens of new ones based on the ever-changing pregnancy and birthing practices, and choices they face. Advice for dads is fully integrated throughout the book. All medical coverage is completely updated for the UK, including the latest on prenatal screening and the safety of medications during pregnancy, as well as a brand-new section on postpartum birth control. Current lifestyle trends are incorporated, too: juice bars, raw diets, e-cigarettes, push presents, baby bump posting, the lowdown on omega-3 fatty acids, grass-fed and organic, health food fads, and GMOs. Plus expanded coverage of IVF pregnancy, multiple pregnancies, breastfeeding while pregnant, water and home births, and cesarean trends (including VBACs and 'gentle caesareans'). The best pregnancy guide just got even better.

How to Grow a Baby Journal - From feeling the first kick to surviving night feeds, capture the highs and lows and everything... How to Grow a Baby Journal - From feeling the first kick to surviving night feeds, capture the highs and lows and everything in-between (Hardcover)
Clemmie Hooper 1
R304 R255 Discovery Miles 2 550 Save R49 (16%) Within 7 - 11 working days

It may not feel like it now, but those 40-odd weeks of being pregnant and the early months with your precious newborn will go past so quickly. With this keepsake journal from bestselling author and midwife Clemmie Hooper, you can capture the highs, lows and everything in-between so you'll never forget a moment. Whether it's recording where and when you first found out, how you and your partner felt seeing your baby at the first hospital scan, what happened the first night you spent with your newborn or noting down the many amazing firsts with your new baby, this beautifully illustrated journal will give you the space you need to record all the special memories. With Clemmie's reassuring advice and prompts to help you delve into your feelings and experiences, let this be your most treasured souvenir to look back on in years to come.

Breastfeed Your Baby - Make it Easy and Enjoyable for Both of You (Afrikaans, Paperback): Marie-Louise Steyn Breastfeed Your Baby - Make it Easy and Enjoyable for Both of You (Afrikaans, Paperback)
Marie-Louise Steyn
R149 Discovery Miles 1 490 Within 10 - 15 working days

Breastfeeding is undoubtedly the natural and healthy way to nourish your baby, but it is neither always easy nor instinctive. Mothers often lack the knowledge and support they need for trouble-free breastfeeding. Breastfeed your baby is a complete but concise, practical guide for nursing mothers. The information is based on the most recent research in the field, and since it is evidence-based, it will also be invaluable to doctors, nursing staff, antenatal professionals and doulas - everyone assisting women during the intra-partum period. The information is authoritative and presented in such a way that the book can be read in one or two sittings before the baby's birth, yet detailed enough to remain an essential companion throughout the breastfeeding process. Each chapter starts with ten top tips on the theme, and the content is enhanced throughout with practical hints and tips. Case histories scattered throughout add to the level of practicality and will help mothers realize that they are not alone if they struggle. Chapters include: Why breastfeed; Preparing for breastfeeding; The mechanics of breastfeeding; The best start (latching, ensuring good milk supply); Preventing and solving problems; Baby at home; Back to work (breastfeeding in absentia, pumps and other aids); Nursing an older baby; When to wean; Breastfeeding in special circumstances. The book also contains contact details for lactation specialists and La Leche League groups throughout the country so nursing mothers will know where to find help if they struggle.

Borsvoed Jou Baba - Maak Dit Vir Jou En Jou Baba Maklik (Afrikaans, Paperback): Marie-Louise Steyn Borsvoed Jou Baba - Maak Dit Vir Jou En Jou Baba Maklik (Afrikaans, Paperback)
Marie-Louise Steyn
R149 Discovery Miles 1 490 Within 10 - 15 working days

Borsvoeding is ongetwyfeld die natuurlikste en gesondste manier om jou baba te voed, maar dis nie noodwendig altyd instinktief of maklik nie. Ma's het dikwels nie die nodige kennis en ondersteuning om kommerloos te borsvoed nie en daarvoor is hierdie boek die antwoord. Dit is 'n volledige, maar kompakte praktiese gids vir ma's wat borsvoed. Die jongste navorsing op die gebied word in die inhoud weerspieel, en omdat die boek op 'n sterk feitebasis berus, sal dit ook van onskatbare waarde wees vir dokters, verpleegpersoneel, voorgeboortelike begeleiers en doulas - enigiemand wat vroue voor, tydens en na die geboorte bystaan. Die inligting is gesaghebbend en bondig genoeg aangebied dat die boek voor baba se geboorte in een of twee sessies deurgelees kan word, maar met genoeg detail om gedurende die borsvoedproses ma se borsvoedbybel te wees. Elke hoofstuk skop af met tien top-wenke oor die tema, en die inhoud word deurgaans aangevul met praktiese wenke en voorstelle. Uittreksels uit gevallestudies word deurgaans gebruik, en hou die trant prakties terwyl dit ma's ook gerusstel dat hulle nie alleen is as hulle sukkel nie. Die onderskeie hoofstukke dek die volgende: Hoekom borsvoed; Voorbereiding vir borsvoeding; Hoe borsvoeding werk; Die beste begin (suiggreep en genoeg melk); Voorkoming en hantering van probleme; 'n Baba in die huis; Terug werk toe (borsvoed wanneer jy nie daar is nie: pompe en ander hulpmiddels); Die ouer baba; Wanneer om te speen; Borsvoeding in spesiale omstandighede. Daar is ook 'n lys name en kontakbesonderhede van laktasiespesialiste en La Leche-groepe regdeur die land sodat ma's wat borsvoed sal weet waar om hulp te soek as hulle sukkel.

Truly Happy Baby ... It Worked for Me - A Practical Parenting Guide from a Mum You Can Trust (Paperback): Holly Willoughby Truly Happy Baby ... It Worked for Me - A Practical Parenting Guide from a Mum You Can Trust (Paperback)
Holly Willoughby 1
R374 R313 Discovery Miles 3 130 Save R61 (16%) Within 7 - 11 working days

**AWARDED A MUMSNET BEST BADGE 2016** Whether you've just had a baby or you're about to welcome your new little bundle into the world, you probably have a LOT of questions ... I know I did! And I also know from first-hand experience with my three babies that one-size-fits all parenting doesn't work. So this book is to help you find out what will work for you and your baby. I've included all the information and friendly advice I wish I'd been given before I became a mum for the first time, alongside the routines, shortcuts and tips that worked for me. I hope this book will empower you during your first twelve months of parenthood to trust your own mummy intuition, and to care for your children in your own way - confidently and happily. We all have that intuition, we just need to learn to tune into it! With chapters on feeding, sleeping, wellbeing and lifestyle - as well as how to look after yourself - this book will equip you with all the know-how you need to get you through the sleepless nights and concerns, to all the magical first moments. It's a collection of everything that worked for me as a new mum - and I hope it works for you, too. Love, Holly xxx

Your New Pregnancy Bible - The Experts' Guide to Pregnancy and Early Parenthood (Hardcover): Anne Deans Your New Pregnancy Bible - The Experts' Guide to Pregnancy and Early Parenthood (Hardcover)
Anne Deans 1
R375 R308 Discovery Miles 3 080 Save R67 (18%) In stock

Recognised by women and their caregivers as simply the best pregnancy guide available, this latest edition of Your Pregnancy Bible has been updated to take account of recent changes in antenatal and newborn care. Given a fresh design, it still contains special fold-out sections on each of the trimesters and the birth process; week-by-week images of the developing baby; in-depth chapters dealing with all aspects of antenatal care, labour preparation, delivery experiences and care of the newborn; comprehensive reference sections on medical treatments and procedures in both pregnancy and the postnatal period and an extensive glossary of ante- and neonatal terminology. Written by a team of eminent specialists under the direction of a leading UK obstetrician, Your New Pregnancy Bible is filled with everything prospective parents need to know about creating the optimum environment for a developing baby and safeguarding the health and wellbeing of the mother.

The Nanny Connie Way - Secrets to Mastering the First Four Months of Parenthood (Paperback): Connie Simpson The Nanny Connie Way - Secrets to Mastering the First Four Months of Parenthood (Paperback)
Connie Simpson
R264 R205 Discovery Miles 2 050 Save R59 (22%) Within 7 - 11 working days
For My Baby (Paperback): Linette Maritz For My Baby (Paperback)
Linette Maritz
R140 Discovery Miles 1 400 Within 10 - 15 working days

A title that shows you how to sew essential items for young baby's room - from a basic curtain to a fitted sheet for the mattress - creating a space that is not only attractive, but also functional and safe. Also included are necessities for outings - where you may need anything from a backpack to a carrycot - and special items for playtime. Make a unique tactile play mat to enhance your baby's sensory development, one- and two-piece soft toys with a toy barrel to keep them, or a rag doll that will accompany your baby well into her teens and possibly one day adorn her own baby's room. Practical hints and tips throughout are accompanied by advice on how specific choices may enhance your baby's sensory and motor development - an area that is certainly a concern for every caring parent. Making these practical items yourself not only saves money, but also allows you to add a personal touch. And it is so easy: Detailed step-by-step instructions with line drawings; colour photo of every finished item; suitable for beginners and busy working moms; full-size patterns included.

Test Your Baby's IQ (Paperback): Rachel Federman Test Your Baby's IQ (Paperback)
Rachel Federman; Illustrated by Ellen T. Crenshaw 1
R103 R87 Discovery Miles 870 Save R16 (16%) Within 7 - 11 working days

The perfect gift book for new parents everywhere! Assess your baby's genius in a series of fun and easy tests and activities, in the next title in the best-selling TEST YOUR series.Wait, I know what you're thinking. You may feel you don't have a spare minute to take a shower, let alone conduct elaborate psychometric tests on your mewling new-born bundle of love (and constant nappy changes). But with Test Your Baby, all the hard work has been done for you. You need only stay awake long enough to monitor your mini me as they navigate life on the outside.Is little Olivia more likely to munch her crayons or create a modernist masterpiece? Do precious Oliver's gurgles sound more bebop than Beethoven? Does the old `spoon as airplane' line do the trick, or does baby Georgie demand the exact nutritional content before considering his next spoon of mush? With Test Your Baby, discover more about what lay beneath those coos and squeals with a series of fun tests and activities to confirm whether your baby really is an undiscovered genius.

River Cottage Baby and Toddler Cookbook (Hardcover): Nikki Duffy River Cottage Baby and Toddler Cookbook (Hardcover)
Nikki Duffy 1
R381 R318 Discovery Miles 3 180 Save R63 (17%) Within 7 - 11 working days

'This is a book about feeding children, but these recipes are for adults too. I don't think there should be any sharp distinctions between 'baby food', 'children's food' and 'grown-up food'. It's a spectrum the whole family can be on, the food each person eats becoming a little more sophisticated and seasoned as they mature.'

Nikki Duffy brings the River Cottage ethos to feeding children, and shows that it's never too early to involve the youngest family members in mealtimes. Her delicious seasonal purées and simple, wholesome recipes put the needs and wants of babies and toddlers first, whilst offering up dishes that will delight adults too. With clear advice on nutrition and weaning, The River Cottage Baby & Toddler Cookbook is the perfect starting point for your child's great food adventure.

Start the day with breakfasts like blueberry pancakes, apple muesli or eggy bread, followed by simple and delicious meals like fishcakes, meatballs, shepherd's pie, home-made pizza, falafel, mackerel pâté, pea risotto or roasted fish with tomato sauce. Nice little puddings include baby baked apples with chocolate, rhubarb crumble and a classic rice pudding. With an introduction by Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall, this book will put real food on the table for the whole family to share.

Happy Mum, Happy Baby - My adventures into motherhood (Paperback): Giovanna Fletcher Happy Mum, Happy Baby - My adventures into motherhood (Paperback)
Giovanna Fletcher 1
R171 R144 Discovery Miles 1 440 Save R27 (16%) Within 7 - 11 working days

CONTAINS A BRAND NEW CHAPTER Sunday Times Number One Bestseller Happy Mum Happy Baby is now a Number One podcast. A positive and uplifting book about what it is to be a mother and all things mum and baby by Celebrity Mum of the Year and phenomenally popular vlogger, author, TV presenter and actress Giovanna Fletcher. Being a mum is an incredible journey, a remarkable experience that changes how we look, how we feel, who we are. As mothers we are strong, protective, proud. We feel a love like no other. But being a parent can be hard too. It challenges us physically, mentally, emotionally. There are the days where just managing to fit a shower in amidst the endless feeding, entertaining young children and surviving on a lack of sleep feels like an achievement. With so many people ready to offer 'advice' on the best way to parent, it can feel like you are getting it all wrong. Since Giovanna and her husband Tom Fletcher have had their sons Buzz and Buddy, they have been sharing glimpses of their family life. With an infectiously positive outlook and happy take on all things mum-related, Giovanna has developed a following of fellow parents and mums-to-be. This is not a book about how to have the perfect family experience - Gi would be the first to admit she is winging it just as much as the rest of us - instead it is an honest, upbeat and incredibly personal account of her own experience of having a family. In Happy Mum, Happy Baby Giovanna shares her own journey through parenthood and in doing so, she looks at what it is to be a mother today, encourages you to be confident in yourself as a parent and celebrates how putting a focus on being a happy and confident mum can really make for a happy baby.

Heart's Desire - A Woman's Longing For A Child (Hardcover): Judith Uyterlinde Heart's Desire - A Woman's Longing For A Child (Hardcover)
Judith Uyterlinde
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This is an account of one woman's desire for children, entangled in her desire for living intensely. It is also a story of love, ambition, and the choices made by a modern woman in her thirties. The author exposes the inner struggle of a woman who likes to win but who's faced with losing. She is driven by anger and longing, doubt and determination, envy and love, as she pushes her way through the squelchy bog of emotions in wishing for children. She describes her mixed feelings in a direct and down-to-earth way while using unusual and moving images.

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