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Deliktereg (Afrikaans, Paperback, 7de Uitgawe): Deliktereg (Afrikaans, Paperback, 7de Uitgawe)
R1,056 R919 Discovery Miles 9 190 Save R137 (13%) In stock

Die sewende uitgawe van Deliktereg, wat gelyktydig met die Engelse weergawe hiervan verskyn, is in die geheel hersien en bygewerk in die lig van nuwe gesag en literatuur wat uit die aard van die saak soms 'n aanpassing van regsbeginsels of teoretiese standpunte meegebring het. In die besonder is aandag gegee aan die lewendige akademiese en regterlike debat wat sedert die vorige uitgawe oor die deliksbeginsels gevoer is, veral oor die verhouding tussen onreg­matigheid, nalatigheid en juridiese kousaliteit.

Contemporary Strategy Analysis 9E, Text and Cases  Edition (Paperback, 9th Revised edition): Robert M. Grant Contemporary Strategy Analysis 9E, Text and Cases Edition (Paperback, 9th Revised edition)
Robert M. Grant 1
R1,337 R1,038 Discovery Miles 10 380 Save R299 (22%) In stock

Robert M. Grant combines a highly accessible writing style with a concentration on the fundamentals of value creation and an emphasis on practicality in this leading strategy text. In this new edition several topics have increased emphasis including: platform-based competition and 'ecosystems' of related industries; the role of strategy making processes/practices; mergers, acquisitions and alliances; and additional emphasis on strategy implementation. Cases are completely updated to include companies which are prominent in the business press and well known to students (eg Amazon, Tesla, Tough Mudder, Tata Group, Samsung). Contemporary Strategy Analysis: Text and Cases, 9th Edition combines the text with an updated collection of 20 case studies. It is suitable for both MBA and advanced undergraduate students.

Wildlife Ecology, Conservation, and Management 3E (Paperback, 3rd Revised edition): John M. Fryxell, Anthony R. E. Sinclair,... Wildlife Ecology, Conservation, and Management 3E (Paperback, 3rd Revised edition)
John M. Fryxell, Anthony R. E. Sinclair, Graeme Caughley
R880 R695 Discovery Miles 6 950 Save R185 (21%) In stock

To understand modern principles of sustainable management and the conservation of wildlife species requires intimate knowledge about demography, animal behavior, and ecosystem dynamics. With emphasis on practical application and quantitative skill development, this book weaves together these disparate elements in a singlecoherent textbook for senior undergraduate and graduate students. It reviews analytical techniques, explaining the mathematical and statistical principles behind them, and shows how these can be used to formulaterealistic objectives within an ecological framework.

This third edition is comprehensive and up-to-date, and includes: Brand new chapters that disseminate rapidly developing topics in the field: habitat use and selection; habitat fragmentation, movement, and corridors; population viability. analysis, the consequences of climate change; and evolutionary responses to disturbanceA thorough updating of all chapters to present important areas of wildlife research and management with recent developments and examples.A new online study aid - a wide variety of downloadable computer programs in the freeware packages R and Mathcad, available through a companion website. Worked examples enable readers to practice calculations explained in the text and to develop a solid understanding of key statistical procedures and population models commonly used in wildlife ecology and management.The first half of the book provides a solid background in key ecological concepts. The second half uses these concepts to develop a deeper understanding of the principles underlying wildlife management and conservation. Global examples of real-life management situations provide a broad perspective on the international problems of conservation, and detailed case histories demonstrate concepts and quantitative analyses. This third edition isalso valuable to professional wildlife managers, park rangers, biological resource managers, and thoseworking in ecotourism.

Learning Social Care  (Paperback): Learning Social Care (Paperback)
R175 R142 Discovery Miles 1 420 Save R33 (19%) Within 4 - 8 working days
Hospitality Industry Handbook On Legal Requirements For Hospitality Businesses (Paperback, 4th Edition): Lisa Gordon-Davis,... Hospitality Industry Handbook On Legal Requirements For Hospitality Businesses (Paperback, 4th Edition)
Lisa Gordon-Davis, Peter Cumberlege
R411 R327 Discovery Miles 3 270 Save R84 (20%) In stock

Hoteliers, restaurateurs, licensees and catering managers will, in the course of their work, enter into many legal relationships with other parties whilst at the same time being required to adhere to all of the statutory laws that apply to their business. A sound knowledge of the law is therefore important to the professional owner or manager, as are knowledge of business management and the fundamental skills of the profession.

Principles of the Law of Contract (Paperback, 6th Revised edition): A.J. Kerr Principles of the Law of Contract (Paperback, 6th Revised edition)
A.J. Kerr
R845 R729 Discovery Miles 7 290 Save R116 (14%) In stock
Media Studies: Volume 4 - Social (New) Media and Mediated Communication Today (Paperback): Peter J. Fourie Media Studies: Volume 4 - Social (New) Media and Mediated Communication Today (Paperback)
Peter J. Fourie
R550 R429 Discovery Miles 4 290 Save R121 (22%) Within 4 - 8 working days

Media Studies Volume 4, developed by its expert authors will deal with media theory and research in the context of how social (new) media and the convergence and digitisation of the media have changed and affected mediated communication today. Practical examples, case studies, applications, learning outcomes and exercises will be part of the book. This is the final volume in the Juta Media Studies series. Recommended for: Senior undergraduate and postgraduate students in media studies, journalism, social media, strategic communication, knowledge management.

Human Molecular Genetics (Paperback, 4th Revised edition): Tom Strachan, Andrew Read Human Molecular Genetics (Paperback, 4th Revised edition)
Tom Strachan, Andrew Read 1
R700 R571 Discovery Miles 5 710 Save R129 (18%) In stock

Human Molecular Genetics is an established and class-proven textbook for upper-level undergraduates and graduate students which provides an authoritative and integrated approach to the molecular aspects of human genetics. While maintaining the hallmark features of previous editions, the Fourth Edition has been completely updated. It includes new Key Concepts at the beginning of each chapter and annotated further reading at the conclusion of each chapter, to help readers navigate the wealth of information in this subject. The text has been restructured so genomic technologies are integrated throughout, and next generation sequencing is included. Genetic testing, screening, approaches to therapy, personalized medicine, and disease models have been brought together in one section. Coverage of cell biology including stem cells and cell therapy, studying gene function and structure, comparative genomics, model organisms, noncoding RNAs and their functions, and epigenetics have all been expanded.

Best Books Studiewerkgids - Onderwęreld: Gr 12 Huistaal (Afrikaans, Paperback): Fanie Viljoen, Riens Vosloo Best Books Studiewerkgids - Onderwęreld: Gr 12 Huistaal (Afrikaans, Paperback)
Fanie Viljoen, Riens Vosloo
R179 Discovery Miles 1 790 Within 7 - 15 working days
 Learning Community Development  (Paperback): Learning Community Development (Paperback)
R142 R115 Discovery Miles 1 150 Save R27 (19%) Within 4 - 8 working days
Management (Paperback, 5th Edition): Theuns Oosthuizen Management (Paperback, 5th Edition)
Theuns Oosthuizen; Edited by Gavin Staude, Lynette Louw
R529 R429 Discovery Miles 4 290 Save R100 (19%) In stock

The focus of Management 5th edition is to establish the vital competencies of communication; planning and financial management; teamwork; strategic action; global awareness; and emotional intelligence as a necessity to the foundation of management practice.

The text prepares students for the workplace within the field of management using practical examples and experiential exercises so that they can apply this knowledge. Management 5e is an introductory text written for students who are studying general management as part of an undergraduate course, either at a university or a university of technology.

The fifth edition of Management includes:

  • A chapter opening case study to familiarise students with the theoretical concepts covered in the particular chapter as well as indicating how these concepts apply in the business world.
  • Managerial competency features and competency development exercises to prepare students for advancing in their management studies and to prep ar e them for the workplace within this field.
  • Contemporary management in practice and South African insight features that offer practical examples and experiential exercises to give students the opportunity to apply their knowledge.
  • Discussion questions at the end of each chapter to test students understanding of the content covered.
Introduction to Health Services Management (Paperback, 4th ed): K. Jooste, N. Sibiya Introduction to Health Services Management (Paperback, 4th ed)
K. Jooste, N. Sibiya
R454 R358 Discovery Miles 3 580 Save R96 (21%) In stock

The unit manager must be able to deal with a wide range of tasks in the course of the day. These could range from compiling a duty roster, writing a unit procedure, compiling an emergency plan, preparing an annual budget or answering a legal question. The unit manager must also be able to manage a team of healthcare professionals, be able to lead and motivate the team, and organise the unit so that it functions effectively and in line with the institution's vision and mission. In addition, the unit manager must be able to keep control of supplies and equipment in the unit, which must be kept in good working order and replaced when necessary. All of these aspects are covered in Introduction to health services management for the unit manager, fourth edition.

Effektiewe Gastehuisbestuur  (Afrikaans, Paperback): R. Henning Effektiewe Gastehuisbestuur (Afrikaans, Paperback)
R. Henning
R463 R365 Discovery Miles 3 650 Save R98 (21%) In stock

Droom jy daarvan om eendag jou eie gastehuis te bedryf? Of dalk bestuur jy reeds 'n gastehuis wat nie na wense presteer nie? Effektiewe Gastehuisbestuur is beide 'n inleiding tot die bestuur van 'n gastehuis sowel as 'n praktiese handleiding vir reeds bestaande gastehuise. Hierdie boek behandel die sleutelaspekte van die bedryf en gee ook raad wat sal help om die mees algemene slaggate te vermy.

Administrative Law - Cases & Materials (Paperback): Geo Quinot Administrative Law - Cases & Materials (Paperback)
Geo Quinot
R640 R495 Discovery Miles 4 950 Save R145 (23%) In stock

Administrative Law in South Africa has been dramatically transformed over the past 14 years since the enactment of the interim Constitution in 1994. This has resulted in a flood of judgments in which the new administrative law has been considered. The large volume of cases and the ever-growing length of judgments make it increasingly difficult to cut through the thicket and zoom in on the core principles of this area of law as they emerge from the materials.

This book collects the key materials on administrative law in South Africa in a focused and organised manner. It is a comprehensive resource tool that will enable anyone encountering administrative law to access the principles of this field through the primary sources.

Among the selections the reader will find both the leading authorities on particular rules and the best illustrations of their application. Apart from the judgments, the book also contains the relevant statutory provisions such as extracts from the 1993 and 1996 Constitutions and the Promotion of Administrative Justice Act 3 of 2000.

Blackwell's Nursing Dictionary (Paperback, 2Rev ed): Blackwell Publishing Blackwell's Nursing Dictionary (Paperback, 2Rev ed)
Blackwell Publishing
R296 R239 Discovery Miles 2 390 Save R57 (19%) In stock
The History of South African Law  - An Outline (Paperback): A.B. Edwards The History of South African Law - An Outline (Paperback)
A.B. Edwards
R321 Discovery Miles 3 210 In stock
Basic Principles of Business Law (Paperback, 2nd Edition): Basic Principles of Business Law (Paperback, 2nd Edition)
R1,052 R949 Discovery Miles 9 490 Save R103 (10%) In stock
Appropriate Dispute Resolution - A Practical Guide To Negotiation, Mediation And Arbitration (Paperback, 2nd): Appropriate Dispute Resolution - A Practical Guide To Negotiation, Mediation And Arbitration (Paperback, 2nd)
R570 R525 Discovery Miles 5 250 Save R45 (8%) In stock
New All-In-One Gr 3 First Additional Language Learner's Book (Paperback): Mart Meij New All-In-One Gr 3 First Additional Language Learner's Book (Paperback)
Mart Meij; Compiled by Beatrix de Villiers
R161 Discovery Miles 1 610 Within 7 - 15 working days

The Learner’s Book has been developed according to the requirements of the CAPS for Grade 3. The book can be used year after year. It gives an opportunity for introducing and reinforcing learning content, with at least two pages of activities per week. It also provides learners with activities and assessments.

Social Media Marketing - A Strategic Approach (Paperback, 2nd edition): Mary Roberts, Melissa Barker, Debra L. Zahay, Nicholas... Social Media Marketing - A Strategic Approach (Paperback, 2nd edition)
Mary Roberts, Melissa Barker, Debra L. Zahay, Nicholas Bormann, Donald I Barker
R519 R451 Discovery Miles 4 510 Save R68 (13%) In stock

Prepare for a successful career in social media marketing or a related field with the unique emphasis found only in SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING: A STRATEGIC APPROACH, 2E. Each chapter in this popular book includes a section on creating a personal brand, which is useful to current or future professionals at any stage of career development. This edition emphasizes how to use social media techniques, detailed in the book, to develop and maintain a strong personal brand. Helpful discussions also address a full range of online and offline elements you can use to create a viable personal branding strategy. You learn how to use graphical concepts to structure and strategize within what is otherwise a chaotic social media milieu. This edition summarizes many of today's best practices for marketing activities on social media platforms to assist you in functioning most effectively and dealing with the rapid change that is a hallmark of social media.

Principles of the Law of Sale & Lease (Paperback, 3rd Edition): G. Bradfield, K. Lehmann Principles of the Law of Sale & Lease (Paperback, 3rd Edition)
G. Bradfield, K. Lehmann
R405 R322 Discovery Miles 3 220 Save R83 (20%) In stock

Principles of the Law of Sale and Lease sets out concisely the general principles relating to these specific contracts.

Written by experts in the field, the third edition will assist practitioners and law students alike to understand and apply the law relating to these specific contracts.

The book is organised in two parts, integrating the common-law principles as well as the recently introduced consumer protectionist statutory provisions on sale and lease.

Contents Include:

- Definition of Contract of Sale
- Sources of Law of Sale
- Contract of Sale and Transfer of Rights in Property Sold
- Requirements for a Valid Sale Contract
- Seller’s and Buyer’s Rights and Obligations
- Pre-Contractual Obligations
- Formalities, Content and Interpretation
- Seller’s and Buyer’s Residual and Statutory Obligations
- Particular Contracts of Sale

- Introduction
- Sources of Law
- Definition and Essentials of a Lease
- Duties of the Lessor
- Duties of the Lessee
- Subletting, Cession and Assignment
- Transfer of the Lessor’s Title: Huur Gaat Voor Koop
- Termination of a Lease
- Lessee’s Right to Compensation for Improvements
- Residential Lease and the Rental Housing Act 50 of 1999

Learning About Health and Common Disease (Paperback): Learning About Health and Common Disease (Paperback)
R110 R89 Discovery Miles 890 Save R21 (19%) Within 4 - 8 working days
Wille's Principles of South African Law (Paperback, 9th Revised edition): Francois du Bois Wille's Principles of South African Law (Paperback, 9th Revised edition)
Francois du Bois 2
R860 R656 Discovery Miles 6 560 Save R204 (24%) In stock

The aim of this work remains to set out the basic principles of South African private law systematically, in clear unmistakable language, and as comprehensively as is possible in a single volume. Over the years, Wille's principles has appealed to judges, practitioners and students alike, and this edition is also written with the needs of these groups in mind. This edition, of which Dale Hutchison was general editor, was a notable success in this regard, and we have sought to follow its example of balancing the retention of the basic structure of the work with innovation in the treatment of its subject matter and the dissemination of original research. We have nevertheless as far as possible maintained the very useful practice in previous editions of citing the older, original authority for a proposition alongside contemporary sources. Many of the changes were necessitated or inspired by the Constitution, which has radically altered the foundations of our legal system. The impact of the Bill of Rights on private law has been significant and is growing, via both the horizontal application of fundamental rights and their legislative implementation and elaboration. This is reflected in the structure and content of the new introductory general part as well as in the text of virtually every chapter. Importantly, the constitution has given new prominence to indigenous customary law, and in this edition we have sought, where possible in and relevant for a work of this nature, to reflect its status as equal partner of the common law. This has led to major changes in almost all of the chapters on Persons and the Family. The frequency of far-reaching judicial changes to the law combined with the uncertainties of legislative timetables to necessitate several significant revisions during the final stages of preparation for publication.

Mechanics for Engineering (Paperback, Reprint): Howard Fawkes Mechanics for Engineering (Paperback, Reprint)
Howard Fawkes
R403 R321 Discovery Miles 3 210 Save R82 (20%) In stock

This text introduces all the basic concepts of mechanics - from measurement accuracy, through the concepts of moments and equilibrium, gravity and friction to the application of momentum and impulse.

New All-In-One Grade R Workbook: We Do Life Skills (Paperback): Mart Meij, Best Books Panel New All-In-One Grade R Workbook: We Do Life Skills (Paperback)
Mart Meij, Best Books Panel
R91 Discovery Miles 910 Within 7 - 15 working days

Die NUWE ALLES-IN-EEN ​Graad R Werkboek vir Lewensvaardighede pas aan by die suksesvolle NUWE ALLES-IN-EEN-reeks. Die voorgeskrewe werkvelle op die CD in die NUWE ALLES-IN-EEN ​Graad R Lewensvaardighede Onderwysersgids is nou in boekvorm om dit vir onderwysers makliker te maak om aan elke leerder uit te deel met nuwe verrykingsaktiwiteite wat by die tema pas vir addisionele assessering van leerder/kind se kennis en vordering.

Hierdie opvoedkundige werkboek is ontwerp om leerders se vaardighede te slyp. Die aktiwiteite in die werkboek is toegespits op multisensoriese ontwikkeling van ruimtelike- en koördinasievaardighede. Die voorgeskrewe werkvelle wat leerders tot aanvulling van die NUWE ALLES-IN-EEN ​Graad R Leerderboek ​doen, is 'n waardevolle assesseringsinstrument en die onderwyser/ouer kan sien watter leerders nie die begrippe verstaan nie en sodoende die verrykingsoefeninge doen op die linkerbladsy.

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