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Discovery Miles Multiplier Benefit


Now earn up to 10x Discovery Miles when you shop at Loot!


With the Discovery Miles Multiplier benefit, you can multiply your Discovery Miles by up to 10 times when you pay using your Discovery Card at Loot.co.za!

Your Discovery Miles Multiplier is based on your Vitality status:



What are Discovery Miles?

Discovery Miles makes using a Discovery Card the most rewarding way to shop.  You earn one Discovery Mile for every R15 you spend on qualifying purchases.  Simply use your Discovery Card to make payment.

How do I Activate my Discovery Miles?

Discovery Miles can be activated for a yearly linkage fee of R420. The Fast Miles benefit yearly linkage fee is R3520. Activate Miles online by visiting www.discovery.co.za or you can also call them on 0860 11 2273.

Monthly Miles earning limits apply, based on your Discovery Card type.
Card type:                        Miles limits a month:
Blue and Gold                         5 000
Platinum                                  10 000
Any card with Fast Miles           15 000


Where do I find out more about Discovery Card?

For more information about Discovery Card and Discovery Miles CLICK HERE.


For queries about your Discovery Miles balance, please call DiscoveryCard on 0860 11 22 73.
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