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Ryamecah Declaration of Indigenous Independence (Paperback): Hmrd Cesidio Tallini Ryamecah Declaration of Indigenous Independence (Paperback)
Hmrd Cesidio Tallini
R272 Discovery Miles 2 720 Within 7 - 15 working days

The "Declaration of Independence" was a statement which announced that the Thirteen Colonies regarded themselves as independent states, no longer a part of the British Empire. The "Ryamecah Declaration of Indigenous Independence" is a statement which announces that the Ryamecah regard themselves as a state in relationship with the descendant of the British Empire, the Commonwealth of Nations, and that the United States must either represent the Native American confederation before the Commonwealth, or rightfully grant it enough sovereignty so it may represent itself. In arguing that the British Parliament was the legislature of Great Britain only, and that the colonies, which had their own legislatures, were connected to the rest of the British Empire only through their allegiance to the Crown, the United States' Founders anticipated the IGO today known as the Commonwealth. The Author of this book wishes for the Ryamecah to renew its relationship to the Crown, a relationship today much wider than that to Great Britain only, and deemed less onerous and abusive than the colonial relationship with the American Empire, a commonwealth of profit-seeking dependent municipal and other kinds of corporations, not of human rights-seeking independent nations.

All Religions Are Cults - And What a Few Good Priests, Monks, Rabbis and Mullahs Can Do about It (Paperback): Hmrd Cesidio... All Religions Are Cults - And What a Few Good Priests, Monks, Rabbis and Mullahs Can Do about It (Paperback)
Hmrd Cesidio Tallini
R394 Discovery Miles 3 940 Within 7 - 15 working days

This book is ecumenical, interreligious, and metareligious in nature. It may have a provocative title, but it is the subtitle that says what the book is really about. The book is not simply an attack on religion, but offers ideas for improving religion, any religion. It defines what makes a true religion, in the most positive meaning of the term, and what makes a cult, in the most negative meaning. Rather than just pointing fingers, however, the book introduces the six criteria that make a religion, even a minority religion a true religion, and these ideas can be used to improve every religion by its believers, or by those who are priests, monks, rabbis, mullahs, religious people of any kind, or theologians. This book is for everyone, with religious ideas applicable to all religions, even Islam - in fact, the author justifies the applicability and necessity of the book by citing both the Qur'an and Muhammad. This book can increase or promote interreligious dialogue, and in a way that does not offend anyone in particular. It could also give new lustre to all religions with followers and clergy with an open mind.

The Fifth World - Micronationalism on Steroids (Paperback): Hmrd Cesidio Tallini The Fifth World - Micronationalism on Steroids (Paperback)
Hmrd Cesidio Tallini
R391 Discovery Miles 3 910 Within 7 - 15 working days

This is a book about advanced micronationalism, Fifth World mythology, and nation-building. After starting with a description of the First, Second, and Third Worlds (the Official World), it also describes the Fourth, Fifth, and Sixth Worlds (secessionist groups, irredentist groups, and micronations). The book describes how the Fifth World began; gives growth strategies for micronations; mentions the legalities of micronations; talks about the new (and real) Indigo race; discusses the mythology of the Fifth World under a Native American, Theosophical, and Christian perspective; and finally, mentions micronation building and branding strategies, micronational etymology, and polycentric law.

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