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The Sadgi - The Celenic Earth Chronicles: Book 3 (Paperback): Shaun M. Jooste The Sadgi - The Celenic Earth Chronicles: Book 3 (Paperback)
Shaun M. Jooste
R370 Discovery Miles 3 700 In stock

Le’Mar the omnipotent, the omnipresent, the omniscient…..

The Battle for Eldor’s Forest cost the world not only the elvin forest, but also every chance they had of standing up against the dark lord. The Southern Wolf tribes live defenceless in New Avalion, their walls shaken to the ground and the art of the elements forbidden. The mer-Kingdom was defeated in Avalendil, with no knowledge of where the survivors reside. And the elves have left for the Far Isles, leaving the ancient forest to the rule of Le’Mar’s new servant, Darcwulf.

And all across the land lies Le’Mar’s fog, his ever-present window to all that is happening on the land. The people of the earth have lived in relative peace in the two year’s since Shadowolf’s victory over Sonersaat the DragonRider, a victory that had almost cost him his life when he challenged Le’Mar thereafter. With no knowledge of where the hero escaped to and under the watchful gaze of Le’Mar and Darcwulf, the earth makes no move to retaliate against the dark lord.

It is to such circumstances that Shadowolf returns with powerful allies at his side. Determined to take back the world from Le’Mar’s clutches, he begins his quest for four powerful artefacts encrusted with the tomes of time. Entwined in this quest is his personal mission to find and reclaim those he loves and lost. Yet, the greatest undertaking he faces is to convince the world to fight for their freedom. This time, Shadowolf is taking the war to Le’Mar.

The Masaran Phenomenon approaches again, and the "Prophecy of the Sadgi" is upon them…

The Dragon Rider - The Celenic Earth Chronicles: Book 2 (Paperback): Shaun M. Jooste The Dragon Rider - The Celenic Earth Chronicles: Book 2 (Paperback)
Shaun M. Jooste
R337 Discovery Miles 3 370 In stock

Pernonil was lost to the Elves….the southern lands forsaken by the tribes….Chenesia lost to the Vale…Shadowolf lost to the world…

It has been two years since Shadowolf released the power node and destroyed Mercius; since he had been mysteriously taken by a dragon to Bentley Strip. But rumours of the dragons are stirring in New Avalion, and one of them is that the son of Nighthale has returned.

The Shadow Clan reform and set out to him in the Strip, and they meet a man wiser and more powerful than before. They quickly learn that Shadowolf had been in another world with Asgorna the Dragon King in what is called the Dragon War, a war that has leaked into Celenic Earth and that the dark lord Le’Mar plans to use to his advantage. Ursula the unicorn joins their Clan, and urges Shadowolf to find a horn lost in the Battle of T’Mar’s Scourge. The horn holds untold power and would assist in defeating the dark lord. But on their way they find many obstacles, including the undead, witches, the Butcher of Philagis and Firestroms.

Quietly, Le’Mar is preparing his new champion for the War, Sonersaat the DragonRider. As his quest grows larger, Shadowolf decides to enter Eldor’s Forest, find Eldor and Masara and await Le’Mar. It is a war the earth has been anticipating….and it is a war with the direst consequences.

The “Prophecy of the DragonRider” is upon them…

The Windfarer - The Celenic Earth Chronicles: Book 1 (Paperback): Shaun M. Jooste The Windfarer - The Celenic Earth Chronicles: Book 1 (Paperback)
Shaun M. Jooste 1
R338 Discovery Miles 3 380 In stock

A shadow grows over Celenic Earth, as foul creatures attack the villages. The leader of hurorcs and purorcs commands them to attack the southern tribes, and is captured. But Mercius, once known as the Windfarer, finally breaks free after years of imprisonment and sets his sight upon the Asbec College of Elements where an ancient power is rumoured to be hidden.

Shadowolf is in his last year of studies at the College when word of the escape spreads. Strange things happen and he becomes entwined in a world of mystery and murder, using the power of the elements to survive. Ignoring the secret meetings of the Headmaster with four professors collectively called the Sandrihelin, Shadowolf returns home and does everything in his ability to protect the five southern wolf tribes. He merely frustrates Mercius's plans, but significantly learns that Mercius is subservient to a dark lord; someone more powerful, known as Le'Mar.

Between the protection of his family, the loyalty of the Shadow Clan and the new-found love of his life, can he pull himself away to stop Mercius from reaching his goal? For neither the elves nor the dwarves can stop him should he gain the power he seeks. Even the dark lord seems troubled.

The Masaran Phenomenon approaches, and the "Prophecy of the Windfarer" is upon them.

Silent Hill - Betrayal (Extended Edition) (Paperback): Shaun M. Jooste Silent Hill - Betrayal (Extended Edition) (Paperback)
Shaun M. Jooste
R377 Discovery Miles 3 770 Within 7 - 15 working days
Silent Hill - Betrayal (Vanilla Edition) (Paperback): Shaun M. Jooste Silent Hill - Betrayal (Vanilla Edition) (Paperback)
Shaun M. Jooste
R329 Discovery Miles 3 290 Within 7 - 15 working days
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