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Oregon Scientific BAR218HG Weather@Home Bluetooth-Enabled Weather Station (Dark Grey): Oregon Scientific BAR218HG Weather@Home Bluetooth-Enabled Weather Station (Dark Grey)
R1,099 Discovery Miles 10 990 In stock

Weather@Home Wireless Weather station with Bluetooth connectivity.
The Weather@Home Wireless Weather Station with Weather Alert combines a wireless weather station with the latest Bluetooth technology allowing you to also monitor local weather condition on your smart phone as well at the station itself.

This wireless weather station brings you all the vital weather information you need to plan your day, Receiving information from a wireless outside sensor (included), the weather station displays both indoor and outdoor temperature and humidity, 12-24 hr Weather Forecast as well as moon phase.The Weather Alert feature also shows you at a glance what to expect; heat, fog, frost, rain and wind /storm.

The clock function automatically syncs with your phone making it always accurate and automatically updating for the start and end of British Summer Time.
View the last 7 Day History via the App

The BAR218HG features the next generation Bluetooth (BLE*). The addition of Bluetooth Low Energy allows you to communicate directly with the weather station using a Smart Phone App. The App will shows you temperature and humidity in up to 5* locations with a 7 day history and a data logger all from the comfort of your Smart Phone or tablet.

Its low-latency rating and 30m transmission range means you can freely move around your house while checking the outdoor temperature and humidity, making this the perfect accessory for gardeners, motorists or those just wanting to know whether to pack an extra jumper or scarf for those days out.
Monitor your whole home via the App

Keep your family comfortable both indoors and out. The Weather@home range supports up to 5 sensors* Allowing you to monitor the temperature and humidity in up to 5 locations around your house. The living room, the baby’s room, the garden, the greenhouse or garage - put a remote sensor anywhere you like! And with a easy labeling feature it’s incredibly easy to identify the different areas in your home via the App.

Oregon Scientific WMR89 Full Weather Station with USB and 7 Day Data Logger (Silver): Oregon Scientific WMR89 Full Weather Station with USB and 7 Day Data Logger (Silver)
R2,999 Discovery Miles 29 990 Within 4 - 8 working days

Wireless Pro Weather Station with USB Upload
Get the whole story with this fully-featured wireless weather station. The robust features you need to stay on top of current weather events in one stylish design! The easy-to-read backlit display shows you latest forecast, indoor/outdoor temperature, wind chill, humidity, barometric and rainfall readings, and more. You can also view the weather data from your PC by an USB cable. Soon you'll be tracking the weather like a meteorologist and reading the skies like a pro!

Oregon Scientific BAR292 PRYSMAchrome Weather Station (Black & Warm Grey): Oregon Scientific BAR292 PRYSMAchrome Weather Station (Black & Warm Grey)
R1,299 Discovery Miles 12 990 Within 4 - 8 working days

A modern design fulfills the aesthetic and functional requirements of your needs.
The slim, stylish yet simple look, blends perfectly in any work or home environment.
The changing color display will keep you abreast of both the current time and temperature range at a single glance.

Oregon Scientific WMR86 Backyard Pro Wireless Weather Station (Silver): Oregon Scientific WMR86 Backyard Pro Wireless Weather Station (Silver)
R2,199 Discovery Miles 21 990 Within 4 - 8 working days

The perfect addition to your home, this wireless weather station provides you all the weather data you need at a reasonable price
It is ideal for those who do not want to get into PC conectivity, at a glance, you’ll see the forecast, time, wind speed & direction, indoor & outdoor temperature & humidity, barometric pressure , and rainfall reading with bar graphs.

Included in the box are wireless wind sensor tower plus separate wireless sensors for both rainfall, temperature and humidity for an easy setup.

Oregon Scientific RGR126N Wireless Rain Gauge with Outdoor Temperature and 9-Day Memory (Silver): Oregon Scientific RGR126N Wireless Rain Gauge with Outdoor Temperature and 9-Day Memory (Silver)
R1,099 Discovery Miles 10 990 In stock

Our Newest Wireless Rain Gauge with Outdoor Temperature and Ten Day Memory is our favorite rain gauge. Having your very own rain gauge can be a fun and exciting way for you and your family to get involved with weather instruments. Rain gauges can also provide useful information to many outdoor enthusiasts. Sit back and enjoy the rain and check it weekly to find out if your lawn or garden needs additional watering. The Benefits of a wireless rain gauge? To derive the best results from a rain gauge, proper placement is crucial. Choose an open space that isn't blocked by trees, walls or buildings to place the gauge. To gain an accurate picture of the precipitation that has fallen, read and record the measurements each day at approximately the same time. At the end of each week, determine the amount of precipitation that has fallen by adding the daily totals. Simply put, know how much water you're using to water you lawn or garden. Horticulturists love to measure the precipitation in and out of a green house. Used as an invaluable tool to help farmers and landowners measure moisture. This is a great Rain Gauge for: Home Owners, Farmers, Greenskeepers, Schools, Industries, Contractors, Airports, Orchardists, Hobbyists, Citrus Growers, Conservationists, Truck Gardeners, Government Agencies, Water Departments, Highway Departments, Agriculture and Horticulturists. Extremely accurate measurements! Increments of .04 Inch will allow you to know precisely how much water you are putting down. Avoid getting wet to monitor rainfall with the included wireless display unit. Data is transmitted from a football field away (Wireless transmission range up to 300 feet from PCR800 Wireless Self Emptying Rain Collector) (Up to 100 feet from remote wireless THN802 Wireless Temperature Sensor) All accessories included plus three AA batteries. Replace batteries every 12 months (use Lithium AA batteries for longer battery life and for temperatures that reach minus 22F or below. Daily rainfall and cumulative rainfall history is stored over the past nine days on the main display unit for easy reference. This feature is cool. Set your High daily rainfall alarm so you know when to turn off the irrigation sprinkler for controlled watering. The four line display of the main unit lets you see at a glance the Time, outdoor temperature, rain today and collected rainfall total. Bonus is that it compliments any garden or yard décor. Did you know? Plants need 1”-1.5” of water per week. Deep infrequent waterings are better than several light waterings. Deep Roots require less supplemental irrigation. Taller plants have deeper roots. Irrigation decisions are based on the soil water content. This Oregon Scientific RGR126N is the perfect tool for the monitoring of moisture. The Rain Gauge does so much more that we give it credit for. Enjoy!

Celestron 4 Colour LCD Weather Station: Celestron 4 Colour LCD Weather Station
R1,189 Discovery Miles 11 890 Within 5 - 10 working days
Celestron Large Format LCD Weather Station: Celestron Large Format LCD Weather Station
R799 Discovery Miles 7 990 Within 5 - 10 working days
Celestron Deluxe Compact Weather Station: Celestron Deluxe Compact Weather Station
R800 Discovery Miles 8 000 In stock
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