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MIS6 - Management Information Systems (Paperback, 6th Revised edition): Hossein Bidgoli, Mike W. Peng MIS6 - Management Information Systems (Paperback, 6th Revised edition)
Hossein Bidgoli, Mike W. Peng 20
R640 R519 Discovery Miles 5 190 Save R121 (19%) In stock

Designed for today's students through the continuous feedback from students like you, MIS 6 delivers a visually appealing, succinct print component, tear-out review cards and the new 4LTR Press Online, the digital learning tool that includes an eBook and personalized study and assessment resources to accommodate your busy lifestyle. These include self quizzes, interactive flash cards, Study Bits, videos, games, and more - all at an affordable price and proven to enhance your learning experience and improve your grades. MIS Online allows easy exploration of the content anywhere - including on a smartphone. On the innovative Study Board, notes and Study Bits can be collected from throughout the product and students can use their own tags and filters to organize and personalize study for their goals and schedule. A "My Progress" function better helps them prepare for tests and quizzes. MIS 6 employs state-of-the-art coverage through numerous practical applications and offers emerging cases from the information systems field.

Network+ Guide To Networks (Paperback, 6th International edition): Tamara Dean Network+ Guide To Networks (Paperback, 6th International edition)
Tamara Dean
R669 R382 Discovery Miles 3 820 Save R287 (43%) In stock

The completely updated NETWORK+ GUIDE TO NETWORKS, International Edition gives readers the technical skills and industry know-how required to begin an exciting career installing, configuring, and troubleshooting computer networks. The text also prepares readers for CompTIA's Network+ N10-005 certification exam with fundamentals in protocols, topologies, hardware, and network design. After exploring TCP/IP, Ethernet, wireless transmission, and security concepts, as well as an all-new chapter on virtual networks, readers can increase their knowledge with the practical "On-the Job" stories, Review Questions, Hands-On Projects, and Case Projects. NETWORK+ GUIDE TO NETWORKS, International Edition also includes reference appendices, a glossary, and full-color illustrations. The features of the text combined with its emphasis on real-world problem solving, provides readers with the tools they need to succeed in any computing environment.

Foundations of Computer Science (Paperback, 3rd Revised edition): Behrouz A. Forouzan Foundations of Computer Science (Paperback, 3rd Revised edition)
Behrouz A. Forouzan 1
R630 R544 Discovery Miles 5 440 Save R86 (14%) In stock

Based on the Association for Computing Imagery model curriculum guidelines, Foundations of Computer Science gives students a bird's eye view of Computer Science. This easy-to-read and easy-to-navigate text covers all the fundamentals of computer science required for first year undergraduates embarking on a computing degree.

Database Principles - Fundamentals of Design, Implementations and Management (Paperback, 2nd Revised edition): Stephen Morris,... Database Principles - Fundamentals of Design, Implementations and Management (Paperback, 2nd Revised edition)
Stephen Morris, Keeley Crockett, Peter Rob, Carlos Coronel
R668 R578 Discovery Miles 5 780 Save R90 (13%) In stock

The second edition of Database Principles maintains its engaging writing style and brevity; its unique balance between theory and practice and its wealth of examples throughout the text; inspiring student-friendly learning at its best. The international edition provides a solid and practical foundation for the design, implementation and management of database systems. This foundation is built on the notion that, while databases are very practical things, their successful creation depends on understanding the important concepts that define them. The new edition has been updated with all the latest developments and technologies and incorporates a generous number of localised and motivating business vignettes that tie the concepts to real-life situations. This edition is suitable for a first course in databases at undergraduate level and will also provide essential material for conversion postgraduate courses. Providing comprehensive and practical coverage of core database concepts, it is an ideal text not only for those studying database management systems in the context of computer science, but also those on courses in the areas of information systems and business information technology. This textbook also comes packaged with a fully tailored CourseMate and an Instructor's website will also be available to adopters.

Introduction to Computer Theory (Paperback, 2Rev ed): Daniel I. A. Cohen Introduction to Computer Theory (Paperback, 2Rev ed)
Daniel I. A. Cohen 3
R5,317 R680 Discovery Miles 6 800 Save R4,637 (87%) In stock

This text strikes a good balance between rigor and an intuitive approach to computer theory. Covers all the topics needed by computer scientists with a sometimes humorous approach that reviewers found "refreshing". It is easy to read and the coverage of mathematics is fairly simple so readers do not have to worry about proving theorems.

Linux Bible (Paperback, 9th Revised edition): Christopher Negus Linux Bible (Paperback, 9th Revised edition)
Christopher Negus 1
R864 R425 Discovery Miles 4 250 Save R439 (51%) In stock

The industry favorite Linux guide, updated for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 and the cloud Linux Bible, 9th Edition is the ultimate hands-on Linux user guide, whether you're a true beginner or a more advanced user navigating recent changes. This updated ninth edition covers the latest versions of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 (RHEL 7), Fedora 21, and Ubuntu 14.04 LTS, and includes new information on cloud computing and development with guidance on Openstack and Cloudforms. With a focus on RHEL 7, this practical guide gets you up to speed quickly on the new enhancements for enterprise-quality file systems, the new boot process and services management, firewalld, and the GNOME 3 desktop. Written by a Red Hat expert, this book provides the clear explanations and step-by-step instructions that demystify Linux and bring the new features seamlessly into your workflow. This useful guide assumes a base of little or no Linux knowledge, and takes you step by step through what you need to know to get the job done. * Get Linux up and running quickly * Master basic operations and tackle more advanced tasks * Get up to date on the recent changes to Linux server system management * Bring Linux to the cloud using Openstack and Cloudforms Linux Bible, 9th Edition is the one resource you need, and provides the hands-on training that gets you on track in a flash.

Basic Programming Principles (Paperback, 2nd ed): C.M. Pretorius, H.G. Erasmus Basic Programming Principles (Paperback, 2nd ed)
C.M. Pretorius, H.G. Erasmus 1
R391 R315 Discovery Miles 3 150 Save R76 (19%) In stock

The ability to clearly specify each step to create a problem-free computer program is a primary skill needed by programmers. Basic Programming Principles 2nd edition guides beginner programmers through the challenges of planning a computer program by presenting the text in a simple and straightforward manner. It contains many examples and exercises with explanations and answers that promote learners' understanding. New exercises provide opportunities for students to apply the principles of programming and problem-solving and learning outcomes highlight the key learning areas. It is an update of Basic Programming Principles: Using Visual Basic.Net 2nd edition without reference to the Visual Basic.Net.

Network+ Guide to Networks (Paperback, 7th edition): Jill West, Jean Andrews, Tamara Dean Network+ Guide to Networks (Paperback, 7th edition)
Jill West, Jean Andrews, Tamara Dean
R703 R604 Discovery Miles 6 040 Save R99 (14%) In stock

Master the technical skills and industry know-how to begin an exciting career installing, configuring, and troubleshooting computer networks with the completely updated NETWORK+ GUIDE TO NETWORKS, 7E. You can prepare for success on CompTIA's Network+ N10-006 certification exam with fully mapped coverage of all objectives, including protocols, topologies, hardware, network design, and troubleshooting. This edition addresses today's latest technology with new features that make essential information easily accessible and help you visualize high-level concepts. New OSI layer icons visually link concepts and the OSI model. New and updated "On the Job" stories, Applying Concepts activities, Hands-On and Case Projects let you explore concepts in more depth. The NETWORK+ GUIDE TO NETWORKS, 7E's emphasis on real-world problem solving provides the tools you need to succeed in any computing environment.

Principles of Web Design (Paperback, 6th Revised edition): Joel Sklar Principles of Web Design (Paperback, 6th Revised edition)
Joel Sklar
R668 R573 Discovery Miles 5 730 Save R95 (14%) In stock

Joel Sklar has written the definitive text for Web site design, PRINCIPLES OF WEB DESIGN, Sixth Edition guiding readers through the entire Web site creation process, while developing and enhancing your HTML, CSS, and visual design skills along the way. Now updated to include the latest Web design technologies and trends, this Sixth Edition features all-new sections on HTML5, CSS3, CSS page layouts, and enhanced navigation as well as technical updates and new screen shots throughout. Beginning with the Web design environment and the principles of sound Web design, readers will continue to planning site layout and navigation, and progress to Web typography, colors and images, working with CSS, and more. Armed with a priceless understanding and plenty of hands-on activities, readers will gain a solid foundation of designing successful, standards-based Web sites that are portable across different operating systems, browsers, and Web devices. Companion site available at no additional cost www.joelsklar.com/pwd5.

A Guide to SQL (Paperback, 9th Revised edition): Philip J. Pratt, Mary Z Last A Guide to SQL (Paperback, 9th Revised edition)
Philip J. Pratt, Mary Z Last
R622 R532 Discovery Miles 5 320 Save R90 (14%) In stock

A GUIDE TO SQL, Ninth Edition, provides an effective introduction to SQL programming using straightforward instruction, extensive hands-on exercises, and a strong foundation in real-world business applications. The Ninth Edition builds on the longstanding success of this proven text by presenting basic SQL commands in the context of a running case, in which a business uses SQL to manage orders, items, customers, and sales reps. The authors emphasize that fundamental principles and practices apply regardless of the database environment chosen, and they include examples from the latest versions of Oracle(R) and Microsoft(R) Access(R), and SQL Server throughout the text.

Oracle 12c - SQL (Paperback, 3rd Revised edition): Joan Casteel, Larbi Oukada Oracle 12c - SQL (Paperback, 3rd Revised edition)
Joan Casteel, Larbi Oukada
R694 R595 Discovery Miles 5 950 Save R99 (14%) In stock

Now you can master the latest version of the fundamental SQL language used in all relational databases today with ORACLE 12C: SQL, 3E. Much more than a study guide, this edition helps you transform a basic knowledge of databases into proficiency with the latest SQL and Oracle concepts and techniques. You learn to use Oracle 12c SQL most effectively as you prepare for the first exam in the Oracle Database Administrator or Oracle Developer Certification Exam paths. This edition initially focuses on creating database objects, including tables, constraints, indexes, sequences, manipulating data, and more. The author then explores both basic data query techniques as well as advanced query topics using a proven hands-on approach. ORACLE 12C: SQL, 3E introduces the latest features and enhancements in 12c, from enhanced data types and invisible columns to new CROSS and OUTER APPLY methods for joins. To help you transition to further studies and even more advanced books in this series, appendixes introduce SQL tuning, compare Oracle's SQL syntax with other databases, and overview Oracle connection interface tools: SQL Developer and SQL Plus. Trust ORACLE 12C: SQL, 3E to provide the knowledge you need for Oracle certification testing and the solid foundation for pursuing a career as a database administrator or developer.

JavaScript - The Web Warrior Series (Paperback, 6th Revised edition): Sasha Vodnik, Don Gosselin JavaScript - The Web Warrior Series (Paperback, 6th Revised edition)
Sasha Vodnik, Don Gosselin
R706 R608 Discovery Miles 6 080 Save R98 (14%) In stock

Now in its sixth edition, JAVASCRIPT guides beginning programmers through web application development using the JavaScript programming language. As with previous editions of the book, the authors introduce key web authoring techniques with a strong focus on industry application. New coverage includes developing for touchscreen and mobile devices, and using the jQuery library. A real-world project, similar to what students would encounter in a professional setting, is developed chapter by chapter. Because professional web development jobs often require programmers to add features to existing sites, each chapter project uses a professionally designed web site. After completing a course using this textbook, students will be able to use JavaScript to build professional quality, dynamic web sites. websites, hot sheets, datafeeds] Any suggestions for copywriter or provide generic description of the product to be used for the Internet or non-channel specific applications.

Systems Analysis and Design (Hardcover, 11th Revised edition): Harry J. Rosenblatt, Scott R. Tilley Systems Analysis and Design (Hardcover, 11th Revised edition)
Harry J. Rosenblatt, Scott R. Tilley
R688 R594 Discovery Miles 5 940 Save R94 (14%) In stock

Discover a practical, streamlined, updated approach to information systems development that covers both traditional and emerging technologies and approaches to systems analysis and design. SYSTEMS ANALYSIS AND DESIGN, 11E offers a well-organized, streamlined approach. Chapter objectives are keyed directly to chapter headings, making content easy to comprehend and convenient to study. Numerous real-world examples and screenshots ensure content is current and relevant. In addition, key terms at the end of the chapter now include definitions so you don't have to flip back and forth to a glossary. Exercises throughout this edition emphasize critical thinking and IT skills in a dynamic, business-related environment. This new edition offers everything you need to prepare for success in today's intensely competitive and rapidly changing business world.

Systems Analysis and Design in a Changing World (Hardcover, 7th Revised edition): Stephen D. Burd, John W. Satzinger, Robert... Systems Analysis and Design in a Changing World (Hardcover, 7th Revised edition)
Stephen D. Burd, John W. Satzinger, Robert Jackson
R665 R574 Discovery Miles 5 740 Save R91 (14%) In stock

Reflecting the latest practices, trends, and developments from the field, SYSTEMS ANALYSIS AND DESIGN IN A CHANGING WORLD, 7E equips you with a solid foundation of the most important principles of systems analysis, systems design, project management, and new software development approaches. Using case driven techniques, the succinct 14-chapter book focuses on content that is key to your success in today's market. The book teaches both traditional (structured) and object-oriented (OO) approaches to systems analysis and design. It highlights use cases, use diagrams, and use case descriptions required for a modeling approach, while demonstrating their application to traditional, web development, object-oriented, and service-oriented architecture approaches. Content reflects Microsoft(R) Project 2013 Professional and Microsoft(R) Visio 2013.

Data Structures Using C++ (Paperback, International Edition of 2nd  Revised ed): D.S. Malik Data Structures Using C++ (Paperback, International Edition of 2nd Revised ed)
D.S. Malik
R735 R632 Discovery Miles 6 320 Save R103 (14%) In stock

This highly-anticipated CS2 text from Dr. D.S. Malik is ideal for a one-semester course focused on data structures. Clearly written with the student in mind, this text focuses on Data Structures and includes advanced topics in C++ such as Linked Lists and the Standard Template Library (STL). This student-friendly text features abundant Programming Examples and extensive use of visual diagrams to reinforce difficult topics. Students will find Dr. Malik's use of complete programming code and clear display of syntax, explanation, and example easy to read and conducive to learning.

Introduction to Python Programming and Developing GUI Applications with PyQT (Paperback, New): B. M. Harwani Introduction to Python Programming and Developing GUI Applications with PyQT (Paperback, New)
B. M. Harwani 1
R506 R349 Discovery Miles 3 490 Save R157 (31%) In stock

INTRODUCTION TO PYTHON PROGRAMMING AND DEVELOPING GUI APPLICATIONS WITH PYQT 1E teaches Python programming step-by-step through practical examples that readers can see in action right away. It begins with a solid introduction of Python from scratch, covering loops, control structures, sequences, functions, classes, and exception handling. Thereafter, the book explores file handling and GUI application development in PyQT, the powerful cross-platform GUI layout and forms builder that allows programmers to rapidly design and build widgets and dialogs. This is a great book for newbie programmers interested in learning Python

Operating System Concepts (Paperback, 9th International student edition): Abraham Silberschatz, Peter B. Galvin, Greg Gagne Operating System Concepts (Paperback, 9th International student edition)
Abraham Silberschatz, Peter B. Galvin, Greg Gagne
R935 R789 Discovery Miles 7 890 Save R146 (16%) Within 7 - 13 working days

The ninth edition of Operating System Concepts continues to evolve to provide a solid theoretical foundation for understanding operating systems. This edition has been updated with more extensive coverage of the most current topics and applications, improved conceptual coverage and additional content to bridge the gap between concepts and actual implementations. A new design allows for easier navigation and enhances reader motivation. Additional end-of-chapter, exercises, review questions, and programming exercises help to further reinforce important concepts. WileyPLUS, including a test bank, self-check exercises, and a student solutions manual, is also part of the comprehensive support package.

Principles of Information Security (Paperback, 5th Revised edition): Michael Whitman, Herbert Mattord Principles of Information Security (Paperback, 5th Revised edition)
Michael Whitman, Herbert Mattord
R673 R579 Discovery Miles 5 790 Save R94 (14%) Within 8 - 13 working days

Specifically oriented to the needs of information systems students, PRINCIPLES OF INFORMATION SECURITY, 5e delivers the latest technology and developments from the field. Taking a managerial approach, this bestseller teaches all the aspects of information security-not just the technical control perspective. It provides a broad review of the entire field of information security, background on many related elements, and enough detail to facilitate understanding of the topic. It covers the terminology of the field, the history of the discipline, and an overview of how to manage an information security program. Current and relevant, the fifth edition includes the latest practices, fresh examples, updated material on technical security controls, emerging legislative issues, new coverage of digital forensics, and hands-on application of ethical issues in IS security. It is the ultimate resource for future business decision-makers.

Principles of Business Information Systems (Paperback, Brief ed): Thomas Chesney, George Reynolds, Ralph M. Stair Principles of Business Information Systems (Paperback, Brief ed)
Thomas Chesney, George Reynolds, Ralph M. Stair
R686 R588 Discovery Miles 5 880 Save R98 (14%) In stock

The second edition of Principles of Business Information Systems has been fully updated to reflect the latest developments in business information systems. Cases have been updated, increasing the international content and questions and exercises have also been revised. This new edition is suitable for students studying on any information systems course, helping to prepare them for the corporate world in the twenty-first century.

Operations Research - Applications and Algorithms (Hardcover, 4th edition): Winston Operations Research - Applications and Algorithms (Hardcover, 4th edition)
R1,030 R882 Discovery Miles 8 820 Save R148 (14%) In stock

The market-leading textbook for the course, Winston's OPERATIONS RESEARCH owes much of its success to its practical orientation and consistent emphasis on model formulation and model building. It moves beyond a mere study of algorithms without sacrificing the rigor that faculty desire. As in every edition, Winston reinforces the book's successful features and coverage with the most recent developments in the field. The Student Suite CD-ROM, which now accompanies every new copy of the text, contains the latest versions of commercial software for optimization, simulation, and decision analysis.

Programming with Mobile Applications - Android, iOS, and Windows Phone 7 (Paperback, International edition): Thomas M. Duffy Programming with Mobile Applications - Android, iOS, and Windows Phone 7 (Paperback, International edition)
Thomas M. Duffy
R792 R669 Discovery Miles 6 690 Save R123 (16%) In stock

Discover how to create effective native apps across platforms and Web apps for today's most popular smartphone platforms with Duffy's PROGRAMMING MOBILE APPLICATIONS: ANDROID(TM), iOS, AND WINDOWS(R) PHONE 7. This unique, hands-on tutorial approach combines clear presentations with numerous screenshots and step-by-step instructions to guide readers in developing applications for Google(TM) Android(TM), Apple(R) iOS, and Windows(R) Phone 7. Readers learn to create identical native and Web apps for each platform, which allows comparing each platform's development processes. The book's complete coverage ranges from platform architecture to native app life cycle management with an emphasis on fundamental programming concepts. This book's unique coverage of multiple platforms not only demonstrates the portability of apps that readers create, but also ensures an solid understanding of programming principles that benefits readers throughout any career.

Interaction Design (Paperback, 4th Revised edition): Jenny Preece, Helen Sharp, Yvonne Rogers Interaction Design (Paperback, 4th Revised edition)
Jenny Preece, Helen Sharp, Yvonne Rogers
R1,320 R1,022 Discovery Miles 10 220 Save R298 (23%) Within 7 - 13 working days

A new edition of the #1 text in the Human Computer Interaction field! Hugely popular with students and professionals alike, Interaction Design is an ideal resource for learning the interdisciplinary skills needed for interaction design, human computer interaction, information design, web design and ubiquitous computing. This text offers a cross-disciplinary, practical and process-oriented introduction to the field, showing not just what principles ought to apply to interaction design, but crucially how they can be applied. An accompanying website contains extensive additional teaching and learning material including slides for each chapter, comments on chapter activities and a number of in-depth case studies written by researchers and designers.

Program Construction - Calculating Implementations from Specifications (Paperback): Roland Backhouse Program Construction - Calculating Implementations from Specifications (Paperback)
Roland Backhouse
R1,066 R829 Discovery Miles 8 290 Save R237 (22%) In stock

The ever-increasing dependence of our lives and livelihoods on the correct functioning of computer software means that logic and program correctness are core elements of all good computer science degrees. This book presents both these topics in one self-contained text.

The focus of the book is on "correct-by-construction" program design -- the discipline of calculating programs from their specifications. Modern, calculational logic is introduced in combination with key program construction principles, such as the assignment axiom, loop invariants and bound functions. This material is intertwined with motivational discussion, programming examples and challenging problem-solving exercises, bringing the book alive for its intended audience, undergraduates in computer science and mathematics, as well as professional programmers wishing to further develop their programming skills.

The book covers the elements of logic and program correctness that form the foundations of further study --- the logical connectives and their algebraic properties, induction, quantifiers and program construction rules. Substantial examples of program construction are included. Many exercises are provided, all with detailed solutions.

Speech and Language Processing: International Version (Paperback, International ed of 2nd revised ed): Dan Jurafsky, James H.... Speech and Language Processing: International Version (Paperback, International ed of 2nd revised ed)
Dan Jurafsky, James H. Martin
R1,397 Discovery Miles 13 970 Within 7 - 11 working days


For undergraduate or advanced undergraduate courses in Classical Natural Language Processing, Statistical Natural Language Processing, Speech Recognition, Computational Linguistics, and Human Language Processing.


An explosion of Web-based language techniques, merging of distinct fields, availability of phone-based dialogue systems, and much more make this an exciting time in speech and language processing. The first of its kind to thoroughly cover language technology a?? at all levels and with all modern technologies a?? this text takes an empirical approach to the subject, based on applying statistical and other machine-learning algorithms to large corporations. The authors cover areas that traditionally are taught in different courses, to describe a unified vision of speech and language processing. Emphasis is on practical applications and scientific evaluation. An accompanying Website contains teaching materials for instructors, with pointers to language processing resources on the Web. The Second Edition offers a significant amount of new and extended material.< /P>




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Managing Information Technology (Paperback, Pearson New International Edition): Carol V. Brown, Daniel W. DeHayes, Jeffrey A... Managing Information Technology (Paperback, Pearson New International Edition)
Carol V. Brown, Daniel W. DeHayes, Jeffrey A Hoffer, Wainright E. Martin, William C. Perkins
R994 R761 Discovery Miles 7 610 Save R233 (23%) Within 4 - 9 working days

For graduate and executive level MIS students, and practicing IS managers. A thorough and practical guide to IT management practices and issues. Managing Information Technology provides comprehensive coverage of IS management practices and technology trends for advanced students and managers. Through an approach that offers up-to-date chapter content and full-length case studies, this text presents a unique set of materials that educators can customize to their students' needs. The sixth edition has been thoroughly updated and streamlined to reflect current IS practices.

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