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Books > Arts & Architecture > History of art / art & design styles > 1400 to 1600

Artist's Life: Michelangelo (Paperback): Enrica Crispino Artist's Life: Michelangelo (Paperback)
Enrica Crispino
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This is a beautifully illustrated and detailed look at the life and works of one of the world's most exceptional artists ever. Often considered a rival to Da Vinci for the title of archetypal Renaissance man, Michelangelo was not only a prolific and talented sculptor - by the time he was thirty, he had already sculpted two of his best-known and most famous works, "David" and the "Pieta" - but also a renowned artist and architect. His scenes from Genesis on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel are some of the most influential works in the history of Western art, and his design for the dome of St. Peter's Basilica in Rome revolutionized classical architecture. This wonderfully illustrated volume, packed with information and insights, is fascinating exploration into the life and works of Michelangelo - one of the world's most influential and important artists.

Young Michelangelo (Hardcover): John T. Spike Young Michelangelo (Hardcover)
John T. Spike 1
R455 Discovery Miles 4 550 Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

This is a long-awaited and authoritative reinterpretation of the early life and career of arguably the greatest artist in history. Author John T. Spike surveys Michelangelo's early life from birth to his early thirties, probing the thinking, artistic evolution and yearnings of a young man thoroughly convinced of his own exceptional talent. Spike explores Michelangelo's involvement in the most troubling controversies of his age, and recreates Florence and Rome with vivid sketches of Lorenzo the Magnificent, Leonardo, Julius II and Machiavelli. This is a prodigiously informative and compelling account that will fulfil the need for a major Michelangelo biography for this generation and many to come.

Paragons and Paragone - Van Eyck, Raphael, Michelangelo, Caravaggio, Bernini (Hardcover, New): Rudolf Preimesberger Paragons and Paragone - Van Eyck, Raphael, Michelangelo, Caravaggio, Bernini (Hardcover, New)
Rudolf Preimesberger
R701 R654 Discovery Miles 6 540 Save R47 (7%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

The "paragone"--the notion of competition and rivalry among the arts--has been a topic of debate for centuries. It erupted with great force in the Renaissance, with sculptors vying with painters for superiority, modern artists competing with the ancients, and painting challenging poetry. If the traces of this lively conversation are most evident in the literature, the remarkable scholarship presented here demonstrates how the "paragone" was rendered visible also in works of art.

The essays on Renaissance and Baroque art reveal the "paragone" to be a crucial motive and key to the interpretation of some of the most celebrated works of art such as Van Eyck's Ghent Altarpiece and Michelangelo's "Pieta" in St. Peter's Basilica. The author's incisive and erudite analysis of social history, biography, rhetoric, art theory, wordplay, and history illuminates these works anew, thus affording a modern audience a better understanding of the subtleties of their composition and meaning. Readers will find surprising insights and unsuspected drama in works of art they may have thought they knew.

R�pertoire de Peintures Du Moyen �ge Et de la Renaissance - 1280-1580. Tome 3 (French, Paperback): Salomon Reinach R�pertoire de Peintures Du Moyen �ge Et de la Renaissance - 1280-1580. Tome 3 (French, Paperback)
Salomon Reinach
R971 Discovery Miles 9 710 Shipped within 7 - 11 working days
R�pertoire de Peintures Du Moyen �ge Et de la Renaissance - 1280-1580. Tome 2 (French, Paperback): Salomon Reinach R�pertoire de Peintures Du Moyen �ge Et de la Renaissance - 1280-1580. Tome 2 (French, Paperback)
Salomon Reinach
R930 Discovery Miles 9 300 Shipped within 7 - 11 working days
R�pertoire de Peintures Du Moyen �ge Et de la Renaissance - 1280-1580. Tome 1 (French, Paperback): Salomon Reinach R�pertoire de Peintures Du Moyen �ge Et de la Renaissance - 1280-1580. Tome 1 (French, Paperback)
Salomon Reinach
R846 Discovery Miles 8 460 Shipped within 7 - 11 working days
Andrea Alciato in England - Aspects of the Reception of Alciato's Emblems in England (Hardcover): Peter M. Daly Andrea Alciato in England - Aspects of the Reception of Alciato's Emblems in England (Hardcover)
Peter M. Daly
R2,668 R2,264 Discovery Miles 22 640 Save R404 (15%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days
Anachronic Renaissance (Hardcover): Alexander Nagel, Christopher S. Wood Anachronic Renaissance (Hardcover)
Alexander Nagel, Christopher S. Wood
R764 R598 Discovery Miles 5 980 Save R166 (22%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

A reconsideration of the problem of time in the Renaissance, examining the complex and layered temporalities of Renaissance images and artifacts. In this widely anticipated book, two leading contemporary art historians offer a subtle and profound reconsideration of the problem of time in the Renaissance. Alexander Nagel and Christopher Wood examine the meanings, uses, and effects of chronologies, models of temporality, and notions of originality and repetition in Renaissance images and artifacts. Anachronic Renaissance reveals a web of paths traveled by works and artists-a landscape obscured by art history's disciplinary compulsion to anchor its data securely in time. The buildings, paintings, drawings, prints, sculptures, and medals discussed were shaped by concerns about authenticity, about reference to prestigious origins and precedents, and about the implications of transposition from one medium to another. Byzantine icons taken to be Early Christian antiquities, the acheiropoieton (or "image made without hands"), the activities of spoliation and citation, differing approaches to art restoration, legends about movable buildings, and forgeries and pastiches: all of these emerge as basic conceptual structures of Renaissance art. Although a work of art does bear witness to the moment of its fabrication, Nagel and Wood argue that it is equally important to understand its temporal instability: how it points away from that moment, backward to a remote ancestral origin, to a prior artifact or image, even to an origin outside of time, in divinity. This book is not the story about the Renaissance, nor is it just a story. It imagines the infrastructure of many possible stories.

The Holy Thorn Reliquary (Paperback): John Cherry The Holy Thorn Reliquary (Paperback)
John Cherry
R140 R115 Discovery Miles 1 150 Save R25 (18%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Made in gold and enamel and decorated with precious stones, the Holy Thorn Reliquary depicts the salvation of mankind through the sacrifice of Christ. It was commissioned around 1400-10 by Jean, duc de Berry, a member of the French royal family, to house a single thorn from the relic of Christs Crown of Thorns. Having left the dukes possession, it was recorded in Vienna from around 1544 until the 1860s, eventually being acquired by a member of the wealthy Rothschild family, with its true identity remaining undiscovered until the twentieth century. This book explores the meaning and history of this fascinating object, and tells the tale of its remarkable survival and eventual passage to the British Museum.

Michelangelo - David (Paperback): Michelangelo - David (Paperback)
R288 Discovery Miles 2 880 Shipped within 7 - 12 working days
The King's Pictures - The Formation and Dispersal of the Collections of Charles I and His Courtiers (Hardcover): Francis... The King's Pictures - The Formation and Dispersal of the Collections of Charles I and His Courtiers (Hardcover)
Francis Haskell; Foreword by Nicholas Penny; Introduction by Karen Serres
R736 R689 Discovery Miles 6 890 Save R47 (6%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

The greatest paintings in today's most famous museums were once part of a fluid exchange determined by volatile political fortunes. In the first half of the 17th century, masterpieces by Titian, Raphael, and Leonardo, among others, were the objects of fervent pursuit by art connoisseurs. Francis Haskell traces the fate of collections extracted from Italy, Spain, and France by King Charles I and his circle, which, after a brief stay in Britain, were largely dispersed after the Civil War to princely galleries across the Continent. From vivid case studies of individual collectors, advisers, and artists, and acute analysis of personality and motive, Haskell challenges ideas about this episode in British cultural life and traces some of the factors that forever changed the artistic map of Europe.

Leonardo - Revised Edition (Paperback, Revised Ed): Martin Kemp Leonardo - Revised Edition (Paperback, Revised Ed)
Martin Kemp
R395 R307 Discovery Miles 3 070 Save R88 (22%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

This fascinating exploration of Leonardo da Vinci's life and work identifies what it was that made him so unique, and explains the phenomenon of the world's most celebrated artistic genius who, 500 years on, still grips and inspires us.
Martin Kemp offers us exceptional insights into what it was that made this Renaissance man so special, and the "real" meaning behind such masterpieces as the Mona Lisa and the Last Supper. Tracing Leonardo's career in all its variety, we learn of his unfulfilled dreams, relationships with powerful patrons, and the truth about his views on God, humanity, and nature. The famous notebooks are the key to understanding the secret of Leonardo's success and genius, Kemp shows, as they clearly reveal the workings of his mind and display the truly innovative and investigative nature of his creative vision. In these notebooks, over 20,000 pages of drawings and notes detail his incredible discoveries and inventions--from the workings of the human eye to designs for flying machines and giant crossbows. Bringing the story up to the present day, Martin Kemp considers what he means to us today, investigates the "Leonardo industry," and speculates about what he would be doing if he were alive today.
This updated edition of Martin Kemp's best-seller is the first book on Leonardo to include two newly discovered works, the most important such discoveries in over a hundred years.

The Culture of Bronze - Making and Meaning in Renaissance Sculpture (Hardcover): Peta Motture The Culture of Bronze - Making and Meaning in Renaissance Sculpture (Hardcover)
Peta Motture
R864 R685 Discovery Miles 6 850 Save R179 (21%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

The Italian Renaissance was a golden age for bronze sculpture, both on a grand scale-such as Ghiberti's Gates of Paradise, or Cellini's Perseus-and more intimate statuettes and small-scale functional objects. Bronze, being both costly and luxurious, embodied power, authority, and eternity and emulated the classical past. Yet it was one of the easiest materials to recycle, especially at a time when the need for artillery was ever-present. Drawing on the latest research, and including some 200 superb images, The Culture of Bronze explores the material and making of bronzes and the interrelationships and collaboration between sculptor, foundry, and owner. Encompassing works made for domestic, religious, and civic environments, the book studies the symbolism of bronze, and the bronzes themselves, within their broader societal context.

The Fools' Journey. a Myth of Obsession in Northern Renaissance Art (Paperback): Y. Pinson, Yona Pinson The Fools' Journey. a Myth of Obsession in Northern Renaissance Art (Paperback)
Y. Pinson, Yona Pinson
R2,063 Discovery Miles 20 630 Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Tracing the evolution of the newly emerging iconographical patterns of fools and folly, this book sheds light on the original and innovative invention that was an exclusive creation of northern Renaissance art and culture. The novel theme of the fools' journey, as expressed mainly through prints in Germany and later in the Netherlands in the sixteenth century is revealed as an ironical paraphrase, parodying the well established Christian topos, the Pilgrimage of Life or the Pilgrimage of the Human Soul, which offered the believer the opportunity to travel on the road toward redemption. The new mythical image of the fools' journey, however, confronts the contemporary reader/viewer with the image of the fool on his voyage that leads him, instead, to his doomed fate, thereby reflecting a pessimistic world-view. The newly emerging visual vocabulary is considered in relation to analogical contemporary didactic and satirical theatrical performances such as the rederijkers plays, the sotties, and also carnival processions. Proposing a new reading of Sebastian Brant's The Ship of Fools (Das Narrenschiff, Basel 1494), a landmark in the new iconography of the allegorical journey, this study recognizes as well the power of the visual image employed in the woodcuts-illustrations accompanying the treatise as a tool of moral teaching, used as a means of influencing the larger urban audience for whom word and image were sometimes interchangeable. Concomitantly, the divergence between verbal expression and visual language may be seen to define the inherent codes of the visual expressions. It is precisely the gap between literary sources and visualization, the very moment when visual vocabulary crystallizes, and image departs from word creating its own autonomous expression and language, that attracts our attention. The range and diversity of visual material related to the fools' journey topos, addresses a wide spectrum of audiences. This study also takes into consideration the strategies of communicating meanings and values to various publics. Addressing the wider urban public that was not necessarily lettered, notably women, illustrated-books and images were envisaged first of all as didactic tools. In accordance, the painters-engravers attended their public with rather simple visual elaborations that could be easily deciphered. Paintings, drawings, and prints intended for highly cultivated elite circles of urban society, among them works by Albrecht Durer and Hieronymus Bosch, demanded greater intellectual involvement on the part of the beholder, challenging the sophisticated viewer to re-create a meaningful ensemble out of the various scenes and motifs presented within complex compositions.

Bertoldo di Giovanni: The Renaissance of Sculpture in Medici Florence (Hardcover): Bertoldo di Giovanni: The Renaissance of Sculpture in Medici Florence (Hardcover)
R1,470 R1,104 Discovery Miles 11 040 Save R366 (25%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Renaissance sculptor Bertoldo di Giovanni (ca. 1440-1491) was a student of Donatello, a teacher of Michelangelo, and a favourite of Lorenzo de' Medici "il Magnifico," his principal patron. Bertoldo was one of the first sculptors to create statuettes in bronze. With an overview of the artist's entire oeuvre--including The Frick Collection's Shield Bearer, the only Bertoldo sculpture outside of Europe--this major scholarly catalogue is the most substantial text on Bertoldo ever produced. Featured are contributions from renowned international scholars who bring into focus the sculptor's unique position at the heart of the artistic and political landscape in fifteenth-century Italy.

Leonardo da Vinci Rediscovered (Hardcover, Boxed set): Carmen C. Bambach Leonardo da Vinci Rediscovered (Hardcover, Boxed set)
Carmen C. Bambach
R9,313 Discovery Miles 93 130 Shipped within 7 - 11 working days

A modern rethinking of the career and vision of one of the greatest artists of all time on the 500th anniversary of his death

The towering genius of Leonardo da Vinci (1452-1519) has been celebrated-and remained undisputed-for hundreds of years. A groundbreaking, essential addition to scholarship, Leonardo da Vinci Rediscovered continues this legacy while simultaneously reexamining the multifaceted artist's life and work from the ground up. This authoritative, four-volume study marks the 500th anniversary of the great master's death with a sweeping, up-to-date portrait of Leonardo as he has never been seen before.

Internationally renowned Leonardo specialist Carmen C. Bambach unfurls new narratives, largely based on the most important, yet most misunderstood, body of evidence available: the artist's drawings, paintings, and manuscripts. In the manner of a biographer, Bambach combs through contemporary documents and more than 4,000 surviving sheets of Leonardo's notes and drawings to extract details about his development as an artist and thinker that have never before been suggested. Some 1,500 illustrations portray the staggering, spectacular legacy that Leonardo left behind on paper and canvas. Through Bambach's comprehensive research, Leonardo emerges as a figure who both embodies his era and completely transcends it, enduring as one of history's greatest artists, scientists, and inventors.

FLORENCE - A Traveler's Guide to its Gems & Giants (Paperback): Patty Civalleri FLORENCE - A Traveler's Guide to its Gems & Giants (Paperback)
Patty Civalleri
R741 R568 Discovery Miles 5 680 Save R173 (23%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days
Italian Renaissance Painting (Hardcover): Ruth Dangelmaier Italian Renaissance Painting (Hardcover)
Ruth Dangelmaier
R522 R423 Discovery Miles 4 230 Save R99 (19%) Shipped within 7 - 11 working days
Green Worlds of Renaissance Venice (Hardcover): Jodi Cranston Green Worlds of Renaissance Venice (Hardcover)
Jodi Cranston
R1,882 R1,617 Discovery Miles 16 170 Save R265 (14%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

From celebrated gardens in private villas to the paintings and sculptures that adorned palace interiors, Venetians in the sixteenth century conceived of their marine city as dotted with actual and imaginary green spaces. This volume examines how and why this pastoral vision of Venice developed. Drawing on a variety of primary sources ranging from visual art to literary texts, performances, and urban plans, Jodi Cranston shows how Venetians lived the pastoral in urban Venice. She describes how they created green spaces and enacted pastoral situations through poetic conversations and theatrical performances in lagoon gardens; discusses the island utopias found, invented, and mapped in distant seas; and explores the visual art that facilitated the experience of inhabiting verdant landscapes. Though the greening of Venice was relatively short lived, Cranston shows how the phenomenon had a lasting impact on how other cities, including Paris and London, developed their self-images and how later writers and artists understood and adapted the pastoral mode. Incorporating approaches from eco-criticism and anthropology, Green Worlds of Renaissance Venice greatly informs our understanding of the origins and development of the pastoral in art history and literature as well as the culture of sixteenth-century Venice. It will appeal to scholars and enthusiasts of sixteenth-century history and culture, the history of urban landscapes, and Italian art.

Michelangelo (Hardcover): Gilles Neret Michelangelo (Hardcover)
Gilles Neret 1
R253 R212 Discovery Miles 2 120 Save R41 (16%) Shipped within 7 - 11 working days

Italian-born Michelangelo di Lodovico Buonarroti Simoni (1475-1564) was a tormented, prodigiously talented, and God-fearing Renaissance man. His manifold achievements in painting, sculpture, architecture, poetry, and engineering combined body, spirit, and God into visionary masterpieces that changed art history forever. Famed biographer Giorgio Vasari considered him the pinnacle of Renaissance achievement. His peers called him simply "Il Divino" ("the divine one"). This book provides the essential introduction to Michelangelo with all the awe-inspiring masterpieces and none of the queues and crowds. With vivid illustration and accessible texts, we explore the artist's extraordinary figuration and celebrated style of terribilita (momentous grandeur), which allowed human and biblical drama to exist in compelling scale and fervor. Through the power hubs of Renaissance Italy, we take in his major commissions and phenomenal capacity for compositional schemes, whether the famous Medici library in Florence, or the extraordinary 500-square-meter ceiling (1508-1512) in the Vatican's Sistine Chapel. From the towering David to the aching grief and faith of The Pieta and the vivid drama of the Sistine Chapel's Last Judgment, this is a succinct, dependable reference to a true giant of art history and to some of the most famous artworks in the world.

Circles of Thorns - Hieronymus Bosch and Being Human (Paperback): Justin Lewis-Anthony Circles of Thorns - Hieronymus Bosch and Being Human (Paperback)
Justin Lewis-Anthony
R408 R318 Discovery Miles 3 180 Save R90 (22%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Using the still, small and sombre image of "Christ Mocked" by Bosch as a basis, this book works around the painting in five 'circles' to explore the political, scientific, psychological and devotional world of early modern Europe and its implications for us today.Unlike Bosch's better-known, fantastical, 'proto-surrealist' paintings, "Christ Mocked" is small, still and sombre, and yet, with a little effort of knowledge and interpretation, it reveals a depth of understanding of both the Passion, and of human nature, that speaks as much to the twenty-first century as it did to the sixteenth.By exploring the political, scientific, psychological and devotional world of early modern Europe, and applying those insights to our own time, the author shows how Bosch used his sophisticated artistic skills to convey a similarly sophisticated understanding of humanity. In "Christ Mocked" - a painting '500 years old but passionately modern' - "Christ's Passion" is so portrayed as to make us reassess the cosmic significance of Christ's death, and its profound implications for what we think it means to be human.

Leonardo: Masters of Art (Paperback): Milena Magnano Leonardo: Masters of Art (Paperback)
Milena Magnano
R249 R205 Discovery Miles 2 050 Save R44 (18%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

This generously illustrated volume on the work of Leonardo da Vinci makes the world's greatest art accessible to readers of every level of appreciation. Although less than twenty of Leonardo da Vinci's paintings are known to exist today, some of them-the Mona Lisa, The Last Supper, along with his drawing of the Vitruvian man-are among the most identifiable, reproduced, and popular works in the world. This monograph explores Leonardo as not just a painter but also a scientist, naturalist, architect, and engineer, showing how the artist's oeuvre reflected his boundless curiousity and imagination. Overflowing with impeccably reproduced images, this book offers full-page spreads of masterpieces as well as highlights of smaller details-allowing the viewer to appreciate every aspect of the artist's technique and oeuvre. Chronologically arranged, the book covers important biographical and historic events that reflect the latest scholarship. Additional information includes a list of works, timeline, and suggestions for further reading.

Leonardo da Vinci and his Circle (Hardcover): Claire van Cleave Leonardo da Vinci and his Circle (Hardcover)
Claire van Cleave
R238 R192 Discovery Miles 1 920 Save R46 (19%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

The brilliance of Leonardo da Vinci (1452-1519) was unprecedented in his own lifetime and has never been exceeded. The universality of his genius is extraordinary: he was a painter, sculptor, musician, architect, engineer, inventor, scientist, anatomist and mathematician. Even today he is rarely out of the news, and fascination with this Renaissance master and his work has never been greater. Leonardo famously left behind only a very small number of completed projects, but his surviving drawings, sketches and notebooks give an extraordinary insight into the workings of his mind and the enormous scope of his interests. Through drawing Leonardo attempted to record and understand the world around him, transmitting knowledge more accurately and concisely with images than would be possible with words. Beginning with an introduction to the life of the artist, this beautifully illustrated gift book presents a chronological selection of priceless drawings by Leonardo along with other beautiful works thought to be by his students and other members of his circle. These demonstrate his astonishing mastery of technique and how he communicated this to the artists who followed him. Leonardo's working methods and his wide range of interests are also explored, leading credence to the notion that the true nature of Leonardo's intentions can only be known through his remarkable drawings.

Michelangelo - The Man and the Myth (Paperback, New): Pina Ragionieri Michelangelo - The Man and the Myth (Paperback, New)
Pina Ragionieri
R587 R477 Discovery Miles 4 770 Save R110 (19%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Michelangelo Buonarroti was a very complicated being. Not only was he a multitalented artist--renowned equally as a sculptor, painter, and architect--he was also an impressive military engineer, student of Dante, and poet in his own right. What is more, his behavior was full of contradictions. He was renowned for his fiery temper and yet wrote tender love poetry. In spite of his legendary impatience, he committed himself to tasks that required years of sustained attention. He skimped on his own food and lodging, paying little attention to his own bodily needs, and yet created some of the most beautiful human figures ever imagined. He constantly complained about not having any money but amassed a considerable fortune that kept his family comfortable for two centuries. Though he enjoyed the reputation of being a solitary genius, he directed dozens of assistants, quarrymen, and stonemasons to carry out his work.Still more Michelangelos were invented by others. The sixteenth-century artist and biographer Giorgio Vasari made him into an artistic savior, imagining that a gracious God had given the world Michelangelo to inspire and perfect the arts. His family transformed part of their home (the Casa Buonarroti) into a shrine to their famous forebear. In the twentieth century, novelists and movie producers have portrayed him as a tortured, manic genius.This exhibition catalog explores multiple facets of Michelangelo's life, art, and reputation. Beginning with portraits of the artist, examples of his literary works, printed editions of his poetry, and an example of modern music inspired by his sonnets, the catalog shows representative examples of his work as a military engineer, architect, anatomist, poet, painter, and sculptor. Lavishly illustrated, including five fold-out 11" x 14" pages, this book provides viewers an unprecedented opportunity to grasp the range of Michelangelo's ambitions and accomplishments, revealing a man and a myth that are even greater than we might have imagined.

Michelangelo, Drawing, and the Invention of Architecture (Hardcover): Cammy Brothers Michelangelo, Drawing, and the Invention of Architecture (Hardcover)
Cammy Brothers
R1,179 R1,078 Discovery Miles 10 780 Save R101 (9%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

In this engaging and handsome book, Cammy Brothers takes an unusual approach to Michelangelo's architectural designs, arguing that they are best understood in terms of his experience as a painter and sculptor. Unlike previous studies, which have focused on the built projects and considered the drawings only insofar as they illuminate those buildings, this book analyses his designs as an independent source of insight into the mechanisms of Michelangelo's imagination. Brothers gives equal weight to the unbuilt designs, and suggests that some of Michelangelo's most radical ideas remained on paper.

Brothers explores the idea of drawing as a mode of thinking, using its evidence to reconstruct the process by which Michelangelo arrived at new ideas. By turning the flexibility and fluidity of his figurative drawing methods to the subject of architecture, Michelangelo demonstrated how it could match the expressive possibilities of painting and sculpture.

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