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The Future of Architecture in 100 Buildings (Hardcover): Marc Kushner The Future of Architecture in 100 Buildings (Hardcover)
Marc Kushner
R196 R128 Discovery Miles 1 280 Save R68 (35%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Part of the TED series: The Future of Architecture in 100 Buildings A pavilion made from paper.An inflatable concert hall. A building that eats smog. A bridge that grows grapes. The Future of Architecture in 100 Buildings captures the soaring confidence, the thoughtful intelligence, the futuristic wonder, and at times the sheer whimsy of the world's most inspired and future-looking buildings. As author Marc Kushner explains, 'The future of architecture is not one of any dominant style, but rather a world of constant innovation and experimentation.' Like an architectural cabinet of wonders, the book captures this glorious global diversity. From soaring steel towers to bamboo bungalows; from iconic monuments to ingenious children's playgrounds, each page offers an unexpected glimpse of architecture's potential. Through his book and TEDTalk, Kushner suggests that in the age of social media, buildings speak louder than ever. Everyone with a smartphone has become an architectural photographer, snapping selfies with the world's most photogenic buildings. And this constant stream of photos ensures that architecture is now in conversation with the world. Its future matters more - and to more of us - than ever. Aimed at this new, broad audience for architecture, this is an essential and delightful guide to the future being built around us.

Living in Asia, Vol. 1 (English, French, German, Hardcover): Sunil Sethi Living in Asia, Vol. 1 (English, French, German, Hardcover)
Sunil Sethi; Edited by Angelika Taschen; Photographs by Reto Guntli
R392 R294 Discovery Miles 2 940 Save R98 (25%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Zen, soothing, mystical, meditative-words cannot do justice to Asia's most beautiful interiors. Whether it's a gilded Tibetan monastery, a plantation in Sri Lanka, or a private villa in Thailand, each of the havens featured in this book are remarkable not only in aesthetic, but also in spirit. This showcase features 46 exceptional locations across Tibet, Nepal, India, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Singapore, and Malaysia. Highlights include traditional Burmese stilt houses; the breathtaking Shiv Niwas Palace in India, visited by James Bond in Octopussy; Cambodian temples; a rice barge-turned houseboat in Thailand; a high-rise apartment overlooking the Singaporean skyline; the "Blue Mansion", an magnificient, indigo-painted courtyard house featured in the film Indochine; a breathtaking garden designed by Sri Lankan architect Geoffrey Bawa; and many, many more.

The Sustainable City (Paperback): Steven Cohen The Sustainable City (Paperback)
Steven Cohen
R513 R362 Discovery Miles 3 620 Save R151 (29%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Living sustainably is not just about preserving the wilderness or keeping nature pristine. The transition to a green economy depends on cities. For the first time in human history, the majority of the people on the planet live in urban areas. If we are to avert climate catastrophe, we will need our cities to coexist with nature without destroying it. Many places are already investing in the infrastructure of the future-including renewable energy, energy efficiency, mass and personal transit, and advanced sewage and waste management-but the modern city still has a long way to go. In The Sustainable City, Steven Cohen provides a broad and engaging overview of the urban systems of the twenty-first century, surveying policies and projects already under way in cities around the world and pointing to more ways progress can be made. Cohen discusses the sustainable city from an organizational-management and public-policy perspective that emphasizes the local level, looking at case studies of existing legislation, programs, and public-private partnerships that strive to align modern urban life and sustainability. From waste management in Beijing to energy infrastructure in Africa to public space in Washington, D.C., there are concrete examples of what we can do right now. Cohen synthesizes the disparate strands of sustainable city planning in an approachable and applicable guide that highlights how these issues touch our lives on a daily basis, whether the transportation we take, where our energy comes from, or what becomes of our food waste. Providing recommendations and insights with immediacy and relevance, this book has invaluable lessons for anyone seeking to link public policy to promoting a sustainable lifestyle.

Cape Dutch houses and other old favourites (Paperback): Phillida Brooke Simons Cape Dutch houses and other old favourites (Paperback)
Phillida Brooke Simons; Photographs by Alain Proust
R320 R252 Discovery Miles 2 520 Save R68 (21%) Shipped within 4 - 8 working days

An integral part of the renowned beauty of South Africa's southwestern Cape are the Cape Dutch houses that date back two or three hundred years. Cape Dutch Houses and Other Old Favourites is a fully illustrated and easily accessible guide to almost 150 important historical houses of the southwestern Cape. Authoritative and up to date, it is the only such guide currently in print.

Complexity and Contradiction at fifty - Studies toward an Ongoing Debate (Paperback): Martino Stierli Complexity and Contradiction at fifty - Studies toward an Ongoing Debate (Paperback)
Martino Stierli; David Brownlee; Text written by Robert Venturi, Jean-Louis Cohen, Lee Ann Custer, …
R789 R604 Discovery Miles 6 040 Save R185 (23%) Shipped within 7 - 11 working days
Thinking Big - The History of Davis Langdon (Hardcover): Jim Meikle Thinking Big - The History of Davis Langdon (Hardcover)
Jim Meikle
R721 Discovery Miles 7 210 Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Thinking Big: A History of Davis Langdon provides a history of one of the world's largest quantity surveying companies. They have been involved in the rebuilding of Ground Zero, Chek Lap Kok, the Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art in New York and the Millennium Dome in London, amongst thousands of other projects around the world. Thinking Big is complete with illustrations of projects and details the working of this global multi-million dollar corporation and their impact on some of the most exciting buildings of the last century. Organised around seven chapters that cover different elements of the company's history in detail and written by a senior partner of the company, Thinking Big provides details of the company's foundation in the early years of the twentieth century, through the difficult years of the depression, to the firm's growth in the 1930s and its international expansion in the post-war years. The book discusses the turbulent period of the 1970s and its leading to a merger and growth of new markets in the 1980s. Thinking Big outlines the company's survival during the recession through to its increasing growth and diversification in the new millennium. The book goes on to look at the new challenges the company faces, including sustainability and the current economic crisis.

Ruins - Discover Britain's Wild and Beautiful Places (Hardcover): Jane Eastoe Ruins - Discover Britain's Wild and Beautiful Places (Hardcover)
Jane Eastoe 1
R285 R233 Discovery Miles 2 330 Save R52 (18%) Shipped within 4 - 8 working days

Explore Britain's spellbinding and spectacular ruins. From haunting standing stones to atmosphere abbeys, from abandoned country houses to crumbling mines and deserted military defences, this guide reveals strange beauty and dramatic history hidden in Britain s landscape.

Some of the featured include the dramatic Botallick Mine and Corfe Castle, and prehistoric Stonehenge in the South West. The fabulous keep of Rochester Castle, the extravagant Racton Monument and the remote shingle spit of Orford Ness are just some of the ruins that can be seen in the South East and East. Much of The Midlands and the North is dominated by Hadrian s Wall but there is still much to see, including Lyveden New Bield in Northamptonshire a protected Grade I-listed building and a stark reminder of the impact of religious turmoil in the 16th and 17th centuries. And we mustn't forget the beautifully preserved Neolithic village of Skara Brae the oldest ruin in the whole of the United Kingdom, which can be found in Scotland.

Organised by region and including overview maps, plot your own journey around Britain's remarkable ruins.

Los Angeles Visual Notebook: Mustard Yellow (Paperback): Los Angeles Visual Notebook: Mustard Yellow (Paperback)
R320 R239 Discovery Miles 2 390 Save R81 (25%) Shipped within 7 - 11 working days
The Design Process and Art of the Single Family Home (Hardcover): Richard Bertman The Design Process and Art of the Single Family Home (Hardcover)
Richard Bertman
R837 R641 Discovery Miles 6 410 Save R196 (23%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Outlines the practical realities faced by a design professional when trying to balance a client brief and environmental conditions with creative inspiration. How do our minds work when we design? How do we organise and assimilate information, create and evaluate options, and make decisions? These questions have fascinated and absorbed architect and sculptor Richard Bertman (FAIA) since his graduate school days. Now, after a 40-year career, Bertman has used the design of a vacation house as an experiment to explore these questions. The result, documented in 'The Design Process and the Art of the Single Family Home,' is a fascinating and revealing insight into the creative process. With detailed notes and sketches, Bertman charts each stage of the design process, questioning and examining why certain decisions are made, how problems are solved, and generally exploring the processes involved in creative thinking. AUTHOR: Richard Bertman is a founding principal of CBT Architects, a 250-person architectural, interior architecture and urban design firm, located in Boston, Massachusetts, United States. SELLING POINTS: * Outlines the practical realities faced by a design professional when trying to balance a client brief and environmental conditions with creative inspiration * A practical guide to dealing with design challenges and a fascinating exploration of the creative mind * Includes floor plans, detailed hand-drawn sketches, full-colour photography and accompanying text that describes each step of the design process * Will be of particular interest to design professionals and architecture enthusiasts 176 col.

Lost Futures (Hardcover): Owen Hopkins Lost Futures (Hardcover)
Owen Hopkins
R317 R259 Discovery Miles 2 590 Save R58 (18%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Lost Futures looks in detail at the wide range of buildings constructed in Britain between 1945 and 1979. Although their bold architectural aspirations reflected the forward-looking social ethos of the postwar era, many have since been either demolished or altered beyond recognition.Photographs taken at the time of their completion are accompanied by expertly researched captions that examine the buildings' design, creation, the ideals they embodied and the reasons for their eventual destruction. Lost Futures covers many building types, from housing to factories, commercial spaces and power stations, and presents the work of both iconic and lesser-known architects. The author charts the complex reasons that led to the loss of these projects' ambitious futures, and assesses whether some might one day be recaptured.

Forensic Architecture - Violence at the Threshold of Detectability (Hardcover): Eyal Weizman Forensic Architecture - Violence at the Threshold of Detectability (Hardcover)
Eyal Weizman
R760 R558 Discovery Miles 5 580 Save R202 (27%) Shipped within 7 - 11 working days

A new form of investigative practice that uses architecture as an optical device to investigate armed conflicts and environmental destruction. In recent years, the group Forensic Architecture began using novel research methods to undertake a series of investigations into human rights abuses. Today, the group provides crucial evidence for international courts and works with a wide range of activist groups, NGOs, Amnesty International, and the UN. Forensic Architecture has not only shed new light on human rights violations and state crimes across the globe, but has also created a new form of investigative practice that bears its name. The group uses architecture as an optical device to investigate armed conflicts and environmental destruction, as well as to cross-reference a variety of evidence sources, such as new media, remote sensing, material analysis, witness testimony, and crowd-sourcing. In Forensic Architecture, Eyal Weizman, the group's founder, provides, for the first time, an in-depthintroduction to the history, practice, assumptions, potentials, and double binds of this practice. The book includes an extensive array of images, maps, and detailed documentation that records the intricate work the group has performed. Traversing multiple scales and durations, the case studies in this volume include the analysis of the shrapnel fragments in a room struck by drones in Pakistan, the reconstruction of a contested shooting in the West Bank, the architectural recreation of a secret Syrian detention center from the memory of its survivors, a blow-by-blow account of a day-long battle in Gaza, and an investigation of environmental violence and climate change in the Guatemalan highlands and elsewhere. Weizman's Forensic Architecture,stunning and shocking in its critical narrative, powerful images,and daring investigations, presents a new form of public truth, technologically, architecturally, and aesthetically produced. The practice calls for a transformative politics in which architecture as a field of knowledge and a mode of interpretation exposes and confronts ever-new forms of state violence and secrecy.

On the Fringe - A Life in Decorating (Hardcover): Imogen Taylor On the Fringe - A Life in Decorating (Hardcover)
Imogen Taylor 1
R1,180 R778 Discovery Miles 7 780 Save R402 (34%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

If John Fowler was - in the words of the late Duchess of Devonshire - the Prince of Decorators, and Nancy Lancaster undoubted doyenne of English country house style, Imogen Taylor was their crown princess. She joined Colefax and Fowler in 1949 and was for many years John Fowler's trusted assistant. John - and Nancy - had total faith in Imogen's `perfect taste', and when John retired in 1971 he passed on to her all his clients - who ranged from HM The Queen, through duchesses and film stars, to ladies of the night. From this time until she retired in 1999 she was, along with Tom Parr, the firm's principal decorator. Over the years she extended the clientele she had inherited from John and developed her own subtle, comfortable and charming version of English country house style. In this unique combination of social history and style bible, Imogen Taylor brings a sharp eye and ready wit not only to decorating style but also to the social history of the latter part of the twentieth century. Here you will learn about how fabric walling was done, how the famous `twelve different whites' were applied, how to oil gild, how the passementerie was made for Buckingham Palace and Windsor, about Bessarabian carpets and trompe l'oeil painting and Nancy Lancaster's broderie anglaise lamp shades, `like a child's skirt or a ball dress'. You will also find the Duchess of Windsor dismissing the Duke (`David, you're not needed go and buy some brushes or something'), Dolly Rothschild's iron bed (`like a school or hospital bedstead'), Harry Hyams' reluctance to sign cheques (`It's like spilling my own blood!'), John Fowler in a tantrum yelling at the Duchess of Cornwall (she was a girl assistant at the time, not a client), Imogen being summoned to Howletts because `a young Siberian tiger, who had been in bed with Aspinall and his wife, had ripped down the silk hangings on the inside of their canopy bed.'

Sinan - Architect of Suleyman the Magnificent and the Ottoman Golden Age (Hardcover, Compact edition): John Freely Sinan - Architect of Suleyman the Magnificent and the Ottoman Golden Age (Hardcover, Compact edition)
John Freely
R694 R522 Discovery Miles 5 220 Save R172 (25%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Sinan was the greatest architect of the Ottoman Golden Age of the sixteenth century - when the Ottoman Empire reached its zenith of power and magnificence. His style marks the apogee of Turkish art. Under Suleyman the Magnificent and his succcessor Selmi II, Sinan designed hundreds of buildings: mosques, palaces, tombs, mausolea, hospitals, schools, caravanserai, bridges, aqueducts and baths, many of them presented and analysed in this book. In his greatest works, he adapted Byzantine and Islamic styles to produce something quite new: a centralized organization of absolute space unhindered by pillars or columns and covered by a soaring dome. An architect of genius in a dynamic new empire expanding into both Asia and Europe, he was a true man of the Renaissance.

Museum Without Walls (Paperback): Jonathan Meades Museum Without Walls (Paperback)
Jonathan Meades 1
R310 R219 Discovery Miles 2 190 Save R91 (29%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Jonathan Meades has an obsessive preoccupation with places. He has spent thirty sales & marketing years constructing sixty films, two novels and hundreds of pieces of journalism that explore an extraordinary range of them, from natural landscapes to man-made buildings and 'the gaps between them', drawing attention to what he calls 'the rich oddness of what we take for granted'. This book collects 54 pieces and six film scripts that dissolve the barriers between high and low culture, good and bad taste, deep seriousness and black comedy. Meades delivers what he calls 'heavy entertainment' - strong opinions backed up by an astonishing depth of knowledge. To read Meades on places, buildings, politics, or cultural history is an exhilarating workout for the mind. He leaves you better informed, more alert, less gullible.

50 Architects 50 Buildings - The buildings that inspire architects (Hardcover): Twentieth Century So 50 Architects 50 Buildings - The buildings that inspire architects (Hardcover)
Twentieth Century So; Edited by Pamela Buxton
R732 R502 Discovery Miles 5 020 Save R230 (31%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

The most inspirational buildings in the world, as chosen by well-known contemporary architects. In this book, published in conjunction with the Twentieth Century Society, 50 contemporary architects choose the buildings from around the world that have inspired them and made an impact on their own work. Architectural journalist Pamela Buxton interviewed each of the architects to create these outstanding portraits of the buildings that have influenced modern architecture. The diverse selection is introduced by Twentieth Century Society director Catherine Croft, and illustrated throughout with photographs by Gareth Gardner and Edward Tyler. The book features a diverse range of inspirational buildings, from housing estates to castles, coal mines to cathedrals. Work by the giants of twentieth-century architecture including Le Corbusier, Mies van der Rohe and Alvar Aalto are featured, as well as lesser-known gems. Examples include Richard Rogers (of RHSP) on Maison de Verre (Paris, France); Chris Williamson (of Weston Williamson) on the Eames House by Charles and Ray Eames (Los Angeles, USA); Takero Shimazaki (of T-SA, UK) on Hexenhaus by Alison and Peter Smithson (Bad Karlshafen, Germany); Ted Cullinan (of Cullinan Studio) on Chapel of Notre Dame Du Haut by Le Corbusier (Ronchamp, France); Michael Squire (of Squire & Partners, UK) on Grundtvig's Church by Peder Vilhelm Jensen-Klint (Copenhagen, Denmark); and Jonathan Woolf (of Jonathan Woolf Architects) on Haus Esters and Haus Lange by Mies van der Rohe (Krefeld, Germany). This beautifully produced book offers a great insight into the power of existing architecture and its immense influence on the world we build today.

Italian Home (Hardcover): Massimo Listri Italian Home (Hardcover)
Massimo Listri
R809 R526 Discovery Miles 5 260 Save R283 (35%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

This book is a mouthwatering tour of 20 of Italy's most beautiful and finely appointed country villas and palazzos, captured by the lens of renowned architecture photographer Massimo Listri. Italy attracts visitors from all over the world thanks to its sun-drenched landscape, rich history, enticing traditions and welcoming lifestyles. Listri's stunning photographs vary between sweeping panoramas of the houses in their glorious settings to close-ups of specific rooms, furniture and design details. These houses provide glorious fodder for dreaming as well as a concrete source of inspiration for creating one's own personal style.

The Architecture of James Gowan - Modernity and Reinvention (Paperback): Ellis Woodman The Architecture of James Gowan - Modernity and Reinvention (Paperback)
Ellis Woodman; Edited by Duncan McCorquodale
R708 Discovery Miles 7 080 Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

The book covers the entirety of Gowan's work, from his early employment with Powell and Moya and Lyons Israel Ellis through a selection of key projects from his partnership with James Stirling, such as the Leicester Engineering Faculty, 1963. Since then, Gowan has realised 40 years of work under his own name, including the Schreiber House, 1964, one of the most significant houses to be built in Britain in the past century. Following his designs for social housing in the 1960s and 70s the book profiles Gowan's work through to the present day, where at 83 he is completing the Humanitas Hospital in Milan.

Envisioning Better Cities - A Global Tour of Good Ideas (Paperback): Nancy RivenburgH, Patricia Chase Envisioning Better Cities - A Global Tour of Good Ideas (Paperback)
Nancy RivenburgH, Patricia Chase
R446 R329 Discovery Miles 3 290 Save R117 (26%) Shipped within 7 - 11 working days

Envisioning Better Cities: A Global Tour of Good Ideas takes readers on a world tour of useful, feasible, and novel ideas for making cities more livable and sustainable. The book visits cities of all sizes, on all continents, to share what people are doing - now - to tackle the economic, social and environmental challenges their communities face. The book travels to Denmark, Australia, Cuba, China, Canada, Germany, Israel, Brazil, the United States, and more for good ideas that will engage and empower people to take part in the future of their city. Whether describing the benefits of yarn bombs in Madrid, the creation of pollinator pathways in Seattle, or the transformative power of garbage-for-food programs in Curitiba, Brazil this book brings together a compelling collection of examples to shift how we think about improving cities. To do this, the chapters are organised around the essential ingredients for improving our cities: Inviting People, Inspiring People, Connecting People, Communicating with People, Moving People and Supporting People. The hope is that by taking readers on a tour of diverse cities - large and small, wealthy and struggling - that their imaginations will be triggered about what they can do to improve their own cities.

Project Planning & Design 5.0 (Cards, 2nd ed.): Brightwood Architecture Education Project Planning & Design 5.0 (Cards, 2nd ed.)
Brightwood Architecture Education
R1,020 R779 Discovery Miles 7 790 Save R241 (24%) Shipped within 7 - 11 working days
Wiltshire Follies (Paperback): Jonathan Holt Wiltshire Follies (Paperback)
Jonathan Holt
R346 R281 Discovery Miles 2 810 Save R65 (19%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Wiltshire is one of the best counties in Britain for architectural fancy, for the county's residents have expressed their passion for building in a plethora of styles including Gothic, Rustic, classical, Monumental, Chinese, Indian, Italianate and Japanese. We can see their ingenuity and eccentricity in an equally wide variety of building types, including shell houses, grottoes, pagodas, towers, temples, summer houses, tea houses, gazebos, belvederes, lodges, gatehouses, pavilions, arches, loggias... the list is endless. The stories behind them are many and various - built out of passion, megalomania, showing off one's wealth or to keep up with one's neighbours or, in contrast, delicate artistry and finesse. Many are on well-known estates such as Stourhead and Bowood, but others are rarely seen by the public, tucked away in private grounds to which exclusive access has been gained for this book.

Bright 2 - Architectural Illumination and Light Installations (Hardcover): Carmel McNamara, Ana Martins Bright 2 - Architectural Illumination and Light Installations (Hardcover)
Carmel McNamara, Ana Martins
R1,213 R886 Discovery Miles 8 860 Save R327 (27%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

The use of light and illumination in architecture and design is currently evolving and making an increasingly significant impact in various creative disciplines. Today, architects use light installations to create a different nighttime identity for buildings that allow for additional functions and presentations. Light is also important for interior designers, who use it to give the impression of a room where there isn't one or make a space seem bigger or smaller. Others use light to conjure works of art, forms, and images out of nothing or to give entire city centers a whole new look. In short: light is a magical medium for creative experimentation that today's designers are using to produce a broad spectrum of exciting work.

"Bright 2" presents a rich selection of these innovative projects that are setting trends in the creative use of light. The included work has been implemented in both a commercial and cultural context around the world. Each designer or design company is featured in an eight-page spread that includes both stunning photography and detailed technical information.

This inspiring volume is an up-to-date reference tool for professionals working in the fields of light design, architecture, and art. The book reflects the current role of illumination as a multifaceted and interactive design element. In doing so, "Bright 2" literally sheds new light on the future of architecture and design.

Simplified Engineering for Architects and Builders (Hardcover, 12th Edition): James Ambrose, Patrick Tripeny Simplified Engineering for Architects and Builders (Hardcover, 12th Edition)
James Ambrose, Patrick Tripeny
R1,987 R1,409 Discovery Miles 14 090 Save R578 (29%) Shipped within 7 - 13 working days

The bestselling structural design reference, fully updated and revised Simplified Engineering for Architects and Builders is the go-to reference on structural design, giving architects and designers a concise introduction to the structures commonly used for typical buildings. The clear, accessible presentation is designed to give you the essential engineering information you need without getting bogged down in excess math, making this book an ideal reference for busy design professionals. This new 12th edition has been completely revised to reflect the latest standards and practices. The instructor site includes a complete suite of teaching resources, including an instructor's manual and a PowerPoint presentation. Structural design is an essential component of the architect's repertoire, and engineering principles are at the foundation of every sound structure. You need to know the physics, but you don't necessarily need to know all of the math. This book gives you exactly what you need without losing you in a tangle of equations, so you can quickly grasp and apply the material. * Understand fundamental concepts like forces, loading, and reactions * Learn how to design for wood, steel, or concrete construction * Study structural design standards and develop sound structural systems * Determine the best possible solutions to difficult design challenges The industry-leading reference for over 80 years, Simplified Engineering for Architects and Builders is the definitive guide to practical structural design.

L4 House - Luciano Kruk (Hardcover, Unabridged edition): Oscar Riera Ojeda L4 House - Luciano Kruk (Hardcover, Unabridged edition)
Oscar Riera Ojeda
R987 R670 Discovery Miles 6 700 Save R317 (32%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

We wanted the house to lie amid the woods | Landscape, esthetics, and common sense are the three axes that direct the work of Argentine architect Luciano Kruk. This book illustrates in great detail one of his most representative works: his own summer house. And it is precisely because it tackles a self-imposed need that his deepest insights about architecture are condensed in this house. | L4 HOUSE is one of Kruk's most mature works, one in which he managed to stretch his esthetic and spatial search to the extreme. The author's philosophy and architectural values emerge through a thorough study of this house. "You learn watching", Luciano sometimes says. | In this project as in all of his other buildings, Kruk seeks to create essential spaces where the esthetic pleasures can be enjoyed. His structures aim to provide an harmonious integration with the landscape, since he cosiders houses to be shelters.

Environmental Modernism - The Architecture of STRANG (Hardcover, Unabridged edition): Oscar Riera Ojeda Environmental Modernism - The Architecture of STRANG (Hardcover, Unabridged edition)
Oscar Riera Ojeda
R1,943 R1,286 Discovery Miles 12 860 Save R657 (34%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

The work of [STRANG] is beautifully explored in this robust monograph which highlights the firm's site-specific and climate-driven designs. The ability to create stunning architectural designs while maintaining an acute awareness of the surrounding environment has come to define their work. Under the creative direction of Max Strang FAIA, the Miami-based firm continues to advance many of the timeless concepts set forth by the famed Sarasota School of Architecture. Strang's early exposure to that mid-century modernist movement resulted in a deep respect for structures that are intimately connected to their surroundings as they celebrate the Florida climate. This first monograph of Strang's work contains a collection of conceptual drawings, text and professional photography that underscores the ongoing relevance and importance of regional modernist design. It is the architectural responses to site and climate that infuse the specific designs with character and identity, resulting in a uniquely Floridian version of modernism.

Education and Contextualism - Architects Design Partnership (Hardcover): Architects Design Partnership Education and Contextualism - Architects Design Partnership (Hardcover)
Architects Design Partnership
R861 R673 Discovery Miles 6 730 Save R188 (22%) Shipped within 7 - 11 working days

"Education and Contextualism" focuses on Architects Design Partnership's work for schools, universities and colleges. The book begins by placing the founding of the practice against the cultural backdrop of Britain in the 1960s, with the death of Winston Churchill, the emergence of The Beatles, and the foundation of many 'redbrick' universities. The reader is then taken on a journey through ADP's development, taking in their major educational projects, which encompass a wide variety of purposes - auditoria; halls of residence and boarding houses; support and leisure services; education spaces for specialist subjects such as Art, Technology, Sport, Medicine; and Information Technology and E-learning. The book follows ADP's work both for new projects, such as the University of Birmingham and Oxford Science Park, and their extensions and additions to historic and listed buildings, such as the Palace of Westminster, Oxford Castle and Highgate School. In doing so, ADP's concern with building materials, budget, regeneration, landscaping, and environmental context is fully explored. "Education and Contextualism" reflects ADP's unique approach to architecture and is a worthy celebration of the practice's 40th anniversary.

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