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Antebellum Homes of Georgia (Hardcover): David King Gleason Antebellum Homes of Georgia (Hardcover)
David King Gleason
R951 R739 Discovery Miles 7 390 Save R212 (22%) Shipped within 7 - 11 working days

From the stately Gothic Revival and Regency-style houses of Savannah to the majestic, multicolumned plantation homes that punctuate rolling farmlands throughout the state, David King Gleason presents a splendid pictorial record of Georgia's fines pre-Civil War residences.The book begins with the town houses of Savannah, which include such landmark residences as the Andrew Low House, built in 1848 in the style of an early Victorian Renaissance villa, and the imposing Gree-Heldrim House, a Gothic Revival mansion that was the most expensive house built in Savannah prior to the Civil War. Wild Heron, located just south of Savannah on the Little Ogeechee River, is the oldest plantation house still standing in Georgia. A one-and-a-half story farmhouse built in the style of a West India cottage, it is being restored to reflect the period of the early 1800s.

Farther to the interior, in the area around Augusta, are such homes as Fruitlands, now the clubhouse of the Augusta national Golf Club; Meadow Garden; Ware's Folly; and Montrose, built in 1849 and one of the Loveliest Greek Revival houses in the area. Houses photographed along the Plantation Trail, from Athens to Macon, include the white-columned President's House, home since 1949 to the presidents of the University of Georgia; the Howell Cobb House, in Athens; Whitehall, in Covington; Glan Mary, in Sparta; and the Woodruff House, in Macon.

Gleason devotes considerable attention to the homes of the western side of the state, from Chickamauga to Thomasville. The Gordon-Lee House, constructed in 1847, was headquarters fro the Union army during the battle of chickamauga. Other houses in this part of Georgia are valley View, which overlooks the Etowah River, west of Cartersville; the Archibald Howell House, near downtown Marietta; Lovejoy, in Clayton Country; The oaks, in the vicinity of LaGrange; and Greenwood and Pebble Hill, near Thomasville.

In all, Gleason captures more than one hundred of Georgia's most beautiful antebellum homes, including many lesser-known houses. In addition to exterior photographs, Antebellum Homes of Georgia contains a number of interior views as well as aerial photographs that show the relationship between the houses and their environs: outbuildings, formal gardens, and recd clay fields that were once white with cotton. Captions provide brief histories of the houses and their owners as weel as notes on construction and outstanding architectural details.

Designing Homes for People with Dementia (Paperback): Damian Utton Designing Homes for People with Dementia (Paperback)
Damian Utton
R1,354 Discovery Miles 13 540 Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Good design helps to make the environment more understandable, resulting in huge benefits for everyone. The 25 case studies illustrated in this book demonstrate the principles of good design for people with dementia. The examples are drawn from nine countries across Northern Europe, North America and Australia. This book is an invaluable resource for anyone committed to improving the built environment for people with dementia: from chief executive officers and directors of service providers, through to officials from regulatory authorities, home managers and staff, architects and interior designers, as well as nursing, medical and related professions.

Stay Overnight - Hospitality Design in Repurposed Walls (Hardcover): Chris van Uffelen Stay Overnight - Hospitality Design in Repurposed Walls (Hardcover)
Chris van Uffelen
R927 R646 Discovery Miles 6 460 Save R281 (30%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days
Building Construction Illustrated (Paperback, 5th Edition): Francis D. K. Ching Building Construction Illustrated (Paperback, 5th Edition)
Francis D. K. Ching 3
R904 R667 Discovery Miles 6 670 Save R237 (26%) Shipped within 7 - 13 working days

The classic visual guide to the basics of building construction, now with a 3D digital building model for interactive learning

For over three decades, "Building Construction Illustrated" has offered an outstanding introduction to the principles of building construction. This new edition of the revered classic remains as relevant as ever, providing the latest information in Francis D.K. Ching's signature style. Its rich and comprehensive approach clearly presents all of the basic concepts underlying building construction.

New to this edition are digital enhancements delivered as an online companion to the print edition and also embedded in e-book editions. Features include a 3D model showing how building components come together in a final project.llustrated throughout with clear and accurate drawings that present the state of the art in construction processes and materialsUpdated and revised to include the latest knowledge on sustainability, incorporation of building systems, and use of new materialsContains archetypal drawings that offer clear inspiration for designers and draftersReflects the 2012 International Building Codes and 2012 LEED system

This new edition of "Building Construction Illustrated" remains as relevant as ever, with the most current knowledge presented in a rich and comprehensive manner that does not disappoint.

Almost Home - The Public Landscapes of Gertrude Jekyll (Hardcover): Kristine F. Miller Almost Home - The Public Landscapes of Gertrude Jekyll (Hardcover)
Kristine F. Miller
R901 R691 Discovery Miles 6 910 Save R210 (23%) Shipped within 7 - 11 working days

The perennial borders and woodland gardens Gertrude Jekyll designed for the estates of monied clients continue to inspire designers, historians, and enthusiasts today, as do her writings on the seasonal qualities of gardens. While numerous biographers, garden historians, and critics have described and analyzed Jekyll's private commissions, her public work has received little attention. "Almost Home" is the first book to address these projects by one of the world's most recognized and celebrated English garden designers.

Given the number of private gardens she created, the range of Jekyll's public projects is quite surprising--from a tuberculosis sanatorium to a village memorial for the radio operator of the Titanic to seven British war cemeteries in northern France. Perhaps even more than do her private landscapes, Jekyll's public designs reveal the garden's function as a symbol of complex themes and as an inspiration for complex emotions. They show how Jekyll's concept of the English landscape and Englishness, which she refined and promulgated in her writing and photography, could be deployed not only within the realm of everyday upper-class life, but as part of the language of health, memorial, and tribute.

This book will appeal to landscape, garden, and architectural historians for its new information, never-before-published original drawings, and details about Jekyll's collaboration with noted architects such as Herbert Baker, Charles Holden, and her fellow Arts and Crafts proponent, Edwin Lutyens.

The 50 Greatest Churches and Cathedrals of Great Britain (Paperback): Sue Dobson The 50 Greatest Churches and Cathedrals of Great Britain (Paperback)
Sue Dobson 1
R217 R175 Discovery Miles 1 750 Save R42 (19%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Britain is well-known for its churches and cathedrals; buildings of great architecture and religious grandeur that form many of our recognisable skylines. But these grand structures are also full of facts, histories and stories that you may not have been aware of. Did you know that there are only three cathedrals in Britain without a ringing bell? Or that St Davids Cathedral, nestled away in a Welsh valley, has a very unique choir, where the top line is sung only by female choristers, aged eight to eighteen? How about that the Great Pyramids in Egypt were the world's tallest structures for over 3,870 years, until the construction of Lincoln Cathedral in 1311? Award-wining travel writer and editor Sue Dobson takes us on a journey around the United Kingdom, showing us her highlights while providing fascinating details and stories along the way.

Handbook on Green Infrastructure - Planning, Design and Implementation (Hardcover): Danielle Sinnett, Nicholas Smith, Sarah... Handbook on Green Infrastructure - Planning, Design and Implementation (Hardcover)
Danielle Sinnett, Nicholas Smith, Sarah Burgess
R4,456 Discovery Miles 44 560 Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Green infrastructure encompasses many features in the built environment. It is widely recognised as a valuable resource in our towns and cities and it is therefore crucial to understand, create, protect and manage this resource. This Handbook sets the context for green infrastructure as a means to make urban environments more resilient, sustainable, liveable and equitable. Including state-of-the-art reviews that summarise the existing knowledge as well as research findings, this Handbook provides current evidence for the beneficial impact of green infrastructure on health, environmental quality and the economy. It discusses the planning and design of green infrastructure as a strategic network down to the individual features in a neighbourhood and looks at the process of green infrastructure implementation, emphasising the importance of collaboration across multiple professions and sectors. This comprehensive volume operates at multiple spatial scales, from strategic networks at the regional level to individual features in neighbourhoods, with international case studies used throughout to illustrate key examples of good practice. This collection of expert contributions will be invaluable to students and academics in the fields of planning, urban studies and geography. Practitioners and policy-makers will also find the policy discussion and examples enlightening.

Pilgrim Spy - My secret war against Putin, the KGB and the Stasi (Paperback): Tom Shore Pilgrim Spy - My secret war against Putin, the KGB and the Stasi (Paperback)
Tom Shore 1
R393 R255 Discovery Miles 2 550 Save R138 (35%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

This is one of the great untold stories of the twentieth century. It is a first-hand account of a mission by an SAS soldier sent behind the Iron Curtain by MI6 to find someone who didn't necessarily want to be found and how, on a follow-up mission, he found himself manoeuvring against a mysterious KGB officer - one Major Vladimir Putin and a murder plot by Kremlin hardliners. If the plot had succeeded, it would have given the Russians the excuse they were looking for to roll out the tanks across East Germany, the Berlin Wall would not have fallen - and the map of Europe would look very different today. It tells of roof top chases, the interrogation of terrorists to gain vital information, a beautiful, East German female (who he suspected of being a Stasi spy), betrayal by people he trusted, an escape through forests pursued by enemy agents and ending in a climactic gun battle at Colditz castle, formerly used by the Soviets as a psychiatric hospital to detain dissidents. In James Bond novels, it is MI6 operators who carry out this type of work, but in reality, when facing a committed foe in an isolated and deadly environment, the intelligence agencies call upon members of the British Special Forces. This is the first insider account of how UK operators working undercover, do what needs to be done in order to protect the UK's interests abroad - revealing their hidden hand in world events.

Loose-Fit Architecture - Designing Buildings for Change (Paperback): Alex Lifschutz Loose-Fit Architecture - Designing Buildings for Change (Paperback)
Alex Lifschutz
R681 R411 Discovery Miles 4 110 Save R270 (40%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Loose-Fit Architecture: Designing Buildings for Change September/October 2017 Profile 249 Volume 87 No 5 ISBN 978 1119 152644 Guest-Edited by Alex Lifschutz The idea that a building is finished or complete on the day it opens its doors is hardwired into existing thinking about design, planning and construction. But this ignores the unprecedented rate of social and technological change. A building only begins its life when the contractors leave. With resources at a premium and a greater need for a sustainable use of building materials, can we still afford to construct new housing or indeed any buildings that ignore the need for flexibility or the ability to evolve over time? Our design culture needs to move beyond the idealisation of a creative individual designer generating highly specific forms with fixed uses. The possibilities of adaptation and flexibility have often been overlooked, but they create hugely exciting loose-fit architectures that emancipate users to create their own versatile and vibrant environments. Contributors include: Stewart Brand, Renee Chow, Ellen Dunham-Jones and June Williamson, John Habraken, Edwin Heathcote, Despina Katsakakis, Stephen Kendall, Ian Lambot, Giorgio Macchi, Alexi Marmot, Andrea Martin, Kazunobo Minami, Peter Murray, Brett Steele, and Simon Sturgis.

The BIM Manager's Handbook - Guidance for Professionals in Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (Hardcover):... The BIM Manager's Handbook - Guidance for Professionals in Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (Hardcover)
Dominik Holzer
R710 R497 Discovery Miles 4 970 Save R213 (30%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

The BIM Manager's Handbook: Guidance for Professionals in Architecture, Engineering, and Construction Building Information Modelling (BIM) is a design and construction software that manages not just graphics, but also information information that enables the automatic generation of drawings and reports, design analysis, schedule simulation, facilities management, and cost analysis ultimately enabling any building team to make better-informed decisions. This allows a range of professionals architects, engineers, construction managers, surveyors, cost estimators, project managers, and facility managers to share this information throughout a building's lifecycle. BIM is now recognized worldwide for the efficiencies it delivers in terms of working collaboratively, communication, processes, cost savings, and a property's lifecycle management. With the widespread adoption of BIM, BIM Managers have become a much-needed new breed of professionals in architectural, engineering, and construction practice. Their role is often misunderstood and ill-defined, and such are the day-to-day deliverables that they are likely to face. The BIM Manager's Handbook provides an in-depth account of the breadth of activities that any BIM Manager or staff member, who is actively engaged in the delivery of project, is required to undertake. Providing prereleases of the final work, The BIM Manager's Handbook ePart series isolates significant topics around BIM management. In the sixth and final ePart, BIM is taken to the next level by outlining what is required to truly excel as a BIM Manager. It highlights how BIM Managers acquire the necessary communication skills to maximize an efficient information flow between the BIM Manager and others. It illustrates how BIM Managers tie their activities to cutting-edge BIM research and development globally. Lastly, this ePart lays out how to promote BIM excellence both within an organization and beyond.

Salisbury Cathedral Guidebook (Paperback, UK ed.): Pitkin Salisbury Cathedral Guidebook (Paperback, UK ed.)
R143 R101 Discovery Miles 1 010 Save R42 (29%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Salisbury Cathedral - English edition

South African house plans 2 (Paperback): Inhouseplans South African house plans 2 (Paperback)
Inhouseplans 2
R290 R228 Discovery Miles 2 280 Save R62 (21%) Shipped within 4 - 8 working days

One of the more appealing ways to obtain the house of your dreams is to buy a stand and have it built according to your own requirements. South African House Plans 2 is a book for people who plan to build their homes or just wish to browse for ideas. It features 121 house plans ranging from 45 to 566 m2 and contains many different architectural styles. The inclusion of 3D renderings differentiates this title from the first and provides a novel way for builders to better envision their future home. The plans are aimed at the local market and comply with South African building regulations and conditions. All the plans have been designed by qualified and, in some instances, award-winning architects. The plans featured in the title can be purchased on the website www.inhouseplans.com.

Single-Handedly - Contemporary Architects Draw by Hand (Hardcover): Nalina Moses Single-Handedly - Contemporary Architects Draw by Hand (Hardcover)
Nalina Moses
R837 R574 Discovery Miles 5 740 Save R263 (31%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Part of the generation of architects who were trained to draw both by hand and with digital tools, Nalina Moses recently returned to hand drawing. Finding it to be direct, pleasurable, and intuitive, she wondered whether other architects felt the same way. Single-Handedly is the result of this inquiry. An inspiring collection of 220 hand drawings by more than forty emerging architects and well-known practitioners from around the world, this book explores the reasons they draw by hand and gives testimony to the continued vitality of hand drawing in architecture. The powerful yet intimate drawings carry larger propositions about materials, space, and construction, and each one stands on its own as a work of art.

Chris Wilkinson; Drawing What I See - Travel Sketches (Hardcover): Chris Wilkinson Chris Wilkinson; Drawing What I See - Travel Sketches (Hardcover)
Chris Wilkinson
R391 R309 Discovery Miles 3 090 Save R82 (21%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

A collection of the award-winning architect's travel sketches, showing inspirational buildings across the globe. Includes Sydney Opera House, St Paul's Cathedral and the Tokyo skyline. Chris Wilkinson, the founder of the architectural practice WilkinsonEyre, is responsible for beautiful buildings and structures in London and beyond, including the Gasholders at King's Cross, the redevelopment of Battersea Power Station, and the Gateshead Millennium Bridge. In this appealing publication, Wilkinson presents the sketches he makes while travelling for business and leisure, usually focusing on inspirational buildings or urban cityscapes. His travels have taken him as far afield as the West Indies, Russia, Egypt, Australia and Japan. Wherever he goes, he finds an hour or two to sit and sketch - whether in a hotel room with a view or on a cafe terrace with a cappuccino. From the medieval Tuscan town of Lucca to ancient Egyptian architecture, the Sydney Opera House and the skylines of London, Tokyo and New York, Wilkinson introduces each sketch and ruminates on his work, his travels, and the cities and buildings that have most inspired him.

The New Paradigm in Architecture (Hardcover, 7th): Charles Jencks The New Paradigm in Architecture (Hardcover, 7th)
Charles Jencks 1
R901 Discovery Miles 9 010 Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

The New Paradigm in Architecture tells the story of a movement that has changed the face of architecture over the last forty years. The book begins by surveying the counter culture of the 1960s, when Jane Jacobs and Robert Venturi called for a more complex urbanism and architecture. It concludes by showing how such demands began to be realized by the 1990s in a new architecture that is aided by computer design-more convivial, sensuous, and articulate than the Modern architecture it challenges. Promoted by such architects as Frank Gehry, Daniel Libeskind, and Peter Eisenman, it has also been adopted by many schools and offices around the world. Charles Jencks traces the history of computer design which is, at its heart, built on the desire for an architecture that communicates with its users, one based on the heterogeneity of cities and global culture. This book, the first to explore the broad issue of Postmodernism, has fostered its growth in other fields such as philosophy and the arts. First written at the start of an architectural movement in the mid-1970s, it has been translated into eleven languages and has gone through six editions. Now completely rewritten and with two new chapters, this edition brings the history up to date with the latest twists in the narrative and the turn to a new complexity in architecture.

Architecture - Form, Space, & Order (Paperback, 4th Edition): Francis D. K. Ching Architecture - Form, Space, & Order (Paperback, 4th Edition)
Francis D. K. Ching 3
R988 R724 Discovery Miles 7 240 Save R264 (27%) Shipped within 7 - 13 working days

The revered architectural reference, updated with contemporary examples and interactive 3D models The Interactive Resource Center is an online learning environment where instructors and students can access the tools they need to make efficient use of their time, while reinforcing and assessing their understanding of key concepts for successful understanding of the course. An access card with redemption code for the online Interactive Resource Center is included with all new, print copies or can be purchased separately. (***If you rent or purchase a used book with an access code, the access code may have been redeemed previously and you may have to purchase a new access code -ISBN: 9781118986837). The online Interactive Resource Center contains resources tied to the book, such as: * Interactive Animations highlighting key concepts * Photo Gallery of architectural precedents illustrated in the book * Flashcards for focused learning Architecture: Form, Space, and Order, Fourth Edition is the classic introduction to the basic vocabulary of architectural design, updated with new information on emerging trends and recent developments. This bestselling visual reference helps both students and professionals understand the vocabulary of architectural design by examining how space and form are ordered in the environment. Essential and timeless, the fundamental elements of space and form still present a challenge to those who crave a deeper understanding. Taking a critical look at the evolution of spaces, Architecture distills complex concepts of design into a clear focus that inspires, bringing difficult abstractions to life. The book is illustrated throughout to demonstrate the concepts presented, and show the relationships between fundamental elements of architecture through the ages and across cultures. Topics include: * Primary elements and the principles of space design * Form and space, including light, view, openings, and enclosures * Organization of space, and the elements and relationships of circulation * Proportion and scale, including proportioning systems and anthropometry

The Fabric of Place - Allies and Morrison (Paperback, New): Bob Allies, Diane Haigh, Graham Morrison The Fabric of Place - Allies and Morrison (Paperback, New)
Bob Allies, Diane Haigh, Graham Morrison
R486 Discovery Miles 4 860 Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Cities are the product of a myriad of forces. Their forms and structures evolve over centuries and articulate the relationships between us, their citizens--how we live, work and connect. Although constantly changing, they are also remarkably fragile, particularly in these times of rapid expansion and consequent pressures for increased density. Cities need careful cultivation by all involved in making proposals for their growth, if new projects are to support the continuity of existing city fabric, reinforce the particular identity of place and provide new
workable living environments.
Through their urban design work in many cities, Allies and Morrison have participated in ongoing discussions around many current issues. This book combines insights about how cities work with observations on how development plans can help, or hinder, their further evolution. Written by people in the practice, it draws together the rich ideas, theories, precedents and explorations that have informed their work and illustrates them with case studies of individual projects. The Fabric of Place: Allies and Morrison reflects on work-in-progress, as continuing conversations between theory and realisation.

Georgian and Regency Conservatories (Paperback): Melissa Thompson, Michael Borozdin-Bidnell Georgian and Regency Conservatories (Paperback)
Melissa Thompson, Michael Borozdin-Bidnell
R575 R460 Discovery Miles 4 600 Save R115 (20%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Conservatories emerged in the early 19th century as a result of an increased interest in horticulture as well as developments in glass and iron manufacture, and in methods of heating. These technical innovations led to a new type of glasshouse with greater levels of light and more efficiently regulated heat, rendering them more equipped to house permanent displays of plants and flowers. Conservatories thus became a more agreeable place in which to spend time and so they began to be attached to the house in order to be used as a social space. Drawing on contemporary architects' plans, horticultural publications, diaries and memoirs, this book shows how and why conservatories emerged in the form they did, and explores what they were like inside and how they were used by their owners. The second part of the book focuses on how various elements of conservatories may be conserved. This section examines the ways in which the materials and components of these often forgotten, but nonetheless architecturally and culturally significant structures, have deteriorated, as well as the various methods and approaches used in their conservation. Divided into five sections, specific case studies highlight practical approaches to the conservation and repair of metalwork, glazing, woodwork and surface coatings, as well as the importance of recording and storage. This study will offer practical guidance for practitioners, architects, owners, and those involved in the heritage industry.

Place in the Sun - Green Living and the Solar Home (Hardcover): Stephen Snyder Place in the Sun - Green Living and the Solar Home (Hardcover)
Stephen Snyder
R1,045 R582 Discovery Miles 5 820 Save R463 (44%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

A Place in the Sun showcases two dozen inspiring homes from across the country that are well-appointed, stunning, and filled inside and out- with green materials, design, and decor. These environmentally responsible, perfectly designed solar-powered homes, here sumptuously photographed, will inspire readers to see their homes as places that can blend sustainability and beauty. The book vividly demonstrates that living green doesn't have to be about sacrificing comfort and living with less. Incisive, clearly written text offers profiles of the featured houses through interviews with the homeowners and includes extensive practical information in sidebars covering everything from green decorating and earth-friendly remodeling to healthy home tips and shopping resources. This is not a how to book, but it will feature extensive details about how and why each homeowner achieved the dream of green living. The reader will benefit from practical advice derived from the experience of homeowners, builders, and architects, who have all achieved the dream of creating not only a solar home but a home that is green inside and out.

Barcelona Masala - Narratives and Interactions in Cultural Space (Paperback): Robert  E. D'Souza, Daniel Moragas Barcelona Masala - Narratives and Interactions in Cultural Space (Paperback)
Robert E. D'Souza, Daniel Moragas
R431 Discovery Miles 4 310 Shipped within 7 - 12 working days
Soviet Asia - Soviet Modernist Architecture in Central Asia (Hardcover): Roberto Conte, Stefano Perego Soviet Asia - Soviet Modernist Architecture in Central Asia (Hardcover)
Roberto Conte, Stefano Perego; Edited by Damon Murray, Stephen Sorrell
R589 R396 Discovery Miles 3 960 Save R193 (33%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

A fantastic collection of Soviet Asian architecture, many photographed here for the first time Soviet Asia explores the Soviet modernist architecture of Central Asia. Italian photographers Roberto Conte and Stefano Perego crossed the former Soviet republics of Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan, documenting buildings constructed from the 1950s until the fall of the USSR. The resulting images showcase the majestic, largely unknown, modernist buildings of the region. Museums, housing complexes, universities, circuses, ritual palaces - all were constructed using a composite aesthetic. Influenced by Persian and Islamic architecture, pattern and mosaic motifs articulated a connection with Central Asia. Grey concrete slabs were juxtaposed with colourful tiling and rectilinear shapes broken by ornate curved forms: the brutal designs normally associated with Soviet-era architecture were reconstructed with Eastern characteristics. Many of the buildings shown in Soviet Asia are recorded here for the first time, making this book an important document, as despite the recent revival of interest in Brutalist and Modernist architecture, a number of them remain under threat of demolition. The publication includes two contextual essays, one by Alessandro De Magistris (architect and History of Architecture professor, University of Milan, contributor to the book Vertical Moscow) and the other by Marco Buttino (Modern and Urban History professor, University of Turin, specializing in the history of social change in the USSR).

Berthold Lubetkin - Architecture and the Tradition of Progress (Hardcover): John Allan Berthold Lubetkin - Architecture and the Tradition of Progress (Hardcover)
John Allan
R1,072 Discovery Miles 10 720 Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Berthold Lubetkin: Architecture and the Tradition of Progress is the definitive account of the life and works of Berthold Lubetkin (1901-1990), Britain's leading Modernist architect. He was awarded the RIBA Royal Gold Medal for Architecture and he is believed to have more listed buildings to his credit than any other twentieth century architect in Britain. Following a 20-year friendship, author and architect John Allan documents unpublished drawings, photographs, and extracts of writing in this richly illustrated study. Allan sets Lubetkin's work in the wider historical, social and political environment of the time. From Lubetkin's early work in Paris in the 1920s, when he was acquainted with renowned architects such as August Perret and Le Corbusier through to the work of his practice Tecton, the book provides a comprehensive account of his landmark buildings for London Zoo, Finsbury Borough Council and the famous Highpoint apartments. His post-war work, including the troubled project to build Peterlee New Town, is also fully covered. Originally published in 1992 by RIBA Publications, this updated and comprehensive study is an essential book for students of architecture and the modern period, practitioners of architecture and design alike, as well as anyone with an interest in one of the great figures in twentieth century architecture.

The New Acropolis Museum (Paperback): Demetrios Pantermales, Bernard Tschumi Architects The New Acropolis Museum (Paperback)
Demetrios Pantermales, Bernard Tschumi Architects
R492 R376 Discovery Miles 3 760 Save R116 (24%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

A comprehensive look at the eagerly anticipated New Acropolis Museum in Athens, Greece, and the celebrated collection it houses. Marking the opening of the New Acropolis Museum, this book examines both its architecture and the archaeological treasures it was built to house. The building addresses the dramatic complexities of the collection and the site with minimalist simplicity by using three main materials--glass, stainless steel, and concrete. "There's no way at the beginning of the twenty-first century you can try to imitate even superficially the art of 2,500 years ago," Tschumi says. The "precision of the concept was really what counted." The book provides an in-depth look at the creation of the building, set only 280 meters from the Parthenon, as well as the restoration, preservation, and housing of its exhibits through over 200 photographs, drawings, and texts.

The Classical Buildings of Bath (Paperback): Mike Jenner The Classical Buildings of Bath (Paperback)
Mike Jenner
R612 R572 Discovery Miles 5 720 Save R40 (7%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Architect Mike Jenner describes Bath's more notable classical buildings, explains the rules to which they were expected to conform, and tells how a few geniuses broke them to move European architecture and urban planning triumphantly forward. The book ranges from the Roman era through eighteenth-century showpieces such as John Wood's Circus and Royal Crescent to the controversial late twentieth-century Cavendish Lodge. The author shows how the problem of designing buildings which fit harmoniously into their context is not new, and gives examples of eighteenth-century classical buildings in Bath which caused serious visual damage to the earlier ones around them. He explains how this reflected the see-saw of fashion, with the work of every generation despised and rejected by the next, and then brought back into esteem by a later one. The Classical Buildings of Bath demonstrates the pleasure to be obtained from looking at classical buildings with proper understanding and the benefit of Stephen Morris' superlative photographs.

Evoking through Design - Contemporary Moods in Architecture (Paperback): Matias del Campo Evoking through Design - Contemporary Moods in Architecture (Paperback)
Matias del Campo
R669 R409 Discovery Miles 4 090 Save R260 (39%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Evoking Through Design: Contemporary Moods in Architecture is visually stunning, featuring built work and speculative projects, which highlight how contemporary practices are using devices such as spatial compositing, surface articulation and novel manipulations of materials in order to constitute spatial conditions radiating in delicate and sophisticated atmospheres. Contributors: Benjamin Bratton, Jeffrey Kipnis, Neil Leach, Silvia Levin, Frederic Migayrou, Juhani Pallasmaa, David Ruy, and Mario Carpo. Architects: Phillip Beesley, Marjan Colletti, Hernan Diaz Alonso, Evan Douglis, Michael Hansmayer, Steven Holl,Ferda Kolatan, Sean Lally, Greg Lynn and Peter Zumthor.

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