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They are at rest (Sheet music, Vocal score): John Rutter They are at rest (Sheet music, Vocal score)
John Rutter; Edward Elgar
R66 Discovery Miles 660 Dispatched within 7 - 12 working days

for SATB unaccompanied Described by Elgar as an elegy for unaccompanied chorus, this mournful, reverent, and dignified setting was composed for a service commemorating Queen Victoria on the anniversary of her death. The text is by Cardinal John Henry Newman, whose poem The Dream of Gerontius was set by Elgar in one of his most enduringly popular works.

Harry Potter - Hogwarts - A Movie Scrapbook (Hardcover): Warner Bros Harry Potter - Hogwarts - A Movie Scrapbook (Hardcover)
Warner Bros 1
R350 R285 Discovery Miles 2 850 Save R65 (19%) Dispatched within 9 - 13 working days

Every year, students clamber aboard the Hogwarts Express at platform nine and three-quarters and make their way to Hogwarts for the start of another school year. In the atmospheric castle and its vast grounds, they learn how to brew potions and cast spells, how to tend magical creatures and defend themselves from dark magic. This magical scrapbook takes young readers behind the scenes at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, covering everything from how students arrive at the school and are sorted into houses to the many magical subjects they study while there. From Transfiguration to Divination, and from Herbology to Charms and Quidditch, we are transported into the world of Harry and his friends with detailed profiles of each subject and information about the professors, classrooms and key lessons seen in the films. Gorgeously illustrated with dazzling concept art, behind-the-scenes photographs, and fascinating reflections from the actors and filmmakers, the scrapbook gives readers a spellbinding tour of Hogwarts life. Destined to be a must-have collectable for fans of Harry Potter, Hogwarts: A Movie Scrapbook also comes packed with interactive inserts.

The Enthusiast's Guide to iPhone Photography (Paperback): Sean Duggan The Enthusiast's Guide to iPhone Photography (Paperback)
Sean Duggan
R461 R322 Discovery Miles 3 220 Save R139 (30%) Dispatched within 7 - 12 working days
Magic Is Dead - My Journey into the World's Most Secretive Society of Magicians (Hardcover): Ian Frisch Magic Is Dead - My Journey into the World's Most Secretive Society of Magicians (Hardcover)
Ian Frisch
R491 R363 Discovery Miles 3 630 Save R128 (26%) Dispatched within 7 - 11 working days

In the vein of Neil Strauss' The Game and Joshua Foer's Moonwalking with Einstein comes the fascinating story of one man's colorful, mysterious, and personal journey into the world of magic, and his unlikely invitation into an underground secret society of revolutionary magicians from around the world. Magic Is Dead is Ian Frisch's head-first dive into a hidden world full of extraordinary characters and highly guarded secrets. It is a story of imagination, deception, and art that spotlights today's most brilliant young magicians-a mysterious club known as the52, who are revolutionizing an ancient artform under the mantra Magic Is Dead. Ian brings us with him as he not only gets to know this fascinating world, but also becomes an integral part of it. We meet the52's founding members-Laura London, Daniel Madison, and Chris Ramsay-and explore their personal demons, professional aspirations, and what drew them to their craft. We join them at private gatherings of the most extraordinary magicians working today, follow them to magic conventions in Las Vegas and England, and discover some of the best tricks of the trade. We also encounter David Blaine; hang out with Penn Jillette; meet Dynamo, the U.K.'s most famous magician; and go behind the scenes of a Netflix magic show. Magic Is Dead is also a chronicle of magic's rich history and how it has changed in the internet age, as the young guns embrace social media and move away from the old-school take on the craft. As he tells the story of the52, and his role as its most unlikely member, Ian reveals his own connection with trickery and deceit and how he first learned the elements that make magic work from his poker-playing mother. He recalls their adventures in card rooms and casinos after his father's sudden death, and shares a touching moment that he had, as a working journalist, with his childhood idol Shaquille O'Neal. "Magic-the romanticism of the inexplicable, the awe and admiration of the unexpected-is an underlying force in how we view the world and its myriad possibilities," Ian writes. As his journey continues, Ian not only becomes a performer and creator of magic-even fooling the late Anthony Bourdain during a chance encounter-he also cements a new brotherhood, and begins to understand his relationship with his father, fifteen years after his death. Written with psychological acuity and a keen eye for detail, Magic Is Dead is an engrossing tale full of wonder and surprise.

Pattern Design (Hardcover): Elizabeth Wilhide Pattern Design (Hardcover)
Elizabeth Wilhide
R1,049 R690 Discovery Miles 6 900 Save R359 (34%) Dispatched within 7 - 12 working days

Throughout history, patterns have come in countless permutations of motif, colour-way and scale. Yet what all have in common is the regularity of repetition, that insistent rhythm that animates a flat surface with a sense of movement and vitality and gives it depth. Evident in the arrangement of petals on a flower head, the branching growth of stems and vines, the spirals of a seashell - pattern is inherent in the natural world that surrounds us. Powerful and transformative, pattern has an irrepressible joie de vivre. With more than 1,500 illustrations of patterns from all ages and cultures, Pattern Design is a visual feast. This comprehensive compendium is arranged thematically according to type, with chapters on Flora, Fauna, Pictorial, Geometric and Abstract designs. These broad categories are supplemented by in-depth features highlighting the work of key designers from the rich history of pattern-making - such as William Morris, Sonia Delaunay, Charles and Ray Eames, Lucienne Day and Orla Kiely - along with sections detailing the characteristic motifs of key period styles from Baroque to Art Deco.

Christmas Eve (Sheet music, Vocal score): Gabriel Jackson Christmas Eve (Sheet music, Vocal score)
Gabriel Jackson
R66 Discovery Miles 660 Dispatched within 7 - 12 working days

for SATB (with divisions) unaccompanied In this atmospheric piece Gabriel Jackson sets a text by the Victorian poet Christina Rossetti. The first stanza is sung by sopranos only, with expressive chromatic lines evoking the 'darkness' and 'chillness' referred to in the text. The music flowers into four parts for the contrasting second stanza, with rich harmonies and flowing melismas creating a sumptuous texture.

The blasts of chill December (Sheet music, Vocal score): James BASSI The blasts of chill December (Sheet music, Vocal score)
R63 Discovery Miles 630 Dispatched within 7 - 12 working days

for SATB and piano This rousing carol sets a text by the nineteenth-century Scottish poet Norval Clyne. Bassi's setting perfectly captures the contrast between light and darkness in Clyne's text, with simple vocal lines underscored by a busy piano part culminating in a powerful ending evoking the peels of church bells on Christmas morning. An orchestral accompaniment is available on hire/rental.

Born Lippy - How to Do Female (Hardcover): Jo Brand Born Lippy - How to Do Female (Hardcover)
Jo Brand 1
R469 R362 Discovery Miles 3 620 Save R107 (23%) Dispatched within 7 - 12 working days

'Feisty and funny' Sunday Express Sometimes it's hard to be a woman and sometimes it's time to be a hard woman . . . This is a book for all those times. Once upon a (very very) long time ago Jo Brand was what you might describe as 'a nice little girl'. Of course, that was before the values of cynicism, misogyny and the societal expectation that Jo would be thin, feminine and demure sent her off down Arsey Avenue. The plot thickened, when due to a complicated fusion of hormones, horrible family dynamics and a no-good boyfriend they hated, Jo ended up leaving home at 16. Now she's considerably further along life's inevitable bloody 'journey' - and she's fucked up enough times to feel confident she has no wisdom to offer anyone. But who cares? She's going to do it anyway... Born Lippy is a gathering of all the things Jo Brand wishes she'd known, all the things she's learnt, and all the things she hopes for the future. A century after women got the vote (albeit married women over the age of 28) it's time to take stock of exactly what it means to be female today. And if there's one thing women are entitled to, it's having a bloody good moan about things big and small - so here goes . . . HOW TO MANAGE A BULLY * YOUR FAMILY AND HOW TO SURVIVE IT * WHAT NO-ONE TELLS YOU ABOUT THE FEMALE BODY * BEING DIFFERENT * SOCIAL MEDIA IS NOT SOCIABLE * HOW NOT TO FALL IN LOVE * FEMINISM: A RE-BRANDING * ADVENTURES IN YOUR HEAD * HAVING FUN * NOT HAVING FUN: WHAT TO DO WHEN IT ALL GOES WRONG * STAYING SANE * YOU ARE NOT WHAT YOU WEAR * MODERN MANNERS* HOW TO DO WHAT YOU WANT: OR NOT DO WHAT OTHERS WANT * BEING HEALTHY * GETTING ON A BIT * THE FEMALE OF THE SPECIES: MORE DEADLY THAN THE MALE?

The Study of Orchestration (Paperback, Fourth International Student Edition): Samuel Adler The Study of Orchestration (Paperback, Fourth International Student Edition)
Samuel Adler
R2,404 R1,976 Discovery Miles 19 760 Save R428 (18%) Dispatched within 7 - 13 working days

Written by a renowned composer whose works have been performed by major orchestras around the world, The Study of Orchestration is the only text that explores the characteristics of orchestral instruments and shows students how a master composer approaches orchestration. The fourth edition invites students to experience the instruments through online audio and video recordings and now offers more coverage of writing for band.

The World of Charles and Ray Eames (Paperback): Catherine Ince, Lotte Johnson The World of Charles and Ray Eames (Paperback)
Catherine Ince, Lotte Johnson
R755 R566 Discovery Miles 5 660 Save R189 (25%) Dispatched within 7 - 12 working days

Charles (1907-1978) and Ray (1912-1988) Eames are among the most important designers of the 20th century, and the story of the Eames Office is that of visual and material culture in the post-war, modern period. The World of Charles and Ray Eames charts the history of their inspiring and prolific world and brings together key works and ideas explored at the Eames Office throughout its extraordinary history. This definitive monograph explores the era-defining work of the Eames Office, a `laboratory' active for over four decades, where the Eameses and their collaborators produced a vast array of pioneering and influential projects - from architecture, furniture and product design to film, photography, multi-media installation and exhibitions, as well as new models for arts education. Themes include `The Eames Office: Life in Work', `At Home with the Eameses', `Information Machines', `The Seeing Eye', `Office USA: Communicating "America" at Home and Abroad', and `The Art of Living'. Alongside newly commissioned texts by leading design experts, The World of Charles and Ray Eames will include contemporaneous reviews and magazine articles, writings by Charles and Ray Eames themselves, personal correspondence and a comprehensive reference section.

Natchitoches and Louisiana's Timeless Cane River (Hardcover): Richard Seale Natchitoches and Louisiana's Timeless Cane River (Hardcover)
Richard Seale; Illustrated by Philip Gould; Introduction by Robert Harling; Photographs by Philip Gould; Robert DeBlieux, …
R764 R600 Discovery Miles 6 000 Save R164 (21%) Dispatched within 7 - 11 working days

Nestled on the banks of the Cane River, Natchitoches (pronounced NAK-i-tush) is perhaps the most beautiful inland town in Louisiana. Founded in 1714 as a French colonial settlement, it boasts brick streets, venerable architecture, and a charming ambiance that draw visitors from around the world. Nearby, a magnificent plantation country and the multicultural Creole community of Isle Brevelle amplify the area's allure. This stunning gallery of photographs by Philip Gould, along with edifying articles, documents the varying cultures of the Cane River region, one of the state's oldest and most historically French areas.

The book opens with a look at Natchitoches proper and its breathtaking architectural gems, including stately churches and elegant homes. Gould also captures the life pulsing behind these impressive facades. A blues band performs its monthly gig at Roque's Grocery. A child prepares to be baptized in the Cane River. A young couple celebrates their marriage in high style. Through Gould's lens and an enlightening history by Richard Seale, Natchitoches yesterday and today comes alive.

The regal residences and faded communities that lie beyond Natchitoches are remnants of a once bustling plantation economy. Accompanied by revealing commentary from Robert DeBlieux, Gould trains his talented eye on the majestic estates of Oakland, Magnolia, Oaklawn, Cherokee, Beaufort, and Melrose plantations and on the tiny town of Cloutierville, once home to writer Kate Chopin. The book also spotlights the nearby Creole settlement of Isle Brevelle, which dates back to the area's colonial period. Gould celebrates the music, food, folklore, architecture, and landscape of this vibrant multiethnic community -- which originated with a French planter and a former slave. Harlan Mark Guidry, one of the many descendants of Isle Brevelle now living throughout the United States, narrates the story of this unique cultural treasure.

Natchitoches and Louisiana's Timeless Cane River offers passage through an extraordinary world where people, heritage, and history are inseparably intertwined. Natives and tourists alike will relish the journey.

Life and Work of Clifford Webb (Paperback): Simon Brett Life and Work of Clifford Webb (Paperback)
Simon Brett
R689 R591 Discovery Miles 5 910 Save R98 (14%) Dispatched within 7 - 12 working days

Clifford Webb (1894-1972) was one of Britain's foremost wood engravers and a successful illustrator of children's books, but today his work is often overlooked. Held in high esteem by his peers, he studied under Eric Gill and Walter Sickert, and later taught at St Martin's, but much of his work was either deliberately destroyed or otherwise failed to survive. Now, the renowned wood engraver Simon Brett has painstakingly assembled much of what remains of this extraordinary artist's output for this first book about Webb.

2019 Cat Gallery Wall Page-A-Week Gallery Wall Calendar (Calendar): Workman Publishing 2019 Cat Gallery Wall Page-A-Week Gallery Wall Calendar (Calendar)
Workman Publishing 1
R353 R183 Discovery Miles 1 830 Save R170 (48%) Dispatched within 7 - 11 working days

A yearlong homage to feline grace and charisma, THE CAT GALLERY PAGE-A-WEEK CALENDAR features a collection of 52 beautifully composed photographs to display on your wall. Mesmerizing, superbly detailed, and rich with personality and soul, each weekly portrait is even more captivating than the last. Behold the opulent, strokable fur of a black cat's glossy coat; the direct gaze of a cerulean-eyed Siamese; a lively orange tabby stretching with languid bliss. It's a year of admiration and reverence for our feline companions, capturing their seemingly effortless ability to endear, charm, and inspire absolute devotion.

A Farewell (Sheet music, Vocal score): Elaine Hagenberg A Farewell (Sheet music, Vocal score)
Elaine Hagenberg
R75 Discovery Miles 750 Dispatched within 7 - 12 working days

for SATB (with divisions) unaccompanied Based on Frances Anne Kemble's poem 'An Entreaty', this enchanting piece describes the experience of leaving a beloved time and place. Lush, expressive harmonies and lyrical melodies create a touching musical manifestation of Kemble's poignant words.

Artist Toolbox: Drawing Tools & Materials - A practical guide to graphite, charcoal, colored pencil, and more (Paperback):... Artist Toolbox: Drawing Tools & Materials - A practical guide to graphite, charcoal, colored pencil, and more (Paperback)
Walter Foster Creative Team
R232 R160 Discovery Miles 1 600 Save R72 (31%) Dispatched within 7 - 12 working days
Commonplace (Hardcover): Sophie Feyder, Tamsyn Adams Commonplace (Hardcover)
Sophie Feyder, Tamsyn Adams
R700 R529 Discovery Miles 5 290 Save R171 (24%) Dispatched within 4 - 10 working days

Fourthwall Books is pleased to announce the publication of Commonplace, by Tamsyn Adams and Sophie Feyder. In its presentation of private images from two very different family photo collections, this unusual book highlights the small details—the commonplaces—of everyday life often forgotten in the larger narrative of South African history. The Ngilima collection is the combined work of Ronald Ngilima and his son Thorence, ambulant black photographers who photographed life in the African, coloured and Indian neighbourhoods around Benoni, east of Johannesburg, in the 1950s. The Drummond-Fyvie collection belongs to a white, English-speaking farming family from Estcourt in KwaZulu-Natal, covering 150 years of the family’s history. The presentation of images from these two collections, side by side in an imagined and creative dialogue, gives the reader a new way to consider the relationship between peoples’ ordinary, everyday experiences, and larger socio-political forces in South Africa. The people in these photographs are unlikely to have met each other, but in bringing the collections together, unexpected visual connections begin to emerge, suggesting the varied ways in which these different lives might resonate with each other.

My Year in Small Drawings - Notice, Draw, Appreciate (Paperback): Matilda Tristram My Year in Small Drawings - Notice, Draw, Appreciate (Paperback)
Matilda Tristram
R261 R182 Discovery Miles 1 820 Save R79 (30%) Dispatched within 7 - 12 working days

"Charming book for creative types who find a blank page a little too overwhelming." - The Guardian "In her charming journal-cum sketchbook, Matilda Tristram inspires us to look at the everyday things in life in a new way. As well as encouraging us to explore the extraordinary in the ordinary, she also provides guidance, insights, tips and inspiration." - Flow Magazine "If you've ever struggled with the enormous pressure that a blank page or canvas demands of you then Matilda's 'My Year in Small Drawings' is just the ticket to ease you back into the joys of drawing or help you have a go for the very first time! "Whether you're on the train to work, in the park on your lunch break or people watching at your local coffee shop, Matilda's book will help you see the world through fresh eyes!" - The Big Draw. Explore the extraordinary in the ordinary with this charming visual diary like no other! Create and collect the small details around you and build up dozens of dinky drawings for your own uniquely personal record. From tangles of cables to window frames to tree buds, learn to see everyday things in a new way and explore their simple - and sometimes surprising - beauty by drawing them. With expert advice on how to simplify what we see; which pens and pencils to use; colour; and using perspective plus suggestions for drawing every day of the year, this is an opportunity to embrace your creativity and build up a unique and delightful personal sketch collection.

1001 Paintings You Must See Before You Die (Paperback): Mark Irving 1001 Paintings You Must See Before You Die (Paperback)
Mark Irving; Edited by Stephen Farthing
R551 R462 Discovery Miles 4 620 Save R89 (16%) Dispatched within 7 - 12 working days

From ancient Egyptian wallpaintings to contemporary Western canvases, this book is truly comprehensive in scope and beautiful to leaf through. Within its pages you will see displayed 1001 of the most memorable, haunting, powerful, important, controversial and visually arresting paintings that have ever been created. This newly updated and revised edition improves upon previous editions by featuring larger images throughout and unparalleled readability of text. Entertaining and informative text written by an international team of artists, curators, art critics and art collectors illuminates both the paintings and the people who painted them. An insightful review accompanies a beautiful reproduction of every painting - an enviable art collection to dip into whenever you please. The paintings are listed by artist and by title, making it easy to find a specific painting or trace the development of one painter's work. 1001 Paintings is a collector's must for the bookshelf.

Bingo & Social Club (Hardcover): Michael Hess, Maxine Gallagher Bingo & Social Club (Hardcover)
Michael Hess, Maxine Gallagher
R480 R360 Discovery Miles 3 600 Save R120 (25%) Dispatched within 7 - 12 working days

Around 1pm, every day of the week, nearly 600 bingo halls across the UK open their doors to thousands of loyal customers. But, although they can be found on almost every British high street, surprisingly few people ever see what goes on inside. In Bingo & Social Club, photographer Michael Hess opens up this world to a new audience. Behind the often-crumbling exteriors, he finds vibrant places full of strong characters, quirky details and more than a hint of nostalgia. In his own words: I want people to feel that they've spent a night at the bingo - to sense what it feels like to be there.A" Michael explains how the project started. I played bingo one night in 2005, just out of curiosity about what went on inside the big old converted cinema near my house. I was instantly fascinated by the characters. And so the next time I visited, I took my camera. 4 years and more than 60 bingo halls later I was ready to make Bingo & Social Club.A" Michael Hess and Maxine Gallagher spent many nights in the clubs, playing bingo, chatting with the managers and customers, and collecting stories from the people they met. They wanted to find out who these people really were. Bingo halls are not just about gambling; they're about human beings. They really do act as social hubs for many communities.A" Jack, the manager of a bingo club in Newcastle, forms the backbone of the book. He's quite a character - tough and yet extremely dignified - and I knew straight away he could add the extra dimension I was looking for. I've always been inspired by classic movies, and he suited the enigmatic lead role perfectly.A"

Conflicting Views - Pacifist Artists (Paperback): Gill Clarke Conflicting Views - Pacifist Artists (Paperback)
Gill Clarke
R459 R428 Discovery Miles 4 280 Save R31 (7%) Dispatched within 7 - 12 working days
The Aura of Boxing (Hardcover): Max Kandhola, David Scott The Aura of Boxing (Hardcover)
Max Kandhola, David Scott
R698 R508 Discovery Miles 5 080 Save R190 (27%) Dispatched within 7 - 12 working days

As well as looking at the training environment Kandhola focuses on three established figures in boxing: Julius Francis, a four-times British Heavyweight and Commonwealth champion, who Kandhola first photographed in 2000 just before his fight with Mike Tyson; Robert McCracken, who won the British Light Middleweight title in 1994 and the Commonwealth title in 1995 - currently McCracken is Performance Director for the British Olympic team, and personal coach to Carl Froch; and Howard 'Clakka' Clarke who fought at Madison Square Garden for the IBF Light Middleweight Title - he lost, after which his career took a significant nose-dive with him winning only one fight out of his next seventy. He retired in 2007.

Don't forget tomorrow (Sheet music, Vocal score): Pete Churchill Don't forget tomorrow (Sheet music, Vocal score)
Pete Churchill
R62 Discovery Miles 620 Dispatched within 7 - 12 working days

for SATB and piano Part of the Voice Junction series, Don't forget tomorrow is an uplifting encore-style piece ideal for college and community choirs, with independent parts during verses and a catchy chorus in harmony - all supported by an infectious samba rhythm from the piano.

The Greatest Showman - The Official Companion to the Hit Film - Behind the Scenes. Original Art. Exclusive Interviews.... The Greatest Showman - The Official Companion to the Hit Film - Behind the Scenes. Original Art. Exclusive Interviews. (Hardcover)
Signe Bergstrom 1
R507 R400 Discovery Miles 4 000 Save R107 (21%) Dispatched within 7 - 12 working days

The Greatest Showman comes to life in this lavish and beautiful behind-the-scenes book, featuring stars Hugh Jackman, Zac Efron, Michelle Williams and Zendaya. Follow the story of a young P.T. Barnum growing up in Connecticut, to his arrival in New York City with a head full of dreams and a heart bursting with adventure. The glorious world of Barnum comes to life through the sensationally designed never-before-seen concept art, original cast and crew interviews, stunning behind-the-scenes photography and beautifully reproduced lyrics to the show-stopping tunes. Find out all you have ever wanted to know and more about everyone's favourite film. With a foreword from the film's director, Michael Gracey, The Greatest Showman - Official Companion is the perfect way to celebrate this blockbuster musical!

The New Yorker Encyclopedia of Cartoons (Hardcover): David Remnick The New Yorker Encyclopedia of Cartoons (Hardcover)
David Remnick; Edited by Bob Mankoff
R2,040 R1,527 Discovery Miles 15 270 Save R513 (25%) Dispatched within 7 - 12 working days

The New Yorker Encyclopedia of Cartoons is a prodigious, slip-cased, two-volume, 1,600-page A-to-Z curation of cartoons from the magazine from 1924 to the present. Bob Mankoff - for two decades the cartoon editor of the New Yorker - organizes nearly 3,000 cartoons into more than 250 categories of recurring New Yorker themes and visual tropes, including cartoons on banana peels, meeting St. Peter, being stranded on a desert island, snowmen, lion tamers, Adam and Eve, the Grim Reaper - and dogs, of course. The result is hilarious and Mankoff's commentary throughout adds both depth and whimsy. The collection also includes a foreword by New Yorker editor David Remnick. This is stunning gift for the millions of New Yorker readers and anyone looking for some humour in the evolution of social commentary.

Break A Leg 2018 - A Dictionary of Theatrical Quotations (Paperback): Michele Brown Break A Leg 2018 - A Dictionary of Theatrical Quotations (Paperback)
Michele Brown; Introduction by Gyles Brandreth
R223 Discovery Miles 2 230 Dispatched within 7 - 12 working days

From Aristophanes to Zeffirelli, from Gerard Depardieu to Mae West, in Break a Leg! Michele Brown has assembled a world-beating cast, including actors, dramatists, directors and even critics (`A man who knows the way but cannot drive the car.' Kenneth Tynan). She draws on plays, books, newspapers and table-talk and her collection of wise and witty lines includes the familiar and the completely unexpected. This is a work where Sarah Bernhardt is playing opposite Kenneth Branagh. Orson Welles is sharing the limelight with Samuel Beckett, Aphra Behn and Noel Coward, and the themes range from stage fright to star quality.

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