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Books > History > Australasian & Pacific history

The Melanesian World (Hardcover): Eric Hirsch, Will Rollason The Melanesian World (Hardcover)
Eric Hirsch, Will Rollason
R4,831 Discovery Miles 48 310 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

This wide-ranging volume captures the diverse range of societies and experiences that form what has come to be known as Melanesia. It covers prehistoric, historic and contemporary issues, and includes work by art historians, political scientists, geographers and anthropologists. The chapters range from studies of subsistence, ritual and ceremonial exchange to accounts of state violence, new media and climate change. The 'Melanesian world' assembled here raises questions that cut to the heart of debates in the human sciences today, with profound implications for the ways in which scholars across disciplines can describe and understand human difference. This impressive collection of essays represents a valuable resource for scholars and students alike.

Australia's Vietnam - Myth vs history (Paperback): Mark Dapin Australia's Vietnam - Myth vs history (Paperback)
Mark Dapin
R525 Discovery Miles 5 250 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Why everything you think you know about Australia's Vietnam War is wrong. When Mark Dapin first interviewed Vietnam veterans and wrote about the war, he swallowed (and regurgitated) every misconception. He wasn't alone. In Australia's Vietnam, Dapin reveals that every stage of Australia's commitment to the Vietnam War has been misunderstood, misinterpreted and shrouded in myth. From army claims that every national serviceman was a volunteer; and the level of atrocities committed by Australian troops; to the belief there no welcome home parades until the late 1980s and returned soldiers were met by angry protesters. Australia's Vietnam is a major contribution to the understanding of Australia's experience of the war and will change the way we think about memory and military history. Acclaimed journalist and bestselling military historian Mark Dapin busts long-held and highly charged myths about the Vietnam War Dapin reveals his own mistakes and regrets as a journalist and military historian and his growing realisation that the stereotypes of the Vietnam War are far from the truth This book will change the way military history is researched and written

With the Old Breed - At Peleliu and Okinawa (Paperback, New Ed): E.B. Sledge With the Old Breed - At Peleliu and Okinawa (Paperback, New Ed)
E.B. Sledge; Contributions by Victor Davis Hanson 1
R370 R308 Discovery Miles 3 080 Save R62 (17%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days

'Of all the books about the ground war in the Pacific, (With the Old Breed) is the closest to a masterpiece.' - The New York Review of Books 'One of the most arresting documents in war literature.' - John Keegan, in The Second World War E.B. Sledge's memoir of his experience fighting in the South Pacific during World War II is powerful because of its honesty and compassion. With the Old Breed presents a stirring, personal account of the bravery of the Marines in the battles at Peleliu and Okinawa. Eugene Bondurant Sledge 'Sledgehammer' joined the Marines the year after the bombing of Pearl Harbour and from 1943 to 1946 endured the events recorded in this book. Sledge enlisted out of patriotism and youthful courage but once he landed on the beach at Peleliu, it was purely a struggle for survival. Based on the notes he kept on slips of paper tucked secretly away in his New Testament, he simply and directly recalls those long months, mincing no words and sparing no pain. The reality of battle meant unbearable heat, deafening gunfire, unimaginable brutality and, above all, constant fear. Sledge still has nightmares about 'the bloody, muddy month of May on Okinawa.' He also tellingly reveals the bonds of friendship formed that will never be severed. Sledge's account of other marines, even complete strangers, sets him apart as a memoirist of war. Read as sobering history or as high adventure, this is a moving chronicle of action and courage. About the Author E. B. Sledge was born and grew up in Mobile, Alabama. His father, a physician, taught him to hunt and to describe his surroundings. Sledge enlisted in the US Marine Corps and was sent to the Pacific Theatre. He fought at Peleliu and Okinawa where some of the fiercest battles of WWII took place. Although he survived it took him years to recover from the psychological wounds from that experience. He has since pursued his studies in all manner of subjects, earning a PhD in Zoology at the University of Florida.

Indigenous Literatures from Micronesia (Paperback): Evelyn Flores, Emelihter Kihleng Indigenous Literatures from Micronesia (Paperback)
Evelyn Flores, Emelihter Kihleng; Series edited by Craig Santos Perez
R851 R791 Discovery Miles 7 910 Save R60 (7%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

For the first time, poetry, short stories, critical and creative essays, chants, and excerpts of plays by Indigenous Micronesian authors have been brought together to form a resounding-and distinctly Micronesian-voice. With over two thousand islands spread across almost three million square miles of the Pacific Ocean, Micronesia and its peoples have too often been rendered invisible and insignificant both in and out of academia. This long-awaited anthology of contemporary indigenous literature will reshape Micronesia's historical and literary landscape. Presenting over seventy authors and one hundred pieces, it features eight of the thirteen basic language groups, including Palauan, Chamorro, Chuukese, I-Kiribati, Kosraean, Marshallese, Nauruan, Pohnpeian, and Yapese. The volume editors, from Micronesia themselves, have selected representative works from throughout the region-from Palau in the west, to Kiribati in the east, to the global diaspora. They have reached back for historically groundbreaking work and scouted the present for some of the most cited and provocative of published pieces and for the most promising new authors. Richly diverse, the stories of Micronesia's resilient peoples are as vast as the sea and as deep as the Mariana Trench. Challenging centuries-old reductive representations, writers passionately explore seven complex themes: ""Origins"" explores creation, foundational, and ancestral stories; ""Resistance"" responds to colonialism and militarism; ""Remembering"" captures diverse memories and experiences; ""Identities"" articulates the nuances of culture; ""Voyages"" maps migration and diaspora; ""Family"" delves into interpersonal and community relationships; and ""New Micronesia"" gathers experimental, liminal, and cutting-edge voices. This anthology reflects a worldview unique to the islands of Micronesia, yet it also connects to broader issues facing Pacific Islanders and indigenous peoples throughout the world. It is essential reading for anyone interested in Pacific, indigenous, diasporic, postcolonial, and environmental studies and literatures.

John Winston Howard (Hardcover): van O Errington John Winston Howard (Hardcover)
van O Errington
R1,406 R1,285 Discovery Miles 12 850 Save R121 (9%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

In ""John Winston Howard"", a frank and engrossing portrait of the Prime Minister, Wayne Errington and Peter van Onselen contend that John Howard is the first professional politician the country has seen, who has left a deep and lasting impact on modern politics, government and the country. For the first time ever, in unprecedented and extensive interviews conducted by the authors with Howard's family, friends, political supporters and detractors, we get a rare insight into the man and the government he runs. The result is a portrait of how Team Howard operates, and why it has been so successful. ""John Winston Howard"" is a revealing study of the nature of modern politics, and of how dirty the game can get. Crucially, it offers an insightful understanding of the John Howard who lies - and is mostly missed - between the public vitriol and the ungainly praise that passes as analysis.

Mysterious Polynesia - The Myths, Legends, and Mysteries of the Polynesians (Paperback): Charles River Editors Mysterious Polynesia - The Myths, Legends, and Mysteries of the Polynesians (Paperback)
Charles River Editors
R229 Discovery Miles 2 290 Ships in 7 - 11 working days
The People's Force (Paperback): Robert Haldane The People's Force (Paperback)
Robert Haldane
R1,044 R961 Discovery Miles 9 610 Save R83 (8%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Since its formation in 1853 the story of the Victoria Police has been interwoven with Victorian social and political history. Following the amalgamation of seven separate and distinct police agencies in the colony, the resultant unified body was the first of its kind in Australia. Many events have shaped its development: the gold rushes, the Clunes riot, the Kelly outbreak, the maritime strikes, the coming of the motor car, the police strike, both world wars and the Vietnam war protests, the gangland wars, Black Saturday bushfires and the use of DNA to solve crimes all formed part of this mosaic. This revised edition of The People's Force, containing a new chapter and new illustrations, brings the history up to date to include a decade that has been full of turbulent change. The new chapter examines the administrations of Neil Comrie, Christine Nixon, Simon Overland, Ken Lay and Graham Ashton. New material deals with Silk and Miller, and other police shootings, the growth of terrorism, gender issues, racism and domestic violence. Written as a 'warts and all' history of the Victoria Police with the support and encouragement of the then Chief Commissioner S. I. ('Mick') Miller, who wanted a proper objective history of the force, not a public relations exercise. This third edition is owed largely to Miller's encouragement and his desire to see the history updated. There will not be a fourth edition due to the author's battle with Parkinson's disease.

Intimacies of Violence in the Settler Colony - Economies of Dispossession around the Pacific Rim (Hardcover, 1st ed. 2018):... Intimacies of Violence in the Settler Colony - Economies of Dispossession around the Pacific Rim (Hardcover, 1st ed. 2018)
Penelope Edmonds, Amanda Nettelbeck
R3,146 Discovery Miles 31 460 Ships in 7 - 11 working days

Violence and intimacy were critically intertwined at all stages of the settler colonial encounter, and yet we know surprisingly little of how they were connected in the shaping of colonial economies. Extending a reading of 'economies' as labour relations into new arenas, this innovative collection of essays examines new understandings of the nexus between violence and intimacy in settler colonial economies of the British Pacific Rim. The sites it explores include cross-cultural exchange in sealing and maritime communities, labour relations on the frontier, inside the pastoral station and in the colonial home, and the material and emotional economies of exploration. Following the curious mobility of texts, objects, and frameworks of knowledge, this volume teases out the diversity of ways in which violence and intimacy were expressed in the economies of everyday encounters on the ground. In doing so, it broadens the horizon of debate about the nature of colonial economies and the intercultural encounters that were enmeshed within them.

Victory at Midway - The Battle That Changed the Course of World War II (Paperback): James M D'Angelo Victory at Midway - The Battle That Changed the Course of World War II (Paperback)
James M D'Angelo
R976 R894 Discovery Miles 8 940 Save R82 (8%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

In the five months after Pearl Harbor, the Imperial Japanese Navy won a string of victories in a campaign to consolidate control of Southeast Asia and the South Pacific. In June 1942, Japan suffered a devastating defeat at the Battle of Midway and was never again able to take the offensive in the Pacific. Bringing fresh perspective to the battle and its consequences, the author identifies the Japanese operational plan as major factor in the navy's demise and describes the profound effects Midway had on the course of the war in Europe.

Aboriginal Convicts - Australian, Khoisan, and Maori Exiles (Paperback): Kristyn Harman Aboriginal Convicts - Australian, Khoisan, and Maori Exiles (Paperback)
Kristyn Harman
R598 R556 Discovery Miles 5 560 Save R42 (7%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

When most of us imagine an Australian convict we see an Englishman or an Irish lass transported for stealing a loaf of bread or a scrap of cloth. Contrary to this popular image, however, Australian penal settlements were actually far more ethnically diverse, comprising individuals transported from British colonies throughout the world. As Kristyn Harman shows in Aboriginal Convicts, there were also a surprising number of indigenous convicts transported from different British settlements, including ninety Aboriginal convicts from all over Australia, thirty-four Khoisan from the Cape Colony (South Africa) and six Maori from New Zealand. These men and women were taken prisoner in the context of the frontier wars over their lands, and shipped to penal colonies in Norfolk Island, Cockatoo Island and Van Diemen's Land. Through painstaking original research this book uncovers their life stories, which have often been overlooked by or erased from the grand narratives of British and Australian colonial history. Their often-tragic stories not only shed light on the experience of native peoples on the frontier, but on the specific experiences of Indigenous defendants within the British legal system and on the incidence of aboriginal deaths in custody in nineteenth century. Importantly, the book shows the Australian penal colonies in their global political context: as places constantly being reshaped by changing forces of the British Empire as well a ready influx of new people, goods and ideas. It finally puts to rest the notion that there were no Aboriginal convicts.

Operation Squarepeg - The Allied Invasion of the Green Islands, February 1944 (Paperback): Reg Newell Operation Squarepeg - The Allied Invasion of the Green Islands, February 1944 (Paperback)
Reg Newell
R966 R883 Discovery Miles 8 830 Save R83 (9%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

In late January 1944 a force of New Zealand soldiers and Allied specialists undertook a daring, behind the lines reconnaissance of the Japanese-held Green Islands of Papua New Guinea. The Japanese contested the invasion with air power and inflicted heavy damage on the American cruiser USS St. Louis. After a successful landing, the New Zealanders pushed inland and encountered fanatical Japanese defenders entrenched in thick jungle. After the island was secured, Allied engineers - including the famed Seabees - built airfields, roads and shipping facilities. The seizure of the Green Islands completed the encirclement of the main Japanese base in the South Pacific at Rabaul. A memorable but overlooked action of the Pacific War, ""Operation Squarepeg"" involved a diverse force of Allied sailors, soldiers and airmen that included Charles Lindbergh and future president of the United States Richard Milhouse Nixon.

The Wentworth Lectures - Honouring fifty years of Australian Indigenous Studies (Paperback): Robert Tonkinson The Wentworth Lectures - Honouring fifty years of Australian Indigenous Studies (Paperback)
Robert Tonkinson
R809 R689 Discovery Miles 6 890 Save R120 (15%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days
This Whispering in Our Hearts Revisited (Paperback): Henry Reynolds This Whispering in Our Hearts Revisited (Paperback)
Henry Reynolds
R558 R518 Discovery Miles 5 180 Save R40 (7%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

`How is it our minds are not satisfied? What means this whispering in the bottom of our hearts?' Listening to the whispering in his own heart, Henry Reynolds was led into the lives of remarkable and largely forgotten white humanitarians who followed their consciences and challenged the prevailing attitudes to Indigenous people. His now-classic book This Whispering in Our Hearts constructed an alternative history of Australia through the eyes of those who felt disquiet and disgust at the brutality of dispossession. These men and women fought for justice for Indigenous people even when doing so left them isolated and criticised by their fellow whites. The unease of these humanitarians about the morality of white settlement has not dissipated and their legacy informs current debates about reconciliation between black and white Australia. Revisiting this history, in this new edition Reynolds brings fresh perspectives to issues we grapple with still. Those who argue for justice, reparation, recognition and a treaty will find themselves in solidarity with those who went before. But this powerful book shows how much remains to be done to settle the whispering in our hearts. An updated edition of a classic text, now includes reflections on native title, the apology, international conventions, reparations, recognition and the treaty.

USN Battleship vs IJN Battleship - The Pacific 1942-44 (Paperback): Mark Stille USN Battleship vs IJN Battleship - The Pacific 1942-44 (Paperback)
Mark Stille; Illustrated by Alan Gilliland, Paul Wright
R367 R305 Discovery Miles 3 050 Save R62 (17%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

In the build-up to World War II both the United States and Japan believed their battleships would play a central role in battle, but after the Pacific War began in December 1941, the role of the battleship proved to be much more limited than either side expected. There would be only two battleship vs battleship actions in the Pacific in World War II, both of which are assessed in this engaging study. At Guadalcanal in 1942, Kirishima faced two modern US battleships, USS Washington and USS South Dakota. In the Surigao Strait in 1944, two World War I-era Japanese battleships, Yamashiro and Fuso, faced six American battleships supported by four heavy cruisers in history's last-ever clash between battleships. Employing full-colour artwork, carefully selected archive photographs, and expert analysis, former US Navy Commander Mark E. Stille examines the two head-to-head clashes between the battleships deployed by the United States and Japan in the struggle for control of the Pacific during World War II.

Tautai - Samoa, World History, and the Life of Ta'isi O. F. Nelson (Hardcover): Patricia O'Brien Tautai - Samoa, World History, and the Life of Ta'isi O. F. Nelson (Hardcover)
Patricia O'Brien
R1,977 R1,778 Discovery Miles 17 780 Save R199 (10%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Tautai is the story of a man who came from the edge of a mighty empire and then challenged it at its very heart. This biography of Ta'isi O. F. Nelson chronicles the life of a man described as the "archenemy" of New Zealand and its greater whole, the British Empire. He was Samoa's richest man who used his wealth and unique international access to further the Samoan cause and was financially ruined in the process. In the aftermath of the hyper-violence of the First World War, Ta'isi embraced nonviolent resistance as a means to combat a colonial surge in the Pacific that gripped his country for nearly two decades. This surge was manned by heroes of New Zealand's war campaign, who attempted to hold the line against the groundswell of challenges to the imperial order in the former German colony of Samoa that became a League of Nations mandate in 1921. Stillborn Samoan hopes for greater freedoms under this system precipitated a crisis of empire. It led Ta'isi on global journeys in search of justice taking him to Geneva, the League of Nations headquarters, and into courtrooms in Samoa, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom. Ta'isi ran a global campaign of letter writing, petitions, and a newspaper to get his people's plight heard. For his efforts he was imprisoned and exiled not once but twice from his homeland of Samoa. Using private papers and interviews, O'Brien tells a deeply compelling account of Ta'isi's life lived through turbulent decades. By following Ta'isi's story readers also learn a history of Samoa's Mau movement that attracted international attention. The author's care for detail provides a nuanced interpretation of its history and Ta'isi's role in the broader context of world history. The first biography of Ta'isi O. F. Nelson, Tautai is a powerful and passionate story that is both personal and one that encircles the globe. It touches on shared histories and causes that have animated and enraged populations across the world throughout the twentieth century to the present day.

The Good Neighbour - Australian Peace Support Operations in the Pacific Islands 1980-2006 (Hardcover): Bob Breen The Good Neighbour - Australian Peace Support Operations in the Pacific Islands 1980-2006 (Hardcover)
Bob Breen
R2,368 Discovery Miles 23 680 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

The Good Neighbour explores the Australian government's efforts to support peace in the Pacific Islands from 1980 to 2006. It tells the story of the deployment of Australian diplomatic, military and policing resources at a time when neighbouring governments were under pressure from political violence and civil unrest. The main focus of this volume is Australian peacemaking and peacekeeping in response to the Bougainville Crisis, a secessionist rebellion that began in late 1988 with the sabotage of a major mining operation. Following a signed peace agreement in 2001, the crisis finally ended in December 2005, under the auspices of the United Nations. During this time Australia's involvement shifted from behind-the-scenes peacemaking, to armed peacekeeping intervention, and finally to a longer-term unarmed regional peacekeeping operation. Granted full access to all relevant government files, Bob Breen recounts the Australian story from decisions made in Canberra to the planning and conduct of operations.

Easter Island - The Mystery Solved (Paperback, Main): Thor Heyerdahl Easter Island - The Mystery Solved (Paperback, Main)
Thor Heyerdahl
R542 R449 Discovery Miles 4 490 Save R93 (17%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Heyerdahl visited Easter Island in 1955 and 1956 as he tried to determine if the island had been originally colonised by people who sailed from South America across 2,000 miles of ocean. Returning to the island over thirty years later, Heyerdahl investigated the ruins of the island's unique statues, monolithic human figures carved from rock, and experimented with techniques that might have allowed a pre-industrial culture to create and move such enormous figures. Illustrated with full-colour photographs throughout, Easter Island is Heyerdahl's unique history of Easter Island, based on his own research and an interpretation of the mystery of the island's statues that presents an individual view of world history.

Red Coat Dreaming (Hardcover): Craig Wilcox Red Coat Dreaming (Hardcover)
Craig Wilcox
R1,059 R823 Discovery Miles 8 230 Save R236 (22%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days

In Red Coat Dreaming art, artefacts and life stories combine to evoke a period when the British Army was also Australia"s army. From the first British settlement to the First World War, some Australians were indifferent to and even disdainful of the military force that fomented the Rum Rebellion and shot down gold miners at Eureka. Yet many were proud of the British Army"s achievements on battlefields far from Australia. Hundreds of Australians enlisted in the army or married its officers and rankers; thousands had served in it before settling in Australia, and hundreds of thousands barracked when the army went to war. Red Coat Dreaming challenges our understanding of Australia"s military history and the primacy of the Anzac legend. It shows how few Australians were immune to the allure and historic associations of the red coat, the British Army"s sartorial signature, and leaves readers thinking differently about Australia"s identity and experience of war.

Italians in Australia - History, Memory, Identity (Hardcover, 1st ed. 2018): Francesco Ricatti Italians in Australia - History, Memory, Identity (Hardcover, 1st ed. 2018)
Francesco Ricatti
R1,260 R1,110 Discovery Miles 11 100 Save R150 (12%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

This book provides a concise and innovative history of Italian migration to Australia over the past 150 years. It focuses on crucial aspects of the migratory experience, including work and socio-economic mobility, disorientation and reorientation, gender and sexual identities, racism, sexism, family life, aged care, language, religion, politics, and ethnic media. The history of Italians in Australia is re-framed through key theoretical concepts, including transculturation, transnationalism, decoloniality, and intersectionality. This book challenges common assumptions about the Italian-Australian community, including the idea that migrants are 'stuck' in the past, and the tendency to assess migrants' worth according to their socio-economic success and their alleged contribution to the Nation. It focuses instead on the complex, intense, inventive, dynamic, and resilient strategies developed by migrants within complex transcultural and transnational contexts. In doing so, this book provides a new way of rethinking and remembering the history of Italians in Australia.

The Face of Nature - An environmental history of the Otago Peninsula (Paperback): Jonathan West The Face of Nature - An environmental history of the Otago Peninsula (Paperback)
Jonathan West
R910 R774 Discovery Miles 7 740 Save R136 (15%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days
The First World War, the Universities and the Professions in Australia 1914-1939 (Hardcover): James Waghorne, Kate Darian-Smith The First World War, the Universities and the Professions in Australia 1914-1939 (Hardcover)
James Waghorne, Kate Darian-Smith
R1,474 R1,290 Discovery Miles 12 900 Save R184 (12%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Australia's extraordinary contribution to World War I extended well beyond its military forces to the expertise of its universities and professional men and women. Scientists and engineers oversaw the manufacture of munitions and the development of chemical weapons. Doctors sustained soldiers in the trenches, and treated the physically and psychologically damaged. Public servants, lawyers and translators were employed in the war bureaucracy, while artists and writers found new modes to convey the trauma of war. The graduates and staff of Australia's six universities in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Tasmania, Queensland and Western Australia and Queensland were involved in this expansion of expertise. But what did these men and women do after the guns were silenced? How were the professions and universities transformed by the immediate and longer-term impacts of the war? The First World War, the Universities and the Professions examines how the technical and conceptual advances that occurred during World War I transformed Australian society. It traces the evolving role of universities and their graduates in the 1920s and 1930s, the increasing government validation of research, the expansion of the public service, and the rise of modern professional associations and international networks. While the war contributed to greater specialisations in traditional professions such as teaching or medicine, it also stimulated new jobs and trainingaEURO"whether in economics, anthropology or graphic art. This volume provides a new account of the interwar years that places knowledge and expertise at the heart of the Australian story. Its four sectionsaEURO"The Medical Sciences; Science and Technology; Humanities, Social Sciences and Teaching; and The Arts: Design, Music and WritingaEURO"highlight how World War I disrupted and shaped the careers of individuals as well as the development of Australian society and institutions.

Devils on Horses - In the Words of the Anzacs in the Middle East 1916-19 (Paperback): Terry Kinloch Devils on Horses - In the Words of the Anzacs in the Middle East 1916-19 (Paperback)
Terry Kinloch; Foreword by Christopher Pugsley
R446 R355 Discovery Miles 3 550 Save R91 (20%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Reunited with their horses in Egypt after the shattering experience of Gallipoli (a story recounted in Terry Kinloch's earlier book, Echoes of Gallipoli), the Anzac mounted riflemen and light horsemen were initially charged with the defence of the Suez Canal, then with the clearance of the Sinai peninsula, and finally with the destruction of the Turkish armies in Palestine and Syria. At last they could pursue the style of warfare for which they had been trained: on horseback. The First World War battlefields in the Middle East have long been overshadowed by those of Gallipoli and the Western Front. Yet the story of the mounted riflemen in Sinai and Palestine is a truly fascinating one. Using the soldiers' original letters and diaries wherever possible, Kinloch vividly describes every battle and skirmish in the long campaign against the Turks: the crucial Battle of Romani, the defeats at Bir el Abd, Gaza and Amman, and the successes at Beersheba, Ayun Kara and elsewhere. He explains the reality of tactical operations in the harsh desert environment, the ever-present necessity of securing water for the precious horses and the remorseless tenacity of the enemy. The horses play a major part in the story, but of the thousands of faithful animals involved, only one would ever return home after the war. Devils on Horses is a gripping read that offers new information about a theatre of war that has been overlooked for decades. Based on original research, it is sure to be the standard reference work on New Zealand's Middle East campaign for years to come.

Malaita (Paperback): Ben Burt Malaita (Paperback)
Ben Burt
R1,051 R928 Discovery Miles 9 280 Save R123 (12%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Malaita traces the history and culture of a Pacific island from the 19th to 21st centuries through over 600 images drawn from the archives of the British Museum and public and private photographic collections around the world. This book explores Malaita as it was represented to the wider world through photographs, artefacts, maps and drawings over a period of 150 years. Malaitans have been portrayed as exotic natives and migrant workers, as Christian converts and colonial subjects, and as ordinary people leading a distinctive way of life in a rapidly changing society. The colonisation of Malaita through the work of missions, government and business in the early twentieth century, the upheavals of the Second World War and the economic and political developments that followed were documented in thousands of photos. Thousands more were made by anthropologists researching detailed studies of local culture in the second half of the 20th century. As Malaitans migrated to neighbouring Guadalcanal to participate in the commercial development of Solomon Islands, a civil conflict in the early 21st century was followed by renewed efforts to build upon their ancestral culture for the peaceful development of their island. This book is an image-led and accessible narrative that provides fascinating new insights into the history of a Pacific island and will be an essential reference for researchers, students and general readers with an interest in the anthropology and history of Melanesia and the Pacific Islands.

A History of Victoria (Paperback, 2nd Revised edition): Geoffrey Blainey A History of Victoria (Paperback, 2nd Revised edition)
Geoffrey Blainey
R799 Discovery Miles 7 990 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

A History of Victoria is a lively account of the people, places and events that have shaped Victoria, from the arrival of the first Aboriginal peoples through to the present day. In his inimitable style, Geoffrey Blainey considers Victoria's transformation from rural state to urban society. He speculates on the contrasts between Melbourne and Sydney, and describes formative events in Victoria's history, including the exploits of Ned Kelly, the rise of Australian Football and the Olympics of 1956. Melbourne's latest population boom, sprawling suburbs and expanding ethnic communities are explored. Blainey also casts light on Victoria's recent political history. This edition features sections on the Black Saturday bushfires of 2009, the end of the drought and the controversy surrounding the Wonthaggi desalination plant. New illustrations, photographs and maps enrich the narrative. Written by one of Australia's leading historians, this book offers remarkable insight into Victoria's unique position within Australian history.

Anahulu: The Anthropology of History in the Kingdom of Hawaii, Volume 2 - The Archaeology of History (Paperback, New edition):... Anahulu: The Anthropology of History in the Kingdom of Hawaii, Volume 2 - The Archaeology of History (Paperback, New edition)
Patrick Vinton Kirch, Marshall Sahlins
R998 Discovery Miles 9 980 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

From the late 1700's, Hawaiian society began to change rapidly as it responded to the growing world system of capital whose trade routs and markets criss-crossed the islands. Reflecting many years of collaboration between Marshall Sahlins, a prominent social anthropologist, and Patrick V. Kirch, a leading archaeologist of Oceania, "Anahulu" seeks out the traces of this transformation in a typical local center of the kingdom founded by Kamehameha: the Anahulu river valley of Northwestern Oahu. Volume I shows the suprising effects of the encounter with the imperial forces of commerce and Christianity - the distinctive ways the Hawaiian people culturally organized the experience, from the structure of the kingdom to the daily life of ordinary people. Voulme II examines the material record of changes in local social organizations, economy and production, population, and domestic settlement arrangements.

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