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Books > Science & Mathematics > Biology, life sciences > Zoology & animal sciences > Vertebrates > Birds (ornithology)

The Handbook of Bird Families (Paperback): Jonathan Elphick The Handbook of Bird Families (Paperback)
Jonathan Elphick
R509 R364 Discovery Miles 3 640 Save R145 (28%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

What's the difference between a swallow and a swift? How many species of ducks, penguins, owls or thrushes are there? Which is the rarest parrot or the most endangered hummingbird? What do toucans eat? Discover all the key facts about the world's orders and families of birds with this ultimate handbook. Expert ornithologist Jonathan Elphick provides a comprehensive survey of every one of the 36 orders and 234 families of birds, revealing their remarkable diversity, appearance, behaviour and lifestyle. With clear, lively text, informative fact boxes that include the latest research and data, and special photography from award-winning wildlife photographers such as David Tipling, The Handbook of Bird Families belongs on the shelf of everyone interested in birds.

Birders of Africa - History of a network (Paperback): Nancy J. Jacobs Birders of Africa - History of a network (Paperback)
Nancy J. Jacobs
R399 R331 Discovery Miles 3 310 Save R68 (17%) Shipped within 4 - 8 working days

In this unique and unprecedented study of birding in Africa, historian Nancy Jacobs reconstructs the collaborations between well-known ornithologists and the largely forgotten guides, hunters and taxidermists who worked with them. Drawing on ethnography, scientific publications, private archives and interviews, Jacobs asks: How did white ornithologists both depend on and operate distinctively from African birders? What investment did African birders have in collaborating with ornithologists? By distilling the interactions between European science and African vernacular knowledge, this work offers a fascinating examination of the colonial and postcolonial politics of expertise about nature. It is also a riveting history of the discovery of certain bird species.

The Chicken - A Natural History (Paperback): Joseph Barber The Chicken - A Natural History (Paperback)
Joseph Barber
R368 R264 Discovery Miles 2 640 Save R104 (28%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

The Chicken is an encyclopaedic, science-based study that offers a true understanding of the species, reclaiming it from its commercial status as a mere egg and meat provider. High-quality photography, illustration, and info-graphics combine with engaging and authoritative text to create an accessible reference title for the general market. Topics include anatomy, developmental biology, ancestry, breeding, and origins, and there is a comprehensive look at chicken behaviours. Boxed asides are included throughout, relating the scientific detail to the practicalities of chicken husbandry. The book's final chapter is devoted to a beautiful visual study of the characteristics of particular breeds, providing quick-reference information on their origins, particulars, and appearance.

Urban Aviary - A modern guide to city birds (Hardcover): Stephen Moss Urban Aviary - A modern guide to city birds (Hardcover)
Stephen Moss; Illustrated by Marc Martin 1
R415 R287 Discovery Miles 2 870 Save R128 (31%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

No group of animals is more visible, ubiquitous and easier to see than birds. From frigatebirds soaring over Rio de Janeiro to bowerbirds displaying in the suburbs of Canberra, penguins in Cape Town to pelicans in San Francisco and huge flocks of starlings roosting around the Colosseum in Rome, the world's cities provide a remarkable array of avian sights, sounds and spectacles. Through Stephen Moss's expert knowledge and insight, Urban Aviary provides city-dwellers around the world with a guide to some of the most extraordinary species of birds that live alongside them, including helpful spotting hints and fact boxes for each bird, all of which are brought to life by Marc Martin's distinctive and beautiful watercolours.

Homing - On Pigeons, Dwellings and Why We Return (Hardcover): Jon Day Homing - On Pigeons, Dwellings and Why We Return (Hardcover)
Jon Day 1
R395 R318 Discovery Miles 3 180 Save R77 (19%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

As a boy, Jon Day was fascinated by pigeons, which he used to rescue from the streets of London. Twenty years later he moved away from the city centre to the suburbs to start a family. But in moving house, he began to lose a sense of what it meant to feel at home. Returning to his childhood obsession with the birds, he built a coop in his garden and joined a local pigeon racing club. Over the next few years, as he made a home with his young family in Leyton, he learned to train and race his pigeons, hoping that they might teach him to feel homed. Having lived closely with humans for tens of thousands of years, pigeons have become powerful symbols of peace and domesticity. But they are also much-maligned, and nowadays most people think of these birds, if they do so at all, as vermin. A book about the overlooked beauty of this species, and about what it means to dwell, Homing delves into the curious world of pigeon fancying, explores the scientific mysteries of animal homing, and traces the cultural, political and philosophical meanings of home. It is a book about the making of home and making for home: a book about why we return.

Hummingbirds of North America - Attracting, Feeding and Photographing (Hardcover): Dan True Hummingbirds of North America - Attracting, Feeding and Photographing (Hardcover)
Dan True
R377 R308 Discovery Miles 3 080 Save R69 (18%) Shipped within 7 - 11 working days

How can you tell when a Rufous or a Ruby-throated hummingbird will be in your neighborhood? What is the correct sugar-to-water ratio for your visiting hummingbirds? Should you put red dye #2 in the mixture? How do you keep that feisty Rufous from scaring other hummers away? Hummingbird enthusiast Dan True answers these questions and many more in this beautifully illustrated, informative guide to the sixteen species of hummingbirds that breed in the United States and Canada. Available in this handy guide are life-size photos of the male and female of each of the sixteen species, detailed information on each species, maps showing where the species can be spotted, how hummers mate, when and where they migrate to and from, and new banding information. There is also easy-to-follow, step-by-step information on how to photograph hummingbirds in flight. True has spent years talking to other hummer experts and enthusiasts and includes here anecdotes from all over the country that help readers understand why hummingbirds do what they do. An indispensable book for any one with a hummingbird feeder.

Birds in Winter - Surviving the Most Challenging Season (Hardcover): Roger F. Pasquier Birds in Winter - Surviving the Most Challenging Season (Hardcover)
Roger F. Pasquier; Illustrated by Margaret LaFarge
R541 R424 Discovery Miles 4 240 Save R117 (22%) Shipped within 7 - 11 working days

How birds have evolved and adapted to survive winter Birds in Winter is the first book devoted to the ecology and behavior of birds during this most challenging season. Birds remaining in regions with cold weather must cope with much shorter days to find food and shelter even as they need to avoid predators and stay warm through the long nights, while migrants to the tropics must fit into very different ecosystems and communities of resident birds. Roger Pasquier explores how winter affects birds (TM) lives all through the year, starting in late summer, when some begin caching food to retrieve months later and others form social groups lasting into the next spring. During winter some birds are already pairing up for the following breeding season, when health through the winter contributes to nesting success. Today, rapidly advancing technologies are enabling scientists to track individual birds through their daily and annual movements at home and across oceans and hemispheres, revealing new and unexpected information about their lives and interactions. But, as Birds in Winter shows, much is visible to any interested observer. Pasquier describes the season (TM)s distinct conservation challenges for birds that winter where they have bred and for migrants to distant regions. Finally, global warming is altering the nature of winter itself. Whether birds that over millennia have evolved to survive this season can now adjust to a rapidly changing climate is a problem all people who enjoy watching them must consider. Filled with elegant line drawings by artist and illustrator Margaret La Farge, Birds in Winter describes how winter influences the lives of birds from the poles to the equator.

Nightingales in Berlin - Searching for the Perfect Sound (Hardcover): David Rothenberg Nightingales in Berlin - Searching for the Perfect Sound (Hardcover)
David Rothenberg 1
R470 R372 Discovery Miles 3 720 Save R98 (21%) Shipped within 7 - 11 working days

A celebrated figure in myth, song, and story, the nightingale has captivated the imagination for millennia, its complex song evoking a prism of human emotions,-from melancholy to joy, from the fear of death to the immortality of art. But have you ever listened closely to a nightingale's song? It's a strange and unsettling sort of composition-an eclectic assortment of chirps, whirrs, trills, clicks, whistles, twitters, and gurgles. At times it is mellifluous, at others downright guttural. It is a rhythmic assault, always eluding capture. What happens if you decide to join in? As philosopher and musician David Rothenberg shows in this searching and personal new book, the nightingale's song is so peculiar in part because it reflects our own cacophony back at us. As vocal learners, nightingales acquire their music through the world around them, singing amidst the sounds of humanity in all its contradictions of noise and beauty, hard machinery and soft melody. Rather than try to capture a sound not made for us to understand, Rothenberg seeks these musical creatures out, clarinet in tow, and makes a new sound with them. He takes us to the urban landscape of Berlin-longtime home to nightingale colonies where the birds sing ever louder in order to be heard-and invites us to listen in on their remarkable collaboration as birds and instruments riff off of each other's sounds. Through dialogue, travel records, sonograms, tours of Berlin's city parks, and musings on the place animal music occupies in our collective imagination, Rothenberg takes us on a quest for a new sonic alchemy, a music impossible for any one species to make alone. In the tradition of The Hidden Life of Trees and The Invention of Nature, Rothenberg has written a provocative and accessible book to attune us ever closer to the natural environment around us.

The Armchair Birder - Discovering the Secret Lives of Familiar Birds (Paperback, New edition): John Yow The Armchair Birder - Discovering the Secret Lives of Familiar Birds (Paperback, New edition)
John Yow
R378 R303 Discovery Miles 3 030 Save R75 (20%) Shipped within 7 - 11 working days

While birding literature is filled with tales of expert observers spotting rare species in exotic locales, John Yow reminds us that the most fascinating birds can be the ones perched right outside our windows. In thirty-five engaging and sometimes irreverent vignettes, Yow reveals the fascinating lives of the birds we see nearly every day. Following the seasons, he covers forty-two species, discussing the improbable, unusual, and comical aspects of his subjects' lives. Yow offers his own observations, anecdotes, and stories as well as those of America's classic bird writers, such as John James Audubon, Arthur Bent, and Edward Forbush. This unique addition to bird literature combines the fascination of bird life with the pleasure of good reading.

Don't Let The Pigeon Drive The Bus! (Hardcover): Mo Willems Don't Let The Pigeon Drive The Bus! (Hardcover)
Mo Willems; Illustrated by Mo Willems
R311 R253 Discovery Miles 2 530 Save R58 (19%) Shipped within 7 - 11 working days

When a bus driver takes a break from his route, a very unlikely volunteer springs up to take his place —- a pigeon! But you’ve never met one like this before. As he pleads, wheedles, and begs his way through the book, children will love being able to answer back and decide his fate. In his hilarious picture book debut, popular cartoonist Mo Willems perfectly captures a preschooler’s temper tantrum.

Mo Willems is a six-time Emmy Award–winning writer and animator for Sesame Street and the creator of Cartoon Network’s Sheep in the Big City. He lives with his family in Brooklyn, New York.

Sasol Checklist of Birds in Southern Africa (Staple bound): Birdlife South Africa Sasol Checklist of Birds in Southern Africa (Staple bound)
Birdlife South Africa
R50 R40 Discovery Miles 400 Save R10 (20%) Shipped within 4 - 8 working days

Back by popular demand, Checklist of Birds in Southern Africa is a new, updated edition of what was long a popular resource. It lists all the birds to be seen in the region and provides a simple way of recording where and when you have spotted them.

Pocket-sized for ease of use, it offers:

- Cross-referencing to Sasol Birds of Southern Africa, fourth edition

- Six columns for multiple recordings at sixdifferent localities

- Up-to-date names for all southern African birds

- Endemic and threat status for all birds

This revised, updated checklist will be sought after by the region's twitchers at all levels.

Thinking Like a Parrot - Perspectives from the Wild (Hardcover): Alan Bond, Judy Diamond Thinking Like a Parrot - Perspectives from the Wild (Hardcover)
Alan Bond, Judy Diamond
R617 R572 Discovery Miles 5 720 Save R45 (7%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

People form enduring emotional bonds with other animal species, such as dogs, cats, and horses. For the most part, these are domesticated animals, with one notable exception: Many people form close and supportive relationships with parrots, even though these amusing and curious birds remain thoroughly wild creatures. What enables this unique group of wild animals to form social bonds with people, and what does this mean for their survival? In Thinking Like a Parrot, Alan Bond and Judy Diamond look beyond much of the standard work on captive parrots to the mischievous, inquisitive, and astonishingly vocal parrots of the wild. Focusing on the psychology and ecology of wild parrots, Bond and Diamond document their distinctive social behavior, sophisticated cognition, and extraordinary vocal abilities. Also included are short vignettes--field notes of the natural history and behavior of both rare and widely distributed species, from the neotropical crimson-fronted parakeet to New Zealand's flightless, ground-dwelling kakapo. This composite approach makes clear that the behavior of captive parrots is grounded in the birds' wild ecology and evolution, revealing that parrots' ability to bond with people is an evolutionary accident, a byproduct of the intense sociality and flexible behavior that characterize their lives. Despite their adaptability and intelligence, however, nearly all large parrot species are rare, threatened, or endangered. To successfully manage and restore these wild populations, Bond and Diamond argue, we must develop a fuller understanding of their biology, of the complex set of ecological and behavioral traits that has led to their vulnerability. Spanning the global distribution of parrot species, Thinking Like a Parrot is rich with surprising insights into parrot intelligence, flexibility, and--even in the face of threats--resilience.

Baby Bird Portraits by George Miksch Sutton - Watercolors in the Field Museum (Paperback, Reprint edition of 2006): Paul A.... Baby Bird Portraits by George Miksch Sutton - Watercolors in the Field Museum (Paperback, Reprint edition of 2006)
Paul A. Johnsgard
R223 Discovery Miles 2 230 Shipped within 7 - 11 working days

An exquisite collection of baby bird paintings by a masterful artist.

Adaptive Strategies and Population Ecology of Northern Grouse, v. 2 - Theory and Synthesis (Paperback): Arthur T. Bergurud,... Adaptive Strategies and Population Ecology of Northern Grouse, v. 2 - Theory and Synthesis (Paperback)
Arthur T. Bergurud, Michael W. Gratson
R1,282 Discovery Miles 12 820 Shipped within 7 - 11 working days

"Adaptive Strategies and Population of Northern Grouse "was first published in 1988. Minnesota Archive Editions uses digital technology to make long-unavailable books once again accessible, and are published unaltered from the original University of Minnesota Press editions.

The first volume contains eleven studies of eight grouse species; the second contains primarily the work of Bergerud, which utilizes the evidence in the first volume to advance theories of behavior and offer new demographic insights.

This second volume contains primarily the work of Bergerud, which utilizes the evidence in the first volume to advance theories of behavior and offer new demographic insights.

On Ancient Wings - The Sandhill Cranes of North America (Hardcover, New): Michael Forsberg On Ancient Wings - The Sandhill Cranes of North America (Hardcover, New)
Michael Forsberg; Introduction by James Harris, George W. Archibald
R859 R671 Discovery Miles 6 710 Save R188 (22%) Shipped within 7 - 11 working days

Rising from sandbars on the Platte River with clarion calls, the sandhill crane ("Grus canadensis") feels the urgency of spring migration. Elegant, noble, and spiritual, the sandhill crane is one of the most ancient of all birds. More than a half-million strong, flying in squadrons, these majestic creatures point northward to their Arctic and sub-Arctic breeding ranges. Theirs is an epic story of endurance through the ages. With 153 stunning color photographs, "On Ancient Wings" presents sandhill cranes in their wild but increasingly compromised habitats today. Over the course of five years, Michael Forsberg documented the tall gray birds in habitats ranging from the Alaskan tundra, to the arid High Plains, from Cuban nature preserves to suburban backyards. With an eye for beauty and an uncommon persistence, the author documents the cranes' challenges to adapt and survive in a rapidly changing natural world. Forsberg argues that humankind, for its own sake, should secure the cranes' place in the future. "On Ancient Wings" intertwines the lives of cranes, people, and their common places to tell an ancient story at a time when sandhill cranes and their wetland and grassland habitats face daunting prospects.

Kirstenbosch Birds & Other Wildlife (Paperback): Peter Ryan Kirstenbosch Birds & Other Wildlife (Paperback)
Peter Ryan
R90 R71 Discovery Miles 710 Save R19 (21%) Shipped within 4 - 8 working days

This compact guide to the birds and other wildlife of the National Botanical Garden at Kirstenbosch identifi es a range of the more visible creatures found here. Targeted at both regulars and new visitors to the gardens, this book raises awareness of the rich and diverse animal community, the most conspicuous of which are the birds.

It provides visitors with information on the behaviour, diet and breeding biology of 88 bird species, and the vivid photographs make for easy identification. There is also a summary of the mammals, reptiles, amphibians and other animals found in the gardens. Alongside guides to the flora, this pocket-sized and easy-to-use booklet is the ideal companion for visitors to Kirstenbosch.

Fires of Life - Endothermy in Birds and Mammals (Hardcover): Barry Gordon Lovegrove Fires of Life - Endothermy in Birds and Mammals (Hardcover)
Barry Gordon Lovegrove; Foreword by Roger S. Seymour
R673 R622 Discovery Miles 6 220 Save R51 (8%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

A groundbreaking argument on how endothermy-arguably the most important innovation in vertebrate evolution-developed in birds and mammals This pioneering work investigates why endothermy, or "warm-bloodedness," evolved in birds and mammals, despite its enormous energetic costs. Arguing that single-cause hypotheses to explain the origins of endothermy have stalled research since the 1970s, Barry Gordon Lovegrove advances a novel conceptual framework that considers multiple potential causes and integrates data from the southern as well as the northern hemisphere. Drawing on paleontological data; research on extant species in places like the Karoo, Namaqualand, Madagascar, and Borneo; and novel physiological models, Lovegrove builds a compelling new explanation for the evolution of endothermy. Vividly narrated and illustrated, this book stages a groundbreaking argument that should prove provocative and fascinating for specialists and lay readers alike.

Roberts bird guide (Paperback, 2nd ed): Hugh Chittenden, Greg Davies, Ingrid Weiersbye Roberts bird guide (Paperback, 2nd ed)
Hugh Chittenden, Greg Davies, Ingrid Weiersbye 2
R280 R222 Discovery Miles 2 220 Save R58 (21%) Shipped within 4 - 10 working days

The Roberts Bird Guide (2nd Edition) has gone to great trouble to concentrate on, and illustrate, difficult-to-identify species and family groups such as raptors, warblers, cisticolas and waders. Special attention has been given to make sure there is far greater coverage of male-female differences and there are also many more juvenile illustrations. Unlike all previously published southern African bird guides, this new edition will be scattered with informative photographs that are incorporated in the text pages and each plate illustration is augmented with an introduction. Apart from the approximately 240 plate spreads, the guide also has 12 photographic and illustrated double spreads that show head enlargements and other details. Plates are annotated far more definitively than other guides – highlighting key identification features, especially for difficult-to-identify species.

The Birds of Indiana (Hardcover): Russell Mumford, Charles Keller The Birds of Indiana (Hardcover)
Russell Mumford, Charles Keller; Illustrated by William Zimmerman; Foreword by Matthew Williams
R886 R675 Discovery Miles 6 750 Save R211 (24%) Shipped within 7 - 11 working days

The Birds of Indiana is a treasure-trove for ornithologists, casual birders, and art-lovers everywhere. Drawing on decades of field work and data collection and featuring the paintings of one of America's finest bird artists, this classic work is an introduction, a reference, and most importantly, a natural history of Indiana's birds, including over 390 species. Authors Russell E. Mumford and Charles E. Keller provide detailed information on each species, including the bird's past and current status, the timing of migrations, the density and location of populations month by month, and the influence of habitat. Indispensable for the text alone, the paintings by William Zimmerman, one of America's greatest bird artists, make the book a collector's item that will be admired and appreciated for centuries. With a scientist's eye and a craftsman's skill, Zimmerman brings each of the 165 birds that nests in the state to life in lavish detail. Readers can almost feel the feathers-and the life force beneath them-in his birds. Each intricate painting reveals the plumage (including both male and female when there are significant differences), the nest and eggs, background habitat, and in many cases a wildflower or two. A work of art as well as science, The Birds of Indiana belongs in any and every collection of bird books. No ornithologist or casual birder-expert or beginner-in Indiana, the Midwest, or the eastern United States can afford to be without it.

Oklahoma Bird Life (Hardcover, New): Frederick M. Baumgartner, A.Marguerite Baumgartner Oklahoma Bird Life (Hardcover, New)
Frederick M. Baumgartner, A.Marguerite Baumgartner
R1,380 Discovery Miles 13 800 Shipped within 7 - 11 working days

From water birds to birds of prey to the complex order of perching birds, Oklahoma is remarkable for the variety and extent of its bird life. Ornithologists, students, and amateur birders alike will welcome this comprehensive and lavishly illustrated guide to birds in the state by Frederick M. Baumgartner and A. Marguerite Baumgartner.

Fifty-one color plates and 58 line drawings of Oklahoma birds by artist Wallace Hughes as well as more than 150 black-and-white photographs compiled by Herbert Chezem, including numerous remarkable photographs of birds in action, illustrate the text.

British Library - Dawn Chorus - A Sound Portrait of a British Woodland at Sunrise (CD): British Library Dawn Chorus - A Sound Portrait of a British Woodland at Sunrise (CD)
British Library; Edited by Ron Kettle, Richard Ranft
R224 R141 Discovery Miles 1 410 Save R83 (37%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

This is the perfect chance to immerse yourself in the uplifting sounds of a perfect country morning, from the comfort of your own home. At dawn, in our countryside, there is a pronounced peak in bird singing activity. This is especially noticeable for about an hour after the first light in temperate zone woodlands during spring and early summer. At this time, male birds defend their territories and attract females with their songs. The recordings on this CD are a selection of British woodland recordings, taken from the extensive collection of the wildlife section of the British Library sound archive.

The Birdwatcher's Yearbook 2019 (Paperback): The Birdwatcher's Yearbook 2019 (Paperback)
R451 Discovery Miles 4 510 Shipped within 7 - 12 working days
Tales of a Ludicrous Bird Gardener (Hardcover): Bill Oddie Tales of a Ludicrous Bird Gardener (Hardcover)
Bill Oddie 1
R402 R288 Discovery Miles 2 880 Save R114 (28%) Shipped within 7 - 11 working days

In a sense this book is a garden-based autobiography of Britain's most famous birdwatcher. The main narrative covers Bill's personal relationship, not only with his present garden, which was described by the Daily Mail as "Probably the most bizarre back garden in Britain", but also with the gardens he has known throughout his life. The first was what he has called "a sink full of mud" in industrial Rochdale in the 1940s. Next came a larger garden on the edge of Birmingham which he used as a bird ringing station, sometimes helped or hindered by his granny, who often trimmed the lawn with a pair of scissors!In Tales of Ludicrous Bird Gardens there are plenty of eccentric stories about garden characters such as the 'feng shui fox', who constantly rearranged the ornaments, 'Limpy', the one-legged single-parent Great Tit, and one memorable nightmarish occasion when over 50 rats came to visit! This book is NOT an instructional guide on 'How to be a ludicrous gardener' although it may well prove inspirational to others to have a go, or to warn them on what to avoid. Bill abhors decking, large concrete patios, and above, all leaf-blowers.As well as neighbours who whinge about the parakeets! What is certain about Tales of Ludicrous Bird Gardens is that Bill's entertaining take on gardening for birds makes compelling reading.

Teach Yourself Bird Watching - The classic guide to ornithology (Hardcover): George E. Hyde Teach Yourself Bird Watching - The classic guide to ornithology (Hardcover)
George E. Hyde
R187 R157 Discovery Miles 1 570 Save R30 (16%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

With a few sorry exceptions, it's heartening to think that the gardener or bird-spotter of the 1950s or 60s would immediately recognise most of the songs that sing out over English gardens today. For the amateur ornithologist of the twenty first century, Teach Yourself Bird Watching will be as much of a delight now as it ever was - a beautifully written, precise guide to identifying, protecting and encouraging birdlife in your garden and beyond. Since 1938, millions of people have learned to do the things they love with Teach Yourself. Welcome to the how-to guides that changed the modern world.

Identifying Common British Birds (Paperback, New edition): David Chandler, Russ Malin Identifying Common British Birds (Paperback, New edition)
David Chandler, Russ Malin
R249 R196 Discovery Miles 1 960 Save R53 (21%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

The comprehensive, handy guide to British birds. Discover a wealth of information about the appearance, behaviour and habitats of British birds, as well as practical advice on birdwatching and how to go about it, featuring tips and advice on necessary equipment, identifying features and how to attract birds into your garden. The clear text and beautiful colour photography will quickly help you identify anything from a Goldcrest to a Guillemot.

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