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Vitatech Digestive Enzymes (30 Tablets): Vitatech Digestive Enzymes (30 Tablets)
R79 Discovery Miles 790 Ships in 3 - 5 work days

May assist with the breakdown of proteins, carbs & fats.

Snuggletime Cotton Cellular Blanket (Pink): Snuggletime Cotton Cellular Blanket (Pink)
R167 Discovery Miles 1 670 Ships in 1 work day

Snuggle Up with Snuggletime's cotton cellular blankets available in assorted colours.

Lifematrix Wellness Pure MCT Oil - Cherry Flavour (250ml): Lifematrix Wellness Pure MCT Oil - Cherry Flavour (250ml)
R92 Discovery Miles 920 Ships in 1 work day

MCTs (medium chain triglycerides) are a powerful energy source from fats that are used by those following a low-carb ketogenic (eg Banting) diet.

Lifematrix MCT oil is blended from both coconuts and palm kernels. Please note that our supplier subscribes to the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil production (rspo.org).

MCT oils comprise primarily caprylic (C8) and capric (C10) fatty acids, usually in a 60:40 ratio of C8:C10. This oil is cherry flavoured to add another dimension to it's otherwise pleasant taste.

MCTs are proving popular because they provide the body with a high quality, instantly available source of energy that is easily metabolised and never stored as fat. MCT's are metabolised directly by the liver, unlike carbohydrate sugars which must trigger an insulin response before they can be transported via the bloodstream and taken up by the cells.

So efficient is the body's ability to convert MCTs into energy that they are often used to feed premature infants (paraenteral feeding) who simply do have the energy to metabolise other foods.

They are used as a natural performance enhancer by athletes and bodybuilders as they are anti-inflammatory in addition to providing instant and sustainable energy. MCTs have also found use in weight loss programmes where they have been shown to improve metabolism and thyroid function as well as increase the number of calories burnt (thermogenic effect). Diabetics may also benefit from including MCT oil in their diets as it improves blood sugar regulation.

Lifematrix is South Africa's leading supplier of clean proteins, supplying a wide range of protein powders to suit any diet or lifestyle. Further to offering MCT products that aid in weight loss or training goals and transdermal magnesium supplements that ensure effective absorption of the mineral, through the skin. We also supply tooth friendly sugar alternatives and strive to develop items that promote good health and overall well-being. Lifematrix is a division of Absolute Organix, who have been the forerunners for natural and organic products within South Africa since 2004.

Solal Oil to Milk Wash (100ml): Solal Oil to Milk Wash (100ml)
R199 Discovery Miles 1 990 Ships in 4 - 8 work days

Leaves skin renewed and moisturised, and is suitable for all skin types.

Munchkin Hot White Spoons (4 Pack): Munchkin Hot White Spoons (4 Pack)
R121 R99 Discovery Miles 990 Save R22 (18%) Ships in 5 - 10 work days

Starting solids? It's a fun, but at times tricky milestone to figure out - you're constantly questioning whether food is too hot, too cold, or just right. Munchkin's innovative White Hot® Safety Spoons can help make those first feedings easier to swallow for both of you. Simply dip the tips of the spoons in heated pureed baby foods to check if it's too warm. If the tip turns white, the food is too hot for baby to eat. Wait for it to cool, dip again, and if the tip is no longer white - voila! You can feed your little one without worrying about a thing.

3 Layer Shaped Elasticated Mask - Adult (Navy)(Large): 3 Layer Shaped Elasticated Mask - Adult (Navy)(Large)
R45 R38 Discovery Miles 380 Save R7 (16%) Ships in 1 work day

3 layer fabric mask with hydrophobic treatment – water resistant

Winfun Grip 'n Play Rattle: Winfun Grip 'n Play Rattle
R113 Discovery Miles 1 130 Ships in 4 - 7 work days

Winfun Stack n Play Activity Blocks feature lots of fun activities for your baby, including a sliding window, click-clack dial wheel, roller, rattle ball and more. Easy for your baby to grip and hold stack and rattle these Activity Blocks, or press the animals buttons for sound effects and melodies.Chunky, musical activity blocks packed with fun activities a great way to help develop your little one’s hand-eye coordination and key motor skills.

NT Notorious Whey Protein - Peanut Butter Milkshake (908g/2lb): NT Notorious Whey Protein - Peanut Butter Milkshake (908g/2lb)
R349 Discovery Miles 3 490 Ships in 1 work day

NUTRITECH® is industry known for protein quality; real, true and pure proteins, unrivalled flavour profiles and free of added sugars, fillers, dextrose or amino spiking. NOTORIOUS NT WHEY™ honours this legacy of nutrition technology by offering a protein that is pure in form, real in flavour and true in results. Muscle recovery is all about the speed of absorption; the advanced NOTORIOUS NT WHEY™ formula is engineered with 23 grams of cold filtered rapidly releasing micronised whey protein isolates and concentrates sourced from premium quality pasture-based grass-fed dairy (72%). Containing only 118 calories per single serving, NOTORIOUS NT WHEY™ is versatile enough to satisfy no matter your fitness goal.

Munchkin Stay Put Suction Plate (Green): Munchkin Stay Put Suction Plate (Green)
R166 Discovery Miles 1 660 Ships in 1 work day

Mealtime can get messy with a new self-feeding baby and toddlers that are learning their strength! The strong suction base on this plate will adhere to most surfaces, and the quick-release tab makes removal easy for adults. Top-rack dishwasher safe, clean up is easy and quick, too. Now if only you could keep your toddler in place so easily!

Stays put for more mealtime fun and less mess.

Vitaforce Nutri-B - Multivitamin and Minerals for Stressful Living (60 Tablets): Vitaforce Nutri-B - Multivitamin and Minerals for Stressful Living (60 Tablets)
R159 Discovery Miles 1 590 Ships in 1 work day

To help the body deal with stressful living, use Nutri-B by Vitafroce. It is an essential multivitamin and mineral supplement.

Chicco Toothpaste (Apple & Banana |50ml | 6m+ | No Flouride): Chicco Toothpaste (Apple & Banana |50ml | 6m+ | No Flouride)
R59 Discovery Miles 590 Ships in 4 - 8 work days

Apple and banana toothpaste contains Xylitol which helps to prevent dental decay. Low abrasion formula which does not damage milk teeth. As it does not contain fluoride it is ideal for all children under 3 years of age. The Apple-Banana flavour is ideal for younger children during the weaning phase. Preservative free formula.

Munchkin Gentle Transition Cup (118ml)(Blue): Munchkin Gentle Transition Cup (118ml)(Blue)
R170 Discovery Miles 1 700 Ships in 5 - 10 work days

Moving to a sippy cup is an exciting first step toward drinking independence, but it can be confusing for bottle-fed babies. Make the change easier with the spill-proof Gentle™ Transition cup! The soft, patented spout design is extremely flexible and gentle on babies’ sensitive gums, and the removable handles make it easy for them to take the lead. When it’s time to leave the bottle behind, this spill-proof trainer is the perfect first sippy cup to introduce. Cheers to hitting those milestones!

Munchkin Spray Star Bath Fountain: Munchkin Spray Star Bath Fountain
R184 Discovery Miles 1 840 Ships in 5 - 10 work days

Sprinkle, sprinkle little star.

No need to wish upon a star for magical bathtime fun. This floating star-shaped fountain has mini jets that spray water and blue lights that illuminate the spray, making your little one's bath truly out of this world. Engage your child's senses while teaching cause and effect with an on/off switch that puts her in full control. This is a unique bath toy for toddlers who love splishin' and splashin'. An aquatic supernova!

Munchkin Miracle 360° Fruit Infuser Cup Size - 414 ml (Yellow): Munchkin Miracle 360° Fruit Infuser Cup Size - 414 ml (Yellow)
R233 Discovery Miles 2 330 Ships in 1 work day

Our #1 selling cup just got a fun and healthy update!
The Miracle 360 Fruit Infuser Cup combines a leak-proof top and 360 drinkable edge with a natural way to flavour your child's water. Simply add your child's favourite fruit like strawberries, oranges, or blueberries into the fruit basket, twist it into the bottom, then fill the cup with water. The twist-on fruit extractor breaks up the fruit allowing it to infuse into the water and make a fun flavourful drink!
Bye, bye juice! Hello, healthy water!

Solal Replenishing Moisturiser (50ml): Solal Replenishing Moisturiser (50ml)
R589 R519 Discovery Miles 5 190 Save R70 (12%) Ships in 1 work day

Solal’s Replenishing Moisturiser is a light, anti-aging facial moisturiser for oily and combination skin that contains powerful actives that improve the appearance of wrinkles and hydrate the skin without leaving it oily.

Paw Patrol Toddler Microwave Safe Feeding Set (2 Pieces): Paw Patrol Toddler Microwave Safe Feeding Set (2 Pieces)
R75 Discovery Miles 750 Ships in 1 work day

This 2-Piece Paw Patrol Toddler'S Micro Set Is Ideal For Everyday Use. It Consists Of A Microwave-Safe Bowl And A Piece Of Cutlery. Its Everything You Need For Your Toddler'S Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner Or Even Snack Time. The Set Is Decorated With Matching Original Designs Based On Some Of The Most Well-Known Children'S Movie And Tv Characters. Special Features Include Bpa-Free And Microwavable-Safe.

Vital Baby® NURTURE? 2 in 1 Combination Steriliser: Vital Baby® NURTURE™ 2 in 1 Combination Steriliser
R490 Discovery Miles 4 900 Ships in 1 work day

Specially designed for the microwave using steam or for cold water use with sterilising solution, the vital baby® NURTURE™ 2 in 1 combination steriliser is the perfect baby steriliser for travel or for use at home as it is so quick and easy to use.

Time with your baby is precious. The vital baby® NURTURE™ 2 in 1 combination steriliser is designed to make the sterilising process as quick and simple as possible.

The vital baby® NURTURE™ 2 in 1 combination steriliser has been designed to give you ultimate convenience and peace of mind, killing 99.9% bacteria to keep your baby healthy and happy. This microwave and cold water steriliser combination offers total flexibility depending on your needs.

Dr Organic Hemp Oil Rescue Conditioner (265ml): Dr Organic Hemp Oil Rescue Conditioner (265ml)
R343 R297 Discovery Miles 2 970 Save R46 (13%) Ships in 1 work day

Organic Hemp Oil is described as ‘nature’s most perfectly balanced oil’. The unique properties of this amazing oil are combined with organic plant extracts, Arginine and BaicapilTM, a synergistic combination of plant actives that can stimulate hair growth and help to prevent hair loss with visible effects. With continued use this gentle conditioner can help to restore vitality back into the follicles, improving the hair’s overall appearance and leaving it looking and feeling beautifully nourished and healthy.

Dr Organic Rose Otto Lotion (200ml): Dr Organic Rose Otto Lotion (200ml)
R255 R219 Discovery Miles 2 190 Save R36 (14%) Ships in 1 work day

A silky anti-ageing moisturising all-over body lotion designed for skin with light daily moisture needs, containing Organic Organic Rose Otto Oil with Aloe Vera, Cocoa Butter, Shea Butter, Liquorice, Irish Moss, Chamomile, Limeflower, Calendula, Passionflower, Vitamin A, Vitamin E plus Geranium and Clove Essential Oils. It calms and nourishes skin without heaviness, maintaining optimum hydration levels and strengthening the collagen matrix. Gentle plant emollients soothe and replenish while helping to preserve and defend the skin from the environment and free radical damage. A tiny amount of this luscious moisturiser covers the body leaving skin looking and feeling beautifully smooth, youthful, supple and radiant.

Dr Organic Rose Otto Body Scrub (200ml): Dr Organic Rose Otto Body Scrub (200ml)
R224 R198 Discovery Miles 1 980 Save R26 (12%) Ships in 1 work day

Bioactive Organic Rose Otto Oil is a rich hydrating and moisturising essential oil with renowned anti-ageing properties. We blend this fragrant uplifting wonder oil with a proprietary selection of highly moisturising, nourishing and regenerating bioactive, natural and organic ingredients. This aromatic body scrub combines natural micro particles of volcanic lava to gently but efficiently remove dead skin cells and stimulate circulation deep into the capillaries, giving the body an instant re-energised lift leaving the skin perfectly conditioned, cell regenerated and glowing with health.

Munchkin Auto Close Safety Gate: Munchkin Auto Close Safety Gate
R900 Discovery Miles 9 000 Ships in 5 - 10 work days

You CAN have style and safety all in one. The Auto Close™ Metal Safety Gate by Munchkin is the ultimate in baby gate technology, with a sleek steel design that keeps little ones safe. Equipped with a unique gravity-fed hinge, the Auto Close™ does exactly what its name implies: it closes automatically when the handle is released. Ideal for use in doorways, stairways, and halls, this infant gate stands 29.5" tall.

Christian Dior Forever and Ever Eau De Toilette (100ml) - Parallel Import (USA): Christian Dior Forever and Ever Eau De Toilette (100ml) - Parallel Import (USA)
R2,535 R2,324 Discovery Miles 23 240 Save R211 (8%) Ships in 1 work day

Tender, soft, elegant is Forever and Ever by Christian Dior was introduced as a limited edition fragrance. Never to overpowering, Forever and Ever is a floral scent. Refreshing and sophisticated, this fragrance is sure to please.

FHI Heat 2100S Elite Professional Series Hair Dryer: FHI Heat 2100S Elite Professional Series Hair Dryer
R1,133 R599 Discovery Miles 5 990 Save R534 (47%) Ships in 1 work day
Snuggletime Safe & Sound Sleep System: Snuggletime Safe & Sound Sleep System
R198 Discovery Miles 1 980 Ships in 1 work day

With the Snuggletime Safe & Sound Sleep System the head cushion cradles baby’s head, giving baby the boundaries of being in the womb.

Perry Ellis 2017 Men Eau De Toilette (100ml) - Parallel Import (USA): Perry Ellis 2017 Men Eau De Toilette (100ml) - Parallel Import (USA)
R870 Discovery Miles 8 700 Ships in 1 work day

Perry Ellis 2017 Men is a masculine cologne released by the fragrance and fashion brand Perry Ellis in 2017. It has a fresh, aromatic scent that hints at the outdoors. The top notes are herbaceous, with lavender, bergamot and zesty verbena.

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