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Medalist Deluxe 3-in-1 Game Set: Medalist Deluxe 3-in-1 Game Set
R318 R255 Discovery Miles 2 550 Save R63 (20%) Ships in 3 - 6 working days
Dragon Shield Matte - Apple Green (100 ct. in box)   : Dragon Shield Matte - Apple Green (100 ct. in box)   
R250 Discovery Miles 2 500 Ships in 6 - 7 working days

Dragon Shield Matte sleeves are designed to protect your gaming cards against the wear and tear of play use. The uniquely textured back ensures ease of shuffling. Dragon Shield Matte are tough polypropylene sleeves made to fit both casual and competitive play.

S.P.E.L.L. Board Game: S.P.E.L.L. Board Game
R449 R419 Discovery Miles 4 190 Save R30 (7%) Ships in 7 - 10 working days

S.P.E.L.L stands for Spelling and Pronunciation in English Learning and Language

Dragon Shield Matte - Mint (100 ct. in box) : Dragon Shield Matte - Mint (100 ct. in box) 
R250 Discovery Miles 2 500 Ships in 6 - 7 working days

Dragon Shield Matte sleeves are designed to protect your gaming cards against the wear and tear of play use. The uniquely textured back ensures ease of shuffling. Dragon Shield Matte are tough polypropylene sleeves made to fit both casual and competitive play.

BrainBox What's the Point: BrainBox What's the Point
R375 Discovery Miles 3 750 Ships in 4 - 7 working days

What's the Point? Fun is! That's the point. This visual learning game lets players match the value of their tile cards with the value of the spinner, using either fractions, decimals or percentages. All abilities can play together as tile cards may have to be given, taken and swapped - it depends where the spinner is pointing! This educational game is great to practise your maths knowledge; play on your own or with the whole family.

Monopoly - Durban: Monopoly - Durban
R799 R629 Discovery Miles 6 290 Save R170 (21%) In stock

With wonderful stretches of beach that span for almost 6 km, there is the perfect opportunity to get your feet warm in the sand and your tan spruced along the Golden Mile.

Durban is the largest city in KwaZulu-Natal province and is famous for having the busiest port in South Africa With a history ranging back to 100,000 BC, where hunter-gatherers once roamed the land, to the present day, Durban has a rich heritage.

Over the recent years, Durban has become one of the most popular tourist destinations in South Africa and it is not difficult to see why. With plenty of things to see, do, drink eat, watch and play-there is never a dull moment in this vibrant city. Take the hike through the Valley of a Thousand Hills and stumble upon the Phezulu cultural village, or stroll along the Golden Mile and take in the fresh sea air. Alternatively, you could visit the world-famous uShaka Marine World which is home to some of the most exotic sea life on the planet and is one of the largest aquariums in the world. If that’s not your thing, then why not wander through the beautiful and tranquil Botanic Gardens or take a visit to Moses Mabhida stadium which hosted many games of the 2010 Fifa World Cup.

Galaxy Trucker: Latest Models: Galaxy Trucker: Latest Models
R299 Discovery Miles 2 990 Ships in 6 - 7 working days

Galaxy Trucker: Latest Models consists of new game boards for 2-5 players with model C spaceships. Class 1C and 2C come on the same game board with color denoting spaces that can be used in 2C but not in 1C. Asteroids that approach the spaceship from the front or from behind sometimes swoop around to hit the ship on the side and asteroids that approach from the side sometimes split in half and hit the ship twice! A structural rift down the center of the spaceship requires universal connectors to connect only with other universal connectors when bridging this rift. So much for their universality! Class 3C is a toroidal spaceship with the top of the 6x6 tile grid wrapping around to the bottom and the left side wrapping around to the right. Since lasers require an empty space in front of them - and engines an empty space behind them - your ship must have holes in it to accommodate those building requirements and the larger and more numerous the holes, the more you must pay in insurance costs prior to launching your spaceship. Class 4C has space to build four separate spaceships, but when the sand timer is flipped the first time, someone rolls a die and players can now build in additional areas of the game board in order to connect some of the ships. When the sand timer is flipped a second time, the die is rolled once more, possibly providing additional building sites.

Medalist Deluxe Backgammon Set: Medalist Deluxe Backgammon Set
R218 R188 Discovery Miles 1 880 Save R30 (14%) Ships in 3 - 6 working days
Tales & Games #4: The Grasshopper & the Ant: Tales & Games #4: The Grasshopper & the Ant
R399 Discovery Miles 3 990 Ships in 6 - 7 working days

The Grasshopper & the Ant is the fourth title in Purple Brain Games' "Tales & Games" series, each of which comes packaged in a book-shaped box. In this game, players take turns playing the part of the industrious ants and the grasshopper content to sponge off the labor of the ants.

The Grasshopper & the Ant includes two ways to play, but the heart of both is the same. At the start of the game, lay out 16 (of the 48) path cards in a 4x4 grid; each path card shows one of four types of landscapes. The ant player places six ants on these cards, one ant per card, with the ants forming a chain (as in real life), then secretly chooses one type of terrain on which at least one ant stands. The grasshopper player then stands with one of the ants, and if the grasshopper chose the same landscape as the ant player, the grasshopper takes all the path cards of this type on which an ant stands; if the grasshopper chose incorrectly, then the ant player takes these path cards. Either way, you then refill the 4x4 grid. The ant player keeps playing until she finally wins path cards, then the next player in clockwise order controls the ants. (In winter mode, the third and fourth players control red ants and receive a random path card if they match the choice of the ant player.)

In autumn mode, players score path cards immediately, with each type being tracked independently; path cards that feature insects are saved for a endgame bonus. As soon as a player maxes out two scoring tracks, the game ends and whoever has the most points wins.

In winter mode, players keep the path cards they collect in order to buy provision cards (worth one victory point), which cost particular combinations of path types. In this mode, when you win a path card that features an insect, you can claim another card in the grid that features the same insect. Collect both provision cards of the same type, and you score a bonus VP. The first player to collect 4 VPs wins.

Trivial Pursuit - Rick and Morty: Trivial Pursuit - Rick and Morty
R255 Discovery Miles 2 550 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Nobody exists on purpose. Nobody belongs anywhere. Come and play Rick and Morty Trivial Pursuit. Get ready to compete against your friends and family in this exciting new edition of the classic quiz game. Featuring 600 questions about the hilarious cartoon series, relive all the best moments as you compete to demonstrate your knowledge of one of the most hilarious and detailed universes ever seen on TV. This compact edition of Trivial Pursuit can be played anywhere, any time, or added to your boxed edition of the game.

With questions on all your favourite characters, from Beth to Mr Meeseeks, you won't need a Space Cruiser to escape this dimension - just a good memory and a little imagination. Be the first to collect six cards by correctly answering questions from six categories: History and Events, Rick and the Family, Technology and Science, Frenemies, Locations, and the Wubba Lubba Dub-Dub category. So grab your portal gun and get ready for the ultimate science fiction challenge.

Cluedo Charlie and the Chocolate Factory: Cluedo Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
R755 R622 Discovery Miles 6 220 Save R133 (18%) Ships in 4 - 8 working days

Welcome to Charlie and the Chocolate Factory CLUEDO! Meet your favourite characters from Roald Dahl's much loved story as you try to discover who ruined the sweet recipe! Play with six suspects and bespoke sweet tokens, including: Mint Jujube, Square Sweet That Looks Round, Wonka's Fudgemallow Delight, Toffee Apple, Fizzy Lifting Drink and Marshmallow pillow. This classic CLUEDO with a Charlie and the Chocolate Factory twist needs you to discover the secrets of Wonka's Factory - Who? What? And Where?

Catan 5-6 Player Extension Board Game (Parallel Import): Catan 5-6 Player Extension Board Game (Parallel Import)
R750 Discovery Miles 7 500 Ships in 6 - 7 working days

Now five to six players can explore and settle Catan!

In the Catan: 5-6 Player Extension you control a group of settlers exploring and taming the uncharted lands of Catan.
Embark on a quest to settle the rich island, competing against more opponents for added fun.
Add 1-2 more friends or family without sacrificing ease of play.
Add green and brown settlers and expand your island with 2 more harbors and 11 unique, new terrain tiles.

This is NOT a complete game! It is only a game extension for 5-6 players. You need a Catan game (aka The Settlers of Catan) in order to play with this extension!

Chronicles of Crime: Chronicles of Crime
R950 Discovery Miles 9 500 Ships in 6 - 7 working days

Chronicles of Crime - Retail EN
Chronicles of Crime is cooperative game of crime investigation, mixing VR experience and board gaming.With the same physical components (board, locations, characters and items), players will be able to play plenty of different scenarii and solve as many different crime stories.They will start the app, choose the scenario they want to play, and follow the story. The goal being to catch the killer of the case they have been given in the shortest short time possible.Using the Scan&Play technology, each component (locations, characters, items, etc.) has a unique QR code, which, depending on the scenario selected, will activate and trigger different clues and stories. That means players will be able to get new stories way after the game is release simply by downloading the app's updates, without any shipping of new physical components involved.The VR experience only requires a mobile phone. Players simply put the VR glasses provided inside the game onto their mobile device, and put the VR glasses on their nose, holding their mobile device in front of their eyes, to immerse themselves in the game's universe and search for clues in a virtual world.Each session last around 1h to 1h30 minutes and many scenarios are connected to each others in order to tell a much bigger story.—description from the publisher

BrainBox Reduce: BrainBox Reduce
R320 Discovery Miles 3 200 Ships in 4 - 7 working days

The first game teaches children about things that that are and are not environmentally friendly in different parts of their house, their garden and their wider community. Children need to learn that they cannot continue to create landfill at the current levels and that there are many different ways that they can help in all of the places they go.

Creative's The Four Seasons: Creative's The Four Seasons
R212 R155 Discovery Miles 1 550 Save R57 (27%) Ships in 6 - 8 working days

What are seasons? What causes Seasons? How the earth moves? What causes day and night? All this and more is playfully discovered in this innovative game on seasons.

King of Tokyo Monster Pack Cthulhu: King of Tokyo Monster Pack Cthulhu
R250 Discovery Miles 2 500 Ships in 6 - 7 working days

King of Tokyo Monster Pack Cthulhu
The Monster Pack – Cthulhu includes a new monster — Cthulhu, in case you couldn't guess — as well as eight evolution cards for use with King of Tokyo and eight evolution cards for King of New York. Fifteen cultist tokens are also included for card effects.

BrainBox Reuse: BrainBox Reuse
R320 Discovery Miles 3 200 Ships in 4 - 7 working days

The first game teaches children about the different ways that everday items can be reused. The second game helps them to understand that there are people, all over the world, who can re use many different items in there jobs. It is important that we reuse as many items as possible to reduce waste and decrease the amount of landfill that we produce each year, polluting our enviroment.

Carcassonne (New Edition): Carcassonne (New Edition)
R950 Discovery Miles 9 500 Ships in 6 - 7 working days

In Carcassonne, players build the area surrounding this impressive city, one tile at a time. They then place a follower on fields, cities, roads or monasteries in order to score as many points as possible. These followers will become knights, monks, farmers and thieves, depending on where they are placed. No matter their function, the player who will most cleverly use their followers will win the game. The classic award-winning game is back with a whole new look Entirely redesigned and modernized, this edition includes two expansions: The River and the Abbot Ages 7+ 2 to 5 players 35 minute playing time Box Contains 72 x Land tiles 12 x River tiles 1 x scoreboard 40 x followers in 5 colours 5 x abbots in 5 colours 1 x rulebook 1 x supplementary sheet

Dominion Second Edition: Dominion Second Edition
R1,050 Discovery Miles 10 500 Ships in 6 - 7 working days

"You are a monarch, like your parents before you, a ruler of a small pleasant kingdom of rivers and evergreens. Unlike your parents, however, you have hopes and dreams! You want a bigger and more pleasant kingdom, with more rivers and a wider variety of trees. You want a Dominion! In all directions lie fiefs, freeholds, and feodums. All are small bits of land, controlled by petty lords and verging on anarchy. You will bring civilization to these people, uniting them under your banner.

"But wait! It must be something in the air; several other monarchs have had the exact same idea. You must race to get as much of the unclaimed land as possible, fending them off along the way. To do this you will hire minions, construct buildings, spruce up your castle, and fill the coffers of your treasury. Your parents wouldn't be proud, but your grandparents, on your mother's side, would be delighted.'"'

In Dominion, each player starts with an identical, very small deck of cards. In the center of the table is a selection of other cards the players can "buy" as they can afford them. Through their selection of cards to buy and how they play their hands as they draw them, the players construct their deck on the fly, striving for the most efficient path to the precious victory points by game end.

Dominion is not a collectible card game (CCG), but the play of the game is similar to the construction and play of a CCG deck. The game comes with 500 cards. You select 10 of the 26 Kingdom card types to include in any given play—leading to immense variety.

Dominion (Second Edition) replaces six Kingdom card types from the first edition with six new types of Kingdom cards, while also replacing the blank cards in the game with a seventh new Kingdom card. These new cards are available on their own in the Dominion: Update Pack. The rulebook has been rewritten, three cards have mild functional changes ("you may" added to Moneylender, Mine, Throne Room), and other cards have been rephrased (while remaining functionally the same).

Dominion: Update Pack contains the seven new kingdom cards introduced in the second edition of Dominion, thereby allowing owners of the first edition to obtain these new cards without needing to repurchase the entire game.

Walking Dead Trivial Pursuit Bite Size Board Game (Toy): Walking Dead Trivial Pursuit Bite Size Board Game (Toy)
R315 Discovery Miles 3 150 Ships in 8 - 13 working days

An epidemic of apocalyptic proportions has swept the globe. Test your knowledge of The Walking Dead in this bite-size edition of Trivial Pursuit. Featuring 600 questions that cover the characters and events of the comic book series, even the most ardent fan will be challenged. 

Tzolk'in: Tzolk'in
R1,050 Discovery Miles 10 500 Ships in 6 - 7 working days

Tzolkin: The Mayan Calendar presents a new game mechanism: dynamic worker placement. Players representing different Mayan tribes place their workers on giant connected gears, and as the gears rotate they take the workers to different action spots.

During a turn, players can either (a) place one or more workers on the lowest visible spot of the gears or (b) pick up one or more workers. When placing workers, they must pay corn, which is used as a currency in the game. When they pick up a worker, they perform certain actions depending on the position of the worker. Actions located "later" on the gears are more valuable, so it's wise to let the time work for you – but players cannot skip their turn; if they have all their workers on the gears, they have to pick some up.

The game ends after one full revolution of the central Tzolkin gear. There are many paths to victory. Pleasing the gods by placing crystal skulls in deep caves or building many temples are just two of those many paths...

Thunderbirds: Thunderbirds
R1,551 R1,135 Discovery Miles 11 350 Save R416 (27%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days

Planned for release in Q4 2015 to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the cult TV show, the co-operative game Thunderbirds will feature the iconic Thunderbirds machines and a high octane world full of disasters for players to come to the rescue.

Set in the year 2065, Thunderbirds follows the exploits of International Rescue: a secret organization committed to saving human life, secretly founded and funded by the millionaire Tracy family, with the motto: ‘Never give in, at any cost!’. International Rescue has a host of technologically advanced land-, sea-, air-, and space-rescue vehicles and equipment ready to launch at a moment’s notice.

Racing to the rescue from a secret island base beneath the luxurious home of the Tracy family somewhere in the South Pacific Ocean, International Rescue defies government spies and criminals who want the secrets of their incredible machines for their own. To combat this threat, Lady Penelope, the Thunderbirds’ aristocratic English secret agent, and her chauffeur Parker lead a network of agents to uncover those behind the disasters caused by deliberate sabotage.

A criminal mastermind known as “the Hood”, operating from a temple deep in the Malaysian jungle and in possession of strange powers, often engineers events to allow him to spy on the Thunderbird machines with the goal of selling their secrets to the highest bidder.

The iconic Thunderbirds are designed by the Tracy family’s close friend “Brains” and are assigned to each of the five Tracy brothers:
- Thunderbird 1, piloted by Scott Tracy – a hypersonic rocket plane used for fast response and rescue-zone reconnaissance, and as a mobile control base.
- Thunderbird 2, piloted by Virgil Tracy – a supersonic, VTOL carrier which transports their major rescue equipment in detachable pods.
- Thunderbird 3, piloted by Alan Tracy – a single-stage, vertically launched spacecraft
- Thunderbird 4, piloted by Gordon Tracy – a utility submersible for underwater rescue, launched from Thunderbird 2
- Thunderbird 5, manned by John Tracy – a space station in geostationary orbit that monitors calls for help from across Earth.

Finally, Lady Penelope has the iconic FAB 1, driven by Parker – a pink, amphibious car

Thunderbirds is a cult 1960s British science-fiction television series, created by Gerry and Sylvia Anderson. It was produced using a combination of marionette puppetry and scale-model special effects, which was dubbed “Supermarionation”. Two series, totaling thirty-two 50-minute episodes, were produced, along with two films using the same techniques.

Players will work together using Thunderbirds characters and vehicles to complete rescue missions and save the day. For instance, to help complete the ‘Attack of the Alligators’ mission card, players will try to assemble Thunderbird 4 and Virgil in North America. All the time, being mindful of the influence of The Hood.

Spoetnik Bogwoordkies Bordspel: Spoetnik Bogwoordkies Bordspel
R519 R459 Discovery Miles 4 590 Save R60 (12%) Ships in 7 - 10 working days

Skep tong-in-die-kies lekker Afrikaanse woorde

Spoetnik SeeSayDoo Board Game: Spoetnik SeeSayDoo Board Game
R399 R379 Discovery Miles 3 790 Save R20 (5%) Ships in 7 - 10 working days

See (draw), Say (describe) and Doo (act) with this exiting board game

Spoetnik TimeTravel Board Game: Spoetnik TimeTravel Board Game
R379 R349 Discovery Miles 3 490 Save R30 (8%) Ships in 7 - 10 working days

Travel in your Time Machine with this Timeline board game

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