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Memoirs - Dispatches from Margaret Thatcher's Last Home Secretary (Hardcover): David Waddington Memoirs - Dispatches from Margaret Thatcher's Last Home Secretary (Hardcover)
David Waddington
R583 R409 Discovery Miles 4 090 Save R174 (30%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

David Waddington, Baron Waddington, was a Conservative MP from 1968 to 1990, before becoming a life peer. For over twenty years he was a government Chief Whip, then served in the Cabinet as Home Secretary from 1989 to 1990 and Leader of the House of Lords from 1990 to 1992. A junior minister under Margaret Thatcher, he was Parliamentary Under-Secretary at the Department of Employment, Minister of State at the Home Office and Chief Whip from 1987 until his elevation to Cabinet level, becoming Home Secretary in 1989. In 1990 he was created a life peer as Baron Waddington, of Read in the County of Lancashire. He served as Lord Privy Seal and Leader of the House of Lords until 1992. He served as Governor of Bermuda 1992 - 1997. This book contains the fascinating reflections of a man who spent his career at the heart of power.

The Prime Ministers Who Never Were - A Collection of Counterfactuals (Paperback): Francis Beckett The Prime Ministers Who Never Were - A Collection of Counterfactuals (Paperback)
Francis Beckett
R211 R154 Discovery Miles 1 540 Save R57 (27%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Each of these chapters in this book of political counterfactuals describes a premiership that never happened, but might easily have done had the chips fallen slightly differently. The contributors, each of them experts in political history, have asked themselves questions like: what shape would the welfare state and the cold war have taken if the Prime Minister had been Herbert Morrison instead of Clement Attlee? What would have been consequences for Northern Ireland had Norman Tebbit succeeded Margaret Thatcher? How would our present life be different without New Labour - a name we would never have heard if either Kinnock or Smith had become Prime Minister and not Tony Blair? Each of the chapters in this book describes events that really might have happened. And almost did.

Treasures of British History (Hardcover): Peter Snow, Dan Snow Treasures of British History (Hardcover)
Peter Snow, Dan Snow 1
R491 R346 Discovery Miles 3 460 Save R145 (30%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Told by two of our most celebrated historians, this is a spirited journey of discovery of our nation's history seen through the examination of 50 key documents. With a wealth of experience between them on politics, military history and today's current affairs, Peter and Dan Snow are the perfect guides to appreciating the significance of each document. The documents have been researched from the collections of The National Archives, The British Museum, The British Library and the National Records of Scotland and are set alonside a commentary from the authors explaining their criteria for selection and providing the pertinent details of each document. From the Magna Carta and Elizabeth's Tide Letter, in which she begs her sister for her life, to the official design for the FA Cup, Churchill's Finest Hour speech following the Fall of France, a ticket stub to the Beatles' first concert, and the signatories of the Good Friday Agreement, this beautifully designed book is a must-have for all history enthusiasts.

Twelve Days that Made Modern Britain (Hardcover): Andrew Hindmoor Twelve Days that Made Modern Britain (Hardcover)
Andrew Hindmoor 1
R509 R362 Discovery Miles 3 620 Save R147 (29%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

This is the story of modern Britain, focusing on twelve formative days in the history of the United Kingdom over the last five decades. By describing what happened on those days and what happened because of those days, Andrew Hindmoor paints a suggestive - and to some perhaps provocative - portrait of what we have become and how we became it. Everyone will have their own list of the truly formative moments in British history over the last five decades. The twelve days selected for this book are: - The 28th of September 1976. The day Labour Prime Minister James Callaghan renounced Keynesian economics. - The 4th of May 1979. The day Margaret Thatcher became Britain's first female prime minister. - The 3th of March 1985. The day the miners' strike ended. - The 20th of September 1988. The day of Margaret Thatcher's 'Bruges speech'. - The 18th of May 1992. The day the television rights for the Premier League were sold to BskyB. - The 22nd of April 1993. The day that young black teenager Stephen Lawrence was murdered by racist thugs. - The 10th April 1998. The day of the Good Friday Agreement in Northern Ireland. - The 11th of September 2001. The day of the Al Qaeda attacks on the United States. - The 5th of December 2004. The day Chris Cramp and Matthew Roche became the first gay couple in the UK to become civil partners under the Civil Partnership Act. - The 13th of September 2007. The day the BBC reported that the Northern Rock bank was in trouble. - The 8th of May 2009. The day The Daily Telegraph began to publish details of MPs' expense claims. - The 1st of February 2017. The day the House of Commons voted to invoke Article 50 of the Treaty on European Union.

The Churchills - A Family at the Heart of History - from the Duke of Marlborough to Winston Churchill (Paperback, Digital... The Churchills - A Family at the Heart of History - from the Duke of Marlborough to Winston Churchill (Paperback, Digital original)
Mary S. Lovell 1
R357 R299 Discovery Miles 2 990 Save R58 (16%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

There never was a Churchill from John of Marlborough down who had either morals or principles', so said Gladstone. From the First Duke of Marlborough - soldier of genius, restless empire-builder and cuckolder of Charles II - onwards, the Churchills have been politicians, gamblers and profligates, heroes and womanisers. The Churchills is a richly layered portrait of an extraordinary set of men and women - grandly ambitious, regularly impecunious, impulsive, arrogant and brave. And towering above the Churchill clan is the figure of Winston - his failures and his triumphs shown in a new and revealing context - ultimately our 'greatest Briton'.

Scottish Dance - A Celebration of Scottish Dancing (Paperback): The Royal Scottish Country Dance Society Scottish Dance - A Celebration of Scottish Dancing (Paperback)
The Royal Scottish Country Dance Society 1
R164 R115 Discovery Miles 1 150 Save R49 (30%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

A perfect introduction to the world of Scottish dance written by the Royal Scottish Country Dance Society, including a short history of Scottish dancing. The book takes you through simple ceilidh moves to more complex formations and set dances, illustrated through diagrams and photos. Popular traditional dances are featured, such as `Dashing White Sergeant', `Eightsome Reel', `Strip the Willow' and `Cumberland Reel'. This comprehensive collection also contains several lesser known dances such as `Flowers of Edinburgh', `Jenny Dang the Weaver', `Rakes of Glasgow' and `La Russe'. From reels to watlzes and medleys to quadrilles this little book is a celebration of Scottish traditional folk dance at its best.

King Zog of Albania - Europe's Self-Made Muslim Monarch (Hardcover): Jason Tomes King Zog of Albania - Europe's Self-Made Muslim Monarch (Hardcover)
Jason Tomes
R1,088 Discovery Miles 10 880 Shipped within 7 - 11 working days

"An outstanding biography of the most unusual and controversial king of the 20th century. Highly recommended."--"CHOICE"

"Vivid and atmospheric, but based on solid and scrupulous research, this is an outstanding account of one of the most intriguing figures in twentieth-century Balkan history. Non-specialists will read it with pleasure and fascination, and even specialists in Albanian history will find much to learn here from Jason Tomes's marvelously lucid analysis of the politics and diplomacy of the period."
--Noel Malcolm, author of Bosnia: A Short History" and Kosovo: A Short History"

"Very well researched, critical yet balanced, this is the best book about Zog to have appeared in any language."
--Bejtullah Destani, Director of the Centre for Albanian Studies

Shortly before 5 p.m. on Saturday, September 1, 1928, Europe gained a new kingdom and its only Muslim king: 32-year-old Zog I of the Albanians. Few foreign journalists were present in the Parliament House in Tirana to hear him swear his oath on the Koran and the Bible, yet the birth of the Kingdom of Albania--a native monarchy, not an alien imposition--did not go unnoticed abroad.

King Zog (1895-1961) was a curiosity, and so he has remained: the most atypical European monarch of the twentieth century, a man entirely without royal connections who created his own kingdom. By contemporaries, he was variously labeled "the last ruler of romance," "an appalling gangster," "the modern Napoleon," "the finest patriot," and "frankly a cad." Even today his reputation is disputed, but Zog is undeniably one of the foremost figures in Albanian history. Though notorious for cut-throat political intrigue, he promised tobring order and progress to a land that had long known little of either. "It was I who made Albania," he claimed.

Zog's reign ended in 1939; Italian Fascists forced him into exile and post-war Stalinists kept him there despite his best efforts to return. In this first full biography, Jason Tomes explores the reality behind the man described in "The Times" as "the bizarre King Zog" and shows him to have been the product of a unique time and place. Tomes invites readers to set aside their assumptions about modern European monarchy and meet a king who fired back at assassins and paid his bills with gold bullion.

London (Hardcover): Stephen Halliday London (Hardcover)
Stephen Halliday 1
R229 Discovery Miles 2 290 Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

"Amazing & Extraordinary Facts: London" is a unique collection of strange laws, heroic deeds, surprising revelations and other quirky stories that have shaped the unique history of Britain's capital. London's long history is an extraordinarily rich source of amazing facts, whether your interest is political, social, architectural or historical, you will find a variety of topics in this alternative guide to London. Brief, accessible and entertaining pieces on a wide variety of subjects makes it the perfect book to dip in to. The amazing and extraordinary facts series presents interesting, surprising and little-known facts and stories about a wide range of topics which are guaranteed to inform, absorb and entertain in equal measure.

Jambusters - The remarkable story which has inspired the ITV drama Home Fires (Paperback, TV Tie-In): Julie Summers Jambusters - The remarkable story which has inspired the ITV drama Home Fires (Paperback, TV Tie-In)
Julie Summers 1
R214 R136 Discovery Miles 1 360 Save R78 (36%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

The compelling true story that inspired the hugely successful major ITV drama series HOME FIRES - now in its second season. The Second World War was the WI's finest hour. The whole of its previous history - two decades of educating, entertaining and supporting women and campaigning on women's issues - culminated in the enormous collective responsibility felt by the members to 'do their bit' for Britain. With all the vigour, energy and enthusiasm at their disposal, a third of a million country women set out to make their lives and the lives of those around them more bearable in what they described as 'a period of insanity'. Through archive material and interviews with many WI members, Julie Summers takes us behind the scenes, revealing their nitty-gritty approach to the daily problems presented by the conflict. Jambusters is the fascinating story of how the Women's Institute pulled rural Britain through the war with pots of jam and a spirit of make-do-and-mend.

The Thirties - An Intimate History of Britain (Paperback): Juliet Gardiner The Thirties - An Intimate History of Britain (Paperback)
Juliet Gardiner 1
R410 R290 Discovery Miles 2 900 Save R120 (29%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

As `Wartime' did for the 1940s, this book will grasp the broad spectrum of events in the 1930s in the words of contemporary witnesses drawn from metropolitan and provincial letters and diaries, newspapers, periodicals, books and the range of rich material available in the British Library. J.B. Priestley famously described the 'three Englands' he saw in the 1930s: Old England, nineteenth-century England and the new, post-war England. Thirties Britain was, indeed, a land of contrasts, at once a nation rendered hopeless by the Depression, unemployment and international tensions, yet also a place of complacent suburban home-owners with a baby Austin in every garage. Now Juliet Gardiner, acclaimed author of the award-winning Wartime, provides a fresh perspective on that restless, uncertain, ambitious decade, bringing the complex experience of thirties Britain alive through newspapers, magazines, memoirs, letters and diaries. Gardiner captures the essence of a people part-mesmerised by 'modernism' in architecture, art and the proliferation of 'dream palaces', by the cult of fitness and fresh air, the obsession with speed, the growth and regimentation of leisure, the democratisation of the countryside, the celebration of elegance, glamour and sensation. Yet, at the same time, this was a nation imbued with a pervasive awareness of loss - of Britain's influence in the world, of accepted political, social and cultural signposts, and finally of peace itself.

The Women of the Cousins'  War - The Real White Queen And Her Rivals (Hardcover): Philippa Gregory The Women of the Cousins' War - The Real White Queen And Her Rivals (Hardcover)
Philippa Gregory 1
R456 R291 Discovery Miles 2 910 Save R165 (36%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

#1 "New York Times "bestselling author Philippa Gregory teams with two eminent historians to explore the historical characters in the real-life world behind her Wars of the Roses novels.

PHILIPPA GREGORY and her fellow historians describe the extraordinary lives of the heroines of her Cousins' War books: Jacquetta, Duchess of Bedford; Elizabeth Woodville, wife of Edward IV; and Margaret Beaufort, mother of Henry VII.

In her essay on Jacquetta, Philippa Gregory uses original documents, archaeology, and histories of myth and witchcraft to create the first-ever biography of the young duchess who survived two reigns and two wars to become the first lady at two rival courts. David Baldwin, established authority on the Wars of the Roses, tells the story of Elizabeth Woodville, the first commoner to marry a king of England for love; and Michael Jones, fellow of the Royal Historical Society, writes of Margaret Beaufort, the almost-unknown matriarch of the House of Tudor.

In the introduction, Gregory writes revealingly about the differences between history and historical fiction. How much of a role does speculation play in writing each? How much fiction and how much fact should there be in a historical novel? How are female historians changing our view of women in history?

"The Women of the Cousins' War "is beautifully illustrated with rare portraits and source materials. As well as offering fascinating insights into the inspirations behind Philippa Gregory's fiction, it will appeal to all with an interest in this period.

Dublin Then and Now (Hardcover): Lisa-Marie Griffith Dublin Then and Now (Hardcover)
Lisa-Marie Griffith
R384 R282 Discovery Miles 2 820 Save R102 (27%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Dublin Then and Now matches archival images with contemporary views to reveal the past and present of this fascinating city. Dublin's rich architectural heritage ranges from medieval castles and cathedrals to a wealth of elegant Georgian townhouses. Capturing its famous streets, bridges, markets, parks and pubs, this book reveals the past and present of a city steeped in literary history, blessed with architectural beauty and full of character. Sites include: Trinity College, Dublin Castle, Guinness Brewery, Christ Church Cathedral, Brazen Head, Grattan Bridge, O'Connell Street, Abbey Theatre, Custom House, Liberty Hall, Four Courts, Smithfield Square, Phoenix Park, Dublin Zoo, Ha'Penny Bridge, Grafton Street, Davy Byrnes, Bewley's, St. Stephen's Green, The Long Hall, National Library of Ireland, Merrion Square, Fitzwilliam Square, Kilmainham Gaol.

Britain's Europe - A Thousand Years of Conflict and Cooperation (Paperback): Brendan Simms Britain's Europe - A Thousand Years of Conflict and Cooperation (Paperback)
Brendan Simms 1
R215 R169 Discovery Miles 1 690 Save R46 (21%) Shipped within 4 - 8 working days

'Dazzling ... a trenchant, provocative account of the intimate relations of Britain and Europe and how each shaped the other' Prospect Magazine 'Elegant, refreshing and wide-ranging ... this is essentially a brief history of the UK but a deliciously different one' Literary Review Britain has always had a tangled, complex, paradoxical role in Europe's history. It has invaded and been invaded, changed sides, stood aloof, acted with both brazen cynicism and the cloudiest idealism. Every century troops from the British isles have marched across the mainland in pursuit of a great complex of different goals, foremost among them the intertwined defence of parliamentary liberty in Britain and the 'Liberties of Europe'. Dynastically Britain has been closely linked to countries as varied as Spain, the Netherlands, Germany and France. In this bracing and highly enjoyable book, Brendan Simms describes the highlights and low-points in the Euro-British encounter, from the Dark Ages to the present. The critical importance of understanding this history is shown in the final chapter, which dramatizes the issues around British relations with the European Union. Britain's Europe is a vital intervention for our times.

Queen Victoria - Daughter, Wife, Mother, Widow (Paperback): Lucy Worsley Queen Victoria - Daughter, Wife, Mother, Widow (Paperback)
Lucy Worsley 1
R293 R205 Discovery Miles 2 050 Save R88 (30%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

'A wonderfully fresh, vivid and engaging portrait.' Jane Ridley, author of Bertie: A Life of Edward VII 'Has much of the abundant charm of its author.' Spectator 'The glory of this book is in the details.' The Times 'Worsley's command of the material and elegant writing style make this a must-read.' Publisher's Weekly ******************************* Who was Queen Victoria? A little old lady, potato-like in appearance, dressed in everlasting black? She was also a passionate young princess who loved dancing. And there is also a third Victoria, the brilliant queen, one who invented a new role for the monarchy. Victoria found a way of ruling when people were deeply uncomfortable with having a woman on the throne. Her image as a conventional daughter, wife and widow concealed the reality of a talented, instinctive politician. Her actions, if not her words, reveal that she was tearing up the rules on how to be female. But the price of this was deep personal pain. By looking in detail at twenty-four days of her life, through diaries, letters and more, we meet Queen Victoria up-close and personal. Living with her from hour to hour, we can see and celebrate the contradictions that make up British history's most recognisable woman.

Britain's War Machine - Weapons, Resources and Experts in the Second World War (Paperback): David Edgerton Britain's War Machine - Weapons, Resources and Experts in the Second World War (Paperback)
David Edgerton 1
R261 R180 Discovery Miles 1 800 Save R81 (31%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

This title was selected for Guardian books of the year. The familiar image of the British in the Second World War is that of the plucky underdog taking on German might. David Edgerton's bold, compelling new history shows the conflict in a new light, with Britain as a very wealthy country, formidable in arms, ruthless in pursuit of its interests and sitting at the heart of a global production system. The British, indeed Churchillian, vision of war and modernity was challenged by repeated defeat by less well equipped enemies. Yet the end result was a vindication of this vision. Like the United States, a powerful Britain won a cheap victory, while others paid a great price. Britain's War Machine, by putting resources, machines and experts at the heart of a global rather than merely imperial story, demolishes some of the most cherished myths about wartime Britain and gives us a very different and often unsettling picture of a great power in action.

Charles I's Killers in America - The Lives and Afterlives of Edward Whalley and William Goffe (Hardcover): Matthew... Charles I's Killers in America - The Lives and Afterlives of Edward Whalley and William Goffe (Hardcover)
Matthew Jenkinson
R511 R364 Discovery Miles 3 640 Save R147 (29%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

When the British monarchy was restored in 1660, King Charles II was faced with the conundrum of what to with those who had been involved in the execution of his father eleven years earlier. Facing a grisly fate at the gallows, some of the men who had signed Charles I's death warrant fled to America. Charles I's Killers in America traces the gripping story of two of these men-Edward Whalley and William Goffe-and their lives in America, from their welcome in New England until their deaths there. With fascinating insights into the governance of the American colonies in the seventeenth century, and how a network of colonists protected the regicides, Matthew Jenkinson overturns the enduring theory that Charles II unrelentingly sought revenge for the murder of his father. Charles I's Killers in America also illuminates the regicides' afterlives, with conclusions that have far-reaching implications for our understanding of Anglo-American political and cultural relations. Novels, histories, poems, plays, paintings, and illustrations featuring the fugitives were created against the backdrop of America's revolutionary strides towards independence and its forging of a distinctive national identity. The history of the 'king-killers' was distorted and embellished as they were presented as folk heroes and early champions of liberty, protected by proto-revolutionaries fighting against English tyranny. Jenkinson rewrites this once-ubiquitous and misleading historical orthodoxy, to reveal a far more subtle and compelling picture of the regicides on the run.

Negotiating Insanity in the Southeast of Ireland, 1820-1900 (Paperback): Catherine Cox Negotiating Insanity in the Southeast of Ireland, 1820-1900 (Paperback)
Catherine Cox
R561 Discovery Miles 5 610 Shipped within 7 - 11 working days

This book explores local medical, lay and legal negotiations with the asylum system in nineteenth-century Ireland. It deepens our understanding of attitudes towards the mentally ill and institutional provision for the care and containment of people diagnosed as insane. Uniquely, it expands the analytical focus beyond asylums incorporating the impact that the Irish poor law, petty session courts and medical dispensaries had on the provision of services. It provides insights into life in asylums for patients and staff. The study uses Carlow asylum district - comprised of counties Wexford, Kildare, Kilkenny and Carlow in the southeast of Ireland - to explore the 'place of the asylum' in the period. This book will be useful for scholars of nineteenth-century Ireland, the history of psychiatry and medicine in Britain and Ireland, Irish studies and gender studies. -- .

The Story of the British Isles in 100 Places (Hardcover): Neil Oliver The Story of the British Isles in 100 Places (Hardcover)
Neil Oliver 1
R598 R428 Discovery Miles 4 280 Save R170 (28%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

"Everyone should have two copies - one for the car and one for the house to plan journeys. . . a reminder to think more about the places you pass and less about your route, because every British journey is through rich history." (Edward Stourton) From much-loved historian Neil Oliver, comes this beautifully written, kaleidoscopic history of a place with a story like no other. The British Isles, this archipelago of islands, is to Neil Oliver the best place in the world. From north to south, east to west it cradles astonishing beauty. The human story here is a million years old, and counting. But the tolerant, easygoing peace we enjoy has been hard won. We have made and known the best and worst of times. We have been hero and villain and all else in between, and we have learned some lessons. The Story of the British Isles in 100 Places is Neil's very personal account of what makes these islands so special, told through the places that have witnessed the unfolding of our history. Beginning with footprints made in the sand by humankind's earliest ancestors, he takes us via Romans and Vikings, the flowering of religion, through civil war, industrial revolution and two world wars. From windswept headlands to battlefields, ancient trees to magnificent cathedrals, each of his destinations is a place where, somehow, the spirit of the past seems to linger.

Forests and Chases of Medieval England and Wales, c. 1000 to 1500 (Paperback): John Langton, Graham Jones Forests and Chases of Medieval England and Wales, c. 1000 to 1500 (Paperback)
John Langton, Graham Jones
R814 R676 Discovery Miles 6 760 Save R138 (17%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days
Young Prince Philip - His Turbulent Early Life (Paperback): Philip Eade Young Prince Philip - His Turbulent Early Life (Paperback)
Philip Eade 1
R213 R150 Discovery Miles 1 500 Save R63 (30%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

`The narrative is as suspenseful as any thriller. Truly, an excellent read' Lynn Barber, Sunday Times Married for almost seventy years to the most famous woman in the world, Prince Philip is the longest-serving royal consort in British history. Yet his origins have remained curiously shrouded in obscurity. In the first book to focus exclusively on his life before the coronation, acclaimed biographer Philip Eade uncovers the extraordinary story of the prince's turbulent upbringing in Greece, France and Nazi Germany, during which his mother spent five years in a secure psychiatric clinic and his father left him to be brought up by his Mountbatten relations in England just when he needed him most. Remarkably the young prince emerged from this unsettled background a character of singular vitality and dash - self-confident, capable, famously opinionated and devastatingly handsome. Girls fell at his feet, and the princess who was to become his wife was smitten from the age of thirteen. Yet alongside the considerable charm and intelligence, the prince was also prone to volcanic outbursts and to putting his foot in it. Detractors perceived in his behaviour emotional shortcomings, a legacy of his traumatic childhood, which would have profound consequences for his family and the future of the monarchy. Published to coincide with the prince's ninetieth birthday and containing new material from interviews, archives and film footage, this revelatory biography is the most complete and compelling account yet of his storm-tossed early life.

Richard II - A True King's Fall (Paperback): Kathryn Warner Richard II - A True King's Fall (Paperback)
Kathryn Warner
R264 R218 Discovery Miles 2 180 Save R46 (17%) Shipped within 7 - 11 working days

Richard II is a figure famous in England's national myths - the king who went insane, the narcissist, the tyrant of Shakespeare's play. History regards his rule either as that of a superhuman monarch or a crazed and vicious ruler. But Richard II was a complex and conflicted man - a person with faults and shortcomings thrust into a role that demanded greatness. In this book, Kathryn Warner returns with the first modern biography of Richard II in decades, to paint a portrait of the king with all of his strengths and imperfections left in the picture. An aesthete and patron of the arts as well as a person troubled by a much-maligned `personality disorder', Richard II here emerges from behind the mask of a theatrical character.

A Fortunate Life - The Autobiography of Paddy Ashdown (Paperback): A Fortunate Life - The Autobiography of Paddy Ashdown (Paperback)
R243 R173 Discovery Miles 1 730 Save R70 (29%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Paddy Ashdown's autobiography was hailed as one of the most readable and exciting political life stories ever written of all - precisely because it was so very much more. This is the autobiography of an old-fashioned Man of Action, an adventurer, to be compared more readily to Fitzroy Maclean than David Steel. Ashdown's years as MP for Yeovil and leader of the Liberal Democrats pale alongside his time as a Royal Marine Commando, in the Special Boat squadron, as a spy, on military service in Northern Ireland and Indonesia, and then subsequently - perhaps his finest and most heroic role, as the UN's High representative in war-torn Bosnia. As one reviewer remarked: "This must be the first political memoir to offer advice on the best way to execute a jungle ambush and on how to treat an open wound using red ants." Ashdown's appeal - which explains this books's hardback bestseller status - is that he transcends party political allegiances, and is seen as a genuinely honest and decent man unafraid to take on the hardest challenges.

Victorian Christmas Colouring Book (Paperback): The History Press Victorian Christmas Colouring Book (Paperback)
The History Press
R143 R101 Discovery Miles 1 010 Save R42 (29%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

The Victorians gave us many of the Christmas traditions we enjoy today, from putting up Christmas trees to pulling crackers. This handy, pocket-sized colouring book embodies these customs in 45 unique illustrations. Colour in Victorian fireplaces adorned with stockings, St Nicholas with his sack full of presents, and scenes from the nativity. Why not de-stress and take a break over the Christmas period?

The Royal Society - And the Invention of Modern Science (Hardcover): Adrian Tinniswood The Royal Society - And the Invention of Modern Science (Hardcover)
Adrian Tinniswood
R467 R369 Discovery Miles 3 690 Save R98 (21%) Shipped within 7 - 11 working days
Dirty Politics, Dirty Times (Paperback): Michael A. Ashcroft Dirty Politics, Dirty Times (Paperback)
Michael A. Ashcroft
R221 R165 Discovery Miles 1 650 Save R56 (25%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

This is a newly revised and updated paperback edition of the former Conservative Party Treasurer's personal account of his battle over unsubstantiated claims concerning his business affairs which culminated in a libel action against "The Times" newspaper. The book reveals the dirty tricks that were used to destabilise the Conservative Party, including the newspaper's alleged bribery of US government officials, and the abuse of parliamentary privileges by New Labour MPs. This is Lord Ashcroft's compelling account of the attacks on his reputation by New Labour spin-doctors out to slander the Conservative Party and journalists seeking to create a story. This new edition also sheds new light on Michael Ashcroft's private life; his childhood and love of Belize, his business career and his many and varied interests.

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