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With a Little Help from Our Friends - Creating Community as We Grow Older (Hardcover): Beth Baker With a Little Help from Our Friends - Creating Community as We Grow Older (Hardcover)
Beth Baker
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In this book, an award-winning journalist tells the story of people devising innovative ways to live as they approach retirement, options that ensure they are surrounded by a circle of friends, family, and neighbors. Based on visits and interviews at many communities around the country, Beth Baker weaves a rich tapestry of grassroots alternatives, some of them surprisingly affordable

-- an affordable mobile home cooperative in small-town Oregon

-- a senior artists colony in Los Angeles

-- neighbors helping neighbors in "Villages" or "naturally occurring retirement communities"

-- intentional cohousing communities

-- best friends moving in together

-- multigenerational families that balance togetherness and privacy

-- niche communities including such diverse groups as retired postal workers, gays and lesbians, and Zen Buddhists.

Drawing on new research showing the importance of social support to healthy aging and the risks associated with loneliness and isolation, the author encourages the reader to plan for a future with strong connections. Baker explores whether individuals in declining health can really stay rooted in their communities through the end of life and concludes by examining the challenge of expanding the home-care workforce and the potential of new technologies like webcams and assistive robots.

This book is the recipient of the annual Norman L. and Roselea J. Goldberg Prize for the best project in the area of medicine.

Dance and Movement Sessions for Older People - A Handbook for Activity Coordinators and Carers (Paperback): Delia Silvester Dance and Movement Sessions for Older People - A Handbook for Activity Coordinators and Carers (Paperback)
Delia Silvester; Contributions by Susan Frampton
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This practical handbook will empower activity coordinators and carers to run safe, rewarding and health-giving dance and movement sessions with older people, including with those who are frail, who have limited mobility or who are living with dementia. The authors describe the many benefits of dance and movement for older people, and address important practical considerations such as carrying out risk assessments, safety issues, adaptations for specific health conditions and disabilities and how to select appropriate props and music. Step-by-step instructions for 20 dances and movements drawn from a wide range of eras, cultures and traditions are then provided. Ranging from Can Can and Charleston to hand jive, morris dancing, sea shanties and traditional hymns with movements, there is something to suit every mood and occasion. This is an essential resource for activity coordinators and carers working with older people in care homes and day centres.

Complementary Therapies for Older People in Care (Paperback, New): Sharon Tay Complementary Therapies for Older People in Care (Paperback, New)
Sharon Tay
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An invaluable companion for complementary and beauty therapists working with older people in care, this book offers helpful information and advice on practical issues that are often overlooked in training, including: * Assessing older clients for appropriate treatments * Communicating effectively with older clients, relatives and care staff * Adapting treatments for older clients with particular health conditions, including dementia * Working around beds, wheelchairs, walking frames and medical equipment * Hygiene, safety and ethical considerations * Guidance on using specific complementary therapies and techniques with older clients, including reflexology, aromatherapy and massage * Common pitfalls and difficulties practitioners may encounter, offering encouragement and down-to-earth advice for tackling them. With useful case examples and explanatory photographs throughout, this is an essential handbook for practitioners who have recently started working, or who are training to work with, older people in care, including in care homes, hospitals and in palliative care.

A Guide for Nursing Home Social Workers (Paperback, Second Edition): Elise M. Beaulieu A Guide for Nursing Home Social Workers (Paperback, Second Edition)
Elise M. Beaulieu
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This completely updated guide for nursing home social workers reflects the latest trends and requirements for nursing home facilities and how they impact social workers. The most comprehensive guide to nursing home social work available, this second edition includes new chapters on changing expectations and new models for nursing home facilities (including the patient-centered facility), disaster planning, pain in older adults, and families and next of kin as legal representatives. Also included are policies that have been revised or added since the older edition was published, including information about the new Minimum Data Set (MDS 3.0), Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), updated information on dementia, depression, and elder abuse, and more. This book thoroughly explains the role and function of nursing home social workers and provides information and resources essential for them. Covered topics include chart and documentation; social work consultation; working in a multidisciplinary team; assessment and intervention; medication; understanding dementia, depression, and other mental health issues; ombudsman program; abuse, neglect, and mistreatment; the intake and discharge processes; resource allocation, legal issues, ethical issues, facility policies; room changes and the MDS 3.0. The book also contains a set of helpful forms including assessments, screenings, transfer/discharge notes, team meeting records, social service evaluation forms, and state health care proxy form examples. Key Features: Comprises the most comprehensive guide to nursing home social work available Includes new chapters on culture and diversity; spirituality; disaster planning; pain in older adults; families, and health/financial legal representatives Contains updated materials on guidelines and studies related to nursing home social work Provides numerous useful resources such as running groups in the facility and staff training

Making Myself at Home in a Nursing Home (Hardcover): Sandra J Gaffney Making Myself at Home in a Nursing Home (Hardcover)
Sandra J Gaffney
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Sandra Gaffney entered her first nursing home for long-term care at the unusually young age of fifty. Fourteen years earlier she had been diagnosed with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), also known as Lou Gehrig's disease. Over the next sixteen years, Gaffney lived in nursing homes in Florida, Virginia, and Minnesota, as the ways she could be close to family changed.

She describes her situation in these words: "As a nursing home resident, I require total or maximum care. I have limited use of my hands and arms. With special splints, I am able to turn the pages of my books, use the telephone and TV/VCR/FM radio remote control. When my cup is positioned properly, I can drink independently. I am able to walk with a platform walker and the help of two nursing assistants. My walking is not functional; it is only for exercise. After I moved into my third nursing home, I learned to operate a power wheelchair by using an adaptive switch between my knees. ... All other areas of physical care have to be done for me. My speech is impaired. If people listen carefully, they can understand what I am saying. ... I am able to eat regular food and breathe on my own."

Gaffney became an acute observer and strategist about how to live in a nursing home. Her first-person account, dictated to family members and assistants, covers making the decision to enter a nursing home, choosing the right one, and understanding its culture. She talks about how to furnish your room and about all the issues that arise in a resident's typical day. She has much to say about communication with staff and family about "how to help others help me." Gaffney's daughters, Amy and Bridget, and her friend Ellen Potter provide additional perspectives on the caregiving experience.

Wireless Technologies for Ambient Assisted Living and Healthcare - Systems and Applications (Hardcover): Athina A. Lazakidou,... Wireless Technologies for Ambient Assisted Living and Healthcare - Systems and Applications (Hardcover)
Athina A. Lazakidou, Konstantinos M. Siassiakos, Konstantinos Ioannou
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Improving the quality of life for the disabled and elderly is a pressing issue for today s European societies, as Europe, and industrialized countries worldwide, are confronted with a demographic shift. Researchers are looking toward Ambient Assisted Living (AAL) as the solution to this problem. Wireless Technologies for Ambient Assisted Living and Healthcare: Systems and Applications provides a compendium of terms, definitions, and explanations of concepts and processes within the area of AAL. It focuses on innovative wireless solutions for smart home environments, which will positively contribute to independent living and quality of life for disabled and elderly individuals, as they rely less on caretakers and more on technology. Other topics include information and communication technologies related to health, new developments in distributed applications and interoperable systems, applications and services, wireless technologies and architectures for health monitoring systems, and wireless communication and sensor networks in smart living space.

Quality Assisted Living - Informing Practice through Research (Paperback): Leslie A. Morgan, Kevin J. Eckert, Sheryl Zimmerman,... Quality Assisted Living - Informing Practice through Research (Paperback)
Leslie A. Morgan, Kevin J. Eckert, Sheryl Zimmerman, Ann Christine Frankowski, Erin G. Roth, …
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Named a 2013 Doody's Core Title

Doody's Medical Reviews Score: 92, 4 Stars

" This book] is well written and achieves its aim of exploring the meaning of quality from a range of perspectives. It has a welcome focus on the views of residents, and the authors are to be congratulated for the efforts they have made to capture these views...This book will be of interest to a broad audience in relation to AL and other residential care settings, including managers, commissioners, care staff, researchers, students and also the wider public."--Ageing & Society

Considering that seventy-four million baby boomers will be the next generation of assisted living residents, there is a great need to create, sustain, and evaluate quality in these settings. Whereas most books focus on quality of care, this is the only volume to explicitly delve into the lives of those who inhabit assisted living facilities, seeking to understand and evaluate their perceived ideas of what constitutes quality of life.

"Quality Assisted Living" provides results from a National Institute on Aging-funded study that gathered information from not only residents, but also staff and family members, who are considered experts who can better help us to understand how quality should be conceived and evaluated. The volume addresses the complexities underlying seemingly clear cut issues and provides concrete suggestions for reframing problems in order to find better solutions. Plentiful stories and quotations are used to identity those elements of assisted living that are most conducive to a satisfying quality of life, and address how this research has led to a consideration of quality as a process rather than as a single condition. Key Features

  • Employs the views and voices of research participants
  • Provides down-to-earth and directly applicable results
  • Written in a language that is accessible to a wide readership
  • Describes complex social situation within the wall of AL
  • Examines issues arising from collective living such as regulations, financing and diverse resident needs
  • Uses real life stories to illustrate key points of the narrative
Rescaling Social Policies towards Multilevel Governance in Europe - Social Assistance, Activation and Care for Older People... Rescaling Social Policies towards Multilevel Governance in Europe - Social Assistance, Activation and Care for Older People (Paperback, New Ed)
Yuri Kazepov
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The workings of multi-level governance -- institutional choices concerning centralisation, decentralisation and subsidiarity -- are widely debated within European public policy, but few systematic studies assessing the effects of changing divisions of power for policy-making have been carried out. This volume offers an assessment of the workings of multi-level governance in terms of social welfare policy across different clusters of European states -- Nordic, Southern European, Central and East European. This book reports on a major comparative study at the European Centre for Social Welfare policy and Research, which included partners from univerisities in Finland, France, Italy, Norway, Sweden, Poland, Spain and Switzerland. It reports on three particular policy areas: social assistance and local policies against poverty; activation and labour market policies; and care for the elderly. The authors describe different starting points, strategies and solutions in European countries which are facing similar challenges and could thus learn from each other. They explore the differences between European welfare regimes in terms of territorial responsibilities, the changes that have taken place over the past few years and their effects. The book is distinctive in highlighting comparative transversal and transnational issues of multi-level governance in social welfare policies, rather than presenting country reports.

Community and ageing - Maintaining quality of life in housing with care settings (Paperback, New): Simon Evans Community and ageing - Maintaining quality of life in housing with care settings (Paperback, New)
Simon Evans
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Specialist forms of housing with care are becoming increasingly popular in the United Kingdom, largely as a result of the ageing of the population and the relative wealth of the latest generation of older people. Retirement villages and extra care housing are two models of provision that have seen particularly spectacular growth. This is partly because in many ways they are perceived to promote government agendas for increasing independence and wellbeing for older people. They also aim to meet older people's aspirations for a good quality of life in their retirement years and to live somewhere they feel they belong. Many such housing developments are marketed as 'communities of like minded people', offering security, peace of mind, a range of facilities and new opportunities for friendship and social interaction. This important book investigates changing concepts and experiences of community across the lifecourse and into older age and how they play out in housing with care settings. An overview of how the housing with care sector has developed, both in the UK and internationally, is provided. The book emphasizes the central importance of a sense of community for older people's quality of life and explores the impact of a range of factors including social networks, inclusive activities, diversity and the built environment. The book will be of particular interest to students in the fields of gerontology, social policy, housing, planning, the built environment and community development. It will also appeal to academics, policy makers, practitioners, service providers and researchers, both in the UK and other countries with similar housing with care options, including the USA, Australia and New Zealand.

Older Persons in Southeast Asia - An Emerging Asset (Hardcover): Evi Nurvidya Arifin, Aris Ananta Older Persons in Southeast Asia - An Emerging Asset (Hardcover)
Evi Nurvidya Arifin, Aris Ananta
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"The rapid Asian fertility transitions of the last few decades will lead to population ageing in the coming decades in one country after another. Societies can choose how they will respond to the rising share of the elderly, but there is no choice about the inevitable demographic trend. In this important volume, ably edited by Evi Nurvidya Arifin and Aris Ananta, demographers, economists, sociologists, and anthropologists analyse the implications of population ageing for family and community welfare and public policy. Most importantly, the authors emphasize the opportunities, as well as the costs of population ageing. Older persons have always been a source of unpaid family labour, and with changes in public perceptions, many healthy and productive elderly can make significant contributions to the broader community and society." - Professor Charles Hirschman, Professor of Sociology, University of Washington. "Ageing is increasingly being recognized as an important emerging issue in Southeast Asia. This book is a timely contribution covering key issues and concerns on the subject and is a clear clarion call to view older persons as assets rather than liabilities. The comprehensive overview and analysis, and experiences from various countries presented by scholars make this book a useful resource for better understanding of the critical issues. The thoughtful proposals provided for necessary future action on concerns that need to be addressed are worthy of consideration especially for building inclusive societies." - Dr Thelma Kay, Director, Social Development Division, UNESCAP, Bangkok. "A welcome and timely volume that realistically considers the challenges that the rapid increase in older persons pose for the family, community and society at large in the context of Southeast Asia. Most importantly, it shifts the focus from viewing older persons simply as liabilities to one that recognizes their value as an asset that can be enhanced through appropriate actions at each of these levels, especially ones that take into account the rapidly changing socio-economic and technological environment in which population ageing is taking place." - Professor John Knodel, Research Professor Emeritus, Population Studies Center and Professor Emeritus, Sociology, University of Michigan.

Housing, Care and Inheritance (Hardcover, New): Misa Izuhara Housing, Care and Inheritance (Hardcover, New)
Misa Izuhara
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Housing, Care and Inheritance draws on the author's long-standing research into housing issues surrounding the ageing society, a phenomenon which is now a concern in many mature economies. If an adult child provides care for their elderly parent, should that person be rewarded? If so, should they inherit their parent's house or a larger share of the assets? The `generational contract' is often influenced by cultural norms, family traditions, social policy and housing market, so it is negotiated differently in different societies and at different times. Such generational contract is however breaking down as a result of socio-economic and demographic changes. Drawn from the two-part study funded by the UK Economic & Social Research Council, Misa Izuhara explores the myth and the changing patterns of the particular exchange of long-term care and housing assets between older parents and their adult children in Britain and Japan. Highly international and comparative in perspectives, this study addresses important sociological as well as policy questions regarding intergenerational relations involving housing wealth, long-term care, and inheritance.

Elder Abuse Prevention - Emerging Trends and Promising Strategies (Hardcover): Lisa Nerenberg Elder Abuse Prevention - Emerging Trends and Promising Strategies (Hardcover)
Lisa Nerenberg
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""I found this book to be informative, well-researched, and well-thought out...The book is an asset to students, scholars, and seasoned practioners alike.""

"--International Perspectives in Victimology"

"Lisa Nerenberg provides the first comprehensive look at elder abuse prevention trends and strategies. Drawing from existing models and examining salient factors, she outlines approaches to intervention that consider victims and perpetrators and engage communities and service systems. She also offers meaningful response to the many challenges endemic to elder abuse work. As a result, Lisa gives hope to the field."

"Beginning as a grassroots advocate a quarter century ago in San Francisco, Lisa developed and tested many viable elder abuse prevention programs herself through the local elder abuse network before exploring best practices elsewhere. This unique evolution and perspective gives her the depth and breadth of understanding needed to write a book like this, able to resonate equally with adult protective service workers struggling to manage caseloads of vulnerable elders, law enforcement personnel trying to prosecute abusers, and academics searching for effective responses to the problem."--
--Georgia J. Anetzberger, PhD, ACSW
Assistant Professor of Health Care Administration at Cleveland State University
and Editor of the "Journal of Elder Abuse & Neglect"

Recipient of the Legal Assistance for Seniors' "Leading the Fight for Seniors' Rights" annual award for 2007

Drawing from over twenty years of experience helping communities improve their response to elder abuse, Lisa Nerenberg describes what agencies, communities, tribes, states, and national organizations are doing to prevent abuse, treat its effects, and ensure justice. She further explores what remains to be done and offers a plan for the future. In doing so, she addresses the broader challenges of fortifying the long-term care, protective service, and legal systems to meet the new and imminent demands of a burgeoning elderly population. In short, the book is about making communities safer places to grow old.

Ms. Nerenberg begins by exploring trends that have shaped or defined practice in the field of elder abuse prevention including the Supreme Court's Olmstead decision; a shift in focus from protecting to empowering victims; an increasingly multicultural elderly population; the "globalization" of the field; and heightened understanding of the "psychology of victimization" (or why victims do what they do and perhaps more importantly, why they often don't do what professionals think they should). She further describes eight models and theories on which practice has been based ranging from the widely recognized adult protective service and domestic violence prevention models to lesser-known approaches such as the family preservation and restorative justice models. She describes specific interventions and approaches that each model has contributed, their benefits and limitations, what is known about their impact, and factors that dictate what responses are appropriate to specific settings and situations.

In addition to describing techniques used by individual practitioners, the author outlines strategies and services that agencies, communities, states, tribes, courts, and national organizations have designed, which include elder forensics centers, elder courts, family justice centers, elder shelters, "hybrid" multidisciplinary teams, fraud prevention programs, support groups, restorative justice programs, and culturally specific outreach campaigns. She details progressive public policy initiatives, which range from statutes that provide for the mandatory reporting of deaths in nursing homes, to efforts to improve the collection and distribution of restitution, to laws that address the role of undue influence in elder abuse.

Old Age in a New Age - The Promise of Transformative Nursing Homes (Hardcover): Beth Baker Old Age in a New Age - The Promise of Transformative Nursing Homes (Hardcover)
Beth Baker
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On investigative visits to nursing homes across the nation, Beth Baker has witnessed profound changes. Culture change leaders are tearing up everything -- the floor plans, the flow charts, the schedules, the lousy menus, the attitudes, the rules -- and starting from scratch. They are creating extraordinary places where people live in dignity and greet the day with contentment, assisted by employees who feel valued and appreciated. Perhaps most surprising, these homes prove that a high quality of life does not have to cost more. Some of the best homes in the nation serve primarily low-income people who are on Medicaid. In this new book, Baker tell the story of a better way to live in old age. Although each home is different, they share common values: respecting individual choices; empowering staff; fostering a strong community of elders, staff, family members, and volunteers; redesigning buildings from a hospital model to a home (where pets and children are part of everyday life); and honoring people when they die. Her visits to more than two dozen facilities include those associatd with the Eden Alternative, Green House, Kendal, and the Pioneer Network. Whether these transformational homes become the norm or the domain of a lucky few is the question that faces the next generation of elders, the baby boomers.

Social Structures - Demographic Changes and the Well-being of Older Persons (Hardcover): K. Warner Schaie Social Structures - Demographic Changes and the Well-being of Older Persons (Hardcover)
K. Warner Schaie
R2,619 Discovery Miles 26 190 Shipped within 7 - 11 working days

Significant demographic changes are altering the structure of the American population. Larger numbers of immigrants are entering the work force, will become part of our aging population, and increasingly, are providing care for the elderly. Family structures and communities are evolving as marriage, childbearing, divorce, and cohabitation trends are changing. The working population that supports the elderly, physically and economically, is also changing and will most likely become smaller and less able to support this growing population.

What does this mean for the well-being of our aging population and our efforts to ensure the quality of life for our elderly now and that we will want to enjoy ourselves as we become part of this older population?

In this volume Drs. Schaie and Uhlenberg and a host of leading scholars look at the current structure of the American population in an effort to determine the impact it will have on the lives of the elderly and those growing older with disabilities and chronic illness. They examine the effects of the aging baby boomers on health care, migration and immigration and how it can support or tax health care networks, cultural issues regarding access to health care, and changing cultural attitudes towards marriage and family that are affecting the relationships between the elderly and their communities.

Growing Older in World Cities - New York, London, Paris, and Tokyo (Hardcover): Victor Rodwin, Michael K Gusmano Growing Older in World Cities - New York, London, Paris, and Tokyo (Hardcover)
Victor Rodwin, Michael K Gusmano
R2,230 Discovery Miles 22 300 Shipped within 7 - 11 working days

Population aging often provokes fears of impending social security deficits, uncontrollable medical expenditures, and transformations in living arrangements, but public policy could also stimulate social innovations. These issues are typically studied at the national level; yet they must be resolved where most people live--in diverse neighborhoods in cities.

New York, London, Paris, and Tokyo are the four largest cities among the wealthiest, most developed nations of the world. The essays commissioned for this volume compare what it is like to grow older in these cities with respect to health care, quality of life, housing, and long-term care. The contributors look beyond aggregate national data to highlight the importance of how local authorities implement policies.

Annual Review of Gerontology and Geriatrics, Volume 26, 2006 - Crown of Life - Dynamics of the Early Post-retirement Period... Annual Review of Gerontology and Geriatrics, Volume 26, 2006 - Crown of Life - Dynamics of the Early Post-retirement Period (Hardcover)
Jacquelyn Boone James, Paul Wink
R1,714 Discovery Miles 17 140 Shipped within 7 - 11 working days

As the population of retirees between the ages of 65 and 75 continues to grow, professionals, researchers, and educators in all areas of the health care and the business sectors will require more expertise on the latest trends to make better decisions and improve systems.

Contributed by nationally recognized experts, "The Crown of Life: Dynamics of the Early Post-Retirement Period" presents some of the most important and current decision-making research describing life between the ages of 65 and 75. Topics cover many aspects and social issues of retirement including: Demographics Functioning and Well-being Aging Black Americans Late Middle Age The Impact of Work Change and Stability Health and Religiousness Social Relations Leisure Activities Male Satisfaction Everyday Life Gay Lives Retirement Community Life

For anyone interested in the key issues and current trends of this growing population, editors Jacquelyn Boone James and Paul Wink provide one of the most important and current expert collections dedicated to the Crown of Life period.

About the Series...
Now celebrating its 26th year, this series of annual reviews, established by Carl Eisdorfer, is designed to encompass the broad spectrum of concerns in aging, including psychology, biology, medicine, sociology, and public policy. The goal is to present reviews of the highest quality and to address those important questions that are salient to all gerontologists.

Service Delivery to Older Adults - Research, Policy, and Practice (Hardcover): R. Turner Goins, John A Krout Service Delivery to Older Adults - Research, Policy, and Practice (Hardcover)
R. Turner Goins, John A Krout
R1,500 Discovery Miles 15 000 Shipped within 7 - 11 working days

There are many contemporary challenges experienced by older rural residents and their communities in accessing and providing services. However, the issue is not whether rural older adults have greater service needs compared to their urban counterparts; rather, it is that rural older people and communities have unique and varied characteristics that must be considered when planning and providing services.

Each chapter is dedicated to an important issue related to rural health care and features commentary regarding the current and future challenges they face. The contributors present in-depth analyses of important components of rural systems, including nutrition, health service delivery, rural hospitals, long-term care, caregiving, housing, and transportation. Insight into the complexity and inter-dependency of these issues and useful strategies for solving problems and overcoming barriers are provided.

For researchers, health care practitioners, planners, policymakers, and educators involved in the care of the rural patient, this book provides crucial commentary for present and future improvement.

Information covered includes: Health services and related policy issues New changes to the Medicare program and how these changes are met with regard to rural health care delivery Important selected services in rural America including informal caregiving, housing, and transportation Enhancing health care delivery through technology and public policies Remarks about service delivery in rural areas

Dementia and Wandering Behavior (Paperback, New edition): Nina Silverstein, Gerald Flaherty, Terri Salmons Tobin Dementia and Wandering Behavior (Paperback, New edition)
Nina Silverstein, Gerald Flaherty, Terri Salmons Tobin
R1,230 Discovery Miles 12 300 Shipped within 7 - 11 working days

Winner of an "AJN" Book of the Year Award

Alzheimer's is quickly becoming the epidemic of the 21st century. Today, an estimated four million Americans suffer from this devastating disease. This number could explode to 14 million by the year 2050, when baby boomers come of age.

Written in a clear and accessible style, "Dementia and Wandering Behavior" brings attention to this life-threatening problem and helps professionals and family caregivers understand that there are preventative measures available.

By focusing on specific responses to wandering behavior and describing ways to create a safe environment in the home, community, and care facility, this book teaches you how to maximize autonomy while minimizing risk for people with dementia in your care.

Evidence Based Health Practices for Older Adults - A Guide to Implementation (Hardcover): Sue Levkoff Evidence Based Health Practices for Older Adults - A Guide to Implementation (Hardcover)
Sue Levkoff
R1,684 Discovery Miles 16 840 Shipped within 7 - 11 working days

Improve Service Delivery with New Evidence-Based Guidelines

Geared to improve service delivery in the care of older adults, this new and more authoritative approach to practice and management is supported by the latest evidence-based guidelines from the leading experts in the field.

For the first time, behavioral health care providers can gain access to a more reliable source for implementing and improving service delivery protocols and practices. This new guide applies evidence-based criteria to the following patient care and management needs to help you:
Select an Evidence-Based Practice (EBP) Assess Feasibility Manage Quality Create a Culturally Grounded Practice Assess and Treat Depression, Anxiety, and Substance Use Disorders Assess and Treat Dementia and Schizophrenia Review by Service Delivery Process Review within Special Settings Create More Sustainable Services

Written primarily for program administrators and clinical supervisors, health care professionals in mental health and geriatric services, and teachers and students in the field of geriatric health care, much of the timely information contained in this book can be used as a reference for evidence-based geriatric behavioral health by people who work with elderly clients with mental health needs.

The Clinical Management of Elder Abuse (Hardcover): Georgia J. Anetzberger The Clinical Management of Elder Abuse (Hardcover)
Georgia J. Anetzberger
R2,852 Discovery Miles 28 520 Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Learn to detect elder abuse and provide the help that your neglected or abused elderly clients need! Even to clinicians experienced in managing difficult client situations, elder abuse is perplexing, complex, and ethically charged. This kind of abuse can be hard to detect, with its subtle manifestations and indicators that could just as easily reflect other problems or illnesses. It can seem impossible to control, particularly when the victim refuses help or denies the seriousness of mistreatment. Moreover, decision-making when dealing with interventions for elder abuse is rarely easy and is frequently clouded by ethical dilemmas. The Clinical Management of Elder Abuse can help. This essential guide for present and future clinicians provides you with multidisciplinary perspectives on detecting elder abuse situations and interventions that can make a real difference in the lives of clients. Three case studies are presented and then examined from the professional perspectives of an attorney, a physician, a nurse, and a social worker. What these professionals have to say will leave you better informed about the dynamics and complexities of elder abuse, about important steps that must be taken in the clinical management of elder abuse, and about the importance and application of multidisciplinary teams in elder abuse work. The handy figures, lists of definitions, and tables you'll find in this well-referenced book make important concepts and complex information easy to access and understand. The Clinical Management of Elder Abuse shows how professionals in the above disciplines can address the effects of elder abuse, which may manifest as: physical effects, including pain and injury, sleep disturbances, eating problems, and headaches behavioral effects, including anger, helplessness, reduced coping abilities, and suicidal actions psychological effects, which can be wide-ranging and include denial, fear, anxiety, and depression social effects, such as increased dependence, withdrawal, and lessened contact with the outside world As the baby boom generation ages, incidents of elder abuse are certain to continue to increase. Whether you are a student, an educator, an experienced clinician, or a novice in the field, The Clinical Management of Elder Abuse is a resource that you'll return to again and again as you work to improve the lives of this important, growing population.

Policy and Program Planning for Older Adults and People with Disabilities - Practice Realities and Visions (Paperback, 2nd... Policy and Program Planning for Older Adults and People with Disabilities - Practice Realities and Visions (Paperback, 2nd Revised edition)
Elaine Theresa Jurkowski
R1,711 Discovery Miles 17 110 Shipped within 7 - 11 working days

The second edition of this landmark textbook is distinguished by its pioneering approach to encompassing disability and aging policies under one umbrella, in response to the newly developed Administration on Aging and Disability. It addresses policy changes impacting health and disability services resulting from the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and other new legislation, and offers a pioneering approach to transforming policy into practice applications. New to the second edition is current census data and new legislative mandates from the ACA and other policy organizations impacting aging adults and/or disabled populations. Also included is new coverage on Social Media, Motivational Interviewing, Health Literacy, Underrepresented Groups, LGBT, and Rural Communities. Podcasts, available as downloads, present the messages of advocates, lobbyists, policy experts, and consumers who address various aspects of relevant policies and policy development. Unlike other texts, the book focuses on triangulating skills, policies, and programs for graduate students in social work, public health, gerontology, and rehabilitation. It aims thus to enhance understanding of policy development through a critical analysis and review of policy framework, and promotes development of skills in shaping programs and implementing policy. The text lays out tools that facilitate policy and program development to include the media, coalition building, the use of an evidence base, and how each mandated policy addresses these programs and services. Chapters include learning objectives, case studies, review/discussion questions, and resources for additional information. An Instructor's Manual, Test Bank, and PowerPoint slides facilitate the teaching process. New to the Second Edition: Addresses both disability and aging policies Includes updated census data Presents new legislation and mandates for the ACA, Veterans and the Military, Caregivers/Caregiver Support Act, Alzheimer's Support, Health Lifestyles, Aging and Disability Resource Centers, Elder Justice Act, and Substance Use and Misuse Provides new coverage on Social Media, Motivational Interviewing, Health Literacy, Minorities, Incarcerated Individuals, Immigrants/Refugees, LGBT, and Rural Communities Offers podcasts of interviews with key consumers and policy experts Key Features: Lays out tools that facilitate policy and program development Examines major service areas for older adults Addresses philosophical, historical, and demographic challenges Enhances understanding of policy development through critical analysis Includes learning objectives, case studies, review questions, and instructor package

Ageing and the Transition to Retirement - A Comparative Analysis of European Welfare States (Hardcover, New edition): Bert De... Ageing and the Transition to Retirement - A Comparative Analysis of European Welfare States (Hardcover, New edition)
Bert De Vroom, Einer Overbye; Edited by Maria Luisa Mirabile, Tony Maltby; Series edited by Tony Maltby
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It is clear that there are two conflicting trends in Europe. Firstly, a demographic shift towards population ageing and secondly, a massive decrease in the labour force participation of older workers (aged 50 years and over). Both trends have re-enforced two socio-economic concerns of most European welfare states. These are the increasing costs for welfare states to finance pathways from employment to official retirement, and the threat of labour market shortages in the near future as a result of both the ageing process and the early exit of older workers. European countries. After years of excluding older workers from the labour market, we can now observe a trend in many countries to re-integrate them again. The combination of two trends, an ageing society and the massive early exit from the labour market of past decades, have also resulted in re-definitions of the social meaning of ageing, older workers, the transition from work to retirement and - on a more general level - the meaning of social citizenship. ways the end of the working life is organized under different welfare state arrangements in ten EU countries plus Hungary, Slovakia and Norway. The authors consider: how changes in work and the life-course affect the relationship between ageing and work; which pathways out of the working life are available and what programmes or initiatives have been developed to change early exit into late exit or to re-integrate older workers in the labour market; and what the individual perspective on the relation between ageing and work is and how different institutions design the life course.

Health, well-being and older people (Paperback, New): Jan Reed, David Stanley, Charlotte Clarke Health, well-being and older people (Paperback, New)
Jan Reed, David Stanley, Charlotte Clarke
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With moves towards greater integration of health and social care services, there is a need for improved understanding of the importance and benefits of a person-centred, holistic approach to work in these fields. This accessible text, the product of a collaborative venture between older people's groups and academics, provides students, academics and practitioners across a wide range of health and social care professions with a guide to understanding the value of this approach. Health, well-being and older people: provides an overview of relevant research and service development literature; presents and discusses a range of issues that are important to the health of older people including attitudes and ageism, the body, the environment, family and community, sexuality and having fun; draws on material developed and, in some cases, written by older people themselves; integrates theory and empirical evidence with practice experience; offers models of best practice. Designed with the needs of students in mind, each chapter has helpful aids to understanding including: key learning points; models for case studies; summaries and exercises; glossaries and recommended texts. Throughout, rea

'It pays dividends' - Direct payments and older people (Paperback, New): Heather Clark, Helen Gough, Ann MacFarlane 'It pays dividends' - Direct payments and older people (Paperback, New)
Heather Clark, Helen Gough, Ann MacFarlane
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Direct payments have been available to older people receiving community care services in the UK since February 2000. However, scepticism remains about older people's desire and ability to use direct payments and take-up so far has been low. Drawing on interviews with older people, local authority care managers and direct payments support service workers, this topical report looks at how older people use direct payments and how they make them work. It considers the role of direct payments support services and local authority care managers in making direct payments a real option for older people. The report is particularly valuable in reflecting the views and experiences of older people themselves. Key issues discussed include: the benefits of direct payments to older people; the experiences of a group of minority ethnic older people receiving direct payments; the perspectives of care managers; the role of direct payments support services; local authority funding of support services. This report is essential reading for managers, supervisors and social workers in local authority social services departments, those involved in the education of social workers and care managers, and dire

The Not-So-Golden Years - Caregiving, the Frail Elderly, and the Long-Term Care Establishment (Paperback): Laura Katz Olson The Not-So-Golden Years - Caregiving, the Frail Elderly, and the Long-Term Care Establishment (Paperback)
Laura Katz Olson
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Since the 1990s, the politics and policies of aging and elder care have emerged as one of the more important issues both nationally and worldwide. Because of population aging and the lengthening of the age span itself, the prevalence of chronic disabling diseases is increasing considerably, rendering more people dependent on others to meet their daily needs. The Not So Golden Years: Caregiving, the Frail Elderly and the Long-Term Care Establishment explores the forces shaping long-term care policy in the U.S. and its impact on individuals and public budgets. The book addresses the world of elder care from the vantage point of gender, race, ethnicity and social class. It systematically describes the experiences of family caregivers, the workers who comprise the caring labor force, and the frail elderly themselves, showing how each of these vulnerable players, mostly women, are affected by long-term care policies and practices.

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