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Who Cares? - Thoughts about Caregiving of the Elderly in Singapore (Paperback): Exactly Foundation, Kelvin Lim Who Cares? - Thoughts about Caregiving of the Elderly in Singapore (Paperback)
Exactly Foundation, Kelvin Lim
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They are often mere statistics these days - the growing ranks of the elderly, whose care will be borne by ever fewer caregivers. But dive deeper into the people themselves and myriad stories emerge. Dreams, memories, fears, friendship, love, and loss... In Who Cares?, photographer Kelvin Lim uses his remarkable visual storytelling abilities to explore the world of these old men and women, and the larger questions of an ageing population. The book also documents the responses of 70 viewers from all walks of life. Their opinions, recollections and musings triggered by the photos offer us a fascinating, multifaceted look at ageing, identity, and the challenges facing caregiving in Singapore

Digital Welfare for the Third Age - Health and social care informatics for older people (Paperback, New): Brian D. Loader,... Digital Welfare for the Third Age - Health and social care informatics for older people (Paperback, New)
Brian D. Loader, Michael Hardey, Leigh Keeble
R682 Discovery Miles 6 820 Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

This book is about the ways digital technology can contribute to the welfare of older people. The Internet, mobile phones and other technologies have changed how we live and work. Such technologies also shape how services for older people are organised in ways that potentially place carers and older people at the centre of service provision. Telecare can make homes `smart' so that they are more comfortable and less risky for people who can take advantage of devices that help make them independent members of their community. Digital Welfare is part of the broader project in Britain and elsewhere to adopt new information and communications technologies (ICTs) to organise and deliver health and social welfare services. This includes mundane technologies like an alarm to call for help to complex telecare `smart homes' and electronic patient records. The intended and unintended consequences of such new technologies must be explored if we are to benefit from these innovations. Based on recent research this book seeks to highlight and examine the new opportunities and dilemmas that confront older people and all those concerned with their welfare in the network society. This edited collection provides original contributions from leading academics and researchers in the field to access the evidence for improved professional integration and user-centred health and social care services for older people arising from health informatics. Digital Welfare for the Third Age will be of interest to all those working with older people.

101  Careers in Gerontology - Is Aging the Thing for You? (Paperback, 2nd Revised edition): C. Joanne Grabinski, Kelly... 101 Careers in Gerontology - Is Aging the Thing for You? (Paperback, 2nd Revised edition)
C. Joanne Grabinski, Kelly Niles-Yokum
R601 Discovery Miles 6 010 Shipped within 7 - 11 working days

Describes a wealth of diverse employment opportunities in gerontology and how to land them. How do you know if a career in gerontology is right for you? What opportunities exist in the field? Completely updated to reflect significant changes to policy and management of resources, the second edition of 101 Careers in Gerontology provides a wealth of helpful and timely guidance in this rapidly growing field. Written for all levels of job seekers ranging from community college students to credential-seeking professionals, the book outlines a multitude of opportunities that dovetail with careers ranging from Sociologist and Home Care Agency Administrator to Architect and Documentary Filmmaker. Interviews with practitioners provide insight into job particulars and the experience of starting out with a degree versus on-the-job-learning. The book describes five emerging gerontology-related fields, updates already existing job profiles including salary scales, and includes many new careers and their education requirements. New interviews are replete with advice and job search tips. The section "Thoughts and Advice from Leaders in the Field of Aging", adds additional grist to the mill. Surprising additions to the list of career profiles include Retirement System Wealth Manager, Custom Clothier, Health Coach, Social or Cultural Historian, Travel/Tourism Specialist, Senior Theater Director, and many others. This second edition encompasses career changes and opportunities resulting from the newly created Administration from Community Living (ACL), and those influenced by policy changes in Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, and the Affordable Health Act. Also new to the second edition are lists of gerontology professional organizations that can be helpful career search resources and links to professional organizations specific to each career profile. Changes to the Second Edition Include: Many new careers and their education requirements Updated job profiles including salary scales A description of three types of commonly required credentials and how to prepare for them Coverage of such emerging fields as Entrepreneurial Gerontology, Global Aging, Journalism and Aging, and Urban Gerontology Career changes resulting from policy changes in relevant government agencies Lists of professional organizations specific to each career profile 13 new interviews and 12 interviews updated from first edition Information about national, international, and local gerontology organizations including student and new professional member sections Updated and expanded glossary of acronyms

Clinical Gerontological Social Work Practice (Paperback): Robert Youdin Clinical Gerontological Social Work Practice (Paperback)
Robert Youdin
R1,427 Discovery Miles 14 270 Shipped within 7 - 11 working days

Written by an expert in gerontological social work and curriculum development, this book provides a wealth of clinical information for social workers and other health care professionals who counsel older adults. It describes a strengths-based, empowerment approach to treatment that integrates theory, technique, advocacy, and social policy, and encompasses the tenets of human rights. The book's content has been tested in the classroom setting for a three-year period with advanced social work undergraduate and graduate students.

The book examines various theories of aging including a contrast between the strengths-based person-in-environment theory and the pathologically based medical model of psychological problems. It advocates truly engaging with the older client during the assessment phase, and discusses a variety of intervention modalities. The psychological construct of stigma regarding aging is examined, along with the major psychopathological problems common to older adults. The book also considers Alzheimer's disease and dementia, medical problems of older adults and co-occurring psychological problems, substance abuse, older adult sexuality, elder abuse, and the vulnerabilities of gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender older adults. Additionally, the book addresses mental health issues pertaining to residential settings and the aspects of death and dying that give older people concern. Extensive case studies, learning objectives, and discussion questions are featured in each chapter. The book also includes an instructor packet, PowerPoint slides, and an interactive PDF.

Key Features: Provides a wealth of classroom-tested clinical information Espouses a strengths-based approach to treatment that integrates theory, technique, advocacy, and social justice Consistent with social work mandates for a human rights focus Presents extensive case studies, learning objectives, and discussion questions in each chapter Includes an instructors packet, PowerPoint slides, and interactive PDF

Long-term Care for the Elderly in Europe - Development and Prospects (Hardcover): Bent Greve Long-term Care for the Elderly in Europe - Development and Prospects (Hardcover)
Bent Greve
R2,673 Discovery Miles 26 730 Special order

Long-term care is an increasingly important issue in many contemporary welfare states around the globe given ageing populations. This ground-breaking book provides detailed case studies of 11 EU-member states' welfare regimes within Europe to show how welfare states organize, structures and deliver long-term care and whether there is a social investment perspective in the delivery of long-term care. This perspective is important because the effect of demographic transitions is often used as an argument for the existence of economic pressure on welfare states and a need for either direct retrenchment or attempts to reduce welfare state spending. The book's chapters will look specifically into how different welfare states have focussed on long-term care in recent years and what type of changes have taken place with regard to ageing populations and ambitions to curb increases in public sector spending in this area. They describe the development in long-term care for the elderly after the financial crisis and also discuss the boundaries between state and civil society in the different welfare states' approaches to the delivery of care.

Ageing in Sub-Saharan Africa - Spaces and Practices of Care (Hardcover): Jaco Hoffman, Katrien Pype Ageing in Sub-Saharan Africa - Spaces and Practices of Care (Hardcover)
Jaco Hoffman, Katrien Pype
R1,698 Discovery Miles 16 980 Special order

Featuring case studies from different regions of the continent (Southern, Central, East and West Africa), this book provides the pan-African evidence and analysis needed to move forward debates about who and how to address the long term care needs of older people in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Senior Health-Care Residence (Hardcover): Azur Corporation Senior Health-Care Residence (Hardcover)
Azur Corporation
R731 R592 Discovery Miles 5 920 Save R139 (19%) Special order

Everyone wants to enjoy the 'golden years' of the life. Residences for senior citizens are required to offer the older generation opportunites for enjoying these years. This book presents some of the very best residential homes for the elderly. Text in English and Japanese.

From Nursing Homes to Home Care (Hardcover): Marie E. Cowart, Jill S Quadagno From Nursing Homes to Home Care (Hardcover)
Marie E. Cowart, Jill S Quadagno
R816 Discovery Miles 8 160 Special order

Older people who would prefer to stay in their homes and states whose funds are being depleted by the rising costs of Medicaid payments to nursing homes find the current system of long-term care unsatisfactory. From Nursing Homes to Home Care arms educators, policymakers, public health professionals, gerontologists, and advocacy groups with the information they need to participate knowledgeably in the debate about aging and long-term care needs. The book shows readers where things are, where they are going, and where they need to be in changing the system of long-term care. From Nursing Homes to Home Care evaluates future needs for long-term care by analyzing on-going systems and assessing key features of proposed long term programs in the context of population aging. Readers gain a thoughtful analysis of the complex dimensions of making future long-term care policy and program decisions as they read about: patterns of demographic aging, disability, and health needs intersections of formal and informal care including intergenerational equity issues long-term care services needs and accessibility planning for funding, quality assurance, and range of services implications of shifts from the current system to a system of home and community-based services Chapters in From Nursing Homes to Home Care express the collective thinking of leaders in long-term care policy and research. Contributors address implications for changing the current system in relation to the emerging needs of the aging population and use this as a basis for examining alternative decisions. Information in the book helps readers determine how to best blend formal and informal services, how to assure quality of care and quality of life in long-term care policy, how to finance devised programs, which health needs to address, and whether to use regulatory or competitive approaches. Professionals, educators and students, and policymakers at all levels learn about factors to consider in policy planning and decision making, including features of aging baby boomers; trends in the growth of the aged population; newly emerging trends in morbidity, disability, and mortality and their effect on the demand for long-term care in the short and long term; access issues from the perspective of the historical evolution of publicly funded long-term care services, the distribution of formal and informal systems of care; utilization patterns of the minority and poor; how to pay for care, how to design an appropriate mix of services, how to maintain quality with efficiency, and how to mesh services with social and family values. From Nursing Homes to Home Care is an invaluable resource in evaluating and advocating policy changes and decisions for an improved long-term care system.

The US Nursing Home Industry (Hardcover): Robert A. Giacalone, Joseph A. Giacalone The US Nursing Home Industry (Hardcover)
Robert A. Giacalone, Joseph A. Giacalone
R3,115 Discovery Miles 31 150 Special order

An in-depth analysis of the nursing home industry in America -- its past, present, and future. It focuses on the business aspects of the industry, and provides a detailed examination of the main issues concerning all nursing homes -- trends in health care expenditures; the legislative history of the industry; growing demand for care and how to measure it; the present structure of the industry; funding and financing concerns; government regulation; inter-industry competition and opportunities for growth; global comparisons; and public policy considerations.

New Dynamics in Old Age - Individual, Environmental and Societal Perspectives (Hardcover, illustrated edition): Hans-Werner... New Dynamics in Old Age - Individual, Environmental and Societal Perspectives (Hardcover, illustrated edition)
Hans-Werner Wahl, Clemens Tesch-Romer, Andreas Hoff, Jon Hendricks
R2,797 Discovery Miles 27 970 Special order

This book was nurtured by the belief that the new dynamics of today's and tomorrow's aging has not yet been treated well in the gerontology literature. Several questions drove the choice of substance for the book: What kind of new dynamics of aging deserves consideration? What kinds of theories and fields are at the core of treating such a new dynamics? And what kind of empirical evidence should be considered? The master hypothesis on which the book is based maintains that the new dynamics of old age is best observed in a range of everyday aging contexts that have been undergoing major change since the second half of the 20th century. In particular, five areas of new and persistent dynamics are treated in depth: the social environment, with a focus on cohort effects in social relations and the consideration of family relations and elders as care redelivers; the home environment, with emphasis on housing and quality of life, relocation and urban aging issues; the outdoor environment, with consideration of out-of-home activity patterns, car-driving behaviour and the leisure world of aging; the technological environment, with treatments of the role of the Internet and the potential of technology for aging outcomes and; and the societal environment with a focus on global aging, the new politics of old age and older persons as market consumers. The book's main purpose is to provide the scholarly gerontology community with a comprehensive and critical discussion of these new trends related to old age. The book will be of interest for the scholarly community of gerontology in a variety of disciplines; sociology, psychology, demography, epidemiology, humanities, social policy and geriatrics; students in gerontology education and in the disciplines named above who have an interest in aging issues (graduate level); professionals in practical and applied fields related to aging such as community and urban planners, health and care providers and policymakers; people involved in senior citizens' organizations and those in industry who wish to serve older people with new products.

Ambient Assisted Living - 5. AAL-Kongress 2012 Berlin, Germany, January 24-25, 2012 (Paperback, 2012 ed.): Reiner Wichert,... Ambient Assisted Living - 5. AAL-Kongress 2012 Berlin, Germany, January 24-25, 2012 (Paperback, 2012 ed.)
Reiner Wichert, Birgid Eberhardt
R2,438 R2,312 Discovery Miles 23 120 Save R126 (5%) Special order

In this book, leading authors in the field discuss development of Ambient Assisted Living. The contributions have been chosen and invited at the 5th AAL congress, Berlin. It presents new technological developments which support the autonomy and independence of individuals with special needs. As the technological innovation raises also social issues, the book addresses micro and macro economical aspects of assistive systems and puts an additional emphasis on the ethical and legal discussion. The presentation is supported by real world examples and applications.

Caring for the Elderly in Japan and the US - Practices and Policies (Paperback): Susan Orpett Long Caring for the Elderly in Japan and the US - Practices and Policies (Paperback)
Susan Orpett Long
R795 Discovery Miles 7 950 Special order

In an era of changing demographics and values, this volume provides a cross-national and interdisciplinary perspective on the question of who cares for and about the elderly. The contributors reflect on research studies, experimental programmes and personal experience in Japan and the United States to explicitly compare how policies, practices and interpretations of elder care are evolving at the turn of the century.

The Memory Handbook - Practical Guide to Understanding and Managing Early Dementia (Paperback): Charles Twining The Memory Handbook - Practical Guide to Understanding and Managing Early Dementia (Paperback)
Charles Twining
R621 Discovery Miles 6 210 Special order
Improving the Quality of Care in Nursing Homes - An Evidence-Based Approach (Hardcover): Thomas T.H. Wan, Gerald Mark Breen,... Improving the Quality of Care in Nursing Homes - An Evidence-Based Approach (Hardcover)
Thomas T.H. Wan, Gerald Mark Breen, Ning Jackie Zhang, Lynn Unruh
R800 R728 Discovery Miles 7 280 Save R72 (9%) Special order

The landmark Nursing Home Care Reform Act of 1987 mandated basic standards of care to ensure the physical, mental, and psychosocial well-being of residents. Yet little has changed since it was enacted. High-quality facilities continue to provide good care, while poorly operated ones remain substandard. This volume offers an evidence-based framework for improving care in nursing homes.

Taking a broad perspective, the authors review the history, development, and current state of care in nursing homes. After defining the concept of "quality" in the home, they assess an array of qualitative and quantitative statistical data to identify inconsistencies found among U.S. facilities. Individual chapters focus on varied aspects of care and the ways in which it is measured, including a thorough review of such key mechanisms as the Online Survey, Certification, and Reporting (OSCAR) data network and the Structure-Process-Outcome (SPO) model.

The book also examines specific factors related to measuring and improving care, including government encouragements and sanctions, staffing policies, and the integration of technology into practice. Throughout, the authors give recommendations grounded in sound methodology and real-world experience.

This service-oriented guide supplies vital tools, informed tips, and provocative ideas for professionals, students, and policy makers involved in gerontology and geriatrics.

Protecting Seniors Against Environmental Disasters - From Hazards and Vulnerability to Prevention and Resilience (Paperback):... Protecting Seniors Against Environmental Disasters - From Hazards and Vulnerability to Prevention and Resilience (Paperback)
Michael R. Greenberg
R858 Discovery Miles 8 580 Special order

The baby boom generation were born between 1946 and 1964 and are the largest population cohort in US history. They should number about 90 million by mid-century, more than doubling their current size. The massive increase in seniors and relative decline of those of working age in the US is mirrored in almost all the world's most populous countries. This book connects the dots between the US baby boom generation and the marked increase in natural and human-caused disasters. It evaluates options available to seniors, their aids, for and not-for and for-profit organizations and government to reduce vulnerability to hazard events. These include coordinated planning, risk assessment, regulations and guidelines, education, and other risk management efforts. Using interviews with experts, cases studies, especially of Superstorm Sandy, and literature, it culls best practice and identify major gaps. It is original and successful in making the connection between the growing group of vulnerable US seniors, environmental events, and risk management practices in order to isolate the most effective lessons learned.

Caregiving in the Illness Context (Hardcover, 1st ed. 2016): Tracey A. Revenson, Konstadina Griva, Aleksandra Luszczynska, Val... Caregiving in the Illness Context (Hardcover, 1st ed. 2016)
Tracey A. Revenson, Konstadina Griva, Aleksandra Luszczynska, Val Morrison, Efharis Panagopoulou, …
R1,279 R1,167 Discovery Miles 11 670 Save R112 (9%) Special order

How does caregiving affect health and well-being and what resources help caregivers? This book provides a synthesis of psychological research on caregiver stress and brings attention to the personal, social and structural factors that affect caregivers' well-being and as well as recent behavioral interventions to enhance health.

International Perspectives on Elder Abuse (Paperback): Amanda Phelan International Perspectives on Elder Abuse (Paperback)
Amanda Phelan
R963 Discovery Miles 9 630 Special order

Elder abuse has been increasingly recognised over the past ten years in many countries and progress has been made in both understanding and addressing the issue. This volume provides a much-needed international overview of the topic.

Opening with an examination of what elder abuse is, Amanda Phelan sets it in a theoretical context and looks at assessment and approaches to the issue in residential and community care environments. The book then presents a range of country studies, which provide an overview of the context of elder abuse in the country and a discussion of related policy, legislation, research and practice. Countries covered include Ireland, United Kingdom, Spain, China, Australia, Kenya, Israel, Canada and the United States, whilst a regional chapter looks at South America. A concluding chapter draws together cross-cultural comparisons and provides some guidance as to best practice.

The only comprehensive book in this area, "International Perspectives on Elder Abuse" is an invaluable reference for practitioners, academics and researchers from a range of disciplines, including nursing, social work, sociology, public health and social policy.

Elderly Chinese in Pacific Rim Countries - Social Support and Integration (Paperback): Iris Chi, Neena L. Chappell, James E.... Elderly Chinese in Pacific Rim Countries - Social Support and Integration (Paperback)
Iris Chi, Neena L. Chappell, James E. Lubben
R462 R423 Discovery Miles 4 230 Save R39 (8%) Special order

This book investigates the varied adaptations of social support systems and social integration among ageing Chinese populations within a diverse set of countries in the Pacific Rim region.

Treatment of Late-Life Insomnia (Paperback): Kenneth L Lichstein, Charles M. Morin Treatment of Late-Life Insomnia (Paperback)
Kenneth L Lichstein, Charles M. Morin
R1,139 Discovery Miles 11 390 Special order

?Treatment of Late Life Insomnia is an extremely valuable, authoritative and comprehensive resource not only for practitioners of sleep medicine but also for any health-care practitioner who finds themselves working with the elderly population.? ?Michael V. Vitiello, Ph.D. Professor, Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, University of Washington & Editor in Chief (for the Americas) of Sleep Medicine Reviews Insomnia occurs among older adults (65+ years) at a rate 50% to 100% higher than in younger age groups, and the consequences of insomnia in the elderly are much more severe than in younger age groups. Elders who exhibit a chronic pattern of insomnia dwell on their anticipation of a poor night?s sleep. In many cases, this worry takes on an obsessive quality that degrades multiple aspects of the individual?s life. In the past decade there has been a great deal of clinical research directed toward the development of effective interventions for insomnia among older adults. Methods of insomnia assessment have been developed and key diagnostic issues have crystallized. Yet until now, no book has gathered together this flourishing body of literature. Treatment of Late-Life Insomnia provides a comprehensive research/clinical accounting of insomnia treatment in older adults. The first section of the book, Overview, describes typical normal and disturbed sleep patterns in older adults, demographics, and methods of evaluation and differential diagnosis. The core of the book, the middle section, entitled Intervention Strategies, reviews the clinical outcome research of the major treatments for late-life insomnia and teaches the clinical procedures in the style of a clinical handbook. The final section, Special Treatment Topics, explores cutting-edge research and methods of clinical management for pressing topics in late-life insomnia that have only recently attracted systematic investigation. This book is geared toward students, scientists, and health practitioners engaged in the areas of geriatrics, sleep disorders, and behavioral medicine. These disciplines cut across a wide variety of professional groups that would find such a book useful, including psychology, psychiatry, counseling, internal medicine, geriatric medicine, nursing, and social work.

Encyclopedia of Health and Aging (Hardcover, New): Kyriakos S. Markides Encyclopedia of Health and Aging (Hardcover, New)
Kyriakos S. Markides
R3,048 Discovery Miles 30 480 Special order

SAGE Reference is proud to announce the Encyclopedia of Health and Aging. This one-volume encyclopedia presents state-of-the-art research and ready-to-use facts on health and aging. The 250 entries and relevant appendices cover: biological; psychological; social; and economic aspects of health and aging and impacts within health-care systems. As an ever increasing percentage of the population of western societies enters `old age', health issues grow in importance in terms of the well-being of this population, economic impact within the health-care system, impacts on families and family relationships and in so many other ways. The Encyclopedia of Health and Aging covers issues including: - acute illness; - Alzheimer's disease; - bereavement; - cataracts; - centenarians; - dementia; - economic; - dependency; - exercise; - health care costs; - health promotion; - hospice care; - long-term care; - managed care; - medications; - menopause; - nursing homes; - nutrition; - obesity; - optimal aging; - osteoporosis; - Parkinson's disease; - public policy; - `quality of life'; - religiosity; - sexual function; - sleep disturbances; - smoking; - spousal care-giving; - stroke; - widowhood; - wisdom. Also included are landmark studies: Duke Longitudinal Study of Aging; Framingham Heart Study; MacArthur Study of Successful Aging; Established Populations for the Epidemiologic Studies of the Elderly (EPESE); Health and Retirement Study (HRS); and National Long-Term Care Survey, as well as important social and health programmes including: social security, `meals on wheels' and Medicaid/Medicare. The Encyclopedia of Health and Aging is cross-disciplinary, with contributions from the fields of: gerontology; epidemiology; health psychology; biology; sociology; health and medicine; and public policy.

Geriatric Residential Care (Hardcover): Robert D. Hill, Brian L. Thorn, John Bowling, Anthony Morrison Geriatric Residential Care (Hardcover)
Robert D. Hill, Brian L. Thorn, John Bowling, Anthony Morrison
R1,919 Discovery Miles 19 190 Special order

This book's main goal is to examine the concept of residential care from a psychological perspective. The chapter authors espouse a psychological approach to long-term residential care and an effort is made throughout the text to present a model of care that encompasses the whole individual. Since psychologists are being increasingly asked to provide consultation to long-term residential care facilities, the need for psychologically-based care models has become apparent. This text offers assistance in developing and maintaining residential care environments that maximize quality of life and personal well-being in the presence of declining physical and emotional resources that are associated with the vicissitudes of living into advanced aging.
"Geriatric Residential Care" is divided into four parts. Part I addresses psychological and social issues facing the frail elderly who are candidates for, or are living in residential care settings. Part II addresses issues in the assessment of individuals in residential care. Part III highlights the design and execution of intervention strategies in residential care. Part IV addresses how organizational aspects of residential care contexts can optimize the quality and meaningfulness of care.

Mental Health and the Elderly - A Social Work Perspective (Book): Francis Joseph Turner Mental Health and the Elderly - A Social Work Perspective (Book)
Francis Joseph Turner; Preface by Francis Joseph Turner; Foreword by Naomi Golan
R928 R713 Discovery Miles 7 130 Save R215 (23%) Special order

The demographic shift to a much older population is having a large impact on social work professionals who have traditionally been the primary caretakers of the elderly. As more people are living into advanced old age, it is becoming increasingly important to understand and treat the wide range of psychological disorders which may affect them, rather than simply attributing the disorders to senescence as was frequently done in the past. Mental Health and the Elderly: A Social Work Perspective is a comprehensive guide to diagnosis and treatment of the range of disorders affecting the elderly. Each chapter, written by a renowned expert in the field, discusses a specific disorder from a social work perspective, integrating the biological, psychological, and social dimensions of the problem. Topics include depressive disorders, the Alzheimer's patient, anxiety states, alcohol addiction, suicide, schizophrenia, paranoia, the autistic elderly, and fears and phobias, among others. Each chapter includes a description of the condition, a brief historical perspective, and a discussion of the latest research on the topic drawn from a variety of disciplines. Cases are integrated throughout the chapters, as is material concerning the role of family members and other loved ones in the lives of the elderly. Special attention is given to the social work role as it relates to care and the provision of services. Emphasis is also placed on how social workers can effectively collaborate with colleagues in other related professions. Finally, the book accentuates a healthy orientation for people at this life stage and the need to focus on strengths. Mental Health and the Elderly is required reading for thehealth care professional working with the elderly. It is also an excellent resource for students taking courses in psychopathology, gerontology, or human growth and development.

Family Care of Older People in Europe (Hardcover): I. Philp Family Care of Older People in Europe (Hardcover)
I. Philp
R1,829 Discovery Miles 18 290 Special order

Developing appropriate responses to an ageing population is recognized by policy makers throughout the developed world as a top priority, as is the vital contribution made by family caregivers. However, cultural, demographic and organizational differences between countries have encouraged diverse patterns of response to this common challenge. This book provides a systematic cross-cultural analysis of contemporary patterns and future trends in all major countries of the European Union. Additional interest is provided by including Poland emerging from the post- Communist block as the country at the forefront for joining the European Union. The book should be useful to European policy makers and academies involved in studying the health and social care needs of older people and the capacity, contribution and needs of family caregivers who provide care to older people. The book is also relevant for policy makers and researchers in other countries, mostly in North America and Australia who wish to study European approaches to supporting older people and family caregivers. The practical focus of the book, which includes the use of case scenarios, means it should appeal to health and social care practitioners involved in day to day care of older people and their family caregivers. The book is not designed as a guide for individual family caregivers, more useful to those embarking on research in this area or entering the policy making field. It takes the reader to a high level of understanding and should be useful reading even for the most experienced policy maker and researcher as it provide updated insights resulting from its cross cultural approach.

The 'Other' in Ourselves - Exploring the educational power of the humanities and arts (Hardcover): Kate De Medeiros,... The 'Other' in Ourselves - Exploring the educational power of the humanities and arts (Hardcover)
Kate De Medeiros, Kelly Niles-Yokum, Judith L. Howe
R2,669 Discovery Miles 26 690 Special order

Increasingly, scholars from many disciplines have begun to incorporate various modalities from the humanities and arts - novels, films, artwork, and other forms of expression - to help connect students with the experience of aging in deeply meaningful and person-centered ways. This collection examines how these approaches are incorporated into gerontology and geriatrics education. Rather than focusing solely on measurable outcomes, such as changes in learning over time - which is the purview of empirical pedagogy - chapters focus on strategies for successfully incorporating a specific work into the classroom, descriptions of humanities and/or arts exercises with students or older adults, and other ways that explore how the humanities and arts can be applied successfully and meaningfully in educational settings. This book was originally published as a special issue of Geronotology & Geriatrics Education.

Old Age Security in Comparative Perspective (Hardcover, New): John B. Williamson, Fred C Pampel Old Age Security in Comparative Perspective (Hardcover, New)
John B. Williamson, Fred C Pampel
R621 Discovery Miles 6 210 Special order

This book examines a central element of social welfare, old age security, exploring the history of policies in both developed and underdeveloped countries to assess their structure, ideology and effectiveness. The authors test five theoretical perspectives on old-age security policy in four industrial nations (the United States, the United Kingdom, Sweden, Germany) and three developing countries (India, Nigeria, Brazil), challenging the view that old age policy is the outcome of class conflict between capital and labour. Instead, the authors adopt a neo-pluralist perspective which emphasizes the influence of ethnic religious and regional groups, as well as "the grey lobby", over that of class-based groups. The authors attempt to test ideas derived in part from these historical case studies by analysing quantitative data from a broader sample of countries (18 industrial nationa and 32 developing nations), and they use these results to anticipate future policy developments in the U.S.

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