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The Not-So-Golden Years - Caregiving, the Frail Elderly, and the Long-Term Care Establishment (Hardcover, New): Laura Katz Olson The Not-So-Golden Years - Caregiving, the Frail Elderly, and the Long-Term Care Establishment (Hardcover, New)
Laura Katz Olson
R1,963 Discovery Miles 19 630 Special order

Since the 1990s, the politics and policies of aging and elder care have emerged as one of the more important issues both nationally and worldwide. Because of population aging and the lengthening of the age span itself, the prevalence of chronic disabling diseases is increasing considerably, rendering more people dependent on others to meet their daily needs. The Not So Golden Years: Caregiving, the Frail Elderly and the Long-Term Care Establishment explores the forces shaping long-term care policy in the U.S. and its impact on individuals and public budgets. The book addresses the world of elder care from the vantage point of gender, race, ethnicity and social class. It systematically describes the experiences of family caregivers, the workers who comprise the caring labor force, and the frail elderly themselves, showing how each of these vulnerable players, mostly women, are affected by long-term care policies and practices.

Suicide in Later Life - Recognizing the Warning Signs (Hardcover): Nancy J. Osgood Suicide in Later Life - Recognizing the Warning Signs (Hardcover)
Nancy J. Osgood
R1,425 Discovery Miles 14 250 Special order

Elderly Americans take their own lives for a variety of reasons: illness, loss, alcoholism, and loneliness among them, but it is easy for others to miss the warning signs. Osgood describes the symptoms that adult children of elderly parents, friends, social workers, and others should be alert to. Further, she asks how society can change its attitudes and behaviour toward its elders to help reduce their risk of suicide.

Twenty-Five Years of the Life Review - Theoretical and Practical Considerations (Hardcover): Robert Disch Twenty-Five Years of the Life Review - Theoretical and Practical Considerations (Hardcover)
Robert Disch
R805 Discovery Miles 8 050 Special order

In this thought-provoking book, professionals in the field of aging examine the history and concept of the life review. The life review--a theory about the nature of the life cycle first presented in 1962--has become a foundation for program development with the elderly. This unique analysis of the life review goes beyond the early formulation both in theory and practice. Critics of the life review suggest ways in which the theory can be modified and expanded and offer several unique methods of creatively adapting these criticisms and changes to practical purposes. Proponents of the life review--while emphasizing that reminiscence is not a panacea--proclaim its historical, educational, and therapeutic value.

Geriatric Residential Care (Paperback): Robert D. Hill, Brian L. Thorn, John Bowling, Anthony Morrison Geriatric Residential Care (Paperback)
Robert D. Hill, Brian L. Thorn, John Bowling, Anthony Morrison
R969 Discovery Miles 9 690 Special order

This book's main goal is to examine the concept of residential care from a psychological perspective. The chapter authors espouse a psychological approach to long-term residential care and an effort is made throughout the text to present a model of care that encompasses the whole individual. Since psychologists are being increasingly asked to provide consultation to long-term residential care facilities, the need for psychologically-based care models has become apparent. This text offers assistance in developing and maintaining residential care environments that maximize quality of life and personal well-being in the presence of declining physical and emotional resources that are associated with the vicissitudes of living into advanced aging.
"Geriatric Residential Care" is divided into four parts. Part I addresses psychological and social issues facing the frail elderly who are candidates for, or are living in residential care settings. Part II addresses issues in the assessment of individuals in residential care. Part III highlights the design and execution of intervention strategies in residential care. Part IV addresses how organizational aspects of residential care contexts can optimize the quality and meaningfulness of care.

Inside Assisted Living - The Search for Home (Paperback): J. Kevin Eckert, Paula C. Carder, Leslie A. Morgan, Ann Christine... Inside Assisted Living - The Search for Home (Paperback)
J. Kevin Eckert, Paula C. Carder, Leslie A. Morgan, Ann Christine Frankowski, Erin G. Roth; As told to …
R382 R362 Discovery Miles 3 620 Save R20 (5%) Special order

Assisted living is the fastest-growing alternative to skilled nursing care for frail older persons in the United States. The expectations, settings, and missions of these residences are varied, making it difficult for prospective residents and their families to anticipate what it would be like to live in them. This book is a unique portal into the real world of assisted living and the key issues facing consumers, providers, and policy makers.

Drawing on in-depth interviews with residents, their family members, staffers, and administrators, "Inside Assisted Living" opens the window on day-to-day life in six different types of assisted living residence. From "Miss Helen at Valley Glen Home" to "Mr. Sidney at Laurel Ridge," the detailed profiles of individuals show the commonalities among the residences while highlighting the positive and negative aspects of each. The voices of those living, visiting, and working in the homes clarify the important local (social relations, staff dynamics, leadership) and national (funding, regulation, aging-in-place) challenges presented by assisted living.

Introductory and concluding chapters synthesize new findings that cross the six settings and reflect issues vital to all participants. The book also features an appendix detailing the research process involved in creating the profiles.

Focus on Older People (Paperback): Office for National Statistics Focus on Older People (Paperback)
Office for National Statistics
R1,237 Discovery Miles 12 370 Special order

Taking advantage of the new information from the 2001 Census, as well as drawing on a range of other sources, this report will provide a comprehensive statistical picture of key issues concerning older people's lives in the UK. Tables, maps, graphs, charts and line diagrams will supplement the text and boxes within the text will highlight key issues throughout.

Ambient Assisted Living - 4. AAL-Kongress 2011 Berlin, Germany, January 25-26, 2011 (Paperback, 2011 ed.): Reiner Wichert,... Ambient Assisted Living - 4. AAL-Kongress 2011 Berlin, Germany, January 25-26, 2011 (Paperback, 2011 ed.)
Reiner Wichert, Birgid Eberhardt
R3,089 R2,923 Discovery Miles 29 230 Save R166 (5%) Special order

In this book, 22 authors discuss development of Ambient Assisted Living. It presents new technological developments which support the autonomy and independence of individuals with special needs. As the technological innovation raises also social issues, the book addresses micro and macro economical aspects of assistive systems and puts an additional emphasis on the ethical and legal discussion. The presentation is supported by real world examples and applications.

Handbook of Ambient Assisted Living - Technology for Healthcare, Rehabilitation and Well-being (Hardcover, New): J.C. Augusto,... Handbook of Ambient Assisted Living - Technology for Healthcare, Rehabilitation and Well-being (Hardcover, New)
J.C. Augusto, M. Huch, A. Kameas, J. Maitland, P.J. McCullagh, …
R3,096 Discovery Miles 30 960 Special order

The world's population is aging dramatically and in most countries the cost of care is rising rapidly. We need a system which helps to minimize the onset of chronic conditions which are costly to treat and diminish quality of life, rather than one primarily directed towards the care of the sick. Innovative use of new technologies may be the only way to provide care affordably in future and to scale that care to far greater numbers as our societies adapt to change. Ambient Assisted Living (AAL) can provide a solution. More integration between the health system and life at home and work will benefit everybody, providing better, more holistic lifelong care at lower cost. This book presents and summarizes the achievements of an accomplished group of researchers around the globe and from diverse technical backgrounds. They use a wide range of approaches to optimize the use of healthcare technology and integrate such technology into human lives in a way that will benefit all. The book is divided into seven main sections: AAL in the health space; Devices and infrastructure to facilitate AAL; AAL in gerontology; Smart homes as a vehicle for AAL; Applications of AAL in rehabilitation; AAL initiatives; and finally, Novel developments and visions for the area. Developing technologies which cater for the broad range of individuals in our complex societies is a major challenge which poses many problems. The research described here pushes the boundaries, and will inspire other researchers to continue their exploration of technologies to improve lives.

Growing Old in America (Paperback, 2nd Revised edition): David Hackett Fischer Growing Old in America (Paperback, 2nd Revised edition)
David Hackett Fischer
R311 Discovery Miles 3 110 Special order

A history of aging in America surveys and compares actualities and attitudes in the eighteenth, nineteenth, and twentieth centuries and suggests practical improvements on the current inadequate system of pensions, social security, medicare, and other programs.

Social Issues of Ageing (Hardcover): Chris Phillipson Social Issues of Ageing (Hardcover)
Chris Phillipson
R16,945 Discovery Miles 169 450 Special order

This will be a four-volume interdisciplinary collection on the social issues of aging: a balance will be struck between a social and public policy perspective on ageing, and broader sociological and socio-cultural debates within the field. Contributions illustrating ageing from a broad range of settings would be a key aspect of the volumes. Volume One Theme features: Old Age from a Historical and Cultural Perspective; Historical perspectives on experiences of ageing; Images of ageing; The development of social welfare for older people; and Cross-cultural variations in ageing.Volume Two Theme includes: Theoretical Perspectives on Social Ageing; Traditional theories of social ageing; Life Course and developmental models of ageing; Social construction and political economy models of ageing; and Approaches from the humanities. Volume Three presents: Family, Community and Social Relationships in Old Age; The Family Life of Older People; Older People in the Community; Daily Life in Old Age; and Social Relationships in Later Life. Volume Four Theme includes: Health and Social Policies on Ageing; Policies for work and retirement; Support for older people in the community; Issues in residential and day care; and Ethical issues in the care of older people.

Standards Matter - A Conference Report on Regulating Registered Residential and Nursing Homes for Older People (Paperback):... Standards Matter - A Conference Report on Regulating Registered Residential and Nursing Homes for Older People (Paperback)
Centre for Policy on Ageing
R303 R277 Discovery Miles 2 770 Save R26 (9%) Special order
CANE - Camberwell Assessment of Need for the Elderly (Spiral bound): Martin Orrell, Geraldine Hancock CANE - Camberwell Assessment of Need for the Elderly (Spiral bound)
Martin Orrell, Geraldine Hancock
R1,710 Discovery Miles 17 100 Special order

CANE: Camberwell Assessment of Need for the Elderly is a tool for assessing the needs of older people and particularly those with mental health problems. It is based on the Camberwell Assessment of Need, a widely used needs assessment for people with severe mental illness. Needs are assessed in 24 areas of life and cover a broad range of health, social and psychological domains. Also included are two items that assess the needs of those who care for the older person. The CANE is a comprehensive assessment instrument, suitable for both research and clinical use. This book contains chapters on its development, and its application in various settings and populations, such as day hospitals, sheltered housing, primary care, acute hospital wards, services for early-onset dementia, and long-term care settings. There are also chapters on its use in Spain and Germany. Both the full version CANE and short version (CANE-S) are included in photocopiable format, along with a detailed manual, a full training programme and scoring guidance. The CANE has been rigorously developed by a multi-disciplinary team at University College London in collaboration with other academic centres, and is suitable for use in all settings involving older persons.

Ethics, Law, and Aging Review v. 10 - Decision-making Capacity and Older Persons (Hardcover): Marshall Kapp Ethics, Law, and Aging Review v. 10 - Decision-making Capacity and Older Persons (Hardcover)
Marshall Kapp
R3,044 Discovery Miles 30 440 Special order

Although the topic of decision making capacity and older persons has been discussed in the literature, there still is much to be learned about it theoretically and practically. Experts continue to disagree about which standards are important for assessing decision making capacity. Questions such as: "When should a capacity assessment be done on an older person and by whom?" are covered by the editors.

Topics included in this volume are the application of an original framework for ethical decision making in long term care; an elder's capacity to decide to remain living alone in the community; the quest for helpful standardized instruments for evaluating decision making capacity; and end-of-life liability issues.

Women in the Middle - Their Parent-Care Years (Hardcover, Second Edition): Elaine M. Brody Women in the Middle - Their Parent-Care Years (Hardcover, Second Edition)
Elaine M. Brody; Contributions by Avalie R. Saperstein
R3,236 Discovery Miles 32 360 Special order

"Women in the Middle"was so-named because daughters, who are the main caregivers to elderly disabled parents, most often in their middle years, are caught in the middle of multiple competing demands on their time and energy. Since the first edition, women's responsibilities and the pressures they have experienced have increased and intensified. Dr. Brody revisits this phenomenon in this new, updated edition of her ground-breaking work.

"Women in the Middle, 2/e," describes and discusses the caregiving women's subjective feelings, experiences, and problems, and the effects on their mental and physical well-being, life styles, family relationships, and vocational activities. These case studies and narratives present an insider's view of the harsh and sometimes joyful experience of caregiving.

Special attention is given to the changing face of social, economic, and environmental conditions, as well as the diversity of the caregiver, in which caregiving, in which caregiving takes place.

Wholeness in Later Life (Paperback): Ruth Bright Wholeness in Later Life (Paperback)
Ruth Bright
R643 Discovery Miles 6 430 Special order

The book is wide-ranging and probably is most satisfactory when it is introducing the reader to concerns, issues, disabilities, client groups or fields of work in which the reader is a non-specialist. It is useful as an introduction and a survey of the major problems impacting on people with particular disabilities as they age. It is, despite its extensive bibliography, less satisfying for the specialist reader. It is well written, well researched as far as Australian and north American literature is concerned and reflects vast practice experience, and great sensitivity and empathy. The values espoused and the attention given to cultural differences and to diverse expressions of spirtiuality are very relevant to contemporary multi-racial Britain although the discussion arises primarily from experience of the present day polyglot Ausrtralia. "If we ourselves wish to be seen as whole people despite advanced age, we must give others the same dignity" (p115) sums up the basis of Ruth Bright's approach. Her appreciation of the lifetime needs of mentally ill people, and others with longstanding intractable conditions, whose vulnerability is excaerabated in later life, is very moving. She writes with great wisdom distilled from wide-ranging scholarship and a lifetime of practice as a music therapist, grief counsellor and multi professional team member employed in many varied health and social care contexts.' - PSIGE (Psychologists' Special Interest Group In Elderly People) Newsletter 'This book would make a useful introduction to the issues faced by people as old age advances. It would be very useful for those interested in music therapy as a tool for working with older people, especially those with dementia.' - International Social Work 'I found this book refreshingly positive and a pleasure to read. It is sensitively written, adopts a practical and constructive approach and uses clear, concise language.' - Health and Hygiene 'I have read Ruth Bright's book, and think it marvellous. Ruth Bright has spent decades working with the ageing, and especially with music therapy, and she has written an enormously sensitive, comprehensive, and intelligent exploration into the strengths and problems of old age, and into the varied challenges of achieving `wholeness' in later life.' - Oliver Sacks 'It is written in a way that makes it possible for non-professionals to profit from it. The book will provide ministers of religion who are neither professionals in medicine nor psychiatry with insights that will help them in giving spiritual guidance...' - Ministry Today 'Watch out for me when I'm zimming around town, passing the bingo session on my way to our African drumming workshop. I'll wave to you with my dog-eared copy of Wholeness in Later Life.' - Artery 'An ambitious book, setting out a range of challenges that confront elderly people who are dependent on others for their care. The approach demands that the reader examine their own attitudes and responses to older people... Sensitively written.' - Health Visitor Examining the care of older people from a holistic viewpoint, Ruth Bright argues that all of geriatric care - physical, psychological, spiritual and psycho-social - is, or should be, intended to improve the overall quality of life for older people, so that they can actively enjoy life and do not simply have to endure it until death comes as a relief. To that end the book discusses the many different challenges that an older person might face, including physical difficulties, psychiatric problems, mental retardation, and the impact that a lifelong disability can have, particularly when it accelerates the ageing process. The book also discusses the cultural aspects of ageing, and uses case studies to provide illustrative examples of how and why quality of life can and should be improved. In the second section of the book the author explores the use of music therapy as an example of preserving a high quality of life for older people. By approaching all aspects of the life of older people, Wholeness in Later Life teaches us to appreciate the totality of a person who happens to have aged.

Family Caregiving in the New Normal (Paperback): Joseph E. Gaugler, Robert Kane Family Caregiving in the New Normal (Paperback)
Joseph E. Gaugler, Robert Kane
R1,039 Discovery Miles 10 390 Special order

Family Caregiving in the New Normal discusses how the drastic economic changes that have occurred over the past few years have precipitated a new conversation on how family care for older adults will evolve in the future. This text summarizes the challenges and potential solutions scientists, policy makers, and clinical providers must address as they grapple with these changes, with a primary focus given to the elements that may impact how family caregiving is organized and addressed in subsequent decades, including sociodemographic trends like divorce, increased participation of women in the workforce, geographic mobility, fewer children in post-baby boom families, chronic illness trends, economic stressors, and the current policy environment. A section on the support of caregivers includes technology-based solutions that examine existing models, personal health records, and mobile applications, big data issues, decision-making support, person-centered approaches, crowd-sourced caregiving such as blogs and personal websites that have galvanized caregivers, and new methods to combine paid and unpaid forms of care.

Doing Relationship-Centred Dementia Care (Paperback): David Reid Doing Relationship-Centred Dementia Care (Paperback)
David Reid
R382 Discovery Miles 3 820 Special order

Sharing a series of ideas and approaches to dementia care with a relationship-centred focus, this book enables practitioners to have hands-on involvement in determining and improving the quality of dementia care. This book shows how valuable experiences of living with dementia, family experiences of dementia, professional experiences of providing dementia care in care homes and wider communities, and the health, social care and housing system are linked, and how good dementia care arises out of the relationships between these groups. It encourages thinking about the stigma attached to dementia, and how a focus on living well with dementia can help to shape policies that hold people with dementia at the centre, with their voices included for reference. The book also explains practical steps for carrying out effective relationship-centred dementia care, with examples of common obstacles and how to overcome them.

Health Promotion for the Elderly (Paperback): Colleen Keller, Julie Fleury Health Promotion for the Elderly (Paperback)
Colleen Keller, Julie Fleury
R1,314 Discovery Miles 13 140 Special order

The decentralization of health care and the aging of the baby boomers point to a critical need for health provider information on prevention and health promotion for the elderly. This book provides a foundation for understanding the requirements and goals, as well as both individual and community models that have been developed for health promotion in the elderly. The authors provide an overview of health promotion needs and objectives for aging populations and address health promotion for risk reduction, individual models for health promotion, and community models for health promotion.

Cultures of Care in Aging (Hardcover): Thomas Boll, Dieter Ferring, Jaan Valsiner Cultures of Care in Aging (Hardcover)
Thomas Boll, Dieter Ferring, Jaan Valsiner
R2,165 Discovery Miles 21 650 Special order

This book is about caring for elderly persons in the 21th century. It shows that care has many facets and is influenced by many factors. Central topics of this book thus include the relation between the person depending on care and the care giver(s), the impacts of caregiving on the family and the larger social context, as well as socio-cultural and political aspects underlying the growing need for and the practice of formal and informal care. It is evident that care as a real-life phenomenon of our time needs the co-operation ofmultiple disciplines to better understand, describe, explain and modify phenomena of elder care. Such a need for crossdisciplinary research is even more urgent given the increasing population aging and the impending gaps between demand and supply of care. The present book is dedicated to this approach and provides a first substantive integration of knowledge from geropsychology, other gerosciences, and cultural psychologies by a multi-disciplinary cast of internationally renowned authors. Cultural psychology emerged as a valuable partner of the gerosciences by contributing essentially to a deeper understanding of the relevant issues. Reading of this book provides the reader-researcher or practitioner-with new insights of where the problems of advancing age take our caring tasks in our 21st century societies and it opens many new directions for further work in the field. Finally and above all, this book is also a strong plea for solidarity between generations in family and society in a rapidly changing globalized world.

Ageing, Insight and Wisdom - Meaning and Practice across the Lifecourse (Paperback): Ricca Edmondson Ageing, Insight and Wisdom - Meaning and Practice across the Lifecourse (Paperback)
Ricca Edmondson
R1,126 Discovery Miles 11 260 Special order

Taking a novel approach to ageing, this book focuses on older people as makers of meaning and insight, highlighting the evolving values, priorities, and ways of communicating that make later life fascinating and rich. Ricca Edmondson explores what creating meaning in later life really implies, for older people themselves, for how older people are conceptualised, and for relationships between generations.

Elder Care Journey - A View from the Front Lines (Hardcover): Laura Katz Olson Elder Care Journey - A View from the Front Lines (Hardcover)
Laura Katz Olson
R572 R511 Discovery Miles 5 110 Save R61 (11%) Special order
The Best Friends Daily Planner (Spiral bound, New edition): Virginia Bell, David Troxel The Best Friends Daily Planner (Spiral bound, New edition)
Virginia Bell, David Troxel
R615 Discovery Miles 6 150 Special order

The Best Friends Daily Planner shows you how simple it is to be a Best Friend to a person with dementia each and every day. This handy and practical book provides you with Best Friends guiding principles, activities, and reflection questions to support your caregiving each week. * Guiding Principles: Learn how to follow the Best Friends approach with these reminders and tips * Activities: Implement over 150 quick, easy, and surprising activities * Reflections: Record what works and what doesn't-both for you and your Best Friend The Best Friends Daily Planner can be used as an individual resource or with any of the many books in the world-renowned Best Friends product suite. Developed by dementia care experts Virginia Bell and David Troxel, Best Friends is a sensitive and sensible approach to dementia care based on the essential elements of friendship: respect, empathy, support, trust, and humor. With ample space to record your thoughts and the reactions of the persons with dementia that you care for, this invaluable tool will guide you through the year and provide a record of your caregiving experiences in the years to come. Filled with easy-to-implement activities and reminders of the core tenets of the Best Friends model of care, this handy and practical book shows you how simple it is to be a Best Friend to a person with dementia each and every day. And the best part is, The Best Friends Daily Planner is completely customizable to meet your needs. Divided by months that highlight each of the 12 Best Friends Dementia Rights and labeled with dates that aren't day-of-the-week specific, the planner gives you the flexibility to start at any point of the year

Market Friendly or Family Friendly? - The State and Gender Inequality in Old Age (Paperback): Madonna Harrington Meyer, Pamela... Market Friendly or Family Friendly? - The State and Gender Inequality in Old Age (Paperback)
Madonna Harrington Meyer, Pamela Herd
R777 Discovery Miles 7 770 Special order

Poverty among the elderly is sharply gendered women over 65 are twice as likely as men to live below the poverty line. Older women receive smaller Social Security payments and are less likely to have private pensions. They are twice as likely as men to need a caregiver and twice as likely as men to be a caregiver. Recent efforts of some in Washington to reduce and privatize social welfare programs threaten to exacerbate existing gender disparities among older Americans. They also threaten to exacerbate inequality among women by race, class, and marital status. Madonna Harrington Meyer and Pamela Herd explain these disparities and assess how proposed policy reforms would affect inequality among the aged. Market Friendly or Family Friendly? documents the cumulative disadvantages that make it so difficult for women to achieve economic and health security when they retire. Wage discrimination and occupational segregation reduce women s lifetime earnings, depressing their savings and Social Security benefits. While more women are employed today than a generation ago, they continue to shoulder a greater share of the care burden for children, the disabled, and the elderly. Moreover, as marriage rates have declined, more working mothers are raising children single-handedly. Women face higher rates of health problems due to their lower earnings and the high demands associated with unpaid care work. There are also financial consequences to these family and work patterns. Harrington Meyer and Herd contrast the impact of market friendly programs that maximize individual choice, risk, and responsibility with family friendly programs aimed at redistributing risks and resources. They evaluate popular policies on the current agenda, considering the implications for inequality. But they also evaluate less discussed policy proposals. In particular, minimum benefits for Social Security, as well as credits for raising children, would improve economic security for all, regardless of marital status. National health insurance would also reduce inequality, as would reforms to Medicare, particularly increased coverage of long term care. Just as important are policies such as universal preschool and paid family leave aimed at reducing the disadvantages women face during their working years. The gender gaps that women experience during their work and family lives culminate in income and health disparities between men and women during retirement, but the problem has received scant attention. Market Friendly or Family Friendly? is a comprehensive introduction to this issue, and a significant contribution to the debate over the future of America s entitlement programs."

Eldercare, Distributive Justice and the Welfare State - Retrenchment or Expansion (Hardcover): Derek G. Gill, Stanley R. Ingman Eldercare, Distributive Justice and the Welfare State - Retrenchment or Expansion (Hardcover)
Derek G. Gill, Stanley R. Ingman
R1,160 Discovery Miles 11 600 Special order
Managing Change in Old Age - The Control of Meaning in an Institutional Setting (Hardcover): Haim Hazan Managing Change in Old Age - The Control of Meaning in an Institutional Setting (Hardcover)
Haim Hazan
R1,290 Discovery Miles 12 900 Special order
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