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Counseling Children (Hardcover, 9th edition): Charles L. Thompson, Donna A Henderson Counseling Children (Hardcover, 9th edition)
Charles L. Thompson, Donna A Henderson
R799 R683 Discovery Miles 6 830 Save R116 (15%) Shipped within 8 - 13 working days

COUNSELING CHILDREN covers the most practical and up-to-date methods for developing effective approaches to counseling children. To help prepare you for your career, the authors translate theory into practice by focusing on the application of ideas and current knowledge. This easy-to-read guide includes useful strategies and case studies to provide you with a realistic look at the counseling field. It also presents a development approach to counseling that considers age and stage differences in counseling children, adolescents, and adults. The ninth edition includes 2014 ACA ethical standards, best practice guidelines, and fresh ideas that facilitate your understanding of the world of the child. Expanded coverage of children who have special concerns and of family interventions provides you with effective ways to deliver interventions across multiple settings.

Child and youth misbehaviour in South Africa - A holistic approach (Paperback, 4td ed): Christiaan Bezuidenhout Child and youth misbehaviour in South Africa - A holistic approach (Paperback, 4td ed)
Christiaan Bezuidenhout
R475 R441 Discovery Miles 4 410 Save R34 (7%) Shipped within 7 - 10 working days

South Africa has a broad and complex history that has greatly influenced the unique, diverse and democratic country that we know today. One of the many challenges South Africa faces is crime, with those crimes committed by youthful offenders being the most distressing it is sadly not unusual to hear of youths who have been involved in murder, rape or robbery. In addition, sexual offences among children are occurring more frequently, and the number of child victims of abuse and domestic violence is also on the rise. An added and escalating danger for children is falling prey to ruthless traffickers and being used as sex workers or slaves. Despite specific laws having been promulgated to protect them, many children are still growing up in unforgiving environments that never allow them the opportunity to develop morally according to the prescriptions of a democratic society.

Child and youth misbehaviour in South Africa addresses the complex and poorly understood phenomenon of youth misbehaviour. It discusses and analyses various theories on the nature and causes of deviant behaviour, and assesses them critically with regard to their applicability to South Africa. The book presents the relevant legal processes pertaining to young people, and reinforces theoretical explanations with research and real-world examples. The female youth offender is also discussed in depth in this edition.

Child and youth misbehaviour in South Africa is aimed at enabling both practitioners and students to address the plight of the South African youth in a constructive way so they can become part of creating a safer South Africa for all its people.

Professor Christiaan Bezuidenhout holds a BA (Criminology), BA Honours (Criminology), MA (Criminology), DPhil (Criminology) and an MSc (Criminology and Criminal Justice) from the University of Oxford. He is currently attached to the Department of Social Work and Criminology, University of Pretoria, where he teaches psychocriminology, criminal justice and contemporary criminology at undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

Frontier Children (Paperback, New edition): Linda Peavy, Ursula Smith Frontier Children (Paperback, New edition)
Linda Peavy, Ursula Smith
R402 R327 Discovery Miles 3 270 Save R75 (19%) Shipped within 7 - 11 working days

Enriched by over 200 vintage photographs, Frontier Children is a visual and verbal montage of childhood in the nineteenth-century West. From a wide range of primary and secondary sources, Linda Peavy and Ursula Smith, well known for their books on western women, have brought together stories and images that erase the stereotypes and bring to life the infinite variety of the experience of growing up in the American West.

Sharenthood - Why We Should Think before We Post about Our Kids (Hardcover): Leah A. Plunkett Sharenthood - Why We Should Think before We Post about Our Kids (Hardcover)
Leah A. Plunkett; Foreword by John Palfrey
R466 R368 Discovery Miles 3 680 Save R98 (21%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

From baby pictures in the cloud to a high school's digital surveillance system: how adults unwittingly compromise children's privacy online. Our children's first digital footprints are made before they can walk-even before they are born-as parents use fertility apps to aid conception, post ultrasound images, and share their baby's hospital mug shot. Then, in rapid succession come terabytes of baby pictures stored in the cloud, digital baby monitors with built-in artificial intelligence, and real-time updates from daycare. When school starts, there are cafeteria cards that catalog food purchases, bus passes that track when kids are on and off the bus, electronic health records in the nurse's office, and a school surveillance system that has eyes everywhere. Unwittingly, parents, teachers, and other trusted adults are compiling digital dossiers for children that could be available to everyone-friends, employers, law enforcement-forever. In this incisive book, Leah Plunkett examines the implications of "sharenthood"-adults' excessive digital sharing of children's data. She outlines the mistakes adults make with kids' private information, the risks that result, and the legal system that enables "sharenting." Plunkett describes various modes of sharenting-including "commercial sharenting," efforts by parents to use their families' private experiences to make money-and unpacks the faulty assumptions made by our legal system about children, parents, and privacy. She proposes a "thought compass" to guide adults in their decision making about children's digital data: play, forget, connect, and respect. Enshrining every false step and bad choice, Plunkett argues, can rob children of their chance to explore and learn lessons. The Internet needs to forget. We need to remember.

Growing Up Empty - How Federal Policies Are Starving America's Children (Paperback): Loretta Schwartz-Nobel Growing Up Empty - How Federal Policies Are Starving America's Children (Paperback)
Loretta Schwartz-Nobel
R266 R250 Discovery Miles 2 500 Save R16 (6%) Shipped within 7 - 11 working days

The Victorian Town Child (Hardcover): Pamela Horn The Victorian Town Child (Hardcover)
Pamela Horn
R1,982 Discovery Miles 19 820 Shipped within 7 - 11 working days

As nineteenth-century Britain became increasingly urbanized and industrialized, the number of children living in towns grew rapidly. At the same time, Horn considers the increasing divisions within urban society, not only between market towns and major manufacturing and trading centers, but within individual towns, as rich and poor became more segregated.

During the Victorian period, public attitudes toward children and childhood shifted dramatically, often to the detriment of those at the lower end of the social scale--including paupers and juvenile delinquents. Drawing on original research, including anecdotes, first-hand accounts, and a wealth of photographs, The Victorian Town Child describes in detail the changing lives of all classes of Victorian town children, from those of prosperous business and professional families to working-class families, where unemployment and overcrowding were particular problems. Horn also examines the issues of juvenile labor and exploitation, how factory work and education were combined, how crime and punishment were dealt with among children, and the changes in health and infant death rates over the period.

Top Tips on Welcoming Special Children (Paperback): Denise Abrahall Top Tips on Welcoming Special Children (Paperback)
Denise Abrahall
R90 Discovery Miles 900 Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Helping children with special needs to know God is challenging, but deeply rewarding. Find out what the Bible has to say on the subject and explore the implications of the Disability Discrimination Act for your church. Be encouraged and inspired with stories from group leaders and parents, and equipped with lots of practical ideas for welcoming special children in your church and children's group.

Socialization of the Young Child - Selected Themes (Paperback): Mw De Witt, M.I. Booysen Socialization of the Young Child - Selected Themes (Paperback)
Mw De Witt, M.I. Booysen
R87 Discovery Miles 870 Shipped within 7 - 10 working days
Tales From When I Were A Lad - More snapshots from a time that Health & Safety forgot (Hardcover): Andrew Davies Tales From When I Were A Lad - More snapshots from a time that Health & Safety forgot (Hardcover)
Andrew Davies 1
R243 R174 Discovery Miles 1 740 Save R69 (28%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Awwww, the old days. A time when grime were fashionable, school sports a menace and exotic holidays were anywhere you couldn't cycle to. Take a nostalgic trip back to a time before risk assessment and child welfare, when teachers could belt you over the backside with any hard object smaller than a kettle, and kids could buy fireworks and light casual bonfires. Jam-packed with photos that could be never taken today. Children pose on walls, lean out of high-speed fairground rides and sit happily in the middle of road junctions.

So Many Ways to Be Holy - A Child's Book about Vocations (Paperback): Kristen Soley So Many Ways to Be Holy - A Child's Book about Vocations (Paperback)
Kristen Soley
R246 R200 Discovery Miles 2 000 Save R46 (19%) Shipped within 7 - 11 working days
Restless Virgins - Love, Sex, and Survival in Prep School (Paperback): Abigail Jones, Marissa Miley Restless Virgins - Love, Sex, and Survival in Prep School (Paperback)
Abigail Jones, Marissa Miley
R272 R255 Discovery Miles 2 550 Save R17 (6%) Shipped within 7 - 11 working days

Established in 1798, Milton Academy had always had a proud history of achievement, integrity, and pride--until a sex scandal rocked the campus and made headlines in the spring of 2005. Written by two Milton graduates who know this world--and these students--like no others, "Restless Virgins" follows a group of seniors who were there as the "incident" (as it came to be called) unfolded. Startling, riveting, important, and true, it offers an honest, intimate look at the real lives of today's teens--an eye-opening yet sensitive depiction of normal kids with normal struggles that no teen, parent, or educator can afford to ignore.

Online Risk to Children - Impact, Protection and Prevention (Paperback): Jon Brown Online Risk to Children - Impact, Protection and Prevention (Paperback)
Jon Brown
R908 R708 Discovery Miles 7 080 Save R200 (22%) Shipped within 7 - 13 working days

Online Risk to Children brings together the most up-to-date theory, policy, and best practices for online child protection and abuse prevention. * Moves beyond offender assessment and treatment to discuss the impact of online abuse on children themselves, and the risks and vulnerabilities inherent in their constantly connected lives * Global in scope, setting contributions from leading researchers and practitioners in the UK in international context via chapters from Australia, the USA and Europe. * Key topics covered include cyberbullying, peer-oriented abuse, victim treatment approaches, international law enforcement strategies, policy responses, and the role of schools and industry

A Jewish Boyhood in Poland - Remembering Kolbuszowa (Paperback, New Ed): Norman Salsitz A Jewish Boyhood in Poland - Remembering Kolbuszowa (Paperback, New Ed)
Norman Salsitz
R395 R320 Discovery Miles 3 200 Save R75 (19%) Shipped within 7 - 11 working days

A recollection of a Jewish childhood and the traditional way of life in a small Polish town before the Nazi invasion, as told by Salsitz to Skolnik. Kolbuszowa was a thriving town of 4,000 people before World War II; it is gone now, destroyed by the people themselves at the orders of the Nazis.

Childhood (Paperback): Michael Wyness Childhood (Paperback)
Michael Wyness
R423 R345 Discovery Miles 3 450 Save R78 (18%) Shipped within 7 - 13 working days

What is childhood? In recent years, a cluster of critical and complex ideas have emerged around the nature of biological, social and psychological growth in the early years, reflecting the changing nature of adult - child relations, and political and cultural understandings of childhood in the twenty-first century. In this clear and concise book, Michael Wyness offers fresh insights into the current state of play within childhood studies. Drawing on work from a number of disciplines including sociology, geography and history, he discusses the contested terrain of theoretical and research advances with particular attention to the notion of children's agency and the concept of global childhoods. Key conceptual debates are illustrated through a range of contemporary issues that affect children and adults, including inequality, child abuse, ill-health, child labour, sexualization and identity formation. This book will appeal to students and academics within the fields of sociology, education, geography, history and childhood studies.

A Child's Grief - Supporting a Child When Someone in Their Family Has Died (Staple bound, 4th Revised edition): Di Stubbs,... A Child's Grief - Supporting a Child When Someone in Their Family Has Died (Staple bound, 4th Revised edition)
Di Stubbs, Julie Stokes, Katrina Alilovic; Designed by Heidi Baker
R164 Discovery Miles 1 640 Shipped within 7 - 12 working days
The Heart of a Boy - Celebrating the Strength and Spirit of Boyhood (Paperback): Kate T Parker The Heart of a Boy - Celebrating the Strength and Spirit of Boyhood (Paperback)
Kate T Parker 1
R432 R295 Discovery Miles 2 950 Save R137 (32%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

In her international bestseller Strong Is the New Pretty (with 329,000 copies in print), the photographer Kate T. Parker changed the way we see girls by showing us their truest selves - fearless, messy, wild, stubborn, proud. Now it's time to talk about our boys. Prompted by #metoo, school shootings, bullying, and other toxic behaviour, there's a national conversation going on about what defines masculinity and how to raise sons to become good people. And Kate Parker is joining in by turning her lens to boys. The result is possibly even more moving, more eloquent, more surprising than Strong. The Heart of a Boy is a deeply felt celebration of boyhood as it's etched in the faces and bodies of dozens of boys, ages 5 to 18. There's the pensive look of a skateboarder caught in a moment between rides. The years of dedication in a ballet dancer's poise. The love of a younger brother hugging his older brother. The unself-conscious joy of a goofy grin with a missing tooth. The casual intimacy of two friends at a lemonade stand. The shyness of a lone boy and his model boat. The intensity in a football huddle. The proud, challenging gaze of a boy bald from alopecia - and the same kind of gaze, but wreathed in tenderness, of a boy a few years younger with flowing, almost waist-length hair. There are guitarists, fencers, wrestlers, star-gazers, a pilot - it's the world of our sons, in all their amazing variety and difference. The photographs feel spontaneous, direct, and with so much eye contact between the viewed and the viewer that it's impossible to turn away. And throughout, words from the boys themselves enrich every photo. What a gift for boys and anyone who is raising them.

Early Childhood Studies - A Multidisciplinary Approach (Paperback, 1st ed. 2017): Jenny Willan Early Childhood Studies - A Multidisciplinary Approach (Paperback, 1st ed. 2017)
Jenny Willan
R746 R688 Discovery Miles 6 880 Save R58 (8%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

The new go-to text for Early Childhood Studies, this comprehensive book provides an essential introduction to the field. Written in a fresh and interesting style, the book covers topics such as early childhood in a global context; historical and contemporary theories of child development; sociologies and representations of childhood; early education, diversity and inclusion; and health and well-being. This book also acts as an aid to students conducting original research in childcare settings in preparation for an extended study or dissertation. Further, it takes readers beyond academic study of the subject with a chapter that outlines research opportunities in this sub-discipline of psychology as well as guidance on working with children and adults in early years contexts, providing an overview of the varied career opportunities. Throughout the book, Jenny Willan makes vital links between theory and practice and helps prepare students for a career working with a diverse community of children, parents and professionals.This is a must-read text for students on degree courses in Early Childhood Studies or those specialising in education in Early Years settings, as well as professionals already working in the field. `If you can only afford one book on early childhood, it has to be this one. Early Childhood Studies provides a compelling and comprehensive introduction to the field. Engagingly accessible as a textbook, yet effortlessly scholarly, this volume is essential reading and a 'must-have' companion for all with an interest in understanding early childhood in contemporary times.' - Mary Jane Kehily, Professor of Gender and Education at The Open University, UK `This is a fully comprehensive examination of childhood. It will make an excellent core textbook for students of Early Childhood Studies; they will find it interesting, easy to read and informative. I would be proud to have written it myself!' - Penny Farrelly, Senior Lecturer in the Faculty of Society and Health, Bucks New University, UK

A Christmas Advent Story (Hardcover): Ivy Snow A Christmas Advent Story (Hardcover)
Ivy Snow; Illustrated by Hannah Tolson 1
R314 R228 Discovery Miles 2 280 Save R86 (27%) Shipped within 7 - 11 working days

Let's count down to Christmas! A beautiful first Christmas Advent book, with 25 flaps - one for every day of Advent. Snow is falling on Christmas Eve and everyone is quiet. The stars are out, we're all in bed, but who will visit you in the night...? Follow the story of a little girl, boy and their dog on their countdown to Christmas day. Along the way you'll find 25 flaps (one for every day of advent), each introducing a new word in this magical Christmas book. Sing carols in a busy square, watch ballerinas spin and twirl, bake Christmas cookies, look out for reindeer and pick the perfect tree...What will you see? A fantastic Christmas gift. Each spread uncovers a new beautiful Christmas scene such as: ice skating and Christmas lights, Christmas shopping and carol singing, a gorgeous pine tree wood plus lots more. Packed with plenty of charm, in addition to discovering what is under each flap, children will be able to spot lots of lovely things in each scene from snowflakes and Christmas cards to decorations and cookies for Santa. Look out for the sad old snowman throughout and find out what happens to him in the end! This is a book to treasure and children will want to come back to it every year.

UEL Early Childhood Studies Reader (Paperback, Custom Publication): Carolyn Silberfeld UEL Early Childhood Studies Reader (Paperback, Custom Publication)
Carolyn Silberfeld
R861 Discovery Miles 8 610 Shipped within 7 - 11 working days
An Angel Walked Beside Me - Amazing Stories of Children Who Touch the Other Side (Paperback): Joan Charles An Angel Walked Beside Me - Amazing Stories of Children Who Touch the Other Side (Paperback)
Joan Charles 2
R190 R134 Discovery Miles 1 340 Save R56 (29%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Renowned psychic Joan Charles reveals stories from her twenty-five years as a spiritual communicator. Looking in detail at the amazing psychic abilities of children, both passed and on this plane, Joan shares tales of love and loss, and secrets and lies, which go far beyond our Earthly experience. Joan had her first experience of the spiritual world at the age of four. One night, struggling to sleep, she lay in bed with a feeling of dread knotting her stomach and playing on her mind. As she lay there she saw a dark figure float past the open curtains. And immediately, in her mind, although only four years old, she knew she had just seen the Angel of Death. The next morning she kept quiet, and didn't say anything to anyone, keeping her experience to herself, even as she heard her dad say that her Uncle John had died suddenly in the night. This was Joan's first, and very personal, experience of the extraordinary abilities a child can have. What follows are a collection of the other remarkable experiences Joan has had as she has come to terms with her talents and discovered those of many other, amazing, psychic children. At the a time when so many of us are searching for meaning, Joan encourages us to look at the natural and loving messages that surround us; messages that can add a richness to our daily lives and relationships, giving us guidance and hope. Packed with incredible anecdotes and heart-warming stories, this book will amaze and move you in equal measures.

When the Children Came Home - Stories of Wartime Evacuees (Paperback): Julie Summers When the Children Came Home - Stories of Wartime Evacuees (Paperback)
Julie Summers 1
R213 R136 Discovery Miles 1 360 Save R77 (36%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

On 1 September 1939 Operation Pied Piper bgan to place the children of Britain's industrial cities beyond the reach of the Luftwaffe. 1.5 million children, pregnant women and schoolteachers were evacuated in 3 days. A further 2 million children were evacuated privately; the largest mass evacuation of children in British history. Some children went abroad, others were sent to institutions, but the majority were billeted with foster families. Some were away for weeks or months, others for years. Homecoming was not always easy and a few described it as more difficult than going away in the first place. In When the Children Came Home Julie Summers tells us what happened when these children returned to their families. She looks at the different waves of British evacuation during WWII and explores how they coped both in the immediate aftermath of the war, and in later life. For some it was a wonderful experience that enriched their whole lives, for others it cast a long shadow, for a few it changed things for ever. Using interviews, written accounts and memoirs, When the Children Came Homeweaves together a collection of personal stories to create a warm and compelling portrait of wartime Britain from the children's perspective.

Caught in Crossfire - Children and the Northern Ireland Conflict (Hardcover): Ed Cairns Caught in Crossfire - Children and the Northern Ireland Conflict (Hardcover)
Ed Cairns
R529 Discovery Miles 5 290 Shipped within 7 - 11 working days
The End of Forgetting - Growing Up with Social Media (Hardcover): Kate Eichhorn The End of Forgetting - Growing Up with Social Media (Hardcover)
Kate Eichhorn
R435 R345 Discovery Miles 3 450 Save R90 (21%) Shipped within 7 - 11 working days

Thanks to Facebook and Instagram, our childhoods have been captured and preserved online, never to go away. But what happens when we can't leave our most embarrassing moments behind? Until recently, the awkward moments of growing up could be forgotten. But today we may be on the verge of losing the ability to leave our pasts behind. In The End of Forgetting, Kate Eichhorn explores what happens when images of our younger selves persist, often remaining just a click away. For today's teenagers, many of whom spend hours each day posting on social media platforms, efforts to move beyond moments they regret face new and seemingly insurmountable obstacles. Unlike a high school yearbook or a shoe box full of old photos, the information that accumulates on social media is here to stay. What was once fleeting is now documented and tagged, always ready to surface and interrupt our future lives. Moreover, new innovations such as automated facial recognition also mean that the reappearance of our past is increasingly out of our control. Historically, growing up has been about moving on-achieving a safe distance from painful events that typically mark childhood and adolescence. But what happens when one remains tethered to the past? From the earliest days of the internet, critics have been concerned that it would endanger the innocence of childhood. The greater danger, Eichhorn warns, may ultimately be what happens when young adults find they are unable to distance themselves from their pasts. Rather than a childhood cut short by a premature loss of innocence, the real crisis of the digital age may be the specter of a childhood that can never be forgotten.

Child And Adolescent Development - An Expanded Focus For Public Health In Africa (Paperback): Mark Tomlinson, Charlotte Hanlon,... Child And Adolescent Development - An Expanded Focus For Public Health In Africa (Paperback)
Mark Tomlinson, Charlotte Hanlon, Anne Stevenson
R519 R423 Discovery Miles 4 230 Save R96 (18%) In stock

Global public health has improved vastly during the past 25 years, and especially in the survival of infants and young children. However, many of these children, particularly in Africa, continue to live in poverty and in unhealthy, unsupportive environments, and will not be able to meet their developmental potential. In other words, they will survive but not thrive. The UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) stress sustainable development, not just survival and disease reduction, and the Global Strategy for Women’s, Children’s and Adolescents’ Health proposes a Survive (end preventable deaths), Thrive (ensure health and wellbeing) and Transform (expand enabling environments) agenda. For children to thrive they must make good developmental progress from birth until the end of adolescence.

Addressing the social determinants of developmental problems, this volume offers a broad, contextualised understanding of the factors that impact on children and adolescents in Africa. Unlike other works on the subject it is Africa-wide in its scope, with case studies in Ethiopia, Kenya, Malawi, Nigeria, Rwanda and South Africa. Covering mental health as well as physical and social development, it looks at policies and practice, culture and priorities for research, identifying challenges and proposing solutions.

Recommended for academics, students and practitioners in psychology, including developmental psychology, child clinical psychology, developmental psychopathology, psychiatry, human ecology, and in schools of education. It will also be of interest to nurses and paediatricians, health workers and those interested in early childhood development.

We Eat Bananas (Paperback): Katie Abey We Eat Bananas (Paperback)
Katie Abey 1
R167 R121 Discovery Miles 1 210 Save R46 (28%) Shipped within 7 - 11 working days

Is that a flamingo munching on a banana? What about that hippo flipping pancakes? And why is that llama dressed as a lemon? There's even a shark slurping a fruit smoothie. All the animals are eating their favourite foods in their own hilarious way. So whatever you're eating today ... tell us how it should be done?

We Eat Bananas invites children to choose their favourite foods and how they like to eat them across 12 spreads, packed with animals eating bananas, soup, sandwiches, sausages, ice cream, vegetables, spaghetti and more. With interactive speech bubbles and hilarious shout outs. Gobble up this book!

For any parent who has ever struggled to get their kids to eat up, this hilarious book is for YOU! No more fussy eating.

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