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Childhood, Culture and Society - In a Global Context (Paperback): Michael Wyness Childhood, Culture and Society - In a Global Context (Paperback)
Michael Wyness
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'Written with clarity and thoroughly argued, Wyness confirms his place as one of the key authors within contemporary social science writing on children and childhood. Childhood, Culture and Society is a formidable exploration of the nature of contemporary childhood in globally disparate regions.' Pia Christensen, Professor of Anthropology and Childhood Studies, University of Leeds, UK Never shying away from the most pressing topics in the field, this book provides a multifaceted and extensive analysis of the study of children and childhood. Linking key concepts, themes and problems together, the text offers an interdisciplinary approach with its topical and timely case studies and illustrations which illuminate the latest research in the field. Key features include: A number of international case studies including children and military conflict, child migrants, children and networking sites, child trafficking, and children as consumers Questions which help you to make connections between topics and get you reflecting on your own childhood Engaging learning features including chapter aims, boxed sections, summaries and further reading suggestions

Family Trouble - Middle-Class Parents, Children's Problems, and The Disruption of Everyday Life (Hardcover): Ara Francis Family Trouble - Middle-Class Parents, Children's Problems, and The Disruption of Everyday Life (Hardcover)
Ara Francis
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Our children mean the world to us. They are so central to our hopes and dreams that we will do almost anything to keep them healthy, happy, and safe. What happens, then, when a child has serious problems? In Family Trouble, a compelling portrait of upheaval in family life, sociologist Ara Francis tells the stories of middle-class men and women whose children face significant medical, psychological, and social challenges. Francis interviewed the mothers and fathers of children with such problems as depression, bi-polar disorder, autism, learning disabilities, drug addiction, alcoholism, fetal alcohol syndrome, and cerebral palsy. Children's problems, she finds, profoundly upset the foundations of parents' everyday lives, overturning taken-for-granted expectations, daily routines, and personal relationships. Indeed, these problems initiated a chain of disruption that moved through parents' lives in domino-like fashion, culminating in a crisis characterized by uncertainty, loneliness, guilt, grief, and anxiety. Francis looks at how mothers and fathers often differ in their interpretation of a child's condition, discusses the gendered nature of child rearing, and describes how parents struggle to find effective treatments and to successfully navigate medical and educational bureaucracies. But above all, Family Trouble examines how children's problems disrupt middle-class dreams of the ""normal"" family. It captures how children's problems ""radiate"" and spill over into other areas of parents' lives, wreaking havoc even on their identities, leading them to reevaluate deeply held assumptions about their own sense of self and what it means to achieve the good life. Engagingly written, Family Trouble offers insight to professionals and solace to parents. The book offers a clear message to anyone in the throes of family trouble: you are in good company, and you are not as different as you might feel.

Media and the Make-Believe Worlds of Children - When Harry Potter Meets Pokemon in Disneyland (Hardcover): Maya Gotz, Dafna... Media and the Make-Believe Worlds of Children - When Harry Potter Meets Pokemon in Disneyland (Hardcover)
Maya Gotz, Dafna Lemish, Hyesung Moon, Amy Aidman
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Media and the Make-Believe Worlds of Children offers new insights into children's descriptions of their invented or "make-believe" worlds, and the role that the children's experience with media plays in creating these worlds. Based on the results of a cross-cultural study conducted in the United States, Germany, Israel, and South Korea, it offers an innovative look at media's role on children's creative lives. This distinctive volume: *outlines the central debates and research findings in the area of children, fantasy worlds, and the media; *provides a descriptive account of children's make-believe worlds and their wishes for actions they would like to take in these worlds; *highlights the centrality of media in children's make believe worlds; *emphasizes the multiple creative ways in which children use media as resources in their environment to express their own inner worlds; and *suggests the various ways in which the tension between traditional gender portrayals that continue to dominate media texts and children's wishes to act are presented in their fantasies. The work also demonstrates the value of research in unveiling the complicated ways in which media are woven into the fabric of children's everyday lives, examining the creative and sophisticated uses they make of their contents, and highlighting the responsibility that producers of media texts for children have in offering young viewers a wide array of role models and narratives to use in their fantasies. An enclosed CD provides full-color images of the artwork produced during the study. This book will appeal to scholars and graduate students in children and media, early childhood education, and developmental psychology. It can be used in graduate level courses in these areas.

The Sociology of Early Childhood - Critical Perspectives (Paperback, Annotated edition): Norman Gabriel The Sociology of Early Childhood - Critical Perspectives (Paperback, Annotated edition)
Norman Gabriel
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The Sociology of Early Childhood is a theoretically and historically grounded examination of young children's experiences in contemporary society. Arguing that a sociology of early childhood must bring together and integrate different disciplines, this book: synthesises different sociological perspectives on childhood as well as incorporating multi-disciplinary research findings on the lives of young children explains key theoretical concepts in early childhood studies such as investment, early intervention, professional power and discourse examines the importance of play, memory and place evaluates long term parenting trends uses illustrative examples and case studies, discussion questions and annotated further reading to engage and stimulate readers. Invigorating and thought provoking, this is an invaluable read for advanced undergraduates and postgraduate students looking for a more nuanced and progressive understanding of childhood.

Red Rover, Red Rover! - Games from an Irish Childhood (That You Can Teach Your Kids) (Hardcover): Kunak McGann Red Rover, Red Rover! - Games from an Irish Childhood (That You Can Teach Your Kids) (Hardcover)
Kunak McGann
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England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Inside, Outside, Donkeys' Tails Were you the local Elastics champion growing up? Did you spend every waking moment obsessively playing Kerbs with your best mates? Have you never had more fun than racing to Tip the Can? Then this is the book for you. Packed with classics like Marbles, Conkers, Bulldog, and Hopscotch, party games like Blind Man's Buff and Snap Apple, and rainy day fun with Battleship, Murder in the Dark, and paper Fortune-Tellers. `What you need', how to play, handy tips, `risk' ratings and stories of great craic will whisk you back to those carefree days of childhood and, if your creaky old bones are up to it, inspire you to get out with the kids and revel in those games all over again. Coming, coming, ready or not, keep your place or you'll be ... caught!

Magical Children: The Boy with the Lightning Feet (Paperback): Sally Gardner Magical Children: The Boy with the Lightning Feet (Paperback)
Sally Gardner
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From the Costa Children's Book Award winner and bestselling author Sally Gardner comes THE BOY WITH THE LIGHTNING FEET, a MAGICAL CHILDREN ADVENTURE. Timmy Twinkle is chubby. That means he gets bullied at school and hasn't any friends. He longs to play football, but he's hopeless at games. He's miserable. And it doesn't help when Gramps tells him about Great-Uncle Vernon, a chubby boy who grew up to be a famous footballer. Then his gran's friend May comes to stay. May is a fitness fanatic who knocks Timmy and Gramps into shape in no time, and Timmy discovers there's magic in his toes - he can kick a ball just like Great-Uncle Vernon. And when Timmy performs on the football field, everyone wants to be friends with him. A lovely story of a child whose unhappiness is dispelled by the discovery of a magical gift.

Possibility and Necessity - Volume 1 (Paperback, Minnesota Archive Editions Ed.): Jean Piaget Possibility and Necessity - Volume 1 (Paperback, Minnesota Archive Editions Ed.)
Jean Piaget; Translated by Helga Feider
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Possibility and Necessity was first published in 1987. Minnesota Archive Editions uses digital technology to make long-unavailable books once again accessible, and are published unaltered from the original University of Minnesota Press editions.This two-volume work--Jean Piaget's last--was published in France in 1981 and 1983 and is available now for the first time in English translation. Reflecting the preoccupations and methodologies of his later years, Possibility and Necessity combines theoretical interpretation with detailed summaries of the experiments Piaget and his colleagues used to test their hypotheses.Volume 2 presents a series of experiments documenting the way children between the ages of four or five and eleven to thirteen come to develop a grasp of necessity and its role in understanding the world about them. The experiments show how children proceed from an initial level (at four or five years) of pseudo-necessities, where they see the world as necessarily what it appears to be without the existence of other possibilities, to an intermediate level (at six to ten years), where pseudo-necessities give way to increasingly rich arrays of possibilities, and a final stage (at eleven to thirteen years), where children are able to select among these multiple possibilities the one that fits all the data. This stage represents the optimal level of understanding reality, which is now seen by the child as infinitely variable yet coherent and lawful. Psychologically, this lawfulness corresponds to a sense of necessity, or certainty.Volume 2 thus completes the theory presented in Volume 1 (The Role of Possibility in Cognitive Development) by showing how cognitive development is mediated on the one hand by a dialectical process of ever-expanding possibilities and, on the other, by increasingly delimiting necessities. In demonstrating how this process operates in psychological development--and in pointing out analogies in the history of science -- Piaget gave his genetic epistemology its final and most accomplished form. The acquisition of knowledge is thus shown to be the result of two complementary processes: the formation of possibilities and the grasping of necessary laws and constraints in the construction of a reasoned representation of the external world.

Children's Places - Cross-Cultural Perspectives (Hardcover, illustrated edition): Karen Fog Olwig, Eva Gullov Children's Places - Cross-Cultural Perspectives (Hardcover, illustrated edition)
Karen Fog Olwig, Eva Gullov
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Children's Places examines the ways in which children and adults, from their different vantage points in society, negotiate the proper place of children in both social and spatial terms. It looks at some of the recognized constructions of children, including perspectives from cultures that do not distinguish children as a distinct category of people, as well as examining contexts for them, from schools and kindergartens to inner cities and war-zones. The result is an insight into the notions of inclusion and exclusion, the placement and displacement of children within generational ranks and orders, and the kinds of places that children construct for themselves. Based on in-depth ethnographic research from Europe, Asia, Africa, North America, Australia and New Zealand, it challenges Eurocentric theories of childhood.

The First R - How Children Learn Race and Racism (Paperback, New Ed): Debra Van Ausdale, Joe R Feagin The First R - How Children Learn Race and Racism (Paperback, New Ed)
Debra Van Ausdale, Joe R Feagin
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This study looks into how children learn about the 'first R'-race-and challenges the current assumptions with case-study examples from three child-care centers. Parents and teachers will find this remarkable study reveals that the answer to how children learn about race might be more startling than could be imagined.

We Eat Bananas (Hardcover): Katie Abey We Eat Bananas (Hardcover)
Katie Abey
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Is that a flamingo munching on a banana? What about that hippo flipping pancakes? And why is that llama dressed as a lemon? There's even a shark slurping a fruit smoothie. All the animals are eating their favourite foods in their own hilarious way. So whatever you're eating today ... tell us how it should be done? We Eat Bananas invites children to choose their favourite foods and how they like to eat them across 12 spreads, packed with animals eating bananas, soup, sandwiches, sausages, ice cream, vegetables, spaghetti and more. With interactive speech bubbles and hilarious shout outs. Gobble up this book! For any parent who has ever struggled to get their kids to eat up, this hilarious book is for YOU! No more fussy eating.

Local Childhoods, Global Issues (Paperback, Revised): Heather Montgomery Local Childhoods, Global Issues (Paperback, Revised)
Heather Montgomery
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Although the plight of children can sometimes seem grim, there are positive indicators. This interdisciplinary textbook examines children's lives across the world, acknowledging the great differences as well as points of comparison, between childhoods in different contexts. It examines children's use of their own resources and coping strategies, revealing that few children are passive victims of fate, helplessly awaiting rescue. The book considers the problems caused by poverty, social inequality, ill-health and violence and emphasises that these are challenges for children everywhere, not just those in the poorer countries of the world. A key feature of the book is the children's voices which feature prominently in many chapters in interviews and research conducted by the authors. This well-presented and engagingly written book is an ideal introduction for undergraduates interested in contemporary global childhoods.

Sparing the Child - Grief and the Unspeakable in Youth Literature about Nazism and the Holocaust (Hardcover, [): Hamida... Sparing the Child - Grief and the Unspeakable in Youth Literature about Nazism and the Holocaust (Hardcover, [)
Hamida Bosmajian
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Sparing the Child examines young reader's narratives about Nazism and the Holocaust in terms of the official as well as the understated motivations of their authors. Officially, the narratives intended to shape the young readers' acquired collective memory. However, as the narrators recollect personally experienced excesses of Nazism or the horrors of Auschwitz, they use the medium of children's literature to meliorate atrocity and thus spare the child and themselves.

Youth Aggression and Violence - A Psychological Approach (Hardcover): Thomas G. Moeller Youth Aggression and Violence - A Psychological Approach (Hardcover)
Thomas G. Moeller
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The rash of school shootings in the late 1990s has generated a tremendous amount of public concern about youth aggression and violence. But students, trainees, and professionals who work with children and adolescents have had no concise or systematic survey of our current knowledge about causes and effective approaches to intervention and prevention on which to draw. "Youth Aggression and Violence" has filled the void.
Comprehensive and readable, it:
* utilizes theory and research from the developmental psychology of "normal" children and adolescents, as well as material on "abnormal" forms of development, such as disruptive behavior disorders and juvenile delinquency;
* situates youthful aggression and violence within the overall framework of children's moral development;
* integrates quantitative research with carefully considered qualitative research and case studies;
* discusses the genetic and biological underpinnings of youthful aggression, as well as family and social factors related to antisocial behavior;
* emphasizes cognitive, motivational, and emotional processes involved in youth aggression and violence;
* provides in-depth coverage of juvenile killers and school violence;
* examines female aggression and violence in a variety of contexts; and
* critically examines a number of questions frequently discussed in conjunction with youth violence, such as media violence, firearm accessibility, and the relationship between self-esteem and aggression.

Assessment of Language Disorders in Children (Paperback): Rebecca J. McCauley Assessment of Language Disorders in Children (Paperback)
Rebecca J. McCauley
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This book constitutes a clear, comprehensive, up-to-date introduction to the basic principles of psychological and educational assessment that underlie effective clinical decisions about childhood language disorders. Rebecca McCauley describes specific commonly used tools, as well as general approaches ranging from traditional standardized norm-referenced testing to more recent ones, such as dynamic and qualitative assessment. Highlighting special considerations in testing and expected patterns of performance, she reviews the challenges presented by children with a variety of problems--specific language impairment, hearing loss, mental retardation, and autism spectrum disorders. Three extended case examples illustrate her discussion of each of these target groups. Her overarching theme is the crucial role of well-formed questions as fundamental guides to decision making, independent of approach.
Each chapter features lists of key concepts and terms, study questions, and recommended readings. Tables throughout offer succinct summaries and aids to memory.
Students, their instructors, and speech-language pathologists continuing their professional education will all welcome this invaluable new resource.
Distinctive features include:
* a comprehensive consideration of both psychometric and descriptive approaches to the characterization of children's language;
* a detailed discussion of background issues important in the language assessment of the "major" groups of children with language impairment;
* timely information on assessment of change--a topic frequently not covered in other texts;
* extensive guidance on how to evaluate individualnorm-referenced measures for adoption;
* an extensive appendix listing about 50 measures used to assess language in children; and
* a test review guide that can be reproduced for use by readers.

Whose Child Am I? - Unaccompanied, Undocumented Children in U.S. Immigration Custody (Paperback): Susan J. Terrio Whose Child Am I? - Unaccompanied, Undocumented Children in U.S. Immigration Custody (Paperback)
Susan J. Terrio
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In 2014, the arrest and detention of thousands of desperate young migrants at the southwest border of the United States exposed the U.S. government's shadowy juvenile detention system, which had escaped public scrutiny for years. This book tells the story of six Central American and Mexican children who are driven from their homes by violence and deprivation, and who embark alone, risking their lives, on the perilous journey north. They suffer coercive arrests at the U.S. border, then land in detention, only to be caught up in the battle to obtain legal status. Whose Child Am I? looks inside a vast, labyrinthine system by documenting in detail the experiences of these youths, beginning with their arrest by immigration authorities, their subsequent placement in federal detention, followed by their appearance in deportation proceedings and release from custody, and, finally, ending with their struggle to build new lives in the United States. This book shows how the U.S. government got into the business of detaining children and what we can learn from this troubled history.

Global Explorers - The Next Generation of Leaders (Hardcover): J. Stewart Black, Allen Morrison, Hal. B. Gregersen Global Explorers - The Next Generation of Leaders (Hardcover)
J. Stewart Black, Allen Morrison, Hal. B. Gregersen
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Global Explorers guides the global manager from the periphery to the centre stage of international business leadership. Many companies indicate there is a severe shortage of global leaders. The demand for competent global leaders far outstrips the supply. Using extensive research, real-life examples, and 130 in-depth interviews with senior executives representing 50 global companies, including IBM, Disney, Exxon and Sony, Global Explorers suggests the reasons for the global leadership shortage, and identifies the necessary skills to compete in the international marketplace.
For managers who want to safeguard their corporate future in these changing times, Global Explorers will help them develop a personal program for developing and balancing the skills they need to become successful global leaders.

The Adolescent Experience - European and American Adolescents in the 1990s (Hardcover): August Flammer, Francoise D. Alsaker The Adolescent Experience - European and American Adolescents in the 1990s (Hardcover)
August Flammer, Francoise D. Alsaker
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The opening of the borders to Eastern Europe has expanded our view on European diversities and offered new opportunities to examine the effects of the heterogeneity in European cultural backgrounds and political systems on personality and social development. This book is a first step in utilizing the rich cultural resource offered by the large number of cultural units represented in Europe and--at least in part--in the United States.
One way to understand the life conditions of adolescents in different countries is to study what they actually do in everyday life and how much time they spend on what types of activities. This book also provides essential and new information about individual and societal priorities and values. Toward this end, the "Euronet" scientists set up a postdoctoral training workshop on adolescent psychology for 10 selected American and 10 selected European participants.
The Euronet project comprises 13 different samples--six stemming from Middle and Eastern European countries (Bulgaria, the Czechoslovakian Federal Republic, Hungary, Poland, Russia, and Romania), six from Western European countries (Finland, France, Germany, Norway, French, and German Switzerland), and one from the United States (Michigan). This book reports the results of this large, cross-national, longitudinal study of adolescents and the world(s) in which they live, and is offered to all those who have an interest in adolescence and/or the diversity of Europe. Readers will learn about hundreds of features of adolescence which are more or less characteristic of the cultures, ages, and genders.

The Children of Immigrants at School - A Comparative Look at Integration in the United States and Western Europe (Hardcover,... The Children of Immigrants at School - A Comparative Look at Integration in the United States and Western Europe (Hardcover, New)
Richard Alba, Jennifer Holdaway
R1,559 Discovery Miles 15 590 Special order

The Children of Immigrants at School explores the 21st-century consequences of immigration through an examination of how the so-called second generation is faring educationally in six countries: France, Great Britain, the Netherlands, Spain, Sweden and the United States. In this insightful volume, Richard Alba and Jennifer Holdaway bring together a team of renowned social science researchers from around the globe to compare the educational achievements of children from low-status immigrant groups to those of mainstream populations in these countries, asking what we can learn from one system that can be usefully applied in another. Working from the results of a five-year, multi-national study, the contributors to The Children of Immigrants at School ultimately conclude that educational processes do, in fact, play a part in creating unequal status for immigrant groups in these societies. In most countries, the youth coming from the most numerous immigrant populations lag substantially behind their mainstream peers, implying that they will not be able to integrate economically and civically as traditional mainstream populations shrink. Despite this fact, the comparisons highlight features of each system that hinder the educational advance of immigrant-origin children, allowing the contributors to identify a number of policy solutions to help fix the problem. A comprehensive look at a growing global issue, The Children of Immigrants at School represents a major achievement in the fields of education and immigration studies.

Richard Alba is Distinguished Professor of Sociology at the City University of New York's Graduate Center. His publications include Remaking the American Mainstream (with Victor Nee) and Blurring the Color Line.

Jennifer Holdaway is a Program Director at the Social Science Research Council, where her work has focused on migration and its interaction with processes of social change and stratification.

Geographies of Global Issues: Change and Threat (Hardcover, 1st ed. 2016): Nicola Ansell, Natascha Klocker, Tracey Skelton Geographies of Global Issues: Change and Threat (Hardcover, 1st ed. 2016)
Nicola Ansell, Natascha Klocker, Tracey Skelton
R6,177 R4,896 Discovery Miles 48 960 Save R1,281 (21%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Volume 8 explores children and young people's lives at a time of rapid and profound change, through the lens of diverse global processes: economic globalisation, environmental degradation, international development, cultural change, climate change and environmental hazards. Today's children and young people are growing up in a world that is rapidly changing and very different to that experienced by previous generations. Contemporary social, economic and environmental challenges make children and young people vulnerable and expose them to harm. Equally, they compel them to become instigators of change across geographical scales, from the household to the globe. Children and young people need to be adaptive and resourceful: economically, socially and emotionally. This volume is divided into two substantive sections. Chapters in the first section explore global economic changes and instabilities that are altering patterns of work, compelling children to take on new economic responsibilities and reshaping childcare arrangements. Several chapters address the ways in which global processes shape young people's subjectivities, with media, internet and education encouraging children and youth to view themselves as both entrepreneurs and global citizens. Other chapters consider the policies and development interventions implemented by global organisations and national governments. These can have unintended consequences because they are rooted in a normative discourse of a `global child' that bears little relation to lived realities. Chapters in the second section foreground children and young people's contributions to environmental issues and debates. Children and young people are affected by environmental change: by pollution, environmental hazards and climate change. They suffer displacement, ill-health and anxiety about the future. They are also intimately attached to - and knowledgeable about - their local environments. Children and young people actively shape their environments, yet their lives remain powerfully influenced by today's decision-makers. The window of opportunity to avoid catastrophic climate change is small. Evidence of children and young people's environmental knowledge and activism does not obviate the need for adults to take decisive action, now, to ensure a viable environment for future generations.

Points of Viewing Children's Thinking (Paperback): Ricki Goldman-Segall, Ricki Goldman Points of Viewing Children's Thinking (Paperback)
Ricki Goldman-Segall, Ricki Goldman
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This book is about learning and ethnography in the context of technologies. Simultaneously, it portrays young people's "thinking attitudes" in computer-based learning environments, and it describes how the practice of ethnography is changing in a digital world. The author likens this form of interaction to "the double helix," where learning and ethnography are intertwined to tell an emergent story about partnerships with technology. Two school computer cultures were videotaped for this study. Separated not only by geography -- one school is on the east coast of New England and the other on the west coast of British Columbia on Vancouver Island -- they are also separated in other ways: ethnic make-up and inner-city vs. rural settings to name only two. Yet these two schools are joined by a strong thread: a change in their respective cultures with the advent of intensive computer-use on the part of the students. Both school communities have watched their young people gain literacy and competence, and their tools have changed from pen to computer, video camera, multimedia and the Internet. Perhaps most striking is that the way they think of themselves as learners has also changed: they see themselves as an active participant, in the pilot's seat or director's chair, as they chart new connections between diverse and often unpredictable worlds of knowledge.

Youth in Prison - We the People of Unit Four (Hardcover, annotated edition): M.A. Bortner, Linda Williams Youth in Prison - We the People of Unit Four (Hardcover, annotated edition)
M.A. Bortner, Linda Williams
R2,542 Discovery Miles 25 420 Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

"Youth in Prison" tells the story of youths in a "model" juvenile prison program--a program created after a class action lawsuit for inhumane and illegal practices. It captures the lives of these youths inside and outside of prison: from drugs, gangs, and criminal behavior to the realities of families, schools, and neighborhoods. Drawing on experience that encompasses twenty years of juvenile justice research and policy analysis, the authors spent two years scrutinizing the prison's attempts to combine accountability and treatment for youths with protection for the public. Situating these within the larger social and political context, the authors have fashioned a book about all of us: those kept, those charged with their keeping, and the society that condones and demands this imprisonment.

The Etiology and Prevention of Drug Abuse Among Minority Youth (Hardcover): Steven Schinke, Gilbert J. Botvin The Etiology and Prevention of Drug Abuse Among Minority Youth (Hardcover)
Steven Schinke, Gilbert J. Botvin
R2,226 Discovery Miles 22 260 Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Since 1992, marijuana use among 8th graders has tripled, among 10th graders it has nearly doubled, and its use among high school seniors has increased by 50 percent. The use of other illicit drugs is also heavily on the rise. Yet, there exists very little research and literature on the etiology and prevention of drug abuse among those most at risk--disadvantaged, inner-city, minority youth. The Etiology and Prevention of Drug Abuse Among Minority Youth is an important first step in remedying this gap in the literature and for getting at the heart of the psychosocial factors that promote and sustain drug use among minority youth.The book's chapters evolved from a program of research funded by the National Institute on Drug Abuse and Cornell University Medical College's Institute for Prevention Research concerning drug abuse prevention with multi-ethnic youth. So that you might learn effective strategies for intervening with at-risk adolescents and teenagers, The Etiology and Prevention of Drug Abuse Among Minority Youth discusses: correlates and predictors of alcohol and drug use community-based skills interventions how youths offset feelings of distress or self-derogation by bonding with deviant peers the advantages of community-oriented outreach programs the role of cultural factors as they shape vulnerability to adolescent alcohol and drug use the role of ethnic identity as a moderator of psychosocial risk for alcohol and marijuana use the needs of youth at high risk for future use preventing gateway drug use drug use among youth living in homeless shelters the conditions of public housing and how they affect the etiology of drug abuseAn essential tool for policymakers, social workers, clinicians, researchers, psychiatrists, and other professionals in chemical dependency and narcotics rehabilitation, The Etiology and Prevention of Drug Abuse Among Minority Youth provides you with vital insight on the causes of drug use among minority adolescents, the strengths and limitations of different intervention approaches, and incentive to find appropriate ways for working with at-risk, minority teenagers.

Movement, Mobilities, and Journeys (Hardcover, 1st ed. 2017): Allen White, Caitriona Ni Laoire, Tracey Skelton Movement, Mobilities, and Journeys (Hardcover, 1st ed. 2017)
Allen White, Caitriona Ni Laoire, Tracey Skelton
R6,592 R5,311 Discovery Miles 53 110 Save R1,281 (19%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

This volume brings together a range of contributions exploring the diverse ways in which children and young people experience movements, im/mobilities and journeys at different geographical scales and in different socio-spatial contexts. It provides a snapshot of recent work within the geographies of children and young people which has engaged with emerging conceptualisations of mobility and immobility, and builds on existing scholarship on migration, movement and settlement. Topics covered include children's and young people's experiences of phenomena such as transnational migration, everyday mobility, social im/mobilities, homelessness, settlement, navigations of belonging, educational mobility, medical travel, citizenship, trafficking, labour migration, borders and boundaries. The collection is notable for the wide range of geographical contexts represented, including global South and North, and in the variety of types of movements examined - from local to global mobilities, everyday to life-changing journeys, and incorporating movements bound up in different ways with processes of socio-spatial inclusion and exclusion. A number of core themes are highlighted in the volume. All of the contributions are attentive to children's and young people's subjectivities, agency and perspectives in the context of an adult-dominated world. Together, they highlight: firstly, the complexities of children's mobilities and the need to move beyond over-simplified and often dichotomized understandings of children's mobilities and migrations; secondly, the importance of recognising the diversity of geographical scales in children and young people's movements, and in particular, of the ways in which small-scale movements intersect with global mobilities and migrations in children's and young people's lives; thirdly, the interdependent and relational nature of children's and young people's mobilities and migrations; and finally, the importance of social, material, political and family contexts in understanding how children and young people experience mobility, immobility and migration. The volume highlights the centrality of mobility and movement to understanding contemporary society and in particular to understandings of the geographical worlds of children and young people. It highlights the richness of current research in the area, pointing to fruitful directions for future theoretical, conceptual and methodological agendas and provides a valuable platform from which to further enhance geographical understandings of the children's and young people's movements, im/mobilities and journeys.

Adolescent Pregnancy and Parenting - Findings From A Racially Diverse Sample (Hardcover): Patricia L. East, Marianne E. Felice Adolescent Pregnancy and Parenting - Findings From A Racially Diverse Sample (Hardcover)
Patricia L. East, Marianne E. Felice
R1,316 Discovery Miles 13 160 Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Written by a pediatrician/adolescent medicine specialist and a developmental psychologist, this book is a collection of informative, nonredundant yet comprehensive studies on adolescent pregnancy and parenting. More than 200 adolescent women in an ethnically diverse sample were studied prenatally and at regular 6-month intervals for 31/2 years postpartum. Most of the teens were poor, unmarried, first-time mothers who resided within Southeast San Diego, a poor urban area approximately 10 miles north of the U.S.-Mexico border.
The purpose of this book was to offer researchers, practitioners, program directors, teachers, and graduate and medical students a better understanding of teenage pregnancy and parenthood within the following domains:
* adolescent prenatal care and postpartum maternal and infant health outcomes,
* immediate repeat pregnancy,
* adolescent mothers' parenting,
* the role of the adolescent's mother in teenage mothers' parenting, and
* the baby's father.

Children's Folklore - A SourceBook (Hardcover): Brian Sutton-Smith, Jay Mechling, Thomas W. Johnson, Felicia McMahon Children's Folklore - A SourceBook (Hardcover)
Brian Sutton-Smith, Jay Mechling, Thomas W. Johnson, Felicia McMahon
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A groundbreaking collection of essays on a hitherto underexplored subject that challenges the existing stereotypical views of the trivial and innocent nature of children's culture, this work reveals for the first time the artistic and complex interactions among children. Based on research of scholars from such diverse fields as American studies, anthropology, education, folklore, psychology, and sociology, this volume represents a radical new attempt to redefine and reinterpret the expressive behaviors of children. The book is divided into four major sections: history, methodology, genres, and setting, with a concluding chapter on theory. Each section is introduced by an overview by Brian Sutton-Smith. The accompanying bibliography lists historical references through the present, representing works by scholars for over 100 years.

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