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I Beg To Differ - Ministry Amid the Tear Gas (Paperback): Peter Storey I Beg To Differ - Ministry Amid the Tear Gas (Paperback)
Peter Storey
R320 R250 Discovery Miles 2 500 Save R70 (22%) In stock

'Let me say to Mr Botha: apartheid is doomed! It has been condemned in the Councils of God, rejected by every nation on the planet and is no longer believed in by the people who gave it birth. Apartheid is the god that has failed.' So preached Bishop Peter Storey in 1986. Challenging apartheid wherever he could, he led the SA Methodist Church into what many whites saw as uncomfortable 'political' territory.

Join him in his inspiring journey from sailor-turned-minister to the South African Council of Churches leadership in its darkest hour, from tending to Robert Sobukwe and Nelson Mandela on Robben Island, through the forced removals of District Six and the storm surrounding Stompie Seipei's murder. I Beg to Differ spans a parish minister’s sorrows and joys, founding Life Line SA, the bombing of Khotso House and a close shave with death with Desmond Tutu. Storey shares the convictions that inspired him to minister amid the teargas, violence and intimidation of the apartheid regime.

Wat Moet Ons Met Ons Kerk Doen? (Afrikaans, Paperback): Jurie van den Heever Wat Moet Ons Met Ons Kerk Doen? (Afrikaans, Paperback)
Jurie van den Heever 1
R225 R48 Discovery Miles 480 Save R177 (79%) Within 19 - 24 working days

Wat Moet Ons Met Ons Kerk Doen? is 'n poging om te probeer verstaan waar ons as Afrikaners teologies vandaan kom, watter kragte en magte ons en ons Kerk gevorm het en hoe ons Kerk tans daar uitsien.

Die N.G.Kerk was 'n belangrike en rigtinggewende rolspele in die opheffing van die Afrikaner na die Britse vergrype tydens en na die Tweede Vryheidsoorlog. Tans word die N.G.Kerk ervaar as 'n instansie wat ongevoelig teenoor die geestelike behoeftes van haar lidmate staan.

Hierdie is 'n moet-lees boek vir:

  • Lidmate wat ons Kerk graag wil help om 'n gesonde, geestelike tuiste vir Suid-Afrikaners van die 21ste eeu te bied.
  • Die klakkelose napraters van die dogma wat dink ons Kerk is steeds op die regte pad.
  • Die plastiekpredikante van die radio en televisie wat met eentonige reëlmaat soetsappige, sogenaamd godsdienstige, pleisters plak.
  • Diegene wat reeds ons Kerk tot die ashoop van die geloof verdoem het.
Own The Moment (Hardcover): Carl Lentz Own The Moment (Hardcover)
Carl Lentz 1
R240 R199 Discovery Miles 1 990 Save R41 (17%) Within 4 - 8 working days

When you think of a Christian pastor, you probably don’t envision a tattooed thirty-something who wears a motorcycle jacket, listens to hip-hop music, references The Walking Dead and Black Lives Matter in his sermons, and every Sunday draws a standing-room only crowd to a venue normally used for rock concerts—in godless New York City, no less.

But then you clearly have never met Carl Lentz.

As lead pastor of the first United States branch of global megachurch Hillsong, the former college basketball player is on a mission to make Christianity accessible in the 21st century. In Own The Moment, he shares the unlikely and inspiring story of how he went from being an average teenager who couldn’t care less about church to leading one of the country’s fastest-growing congregations—how one day he is trying to convince a Virginia Beach 7-Eleven clerk to attend his service, and just a few years later he is baptizing a global music icon in an NBA player’s Manhattan bathtub.

Amid such candid personal tales, Lentz also offers illuminating readings of Bible passages and practical tips on how to live as a person of faith in an increasingly materialistic world. How do you maintain your values—and pass them onto your children—in a society that worships money and sex and fame? How do you embrace your flaws in this Instagram era that exalts the appearance of perfection? How do you forget about “living the dream” and learn to embrace the beauty of your reality?

These are just a few of the many important questions Lentz answers in Own The Moment—a powerful book that redefines not just Christianity but spirituality as a whole.

Monsters, Mice And Mercy - A Life Redeemed From Abuse (Paperback): Jenny-May Hudson Monsters, Mice And Mercy - A Life Redeemed From Abuse (Paperback)
Jenny-May Hudson
R180 R129 Discovery Miles 1 290 Save R51 (28%) Within 5 - 14 working days

Jenny-May Hudson grew up in Pretoria, South Africa, the third child of an Afrikaner father and a British mother. Her childhood was horribly marred by her domineering father, who beat her mother, showered blows and insults on his children, and micro-managed the household with weapons, mind-games, and violence. Ironically, his tactics would come back to haunt him. The years of pain would leave Jenny-May with grim memories. Yet through the power of Christ a transformation was in store.

Today Jenny-May is whole and happy. She and her husband Elmore, and their three children, have relocated to Perth, Australia. Jenny-May has developed a considerable speaking ministry, and her journey - from abuse to self-acceptance and joy - has become a source of inspiration to thousands.

This book demonstrates that nothing can hold you captive without your consent.

What To Do When You Don't Know What To Do (Paperback): David Jeremiah What To Do When You Don't Know What To Do (Paperback)
David Jeremiah 2
R314 R236 Discovery Miles 2 360 Save R78 (25%) Within 7 - 11 working days

Sometimes the big and small decisions in life seem overwhelming. How do you know what choices to make about your career, kids, and relationships? Even when you make good decisions, how do you avoid temptation along the way?

In this in-depth look at the book of James, Dr. David Jeremiah offers stories and biblical insights about what to do:

  • When you’re feeling pressured
  • When wrong seems right
  • When you don’t know what decision to make
  • When faith doesn’t seem to work
  • When you’re not feeling confident
  • When your goals are not God’s
  • When you’re in a hurry and God is not
  • When you have financial struggles
  • When you face difficult times

In What To Do When You Don’t Know What To Do, renowned Bible teacher Dr. David Jeremiah walks you through the book of James to glean God’s wisdom on issues such as finances, faith, and decision making. What does it look like to consider God in all of your plans, depend on God rather than wealth, and put prayer above your personal efforts? Learn how to receive God’s supernatural strength to meet the challenges you face. As James learned, the road of spiritual wisdom always leads to joy.

Under One Roof - The Story Of A Christian Community (Paperback): Roger Sawtell Under One Roof - The Story Of A Christian Community (Paperback)
Roger Sawtell
R207 R136 Discovery Miles 1 360 Save R71 (34%) Within 7 - 11 working days

In 1984 Roger Sawtell and his wife Susan and another couple decided to form a residential Christian community - a community of households living under one roof - by combining two neighbouring houses on a suburban street in Northampton. The Neighbours Community grew to encompass four neighbouring houses and was a home to more than 50 people over the course of 23 years.

The members lived in simple Christian fellowship according to New Testament principles and shared their home with people who had particular need for support, particularly those with mental health difficulties.

Under One Roof is a unique and inspiring book which tells the story of The Neighbours Community and - as a guide for others interested in the principles of living in community - looks at the wider world movement of communities and new monasticism, with examples such as the Iona Community, L'Arche, Taize and Quaker communities.

Healdtown: Under The Eagle's Wings - The Legacy Of An African Mission School (Paperback): Trevor Webster Healdtown: Under The Eagle's Wings - The Legacy Of An African Mission School (Paperback)
Trevor Webster 1
R235 Discovery Miles 2 350 In stock

Education in South Africa owes a great deal to the early missionaries who established schools in association with the mission stations. The difficulties of trying to impose a western style of education on people for whom it was something quite new, were, as can be imagined, enormous. Nonetheless, a few of these schools, after much trial and error, emerged to become institutions with a hard-earned reputation for excellence. Healdtown was one of these.

Begun as a Methodist mission in 1855 during a time of frontier conflict, it became the largest high school in the country where many of the black elite who were to become leaders in the struggle for democracy were educated. Prominent leaders such as Nelson Mandela, Robert Sobukwe and Govan Mbeki are counted among the school’s alumni. Many of South Africa’s current leaders in other fields were also moulded at Healdtown.

The Bantu Education Act of 1953 saw the beginning of a gradual decline in the standards of Healdtown and, sadly, today the infrastructure is in a serious state of decay. The Historic Schools Restoration Project is attempting to restore respect to this once great institution, so that the eagle (the school’s symbol and badge) may fly once more.

Trevor Webster has captured the ethos of a great African mission.

Die Opkoms En Ondergang Van Die NG Kerk (Afrikaans, Paperback): Jean Oosthuizen Die Opkoms En Ondergang Van Die NG Kerk (Afrikaans, Paperback)
Jean Oosthuizen
R260 R199 Discovery Miles 1 990 Save R61 (23%) Within 4 - 14 working days

In hierdie boek kyk Jean Oosthuizen krities na die NG Kerk se geskiedenis sedert Jan van Riebeeck se aankoms in die Kaap, tot waar die kerk vandag is. In sy bestaan van meer as 350 jaar het die NG Kerk en die Nasionale Party so verstrengel geraak dat die kerk as “die Nasionale Party in gebed” bekend gestaan het. Die teoloog Ferdinand Deist se voorspelling in die laat tagtigerjare dat die kerk sal ondergaan wanneer apartheid tot ’n einde kom, blyk vandag in die kol te wees.

As instelling wat apartheid uit die Bybel geregverdig en verdedig het, het die kerk se vernietigende invloed nie alleen gemeenskappe in Suid-Afrika van mekaar vervreem nie – ook lidmate wat kritiese vrae gestel het, is na die periferie geskuif. Talle individue se menswaardigheid is geskend en verskeie loopbane is onder die dekmantel van Christenskap vernietig, soos die skrywer self kan getuig.

Oosthuizen se blik strek egter wyer as sy ervaring toe hy in 2013 as nuusredakteur van Kerkbode geskors is ná die opspraakwekkende Woordfees-debakel. Sy reis vanuit die kerk se binnekring sluit die verhale in van gelowiges sowel as ongelowiges wie se paaie met die NG Kerk gekruis het. Die opkoms en ondergang van die NG Kerk bied ’n kontemporêre blik op die tragiese geskiedenis van ’n instelling wat deur die aandadigheid aan verontregting stelselmatig irrelevant geraak het.

From Robben Island to Bishopscourt - The biography of Archbishop Njongonkulu Ndungane (Paperback): Sindiwe Magona From Robben Island to Bishopscourt - The biography of Archbishop Njongonkulu Ndungane (Paperback)
Sindiwe Magona
R270 R232 Discovery Miles 2 320 Save R38 (14%) In stock

Archbishop Njongonkulu Ndungane holds a pivotal place in the history of South Africa. As a childhood friend of Chris Hani and inspired by the thinking of Robert Mangaliso Sobukwe, he became a political activist in the liberation struggle against apartheid. Preceding Nelson Mandela to Robben Island, he was in fact one of the prisoners responsible for building Mandiba’s prison cell. Once released from ‘the island’ he became a champion of the poor and oppressed - speaking out against segregation, fighting for the rights of HIV positive people, and acknowledging the equal role of women in society. On becoming Archbishop of Cape Town he succeeded Desmond Tutu, and was responsible for continuing implementation of change within the Church. During his eleven years residence in Bishopscourt, Archbishop Njongo, as he was affectionately known, was a bridge-builder linking divergent views and a catalyst for change.

The Gospel Next Door - Following Jesus Right Were You Are (Paperback): Marty Troyer The Gospel Next Door - Following Jesus Right Were You Are (Paperback)
Marty Troyer
R288 R234 Discovery Miles 2 340 Save R54 (19%) Within 7 - 11 working days
Unbinding the Gospel - Real Life Evangelism (Paperback, 2nd): Gay Reese Unbinding the Gospel - Real Life Evangelism (Paperback, 2nd)
Gay Reese
R403 R324 Discovery Miles 3 240 Save R79 (20%) Within 7 - 11 working days

Based on a major, four-year study of superb evangelism, funded by the Lilly Endowment, Unbinding the Gospel sparkles with life, practicality and spiritual depth. Unbinding the Gospel: Real Life Evangelism is a book for pastors who want to know the truth about the state of evangelism. Recently selected by The Christian Century as a featured "Take and Read" book (2007 book issue), Unbinding the Gospel is a book for Christians who want a hopeful, powerful, joy-filled way to learn to share their faith. (It's also a book for people who cringe when they hear the "E" word ) This book for congregational use has been enthusiastically endorsed by 8 heads of denominations, Brian McLaren, Richard Peace, as well as by countless pastors and church leaders. Unbinding the Gospel, 2nd ed. is the foundation of the Unbinding the Gospel Series, which can lead to a six-week, all-congregation saturation study with individual prayer, small group study and all-church worship and prayer dimensions. See Unbinding Your Heart (the 6 week version of GOSPEL, with a different 40 day prayer journal) and Unbinding Your Church (the Pastor's Guide). Follow up your all-church saturation study (the "E-vent") with a small group based Experiment in Christian Prayer & Community using Unbinding Your Soul. Small groups will double when members invite their unchurched friends into the Experiment. Unbinding the GOSPEL is in more than 12,000 congregations, in 49 denominations, all 50 states and 8 countries. The new second edition contains a personal 40 day prayer journal. Order one copy for each small group participant. From the Unbinding the Gospel Series.

God Secrets (Paperback): Shawn Bolz God Secrets (Paperback)
Shawn Bolz
R335 R276 Discovery Miles 2 760 Save R59 (18%) Within 5 - 14 working days

People are paying millions of dollars for information and understanding on matters like business, economics, and politics. God has the answers, and he has made his secrets discoverable to every seeking believer in a close relationship with him. In GOD SECRETS, youll learn how to:

- Gain access to Gods deep knowledge and wisdom.

- Share Gods mindset.

- Inspire and empower others with Gods thoughts and dreams.

- Use words of knowledge in everyday life scenarios.

- Connect with his love for all of his creation, which includes you.

Did you know you can grow in Words of Knowledge? Paul encourages believers in 1 Corinthians to follow after love and to eagerly desire the gifts of the Spirit. He would never tell us to pursue something or give us hope for certain gifts if we couldn't engage them! Words of Knowledge is one of the revelatory gifts that we can grow and strengthen just like any other spiritual gift. God loves to tell us specific information about people that we wouldn't naturally know on our own! God has been known to reveal birthdates, anniversaries, family nicknames, pet names, and even bank account numbers at times! The sharing of these personal details help us to develop trust and strong connection to the Lord. It produces faith to believe that God deeply loves us and that He truly does have plans to prosper us and give us hope for the future!

Journey with Shawn as he lays out his understanding of this gift in a relatable way, and gain a fresh perspective on Gods direction for your business, your household, your worldview, and your spiritual life.


God's Politics - Why the Right Gets It Wrong and the Left Doesn't Get It (Paperback, Annotated edition): Jim Wallis God's Politics - Why the Right Gets It Wrong and the Left Doesn't Get It (Paperback, Annotated edition)
Jim Wallis
R276 R226 Discovery Miles 2 260 Save R50 (18%) Within 7 - 11 working days

New York Times bestseller God's Politics struck a chord with Americans disenchanted with how the Right had co-opted all talk about integrating religious values into our politics, and with the Left, who were mute on the subject. Jim Wallis argues that America's separation of church and state does not require banishing moral and religious values from the public square. God's Politics offers a vision for how to convert spiritual values into real social change and has started a grassroots movement to hold our political leaders accountable by incorporating our deepest convictions about war, poverty, racism, abortion, capital punishment, and other moral issues into our nation's public life. Who can change the political wind? Only we can.

Spiritual Leadership in a Secular Age - Building Bridges Instead of Barriers (Paperback): Edward H Hammett Spiritual Leadership in a Secular Age - Building Bridges Instead of Barriers (Paperback)
Edward H Hammett
R425 R336 Discovery Miles 3 360 Save R89 (21%) Within 7 - 11 working days

Spiritual Leadership in a Secular Age explores the questions: How can we be faithful people of God in a postChristian, postdenominational, postmodern world? and How can we do ministry in, through, and as the church in an increasingly secular world? Author Edward Hammett draws on concepts from the ministries of Jesus and Paul as they ministered among persons unlike themselves during the birthing of the New Testament church. He offers a coaching approach and practical ideas to help leaders and congregations as they struggle to discern how to build bridges instead of barriers with the unchurched.

Not a Fan - Follower's Journal (Paperback): Kyle Idleman Not a Fan - Follower's Journal (Paperback)
Kyle Idleman
R185 R152 Discovery Miles 1 520 Save R33 (18%) Within 7 - 11 working days
Rotas, Rules and Rectors - How to Thrive Being a Churchwarden (Paperback): Matthew Clements Rotas, Rules and Rectors - How to Thrive Being a Churchwarden (Paperback)
Matthew Clements
R233 R181 Discovery Miles 1 810 Save R52 (22%) Within 7 - 12 working days

Deals with all aspects of the role and responsibility of being a Churchwarden. The aim of this book is to encourage Churchwardens to approach their role with confidence, and with the knowledge that much can be achieved in their term of office. The C of E has 30,000 churchwardens, of which several thousand are elected for the first time every year. "Churchwardens are the great unsung heroes of the Church of England" says the Rt Rev Michael Ipgrave, Bishop of Lichfield, in his foreword to this book. "The great strength of Matthew Clements' writing is that he sets the sometimes dry duties and responsibilities of wardenship within the warm context of human lives lived joyously and devotedly in the service of Christ and his beloved Church. All will find in this book practical wisdom, shrewd commonsense and indefatigable commitment to a noble cause." The role of the churchwarden in the Anglican Church has not changed much over the years, although perhaps the respectability and authority of the role has diminished. It is a responsible and important role which, if done conscientiously, will augment the efforts of the clergy and encourage the congregation, thus strengthening the Body of the church. This book is for all current churchwardens as well as all those (sometimes reluctant) volunteers who are considering the possibility of becoming churchwardens in the future. Additionally, it will be useful for anyone else in the church who is able to admit to themselves that they don't really know what the churchwarden actually does. Told with gentle humour based on solid experience and pragmatism, Matthew Clements details the extensive boundaries of a churchwarden's responsibilities and gives many examples from his own experience of just what the job can entail. There are many pitfalls that await the unwary, and there are many joys as well.

God Is Young - A Conversation (Hardcover): Pope Francis God Is Young - A Conversation (Hardcover)
Pope Francis; Contributions by Thomas Leoncini; Translated by Anne Milano Appel
R456 R338 Discovery Miles 3 380 Save R118 (26%) Within 7 - 11 working days
Get Messy! January-April 2019 - Session material, news, stories and inspiration for the Messy Church community (Paperback):... Get Messy! January-April 2019 - Session material, news, stories and inspiration for the Messy Church community (Paperback)
Olivia Warburton, Lucy Moore
R110 Discovery Miles 1 100 Within 7 - 12 working days

Each issue contains four session outlines (one per month), including handout sheets, take-home ideas and a planning template, together with information on the latest resources and events. It also seeks to encourage and refresh Messy Church leaders by providing monthly Bible studies, inspirational articles and a problem page. Other features include a youth column and stories from Messy Churches around the world. Topics and contributors Where I belong by Becky May Self-confidence by Jen Robertson Dusty drawings by Jean Pienaar Always with us by Greg Ross

Made This Way - How to Prepare Kids to Face Today's Tough Moral Issues (Paperback): Trent Horn, Leila Miller Made This Way - How to Prepare Kids to Face Today's Tough Moral Issues (Paperback)
Trent Horn, Leila Miller
R312 R255 Discovery Miles 2 550 Save R57 (18%) Within 7 - 11 working days
Passion for Position - A Call to Servant Leadership (Paperback): Afrika Mhlophe Passion for Position - A Call to Servant Leadership (Paperback)
Afrika Mhlophe; Foreword by Stephen Lungu 1
R190 R149 Discovery Miles 1 490 Save R41 (22%) Within 5 - 14 working days

Seeing that this is my third published book, do you think I now qualify to introduce myself as “Author Afrika Mhlophe”? Or, better still, how about the superlative “Major Author”? Somehow I don’t think anyone would be impressed with such self-aggrandizement. Besides, my vocation as a writer is a separate issue from my identity. And the same is true of my roles as a pastor and public speaker. I never mention these roles except when someone prompts me by asking the question, “What do you do?”

The operative word in this question is do. The word refers to that which a person carries out or performs. In my case, I do write for various publications, I do lead a church and I do speak on various platforms. But—and this is a very important “but”—I am not a performer but a person. I am also not a position or a role. For instance, you might refer to South African Olympic gold medalist Wade van Niekerk as an athlete—in acknowledgement of what he does. But you will be conscious that Van Niekerk is a human being and not a human doing.

My involvement in ministry now spans 20 years, but I am always at loss for words when I meet ministers who insist on introducing themselves with their ecclesiastical “titles”. I sometimes wish to blurt out and say, “But ‘apostle’ is not your first name.” There are two things that are wrong with this obsession with titles.

Unwanted - How Sexual Brokenness Reveals Our Way to Healing (Paperback): Jay Stringer Unwanted - How Sexual Brokenness Reveals Our Way to Healing (Paperback)
Jay Stringer
R300 R247 Discovery Miles 2 470 Save R53 (18%) Within 5 - 14 working days
The Fire Within - Sermons from the Edge of Exile (Paperback): Allan Boesak The Fire Within - Sermons from the Edge of Exile (Paperback)
Allan Boesak
R95 R76 Discovery Miles 760 Save R19 (20%) In stock

The title suggests that the author was burning to say what he felt should be said. And he continued to do that when opportunities presented themselves and from the platform that he knows best, namely the pulpit. Through this publication, the contents of his sermons become available to a broader audience. These sermons have meaning for all of us. To students, they teach us how to interface the context of the Biblical text with the contemporary context in order to give meaning to our existence now. To pastors and preachers, they illustrate how to dialogue with the text in order to extract from it the fullest potential and wealth of meaning contained in it. To the ordinary reader, it confirms that the gospel message remains a message of hope and inspiration, irrespective of how depressing one's personal situation may be or how incomplete we may experience society. Whoever reads them cannot but be spiritually enriched and motivated.

The Art of Sonship - King David Had 20 Sons. Only One Reigned. Which Son Will You Be? (Paperback): Israel Campbell The Art of Sonship - King David Had 20 Sons. Only One Reigned. Which Son Will You Be? (Paperback)
Israel Campbell
R293 R226 Discovery Miles 2 260 Save R67 (23%) Within 7 - 11 working days
His call, my all - An African drumbeat - a missionary's heartbeat (Paperback): Hennie Keyter His call, my all - An African drumbeat - a missionary's heartbeat (Paperback)
Hennie Keyter 1
R140 R117 Discovery Miles 1 170 Save R23 (16%) Within 4 - 8 working days

In the 1970s Hennie Keyter was an angry young man, fresh out of military service for the apartheid government of South Africa, unsure of his path in life and deeply uneasy about his faith. When God revealed to him that He had a purpose for him and a calling on his life, at first Hennie was not ready to hear it. When he finally accepted and understood his mission, a flame was lit in his heart that nothing could have extinguished. But nothing could have prepared him either for the extraordinary spiritual journey he was about to embark on which would take him wherever God wanted him to go: from Malawi, ‘the warm heart of Africa’, to Mozambique at the height of its civil war, where he was sentenced to death and faced a firing squad, from a less than welcoming beginning in Zanzibar, to the United Nations base at Lokichokio on the border between Kenya and Sudan (where on one trip he discovered that he had a price of US 10 000 on his head). Desiring only to do the will of God and to spread the Gospel, Hennie took up the challenge of taking the Gospel to many of the countries on the African continent and in the Middle East, building up leaders and planting churches in poverty stricken areas, lands devastated by years of conflict and deprivation, and war zones where soldiers seemed to have lost everything, even hope. Through the bushfire of mass evangelism and his dedicated teams of volunteers, supported by the love and faith of his wife Rita and his children Anton and Mari, in His Call, My All: An African Drumbeat – A Missionary’s Heartbeat Hennie Keyter looks back at his life in the service of the Lord and forward to continuing His work for as long as God requires it of him.

Ten Most Common Mistakes Made by New Church Starts (Paperback): James Griffith, William Easum Ten Most Common Mistakes Made by New Church Starts (Paperback)
James Griffith, William Easum
R419 R331 Discovery Miles 3 310 Save R88 (21%) In stock

Jim Griffith and Bill Easum draw from decades of personal experience in planting new churches and consulting with supervisors and planters in new church starts. They have condensed their vast experiences down to ten points that account for the great majority of failures among church planters. For each point, the authors provide examples of the particular mistake and ways to avoid it. They speak in special sections to coaches and supervisors, showing them how to work with church planters to avoid the mistakes. The ten mistakes point in most cases to plans made on the basis of past experiences or unrealistic models that do not fit either the particular church planter or the mission field where the church is planned. The church planter must take the initiative to do God's work as directed by the Holy Spirit, not copy a religious superstar's methods or approach the works as defined by outside sources.

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