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The State of Creativity - The Future of 3D Printing, 4D Printing and Augmented Reality (Hardcover): James Griffin The State of Creativity - The Future of 3D Printing, 4D Printing and Augmented Reality (Hardcover)
James Griffin
R2,684 Discovery Miles 26 840 Ships in 12 - 17 work days

Creativity has been integral to the development of the modern State, and yet it is becoming increasingly sidelined, especially as a result of the development of new machinic technologies including 3D printing. Arguing that inner creativity has been endangered by the rise of administrative regulation, James Griffin explores a number of reforms to ensure that upcoming regulations do take creativity into account. The State of Creativity examines how the State has become distanced from individual processes of creativity. This book investigates how the failure to incorporate creativity into administrative regulation is, in fact, adversely impacting the regulation of new technologies such as 3D and 4D printing and augmented reality, by focusing on issues concerning copyright and patents. This is an important read for intellectual property law scholars, as well as those studying computer science who wish to gain a more in-depth understanding of the current laws surrounding digital technologies such as 3D printing in our modern world. Legal practitioners wanting to remain abreast of developments surrounding 3D printing will also benefit from this book.

Structure-Based Mechanics of Tissues and Organs (Hardcover, 1st ed. 2016): Ghassan S. Kassab, Michael S. Sacks Structure-Based Mechanics of Tissues and Organs (Hardcover, 1st ed. 2016)
Ghassan S. Kassab, Michael S. Sacks
R6,229 Discovery Miles 62 290 Ships in 7 - 11 work days

This book portrays the commonality of tissue micro-structure that dictates physiological function in various organs (microstructure-function relation). Tissue and organ models are used to illustrate physiological functions based on microstructure. Fiber scale properties such as orientation and crimp are described in detail. Structurally-based constitutive models are given throughout the book, not only to avoid ambiguities in material characterization, but also to offer insights into the function, structure, and mechanics of tissue components. A statement of future directions of the field is also given, including how advancements, such as state-of-the-art computational modeling and optical measurements of tissue/cells structures, are taking structure-based modeling to the next level. This book also: Provides a comprehensive view of tissue modeling across multiple systems Broadens readers' understanding of state-of-the-art computational modeling and optical measurements of tissue/cells structures Describes in detail fiber scale properties such as orientation and crimp

SketchUp For Dummies (Paperback, 2nd Edition): Bill Fane, Mark Harrison, Josh Reilly SketchUp For Dummies (Paperback, 2nd Edition)
Bill Fane, Mark Harrison, Josh Reilly
R613 Discovery Miles 6 130 Ships in 12 - 17 work days

The first step in making your ideas a reality SketchUp offers a vast array of tools that help you get your building, woodworking, and design plans out of your head and into a real model. Even if you've never dabbled in the software, SketchUp All-in-One For Dummies makes it easy to get started as quickly as the ideas pop into your head! Providing real-world insight from top SketchUp insiders, these six-books-in-one teach you how to tackle the basics of the program and apply those skills to real-world projects. You'll discover the basics of modeling as they apply to either free or paid versions of SketchUp before diving into creating models to use for making objects, constructing buildings, or redesigning interiors. Navigate the SketchUp product mix Get familiar with the basics of modeling View and share your models Make your architecture, interior design, and woodworking dreams a reality You have tons of great ideas--and now you can harness this powerful software to bring them to life.

Wind Power Based Isolated Energy Systems (Hardcover, 1st ed. 2019): Anindita Roy, Santanu Bandyopadhyay Wind Power Based Isolated Energy Systems (Hardcover, 1st ed. 2019)
Anindita Roy, Santanu Bandyopadhyay
R3,252 Discovery Miles 32 520 Ships in 7 - 11 work days

This book offers methods to improve energy access and support social and economic development through the appropriate and reliable design of isolated wind energy systems. The findings reported on wind based isolated power generation show that the proper match of turbine diameter and generator rating is vital, and is governed by the site wind resource and the load profile to be served. The methodology for sizing and selecting appropriate system parameters, taking into account the resource uncertainty, is demonstrated throughout the chapters of this monograph. Readers will discover information on the methodologies for modelling, design and optimization of the systems in terms of safety, functionality, longevity, and practicality. Details are provided on the design space of wind-battery systems, multiple wind generator systems, and wind-PV-battery hybrids to cover all the bases of isolated wind energy systems. This monograph aims to serve as a guide to system developers, manufacturers, and financing institutions on the design aspects of isolated wind energy systems.

The History of Visual Magic in Computers - How Beautiful Images are Made in CAD, 3D, VR and AR (Paperback, 2013): Jon Peddie The History of Visual Magic in Computers - How Beautiful Images are Made in CAD, 3D, VR and AR (Paperback, 2013)
Jon Peddie
R941 R810 Discovery Miles 8 100 Save R131 (14%) Ships in 12 - 17 work days

If you have ever looked at a fantastic adventure or science fiction movie, or an amazingly complex and rich computer game, or a TV commercial where cars or gas pumps or biscuits behaved liked people and wondered, "How do they do that?", then you've experienced the magic of 3D worlds generated by a computer. 3D in computers began as a way to represent automotive designs and illustrate the construction of molecules. 3D graphics use evolved to visualizations of simulated data and artistic representations of imaginary worlds. In order to overcome the processing limitations of the computer, graphics had to exploit the characteristics of the eye and brain, and develop visual tricks to simulate realism. The goal is to create graphics images that will overcome the visual cues that cause disbelief and tell the viewer this is not real. Thousands of people over thousands of years have developed the building blocks and made the discoveries in mathematics and science to make such 3D magic possible, and The History of Visual Magic in Computers is dedicated to all of them and tells a little of their story. It traces the earliest understanding of 3D and then foundational mathematics to explain and construct 3D; from mechanical computers up to today's tablets. Several of the amazing computer graphics algorithms and tricks came of periods where eruptions of new ideas and techniques seem to occur all at once. Applications emerged as the fundamentals of how to draw lines and create realistic images were better understood, leading to hardware 3D controllers that drive the display all the way to stereovision and virtual reality.

Diving the Thistlegorm - The Ultimate Guide to a World War II Shipwreck (Hardcover): Simon Brown, Jon Henderson, Alex Mustard,... Diving the Thistlegorm - The Ultimate Guide to a World War II Shipwreck (Hardcover)
Simon Brown, Jon Henderson, Alex Mustard, Mike Postons; Foreword by Emad Khalil
R978 Discovery Miles 9 780 Ships in 10 - 20 work days

Diving the Thistlegorm is a unique in-depth look at one of the world's best-loved shipwrecks, the World War II British Merchant Navy steamship, featuring award-winning underwater photography. In this highly visual guide, cutting edge photographic methods enable views of the famous wreck and its fascinating cargo which were previously impossible. Sitting upright in 30m of clear, inviting Red Sea waters, the ship is packed with the materials of war. Largely complete lorries, trucks, motorbikes, aircraft spares and airfield equipment are crammed into the forward holds and the remains of other vehicles lie amongst boxes of ammunition in the exploded aft holds. Often referred to as an underwater museum, the wreck fascinates visitors for dive after dive. The book is the culmination of decades of experience, archaeological and photographic expertise, many hours underwater, months of computer processing time, and days spent researching and verifying the history of the ship and its cargo. For the first time, Diving the Thistlegorm brings the rich and complex contents of the wreck together, identifying individual items and illustrating where they can be found. As the expert team behind the underwater photography, reconstructions and explanations take you through the wreck in incredible detail, you will discover not only what has been learned but also what mysteries are still to be solved. Limited run of hardbacks.

AAD Algorithms-Aided Design (Paperback, 14th edition): Arturo Tedeschi AAD Algorithms-Aided Design (Paperback, 14th edition)
Arturo Tedeschi
R1,118 Discovery Miles 11 180 Ships in 10 - 20 work days

Algorithmic design is not simply the use of computer to design architecture and objects. Algorithms allow designers to overcome the limitations of traditional CAD software and 3D modelers, reaching a level of complexity and control which is beyond the human manual ability. Algorithms-Aided Design presents design methods based on the use of Grasshopper (R), a visual algorithm editor tightly integrated with Rhinoceros (R), the 3D modeling software by McNeel & Associates allowing users to explore accurate freeform shapes. The book provides computational techniques to develop and control complex geometries, covering parametric modeling, digital fabrication techniques, form-finding strategies, environmental analysis and structural optimization. It also features case studies and contributions by researchers and designers from world's most influential universities and leading architecture firms.

Rendering in SketchUp - From Modeling to Presentation for Architecture, Landscape Architecture, and Interior Design... Rendering in SketchUp - From Modeling to Presentation for Architecture, Landscape Architecture, and Interior Design (Paperback)
Daniel Tal
R1,071 Discovery Miles 10 710 Ships in 12 - 17 work days

The sure way for design professionals to learn SketchUp modeling and rendering techniques

"Rendering In SketchUp" provides instructions for creating 3D photoreal graphics for SketchUp models using integrated rendering programs. The book serves as a beginner rendering manual and reference guide to further develop rendering skills. With an emphasis on step-by-step process, SketchUp users learn a universal approach to rendering varied SketchUp projects, including architecture, interiors, and site design models.

The book focuses on tasks and principles at the core of photorealistic rendering, including: Rendering process: Learn a step-by-step process focused on workflow within SketchUp's familiar workspace. Universal method: Understand how the process can be used to work with a variety of different integrated rendering programs, including Shaderlight, SU Podium and Twilight Render**. These programs are easy to learn and function in SketchUp. >Textures and materials: Discover how to obtain, apply and edit texture images representing surfaces. Component details: Learn how to acquire and organize model details to allow for rich, expressive settings while maintaining computer and SketchUp performance. Exterior and simulated lighting: Learn to set exterior lighting with the SketchUp's Shadow menu or illuminate a scene with simulated lights, lamps, and bulbs. Render settings: Use specific settings for various rendering programs to quickly set texture character, image quality, and graphic output. Computer specifications: Find out how computers produce renders and the type of computer hardware required to streamline the process. Photoshop post-processing: Learn how to further refine rendered images in Photoshop. **Free online chapters: The book reviews specific settings for SketchUp and the rendering plug-in Shaderlight. Given the ever-changing nature of technology, free, online accompanying chapters detail settings for additional integrated rendering programs including SU Podium, Twilight Render, and more.

The Art of 3D Computer Animation and Effects (Paperback, 4th Edition): Isaac V. Kerlow The Art of 3D Computer Animation and Effects (Paperback, 4th Edition)
Isaac V. Kerlow
R1,466 Discovery Miles 14 660 Ships in 7 - 11 work days

Master the art of computer animation and visual effects production with the latest edition of this cutting-edge guide

This remarkable edition of "The Art of 3D Computer Animation and Effects" offers clear, step-by-step guidelines for the entire process of creating a fully rendered 3D computer animation. With up-to-date coverage of the latest computer animation styles and techniques, this versatile guide provides insightful information for creating animations and visual effects--from creative development and preproduction to finished animation.

Designed to work with any computer platform, this "Fourth Edition" cuts through technical jargon and presents numerous easy-to-understand instructive diagrams. Full-color examples are presented--including VFX and animated feature movies, games, and TV commercials--by such leading companies as Blue Sky, Blur, BUF, Disney, DreamWorks, Electronic Arts, Framestore, ILM, Imagi, Microsoft, Mac Guff, The Mill, Menfond, Pixar, Polygon, Rhythm & Hues, Sony Imageworks, Tippett, Ubisoft, and Weta, and many other studios and groundbreaking independent artists from around the world.

This fully revised edition features new material on the latest visual effects techniques, a useful update of the traditional principles of animation, practical information on creative development, multiple production pipeline ideas for shorts and visual effects, plus updated information on current production trends and techniques in animation, rendering, modeling, rigging, and compositing.

Whether you are a student, an independent artist or creator, or a production company team member, "The Art of 3D Computer Animation and Effects, Fourth Edition" gives you a broad palette of tips and techniques for bringing your visions to life through 3D computer animation.Unique focus on creative development and production issuesNon-platform specific, with multiple examples illustrated in a practical, step-by-step approachThe newest computer animation techniques, including facial animation, image-based and non-photorealistic rendering, model rigging, real-time models, and 2D/3D integrationOver 700 full-color imagesEncyclopedic timeline and production pipeline

Guide to 3D Vision Computation - Geometric Analysis and Implementation (Hardcover, 1st ed. 2016): Kenichi Kanatani, Yasuyuki... Guide to 3D Vision Computation - Geometric Analysis and Implementation (Hardcover, 1st ed. 2016)
Kenichi Kanatani, Yasuyuki Sugaya, Yasushi Kanazawa
R2,136 R1,916 Discovery Miles 19 160 Save R220 (10%) Ships in 12 - 17 work days

This classroom-tested and easy-to-understand textbook/reference describes the state of the art in 3D reconstruction from multiple images, taking into consideration all aspects of programming and implementation. Unlike other computer vision textbooks, this guide takes a unique approach in which the initial focus is on practical application and the procedures necessary to actually build a computer vision system. The theoretical background is then briefly explained afterwards, highlighting how one can quickly and simply obtain the desired result without knowing the derivation of the mathematical detail. Features: reviews the fundamental algorithms underlying computer vision; describes the latest techniques for 3D reconstruction from multiple images; summarizes the mathematical theory behind statistical error analysis for general geometric estimation problems; presents derivations at the end of each chapter, with solutions supplied at the end of the book; provides additional material at an associated website.

Making Call of Duty Modern Warfare (Hardcover): Andy McVittie Making Call of Duty Modern Warfare (Hardcover)
Andy McVittie
R1,090 R910 Discovery Miles 9 100 Save R180 (17%) Ships in 7 - 11 work days
Digital Property - Open-source Architecture (Paperback): Wendy W. Fok, Antoine Picon Digital Property - Open-source Architecture (Paperback)
Wendy W. Fok, Antoine Picon
R775 R510 Discovery Miles 5 100 Save R265 (34%) Ships in 12 - 17 work days

Even more than authorship, ownership is challenged by the rise of digital and computational methods of design and production. These challenges are simultaneously legal, ethical and economic. How are new methods of fabrication and manufacture going to irreversibly change not only ways of working, but also designers ethics and their stance on ownership? In his 2013 second-term State of the Union address, President Obama stated that 3D printing has the potential to revolutionize the way we make almost everything . Nowhere will the impact of 3D printing be felt greater than in the architectural and design communities. When anyone can print out an object or structure from a digital file, will designers still exert the same creative rights or will they need to develop new practice and payment models? As architecture becomes more collaborative with open-source processes, will the emphasis on signature as the basis of ownership remain relevant? How will wider teams working globally be accredited and compensated? This issue of AD explores this subject; it features the work of designers who are developing wholly new approaches to practice by exploring means of commercialising process-based products rather than objects. Contributors: Phil Bernstein, Mark Garcia, Antoine Picon, Carlo Ratti and David Ruy Featured architects: Francis Bitonti, Marjan Colletti, Wendy W Fok, Panagiotis Michalatos, Jose Sanchez, Thibault Schwartz, Aaron Sprecher, Feng Xu and Philip Yuan

Guide to Simulation-Based Disciplines - Advancing Our Computational Future (Hardcover, 1st ed. 2017): Saurabh Mittal, Umut... Guide to Simulation-Based Disciplines - Advancing Our Computational Future (Hardcover, 1st ed. 2017)
Saurabh Mittal, Umut Durak, Tuncer I. Oren
R4,671 Discovery Miles 46 710 Ships in 7 - 11 work days

This invaluable text/reference reviews the state of the art in simulation-based approaches across a wide range of different disciplines, and provides evidence of using simulation-based approaches to advance these disciplines. Highlighting the benefits that simulation can bring to any field, the volume presents case studies by the leading experts from such diverse domains as the life sciences, engineering, architecture, arts, and social sciences. Topics and features: includes review questions at the end of every chapter; provides a broad overview of the evolution of the concept of simulation, stressing its importance across numerous sectors and disciplines; addresses the role of simulation in engineering design, and emphasizes the benefits of integrating simulation into the systems engineering paradigm; explains the relation of simulation with Cyber-Physical Systems and the Internet of Things, and describes a simulation infrastructure for complex adaptive systems; investigates how simulation is used in the Software Design Life Cycle to assess complex solutions, and examines the use of simulation in architectural design; reviews the function and purpose of simulation within the context of the scientific method, and its contribution to healthcare and health education training; discusses the position of simulation in research in the social sciences, and describes the simulation of service systems for simulation-based enterprise management; describes the role of simulation in learning and education, as well as in in military training. With its near-exhaustive coverage of disciplines, this comprehensive collection is essential reading for all researchers, practitioners and students seeking insights into the use of various modeling paradigms and the need for robust simulation infrastructure to advance their field into a computational future.

Mental Modeling Approach - Risk Management Application Case Studies (Hardcover, 1st ed. 2017): Matthew D Wood, Sarah Thorne,... Mental Modeling Approach - Risk Management Application Case Studies (Hardcover, 1st ed. 2017)
Matthew D Wood, Sarah Thorne, Daniel Kovacs, Gordon Butte, Igor Linkov
R4,601 Discovery Miles 46 010 Ships in 7 - 11 work days

This book provides an easy-to-read, user-oriented introduction to mental models research and Mental Modeling TechnologyTM. Mental models are powerful influences human behavior. The book offers insight from the developers and most experienced application professionals of a widely proven methodology for understanding and influencing human judgment, decision making and behavior. The case studies show examples of the methodological concepts in their application context. It is one of the most comprehensive collections of cases focused on government needs of any similar qualitative analysis approach. Finally, it presents an introduction to software tools and tutorials that enable readers to use the approach for their own research needs.

Statistical Analysis of Noise in MRI - Modeling, Filtering and Estimation (Hardcover, 1st ed. 2016): Santiago Aja-Fernandez,... Statistical Analysis of Noise in MRI - Modeling, Filtering and Estimation (Hardcover, 1st ed. 2016)
Santiago Aja-Fernandez, Gonzalo Vegas-Sanchez-Ferrero
R4,560 Discovery Miles 45 600 Ships in 7 - 11 work days

This unique text presents a comprehensive review of methods for modeling signal and noise in magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), providing a systematic study, classifying and comparing the numerous and varied estimation and filtering techniques. Features: provides a complete framework for the modeling and analysis of noise in MRI, considering different modalities and acquisition techniques; describes noise and signal estimation for MRI from a statistical signal processing perspective; surveys the different methods to remove noise in MRI acquisitions from a practical point of view; reviews different techniques for estimating noise from MRI data in single- and multiple-coil systems for fully sampled acquisitions; examines the issue of noise estimation when accelerated acquisitions are considered, and parallel imaging methods are used to reconstruct the signal; includes appendices covering probability density functions, combinations of random variables used to derive estimators, and useful MRI datasets.

Resilient Routing in Communication Networks (Hardcover, 1st ed. 2015): Jacek Rak Resilient Routing in Communication Networks (Hardcover, 1st ed. 2015)
Jacek Rak
R2,682 Discovery Miles 26 820 Ships in 7 - 11 work days

This important text addresses the latest issues in end-to-end resilient routing in communication networks. The work highlights the main causes of failures of network nodes and links, and presents an overview of resilient routing mechanisms, covering issues related to the Future Internet (FI), wireless mesh networks (WMNs), and vehicular ad-hoc networks (VANETs). Features: discusses FI architecture for network virtualization; introduces proposals for dedicated and shared protection in random failure scenarios and against malicious activities; describes measures for WMN survivability that allow for evaluation of performance under multiple failures; proposes a new scheme to enable proactive updates of WMN antenna alignment; includes a detailed analysis of the differentiated reliability requirements for VANET applications, with a focus on issues of multi-hop data delivery; reviews techniques for improving the stability of end-to-end VANET communication paths based on multipath routing and anycast forwarding.

Spark - The Definitive Guide (Paperback): Bill Chambers, Matei Zaharia Spark - The Definitive Guide (Paperback)
Bill Chambers, Matei Zaharia
R1,436 R898 Discovery Miles 8 980 Save R538 (37%) Ships in 12 - 17 work days

Learn how to use, deploy, and maintain Apache Spark with this comprehensive guide, written by the creators of the open-source cluster-computing framework. With an emphasis on improvements and new features in Spark 2.0, authors Bill Chambers and Matei Zaharia break down Spark topics into distinct sections, each with unique goals. You'll explore the basic operations and common functions of Spark's structured APIs, as well as Structured Streaming, a new high-level API for building end-to-end streaming applications. Developers and system administrators will learn the fundamentals of monitoring, tuning, and debugging Spark, and explore machine learning techniques and scenarios for employing MLlib, Spark's scalable machine-learning library. Get a gentle overview of big data and Spark Learn about DataFrames, SQL, and Datasets-Spark's core APIs-through worked examples Dive into Spark's low-level APIs, RDDs, and execution of SQL and DataFrames Understand how Spark runs on a cluster Debug, monitor, and tune Spark clusters and applications Learn the power of Structured Streaming, Spark's stream-processing engine Learn how you can apply MLlib to a variety of problems, including classification or recommendation

Real-Time Graphics Rendering Engine (Hardcover, Edition.): Hujun Bao, Wei Hua Real-Time Graphics Rendering Engine (Hardcover, Edition.)
Hujun Bao, Wei Hua
R3,535 R946 Discovery Miles 9 460 Save R2,589 (73%) Ships in 12 - 17 work days

"Real-Time Graphics Rendering Engine" reveals the software architecture of the modern real-time 3D graphics rendering engine and the relevant technologies based on the authors experience developing this high-performance, real-time system. The relevant knowledge about real-time graphics rendering such as the rendering pipeline, the visual appearance and shading and lighting models are also introduced. This book is intended to offer well-founded guidance for researchers and developers who are interested in building their own rendering engines.

Hujun Bao is a professor at the State Key Lab of Computer Aided Design and Computer Graphics, Zhejiang University, China. Dr. Wei Hua is an associate professor at the same institute.

Hierarchical Sliding Mode Control for Under-actuated Cranes - Design, Analysis and Simulation (Hardcover, 1st ed. 2015):... Hierarchical Sliding Mode Control for Under-actuated Cranes - Design, Analysis and Simulation (Hardcover, 1st ed. 2015)
Dianwei Qian, Jianqiang Yi
R3,283 R1,291 Discovery Miles 12 910 Save R1,992 (61%) Ships in 12 - 17 work days

This book reports on the latest developments in sliding mode overhead crane control, presenting novel research ideas and findings on sliding mode control (SMC), hierarchical SMC and compensator design-based hierarchical sliding mode. The results, which were previously scattered across various journals and conference proceedings, are now presented in a systematic and unified form. The book will be of interest to researchers, engineers and graduate students in control engineering and mechanical engineering who want to learn the methods and applications of SMC.

The SketchUp Workflow for Architecture - Modeling Buildings, Visualizing Design, and Creating Construction Documents with... The SketchUp Workflow for Architecture - Modeling Buildings, Visualizing Design, and Creating Construction Documents with SketchUp Pro and LayOut (Paperback, 2nd Edition)
Michael Brightman
R1,232 Discovery Miles 12 320 Ships in 12 - 17 work days

A guide for leveraging SketchUp for any project size, type, or style. New construction or renovation. The revised and updated second edition of The SketchUp Workflow for Architecture offers guidelines for taking SketchUp to the next level in order to incorporate it into every phase of the architectural design process. The text walks through each step of the SketchUp process from the early stages of schematic design and model organization for both renovation and new construction projects to final documentation and shows how to maximize the LayOut toolset for drafting and presentations. Written by a noted expert in the field, the text is filled with tips and techniques to access the power of SketchUp and its related suite of tools. The book presents a flexible workflow method that helps to make common design tasks easier and gives users the information needed to incorporate varying degrees of SketchUp into their design process. Filled with best practices for organizing projects and drafting schematics, this resource also includes suggestions for working with LayOut, an underused but valuable component of SketchUp Pro. In addition, tutorial videos compliment the text and clearly demonstrate more advanced methods. This important text: Presents intermediate and advanced techniques for architects who want to use SketchUp in all stages of the design process Includes in-depth explanations on using the LayOut tool set that contains example plans, details, sections, presentations, and other information Updates the first edition to reflect the changes to SketchUp 2018 and the core functionalities, menus, tools, inferences, arc tools, reporting, and much more Written by a SketchUp authorized trainer who has an active online platform and extensive connections within the SketchUp community Contains accompanying tutorial videos that demonstrate some of the more advanced SketchUp tips and tricks Written for professional architects, as well as professionals in interior design and landscape architecture, The SketchUp Workflow for Architecture offers a revised and updated resource for using SketchUp in all aspects of the architectural design process.

3D Printing and Beyond - Intellectual Property and Regulation (Hardcover): Dinusha Mendis, Mark Lemley, Matthew Rimmer 3D Printing and Beyond - Intellectual Property and Regulation (Hardcover)
Dinusha Mendis, Mark Lemley, Matthew Rimmer
R3,418 Discovery Miles 34 180 Ships in 12 - 17 work days

This ground-breaking and timely contribution to the field of Intellectual Property law explores the implications of 3D Printing and Additive Manufacturing in three core jurisdictions: the UK, USA and Australia. Providing in-depth analysis of the current state of affairs, as well as outlining future issues and developments, 3D Printing and Beyond addresses both the challenges and opportunities created by 3D Printing. Bringing together both academic and practical experts, the original contributions to this book consider the regulation of new, emerging and future technologies and their implications for the legal landscape. The book goes beyond 3D printing and its relationship with intellectual property to the realms of ethics, contracts, socio-legal aspects and economics. Intellectual property academics will greatly benefit from reading this book, as it not only explores the myriad ways in which 3D printing has altered the horizon of IP law, but also offers ideas for areas of future research. Practitioners and policy makers will also benefit from the useful examples and cases used in this book. Contributors include: T. Berger, S. Bradshaw, R. Brownsword, A. Daly, D. Desai, E. Ferrill, T. Holbrook, D. Hong, K. Horn, M. Lemley, R. MacKichan, T. Margoni, C. McKinley, D. Mendis, P. Menell, M. Mimler, D. Nicol, J. Nielsen, M. Rimmer, A. Scardamaglia, R. Vacca

Autodesk 3ds Max 2016 Essentials (Paperback): Dariush Derakhshani, Randi L. Derakhshani Autodesk 3ds Max 2016 Essentials (Paperback)
Dariush Derakhshani, Randi L. Derakhshani
R1,019 R751 Discovery Miles 7 510 Save R268 (26%) Ships in 12 - 17 work days

Start animating right away with this tutorial-based guide to Autodesk 3ds Max 2016 Autodesk 3ds Max 2016 Essentials is your perfect hands-on guide to start animating quickly. Using approachable, real-world exercises, you'll master the fundamentals of this leading animation software by following full-color screen shots step by step. Each chapter opens with a quick discussion of concepts and learning objectives, and then launches into hands-on tutorials that give you firsthand experience and a good start on preparing for the 3ds Max certification exam. You'll learn the basics of modeling, texturing, animating, and visual effects as you create a retro-style alarm clock, animate a thrown knife, model a chair, and more. Whether you're a complete beginner or migrating from another 3D application, this task-based book provides the solid grounding you need in Autodesk 3ds Max 2016. * Model your character with polygons, meshes, and more * Add motion with simple and complex animations * Add color and textures to visualize materials and surfaces * Render interior scenes with great lighting and camera placement If you want to learn 3ds Max quickly and painlessly, Autodesk 3ds Max 2016 Essentials helps you start animating today.

UML: A Beginner's Guide (Paperback, Ed): Jason Roff UML: A Beginner's Guide (Paperback, Ed)
Jason Roff
R734 R607 Discovery Miles 6 070 Save R127 (17%) Ships in 7 - 11 work days

Essential skills for first-time programmers! This easy-to-use book explains the fundamentals of UML. Youll learn to read, draw, and use this visual modeling language to create clear and effective blueprints for software development projects. The modular approach of this series--including drills, sample projects, and mastery checks--makes it easy to learn to use this powerful programming language at your own pace.

Topology-Based Modeling of Textile Structures and Their Joint Assemblies - Principles, Algorithms and Limitations (Hardcover,... Topology-Based Modeling of Textile Structures and Their Joint Assemblies - Principles, Algorithms and Limitations (Hardcover, 1st ed. 2019)
Yordan Kyosev
R2,533 R2,200 Discovery Miles 22 000 Save R333 (13%) Ships in 12 - 17 work days

This book presents the textile-, mathematical and mechanical background for the modelling of fiber based structures such as yarns, braided and knitted textiles. The hierarchical scales of these textiles and the structural elements at the different levels are analysed and the methods for their modelling are presented. The author reports about problems, methods and algorithms and possible solutions from his twenty year experience in the modelling and software development of CAD for textiles.

Context-Enhanced Information Fusion - Boosting Real-World Performance with Domain Knowledge (Hardcover, 1st ed. 2016): Lauro... Context-Enhanced Information Fusion - Boosting Real-World Performance with Domain Knowledge (Hardcover, 1st ed. 2016)
Lauro Snidaro, Jesus Garcia, James Llinas, Erik Blasch
R4,418 Discovery Miles 44 180 Ships in 7 - 11 work days

This text reviews the fundamental theory and latest methods for including contextual information in fusion process design and implementation. Chapters are contributed by the foremost international experts, spanning numerous developments and applications. The book highlights high- and low-level information fusion problems, performance evaluation under highly demanding conditions, and design principles. A particular focus is placed on approaches that integrate research from different communities, emphasizing the benefit of combining different techniques to overcome the limitations of a single perspective. Features: introduces the terminology and core elements in information fusion and context; presents key themes for context-enhanced information fusion; discusses design issues in developing context-aware fusion systems; provides mathematical grounds for modeling the contextual influences in representative fusion problems; describes the fusion of hard and soft data; reviews a diverse range of applications.

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