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JavaScript - The Web Warrior Series (Paperback, 6th edition): Sasha Vodnik, Don Gosselin JavaScript - The Web Warrior Series (Paperback, 6th edition)
Sasha Vodnik, Don Gosselin 1
R1,471 R794 Discovery Miles 7 940 Save R677 (46%) Ships in 12 - 17 working days

Now in its sixth edition, JAVASCRIPT guides beginning programmers through web application development using the JavaScript programming language. As with previous editions of the book, the authors introduce key web authoring techniques with a strong focus on industry application. New coverage includes developing for touchscreen and mobile devices, and using the jQuery library. A real-world project, similar to what students would encounter in a professional setting, is developed chapter by chapter. Because professional web development jobs often require programmers to add features to existing sites, each chapter project uses a professionally designed web site. After completing a course using this textbook, students will be able to use JavaScript to build professional quality, dynamic web sites. websites, hot sheets, datafeeds] Any suggestions for copywriter or provide generic description of the product to be used for the Internet or non-channel specific applications.

A Guide To SQL (Paperback, 9th edition): Philip Pratt, Mary Last A Guide To SQL (Paperback, 9th edition)
Philip Pratt, Mary Last
R897 R794 Discovery Miles 7 940 Save R103 (11%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

A GUIDE TO SQL, Ninth Edition, provides an effective introduction to SQL programming using straightforward instruction, extensive hands-on exercises, and a strong foundation in real-world business applications. The Ninth Edition builds on the longstanding success of this proven text by presenting basic SQL commands in the context of a running case, in which a business uses SQL to manage orders, items, customers, and sales reps. The authors emphasize that fundamental principles and practices apply regardless of the database environment chosen, and they include examples from the latest versions of Oracle (R) and Microsoft (R) Access (R), and SQL Server throughout the text.

How To Avoid A Climate Disaster - The Solutions We Have And The Breakthroughs We Need (Hardcover): Bill Gates How To Avoid A Climate Disaster - The Solutions We Have And The Breakthroughs We Need (Hardcover)
Bill Gates
R475 R379 Discovery Miles 3 790 Save R96 (20%) In stock

In this urgent, authoritative book, Bill Gates sets out a wide-ranging, practical - and accessible - plan for how the world can get to zero greenhouse gas emissions in time to avoid a climate catastrophe.

Bill Gates has spent a decade investigating the causes and effects of climate change. With the help of experts in the fields of physics, chemistry, biology, engineering, political science, and finance, he has focused on what must be done in order to stop the planet's slide toward certain environmental disaster. In this book, he not only explains why we need to work toward net-zero emissions of greenhouse gases, but also details what we need to do to achieve this profoundly important goal.

He gives us a clear-eyed description of the challenges we face. Drawing on his understanding of innovation and what it takes to get new ideas into the market, he describes the areas in which technology is already helping to reduce emissions, where and how the current technology can be made to function more effectively, where breakthrough technologies are needed, and who is working on these essential innovations. Finally, he lays out a concrete, practical plan for achieving the goal of zero emissions-suggesting not only policies that governments should adopt, but what we as individuals can do to keep our government, our employers, and ourselves accountable in this crucial enterprise.

As Bill Gates makes clear, achieving zero emissions will not be simple or easy to do, but if we follow the plan he sets out here, it is a goal firmly within our reach.

Introducing Delphi Programming - Theory Through Practice (Paperback, 4th Edition): John Barrow, Linda Miller, Katherine Malan,... Introducing Delphi Programming - Theory Through Practice (Paperback, 4th Edition)
John Barrow, Linda Miller, Katherine Malan, Helene Gelderblom 1
R686 R612 Discovery Miles 6 120 Save R74 (11%) Ships in 6 - 10 working days

This new edition of Introducing Delphi programming: Theory through practice covers the basics of Delphi and includes features of Delphi 6,7 and 8. The book has been written for students taking first year course in Information Systems at universities and Institutes of Technology and is ideal for the independent, distance learner. It teaches students both the practical side of programming and important programming theory.Delphi is a versatile and sophisticated visual programming environment for rapid application development that allows the programmer to develop Windows and Linux programs easily and speedily. Introducing Delphi Programming: Theory through Practice is considered to be the leading introductory text on computer programming. It allows students to gain confidence as they develop their skills in an interesting and practical way.

Programming with Mobile Applications - Android (TM), iOS, and Windows (R) Phone 7 (Paperback, International Edition): Thomas... Programming with Mobile Applications - Android (TM), iOS, and Windows (R) Phone 7 (Paperback, International Edition)
Thomas Duffy
R1,090 R956 Discovery Miles 9 560 Save R134 (12%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Discover how to create effective native apps across platforms and Web apps for today's most popular smartphone platforms with Duffy's PROGRAMMING MOBILE APPLICATIONS: ANDROID (TM), iOS, AND WINDOWS (R) PHONE 7. This unique, hands-on tutorial approach combines clear presentations with numerous screenshots and step-by-step instructions to guide readers in developing applications for Google (TM) Android (TM), Apple (R) iOS, and Windows (R) Phone 7. Readers learn to create identical native and Web apps for each platform, which allows comparing each platform's development processes. The book's complete coverage ranges from platform architecture to native app life cycle management with an emphasis on fundamental programming concepts. This book's unique coverage of multiple platforms not only demonstrates the portability of apps that readers create, but also ensures an solid understanding of programming principles that benefits readers throughout any career.

Program Construction - Calculating Implementations from Specifications (Paperback): Roland Backhouse Program Construction - Calculating Implementations from Specifications (Paperback)
Roland Backhouse
R1,063 Discovery Miles 10 630 Ships in 12 - 17 working days

The ever-increasing dependence of our lives and livelihoods on the correct functioning of computer software means that logic and program correctness are core elements of all good computer science degrees. This book presents both these topics in one self-contained text.

The focus of the book is on "correct-by-construction" program design -- the discipline of calculating programs from their specifications. Modern, calculational logic is introduced in combination with key program construction principles, such as the assignment axiom, loop invariants and bound functions. This material is intertwined with motivational discussion, programming examples and challenging problem-solving exercises, bringing the book alive for its intended audience, undergraduates in computer science and mathematics, as well as professional programmers wishing to further develop their programming skills.

The book covers the elements of logic and program correctness that form the foundations of further study --- the logical connectives and their algebraic properties, induction, quantifiers and program construction rules. Substantial examples of program construction are included. Many exercises are provided, all with detailed solutions.

Creating a Winning E-Business (Paperback, 2nd edition): H. Albert Napier, Stuart Wagner, Ollie Rivers Creating a Winning E-Business (Paperback, 2nd edition)
H. Albert Napier, Stuart Wagner, Ollie Rivers
R787 R703 Discovery Miles 7 030 Save R84 (11%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Creating a Winning E-Business, Second Edition illustrates the processes involved with planning, starting, and marketing a new e-business in today's environment. Four types of cases are used in this practical, entrepreneurial guide to provide a real-world approach, including a book-long running case study complimented by chapter specific real-world case studies that open and close each chapter. Additionally, case studies that feature both successful and unsuccessful ventures are found throughout the book enabling students to learn from the actions of others. A new chapter on Affiliation programs (such as Amazon.com's Associates program) is featured and all chapters are updated to reflect industry changes since the publication of the first edition.

Building Cross-Platform Mobile and Web Apps for Engineers and Scientists - An Active Learning Approach, International Edition... Building Cross-Platform Mobile and Web Apps for Engineers and Scientists - An Active Learning Approach, International Edition (Paperback, International edition)
Pawan Lingras, Matt Triff, Rucha Lingras
R859 R764 Discovery Miles 7 640 Save R95 (11%) In stock

This powerful new book introduces cross-platform app design as an excellent starting point for mastering app development. The book contains numerous applications that you can adapt to different projects. You can use this book for independent study or for your project courses. The book introduces HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery Mobile, Node.js, JSON, localStorage, sessionStorage, NoSQL using MongoDB, SQL using MySQL, templating using handlebars, and maps. A strong app-centric view emphasizes appropriate subsets of these technologies to help you develop non-trivial apps. While apps continue to evolve and change, the technologies presented form the backbone of future cross-platform app development. You will learn to work with all major mobile and web platforms using the book's active learning approach that has you typing code in parallel as the apps are developed. Exercises further encourage you to make changes to the code and evaluate resulting app behavior.

Python by Example - Learning to Program in 150 Challenges (Paperback): Nichola Lacey Python by Example - Learning to Program in 150 Challenges (Paperback)
Nichola Lacey
R490 R412 Discovery Miles 4 120 Save R78 (16%) In stock

Python is today's fastest growing programming language. This engaging and refreshingly different guide breaks down the skills into clear step-by-step chunks and explains the theory using brief easy-to-understand language. Rather than bamboozling readers with pages of mind-numbing technical jargon, this book includes 150 practical challenges, putting the power in the reader's hands. Through creating programs to solve these challenges the reader will quickly progress from mastering the basics to confidently using subroutines, a graphical user interface, and linking to external text, csv and SQL files. This book is perfect for anyone who wants to learn how to program with Python. In particular, students starting out in computer science and teachers who want to improve their confidence in Python will find here a set of ready-made challenges for classroom use.

Pro C# 7 - With .NET and .NET Core (Paperback, 8th ed.): Andrew Troelsen, Philip Japikse Pro C# 7 - With .NET and .NET Core (Paperback, 8th ed.)
Andrew Troelsen, Philip Japikse
R1,720 Discovery Miles 17 200 In stock

This essential classic title provides a comprehensive foundation in the C# programming language and the frameworks it lives in. Now in its 8th edition, you'll find all the very latest C# 7.1 and .NET 4.7 features here, along with four brand new chapters on Microsoft's lightweight, cross-platform framework, .NET Core, up to and including .NET Core 2.0. Coverage of ASP.NET Core, Entity Framework (EF) Core, and more, sits alongside the latest updates to .NET, including Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF), Windows Communication Foundation (WCF), and ASP.NET MVC. Dive in and discover why Pro C# has been a favorite of C# developers worldwide for over 15 years. Gain a solid foundation in object-oriented development techniques, attributes and reflection, generics and collections as well as numerous advanced topics not found in other texts (such as CIL opcodes and emitting dynamic assemblies). With the help of this book you'll have the confidence to put C# into practice and explore the .NET universe on your own terms. What You Will Learn Discover the latest C# 7.1 features, from tuples to pattern matching Hit the ground running with Microsoft's lightweight, open source .NET Core platform, including ASP.NET Core MVC, ASP.NET Core web services, and Entity Framework Core Find complete coverage of XAML, .NET 4.7, and Visual Studio 2017 Understand the philosophy behind .NET and the new, cross-platform alternative, .NET Core

Job Ready Java (Paperback): Haythem Balti Job Ready Java (Paperback)
Haythem Balti
R804 R644 Discovery Miles 6 440 Save R160 (20%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days

Based on the weeks-long bootcamp from the Software Guild, Java Apprentice to Master gets new programmers quickly to a functional level of Java programming that they can apply to write useful real-world Java applications.

Objects First with Java: A Practical Introduction Using BlueJ, Global Edition (Digital product license key, 6th edition): David... Objects First with Java: A Practical Introduction Using BlueJ, Global Edition (Digital product license key, 6th edition)
David Barnes
R1,653 Discovery Miles 16 530 Ships in 12 - 17 working days

A Modern Approach to Functional Programming Objects First with Java: A Practical Introduction is an introduction to object-oriented programming for beginners. The main focus of the book is general object-oriented and programming concepts from a software engineering perspective. The first chapters are written for students with no programming experience with later chapters being more suitable for advanced or professional programmers. The Java programming language and BlueJ-the Java development environment - are the two tools used throughout the book. BlueJ's clear visualization of classes and objects means that students can immediately appreciate the differences between them and gain a much better understanding of the nature of an object than they would from simply reading source code. Unlike traditional textbooks, the chapters are not ordered by language features but by software development concepts. The Sixth Edition goes beyond just adding the new language constructs of Java 8. The book's exploration of this new language demonstrates a renaissance of functional ideas in modern programming. While functional programming isn't new in principle, it's seen a boost in popularity based on the current computer hardware available and the changing nature of projects programmers wish to tackle. Functional language constructs make it possible to efficiently automate currency, make use of multiple cores without much effort on the side of the programmer, are both more elegant and readable, and offer great potential in solving the issue of parallel hardware. Functional programming has become an essential part of the field, and Objects First with Java gives students a basic understanding of an area they'll need to master in order to succeed in the future.

Introduction to Programming with C++,International Edition (Digital product license key, 3rd edition): Y Liang Introduction to Programming with C++,International Edition (Digital product license key, 3rd edition)
Y Liang
R1,637 R1,345 Discovery Miles 13 450 Save R292 (18%) In stock

For undergraduate students in Computer Science and Computer Programming courses A solid foundation in the basics of C++ programming will allow students to create efficient, elegant code ready for any production environment. Learning basic logic and fundamental programming techniques is essential for new programmers to succeed. A distinctive fundamentals-first approach and clear, concise writing style characterize Introduction to Programming with C++, 3/e. Basic programming concepts are introduced on control statements, loops, functions, and arrays before object-oriented programming is discussed. Abstract concepts are carefully and concretely explained using simple, short, and stimulating examples. Explanations are presented in brief segments, with many figures and tables. NEW! This edition is available with MyProgrammingLab, an innovative online homework and assessment tool. Through the power of practice and immediate personalized feedback, MyProgrammingLab helps students fully grasp the logic, semantics, and syntax of programming. Note: If you are purchasing the standalone text or electronic version, MyProgrammingLab does not come automatically packaged with the text. To purchase MyProgrammingLab, please visit: myprogramminglab.com or you can purchase a package of the physical text + MyProgrammingLab by searching the Pearson Higher Education web site. MyProgrammingLab is not a self-paced technology and should only be purchased when required by an instructor. Teaching and Learning Experience To provide a better teaching and learning experience, for both instructors and students, this program offers: *Fundamentals-First: Basic programming concepts are introduced on control statements, loops, functions, and arrays before object-oriented programming is discussed. *Problem-Driven Motivation: The examples and exercises throughout the book emphasize problem solving and foster the concept of developing reusable components and using them to create practical projects. *Support for Instructors and Students: The author maintains a website at http://www.cs.armstrong.edu/liang/cpp3e that includes multiple interactive resources.

An Introduction to Programming Using Python, Global Edition (Paperback): David Schneider An Introduction to Programming Using Python, Global Edition (Paperback)
David Schneider
R1,503 Discovery Miles 15 030 Ships in 12 - 17 working days

For college-level Computer Science courses in Python Basic Programming and Problem Solving in Python As one of the most widely used programming languages in the software industry, Python is desirable to both learn and teach. Introduction to Programming Using Python is designed for students eager to learn about the world of programming. Applicable to a range of skill levels, this First Edition textbook provides students with the tools to harness the powerful syntax of Python and understand how to develop computer programs. The compactly written text leverages highly focused chapters, diving deep into the most significant topics to give students an in-depth (rather than superficial) understanding of the language. Using real-world examples and data, the author illustrates practical usage of Python in a way to which students can relate. The text itself is readable, organized, and informative, discussing main points of each topic first and then addressing the peripheral details. Students learn good programming habits the first time-bringing them in line with the best modern programming practices. MyProgrammingLab(R) not included. Students, if MyProgrammingLab is a recommended/mandatory component of the course, please ask your instructor for the correct ISBN and course ID. MyProgrammingLab should only be purchased when required by an instructor. Instructors, contact your Pearson representative for more information. MyProgrammingLab is an online homework, tutorial, and assessment product designed to personalize learning and improve results. With a wide range of interactive, engaging, and assignable activities, students are encouraged to actively learn and retain tough course concepts.

Progress in Computing: Key Stage 3 (Paperback): George Rouse, Lorne Pearcey, Ben Barnes, Tristan Kirkpatrick, Graham Hastings,... Progress in Computing: Key Stage 3 (Paperback)
George Rouse, Lorne Pearcey, Ben Barnes, Tristan Kirkpatrick, Graham Hastings, …
R683 Discovery Miles 6 830 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Reboot your Key Stage 3 classroom with this all-in-one textbook that will inspire you to deliver creative Computing lessons with confidence. > Boost knowledge and skills in bite-sized chunks: every double-page spread represents a lesson's worth of targeted content and activities > Build understanding of the principles of Computing and improve IT skills with a range of engaging activities > Challenge students to think creatively about what they are learning and how it can be applied > Empower students to check and drive their own progress through Key Stage 3 and to GCSE, Cambridge Nationals and BTEC, and beyond, with regular knowledge check-ins and activities. > Ensure complete coverage of the National Curriculum, with an easy-to-follow Progression Framework and learning objectives for each lesson We've listened to how you teach Computing at Key Stage 3 and designed our brand-new toolkit of digital and printed resources around you! Comprising of everything you will need to confidently deliver the National Curriculum in Computing and develop students' ICT skills, Progress in Computing: Key Stage 3 combines lesson plans, presentations, interactive resources, quizzes and assessments with a Student Book. The Progress in Computing digital and print 'toolkit' will be formed of 18 modules that can be used flexibly to suit a teacher's context. Our brand-new digital platform will also give you unparalleled flexibility in terms of choosing your own pathway through the resources, with the bonus of all elements being tagged clearly against the curriculum, our 2 and 3-year Scheme of Work and progression to Key Stage 4 qualifications. Digital resources include: - videos, animations, online self-marking coding challenges and worksheets - teaching and learning support and lesson plans - a mixture of teacher-led, teacher-facilitated, plugged and unplugged activities - baseline assessment and an end of Key Stage 3 assessment, with auto-marked homework quizzes and end-of-module assessments track progress throughout the course. Sign up to our eUpdates to find out how to access our digital resources!

Programming the World Wide Web: Pearson New International Edition (Paperback, 7th edition): Robert Sebesta Programming the World Wide Web: Pearson New International Edition (Paperback, 7th edition)
Robert Sebesta
R1,616 Discovery Miles 16 160 Ships in 12 - 17 working days

For undergraduate students who have completed a course in object-oriented programming Programming the World Wide Web provides a comprehensive introduction to the tools and skills required for both client- and server-side programming, teaching students how to develop platform-independent sites using the most current Web development technology. Essential programming exercises are presented using a manageable progression: students begin with a foundational XHTML Web site and employ new languages and technologies to add features as they are discussed in the course. Readers with previous experience programming with an object-oriented language are guided through concepts relating to client-side and server-side programming.

Engineering Problem Solving with C: International Edition (Paperback, 4th edition): Delores Etter Engineering Problem Solving with C: International Edition (Paperback, 4th edition)
Delores Etter
R1,586 Discovery Miles 15 860 Ships in 12 - 17 working days

This introductory-level C programming book is designed primarily for engineering students required to learn how to program. In Engineering Problem Solving with C, 4e, best-selling author, Delores Etter, uses real-world engineering and scientific examples and problems throughout the text. Solutions to the problems are developed using the language C and the author's signature five-step problem solving process. Since learning any new skill requires practice at a number of different levels of difficulty, four types of exercises are presented to develop problem-solving skills - Practice! problems, Modify! problems, Short-Answer problems, and Programming problems. The author's clear and precise style creates a highly accessible and readable text for students of all levels.

Data Abstraction and Problem Solving with Java: Walls and Mirrors - International Edition (Paperback, 3rd edition): Janet... Data Abstraction and Problem Solving with Java: Walls and Mirrors - International Edition (Paperback, 3rd edition)
Janet Prichard, Carrano
R1,593 Discovery Miles 15 930 Ships in 12 - 17 working days

This title is a Pearson Global Edition. The Editorial team at Pearson has worked closely with educators around the world to include content which is especially relevant to students outside the United States. The Third Edition of Data Abstraction and Problem Solving with Java: Walls and Mirrors employs the analogies of Walls (data abstraction) and Mirrors (recursion) to teach Java programming design solutions, in a way that beginning students find accessible. The book has a student-friendly pedagogical approach that carefully accounts for the strengths and weaknesses of the Java language. With this book, students will gain a solid foundation in data abstraction, object-oriented programming, and other problem-solving techniques.

BTEC Level 3 National IT Student Book 1 (Paperback, 3rd edition): Karen Anderson, Alan Jarvis, Allen Kaye, Jenny Phillips,... BTEC Level 3 National IT Student Book 1 (Paperback, 3rd edition)
Karen Anderson, Alan Jarvis, Allen Kaye, Jenny Phillips, Andrew Smith, … 1
R912 Discovery Miles 9 120 Ships in 12 - 17 working days

This is a complete teaching and learning package for the 2011 specifications helping both students and tutors to get the best results.

Using UML - Software Engineering with Objects and Components (Paperback, 2nd edition): Perdita Stevens Using UML - Software Engineering with Objects and Components (Paperback, 2nd edition)
Perdita Stevens
R1,525 Discovery Miles 15 250 Ships in 12 - 17 working days

One of the first textbooks to be fully up-to-date with the new and expanded UML 2.0 standard, this is an ideal introduction to the Unified Modelling Language for students learning about object and component-based software design and development. The book encourages a pragmatic and open-minded approach to real-life software engineering. It places UML in the context of the software engineering discipline as a whole, providing students with a practical understanding of best practice in software design and development. The authors present a broad view of the subject area, enabling students to see for themselves how different practices may be appropriate for different situations. The book is divided into four parts covering: Part 1 - Introductory Concepts Part 2 - UML, the language Part 3 - Case studies Part 4 - Applying UML in practice

Writing Better Requirements - Writing Better Requirements (Paperback): Ian Alexander, Richard Stevens Writing Better Requirements - Writing Better Requirements (Paperback)
Ian Alexander, Richard Stevens
R951 R735 Discovery Miles 7 350 Save R216 (23%) Ships in 12 - 17 working days

Experience has shown us that investment in the requirements process saves time, money, and effort. Yet, development efforts consistently charge ahead without investing sufficiently in the requirements process. We are so intent to develop the technical solutions that we are unwilling to take the time and effort to understand and meet the real customer needs.
--From the Foreword by Ralph R. Young, author of "Effective Requirements Practices"Who is it for?

If you are involved in the systems engineering process, in any company -- from transport and telecommunications, to aerospace and software -- you will learn how to write down requirements to guarantee you get the systems YOU need.What skills will I learn?

How to write simple, clear requirements -- so you get what you wantHow to organize requirements as scenarios -- so everyone understands what you wantHow to review requirements -- so you ask for the right things

Understanding Object-Oriented Programming with Java - Second Updated Edition for the Open University (Paperback, 2nd updated ed... Understanding Object-Oriented Programming with Java - Second Updated Edition for the Open University (Paperback, 2nd updated ed for the Open University)
Timothy Budd
R1,867 R1,396 Discovery Miles 13 960 Save R471 (25%) Ships in 12 - 17 working days

This book develops the object-oriented programming skills of experienced programmers (at the Junior, Senior or above level) by showing how to use Java 2 (the latest release of Sun's Java platform), and by providing a complete understanding of the philosophy behind Java 2. It starts out covering the language-independent concepts that are at the heart of the Java world, and then moves on to introduce Java through several example programs. Following this is an in-depth discussion on inheritance and polymorphism. Finally, the book concludes with material on important features of Java that are not object-oriented.

Software Test Automation - Software Test Automation (Paperback): Mark Fewster, Dorothy Graham Software Test Automation - Software Test Automation (Paperback)
Mark Fewster, Dorothy Graham
R1,421 R1,119 Discovery Miles 11 190 Save R302 (21%) Ships in 12 - 17 working days

How to structure and build an automated testing regime that will give lasting benefits.

Software testing is vitally important in the software development process, as illustrated by the growing market for automated testing tools. However, many attempts to automate software testing are not successful.

At first glance, it seems easy to automate testing: just buy one of the popular test execution tools, record the manual tests, and play them back whenever you want to. Unfortunately, as those who tried it have discovered, it doesn't work like that in practice. Just as there is more to software design than knowing a programming language, there is more to automating testing than knowing a testing tool.

"This first comprehensive treatment of software test automation provides the equivalent of 2 or 3 years of on the job experience."
"-- James Bach, Test Design Consultant"
"The most authoritative book on this subject - a 'must read' for every software testing professional."
"-- Jeffrey M. Voas, Chief Scientist, Reliable Software Technologies"
"This book will teach you how to make automated testing tools useful." "
-- From the Foreword, by Brian Marick "

- A detailed introduction to the principles of automated testing
- Advice on choosing and implementing software testing tools
- Explanation of why capture replay is not test automation
- Practical techniques for designing a good automated testing regime
- Detailed methods for increasing automation maturity
- Example-based illustration of ideas in practice
- Practical solutions to frequently encountered problems in test automation
- Case studies oftest automation experience in a variety of organizations (including Microsoft)
- Advice from test automation experts and practitioners world-wide
- Instruction on how to make it easier to add a new automated test than to run it manually

The Business Analyst - Information Technology?s Paradigm Shift (Paperback): Vernon Zwiers The Business Analyst - Information Technology’s Paradigm Shift (Paperback)
Vernon Zwiers
R541 R468 Discovery Miles 4 680 Save R73 (13%) Ships in 4 - 8 working days

The Business Analysts completely dissolves the perception that the IT industry dictates to businesses what IT systems they will use and dispels the myth that business users and IT technicians are from different planets. It suggests how to create an environment in which everybody works together in an exciting and refreshing way – a paradigm shift in the way business analysis projects are done.

The IT industry has to move to a point where it realises that the users of IT systems and the technical personnel are both equally responsible for getting the system to work. The users of the IT system should be an integral part of the team when the system is being put together. This, unfortunately, is not the norm within the industry. It is the business analyst’s responsibility, among others, to make sure that communication flows freely between all the parties involved.

This book gives the business analyst the tools and techniques to find out what the business users of IT systems really need and to guide the project to meet those needs.

Python All-in-One For Dummies (Paperback, 2nd Edition): John Shovic, Alan Simpson Python All-in-One For Dummies (Paperback, 2nd Edition)
John Shovic, Alan Simpson
R804 R643 Discovery Miles 6 430 Save R161 (20%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days

Your one-stop source to answers for your Python questions There's almost no type of project that Python can't make better. From creating apps to building complex web sites to sorting big data, Python provides a way to get the work done. Python All-in-One For Dummies, 2nd Editionoffers a starting point for those new to coding by explaining the basics of Python. Experienced coders looking for more than the basics can also find how Python can be applied to projects in the enterprise, including data analysis and other major undertakings. Updates: Using artificial intelligence in Python Updates in robotics Using hardware with Python

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