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Spectacle and Trumpism - An Embodied Assemblage Approach (Hardcover): Jacob C. Miller Spectacle and Trumpism - An Embodied Assemblage Approach (Hardcover)
Jacob C. Miller
R1,063 Discovery Miles 10 630 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

This radical and experimental book advances a new approach to understanding spectacle, one that helps us better understand how consumer culture paved the way for the post-truth politics of Donald Trump. Miller innovatively blends social and political theory, newspaper articles and contemporary commentary on Trump and Trumpism to provide a unique perspective on how capitalism intersects with and enables fascistic forms of power. His analysis contributes fresh insights to the rise of Trump and the politics of everyday consumer culture today.

Spaces for Consumption (Hardcover, New): Steven Miles Spaces for Consumption (Hardcover, New)
Steven Miles
R2,498 Discovery Miles 24 980 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

In Spaces for Consumption Steven Miles develops a penetrating critique of a key shift characterising the contemporary city. Theoretically informed, the other strength of the volume lies in the wealth of examples that are drawn upon to show how cities are becoming spaces for consumption, which has itself rapidly become a global phenomenon." - Ronan Paddison, University of Glasgow "This is a great book. Powerfully written and lucid, it provides a thorough introduction to concepts of consumption as they relate to the spaces of cities. The spaces themselves - the airports, the shopping malls, the museums and cultural quarters - are analysed in marvellous detail, and with a keen sense of historical precedent. And, refreshingly, Miles doesn't simply dismiss cultures of consumption out of hand, but shows how as consumers we are complicit in, and help define those cultures. His book makes a major contribution to our understanding of contemporary cities, but is accessible enough to appeal to any reader with an interest in this important area." - Richard Williams, Edinburgh University Spaces for Consumption offers an in-depth and sophisticated analysis of the processes that underpin the commodification of the city and explains the physical manifestation of consumerism as a way of life. Engaging directly with the social, economic and cultural processes that have resulted in our cities being defined through consumption this vibrant book clearly demonstrates the ways in which consumption has come to play a key role in the re-invention of the post-industrial city The book provides a critical understanding of how consumption redefines the consumers' relationship to place using empirical examples and case studies to bring the issues to life. It discusses many of the key spaces and arenas in which this redefinition occurs including: shopping themed space mega-events architecture Developing the notion of 'contrived communality' Steven Miles outlines the ways in which consumption, alongside the emergence of an increasingly individualized society, constructs a new kind of relationship with the public realm. Clear, sophisticated and dynamic this book will be essential reading for students and researchers alike in sociology, human geography, architecture, planning, marketing, leisure and tourism, cultural studies and urban studies.

Complexity and Co-Evolution - Continuity and Change in Socio-Economic Systems (Hardcover): Elizabeth Garnsey, James McGlade Complexity and Co-Evolution - Continuity and Change in Socio-Economic Systems (Hardcover)
Elizabeth Garnsey, James McGlade
R2,585 Discovery Miles 25 850 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

This book applies ideas and methods from the complexity perspective to key concerns in the social sciences, exploring co-evolutionary processes that have not yet been addressed in the technical or popular literature on complexity. Authorities in a variety of fields - including evolutionary economics, innovation and regeneration studies, urban modelling and history - re-evaluate their disciplines within this framework. The book explores the complex dynamic processes that give rise to socio-economic change over space and time, with reference to empirical cases including the emergence of knowledge-intensive industries and decline of mature regions, the operation of innovative networks and the evolution of localities and cities. Sustainability is a persistent theme and the practicability of intervention is examined in the light of these perspectives. Specialists in disciplines that include economics, evolutionary theory, innovation, industrial manufacturing, technology change, and archaeology will find much to interest them in this book. In addition, the strong interdisciplinary emphasis of the book will attract a non-specialist audience interested in keeping abreast of current theoretical and methodological approaches through evidence-based and practical examples.

Class Acts - Service and Inequality in Luxury Hotels (Paperback): Rachel Sherman Class Acts - Service and Inequality in Luxury Hotels (Paperback)
Rachel Sherman
R754 R624 Discovery Miles 6 240 Save R130 (17%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

"Sherman's insightful ethnography sheds light on the interactional dimension of symbolic boundaries and class relations as they are lived by luxury hotel clients and the workers who serve them. We learn how both groups perform class through emotion work and deepen our understanding of the role played by "niceness" in constituting equality and reversing hierarchies. As such, "Class Acts" is a signal contribution to a growing literature on the place of the self concept in class boundaries. It will gain a significant place in a body of work that broadens our understanding of class by moving beyond structural determinants and taking into consideration the performative, emotional, cognitive, and expressive dimensions of inequality."--Michele Lamont, author of "The Dignity of Working Men: Morality and the Boundaries of Race, Class, and Immigration"
"Eye-opening, amusing, and appalling, Rachel Sherman's "Class Acts "explains how class inequality is normalized in the refined atmosphere of luxury hotels. This beautifully observed and engagingly written ethnography describes what kinds of deference and personal recognition money can buy. Moreover, it shows how workers who provide luxury service avoid seeing themselves as subordinate and how those whose whims are catered to are made comfortable with their privilege. "Class Acts" is a sobering and timely account of the legitimation of extreme inequality in a culture that prizes egalitarianism."--Robin Leidner, University of Pennsylvania
"Rachel Sherman provides a penetrating and engrossing study of workers and guests in luxury hotels. Do workers resent the guests? Do guests disdain the workers? Sherman argues neither is true-and explainswhy."--Julia Wrigley, author of "Other People's Children"

Requiem for a Species (Paperback): Clive Hamilton Requiem for a Species (Paperback)
Clive Hamilton
R487 Discovery Miles 4 870 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

This book does not set out once more to raise the alarm to encourage us to take radical measures to head off climate chaos. There have been any number of books and reports in recent years explaining just how dire the future looks and how little time we have left to act. This book is about why we have ignored those warnings, and why it is now too late. It is a book about the frailties of the human species as expressed in both the institutions we built and the psychological dispositions that have led us on the path of self-destruction. It is about our strange obsessions, our hubris, and our penchant for avoiding the facts. It is the story of a battle within us between the forces that should have caused us to protect the Earth - our capacity to reason and our connection to Nature - and those that, in the end, have won out - our greed, materialism and alienation from Nature. And it is about the 21st century consequences of these failures. Clive Hamilton is author of the bestselling Affluenza and Growth Fetish, of Scorcher, and most recently Freedom Paradox.

Falling Behind - How Rising Inequality Harms the Middle Class (Paperback, Updated Ed.): Robert Frank Falling Behind - How Rising Inequality Harms the Middle Class (Paperback, Updated Ed.)
Robert Frank
R634 R528 Discovery Miles 5 280 Save R106 (17%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

With a timely new foreword by Robert Frank, this groundbreaking book explores the very meaning of happiness and prosperity in America today. Although middle-income families don't earn much more than they did several decades ago, they are buying bigger cars, houses, and appliances. To pay for them, they spend more than they earn and carry record levels of debt. Robert Frank explains how increased concentrations of income and wealth at the top of the economic pyramid have set off "expenditure cascades" that raise the cost of achieving many basic goals for the middle class. Writing in lively prose for a general audience, Frank employs up-to-date economic data and examples drawn from everyday life to shed light on reigning models of consumer behavior. He also suggests reforms that could mitigate the costs of inequality. Falling Behind compels us to rethink how and why we live our economic lives the way we do.

Generation M - Young Muslims Changing the World (Paperback): Shelina Janmohamed Generation M - Young Muslims Changing the World (Paperback)
Shelina Janmohamed 1
R397 R317 Discovery Miles 3 170 Save R80 (20%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

What does it mean to be young and Muslim today? There is a segment of the world's 1.6 billion Muslims that is more influential than any other, and will shape not just the future of Muslims, but also the world around them: meet 'Generation M'.From fashion magazines to social networking, the 'Mipsterz' to the 'Haloodies', halal internet dating to Muslim boy bands, Generation M are making their mark. Shelina Janmohamed, award-winning author and leading voice on Muslim youth, investigates this growing cultural phenomenon at a time when understanding the mindset of young Muslims is critical. With their belief in an identity encompassing both faith and modernity, Generation M are not only adapting to Western consumerism, but reclaiming it as their own.

Fewer, Better Things - The Hidden Wisdom of Objects (Paperback): Glenn Adamson Fewer, Better Things - The Hidden Wisdom of Objects (Paperback)
Glenn Adamson 1
R263 R219 Discovery Miles 2 190 Save R44 (17%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Things matter. So why are we losing touch with them? From the former director of the Museum of Arts and Design in New York comes a timely and passionate case for the role of the well-designed object in the digital age. In this delightful exploration of craft in its many forms, curator and scholar Glenn Adamson explores how raw materials, tools, design and technique come together to produce objects of beauty and utility. A thoughtful meditation on the value of care and attention in an age of disappearing things, Fewer, Better Things invites us to reconnect with the physical world and its objects.

The Ambivalent Consumer - Questioning Consumption in East Asia and the West (Paperback): Sheldon Garon, Patricia L Maclachlan The Ambivalent Consumer - Questioning Consumption in East Asia and the West (Paperback)
Sheldon Garon, Patricia L Maclachlan
R784 R732 Discovery Miles 7 320 Save R52 (7%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

In The Ambivalent Consumer, Sheldon Garon and Patricia L. Maclachlan bring together an array of scholars who explore the ambivalence provoked, especially in East and Southeast Asia, by the global spread of "American" consumer culture. As the world's second-largest economy, Japan has long engaged in a vibrant consumerism tempered by deeply held beliefs about morality, thrift, community, and national identity. Its neighbors in East and Southeast Asia-South Korea, China, Malaysia, and Singapore-have likewise anxiously balanced consumption and saving.

The first comparative volume to examine global phenomena of consumer culture from the perspective of East Asia, this book analyzes not only the attractions of mass consumption but also the many discontents and dilemmas that arise from consumerism. Placing Japan and the United States in a transnational context, the book's contributors find that European countries more closely resemble Japan than they do the United States in their saving rates, consumption levels, environmental concerns, and discomfort with consumer credit.

The Ambivalent Consumer offers a useful perspective on the political economies of consumption to address such pressing topics as movements against genetically modified foods; shifting relations among consumers, producers, and states; the differential influence of gender on consumption; and conflicting consumer attitudes toward globalization.

Contributors: Takatsugu Akaishi, Nagasaki University;Lizabeth Cohen, Harvard University;Deborah S. Davis, Yale University;Sheldon Garon, Princeton University;Andrew Gordon, Harvard University;Charles Yuji Horioka, Osaka University;Patricia L. Maclachlan, University of Texas at Austin;Laura C. Nelson, California State University, East Bay;Takao Nishimura, Yokohama National University;Jordan Sand, Georgetown University;Sven Steinmo, University of Colorado at Boulder;Frank Trentmann, Birkbeck College, University of London;Shunya Yoshimi, Tokyo University"

Broccoli and Desire - Global Connections and Maya Struggles in Postwar Guatemala (Paperback): Edward F. Fischer, Peter Benson Broccoli and Desire - Global Connections and Maya Struggles in Postwar Guatemala (Paperback)
Edward F. Fischer, Peter Benson
R515 R464 Discovery Miles 4 640 Save R51 (10%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

"Broccoli and Desire tells the story of globalization from the ground up, focusing on the lives of ordinary people--the producers and consumers of a vegetable that many often take for granted. The authors, perceptive, boots-on-the-ground ethnographers, look beyond the usual neoliberal models to show how the local is transformed by global economic forces. Fischer and Benson have produced an excellent text that will be used for a wide range of courses."--James L. Watson, Harvard University, Editor of Golden Arches East: McDonald's in East Asia (Stanford University Press, 1997)
"For once, here is a well-researched book with an arresting title that actually delivers what it promises: fresh, new, outside-the-box thinking on a region that has been well studied. In Broccoli and Desire, Fischer and Benson use the deceptively simple question, how the Maya want, as a tool to break down globalization and other political-economy issues. In seeking to show why growing broccoli for export is both dangerous and compelling for Maya farmers, the authors have given us a compelling product--a ground-breaking study that is engagingly written and innovative in its conception."--Matthew Restall, Pennsylvania State University

The Triumph of Emptiness - Consumption, Higher Education, and Work Organization (Paperback): Mats Alvesson The Triumph of Emptiness - Consumption, Higher Education, and Work Organization (Paperback)
Mats Alvesson
R643 Discovery Miles 6 430 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

In this book, Mats Alvesson aims to demystify some popular and upbeat claims about a range of phenomena, including the knowledge society, consumption, branding, higher education, organizational change, professionalization, and leadership. He contends that a culture of grandiosity is leading to numerous inflated claims. We no longer talk about plans but 'strategies'. Supervisors have been replaced by 'managers', managers are referred to as executives. Management is about 'leadership'. Giving advice is 'coaching'. Companies become 'knowledge-intensive firms'. The book views the contemporary economy as an economy of persuasion, where firms and other institutions increasingly assign talent, energy, and resources to rhetoric, image, branding, reputation, and visibility. Using a wide range of empirical examples to illuminate the realms of consumption, higher education, organization, and leadership, this provocative and engaging book challenges established assumptions and contributes to a critical understanding of society as a whole.

Ethical Consumption: Practices and Identities - A Realist Approach (Hardcover): Yana Manyukhina Ethical Consumption: Practices and Identities - A Realist Approach (Hardcover)
Yana Manyukhina
R3,045 Discovery Miles 30 450 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

This book engages with the topic of ethical consumption and applies a critical-realist approach to explore the process of becoming and being an ethical consumer. By integrating Margaret Archer's theory of identity formation and Christian Coff's work on food ethics, it develops a theoretical account explicating the generative mechanism that gives rise to ethical consumer practices and identities. The second part of the book presents the findings from a qualitative study with self-perceived ethical food consumers to demonstrate the fit between the proposed theoretical mechanism and the actual experiences of ethically committed consumers. Through integrating agency-focused and socio-centric perspectives on consumer behaviour, the book develops a more comprehensive and balanced approach to conceptualising and studying consumption processes and phenomena.

Embarrassment of Product Choices 1 - How to Consume Differently (Hardcover): Michel Millot Embarrassment of Product Choices 1 - How to Consume Differently (Hardcover)
Michel Millot
R2,967 Discovery Miles 29 670 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

When there are too many choices, there is no choice. The choices are entangled in a maze of rather confused possibilities. They go through many nebulous paths. Doubt, hesitation, indecision, become the only resolutions possible. Choosing is the anxiety of being wrong! The brand, the quality / price ratio, the aesthetics ... give confidence, but often with naivety! There is a gap between the reality of the qualities of the products and the perception of the customer. These are prejudices, illusions, a lack of knowledge ... Generally speaking, is the consumer-client able to appreciate, by sight, by touch, or even by a brief trial of operation, all the strengths and weaknesses? a lot of products? Market value dominates the use value. Marketing will discover that we must no longer confuse the consumer (the customer) and the user. The economic system only works because consumers are in the opacity of their choices. The search for technical prowess and above all market value has dominated the search for value in use.

The Ethical Consumer (Paperback, New): Rob Harrison, Terry Newholm, Deirdre Shaw The Ethical Consumer (Paperback, New)
Rob Harrison, Terry Newholm, Deirdre Shaw
R925 Discovery Miles 9 250 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

This book is not simply the best book on the remarkable phenomenon of today's ethical consumer. It is a gift of advice and insight, from the people that know best, to the cause of tomorrow. Many of the writers deserve the plaudits of being pioneers of a new consumer movement. These are the issues of our time' - "Ed Mayo, Chief Executive of the UK's National Consumer Council (NCe


Who are ethical consumers and why are they on the rise? Leading the way towards answering this question, The Ethical Consumer is an indispensable introduction to the subject. Exploring areas like boycotts and fair trade projects, it gathers together the diverse experiences of scholars, campaigners and business practitioners from the international community.

The chapters in this book explore:

- ethical consumer behaviours, motivation and narratives

- the social, political and theoretical contexts in which ethical consumers operate

- the responsibilities of businesses and the effectiveness of ethical consumer actions

Contributions are informed by a broad range of research methods, from case studies, focus groups to surveys and interviews.

The text is of interest to business related graduates, undergraduates and their tutors on courses relating to consumption. It will also be relevant to academics in other disciplines, as well as to politicians, producers, practitioners, campaigners and not least consumers.

Authenticity Guaranteed - Masculinity and the Rhetoric of Anti-Consumerism in American Culture (Paperback): Sally Robinson Authenticity Guaranteed - Masculinity and the Rhetoric of Anti-Consumerism in American Culture (Paperback)
Sally Robinson
R986 R720 Discovery Miles 7 200 Save R266 (27%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Americans love to hate consumerism. Scholars, intellectuals, musicians, and writers of all kinds take pleasure in complaining that consumer culture endangers the ""real"" things in life, including self-determination and individualism. In Authenticity Guaranteed, Sally Robinson brings to light the unacknowledged gender and class assumptions of anti-consumerist critique in the second half of the twentieth century. American anti-consumerism, despite its apparent complexity, takes a remarkably consistent and predictable narrative form. From the mid-century Organization Man to the millennial No Logo, anti-consumerist critique reinforces the gender order by insisting that authenticity is threatened, and masculine agency curtailed, by the feminizing forces of consumer culture. Robinson identifies a tradition of masculine protest and rebellion against feminization in iconic texts such as The Catcher in the Rye and Fight Club, as well as in critiques of postmodernism, academic denunciations of shopping, and a variety of other discourses that aim to diagnose what ails American consumer culture. This fresh and timely argument enters into conversation with a wide range of existing scholarship and opens up new questions for scholarly and political discussion.

Theories of Consumption (Paperback): John Storey Theories of Consumption (Paperback)
John Storey
R929 Discovery Miles 9 290 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Theories of Consumption explores the concept of consumption from the post-disciplinary perspective of cultural studies. John Storey brings together work that up until now has been located in distinct disciplinary spaces including work on reception theory in literary studies and philosophy; work on consumer culture in sociology, anthropology and history; and work on media audiences (both ethnographic and theoretical) in media studies and sociology. Moving beyond the usual analysis of consumer culture, Storey presents a critical assessment of a range of theoretical approaches to the study of consumption. In doing so, he provides an authoritative overview of a significant selection of research and analysis that has explored consumption as an object of study. This book provides an ideal introduction to consumption for students of media and cultural studies and will also be useful for students within a number of other disciplines such as sociology, history, anthropology, cultural geography and both literary and visual studies.

Buying for Business - Insights in Purchasing and Supply Management (Paperback, New): Christopher Barrat, Mark Whitehead Buying for Business - Insights in Purchasing and Supply Management (Paperback, New)
Christopher Barrat, Mark Whitehead
R721 R538 Discovery Miles 5 380 Save R183 (25%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

"Buying For Business" provides a simple but comprehensive guide to purchasing and supply. With current literature often academic in focus and unsuited to modern business readers, it offers straightforward and engaging information on the principles and practice of purchasing and supply management that will be of great value to anyone in business who deals with suppliers. Experts Mark Whitehead and Christopher Barrat answer all the key questions facing purchasing in business today, and offer advice on everything from ethics to outsourcing. Diagrams, analysis tools and pro-formas aid understanding, while case studies and bench-marking exercises illustrate and reinforce the learning.

Rethinking Children as Consumers - The changing status of childhood and young adulthood (Paperback): Cyndy Hawkins Rethinking Children as Consumers - The changing status of childhood and young adulthood (Paperback)
Cyndy Hawkins
R931 Discovery Miles 9 310 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Children are significant consumers of services such as health, welfare, educational institutions and the environment. Alongside this, the marketization of childhood means that children are exposed to advertising and marketing through a wide range of media on a daily basis. Examining key debates on children's power, status and citizenship issues, it considers the wider implications of how consumerism impacts on children's health, well-being and life chances. This timely book explores childhood and consumerism through four key strands: children as consumers of services; children as consumers of space; the link between citizenship and consumption; the influences of the marketization of childhood. Rethinking Children as Consumers will be essential reading for students, researchers, practitioners and policy makers who are interested in the topic of consumerism across early childhood, childhood, youth and society.

Longing and Belonging - Parents, Children, and Consumer Culture (Paperback): Allison Pugh Longing and Belonging - Parents, Children, and Consumer Culture (Paperback)
Allison Pugh
R646 R540 Discovery Miles 5 400 Save R106 (16%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

"Tying shoelaces, jumping rope, listening to circle-time stories, Allison Pugh immersed herself in the busy--and commercial-studded--worlds of schoolchildren. In this brilliantly argued, lyrically written and riveting book, Pugh asks how kids cope with the incessant ads for the must-have toy, the latest shoe, the coolest game. Children don't cave into or resist capitalism, Pugh tells us. They build worlds of their own from it. 'Corporate marketing acts as a powerful mint, ' she writes, 'always churning out shinier coinage, but not always dictating whether or how those tokens are used.' They set up their own Lilliputian 'economies of dignity' which poignantly determine who does and doesn't feel worthy of belonging to the group. A complement to Juliet Schor's "Born to Buy," Pugh's book is a must-read."--Arlie Hochschild, author of "The Time Bind" and "The Commercialization of Intimate Life"
"Pugh is curious about what parents buy for their kids, what they refuse to buy, and why they make the decisions they do. But this isn't a marketing book. Far from it: Pugh is very critical of corporations that cynically target young children. But she is attempting to understand the social and emotional consequences of this commercial culture for children and for family life. She argues--quite convincingly--that consumerism has negatively impacted the quality of relationships in families and in society in general. By focusing on consumption instead of production, she also develops a fresh new approach to analyzing social inequality."--Christine Williams, author of "Inside Toyland: Working, Shopping, and Social Inequality"
"In her richly documented ethnographic study, Allison Pugh firstidentifies, then resolves, an important contrast in American working-class and middle-class approaches to their children's acquisition of consumer goods: symbolic indulgence on the working-class side, symbolic deprivation on the middle-class side. Her work offers deep insights into children's experience in contemporary America."--Viviana Zelizer, Princeton University
"Written with extraordinary grace and insight, Allison Pugh has given us a truly original and fresh way of understanding the material desires of children. With vivid interviews, she shows with both subtlety and force how the emotional needs of children and their parents has shaped overconsumption today. This should be read well beyond the academy and for a long time."--Gary Cross, author of "An All-Consuming Century"
"This imaginative and beautifully written book makes a significant contribution to the study of parents, children, consumption, and lived experiences of social inequality."--Barrie Thorne, author of "Gender Play"
"Going well beyond the standard story of manipulative advertising that turns our kids into greedy little consumption addicts, "Longing and Belonging" provides a fascinating portrait of how children themselves come to translate Gameboys and Nikes into personal dignity and social membership. This smart and highly readable book offers multiple insights into the cultures of class, race, parenting, and childhood in an increasingly materialistic America."--Sharon Hays, author of "Flat Broke with Children: Women in the Age of Welfare Reform"
"With "Longing and Belonging," Allison Pugh brings the study of children's consumer lives to a level of insight and clarity rarely encountered in theoften panic-stricken and sanctimonious discussions surrounding kids and commercial life. Skillfully navigating the social landscape where children, inequality and consumer culture intersect, Pugh combines ethnographic empathy with deft sociological analysis in a manner that invites the reader to enter children's lives and see the world from their perspectives. This work represents a break from the received wisdom about children and commercialism and surely will mark a transition to new and thoughtful approaches to thinking about how consumption matters in everyday life."--Daniel Thomas Cook, author of "The Commodification of Childhood"

Fans and Fan Cultures - Tourism, Consumerism and Social Media (Hardcover, 1st ed. 2017): Henrik Linden, Sara Linden Fans and Fan Cultures - Tourism, Consumerism and Social Media (Hardcover, 1st ed. 2017)
Henrik Linden, Sara Linden
R3,000 R2,453 Discovery Miles 24 530 Save R547 (18%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Exploring the ambiguous relationship between fandom and consumer culture, this book provides a critical overview of fans, fan cultures and fan experiences in relation to the broader experience and transformation economy. Fans and Fan Cultures discusses key theoretical concepts concerning celebrity, fandoms, subculture, consumerism and marketing through a range of examples in film, travel and tourism, football and music. With an emphasis on social media, and how various online platforms are utilised by brands, artists and fans, the authors explore how this type of communication often contributes to trivialising authentic expressions of cultural and social values and identities.

Consumer Rights & Protection in India (Hardcover): Mohammed Kamalun Nabi Consumer Rights & Protection in India (Hardcover)
Mohammed Kamalun Nabi
R1,326 R911 Discovery Miles 9 110 Save R415 (31%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days
Race and Retail - Consumption across the Color Line (Hardcover): Mia Bay, Ann Fabian Race and Retail - Consumption across the Color Line (Hardcover)
Mia Bay, Ann Fabian
R2,539 R2,289 Discovery Miles 22 890 Save R250 (10%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Race has long shaped shopping experiences for many Americans. Retail exchanges and establishments have made headlines as flashpoints for conflict not only between blacks and whites, but also between whites, Mexicans, Asian Americans, and a wide variety of other ethnic groups, who have at times found themselves unwelcome at white-owned businesses. Race and Retail documents the extent to which retail establishments, both past and present, have often catered to specific ethnic and racial groups. Using an interdisciplinary approach, the original essays collected here explore selling and buying practices of nonwhite populations around the world and the barriers that shape these habits, such as racial discrimination, food deserts, and gentrification. The contributors highlight more contemporary issues by raising questions about how race informs business owners' ideas about consumer demand, resulting in substandard quality and higher prices for minorities than in predominantly white neighborhoods. In a wide-ranging exploration of the subject, they also address revitalization and gentrification in South Korean and Latino neighborhoods in California, Arab and Turkish coffeehouses and hookah lounges in South Paterson, New Jersey, and tourist capoeira consumption in Brazil. Race and Retail illuminates the complex play of forces at work in racialized retail markets and the everyday impact of those forces on minority consumers. The essays demonstrate how past practice remains in force in subtle and not-so-subtle ways.

Affluence and Activism - Organized Consumers in the Post-War Era (Paperback): Even Lange, Iselin Theien Affluence and Activism - Organized Consumers in the Post-War Era (Paperback)
Even Lange, Iselin Theien
R506 R444 Discovery Miles 4 440 Save R62 (12%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Consumer interests and concerns reveal themselves in different forms of consumer organisation. In this book, the agenda of affluent consumers in post-1945 Western societies is investigated through a collection of essays on the consumer movement in Britain, the USA, France and Norway. These contributions challenge a stereotype of the consumer as passive and individualistic by demonstrating how citizens have continued to organise on matters relating to consumption in the post-war era. Coming from the fields of history and the social sciences, the contributors offer fresh insights into questions of how and why consumers have chosen to organise in a context of increasing affluence. The book should appeal to students, scholars and others interested in the history of consumption and social movements.

Making Money: The Philosophy of Crisis Capitalism (Paperback): Ole Bjerg Making Money: The Philosophy of Crisis Capitalism (Paperback)
Ole Bjerg
R552 Discovery Miles 5 520 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

What is money? Where does it come from? Who makes our money today? And how can we understand the current state of our economy as a crisis of money itself? In "Making Money, " Ole Bjerg turns these questions into a matter of philosophical rather than economic analysis. Using the thinking of Slavoj iek, while still engaging with mainstream economic literature, the book provides a genuinely philosophical theory of money. This theory is unfolded in reflections on the nature of monetary phenomenon such as financial markets, banks, debt, credit, derivatives, gold, risk, value, price, interests, and arbitrage. The analysis of money is put into an historical context by suggesting that the current financial turbulence and debt crisis are symptoms that we live in the age of post-credit capitalism. By bridging the fields of economics and contemporary philosophy, Bjerg's work engages in a productive form of intellectual arbitrage.

Culture Crash - The Killing of the Creative Class (Paperback): Scott Timberg Culture Crash - The Killing of the Creative Class (Paperback)
Scott Timberg
R363 Discovery Miles 3 630 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

When artists and artisans can't make a living, the health of America's culture is at risk Change is no stranger to us in the twenty-first century. We must constantly adjust to an evolving world, to transformation and innovation. But for many thousands of creative artists, a torrent of recent changes has made it all but impossible to earn a living. A persistent economic recession, social shifts, and technological change have combined to put our artists-from graphic designers to indie-rock musicians, from architects to booksellers-out of work. This important book looks deeply and broadly into the roots of the crisis of the creative class in America and tells us why it matters. Scott Timberg considers the human cost as well as the unintended consequences of shuttered record stores, decimated newspapers, music piracy, and a general attitude of indifference. He identifies social tensions and contradictions-most concerning the artist's place in society-that have plunged the creative class into a fight for survival. Timberg shows how America's now-collapsing middlebrow culture-a culture once derided by intellectuals like Dwight Macdonald-appears, from today's vantage point, to have been at least a Silver Age. Timberg's reporting is essential reading for anyone who works in the world of culture, knows someone who does, or cares about the work creative artists produce.

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