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The Economics of Hate (Hardcover): Samuel Cameron The Economics of Hate (Hardcover)
Samuel Cameron
R2,469 Discovery Miles 24 690 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

This important and highly original book explores the application of economics to the subject of hate via such diverse topics as war, terrorism, road rage, witchcraft mania, marriage and divorce, and bullying and harassment. As yet there is no overall economic approach to hate; Samuel Cameron pioneers this work by using standard neo-classical economics concepts of the utility-maximizing consumer and the entrepreneur. He examines emotions as a form of personal capital and hate as a form of 'negative social capital', and investigates the idea of a modular matrix of hatred as the appropriate means of examining the subject. The likely form and scope of future effects of hate on government policy are also discussed. Seeking to explore the dimensions of hate as a commodity from a wider economic perspective, this exceptional book will prove a fascinating read for those with an interest in the economic value of hatred in particular, and the economics of the unusual more generally.

Work, Consumption and Capitalism (Hardcover, 1st ed. 2016): Lynne Pettinger Work, Consumption and Capitalism (Hardcover, 1st ed. 2016)
Lynne Pettinger
R3,253 Discovery Miles 32 530 Ships in 7 - 11 working days

Sonic branding, guerrilla marketing, celebrity endorsements, customer service excellence and multi-channel advertising are just some of the popular sales techniques that currently promote consumerism in contemporary capitalism. Considerable energy is devoted to encouraging consumers to desire new fashions, to celebrate 'good design', to have feelings for brands and to immerse themselves in sensory experiences, without worrying about the ethics of their practices. Work, Consumption and Capitalism looks at how consumption is produced by focusing on the multiple kinds of work that make consumption possible, from advertising creatives to fashion designers, from self-service checkouts to the hippest barista in the coolest coffee shop. The text encourages students to consider the place of consumerism in global capitalism to develop their own answers to the question: How is consumption made possible? This wide-ranging study of the relations between work, consumption and capitalism draws on interdisciplinary research in cultural and economic sociology, history, marketing studies and cultural studies. With research tasks and discussion questions at the end of each chapter and case studies throughout, it stands as an accessible introduction for students of Sociology, Business and Management, Media and Communication, Cultural Policy and Cultural Studies. Listen to a podcast about the book.

Consuming China - Approaches to Cultural Change in Contemporary China (Hardcover): Kevin Latham, Stuart Thompson, Jakob Klein Consuming China - Approaches to Cultural Change in Contemporary China (Hardcover)
Kevin Latham, Stuart Thompson, Jakob Klein
R3,297 Discovery Miles 32 970 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Post-Mao China has been characterized in literature and the media as a burgeoning consumer society. Consuming China investigates this characterization by examining the cultural significance of consumption and consumerism in the People s Republic of China today. In questioning the notion of consumption, this impressive work suggests that it is not simply a symptom of economic reform within China neither a product of the emergence and transformation of contemporary Chinese capitalism. Rather, the essays offer a new perspective on Chinese consumption by focusing on more than just consumerism, looking at the practices of consumption in relation to different manifestations of social and cultural change.

Drawing on case studies from Taiwan, Hong Kong and the People s Republic of China, Consuming China affords a greater understanding of the practice of Chinese consumption and will appeal to China scholars and anthropologists, and to those with an interest in cultural and gender studies.

Marshall and Schumpeter on Evolution - Economic Sociology of Capitalist Development (Hardcover): Yuichi Shionoya, Tamotsu... Marshall and Schumpeter on Evolution - Economic Sociology of Capitalist Development (Hardcover)
Yuichi Shionoya, Tamotsu Nishizawa
R3,043 Discovery Miles 30 430 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Traditionally it was understood that while Marshall was the synthesizer of neoclassical economics, Schumpeter challenged the dynamic conception of the economy in place of the static structure of economics. While historians of economic thought rarely discuss the work of Alfred Marshall and Joseph Schumpeter jointly, the contributors to this book do exactly this from the perspective of evolutionary thought. This unique and original work contends that, despite the differences between Marshallian and Schumpeterian thinking, they both present formidable challenges to a broad type of social science beyond economics, particularly under the influence of the German historical school. In a departure from the received view on the nature of the works of Marshall and Schumpeter, the contributors explore their themes in terms of an evolutionary vision and method of evolution; social science and evolution; conceptions of evolution; and evolution and capitalism. This timely resource will provide a stimulus not only to Marshall and Schumpeter scholarship within the history of economic thought but also to the recent efforts of economists to explore a research field beyond mainstream equilibrium economics. It will therefore prove a fascinating read for academics, students and researchers of evolutionary and heterodox economics and historians of economic thought.

Representing Consumers - Voices, Views and Visions (Paperback): Barbara Stern Representing Consumers - Voices, Views and Visions (Paperback)
Barbara Stern
R1,459 Discovery Miles 14 590 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Consumer research has traditionally focused on issues of epistemology in the collection and analysis of data. As a consequence, the crisis in representation which has radically reshaped understanding in the social sciences, has, so far, had very little impact on consumer research. This book redresses the balance with an investigation of representation and constructions of 'truth' in consumer research. Subjects covered include:
* construction of the researcher and consumer voice
* quantitative tools and representation
* advertising narratives
* poetic representation of consumer experience
* the crisis in the crisis concept
* consumer-oriented ethnographic research.
The essays are written by experts from Britain and the United States and draw on a broad range of theoretical approaches.

Sugar and Spice - Grocers and Groceries in Provincial England, 1650-1830 (Paperback): Jon Stobart Sugar and Spice - Grocers and Groceries in Provincial England, 1650-1830 (Paperback)
Jon Stobart
R954 Discovery Miles 9 540 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Consumers in eighteenth-century England were firmly embedded in an expanding world of goods, one that incorporated a range of novel foods (tobacco, chocolate, coffee, and tea) and new supplies of more established commodities, including sugar, spices, and dried fruits. Much has been written about the attraction of these goods, which went from being novelties or expensive luxuries in the mid-seventeenth century to central elements of the British diet a century or so later. They have been linked to the rise of Britain as a commercial and imperial power, whilst their consumption is seen as transforming many aspects of British society and culture, from mealtimes to gender identity. Despite this huge significance to ideas of consumer change, we know remarkably little about the everyday processes through which groceries were sold, bought, and consumed. In tracing the lines of supply that carried groceries from merchants to consumers, Sugar and Spice reveals not only how changes in retailing and shopping were central to the broader transformation of consumption and consumer practices, but also questions established ideas about the motivations underpinning consumer choices. It demonstrates the dynamic nature of eighteenth-century retailing; the importance of advertisements in promoting sales and shaping consumer perceptions, and the role of groceries in making shopping an everyday activity. At the same time, it shows how both retailers and their customers were influenced by the practicalities and pleasures of consumption. They were active agents in consumer change, shaping their own practices rather than caught up in a single socially-inclusive cultural project such as politeness or respectability.

Consumer Theory (Hardcover): Kelvin J. Lancaster Consumer Theory (Hardcover)
Kelvin J. Lancaster
R7,405 Discovery Miles 74 050 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Consumer Theory brings together in one volume the most significant contributions to the subject by leading scholars. Ranging over the period from 1915 to the present, the articles explore the foundations of neoclassical theory and discuss preference and the structure of preferences. The book investigates extensions and modifications to the basic neoclassical theory, including consumption as production, intertemporal choice and the problems of uncertainty and risk. This authoritative anthology gives a comprehensive overview and will be an essential reference source for consumer theory.

Our Land, Our Rent, Our Jobs - Uncovering The Explosive Potential For Growth Via Resource Rentals (Paperback): Stephen... Our Land, Our Rent, Our Jobs - Uncovering The Explosive Potential For Growth Via Resource Rentals (Paperback)
Stephen Meintjes, Michael Jacques; Foreword by Nobantu Mbeki
R245 R203 Discovery Miles 2 030 Save R42 (17%) In stock

A book that taps into the current debate around resource rentals in South Africa, and outlines practical steps that can be taken to a different tax regime.

Land rent can provide jobs for all if we just collect it instead of taxing those who create wealth or seek merely to survive. This rent, or the locational advantage of each piece of land, is owed to the community, whose grant of security of tenure enables the owner to enjoy its man-made and natural advantages. Rent has been a phenomenon since the time of the Physiocrats and Adam Smith, but its potential has been ignored and the world has got lost in an economic jungle of its own making.

This book is based on a very simple proposal: replace most taxation with collection of land and other natural resource rentals. It shows the way to the broad uplands of prosperity for all, and explains why it is time for us to talk about rent! It taps into the current debate in the media and economic and political circles around resource rentals in South Africa, and outlines practical steps that can be taken to a different tax regime. This book is highly relevant and topical, and offers much to stimulate further debate whilst offering something positive and workable.

Foot Work - What Your Shoes Are Doing to the World (Paperback): Tansy E. Hoskins Foot Work - What Your Shoes Are Doing to the World (Paperback)
Tansy E. Hoskins 1
R355 R284 Discovery Miles 2 840 Save R71 (20%) Out of stock

From the author of STITCHED UP: 'Makes a strong case for nothing less than a revolution' Emma Watson 'A superb primer on everything that is wrong with our world - and how we can start to change it' NEW INTERNATIONALIST DO YOU KNOW WHERE YOUR SHOES COME FROM? DO YOU KNOW WHERE THEY GO WHEN YOU'RE DONE WITH THEM? In 2018, 66.3 million pairs of shoes were manufactured across the world every single day. They have never been cheaper to buy, and we have never been more convinced that we need to buy them. Yet their cost to the planet has never been greater. In this urgent, passionately argued book, Tansy E. Hoskins opens our eyes to the dark origins of the shoes on our feet. Taking us deep into the heart of an industry that is exploiting workers and deceiving consumers, we begin to understand that if we don't act fast, this humble household object will take us to the point of no return.

How the Shopping Cart Explains Global Consumerism (Paperback): Andrew Warnes How the Shopping Cart Explains Global Consumerism (Paperback)
Andrew Warnes
R585 R456 Discovery Miles 4 560 Save R129 (22%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Picture a familiar scene: long lines of shoppers waiting to check out at the grocery store, carts filled to the brim with the week's food. While many might wonder what is in each cart, Andrew Warnes implores us to consider the symbolism of the cart itself. In his inventive new book, Warnes examines how the everyday shopping cart is connected to a complex web of food production and consumption that has spread from the United States throughout the world. Today, shopping carts represent choice and autonomy for consumers, a recognizable American way of life that has become a global phenomenon. This succinct and and accessible book provides an excellent overview of consumerism and the globalization of American culture.

Emotions, Advertising and Consumer Choice (Paperback): Flemming Hansen, Sverre Riis Christensen Emotions, Advertising and Consumer Choice (Paperback)
Flemming Hansen, Sverre Riis Christensen
R1,141 R952 Discovery Miles 9 520 Save R189 (17%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

This book is aimed at readers interested in advanced consumer behavior theories both graduate students in their final year and practitioners with an MBA or similar background. Emotions, Advertising and Consumer Choice focuses on recent neurological or psychological insights originating from brain scanning or neurological experiments on basic emotional processes in the brain and their role in controlling human behavior. These insights are translated by the authors to cover the behavior of ordinary individuals in every-day life. The book looks at these developments in the light of traditional cognitive theories of consumer choice and it discusses the implications for advertising and other communication testing. The book offers a first-time thorough review of contemporary thinking in the field of consumer behavior and an exhaustive amount of empirical evidence to support the authors' notion of an emerging paradigm of emotionally-based consumer choice where mental brand equity becomes a central phenomenon.

Advancing Public Goods (Paperback, illustrated edition): Jean-Philippe Touffut Advancing Public Goods (Paperback, illustrated edition)
Jean-Philippe Touffut
R932 Discovery Miles 9 320 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

In this wide-ranging selection of papers, distinguished economists, public policy advisers and political theorists contribute to the debate on public goods. The studies cover topics in the conceptualization, classification and stratification of public goods. Also examined are public institutional design, global economic institutions and partnership typologies. Individual papers address the financing, regulatory, organizational and legal aspects relating to services of general interest in Europe. The dynamics of global public good production, including monopolies, patents, scientific uncertainty and market failures, are discussed. Empirical research on the state, profit and non-profit sectors is presented. Providing numerous examples of specific public goods, the contributions also highlight the impact of macroeconomic policies on provision. The book presents a broad diversity of new approaches to global public goods within the framework of mixed economies, beyond the standard economic analysis of public services. Academics, researchers and policymakers in the area of global public goods and services will find this volume of great interest.

One Big Thing - Discovering What You Were Born to Do (Paperback, ITPE Edition): Phil Howard Cooke One Big Thing - Discovering What You Were Born to Do (Paperback, ITPE Edition)
Phil Howard Cooke
R155 R128 Discovery Miles 1 280 Save R27 (17%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

One Big Thing is about finding out what you were born to do with your life and how to use it to revolutionize your business or ministry--and change the world. In a complex, multi-layered world, it's more difficult than ever to get your voice heard and to accomplish your dreams. To stand out today, you need to cut through the clutter and get noticed. Making that happen means to focus on the one thing in your life that drives you, inspires your passion, and separates you from the pack. For everyone who's been pulled in different directions, born with multiple abilities, or just wondered what to do with their lives, this is the answer. Phil Cooke helps you not only discover that one big thing, but also teaches you the secrets of making an unforgettable impact with your life. Stop being average at so many things, and become extraordinary at One Big Thing. What were you born to accomplish with your life? One Big Thing will help you discover what you were born to do and allow it to revolutionize your business, your ministry, and your life. In today's distracted, digital culture, it's harder than ever to identify your calling, get your voice heard, and achieve your dreams. To stand out and communicate your ideas and message, you need to cut through the clutter and get noticed. Making that happen means focusing on the one thing that drives you, inspires your passion, and separates you from the pack. If you've ever felt pulled in different directions or wondered what to do with your varied talents and interests, Phil Cooke will teach you the secrets of living a life-on-purpose that rises above the noise and leaves a lasting mark on the world.

Shopping (Paperback): Jenny Shaw Shopping (Paperback)
Jenny Shaw
R403 Discovery Miles 4 030 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

We spend more time shopping than doing anything else, after sleep and work. So why is it not taken more seriously? The answer: we take shopping for granted. Indeed, culture can only 'work' by being taken for granted. This paradox - that what is most familiar, like shopping, is also the hardest to 'see' analytically - provides the starting point for this compelling examination of the many dimensions of the shopping experience.

"Shopping" enables readers to realize the significance of their shopping memories and milestones, how the rhythm of the day or week revolves as much around shop opening hours as working hours or bus times, and why Mayor Giuliani was right after 9/11 to tell Americans to keep on shopping. From an exciting cultural perspective, Jenny Shaw explores how shopping is viewed, the history behind its 'fall from grace', its part in the common culture, its role in helping us craft new identities, hold on to old ones, adjust to change, and generally 'hold us together' both as individuals and communities.

Students of sociology, anthropology, social psychology, media and business studies interested in culture and the everyday world will be gripped by this engaging and accessible guide to the meaning behind what the ordinary shopper actually does and why shopping remains so popular despite social and cultural changes.

Consumer Behaviour (Paperback, 2nd Revised edition): Isabelle Szmigin, Maria Piacentini Consumer Behaviour (Paperback, 2nd Revised edition)
Isabelle Szmigin, Maria Piacentini
R550 R497 Discovery Miles 4 970 Save R53 (10%) Ships in 6 - 10 working days

In this highly practical and engaging textbook, Szmigin and Piacentini provide the most holistic consideration of consumer behaviour available, demonstrating how seminal theories and cutting-edge research impact on today's marketing professionals. The latest behavioural, psychological and sociological approaches are presented alongside emerging techniques, such as the analysis of big data, integrating digital experiences, and the continuing importance of conscious consumption. Theory is set firmly in context for students through extended cases and extensive use of international examples, including interactive advertising on Snapchat, social media marketing by Maybelline in China, and culturally-reflective advertising by IKEA and McCain. This second edition reflects the very latest research in consumer behaviour and contains substantially increased coverage of digital consumption and online consumer behaviour, including social media research, online group buying, and attitudes to online privacy. New coverage of sustainability and ethical issues in consumer behaviour, including deceptive packaging, Fairtrade, and ethically-conscious fashion at H&M, has been woven throughout the text. Central to the book is the recognition of how businesses and governments use knowledge of these theories and techniques in marketing and business decision-making. Each chapter includes a Practitioner Insight from a professional working in marketing, advertising, government or a charity, including OKO, BBC Global News, and Millward Brown. Each chapter also includes Consumer Insights, with topics including the concept of hygge in Denmark, repositioning Lucozade in the UK, L'Oreal's use of augmented technology, and branding in emerging markets. These features bring together the themes discussed and encourage students to engage with the material on a practical level. The authors acknowledge consumer behaviour as a research discipline. To reflect this, the Research Insights, around half of which are brand new for this edition, include links to seminal and contemporary papers and present students with the opportunity to take their learning further. The accompanying online resources provide superior ready-to-use support for both students and lecturers. These include practitioner videos, class exercises, web exercises, learning activities, suggestions for essay topics and project work, an instructor's manual, links to journal articles, and PowerPoint slides.

The Future of Stuff (Paperback): Vinay Gupta The Future of Stuff (Paperback)
Vinay Gupta
R162 R136 Discovery Miles 1 360 Save R26 (16%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Where and who do we want to be? How might we get there? What might happen if we stay on our current course? The Future of Stuff asks what kind of world will we live in when every item of property has a digital trace, when nothing can be lost and everything has a story. Will property and ownership become as fluid as film is today: summoned on demand, dismissed with a swipe? What will this mean for how we buy, rent, share and dispose of stuff? About what our stuff says about us? And how will this impact on us, on manufacturing and supply, and on the planet? This brief but mighty book is one of five that comprise the first set of FUTURES essays. Each standalone book presents the author's original vision of a singular aspect of the future which inspires in them hope or reticence, optimism or fear. Read individually, these essays will inform, entertain and challenge. Together, they form a picture of what might lie ahead, and ask the reader to imagine how we might make the transition from here to there, from now to then.

Women and Exercise - The Body, Health and Consumerism (Paperback): Eileen Kennedy, Pirkko Markula Women and Exercise - The Body, Health and Consumerism (Paperback)
Eileen Kennedy, Pirkko Markula
R1,043 Discovery Miles 10 430 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Exercise for women is a heavily-laden social and embodied experience. While exercise promotion has become an increasingly visible part of health campaigns, obesity among women is rising, and studies indicate that women are generally less physically active than men. Women's (lack of) exercise, therefore, has become a public concern, and physiological and psychological research has attempted to develop more effective exercise programs aimed at women. Yet women have a complex relationship with embodiment and physical activity that is difficult for quantitative scientific approaches to explore. This book addresses this neglect by providing a much-needed feminist, qualitative social analysis of women and exercise. The contributors, drawn from across Europe and North America, investigate the ways women experience exercise within the context of the global fitness industry. All the authors take a specifically feminist perspective in their analysis of the fit, feminine body, exploring media images and the global branding of fitness products, the relationship between exercise and fat, the construction of physical activity within health discourse, and the lived experience of the exercising body. The collection explores the diversity of women's experiences of exercise in relation to age, ethnicity and body size. The book is essential for anyone interested in health promotion, sport and exercise or the social and cultural study of gender and embodiment.

Consumer Economics - Issues and Behaviors (Hardcover, 3rd New edition): Elizabeth B Goldsmith Consumer Economics - Issues and Behaviors (Hardcover, 3rd New edition)
Elizabeth B Goldsmith
R2,366 Discovery Miles 23 660 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

From identity theft to product recalls, from what we once thought of as unshakeable institutions to increasing concerns about sustainability, consumer issues are an integral part of modern life. This fully updated third edition of Consumer Economics offers students an accessible and thorough guide to the concerns surrounding the modern consumer and brings to light the repercussions of making uninformed decisions in today's economy. This definitive textbook introduces students to these potential issues and covers other key topics including consumer behavior, personal finance, legal rights and responsibilities, as well as marketing and advertising. Combining theory and practice, students are introduced to both the fundamentals of consumer economics and how to become better-informed consumers themselves. Highlights in this new edition include: New Critical Thinking Projects feature to encourage students to develop their critical thinking skills through analysing consumer issues. Expanded coverage of social media and the impact of social influence on consumers. Revised Consumer Alerts: practical advice and guidance for students to make smart consumer decisions. A new Companion Website with a range of presentation materials and exercises related to each chapter. Fully updated throughout, this textbook is suitable for students studying consumer sciences - what works, what doesn't, and how consumers are changing.

Tim Noakes - The Quiet Maverick (Paperback): Daryl Ilbury Tim Noakes - The Quiet Maverick (Paperback)
Daryl Ilbury 5
R240 R192 Discovery Miles 1 920 Save R48 (20%) Ships in 5 - 10 working days

On 5 February 2014, world-renowned scientist Tim Noakes fired off a tweet allegedly dispensing dietary advice to a young mother into a highly volatile media space; the fallout threatened to destroy his career. This is the untold backstory.

Veteran journalist and writer Daryl Ilbury unveils, layer by layer, a combustible mix of scientific ignorance, academic jealousy, the collapse of media ethics, and the interests of a world-renowned scientist in highlighting the intricacies of human nutrition and exposing those he believes have vested interests in regulating it.

Featuring interviews with people who have worked closely with Noakes, including former Springbok coach Jake White and polar swimmer Lewis Gordon Pugh, as well as award-winning journalists and fellow scientists and academics, some of whom now consider Noakes dangerous and out of control, this book is bound to be as controversial as the man himself.

Green Gone Wrong - The Broken Promise of the Eco-Friendly Economy (Hardcover): Heather Rogers Green Gone Wrong - The Broken Promise of the Eco-Friendly Economy (Hardcover)
Heather Rogers
R479 Discovery Miles 4 790 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Faced with the unprecedented threat of climate change, the contemporary world has turned to a solution that is all too prosaic-consumerism. The answer, we are told, is to go green, to buy organic food or even a new clean car. In a follow-up to her bestselling and acclaimed book, "Gone Tomorrow: The Hidden Life of Garbage", Heather Rogers travels from Paraguay to Indonesia, via the Hudson Valley, Detroit and London, to explore the rapid expansion of environmental production and consumption. We are, Rogers argues, coming to rely on consumerism as the solution to the very problems it has helped to cause. "Green Gone Wrong" is an appeal to the reader to respond rationally to the current environmental crisis. It asks: what choices and structural forces led us to this perilous place? This book is founded on the belief that we have the capacity to find solutions that are not mere palliatives, but ways of engaging with how we live and what kind of world we want to live in.

Consumed - How We Buy Class in Modern Britain (Paperback): Harry Wallop Consumed - How We Buy Class in Modern Britain (Paperback)
Harry Wallop 1
R244 R191 Discovery Miles 1 910 Save R53 (22%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Does what we consume define who we are? Harry Wallop takes a fresh look at society and shows you to your place in today's modern consumer world. Are you an Asda Mum, Wood Burning Stover or Sun Skittler? Do you know a Portland Privateer or Rockabilly? And exactly who are the Hyphen-Leighs? Journalist Harry Wallop has spent a disproportionate amount of his working life chronicling the buying habits of the British people. Taking a sweep through the seismic changes that have happened in the UK since the end of food rationing in 1954, he argues that our social standing in today's society is no longer determined by the accent you speak with, the school you attended, or your parents. Rather, it is determined by the food we eat, our choice of holiday destination, the clothes we wear, the size of the TV we sit in front of, and whether you use a plug-in air freshener or a smelly candle. He shows us how retailers and big business are making the most of how we fit into these new social categories, and offers up some intriguing insights into the state of Britain today.

Social Influence and Consumer Behavior (Hardcover, New): Daniel J. Howard, Amna Kirmani, Priyali Rajagopal Social Influence and Consumer Behavior (Hardcover, New)
Daniel J. Howard, Amna Kirmani, Priyali Rajagopal
R3,043 Discovery Miles 30 430 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

A good deal of consumer research is focused on social influence, since consumers make purchase decisions in the context of a social framework. This collection of innovative essays examines both the conscious and non-conscious effects of social influence on consumer behavior processes and outcomes, covering a wide variety of topics such as compliance, influence tactics, social networks, social relationships, family decision-making, and spokespersons. The papers are authored by experts in consumer psychology from both psychology and marketing backgrounds. Some of their key insights include: The relationship between the target and the influence agent determines the effectiveness of influence tactics Priming consumers with products associated with social networks, such as iPhones for friends or refrigerators with families, makes those products become more attractive Negative associations of celebrity endorsers can transfer to the brand Cognitive dissonance underlies the question-behavior effect Family decision-making includes emotional contagion and mirroring Post-decisional information search is often conducted even when the search may reveal that a bad decision was made The fear-then-relief technique can lead to purchase. The papers in this volume offer a rich assortment of research ideas which will prove valuable in furthering theoretical development in the social influence-consumer behavior area. This book will be of interest to consumer researchers and psychologists engaged in active empirical or conceptual work. It was originally published as a special issue of the journal Social Influence.

What's Mine Is Yours - How Collaborative Consumption is Changing the Way We Live (Paperback): Rachel Botsman, Roo Rogers What's Mine Is Yours - How Collaborative Consumption is Changing the Way We Live (Paperback)
Rachel Botsman, Roo Rogers 1
R397 R267 Discovery Miles 2 670 Save R130 (33%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

WHAT'S MINE IS YOURS is about Collaborative Consumption, a new, emerging economy made possible by online social networks and fueled by increasing cost consciousness and environmental necessity. Collaborative Consumption occurs when people participate in organized sharing, bartering, trading, renting, swapping, and collectives to get the same pleasures of ownership with reduced personal cost and burden, and lower environmental impact.

The book addresses three growing models of Collaborative Consumption: Product Service Systems, Communal Economies, and Redistribution Markets. The first, Product Service Systems, reflects the increasing number of people from all different backgrounds and across ages who are buying into the idea of using the service of the product-what it does for them-without owning it. Examples include Zipcar and Ziploc, and these companies are disrupting traditional industries based on models of individual ownership. Second, in what the authors define as Communal Economies, there is a growing realization that as individual consumers, we have relatively little in the way of bargaining power with corporations. A crowd of consumers, however, introduces a different, empowering dynamic. Online networks are bringing people together again and making them more willing to leverage the proverbial power of numbers. Examples of this second category include Etsy, an online market for handcrafts, or the social lending marketplace Zopa. The third model is Redistribution Markets, exemplified by worldwide networks such as Freecycle and Ebay as well as emerging forms of modern day bartering and "swap trading" such as Zwaggle, Swaptree, and Zunafish. Social networks facilitate consumer-to-consumer marketplaces that redistribute goods from where they are not needed to somewhere or someone where they are. This business model encourages reusing/reselling of old items rather them throwing them out, thereby reducing the waste and carbon emissions that go along with new production.

WHAT'S MINE IS YOURS describes how these three models come together to form a new economy of more sustainable consumerism. Collaborative Consumption started as a trend in conjunction with the emergence of shared collective content/information sites such as Wikipedia and Flickr and with the recent economic troubles and increasing environmental awareness, it is growing into an international movement. The authors predict it will be a fully fledged economy within the next five years.

In this book the authors travel among the quiet revolutionaries (consumers and companies) from all around the world. They explore how businesses will both prosper and fail in this environment, and, in particular, they examine how it has the potential to help create the mass sustainable change in consumer behaviors this planet so desperately needs. The authors themselves are environmentalists, but they are also entrepreneurs, parents, and optimistic citizens. This is a good news book about long-term positive change.

Descriptive Analysis in Sensory Evaluation (Hardcover): Sarah E. Kemp, Joanne Hort, Tracey Hollowood Descriptive Analysis in Sensory Evaluation (Hardcover)
Sarah E. Kemp, Joanne Hort, Tracey Hollowood
R4,210 R3,960 Discovery Miles 39 600 Save R250 (6%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

A comprehensive review of the techniques and applications of descriptive analysis Sensory evaluation is a scientific discipline used to evoke, measure, analyse and interpret responses to products perceived through the senses of sight, smell, touch, taste and hearing. It is used to reveal insights into the ways in which sensory properties drive consumer acceptance and behaviour, and to design products that best deliver what the consumer wants. Descriptive analysis is one of the most sophisticated, flexible and widely used tools in the field of sensory analysis. It enables objective description of the nature and magnitude of sensory characteristics for use in consumer-driven product design, manufacture and communication. Descriptive Analysis in Sensory Evaluation provides a comprehensive overview of a wide range of traditional and recently-developed descriptive techniques, including history, theory, practical considerations, statistical analysis, applications, case studies and future directions. This important reference, written by academic and industrial sensory scientist, traces the evolution of descriptive analysis, and addresses general considerations, including panel set-up, training, monitoring and performance; psychological factors relevant to assessment; and statistical analysis. Descriptive Analysis in Sensory Evaluation is a valuable resource for sensory professionals working in academia and industry, including sensory scientists, practitioners, trainers and students, and industry-based researchers in quality assurance, research and development, and marketing.

The Wiley Blackwell Encyclopedia of Consumption and Consumer Studies (Hardcover): Daniel Thomas Cook, J. Michael Ryan The Wiley Blackwell Encyclopedia of Consumption and Consumer Studies (Hardcover)
Daniel Thomas Cook, J. Michael Ryan
R3,316 R3,128 Discovery Miles 31 280 Save R188 (6%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

With entries detailing key concepts, persons, and approaches, The Wiley Blackwell Encyclopedia of Consumption and Consumer Studies provides definitive coverage of a field that has grown dramatically in scope and popularity around the world over the last two decades. * Includes over 200 A-Z entries varying in length from 500 to 5,000 words, with a list of suggested readings for each entry and cross-references, as well as a lexicon by category, and a timeline * Brings together the latest research and theories in the field from international contributors across a range of disciplines, from sociology, cultural studies, and advertising to anthropology, business, and consumer behavior * Available online with interactive cross-referencing links and powerful searching capabilities within the work and across Wiley s comprehensive online reference collection or as a single volume in print www.consumptionandconsumerstudies.com

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KasiNomic Revolution - The Rise Of…
G.G. Alcock Paperback R240 R216 Discovery Miles 2 160
Possessed - Why We Want More Than We…
Bruce Hood Hardcover  (1)
R475 R379 Discovery Miles 3 790