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Making Love In A War Zone - Interracial Loving And Learning After Apartheid (Paperback): Jonathan Jansen Making Love In A War Zone - Interracial Loving And Learning After Apartheid (Paperback)
Jonathan Jansen 3
R300 R238 Discovery Miles 2 380 Save R62 (21%) In stock

Can racism and intimacy co-exist? Can love and friendship form and flourish across South Africa’s imposed colour lines?

Who better to engage on the subject of hazardous liaisons than the students with whom Jonathan Jansen served over seven years as Vice Chancellor of the University of the Free State. The context is the University campus in Bloemfontein, the City of Roses, the Mississippi of South Africa. Rural, agricultural, insular, religious and conservative, this is not a place for breaking out. But over the years, Jansen observed shifts in campus life and noticed more and more openly interracial friendships and couples, and he began having conversations with these students with burning questions in mind.

Ten interracial couples tell their stories of love and friendship in their own words, with no social theories imposed on their meanings, but instead a focus on how these students experience the world of interracial relationships, and how flawed, outdated laws and customs set limits on human relationships, and the long shadow they cast on learning, living and loving on university campuses to this day.

The 5 Love Languages - The Secret To Love That Lasts (Paperback): Gary Chapman The 5 Love Languages - The Secret To Love That Lasts (Paperback)
Gary Chapman 4
R200 R165 Discovery Miles 1 650 Save R35 (18%) Within 5 - 10 working days

Falling in love is easy. Staying in love - that's the challenge! How can you keep your relationship fresh and growing amid the demands and conflicts and just plain boredom of everyday life?

In the #1 New York Times bestselling book The 5 Love Languages, you'll discover the secret that has transformed millions of relationships worldwide. Whether your relationship is flourishing or failing, Dr. Gary Chapman's proven approach to showing and receiving love will help you experience deeper and richer levels of intimacy with your partner - starting today.

Updated to reflect the complexities of relationships in today's world, this new edition reveals intrinsic truths and applies relevant, actionable wisdom in ways that work. Practice the simple steps outlined in each chapter and you'll be on your way to a healthier, mutually beneficial relationship.

For Women Only (Paperback, Revised and Updated Edition): Shaunti Feldhahn For Women Only (Paperback, Revised and Updated Edition)
Shaunti Feldhahn
R110 R91 Discovery Miles 910 Save R19 (17%) Within 5 - 10 working days

Discover the Truth He Wants You to Know

The man in your life carries important feelings so deep inside he barely knows they're there, much less how to talk about them. Yet your man genuinely wants you to get him - to understand his inner life, to know his fears and needs, to hear what he wishes he could tell you.

In her landmark bestseller, For Women Only, Shaunti Feldhahn reveals what every woman - single or married - needs to know. Based on rigorous research with thousands of men, Shaunti delivers one eye-opening revelation after another, including:

•Why your respect means more to him than your love.

•How he feels deep inside about his role as provider.

•What it means for a man to be so visually wired.

•Why sex for him is primarily emotional, not physical.

•What he most wishes he could say to you.

Now, in this expanded and updated edition, you'll find insights from the latest brain research plus an all-new chapter that shows what's really going on when he seems to check out. (You'll be surprised and pleased.)

Millions worldwide have experienced dramatic change in their relationships because of the aha moments and practical ideas in this little book. Discover how to love your man for who he really is.

For Men Only - A Straightforward Guide To The Inner Lives Of Women (Paperback, Revised and Updated Ed): Shaunti Feldhahn, Jeff... For Men Only - A Straightforward Guide To The Inner Lives Of Women (Paperback, Revised and Updated Ed)
Shaunti Feldhahn, Jeff Feldhahn 1
R156 Discovery Miles 1 560 Within 7 - 12 working days

If you’re like most men, you’ve burned up lots of energy trying to figure out what a woman wants, what makes her tick, how to make her happy. The good news: success is simpler than you ever thought.

In their groundbreaking classic, For Men Only, Jeff and Shaunti Feldhahn reveal the eye-opening truths and simple acts that will radically improve your relationship with the woman you love.

The Man Diet - One Woman's Quest to End Bad Romance (Paperback): Zoe Strimpel The Man Diet - One Woman's Quest to End Bad Romance (Paperback)
Zoe Strimpel 1
R189 R134 Discovery Miles 1 340 Save R55 (29%) Within 7 - 12 working days

Be honest, how often do you: Immediately check out the Facebook page of a guy you've just met? Send drunken texts that make you want to cringe the next morning? While away whole evenings analysing your love life with your mates? Answered yes to any of the above? Then you need this book.

The single woman has never had it so good -- or so you'd think. As Zoe Strimpel discovered, the reality can often be one of Junk Food Love, in other words: negative man-related experiences, corrosive man-obsessing thoughts and damaging man-related actions. Determined to help her fellow single woman, Zoe put herself on The Man Diet: ten no-nonsense rules to stop you binging on bad romance and help you sort the wheat from the chaff -- emotionally, sexually and romantically.

This isn't a book about snaring a man; it's about treating yourself well while you're single and putting you on the right track to happiness.

The Natural - How To Effortlessly Attract The Women You Want (Paperback): Richard La Ruina The Natural - How To Effortlessly Attract The Women You Want (Paperback)
Richard La Ruina
R228 R189 Discovery Miles 1 890 Save R39 (17%) Within 7 - 11 working days

Richard La Ruina used to be the guy who couldn't get the girl. Shy, painfully awkward, and still living at home with his mother, at 25 he decided to finally take control of his life and become the kind of man that men admire and women desire. Having developed and honed his seduction techniques, Richard is now a 'natural' at attracting girls and one of the world's most renowned pick-up artists.

As founder of PUA Training (Pick-up Artist Training), Richard has personally coached thousands of men through their own dramatic transformations. Now, in The Natural, he brings that experience to you, delivering field-tested methods and easy-to-use tools for attracting the women you want. Just like riding a bike or driving a car, meeting women and making them fall for you is a learned skill that, with enough practice, becomes effortless. There's no need for tricks, gimmicks, or lies. Instead, these methods make you more confident and attractive to women. Using the tools in The Natural, you'll finally have the ability to attract women just by being yourself.

From body language to conversation starters, eye contact to the first touch, i>The Natural is a step-by-step blueprint for becoming the man that women can't resist.

15 Steps To Becoming A Master Seducer (Paperback): Kezia Noble 15 Steps To Becoming A Master Seducer (Paperback)
Kezia Noble
R190 R161 Discovery Miles 1 610 Save R29 (15%) Special order

Have you ever dreamt of becoming an infallible seducer of women? This book tells you everything you need to know, courtesy of the world’s only major female PUA (pickup artist), Kezia Noble!

Kezia is the first woman to offer the aspiring pickup artist advice on how to attract women from a woman’s point of view. She runs many classes and a workshop, and even produces corporate videos on the chemistry of attracting women. Now, in answer to requests from her students, Kezia has written a book on the 15 steps to becoming a master seducer.

This is the first and only sure-fire pickup guide to be written by a woman. It has the potential to transform a lonely man into someone who need never be single again... unless, of course, he wants to be.

Treat Them Mean And Keep Them Keen (Hardcover): Gerry Stergiopoulos Treat Them Mean And Keep Them Keen (Hardcover)
Gerry Stergiopoulos
R236 R201 Discovery Miles 2 010 Save R35 (15%) Special order

After seeing too many of his female friends left all dressed up with nowhere to go, Gerry Stergiopoulos, every woman's ultimate best gay friend, has gone on a quest to understand why so many fabulous women have a catastrophic love life.

Gerry unflinchingly enters a world of waxing, Spanx pants, dodgy self-help books, internet dating, wing-women and smirting, to bring you his tried-and-tested History Channel technique, his perfect killer one-liners, the ingenious blackjack-based Scottish Shower system, the unbreakable three-month rule and even some sound lessons from his native Greece.

Treat Them Mean and Keep Them Keen is the only dating book that gives it to you straight: it tells you what to hide and just how much to reveal, what to do and when to do it. You might be shocked at what Gerry suggests - but his advice works.

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