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The Art of Sanctions - A View from the Field (Hardcover): Richard Nephew The Art of Sanctions - A View from the Field (Hardcover)
Richard Nephew
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Economic sanctions are intended to be a nonmilitary means used by states to force their prerogatives on other states, entities, and individuals. Yet while sanctions have been increasingly used as a foreign policy tool, they are ineffective if executed without a clear strategy that is responsive to the nature and changing behavior of the target. In The Art of Sanctions, Richard Nephew offers a much-needed practical framework that focuses not just on the design of sanctions but, crucially, on how to decide when sanctions have achieved maximum effectiveness and how to improve them along the way. Nephew-a lead participant in the design and implementation of sanctions on Iran-develops guidelines for interpreting targets' responses to sanctions based on two critical factors: pain and resolve. The efficacy of sanctions lies in the application of pain against a target, but targets may have significant resolve to resist, tolerate, or overcome this pain. Understanding the interplay of pain and resolve is central to using sanctions successfully and humanely. With attention to these two key variables, and to how they change over the course of the sanctions regime, policy makers can pinpoint when diplomatic intervention is likely to succeed or when escalation is necessary. Focusing on lessons from sanctions on both Iran and Iraq, Nephew provides policy makers with practical guidance on how to calibrate pain and measure resolve in the service of strong and successful sanctions regimes.

Introduction to Regional Economic Development - Major Theories and Basic Analytical Tools (Paperback): Mustafa Dinc Introduction to Regional Economic Development - Major Theories and Basic Analytical Tools (Paperback)
Mustafa Dinc
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In this easy-to-follow, one-stop reference, Dinc discusses a new and dynamic endogenous regional development approach that delves deeply into a variety of topics: the globalization process and its impact on local and regional economies; theoretical evolution of economic development; the role of governance; and institutions and local leadership in the development process. The book reviews major traditional local and regional development theories from their origins and early applications as well as regional agglomerations and industrial clusters. It also introduces conflict management procedures into the regional development process and provides a regional decision support framework that can be used for informed development policymaking. Another advantage of this book is its discussion of basic analytical tools and the inclusion of a template in an easy-to-use MS Excel spreadsheet application. Though the book follows a logical narrative, each chapter can be read individually without a loss of meaning, making it perfect for classrooms. Introduction to Regional Economic Development will prove to be an invaluable resource for teachers and students of regional science, regional development, and planning, as well as regional and local development practitioners, regional development agency staff, and local government officials.

The Great Property Fallacy - Theory, Reality, and Growth in Developing Countries (Paperback): Frank K. Upham The Great Property Fallacy - Theory, Reality, and Growth in Developing Countries (Paperback)
Frank K. Upham
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In this groundbreaking book, Frank K .Upham uses empirical analysis and economic theory to demonstrate how myths surrounding property law have blinded us to our own past and led us to demand that developing countries implement policies that are mistaken and impossible. Starting in the 16th century with the English enclosures and ending with the World Bank's recent attempt to reform Cambodian land law - while moving through 19th century America, postwar Japan, and contemporary China - Upham dismantles the virtually unchallenged assertion that growth cannot occur without stable legal property rights, and shows how rapid growth can come only through the destruction of pre-existing property structures and their replacement by more productive ones. He argues persuasively for the replacement of Western myths and theoretical simplifications with nuanced approaches to growth and development that are sensitive to complexity and difference and responsive to the political and social factors essential to successful broad-based development.

Dark Matter Credit - The Development of Peer-to-Peer Lending and Banking in France (Hardcover): Philip T. Hoffman, Gilles... Dark Matter Credit - The Development of Peer-to-Peer Lending and Banking in France (Hardcover)
Philip T. Hoffman, Gilles Postel-Vinay, Jean-Laurent Rosenthal
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How a vast network of shadow credit financed European growth long before the advent of banking Prevailing wisdom dictates that, without banks, countries would be mired in poverty. Yet somehow much of Europe managed to grow rich long before the diffusion of banks. Dark Matter Credit draws on centuries of cleverly collected loan data from France to reveal how credit abounded well before banks opened their doors. This incisive book shows how a vast system of shadow credit enabled nearly a third of French families to borrow in 1740, and by 1840 funded as much mortgage debt as the American banking system of the 1950s. Dark Matter Credit traces how this extensive private network outcompeted banks and thrived prior to World War I--not just in France but in Britain, Germany, and the United States--until killed off by government intervention after 1918. Overturning common assumptions about banks and economic growth, the book paints a revealing picture of an until-now hidden market of thousands of peer-to-peer loans made possible by a network of brokers who matched lenders with borrowers and certified the borrowers' creditworthiness. A major work of scholarship, Dark Matter Credit challenges widespread misperceptions about French economic history, such as the notion that banks proliferated slowly, and the idea that financial innovation was hobbled by French law. By documenting how intermediaries in the shadow credit market devised effective financial instruments, this compelling book provides new insights into how countries can develop and thrive today.

Policy, Regulation and Innovation in China's Electricity and Telecom Industries (Hardcover): Loren Brandt, Thomas G. Rawski Policy, Regulation and Innovation in China's Electricity and Telecom Industries (Hardcover)
Loren Brandt, Thomas G. Rawski
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The scale of China's innovation ambitions inspires worldwide commentary, much of it poorly informed. Focusing on electricity, telecommunication and semiconductors, this book offers a richly detailed account of China's innovation efforts. Massive application of human, policy and financial resources shows great promise, but institutional obstacles, conflicting objectives, ill-advised policies and Soviet-era legacies inject inefficiencies, resulting in a complex mosaic of success and failure in both technical and commercial dimensions. State Grid leads the world in high-voltage power transmission, while domestic semiconductors lag behind the international frontier. Electricity and telecom providers record impressive technical advances, but overinvestment and inefficient operation contribute to high costs and prices. Nuclear power combines technical excellence with commercial weakness. Cost reduction rather than new technology underpins commercial success in solar materials. The book's granular studies look beyond specific technologies to incorporate the policy matrix, regulatory structures and global developments into the appraisal of China's innovation achievements.

The China Factor - Leveraging Emerging Business Strategies to Compete, Grow, and Win in the New Global Economy (Hardcover): Amy... The China Factor - Leveraging Emerging Business Strategies to Compete, Grow, and Win in the New Global Economy (Hardcover)
Amy Karam; Foreword by Ken Wilcox
R532 R374 Discovery Miles 3 740 Save R158 (30%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

The Innovation of Globalization proven strategies to succeed and out-compete emerging competition Does your company know how to compete effectively in the evolving global business arena? What tactics must your company use to overcome price discounting wars that cut into your margins? What are the strategies your new rivals incorporate that may prove more valuable to customers than the superior products you offer? The China Factor equips Western businesses with a practical framework for competing successfully in today s ever-changing global markets. Written by an expert in competitive strategy and global market expansion, this book is packed with insights gained through first-hand experience leading competitive programs at a high-tech multinational corporation and extensive research. When it comes to globalization, the rules have changed what was once nice-to-know is now need-to-know, and this book lays it out in a clear, no-nonsense style. Based on cases with over 50 countries, you will learn why a premium product, though domestically successful, may not be well received in foreign markets. You ll also discover the critical factors that contribute to success in both emerging and established markets. Disruptive competitors are transformed from threats to examples as you learn to recognize opportunities for re-evaluation, and shift your strategy to stay ahead of the curve. The economic rise of China and other new entrants is challenging Western companies in new ways. This book explains why, and provides actionable strategies for success in any market. * Grow and maintain an Innovation Advantage using 5 models * Learn from disruptors how to win your emerging markets customers * Understand the power of politics in business * Develop a deeper Culture IQ to expand your customer base * Use a 5-part Strategic Framework to formulate new sales tactics You re already well-aware of the global threat to Western business, and endless analysis only goes so far toward a solution. You need to know how to respond, survive, and thrive, and just how to regain the competitive edge. The truth is that Western companies must change they way they do business, and push innovation beyond the product and into every aspect of every operation they need to be innovative in how they do business abroad. The China Factor provides a clear action plan, and case studies from global leaders like Cisco, Xiaomi, and Apple with insightful strategies for changing and winning the game. Endorsements The China Factor is right on the mark. It addresses a real need, one that very few others are tackling the action that US and other Western-based companies can take in response to the China challenge. Global competitiveness is a huge problem for the West and companies are ill-prepared.The China Factor goes beyond what other books do, providing an important, insightful, and practical prescription on how companies can shift their strategy Ken Wilcox, former CEO and chairman, current Chairman Emeritus, Silicon Valley Bank The China Factor s case studies and practical resources make this book a must-read for any corporation that wants to win globally, particularly as innovation is being redefined. SIMON KHALAF, SVP, Yahoo Inc. The China Factor provides a new strategic framework and an essential set of marketing guidelines for Western companies that have to compete or partner with Chinese firms in OECD countries, China or emerging market countries. DR. RAYMOND LEVITT, Kumagai Professor of Engineering, and Director, Global Projects Center, Stanford University High tech companies need to shift their innovation approach when going global and The China Factor is the ultimate guide to sustainable success in Emerging Markets. Innovation does not apply solely to products but also to business strategies, especially when looking at international expansion. Jean-Baptiste Su, technology columnist, Forbes A refreshing handbook for anyone interested in competing in the new global economy. CALESTOUS JUMA, Harvard Kennedy School, Professor of the Practice of International Development This work is a compelling guide into the complexity and the great rewards of doing business in Emerging Markets and for those who are looking for new growth opportunities for both products as well as services. The China Factor is the ultimate guide into sustainable success in Emerging Markets. ANTHONY R. VONSEE, former Managing Director Sales, Emerging Africa, Cisco Systems Amy Karam has done the business community a huge favor by making sense of many of the trends which are reshaping the global environment at a breathtaking rate, and then offering her thoughts on how to take advantage of the opportunities. BRUCE PICKERING, VP Global Programs, Asia Society, Northern California In The China Factor, Amy Karam discusses how the way we innovate has changed and evolved. It can no longer be done in isolation but involves going beyond international borders. As she points out, learning about the culture and uniqueness of new markets and tapping into what has worked (and what has not!) in other regions is critical to success. Sangeeta Anand, SVP Product Management and Marketing, F5 Networks I especially liked Karam s advice on using U.S. Government resources an often overlooked force multiplier for American businesses, and how best to leverage your own company s Government Affairs groups to succeed. This is a must-read! FRED SCHWIEN, former Executive Secretary of the U.S. Department of Commerce and Boeing Executive Amy was directly involved in developing a sales strategy customer by customer for several years. She lived and breathed the battle of protecting existing accounts, or winning new accounts with a competitor whose price was a fraction of Cisco s. Tam Dell Oro, CEO of Dell Oro Group I loved this book. The China Factor will provide you specific guidance and invaluable insights for expanding your business and achieving success globally. Nanette J. Bulger, CEO, executive director of the Strategic and Competitive Intelligence Professionals (SCIP) Association For today s global strategists, Amy Karam s book, The China Factor, offers compelling insights into how to effectively win in the 21st century. In addition to the traditional 4 Ps of marketing, she explores a fifth P, the P called politics, which US-based organizations need to recognize, leverage, and occasionally counteract in order to be competitive. The China Factor blazes a new trail for business to follow in striving to achieve global success. Dr. Juan P. Montermoso, professor of Practice in Marketing, Leavey School of Business, Santa Clara University Amy Karam is a visionary writer! As a global mentor, not only am I going to use it myself as a reference, but will also suggest it to start-ups to use it as a guide! She has eloquently highlighted how to harness competition, partnerships and cross-cultural learning to stimulate innovation & business success. Hulya Koc, Serial Entrepreneur, Angel Investor & Global Mentor, co-founder of Keiretsu Forum Istanbul Chapter Amy Karam is a highly sought after speaker, consultant, author, and corporate instructor of Stanford University courses, as well as her own workshops. As a strategy consultant, she equips startups and established corporations to succeed in global markets with actionable strategies and execution plans. She has worked with companies such as Cisco, Apple, Visa, Nationwide, Capital One, AT&T, and Bell.

Graduate Migration and Regional Development - An International Perspective (Hardcover): Jonathan Corcoran, Alessandra Faggian Graduate Migration and Regional Development - An International Perspective (Hardcover)
Jonathan Corcoran, Alessandra Faggian
R2,066 Discovery Miles 20 660 Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

This book aims to integrate and augment current state-of-the-art knowledge on graduate migration and its role in local economic development. Offering an international perspective, it is the first focused book of its kind on graduate migration, a recognised and critical component of the global pool of labour. Written by the key scholars working in the field, it draws together an international series of case studies. Each chapter describes empirically founded approaches to examining the role and characteristics of graduate migration in differing situational contexts, highlighting issues concerning government policy, data and methods. Crucially, it assesses the role highly educated individuals play in regional economic development and the determinants of graduate mobility, revealing the characteristics that attract and retain graduates. This unique book is an essential volume for scholars and researchers of geography, regional studies, labour and migration seeking an in-depth, international understanding of human-capital attraction and retention.

Corruption and Development in Indian Economy (Hardcover): Arup Mitra, Chandan Sharma Corruption and Development in Indian Economy (Hardcover)
Arup Mitra, Chandan Sharma
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The book examines how corruption is viewed in theoretical and empirical literature and how various macro- and micro-level approaches have been followed to study the issue. It offers an inter-country comparison of corruption, indicating the role of governance in the context of growth. The volume attempts to work out the extent of understatement of personal income, resulting in the loss of government revenue from personal income tax. It also examines the impact of corruption on performance, and studies determinants of bribery in an attempt to understand why some firms pay bribes while others do not, despite being subject to the same macroeconomic environment, policy and regulations.

Emerging Markets Megatrends (Hardcover, 1st ed. 2018): Rajiv Biswas Emerging Markets Megatrends (Hardcover, 1st ed. 2018)
Rajiv Biswas
R866 R738 Discovery Miles 7 380 Save R128 (15%) Shipped within 7 - 11 working days

This book provides an assessment of the megatrends that are reshaping the emerging markets landscape. With developing countries already accounting for 40% of world GDP, emerging markets consumption growth will be an increasingly important growth engine for the world economy over the next two decades. However, emerging markets in many parts of Asia, Africa, the Middle East and Latin America are still facing tremendous economic challenges such as poverty, inequality, weak governance and inadequate infrastructure. The developed nations are no longer insulated from the economic shockwaves impacting developing countries, as globalisation and economic integration have also amplified the transmission effects to the West through immigration flows, cross-border crime and the proliferation of international terrorism. Emerging Markets Megatrends is an essential read for government policymakers, corporate executives, international investors and analysts wishing to understand more about the economic drivers and long-term outlook for emerging markets.

The Rise to Market Leadership - New Leading Firms from Emerging Countries (Hardcover): Franco Malerba, Sunil Mani, Pamela Adams The Rise to Market Leadership - New Leading Firms from Emerging Countries (Hardcover)
Franco Malerba, Sunil Mani, Pamela Adams
R1,944 Discovery Miles 19 440 Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

In recent years many new international market leaders from the BRICS countries have emerged in diverse manufacturing and service industries. How did these new leaders emerge and become key players in their respective industries? What factors contributed to their success and enabled them to become market leaders? This new study answers these important questions with evidence presented from case studies in the automotive, pharmaceutical and ICT industries of China, India and Brazil. A common framework of analysis is followed throughout the volume allowing readers to compare and contrast the cases examined. This framework brings together factors at the firm, country and sectoral levels to explain the rise to leadership of these firms. The book highlights the importance of vibrant entrepreneurship and demonstrates that being local and having an ability to learn and build capabilities based on local knowledge have been major drivers of market success. Yet it also shows how such firm-level factors have been complemented by the role of both national and sectoral systems of innovation. This book offers an integrated framework for the study of innovation and the rise of market leaders as well as original case studies from important emerging economies. It will appeal to students, scholars, researchers and policy-makers interested in economic development and catch-up, entrepreneurship, innovation management and evolutionary economics.

Introduction to Modern Economic Growth (Hardcover): Daron Acemoglu Introduction to Modern Economic Growth (Hardcover)
Daron Acemoglu
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"Reading Daron Acemoglu's massive and masterly survey makes me feel like one of the Wright brothers coming face to face with a Boeing 747 for the first time. The range is enormous, from the simplest model to the political economy of growth, and everything is traced back to fundamentals with great skill and care. Being stranded on a desert island with this book and a large pad of paper would be a pleasure."--Robert M. Solow, Nobel Laureate in Economics

"Daron Acemoglu's "Introduction to Modern Economic Growth" takes the reader on a fascinating journey to discover the foundations of major growth theories, from the neoclassical paradigm to the most recent endogenous growth models. This book is required reading for anyone who wants to master the fields of growth and development economics."--Philippe Aghion, Harvard University

"This book is impressive in both its breadth and its depth. It offers an ideal access point to the current frontier in growth theory; readers will find a remarkably thorough treatment of all the key models and technical tools of dynamic macroeconomics. At the same time, real-world economic and policy issues always remain in sharp focus, thanks to a constant back-and-forth between theory, the most recent empirical studies, and the lessons of economic history. It will quickly become a much-thumbed book on the shelf of all those interested in growth, development, and macroeconomics."--Roland J. M. Benabou, Princeton University

"This is much more than a textbook on growth theory; it is a milestone in macroeconomics. It provides a unified approach to the study of economic dynamics, including a rigorous yet teachable background in recursive methods and dynamicoptimization, and an impressive range of macroeconomic topics. What is most fascinating is the tour of the state-of-the-art literature on long-run development to which the author has been a leading contributor."--Fabrizio Zilibotti, University of Zurich

"An extraordinary achievement by an extraordinary intellect, this book provides a remarkably comprehensive overview of modern growth economics as well as a window into Daron Acemoglu's fundamentally important perspectives and insights. For years to come, it will be a cornerstone for advanced teaching and an invaluable resource for researchers. It represents economics at its most profound."--Steven N. Durlauf, University of Wisconsin-Madison

"This book will be a landmark in growth economics. Its scope and depth are remarkable, and the benefits of this new synthesis are clear. Many of the chapters are likely to prompt ideas for further research, and the book will be a major event for researchers and graduate students alike."--Jonathan Temple, University of Bristol

"This is a pathbreaking, fundamentally important work."--Charles Jones, University of California, Berkeley

The University and the Economy - Pathways to Growth and Economic Development (Paperback): Aldo Geuna, Federica Rossi The University and the Economy - Pathways to Growth and Economic Development (Paperback)
Aldo Geuna, Federica Rossi
R566 Discovery Miles 5 660 Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

The University and the Economy provides an in-depth exploration of the many ways in which universities contribute to economic development and growth. By providing readers with theoretical tools and evidence to explain the means by which university activities impact the economic system, the book offers a robust analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of specific university systems. In offering a solid foundation of conceptual and statistical knowledge, this book supports the current debate on the role of the university in the contemporary economy. It also offers insights to enhance understanding of why some university systems are not contributing to their economies as well as others. The book adopts an economic perspective, which allows the actions of universities, as well as the individuals who study and work within them, to be analysed in the context of economic models of behaviour. From this perspective, it explains the organization, governance and funding of universities' activities and explores how these could be structured to improve their efficiency and effectiveness. Academics, policymakers, managers and professionals working in universities will find a wealth of valuable information in this book. It will also be of interest to undergraduate and postgraduate students of science and technology policy, higher education economics and the economics and management of innovation.

Industrial Policy in Developing Countries - Failing Markets, Weak States (Paperback): Tilman Altenburg, Wilfried Lutkenhorst Industrial Policy in Developing Countries - Failing Markets, Weak States (Paperback)
Tilman Altenburg, Wilfried Lutkenhorst
R567 Discovery Miles 5 670 Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Industrial Policy in Developing Countries offers an in-depth assessment of both the potentials and perils of designing and implementing policy in countries at early stages of economic development. The range of insightful case studies illustrates the key dilemma: directing economic and social development through what are often incipient and weak institutions. This realistic, evidence-based assessment will appeal to both development researchers and industrial policy practitioners, particularly those working in developing countries.

Handbook of Globalisation and Development (Hardcover): Kenneth A. Reinert Handbook of Globalisation and Development (Hardcover)
Kenneth A. Reinert
R4,698 Discovery Miles 46 980 Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Characterised by conceptual diversity, the Handbook of Globalisation and Development presents contributions from prominent international researchers on all aspects of globalisation and carefully considers their role across a whole host of development processes. The Handbook is structured around seven key areas: international trade, international production, international finance, migration, foreign aid, a broader view, and challenges. Adopting a multi-disciplinary approach, the section on `a broader view' delves into dimensions of globalisation and development that go beyond the mere economic, such as culture, technology, health, and poverty. Carefully crafted, the chapters herein offer a rigorous and comprehensive assessment of the available research to date and provide an assessment of policy options across all areas considered. Comprehensive and engaging, this Handbook will be an important reference for researchers in academia, government, and international organisations as well as for policy analysts needing access to the central research results in the field. Post-graduate students of international development will also find this a thorough and essential overview.

Trust - Creating the Foundation for Entrepreneurship in Developing Countries (MP3 format, CD): Tarun Khanna Trust - Creating the Foundation for Entrepreneurship in Developing Countries (MP3 format, CD)
Tarun Khanna; Narrated by James Gillies
R346 R276 Discovery Miles 2 760 Save R70 (20%) Shipped within 7 - 11 working days
Research Handbook on Innovation Governance for Emerging Economies - Towards Better Models (Hardcover): Stefan Kuhlmann, Gonzalo... Research Handbook on Innovation Governance for Emerging Economies - Towards Better Models (Hardcover)
Stefan Kuhlmann, Gonzalo Ordonez-Matamoros
R3,861 Discovery Miles 38 610 Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Although in recent years some emerging economies have improved their performance in terms of research and development (R&D) investment, outputs and innovative capacity, these countries are still blighted by extreme poverty, inequality and social exclusion. Hence, emerging countries are exposed to conditions which differ quite substantially from the dominant OECD model of innovation policy for development and welfare. This Research Handbook contributes to the debate by looking at how innovation theory, policy and practice interact, and explains different types of configurations in countries that are characterized by two contrasting but mutually reinforcing features: systemic failure and resourcefulness. Focusing on innovation governance and public policies, it aims to understand related governance failures and to explore options for alternative, more efficient approaches. This book brings to the fore new concepts, theories and questions about the Global South, across multiple disciplines. It discusses specific country cases, exploring overarching patterns and lessons that address development bottlenecks and policy designs aimed at improving quality of life and economic progress in emerging economies. Defining more adequate development strategies by balancing economic well-being with social inclusion, this book will be of great interest to scholars, students and policy makers of innovation, growth and development studies.

Handbook of Entrepreneurship and Sustainable Development Research (Paperback): Paula Kyro Handbook of Entrepreneurship and Sustainable Development Research (Paperback)
Paula Kyro
R1,159 R895 Discovery Miles 8 950 Save R264 (23%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Allying and expanding the diverse fields of entrepreneurship and sustainable development research is a modern day imperative. The Handbook of Entrepreneurship and Sustainable Development Research cuts through the different approaches and perspectives of the two fields to point the way ahead for research on sustainable entrepreneurship, outlining the motivation, intentions and impact of ecopreneurs in a local, national and global context. This Handbook paints an illuminating picture of the historic and current understanding of the bond between entrepreneurship and sustainable development. The authors explore the basic contradictions between the two fields and outline the transformative role entrepreneurship can play in achieving sustainable development. 45 expert researchers and their research communities from 16 countries across Europe, Africa, Australia and North America provide original and informative contributions on a variety of issues, from women's empowerment to climate change and organic farmers to ecotourism. With current and authorative contributions spanning the globe, this Handbook will inspire researchers, teachers and policy-makers to compose their own understanding and contribution on the fast expanding field of entrepreneurship and sustainable development.

Handbook of Social Capital and Regional Development (Hardcover): Hans Westlund, Johan P. Larsson Handbook of Social Capital and Regional Development (Hardcover)
Hans Westlund, Johan P. Larsson
R4,099 Discovery Miles 40 990 Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

The role of social capital in regional development is a multifaceted topic which is studied all over the world using various methods and across numerous disciplines. It has long been evident that social capital is important for regional development, however, it is less clear how this works in practice. Do all types of social capital have the same effects and are different kinds of regions impacted in the same way? This book is the first to offer an overview of this rapidly expanding field of research and to thoroughly analyse the complex issue of social capital and regional development. The authoritative and original chapters, written by leading scholars from around the world, combine theory and new empirical research to analyse various types of regions from metropolitan to rural. A particular focus is on entrepreneurship and the social capital of enterprises, whilst the role of social capital for modern governance and planning is also highlighted. The different components of social capital and data availability are also treated in depth. This Handbook is an ideal resource for students and scholars studying social capital, social networks, and regional growth and development. It also offers great insight for policymakers and planners in the fields of urban, regional and rural development.

Research Handbook on Secured Financing in Commercial Transactions (Paperback): Frederique Dahan Research Handbook on Secured Financing in Commercial Transactions (Paperback)
Frederique Dahan
R1,003 Discovery Miles 10 030 Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

This cutting-edge Handbook presents an overview of research and thinking in the field of secured financing, examining international standards and best practices of secured transactions law reform and its economic impact. Expert contributors explore the breadth and depth of the subject matter across diverse sectors, and illustrate the choices and trade-offs that policy makers face via a number of illuminating case studies. The book explores groundbreaking research across a comprehensive range of sectors and countries, including new, original analysis of Shari'ah compliant collateral regimes and improved access to finance for women. A diverse group of experts offer cutting-edge points of view as well as case studies from England and Wales, Morocco, Russia and Romania. The result is a unique and wide-ranging examination of secured transactions reform across the world and a valuable resource for researchers, government and development agencies, banks, and law firms.

The Orderly Entrepreneur - Youth, Education, and Governance in Rwanda (Paperback): Catherine A. Honeyman The Orderly Entrepreneur - Youth, Education, and Governance in Rwanda (Paperback)
Catherine A. Honeyman
R535 R479 Discovery Miles 4 790 Save R56 (10%) Shipped within 7 - 11 working days

The first generation of children born after Rwanda's 1994 genocide is just now reaching maturity, setting aside their school uniforms to take up adult roles in Rwandan society and the economy. At the same time, Rwanda's post-war government has begun to shrug off international aid as it pursues an increasingly independent path of business-friendly yet strongly state-regulated social and economic development. The Orderly Entrepreneur tells the story of a new Rwanda now at the vanguard among developing countries, emulating the policies of Singapore, Korea, and China, and devoutly committed to entrepreneurship as a beacon for 21st century economic growth. Drawing on ethnographic research with nearly 500 participants, The Orderly Entrepreneur investigates the impact and reception of the Rwandan government's multiyear entrepreneurship curriculum, first implemented in 2007 as required learning in all secondary schools. As Honeyman shows, "entrepreneurship" is more than a benign buzzword or hopeful panacea for economic development, but a complex ideal with unique meanings across Rwandan society. She reveals how curriculum developers, teachers, and students all brought their own interpretations and influence to the new entrepreneurship curriculum, exposing how even a carefully engineered project of social transformation can be full of indeterminacies and surprising twists every step of the way.

Handbook on China and Developing Countries (Paperback): Carla P. Freeman Handbook on China and Developing Countries (Paperback)
Carla P. Freeman
R1,006 Discovery Miles 10 060 Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Using original research to address cutting-edge topics, this Handbook explores the rapidly evolving and increasingly multifaceted relations between China and developing countries. Innovative, data-rich analysis by leading experts from around the world critically assesses such timely issues as the `China model', Beijing's role in international development assistance, World Bank governance, Chinese peacekeeping and South-South relations, and developing countries and the internationalization of China's currency. China's engagement with individual countries and regions throughout the developing world is examined, including Chinese private sector investment in Africa. This unique and comprehensive study is an essential reference for scholars and policy experts alike, with a breadth and depth of coverage that will inform and guide analysis for academics, practitioners and postgraduates.

Economic Growth And Development (Paperback, Second Edition): Hendrik Van Den Berg Economic Growth And Development (Paperback, Second Edition)
Hendrik Van Den Berg
R1,844 R1,719 Discovery Miles 17 190 Save R125 (7%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

This textbook covers the full range of topics and issues normally included in a course on economic growth and development. Both mainstream economic perspectives as well as the multi-paradigmatic, inter-disciplinary, and dynamic-evolutionary perspectives from heterodox economics are detailed. Economic development is viewed in terms of the long-run well-being of humanity, social stability, environmental sustainability, and just distribution of economic gains, not simply as the growth of GDP. Furthermore, this textbook explicitly recognizes the complexity of economic development by linking economic activity to our broader social and natural environments.The textbook's unique feature is its focus on the natural environment. Both the historical effects of economic development on the environment and the environmental constraints on future economic development are thoroughly discussed in two chapters on environmental issues and policies. In fact, because economic development is defined in terms of economic, social, and environmental sustainability, the natural environment is included in discussions throughout the book.The textbook is inter-disciplinary: knowledge from fields such as sociology, psychology, political science, economic history, and ecology is called on to enhance the economic analysis. A thorough historical account of the development of the principal paradigms of economic development is also included, and the important issues of institutional development and cultural change merit their own chapters. Two chapters on technological change holistically focus on production technologies as well as the dynamic performance of entire economic, social, and ecological systems. Also, the important relationship between economic development and globalization is presented in three chapters on international trade, international finance and investment, and immigration from both orthodox and heterodox perspectives.

Understanding the Policymaking Process in Developing Countries (Hardcover): William Ascher Understanding the Policymaking Process in Developing Countries (Hardcover)
William Ascher
R1,755 R1,644 Discovery Miles 16 440 Save R111 (6%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Understanding the Policymaking Process in Developing Countries provides a uniquely comprehensive and practical framework for development practitioners, policymakers, activists, and students to diagnose and improve policy processes in developing countries across a wide range of issues. Based on the classic policy sciences approach, the book offers over 100 diagnostic indicators keyed to identify problems of policy processes, policy content, bureaucratic behavior, stakeholder behavior, and national-subnational interactions. This multi-disciplinary framework is applied to a host of policy problems that particularly plague countries experiencing the 'under-development syndrome', including aborted programs and projects, policy impasses, distorted implementation, unnecessary harm and conflict, and shortsighted initiatives. These points are illustrated through cases from Africa, Asia, and Latin America. Based on the developing countries' distinctive challenges, the book also offers recommendations on improving policy content and institutions to address the typical limitations.

Economics Of The Middle East: Development Challenges (Paperback): Julia C. Devlin Economics Of The Middle East: Development Challenges (Paperback)
Julia C. Devlin
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This lecture note volume aims to introduce economic concepts and analysis to undergraduate level students, in the context of contemporary development challenges in the economics of the Middle East and North Africa (MENA).

Structuring Public-Private Research Partnerships for Success - Empowering University Partners (Hardcover): Gordon C. Rausser,... Structuring Public-Private Research Partnerships for Success - Empowering University Partners (Hardcover)
Gordon C. Rausser, Holly Ameden, Reid Stevens
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University research has played an essential role in economic growth by generating public good outputs that have not readily lent themselves to private market development. As funding for universities and governmental research units has declined, these institutions have turned to the private sector to augment their research and development budgets. This book presents a framework for structuring public-private research partnerships that protect both these institutions' academic freedom and the private firm's corporate interests. The authors present a four-stage framework that recognizes the critical role of `control rights' and reveals how these rights can be effectively identified, valued, and allocated between research partners. The book provides a number of template designs for a variety of research partnerships, including tactics and strategies for implementing successful public-private research partnerships. It further provides case studies with examples of both successful and unsuccessful research partnerships. The book demonstrates that universities are empowered when they pursue private partners actively and when contracts preserve academic freedom, address confidentiality, specify intellectual property rights, define access to proprietary data, clarify the conflict resolution process, and address potential publication delays. This book is an essential and illuminating resource for academic researchers in economics and public policy departments, technology transfer offices, as well as others involved in university and public administration.

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