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Ballistic Missile Defence and US National Security Policy - Normalisation and Acceptance after the Cold War (Paperback): Andrew... Ballistic Missile Defence and US National Security Policy - Normalisation and Acceptance after the Cold War (Paperback)
Andrew Futter
R922 Discovery Miles 9 220 Shipped within 20 - 25 working days

This book examines the transformation in US thinking about the role of Ballistic Missile Defence (BMD) in national security policy since the end of the Cold War. The evolution of the BMD debate after the Cold War has been complex, complicated and punctuated. As this book shows, the debate and subsequent policy choices would often appear to reflect neither the particular requirements of the international system for US security at any given time, nor indeed the current capabilities of BMD technology. Ballistic Missile Defence and US National Security Policy traces the evolution of policy from the zero-sum debates that surrounded the Strategic Defense Initiative as Ronald Reagan left office, up to the relative political consensus that exists around a limited BMD deployment in 2012. The book shows how and why policy evolved in such a complex manner during this period, and explains the strategic reasoning and political pressures shaping BMD policy under each of the presidents who have held office since 1989. Ultimately, this volume demonstrates how relative advancements in technology, combined with growth in the perceived missile threat, gradually shifted the contours and rhythm of the domestic missile defence debate in the US towards acceptance and normalisation. This book will be of much interest to students of missile defence and arms control, US national security policy, strategic studies and international relations in general.

Poems, Volume 1 (Paperback): Prudentius Poems, Volume 1 (Paperback)
Prudentius; Translated by M.Clement Eagan
R826 Discovery Miles 8 260 Shipped within 20 - 25 working days

Prudentius, often acclaimed as the greatest Latin Christian poet, was born probably in Calahorra, Spain, the son of highly cultured Roman citizens and fervent Christians. His death occurred after 405. The metric structure of his poems clearly shows the great influence of Horace although echoes of other Latin poets are likewise detected. The Book of Hymns for Every Day (Liber Cathemerinon) is a collection of hymns for use at times of prayer that were once customary in the early Church: at cock-crow, morning hymn, hymns before and after repast, hymn at time of lamp lighting, hymn before sleep. Hymns to be used for special feasts and occasions conclude the work. The Book of the Martyrs' Crowns (Liber Peristephanon) is a work that comprises fourteen hymns in honor of various martyrs. Six hymns honor the Spanish martyrs: Emeterius, Chelidonius, Eulalia, the Eighteen Martyrs of Saragossa, Vincent, Fructuosus and companions. Five hymns sing the praises of Roman martyrs: Lawrence, Cassian, Hippolytus, Peter and Paul, Agnes. Three more hymns honoring the memory of Quirinus, Romanus and Cyprian conclude this work. The accounts of the martyrdom of Sts. Emetrius, Chelidonius, Lawrence, Eulalia, Cassian, Romanus, Hippolytus, the Eighteen Martyrs of Saragossa are the earliest extant.

The Bishop of Rome in Late Antiquity (Electronic book text, New edition): Geoffrey D. Dunn The Bishop of Rome in Late Antiquity (Electronic book text, New edition)
Geoffrey D. Dunn
R1,986 Discovery Miles 19 860 Shipped within 20 - 25 working days

At various times over the past millennium bishops of Rome have claimed a universal primacy of jurisdiction over all Christians and a superiority over civil authority. Reactions to these claims have shaped the modern world profoundly. Did the Roman bishop make such claims in the millennium prior to that? The essays in this volume from international experts in the field examine the bishop of Rome in late antiquity from the time of Constantine at the start of the fourth century to the death of Gregory the Great at the beginning of the seventh. These were important periods as Christianity underwent enormous transformation in a time of change. The essays concentrate on how the holders of the office perceived and exercised their episcopal responsibilities and prerogatives within the city or in relation to both civic administration and other churches in other areas, particularly as revealed through the surviving correspondence. With several of the contributors examining the same evidence from different perspectives, this volume canvasses a wide range of opinions about the nature of papal power in the world of late antiquity.

The Men Who Were Honest to Jesus and What They Did (Paperback): N. Micklem The Men Who Were Honest to Jesus and What They Did (Paperback)
N. Micklem
R199 R164 Discovery Miles 1 640 Save R35 (18%) Shipped within 20 - 25 working days

It can readily be seen that faith has a strong portfolio of fabricated history. In The Men Who Were Honest to Jesus and What They Did, N. Micklem explores the forgotten story of the Disciples in his controversial account of their honesty. He believes that if they were honest to Jesus, they might be able to tell us something... Persecuted by Paul, parodied by Mark, covered in dust sheets by the scholarly community (who could have done better), the men who were honest to Jesus need someone to speak up for them. Preferably someone with at least three honorary doctorates and friends in high places (the author has enjoyed a fortunate life, but that someone is not he). Theirs is a forgotten story. People have been misled. In the present climate, they need someone to put the boot in on their behalf. If the companions of Jesus had not put themselves about after the crucifixion of Jesus, Saul would have never been contracted to persecute them; his name no household name, his bones scattered near Tarsus. If they had not been honest to Jesus, no one would have heard of him outside Palestine. In a similar nature to N. Micklem's first book, Plain Jesus (Matador, 2013), written in a style that was described as "cheerful and informal" by the Church Times, The Men Who Were Honest to Jesus and What They Did uses quirky prose and a conversational tone to suggest images for the reader to take away. This book will appeal to anyone who is interested in controversy surrounding religion and Christianity.

The Catholic and Manichaean Ways of Life - Vol. 56 (Paperback): Augustine The Catholic and Manichaean Ways of Life - Vol. 56 (Paperback)
R835 Discovery Miles 8 350 15 working days

The Catholic and Manichaean Ways of Life is, like the Contra academicos (386) and the works of St. Augustine's later life against the Donatists and other heretics, the refutation of a redoubtable adversary whom he is determined to overthrow for the protection of his fellow Christians. Even a rapid glance at its contents is sufficient to show its character as a polemical work in which he contrasts one religious view of God, man and the world with another. In the first book, we are provided with a treatise on Christian morality, written, we must always bear in mind, by one received into the Church not two years before. It establishes that God is the Supreme Good. It shows the meaning of unions with him in charity. It explains the four cardinal virtues in terms of love, and particularly in terms of the love of God. Finally, it holds up for our admiration and emulation the Christian virtues of the religious, clergy, and laity. The way of life of the Catholic Church thus portrayed by Augustine embodies in his view a lofty ideal, but one that is livable by individuals in all states of life and in various stages of progress in virtue. The second book describes and refutes the teaching of the Manichaeans on the nature and origin of evil, their false ascetical practices, and their doctrines concerning the three symbols of the mouth, the hands, and the breast. In conclusion, Augustine denounces, on the basis of personal knowledge of first-hand reports, the scandalous conduct of the members of the Manichaean elect. Throughout this book, he is concerned, nor merely to expose the errors and excesses of the sect, including the shameful behavior and hypocrisy of certain of its leaders, but the absurdities and even depravity to which men are led by a way of life that is essentially unlivable. Whatever may be claimed for the austerities of the more sincere and ascetic members of the Manichaean sect, a religion that corrodes human nature and castigates its natural functioning as evil, cannot be good. Such is St. Augustine's ultimate judgment upon Manichaeanism, and he expresses it with eloquence and invective.

Selected Spiritual Writings (Paperback): Nicholas Selected Spiritual Writings (Paperback)
Nicholas; Translated by H.Lawrence Bond
R575 R450 Discovery Miles 4 500 Save R125 (22%) 15 working days

Sure to garner a wide audience is this latest volume in the unparalleled Classics of Western Spirituality. It gives fresh attention to the theological and mystical dimensions of the thought of Nicholas of Cusa (1401-1464), th outstanding intellectual figure of the fifteenth century, as well as the gate-keeper between medieval and modern philosophy.

Bond's introduction casts exciting new light on the development of Cusa's theology of spirituality. Then, for the first time in one volume in English is a translation of Cusa's basic mystical corpus: On Learned Ignorance; On the Hidden God; On Seeking God; On the Vision of God; and On the Summit of Contemplation. A unique feature is the annotated glossary of key Cusan terms that accompanies the texts.

Cusa's writings reveal a remarkably imaginative and gifted theologian who anticipated contemporary questions of ecumenicity and pluralism empowerment and reconciliation, and tolerance and individuality. These translations particularly communicate to us his experience of a very large God who jostles us out of our parochialism. General readers and spiritual seekers interested in the history of mysticism or in the development of the western spiritual tradition will find this volume to be an enlightening and indispensable addition to a personal library.

Marcion and the Making of a Heretic - God and Scripture in the Second Century (Hardcover): Judith M. Lieu Marcion and the Making of a Heretic - God and Scripture in the Second Century (Hardcover)
Judith M. Lieu
R1,916 Discovery Miles 19 160 Shipped within 20 - 25 working days

A comprehensive and authoritative account of the 'heretic' Marcion, this volume traces the development of the concept and language of heresy in the setting of an exploration of second-century Christian intellectual debate. Judith M. Lieu analyses accounts of Marcion by the major early Christian polemicists who shaped the idea of heresy, including Justin Martyr, Irenaeus, Tertullian, Epiphanius of Salamis, Clement of Alexandria, Origen, and Ephraem Syrus. She examines Marcion's Gospel, Apostolikon, and Antitheses in detail and compares his principles with those of contemporary Christian and non-Christian thinkers, covering a wide range of controversial issues: the nature of God, the relation of the divine to creation, the person of Jesus, the interpretation of Scripture, the nature of salvation, and the appropriate lifestyle of adherents. In this innovative study, Marcion emerges as a distinctive, creative figure who addressed widespread concerns within second-century Christian diversity.

Collecting Early Christian Letters - From the Apostle Paul to Late Antiquity (Hardcover): Bronwen Neil, Pauline Allen Collecting Early Christian Letters - From the Apostle Paul to Late Antiquity (Hardcover)
Bronwen Neil, Pauline Allen
R1,736 Discovery Miles 17 360 Shipped within 20 - 25 working days

Letter collections in late antiquity give witness to the flourishing of letter-writing, with the development of the mostly formulaic exchanges between elites of the Graeco-Roman world to a more wide-ranging correspondence by bishops and monks, as well as emperors and Gothic kings. The contributors to this volume study individual collections from the first to sixth centuries CE, ranging from the Pauline and Deutero-Pauline letters through monastic letters from Egypt, bishops' letter collections and early papal collections compiled for various purposes. This is the first multi-authored study of New Testament and late antique letter collections, crossing the traditional divide between these disciplines by focusing on Latin, Greek, Coptic and Syriac epistolary sources. It draws together leading scholars in the field of late antique epistolography from Australasia, Sweden, the United Kingdom and the United States.

A History of the Russian Church to 1488 (Hardcover): John L. Fennell A History of the Russian Church to 1488 (Hardcover)
John L. Fennell
R2,898 Discovery Miles 28 980 Shipped within 20 - 25 working days

The Russian church is central to an understanding of early Russian and Slav history, but for many years there has been no accessible, up-to-date introduction to the subject in English - until now. The late John Fennell's last book, is a masterly survey of the development, nature and role of the early Church in Russia from Christianization of the country in 988, through Kievan and Tatar poeriods to 1448 when the Russian Church finally became totally independent of its mother-church in Byzantium.

Antiochene Theoria in the Writings of Theodore of Mopsuestia and Theodoret of Cyrus (Paperback): Richard J. Perhai Antiochene Theoria in the Writings of Theodore of Mopsuestia and Theodoret of Cyrus (Paperback)
Richard J. Perhai
R1,139 Discovery Miles 11 390 Shipped within 20 - 25 working days

Biblical scholars have often contrasted the exegesis of the early church fathers from the eastern region and "school" of Syrian Antioch against that of the school of Alexandria. The Antiochenes have often been described as strictly historical-literal exegetes in contrast to the allegorical exegesis of the Alexandrians. Patristic scholars now challenge those stereotypes, some even arguing that few differences existed between the two groups. This work agrees that both schools were concerned with a literal and spiritual reading. But, it also tries to show, through analysis of Theodore and Theodoret's exegesis and use of the term theoria, that how they integrated the literal-theological readings often remained quite distinct from the Alexandrians. For the Antiochenes, the term theoria did not mean allegory, but instead stood for a range of perceptions-prophetic, christological, and contemporary. It is in these insights that we find the deep wisdom to help modern readers interpret Scripture theologically.

Resurrection and Reception in Early Christianity (Hardcover): Richard C. Miller Resurrection and Reception in Early Christianity (Hardcover)
Richard C. Miller
R2,927 Discovery Miles 29 270 Shipped within 20 - 25 working days

This book offers an original interpretation of the origin and early reception of the most fundamental claim of Christianity: Jesus' resurrection. Richard Miller contends that the earliest Christians would not have considered the New Testament accounts of Jesus' resurrection to be literal or historical, but instead would have recognized this narrative as an instance of the trope of divine translation, common within the Hellenistic and Roman mythic traditions. Given this framework, Miller argues, early Christians would have understood the resurrection story as fictitious rather than historical in nature. By drawing connections between the Gospels and ancient Greek and Roman literature, Miller makes the case that the narratives of the resurrection and ascension of Christ applied extensive and unmistakable structural and symbolic language common to Mediterranean "translation fables," stock story patterns derived particularly from the archetypal myths of Heracles and Romulus. In the course of his argument, the author applies a critical lens to the referential and mimetic nature of the Gospel stories, and suggests that adapting the "translation fable" trope to accounts of Jesus' resurrection functioned to exalt him to the level of the heroes, demigods, and emperors of the Hellenistic and Roman world. Miller's contentions have significant implications for New Testament scholarship and will provoke discussion among scholars of early Christianity and Classical studies.

The Popes and the Church of Rome in Late Antiquity (Hardcover): John Moorhead The Popes and the Church of Rome in Late Antiquity (Hardcover)
John Moorhead
R2,937 Discovery Miles 29 370 Shipped within 20 - 25 working days

In the past few decades there has been an explosion of interest in the period of late antiquity. Rather than being viewed within a paradigm of the fall of the Roman Empire, these centuries have come to be seen as a time of immense creativity and significance in western history. Popes and the Church of Rome in Late Antiquity places the history of the papacy in a broader context, by comparing Rome with other major sees to show how it differed from these, evaluating developments beyond Rome which created openings for the extension of papal authority. Closer to home, the book considers the ability of the Roman church to gain access to wealth, retain it in difficult times, and disburse it in ways that enhanced its authority. Author John Moorhead evaluates patterns in the recruitment of popes and what these suggest about the background of those who came to papal office. Structured around a narrative of the papacy's history from the accession of Leo the Great to the death of Zacharias II, the book does more than tell what happened between these years, applying new approaches in intellectual, cultural, and social history to provide a uniquely deep and holistic study of the period.

Foucault's Heterotopia in Christian Catacombs - Constructing Spaces and Symbols in Ancient Rome (Hardcover): Eric C. Smith Foucault's Heterotopia in Christian Catacombs - Constructing Spaces and Symbols in Ancient Rome (Hardcover)
Eric C. Smith
R2,303 R2,069 Discovery Miles 20 690 Save R234 (10%) Shipped within 20 - 25 working days

The catacombs of Rome have captured imaginations for centuries. This innovative study takes a fresh look at these underground spaces, and considers how art, space, texts, and practices can tell us more about the catacombs and the people who dug and decorated them.

The Apostolic Tradition of Hippolytus (Paperback): Burton Scott Easton The Apostolic Tradition of Hippolytus (Paperback)
Burton Scott Easton
R578 Discovery Miles 5 780 Shipped within 20 - 25 working days

Hippolytus (c.160 235 AD) occupies a unique place in Christian history as a schismatic bishop who is now honoured by the Roman Catholic Church as a saint and martyr. Originally published in 1934, this book contains an English translation of Hippolytus' Apostolic Tradition, which was thought to have been composed around 215 AD, and which describes early Christian practice and liturgy in detail. Easton also includes notes on the text and a detailed introduction on the history of the text and other comparable liturgical records. This important text will be of great value to anyone with an interest in the early Church and early Christian liturgy."

The Early Text of the New Testament (Paperback): Charles E. Hill, Michael J. Kruger The Early Text of the New Testament (Paperback)
Charles E. Hill, Michael J. Kruger
R990 Discovery Miles 9 900 Shipped within 20 - 25 working days

The Early Text of the New Testament aims to examine and assess from our earliest extant sources the most primitive state of the New Testament text now known. What sort of changes did scribes make to the text? What is the quality of the text now at our disposal? What can we learn about the nature of textual transmission in the earliest centuries? In addition to exploring the textual and scribal culture of early Christianity, this volume explores the textual evidence for all the sections of the New Testament. It also examines the evidence from the earliest translations of New Testament writings and the citations or allusions to New Testament texts in other early Christian writers.

Self-designations and Group Identity in the New Testament (Paperback): Paul Trebilco Self-designations and Group Identity in the New Testament (Paperback)
Paul Trebilco
R1,092 Discovery Miles 10 920 Shipped within 20 - 25 working days

What terms would early Christians have used to address one another? In the first book-length study on this topic, Paul Trebilco investigates the origin, use and function of seven key self-designations: 'brothers and sisters', 'believers', 'saints', 'the assembly', 'disciples', 'the Way', and 'Christian'. In doing so, he discovers what they reveal about the identity, self-understanding and character of the early Christian movement. This study sheds light on the theology of particular New Testament authors and on the relationship of early Christian authors and communities to the Old Testament and to the wider context of the Greco-Roman world. Trebilco's writing is informed by other work in the area of sociolinguistics on the development of self-designations and labels and provides a fascinating insight into this often neglected topic.

Heaven's Purge - Purgatory in Late Antiquity (Paperback): Isabel Moreira Heaven's Purge - Purgatory in Late Antiquity (Paperback)
Isabel Moreira
R630 Discovery Miles 6 300 Shipped within 20 - 25 working days

The doctrine of purgatory - the state after death in which Christians undergo punishment by God for unforgiven sins - raises many questions. What is purgatory like? Who experiences it? Does purgatory purify souls, or punish them, or both? How painful is it? Heaven's Purge explores the first posing of these questions in Christianity's early history, from the first century to the eighth: an era in which the notion that sinful Christians might improve their lot after death was contentious, or even heretical. Isabel Moreira discusses a wide range of influences at play in purgatory's early formation, including ideas about punishment and correction in the Roman world, slavery, the value of medical purges at the shrines of saints, and the authority of visions of the afterlife for informing Christians of the hereafter. She also challenges the deeply ingrained supposition that belief in purgatory was a symptom of barbarized Christianity, and assesses the extent to which Irish and Germanic views of society, and the sources associated with them - penitentials and legal tariffs - played a role in purgatory's formation. Special attention is given to the writings of the last patristic author of antiquity, the Northumbrian monk Bede. Heaven's Purge is the first study to focus on purgatory's history in late antiquity, challenging the conclusions of recent scholarship through an examination of the texts, communities and cultural ideas that informed purgatory's early history.

Fabricating Faith - How Christianity Became a Religion Jesus Would Have Rejected (Paperback): Richard Hagenston Fabricating Faith - How Christianity Became a Religion Jesus Would Have Rejected (Paperback)
Richard Hagenston
R346 Discovery Miles 3 460 15 working days

According to Hagenston, Jesus had such a hard edge when it came to Gentiles that he coined his own unflattering term for them-dogs. He limited what he was offering strictly to Jews. Yet the religion that began in his name quickly transformed into a predominantly Gentile movement centered on blood sacrifice to obtain God's forgiveness, a practice rejected by many Jews long before Jesus came on the scene. Furthermore the sacrifice was not just of an animal, but of Jesus himself. How did this happen? Hagenston exposes the roots of brutal justice underpinning traditional Christianity, but finds hope in a Jewish movement toward grace that preceded and influenced the historical Jesus.

Lost Heritage (Paperback): Kim Tan Lost Heritage (Paperback)
Kim Tan
R268 Discovery Miles 2 680 15 working days

SO WHATS BEEN LOST? The zeal of the New Testament believers, and their practises too. Plus the freedom that comes from not being instituted. This book tells the story of the early church and Reformation - with a focus on the roots of the modern Baptist-Evangelical-Charismatic movement. *A gripping Account of how Christians of the first centuries dealt with the Roman state. *The compromise of the 'official' reformation of Luther and Calvin *Church - State relations, pacifism and civil disobedience *At every stage of history it asks whether this was the church Jesus intended to build and what are the lessons for today?

Apollinarianism - An Essay on the Christology of the Early Church (Paperback): Charles E. Raven Apollinarianism - An Essay on the Christology of the Early Church (Paperback)
Charles E. Raven
R682 Discovery Miles 6 820 Shipped within 20 - 25 working days

Charles E. Raven (1885 1964) was a British theologian who held the position of Regius Professor of Divinity at Cambridge University. In this book, which was first published in 1923, Raven presents a discussion of the Christology of the early Church, focusing on the idea of Christ's divinity originated by Apollinarius of Laodicea. The process of writing the text caused Raven to reassess his views on this area, moving him towards 'the conviction that Apollinarianism both in its ancient and its modern form was untenable'. Detailed notes are incorporated throughout. This book will be of value to anyone with an interest in theology, the history of Christianity and Apollinarianism."

Seeing the Lord's Glory - Kyriocentric Visions and the Dilemma of Early Christology (Paperback): Christopher Barina Kaiser Seeing the Lord's Glory - Kyriocentric Visions and the Dilemma of Early Christology (Paperback)
Christopher Barina Kaiser
R806 R736 Discovery Miles 7 360 Save R70 (9%) Shipped within 20 - 25 working days

The "dilemma of early Christology," Kaiser observes, is found in the early Christian claims to have "seen the Lord" and "beheld his glory" - expressions that in early Judaism would have pointed unequivocally to visions of Israel's God. The shift of those claims onto the figure of Jesus is usually explained either as a result of the resurrection of Jesus, presumed as a historical event, or on the influence of pagan polytheism. Kaiser examines the phenomenon of "kyriocentric" visions in Second Temple Judaism, asking whether such traditions are sufficient to account for the shape of early claims regarding the divinity of Christ.

Individuality in Late Antiquity (Hardcover, New Ed): Alexis C. Torrance Individuality in Late Antiquity (Hardcover, New Ed)
Alexis C. Torrance; Edited by Johannes Zachhuber; Series edited by Lewis Ayres, Patricia Cox Miller, Mark Edwards, …
R2,931 Discovery Miles 29 310 Shipped within 20 - 25 working days

Late antiquity is increasingly recognised as a period of important cultural transformation. One of its crucial aspects is the emergence of a new awareness of human individuality. In this book an interdisciplinary and international group of scholars documents and analyses this development. Authors assess the influence of seminal thinkers, including the Gnostics, Plotinus, and Augustine, but also of cultural and religious practices such as astrology and monasticism, as well as, more generally, the role played by intellectual disciplines such as grammar and Christian theology. Broad in both theme and scope, the volume serves as a comprehensive introduction to late antique understandings of human individuality.

Abraham in the Works of John Chrysostom (Paperback): Demetrios E. Tonias Abraham in the Works of John Chrysostom (Paperback)
Demetrios E. Tonias
R1,119 Discovery Miles 11 190 Shipped within 20 - 25 working days

Throughout its first three centuries of existence, the Christian community, while new to the Roman world's pluralistic religious scene, portrayed itself as an historic religion. The early church community claimed the Jewish Bible as their own and looked to it to defend their claims to historicity. While Jews looked to Moses and the Sinai covenant as the focus of their historical relationship with God, the early church fathers and apologists identified themselves as inheritors of the promise given to Abraham and saw their mission to the Gentiles as the fulfillment of God's declaration that Abraham would be "a father of many nations" (Gen 17:5).It is in light of this background that Demetrios Tonias undertakes the first, comprehensive examination of John Chrysostom's view of the patriarch Abraham.By analyzing the full range of references to Abraham in Chrysostom's work, Tonias reveals the ways in which Chrysostom used Abraham as a model of philosophical and Christian virtue, familial devotion, philanthropy, and obedient faith.

The Displacement of the Body in AElfric's Virgin Martyr Lives (Hardcover, New Ed): Alison Gulley The Displacement of the Body in AElfric's Virgin Martyr Lives (Hardcover, New Ed)
Alison Gulley
R2,926 Discovery Miles 29 260 Shipped within 20 - 25 working days

The Displacement of the Body in AElfric's Virgin Martyr Lives addresses 10th-century Old English hagiographical translations, from Latin source material, by the abbot and grammarian AElfric. The vitae of Agnes, Agatha, Lucy, and Eugenia, and the married saints Daria, Basilissa, and Cecilia, included in AElfric's s Old English Lives of Saints, recount the lives, persecution, and martyrdom of young women who renounce sex and, in the first four stories, marriage, to devote their lives to Christian service. They purport to be about the primacy of virginity and the role of the body in attaining sanctity. However, a comparison of the Latin sources with AElfric's versions suggests that his translation style, characterized by simplifying the most important meanings of the text, omits certain words or entire episodes that foreground suppressed female sexuality as key to sainthood. The Old English Lives de-emphasize the physical nature of faith and highlight the importance of spiritual purity. In this volume, Alison Gulley explores how the context of the Benedictine Reform in late Anglo-Saxon England and AElfric's commitment to writing for a lay audience resulted in a set of stories depicting a spirituality distinct from physical intactness.

Episcopal Appointments in England, c. 1214-1344 - From Episcopal Election to Papal Provision (Hardcover, New Ed): Katherine... Episcopal Appointments in England, c. 1214-1344 - From Episcopal Election to Papal Provision (Hardcover, New Ed)
Katherine Harvey
R2,948 Discovery Miles 29 480 Shipped within 20 - 25 working days

In 1214, King John issued a charter granting freedom of election to the English Church; henceforth, cathedral chapters were, theoretically, to be allowed to elect their own bishops, with minimal intervention by the crown. Innocent III confirmed this charter and, in the following year, the right to electoral freedom was restated at the Fourth Lateran Council. In consequence, under Henry III and Edward I the English Church enjoyed something of a golden age of electoral freedom, during which the king might influence elections, but ultimately could not control them. Then, during the reigns of Edward II and Edward III, papal control over appointments was increasingly asserted and from 1344 onwards all English bishops were provided by the pope. This book considers the theory and practice of free canonical election in its heyday under Henry III and Edward I, and the nature of and reasons for the subsequent transition to papal provision. An analysis of the theoretical evidence for this subject (including canon law, royal pronouncements and Lawrence of Somercote's remarkable 1254 tract on episcopal elections) is combined with a consideration of the means by which bishops were created during the reigns of Henry III and the three Edwards. The changing roles of the various participants in the appointment process (including, but not limited to, the cathedral chapter, the king, the papacy, the archbishop and the candidate) are given particular emphasis. In addition, the English situation is placed within a European context, through a comparison of English episcopal appointments with those made in France, Scotland and Italy. Bishops were central figures in medieval society and the circumstances of their appointments are of great historical importance. As episcopal appointments were also touchstones of secular-ecclesiastical relations, this book therefore has significant implications for our understanding of church-state interactions during the thirteenth and fourteenth centu

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