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Books > Children's & Educational > Reference > Encyclopaedias & reference works

Sharks (Paperback): National Geographic Sharks (Paperback)
National Geographic
R90 R76 Discovery Miles 760 Save R14 (16%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days

He's quick. He's silent. He has five rows of deadly teeth. Chomp! Meet the shark--the fish who ruled the deep before dinosaurs roamed the Earth! This fish has soft cartilage so he can glide, twist, and turn before his prey can say "gulp!" He can smell a single drop of blood in 25 million drops of ocean. He can feel electricity given off by his prey. He will lose and replace more than 10,000 teeth in his lifetime. Cool photos bring kids into the shark's world. Fun facts go deep into the shark's scary science.

Batman Character Encyclopedia (Hardcover): Dk Batman Character Encyclopedia (Hardcover)
Dk 1
R300 R270 Discovery Miles 2 700 Save R30 (10%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

This Batman encyclopedia is packed with all the latest Batman comic book art, stories, facts and statistics on DC Comics' Batman characters, including Super Heroes and allies such as Robin and Alfred Pennyworth and Batman villains, including The Joker and The Penguin. Each character in the Batman Character Encyclopedia is illustrated with exciting and up-to-date DC comic book artwork, including the newest titles Batman Eternal, Gotham by Midnight, Arkham Manor and Gotham Academy. Batman Character Encyclopedia contains more than 200 characters from the Dark Knight of Gotham City's world, and is the perfect Batman encyclopedia of characters for fans new and old. Copyright (c) 2015 DC Comics.

Picturepedia - An Encyclopedia on Every Page (Hardcover): Dk Picturepedia - An Encyclopedia on Every Page (Hardcover)
Dk 1
R399 R379 Discovery Miles 3 790 Save R20 (5%) Ships in 7 - 10 working days

Experience all the world's wonders at once in the ultimate children's encyclopedia. Spilling over with history, science, space, nature, and much, much more, this visual home reference comes complete with more than 10,000 stunning photographs, illustrations, and maps. Every page is a mini-encyclopedia at your fingertips, perfectly designed to educate, engage, and entertain. From microscopic insects to the Big Bang theory, Picturepedia explains every subject under (and including) the Sun to satisfy the curious minds of young readers. Discover the secrets of prehistoric life, explore the inner workings of the human body, and lead an orchestra of musical instruments through breathtaking photographic galleries and detailed graphics that explain every topic in incredible depth and detail. With more than 150 essential topics covered, Picturepedia is ideal for homework, projects, or just for fun. This absolute must-have book is the ideal gift for young people keen to know about everything and anything.

The Lego Fan's Guide Bookazine (Paperback): The Lego Fan's Guide Bookazine (Paperback)
R153 Discovery Miles 1 530 Ships in 7 - 10 working days
Astronaut in Training (Paperback): Cath Ard Astronaut in Training (Paperback)
Cath Ard; Illustrated by Sarah Lawrence 1
R169 R140 Discovery Miles 1 400 Save R29 (17%) Ships in 5 - 10 working days

Find out how to become an astronaut in this interactive title for curious kids.

Packed with bitesize information and fun facts about the life of an astronaut, this book will tell you all about space, astronomy and life on the International Space Station.

Simple activities will test your skills and reinforce the information you read in the book. Can you help to repair the ISS on a spacewalk? Or collect samples on the Moon? Or even spot constellations in the sky? Take a look inside to find out!

When You Grow Up to Vote - How Our Government Works for You (Hardcover): Eleanor Roosevelt When You Grow Up to Vote - How Our Government Works for You (Hardcover)
Eleanor Roosevelt; Illustrated by Grace Lin; Michelle Markel
R440 R367 Discovery Miles 3 670 Save R73 (17%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days

Eleanor Roosevelt's book on citizenship for young people now revised and updated for a contemporary audience. In the voice of one of the most iconic and beloved political figures of the twentieth century comes a book on citizenship for the future voters of the twenty-first century. Eleanor Roosevelt published the original edition of When You Grow Up to Vote in 1932, the same year her husband was elected president. The new edition has updated information and back matter as well as fresh, bold art from award-winning artist Grace Lin. Beginning with government workers like firefighters and garbage collectors, and moving up through local government to the national stage, this book explains that the people in government work the voter. Fresh, contemporary, and even fun, When You Grow Up to Vote is the book parents and teachers need to talk to children about how our government is designed to work.

The Big Book of the UK - Facts, Folklore And Fascinations From Around The United Kingdom (Hardcover): Imogen Russell Williams The Big Book of the UK - Facts, Folklore And Fascinations From Around The United Kingdom (Hardcover)
Imogen Russell Williams; Illustrated by Louise Lockhart 1
R372 R318 Discovery Miles 3 180 Save R54 (15%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Fair faa ye...

to the United Kingdom!

The Big Book of the UK introduces readers to customs and culture of the United Kingdom. Learn about the sport of "dwile flonking" and find out where black diamonds come from. Meet the supernatural animal that haunts the Scottish Highlands and discover the British sweets that helped Hillary and Tenzing scale Everest.

Filled with facts about wildlife, food, sports, geography, language and some very silly place names, this book will help you uncover national secrets and unearth local legends from England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

National Geographic Kids: Little Kids First Big Book of Where (Hardcover): National Geographic Kids National Geographic Kids: Little Kids First Big Book of Where (Hardcover)
National Geographic Kids
R413 R367 Discovery Miles 3 670 Save R46 (11%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days

Preschoolers are full of "Where?" questions, and this next book in the best-selling Little Kids First Big Book series is full of fascinating and often surprising answers for them. This charming reference book zeroes in on location, location, location. More than 200 colourful photos are paired with age-appropriate text featuring answers to questions like "Where does the sky end?", "Where is the highest mountain?", and "Where was ice cream invented?" Containing several kid-friendly maps designed to expand the learning experience, this book inspires kids to be curious, ask questions, and explore the world around them.

Periodic Table (Paperback): Dk Periodic Table (Paperback)
Dk 1
R221 R187 Discovery Miles 1 870 Save R34 (15%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

This fact-filled book is the perfect guide to all 118 elements in the periodic table, the ingredients that make up our world.

Packed with stunning new photography, Eyewitness Periodic Table begins with a concise history of chemistry, scientific pioneers, and the creation of the first periodic table. It then launches into a visual tour of each individual element. Along the way, you'll find out where each element comes from and what it is used for, explained clearly and simply for young readers.

Explore elements such as carbon and oxygen and learn why they are essential to our survival. See how precious gold protects astronauts in space, and why the metal mercury can be both a solid and a liquid. Find out about man-made elements, which the smartest chemists are still busy figuring out how to use. Eyewitness Periodic Table also includes a pull-out poster to hang on your wall.

This detailed, accessible book will inspire young, inquisitive minds - the scientists of tomorrow who will shape our future.

Jesus (Hardcover): Demi Jesus (Hardcover)
R560 R519 Discovery Miles 5 190 Save R41 (7%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days

Presented in the language of the New Testament from the King James Version of the Bible, this inspirational picture book biography takes readers from Gabriel's announcement to the Virgin Mary to Jesus's crucifixion. Full color.

Jos E! - The Story of Jos E Lim on (Book): Susanna Reich Jos E! - The Story of Jos E Lim on (Book)
Susanna Reich; Illustrated by Raul Colon
R434 R412 Discovery Miles 4 120 Save R22 (5%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days

Jose was a boy with a song in his heart and a dance in his step. Born in Mexico in 1908, he came into the world kicking like a steer, and grew up to love to draw, play the piano, and dream. Jose's dreaming took him to faraway places. He dreamed of bullfighters and the sounds of the cancan dancers that he saw with his father. Dance lit a fire in Jose's soul.
With his heart to guide him, Jose left his family and went to New York to dance. He learned to flow and float and fly through space with steps like a Mexican breeze. When Jose danced, his spirit soared. From New York to lands afar, Jose Limon became known as the man who gave the world his own kind of dance.
Susanna Reich's lyrical text and Raul Colon's shimmering artwork tell the story of a boy who was determined to make a difference in the world, and did. Jose Born to Dance will inspire picture book readers to follow their hearts and live their dreams.

Science Dictionary (Paperback): Peter Robson Science Dictionary (Paperback)
Peter Robson
R142 Discovery Miles 1 420 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

This reference includes explanations of over 500 scientific words and phrases. It covers biology, chemistry, and physics as well as elementary electronics and astronomy.

FACTS (Paperback): Susan Martineau FACTS (Paperback)
Susan Martineau; Illustrated by Vicky Barker
R218 R178 Discovery Miles 1 780 Save R40 (18%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Have you heard the one about the flying monk? Do you know how your bike works? What's the fastest animal on Earth? From fantastic flying machines and brave explorers of the world to special effects in the sky and gentle giants under the sea, this beautifully illustrated fact book takes your hand and helps you to understand the world around you. Perfect for little thinkers who like big ideas!

Explanatorium of Science (Hardcover): Dk Explanatorium of Science (Hardcover)
Dk; Foreword by Robert Winston 1
R465 R367 Discovery Miles 3 670 Save R98 (21%) Ships in 7 - 10 working days

Welcome to the Explanatorium - the only science encyclopedia for children you'll ever need, with amazing photography that shows and explains how chemistry, physics, and biology work.

Open up this book to reveal how science really works! Watch as mixtures merge and matter changes state. Discover how some chemical changes can be reversed, yet others can't, and why some reactions produce a bang! See bacteria at work in the world around us, and even inside the human digestive system. Understand the tricks that light plays and unlock the secrets of electricity to find out how it powers your home.

Whether it's elements, evolution, or energy, the world of science is brought to life by stunning photographic explanations that answer the biggest and smallest questions about our Universe.

Packed full of astounding close-up images, Explanatorium of Science is the ultimate guide to how the world works, explaining every aspect of science from gigantic galaxies to tiny cells and miniscule atoms.

Golden Gate Park, An A to Z Adventure (Hardcover): Marta Lindsey Golden Gate Park, An A to Z Adventure (Hardcover)
Marta Lindsey; Illustrated by Michael Wertz
R412 R347 Discovery Miles 3 470 Save R65 (16%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days

Explore California's most visited city park in this A-to-Z adventure! From A for Artist Ruth Asawa's hanging wire creations in the de Young Museum to Z for the Zebra on the carousel in the Koret Children's Quarter, this book leads you around San Francisco's famous Golden Gate Park to reveal a range of fun and surprising facts for tourists and locals alike. Step into art, science, nature, and culture by visiting the park's major attractions, like the serene Japanese Tea Garden; discovering secret destinations, like the magical fairy doors hidden in trees; or just relaxing on the green meadows where the bison roam. Included also at the back of the book is a colorfully illustrated map with extra trivia and details on the park's favorite sights. The board book version of this is available as ABCs of Golden Gate Park.

National Geographic Kids: By The Numbers 3.14 - 110.01 Cool Infographics Packed With Stats and Figures (Paperback): National... National Geographic Kids: By The Numbers 3.14 - 110.01 Cool Infographics Packed With Stats and Figures (Paperback)
National Geographic Kids 1
R201 R164 Discovery Miles 1 640 Save R37 (18%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Discover the amazing world of numbers and the real-world wonders they represent through creative, easy-to-understand infographics!

318,979,564,000: That's the number of ways you can play the first four moves in a chess game. 500: That's the average number of beats per minute of a hummingbird's heart. Colorful illustrated graphs, word clouds, pie charts, maps, photography, comparative images, and more illuminate the math behind statistics, trends, and measurements we encounter every day. Infographics cover popular subjects from science and technology to nature and wildlife, as well as everyday activities like sports and TV. Find fascinating Q&As with math experts such as computer programmers, data artists, and more to show the many ways that math is cool!

My Encyclopedia of Very Important Animals - For Little Animal Lovers Who Want to Know Everything (Hardcover): Dk My Encyclopedia of Very Important Animals - For Little Animal Lovers Who Want to Know Everything (Hardcover)
R250 R219 Discovery Miles 2 190 Save R31 (12%) Ships in 7 - 10 working days

Gold Winner for the Best New Book in the Smallish Design Awards 2017. Silver Winner for the Best Children's Book in the Junior Design Awards 2017. Take a walk on the wild side with this exciting children's book that takes you on a nature-packed journey into the animal kingdom. Part of the popular My Encyclopedia of Very Important... series, this visually stunning encyclopedia for kids is a beautiful gift package with a padded jacket, and is something every young animal lover will want to own. Easily accessible to young readers through a balance of striking, colourful images and conversational, age-appropriate text, this animal encyclopedia will tap into every child's natural curiosity and answer all their biggest wildlife questions. Bursting with fun animal facts and photographs, My Encyclopedia of Very Important Animals includes everything from an in-depth exploration into different types of animals as well as what they eat and where they live, to detailed profiles of amazing animals such as polar bears, chameleons, orangutans, and much, much more - making it the perfect book for children who love animals.

LEGO Star Wars Visual Dictionary (Hardcover, New Edition): Dk LEGO Star Wars Visual Dictionary (Hardcover, New Edition)
Dk 1
R627 R458 Discovery Miles 4 580 Save R169 (27%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Explore the LEGO® Star Wars™ galaxy with this visual guide to the minifigures, vehicles, and sets from the entire Star Wars saga. Discover every detail of the Millennium Falcon, look around the Death Star, examine Poe Dameron's X-wing starfighter, and find out about all your favourite LEGO Star Wars minifigures-from Rey to Darth Vader. Learn how the awesome sets are created in the Beyond the Brick chapter, which features concept art and an interview with the LEGO Star Wars creative team.

The LEGO Star Wars Visual Dictionary - New Edition has been fully updated and expanded to cover the latest LEGO Star Wars sets, and to tell you everything there is to know about LEGO Star Wars. The book also comes with an exciting exclusive LEGO Star Wars minifigure!

©2019 The LEGO Group. © & TM 2019 Lucasfilm Ltd.

Previous edition: 9781409347309

LEGO Harry Potter The Magical Guide to the Wizarding World (Hardcover): Dk LEGO Harry Potter The Magical Guide to the Wizarding World (Hardcover)
Dk 1
R320 R256 Discovery Miles 2 560 Save R64 (20%) Ships in 5 - 10 working days

A world of wizards, witches and magic awaits!

Meet all your favourite LEGO® Harry Potter™ minifigures and discover the secrets hidden within Hogwarts Castle. Relive memorable movie moments, including exciting Quidditch matches and spooky adventures in the Forbidden Forest.

The beautiful cover with gold foil adds extra sparkle and makes this book the perfect gift for LEGO Harry Potter fans!

Bring a little magic into your life with this essential companion to everything LEGO Harry Potter.

HARRY POTTER characters, names and related indicia are © & (TM) Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. Publishing Rights © JKR. (s19). ©2019 The LEGO Group.

First Science Encyclopedia - A First Reference Book for Children (Paperback): Dk First Science Encyclopedia - A First Reference Book for Children (Paperback)
R240 R192 Discovery Miles 1 920 Save R48 (20%) Ships in 5 - 10 working days

Help your child learn all about science with First Science Encyclopedia. Filled with fun science facts about many different subjects, from the human body and animals to facts about space and matter. From the blood and breathing to rocks and minerals, kids will love getting to grips with this exciting encyclopedia. Perfect for homework or just for fun, First Science Encyclopedia is the ideal starting place for young scientists aged 5 and up.

Live Writing Breathing Life into Your Words (Paperback): Fletcher Live Writing Breathing Life into Your Words (Paperback)
R150 R124 Discovery Miles 1 240 Save R26 (17%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days

This book is based on the simple idea that every writer has a "tool box." Instead of awls and hammers, a writer's toolbox contains words, imagination, a love of books, a sense of story, and ideas for how to make the writing live and breathe. I wrote this book to give you some practical strategies to throw into your toolbox. I hope you'll try them, because these are ideas that can make you a better writer.

This book is titled Live Writing, and you may be wondering what I mean by that. Most of us have read (and written!) the opposite kind of writing-dull, drab language that sounds about as interesting as a city phone book. By "live writing" I mean the kind of writing that has a current running through it-energy, electricity, juice. When we read "live writing", the words seem to lift off the page and burrow deep inside us.

Disney Pixar Character Encyclopedia (Hardcover, New Edition): Dk Disney Pixar Character Encyclopedia (Hardcover, New Edition)
Dk 1
R320 R256 Discovery Miles 2 560 Save R64 (20%) Ships in 5 - 10 working days

Do you know your Mike from your Mater? Or your Evelyn from your EVE? Dive into the wonderful world of Disney.Pixar with this colourful, fact-filled guide to your favourite Pixar characters. Find out more about the greatest and funniest heroes, villains, sidekicks and oddballs from across all 21 movies - including the newest characters from Toy Story 4. Whether your favourite character is Woody, Dory, Lightning McQueen, Edna, Bing Bong or Dante, the Disney.Pixar Character Encyclopedia lets you relive their best movie moments and latest adventures, discover special "did you know?" facts, and much more. Now featuring more than 290 characters, this new edition has been updated and expanded to include characters from Monsters University, Inside Out, The Good Dinosaur, Finding Dory, Cars 3, Coco, The Incredibles 2 and Toy Story 4. Wondering what breed of dog lovable Dug is, or who first owned Mrs. Potato Head? Or how far Elastigirl's limbs stretch, or what Sadness does in her spare time? The Disney.Pixar Character Encyclopedia is the book for you!

Space - Pegasus Encyclopedia (Hardcover): Pegasus Space - Pegasus Encyclopedia (Hardcover)
R582 R439 Discovery Miles 4 390 Save R143 (25%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Knowledge enlightens and enriches our minds and also our lives. This section of Pegasus has a wide range of encyclopaedias for children of all ages beginning from preschool to children of 12 to 13 years of age. All the encyclopaedias are full of knowledge presented in an attractive manner.

Ronald Reagan: Young Leader (Paperback, 1st Aladdin Paperbacks ed): Montrew Dunham Ronald Reagan: Young Leader (Paperback, 1st Aladdin Paperbacks ed)
Montrew Dunham
R177 R168 Discovery Miles 1 680 Save R9 (5%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days

The Childhood Of Famous Americans Series

One of the most popular series ever published for young Americans, these classics have been praised alike by parents, teachers, and librarians. With these lively, inspiring, fictionalized biographies -- easily read by children of eight and up -- today's youngster is swept right into history.

Pirates: Dead Men's Tales (Hardcover): Anne Rooney Pirates: Dead Men's Tales (Hardcover)
Anne Rooney; Illustrated by Joe Wilson
R420 R297 Discovery Miles 2 970 Save R123 (29%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

In Pirates: Dead Men's Tales, we explore pirates throughout history and across the globe. We come face-to-face with some of the most villainous and scurrilous rogues ever to sail the seven seas. Included are the notorious Blackbeard, who terrorised the Caribbean and the Atlantic seaboard of America until he met his end in a dramatic shoot-out; and Captain Kidd, who might be the unluckiest pirate of all time, and whose legendary treasure is still sought after. Lavish hand-drawn illustrations bring the real life stories of legendary pirate-rogues to life. With in-depth pirate profiles and highly visual maps and explore all the incredible details of life as a pirate on the high seas.

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