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Business and Public Policy - Innovations in Urban Climate Governance: Voluntary Programs for Low-Carbon Buildings and Cities... Business and Public Policy - Innovations in Urban Climate Governance: Voluntary Programs for Low-Carbon Buildings and Cities (Hardcover)
Jeroen Van der Heijden
R1,764 R1,630 Discovery Miles 16 300 Save R134 (8%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Building on unique data, this book analyses the efficacy of a prominent climate change mitigation strategy: voluntary programs for sustainable buildings and cities. It evaluates the performance of thirty-five voluntary programs from the global north and south, including certification programs, knowledge networks, and novel forms of financing. The author examines them through the lens of club theory, urban transformation theory, and diffusion of innovations theory. Using qualitative comparative analysis (QCA) the book points out the opportunities and constraints of voluntary programs for decarbonising the built environment, and argues for a transformation of their use in climate change mitigation. The book will appeal to readers interested in sustainable city planning, climate change mitigation, and voluntarism as an alternative governance mechanism for achieving socially and environmentally desirable outcomes. The wide diversity of cases from the global north and south generate new insights, and offers practical guidelines for designing effective programs.

The Water-Sustainable City - Science, Policy and Practice (Paperback): David Lewis Feldman The Water-Sustainable City - Science, Policy and Practice (Paperback)
David Lewis Feldman
R568 Discovery Miles 5 680 Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Cities place enormous pressures on freshwater quality and availability because they are often located some distance from the water sources needed by their populations. This fact compels planners to build infrastructure to divert water from increasingly distant outlying rural areas, thus disrupting their social fabric and environment. In addition, increasing urbanization due to population growth, economic change, and sprawl places huge burdens upon the institutions, as well as the infrastructure, that deliver, protect, and treat urban water. This book assesses the challenges facing the world's cities in providing reliable, safe, and plentiful supplies through infrastructural, economic, legal, and political strategies. The book considers engineering, social science, and built environment issues, with close examination of experiences in California and Australia, and their global implications. It addresses urban stream syndrome and related issues' and includes historical as well as contemporary insights into water sustainability in cities. Conservation, wastewater re-use, green infrastructure innovations, and the water-energy nexus from the vantage point of urban water management are discussed in depth. The authors conclude that while throughout history cities have faced the twin challenges of too much - or too little - water at inopportune times, the impact of climate extremes on cities makes low-impact developments especially relevant. This comprehensive and timely assessment of the world's urban water-sustainability challenges will be of great interest to both students and academics in the field as well as urban water professionals and decision-makers.

Going Green - True Tales from Gleaners, Scavengers, and Dumpster Divers (Paperback): Laura Pritchett Going Green - True Tales from Gleaners, Scavengers, and Dumpster Divers (Paperback)
Laura Pritchett
R430 Discovery Miles 4 300 Shipped within 7 - 11 working days

Never mind the Ph.D. and middle-class trappings--Laura Pritchett is a Dumpster diver and proud of it. Ever since she was old enough to navigate the contents of a metal bin, she has reveled in the treasures found in other people's cast-offs.

For "Going Green," Pritchett has gathered the work of more than twenty writers to tell their personal stories of Dumpster diving, eating road kill, salvaging plastic from the beach, and forgoing another trip to the mall for the thrill of bargain hunting at yard sales and flea markets. These stories look not just at the many ways people glean but also at the larger, thornier issues dealing with what re-using--or not--says about our culture and priorities.

The essayists speak to the joys of going beyond the norm to save old houses, old dishwater, old cultures, old Popsicle sticks, and old friendships--and turning them into something new. Some write about gleaning as a means of survival, while others see the practice as a rejection of consumerism or as a way of treading lightly on the earth.

Brimming with practical and creative new ways to think about recycling, this collection invites you to dive in and find your own way of going green.

Coastal Hydrogeology (Hardcover): Jimmy Jiao, Vincent Post Coastal Hydrogeology (Hardcover)
Jimmy Jiao, Vincent Post
R1,150 R1,089 Discovery Miles 10 890 Save R61 (5%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Water resources are of enormous societal and ecological importance. In coastal areas, they are under ever greater pressure due to population growth, more affluent lifestyles, food production and the growing tourism industry. Changes to the coastal landscape, through urbanization and land reclamation, and by natural processes such as climate change and sea level rise, modify the interaction between seawater and groundwater, and put water resources at risk. This comprehensive volume presents a detailed overview of coastal hydrogeology. It discusses hydrochemistry; submarine groundwater discharge; groundwater management; palaeo-hydrology; land reclamation; climate change and sea level rise; and mathematical models of variable-density flow. With its up-to-date coverage and numerous case studies that illustrate practical implications, it is perfect for students, practitioners, managers and researchers who wish to develop an in-depth understanding of topics relevant to sustainably managing coastal groundwater resources.

We Can All Live Green - Simple Steps to Save Money, Stay Healthy, and Support the Planet (Paperback): Jennifer Noonan We Can All Live Green - Simple Steps to Save Money, Stay Healthy, and Support the Planet (Paperback)
Jennifer Noonan
R227 R184 Discovery Miles 1 840 Save R43 (19%) Shipped within 7 - 11 working days

This is the green book for Middle Americans who'd like to be shown why and how "going green" makes economic sense. With simple tips, a friendly voice, and step-by-step practical information, the book offers smart consumer choices that benefit health, pocketbook, and the environment. A gift book, its pages have high visual interest, with sidebars, "in a nutshell" factoids, action items, and buyer's guides. Appendices include product source lists, green lifestyle websites, and a science and environment section for 101-style background information.

North American Maria Thun Biodynamic Almanac 2020, 2020 (Paperback): Matthias Thun North American Maria Thun Biodynamic Almanac 2020, 2020 (Paperback)
Matthias Thun 1
R184 R149 Discovery Miles 1 490 Save R35 (19%) Shipped within 7 - 11 working days

The 2020 North American Maria Thun biodynamic almanac, with Eastern Standard Time dates and times, now in its 58th year. This useful guide shows the optimum days for sowing, pruning, and harvesting various plants and crops, as well as working with bees. It includes Thun's unique insights, which go above and beyond the standard information presented in some other lunar calendars. It is presented in colour with clear symbols and explanations. The almanac includes a pullout wallchart that can be pinned up in a barn, workshop or garage as a handy quick reference.

Sustainability - A History (Paperback): Jeremy L Caradonna Sustainability - A History (Paperback)
Jeremy L Caradonna
R340 R271 Discovery Miles 2 710 Save R69 (20%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

The word is nearly ubiquitous: at the grocery store we shop for "sustainable foods" that were produced from "sustainable agriculture"; groups ranging from small advocacy organizations to city and state governments to the United Nations tout "sustainable development" as a strategy for local and global stability; and woe betide the city-dweller who doesn't aim for a "sustainable lifestyle." Seeming to have come out of nowhere to dominate the discussion-from permaculture to renewable energy to the local food movement-the ideas that underlie and define sustainability can be traced back several centuries. In this illuminating and fascinating primer, Jeremy L. Caradonna does just that, approaching sustainability from a historical perspective and revealing the conditions that gave it shape. Locating the underpinnings of the movement as far back as the 1660s, Caradonna considers the origins of sustainability across many fields throughout Europe and North America. Taking us from the emergence of thoughts guiding sustainable yield forestry in the late 17th and 18th centuries, through the challenges of the Industrial Revolution, the birth of the environmental movement, and the emergence of a concrete effort to promote a balanced approach to development in the latter half of the 20th century, he shows that while sustainability draws upon ideas of social justice, ecological economics, and environmental conservation, it is more than the sum of its parts and blends these ideas together into a dynamic philosophy. Caradonna's book broadens our understanding of what "sustainability" means, revealing how it progressed from a relatively marginal concept to an ideal that shapes everything from individual lifestyles, government and corporate strategies, and even national and international policy. For anyone seeking understand the history of those striving to make the world a better place to live, here's a place to start.

Ullmann's Food and Feed, 3 Volume Set (Hardcover): Wiley-VCH Ullmann's Food and Feed, 3 Volume Set (Hardcover)
R9,489 Discovery Miles 94 890 Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

A compilation of 58 carefully selected, topical articles from the Ullmann's Encyclopedia of Industrial Chemistry, this three-volume handbook provides a wealth of information on economically important basic foodstuffs, raw materials, additives, and processed foods, including a section on animal feed. It brings together the chemical and physical characteristics, production processes and production figures, main uses, toxicology and safety information in one single resource. More than 40 % of the content has been added or updated since publication of the 7th edition of the Encyclopedia in 2011 and is available here in print for the first time. The result is a "best of Ullmann's", bringing the vast knowledge to the desks of professionals in the food and feed industries.

Making Cities Resilient (Hardcover, 1st ed. 2019): Vishwa Raj Sharma, Chandrakanta Making Cities Resilient (Hardcover, 1st ed. 2019)
Vishwa Raj Sharma, Chandrakanta
R3,330 R2,580 Discovery Miles 25 800 Save R750 (23%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

As the world has transformed, so have cities. Today, cities are home to 54 percent of the world's population, and by the middle of this century that figure will likely rise to 66 percent. According to the United Nations (UN) Habitat I (1972), Habitat II (1996) and Habitat III (2016) summits, cities are facing many serious challenges, including growing inequality, security concerns and the worsening impacts of climate change. Uncontrolled urbanization has led to many problems (haphazard growth of areas, emergence of slums, inadequate water and power supply, poor sanitation, shortage of transport and other civic amenities, shrinking green spaces, pollution, crime, and urban disaster risks such as fire, flood, road and industrial accidents, etc.). Worldwide, communities at the international, national and local level are continuously working to improve human habitats. In order to make our planet more sustainable, the UN has moved from the Millennium Development Goals (MDG) to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). Among the latter, the aim of SDG 11 is to "...make cities and human settlements inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable." In light of these challenges, various terms have emerged to help understand urban issues. Visualizing the problem, the United Nations program "Making Cities Resilient" is focused on mitigating the disaster risk in urban areas. This book analyzes terms such as: sustainable, resilient, livable, inclusive, smart and world class city, which have emerged in the process of combating urban challenges in today's world. The book addresses emerging concepts for cities, challenges and potentials, urban environments, health and planning/policies. Covering 14 large cities in India, as well as case studies from Japan, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Poland and Sweden, it provides a regional dimension to and micro-level perspective on urban issues.

Lighting The World - Transforming Our Energy Future by Bringing Electricity to Everyone (Hardcover): Jim Rogers, Stephen P.... Lighting The World - Transforming Our Energy Future by Bringing Electricity to Everyone (Hardcover)
Jim Rogers, Stephen P. Williams
R365 R310 Discovery Miles 3 100 Save R55 (15%) Shipped within 4 - 8 working days

1.2 billion people on Earth still don't have electricity. Even where cell phones are now common, like sub-Saharan Africa and parts of India, villagers still walk miles to charge them. But new large-scale, sustainable solutions will not only usher in a new era of light, but be an important first step in lifting people from poverty and putting them on a road of sustainable economic development. Also, a unique, transforming opportunity for Western thinkers and practitioners will be created. These areas have largely skipped the analog stage of power development, and have moved straight from the middle ages to the digital age. They are not encumbered by existing infrastructure, dependence on fossil fuels, or too many outdated laws and regulations. An ideal innovation incubator, the developing world might just be the best way to make progress on our own energy issues at home. Jim Rogers is leading a grand collaborative effort to bring sustainable, clean electrical power to everyone who lacks it. This reverse engineering, he contends, could solve the energy crises of America and Europe, while also making the world a cleaner, smarter place. But it won't be easy. In Lighting the World, Rogers details the bold thinking, international cooperation, and political will required to illuminate the future for everyone.

Sharing Cities - A Case for Truly Smart and Sustainable Cities (Hardcover): Duncan McLaren, Julian Agyeman Sharing Cities - A Case for Truly Smart and Sustainable Cities (Hardcover)
Duncan McLaren, Julian Agyeman
R635 R494 Discovery Miles 4 940 Save R141 (22%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

How cities can build on the "sharing economy" and smart technology to deliver a "sharing paradigm" that supports justice, solidarity, and sustainability. The future of humanity is urban, and the nature of urban space enables, and necessitates, sharing -- of resources, goods and services, experiences. Yet traditional forms of sharing have been undermined in modern cities by social fragmentation and commercialization of the public realm. In Sharing Cities, Duncan McLaren and Julian Agyeman argue that the intersection of cities' highly networked physical space with new digital technologies and new mediated forms of sharing offers cities the opportunity to connect smart technology to justice, solidarity, and sustainability. McLaren and Agyeman explore the opportunities and risks for sustainability, solidarity, and justice in the changing nature of sharing. McLaren and Agyeman propose a new "sharing paradigm," which goes beyond the faddish "sharing economy" -- seen in such ventures as Uber and TaskRabbit -- to envision models of sharing that are not always commercial but also communal, encouraging trust and collaboration. Detailed case studies of San Francisco, Seoul, Copenhagen, Medellin, Amsterdam, and Bengaluru (formerly Bangalore) contextualize the authors' discussions of collaborative consumption and production; the shared public realm, both physical and virtual; the design of sharing to enhance equity and justice; and the prospects for scaling up the sharing paradigm though city governance. They show how sharing could shift values and norms, enable civic engagement and political activism, and rebuild a shared urban commons. Their case for sharing and solidarity offers a powerful alternative for urban futures to conventional "race-to-the-bottom" narratives of competition, enclosure, and division.

The Hindu Kush Himalaya Assessment - Mountains, Climate Change, Sustainability and People (Paperback, 1st ed. 2019): Philippus... The Hindu Kush Himalaya Assessment - Mountains, Climate Change, Sustainability and People (Paperback, 1st ed. 2019)
Philippus Wester, Arabinda Mishra, Aditi Mukherji, Arun Bhakta Shrestha
R1,225 R1,024 Discovery Miles 10 240 Save R201 (16%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

This open access volume is the first comprehensive assessment of the Hindu Kush Himalaya (HKH) region. It comprises important scientific research on the social, economic, and environmental pillars of sustainable mountain development and will serve as a basis for evidence-based decision-making to safeguard the environment and advance people's well-being. The compiled content is based on the collective knowledge of over 300 leading researchers, experts and policymakers, brought together by the Hindu Kush Himalayan Monitoring and Assessment Programme (HIMAP) under the coordination of the International Centre for Integrated Mountain Development (ICIMOD). This assessment was conducted between 2013 and 2017 as the first of a series of monitoring and assessment reports, under the guidance of the HIMAP Steering Committee: Eklabya Sharma (ICIMOD), Atiq Raman (Bangladesh), Yuba Raj Khatiwada (Nepal), Linxiu Zhang (China), Surendra Pratap Singh (India), Tandong Yao (China) and David Molden (ICIMOD and Chair of the HIMAP SC). This First HKH Assessment Report consists of 16 chapters, which comprehensively assess the current state of knowledge of the HKH region, increase the understanding of various drivers of change and their impacts, address critical data gaps and develop a set of evidence-based and actionable policy solutions and recommendations. These are linked to nine mountain priorities for the mountains and people of the HKH consistent with the Sustainable Development Goals. This book is a must-read for policy makers, academics and students interested in this important region and an essentially important resource for contributors to global assessments such as the IPCC reports.

Global Deforestation (Hardcover): Christiane Runyan, Paolo D'odorico Global Deforestation (Hardcover)
Christiane Runyan, Paolo D'odorico
R1,247 R1,177 Discovery Miles 11 770 Save R70 (6%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Global Deforestation provides a concise but comprehensive examination of the variety of ways in which deforestation modifies environmental processes, as well as the societal implications of these changes. The book stresses how forest ecosystems may be prone to nearly irreversible degradation. To prevent the loss of important biophysical and socioeconomic functions, forests need to be adequately managed and protected against the increasing demand for agricultural land and forest resources. The book describes the spatial extent of forests, and provides an understanding of the past and present drivers of deforestation. It presents a theoretical background to understand the impacts of deforestation on biodiversity, hydrological functioning, biogeochemical cycling, and climate. It bridges the physical and biological sciences with the social sciences by examining economic impacts and socioeconomic drivers of deforestation. This book will appeal to advanced students, researchers and policymakers in environmental science, ecology, forestry, hydrology, plant science, ecohydrology, and environmental economics.

Grassfed to Finish - A Production Guide to Gourmet Grass-Finished Beef (Paperback): Allan Nation Grassfed to Finish - A Production Guide to Gourmet Grass-Finished Beef (Paperback)
Allan Nation
R746 R571 Discovery Miles 5 710 Save R175 (23%) Shipped within 7 - 11 working days
Green Extraction of Natural Products - Theory and Practice (Hardcover): Farid Chemat, Jochen Strube Green Extraction of Natural Products - Theory and Practice (Hardcover)
Farid Chemat, Jochen Strube
R3,202 R2,584 Discovery Miles 25 840 Save R618 (19%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Extraction processes are essential steps in numerous industrial applications from perfume over pharmaceutical to fine chemical industry. Nowadays, there are three key aspects in industrial extraction processes: economy and quality, as well as environmental considerations. This book presents a complete picture of current knowledge on green extraction in terms of innovative processes, original methods, alternative solvents and safe products, and provides the necessary theoretical background as well as industrial application examples and environmental impacts. Each chapter is written by experts in the field and the strong focus on green chemistry throughout the book makes this book a unique reference source. This book is intended to be a first step towards a future cooperation in a new extraction of natural products, built to improve both fundamental and green parameters of the techniques and to increase the amount of extracts obtained from renewable resources with a minimum consumption of energy and solvents, and the maximum safety for operators and the environment.

Renewable Energy - Power for a Sustainable Future (Paperback, 4th Revised edition): Stephen Peake Renewable Energy - Power for a Sustainable Future (Paperback, 4th Revised edition)
Stephen Peake
R1,124 Discovery Miles 11 240 Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

The provision of sustainable energy supplies for an expanding and increasingly productive world is one of the major issues facing civilisation today. Renewable Energy examines both the practical and economic potential of the renewable energy sources to meet this challenge. The underlying physical and technological principles behind deriving power from direct solar (solar thermal and photovoltaics), indirect solar (biomass, hydro, wind and wave) and non-solar (tidal and geothermal) energy sources are explained, within the context of their environmental impacts, their economics and their future prospects. Renewable Energy provides both perspective and detail on the relative merits and state of progress of technologies for utilizing the various 'renewables'. The analysis considers emissions, sustainability, cost implications and energy security, as political and economic pressures move society towards a low-carbon future. From an overview of basic energy conversion processes, through a discussion of the individual renewable sources, to a concluding examination of the prospects for their integration into national and international networks and the outlook for renewable energy, this book provides a valuable insight into prospects for the renewables. Online resources Renewable Energy is accompanied by online resources which include: For students: * Auto- marked multiple choice questions to accompany each chapter * Curated links to further information and up-to-date energy statistics. For registered adopters of the book: * Figures from the book: available to download for use in lectures

A Guide to EU Renewable Energy Policy - Comparing Europeanization and Domestic Policy Change in Eu Member States (Hardcover):... A Guide to EU Renewable Energy Policy - Comparing Europeanization and Domestic Policy Change in Eu Member States (Hardcover)
Israel Solorio, Helge Jorgens
R2,427 Discovery Miles 24 270 Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

The European Union's renewable energy policy is one of the most ambitious attempts to facilitate a transition towards more sustainable energy systems. This book provides a comprehensive guide to the policy and its implementation. It contains key case studies for understanding how member states have shaped the policy, how the EU has affected the policies of its member states and how renewable energy policies have diffused horizontally. An analysis of its external dimension is also included. This remarkable guide is the first comprehensive attempt to shed light on the complex dynamics of renewable energy promotion in the European multilevel system. Theoretically driven, the study employs Europeanization as an analytical framework for assessing policy change, both at the EU level and in the member states, and compares the development of renewable energy policies in the electricity and transport sectors from the 1980s to the present. Comprising contributions from leading scholars, the book is an indispensible guide for academics, researchers and students interested in EU energy and climate policies in general and EU renewable energy policy specifically, as well as practitioners and stakeholders involved in renewable energy policy and climate protection.

Contingent Valuation of Environmental Goods - A Comprehensive Critique (Hardcover): Daniel McFadden, Kenneth Train Contingent Valuation of Environmental Goods - A Comprehensive Critique (Hardcover)
Daniel McFadden, Kenneth Train
R2,426 Discovery Miles 24 260 Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Contingent valuation is a survey-based procedure that attempts to estimate how much households are willing to pay for specific programs that improve the environment or prevent environmental degradation. For decades, the method has been the center of debate regarding its reliability: does it really measure the value that people place on environmental changes? Bringing together leading voices in the field, this timely book tells a unified story about the interrelated features of contingent valuation and how those features affect its reliability. Through empirical analysis and review of past studies, the authors identify important deficiencies in the procedure, raising questions about the technique's continued use. Individual chapters investigate how respondents answer questions in contingent valuation surveys, with a particular focus on how the procedure's estimates change based on the costs that the researcher specifies, the payment mechanism, and the scope of the environmental improvement. Other issues covered include whether the survey respondents make trade-offs between the program costs and benefits; and whether corrections can be applied to account for any misunderstanding of the questions by respondents and for the hypothetical nature of the survey. This book will appeal to environmental economists and students in environmental and resource economics. Government staff at environmental agencies and survey researchers will benefit from the close analysis of previous applications.

The Hunter-Gatherer Way - Putting Back the Apple (Paperback, 3rd edition): Ffyona Campbell The Hunter-Gatherer Way - Putting Back the Apple (Paperback, 3rd edition)
Ffyona Campbell
R230 R191 Discovery Miles 1 910 Save R39 (17%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

The Hunter-Gatherer Way is about the adventures the author had after she finished walking around the world. It begins with the journey she made with some Aboriginal women in North West Australia where she learned a kind of logic we've long forgotten in Britain and when she returned to the UK, she applied what they'd taught her. After 10 years of work, she realised she'd discovered the lost route we used as hunter-gatherers in Britain. The discovery of how we actually fit into nature in every season is having an amazing effect on people: they express how deeply this is touching their soul, opening their eyes to the lost world around us and the missing link they've always been looking for. It was the same for the author, with every discovery, she felt a huge "aha!" moment as her understanding of our rightful place in the world suddenly opened up and developed into a whole new sphere; sphere after sphere. Campbell was also determined to find out what had happened to us to separate us from the way of life we must have loved so much. After 15 years of piecing together the fragments of knowledge left in our myths and legends and cultural history, she finally worked it out. This book is the starting point for your own journey of discovery, to show you how to find the lost heavens of our lives, and how to open up your intuitive thinking to a level that only you, as a hunter-gatherer, can do. This is the long awaited fourth book of bestseller Ffyona Campbell, author of: On Foot Through Africa (Orion); The Whole Story, a walk around the world (Orion); Feet of Clay (Orion). Ffyona was the first woman to walk around the world. She covered 32,000 kilometres (20,000 mi) over 11 years and raised GBP180,000 for charity.

Handbook of Water Economics (Paperback): Ariel Dinar, Kurt Schwabe Handbook of Water Economics (Paperback)
Ariel Dinar, Kurt Schwabe
R1,008 Discovery Miles 10 080 Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

This comprehensive Handbook explores the role that economics plays in water resource use, management, and policy. The contributors cover a continuum of topics that individually and jointly represent the state of the art of water economics. Leading scholars demonstrate ways in which economic theory, tools, and analyses have been used to address a variety of water-related issues over the years and, subsequently, to create better-informed policy and management decisions. Acknowledging and building upon the seminal research related to water economics, this book offers a current and provocative exploration of a variety of topics, including: * the role of institutions in developing sound water policy and water sustainability * extraction, production, and use of surface water, groundwater, and recycled water, including the conjunctive use of these resources * the use of water in industrial, residential, agricultural, and hydropower sectors as well as for the environment and ecosystems * the role of experimental economics; methods to address climate change effects and adaptation; developments in the field of nonmarket valuation; approaches to nonpoint source pollution control and salinity pollution; issues related to water in the developing world; water and economic growth; and management of international water. The Handbook of Water Economics will prove to be an enlightening, thought-provoking, and practical read for PhD students, researchers in water economics and management, water-related agency staff, and professionals interested in water-related economic issues at the local, state, national, and international levels.

Winner Take All - China's Race For Resources and What It Means For Us (Paperback): Dambisa Moyo Winner Take All - China's Race For Resources and What It Means For Us (Paperback)
Dambisa Moyo 1
R231 R157 Discovery Miles 1 570 Save R74 (32%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Our planet's resources are running out. The media bombards us with constant warnings of impending shortages of fossil fuels, minerals, arable land, and water and the political Armageddon that will result as insatiable global demand far outstrips supply. But how true is this picture? In Winner Take All, Dambisa Moyo cuts through the misconceptions and noise surrounding resource scarcity with a penetrating analysis of what really is at stake. China, Moyo reveals, has embarked on one of the greatest commodity rushes in history. Tracing its breathtaking quest for resources - from Africa to Latin America, North America to Europe - she examines the impact it is having on us all, and its profound implications for our future.

Law and Policy for a New Economy - Sustainable, Just, and Democratic (Hardcover): Melissa K. Scanlan Law and Policy for a New Economy - Sustainable, Just, and Democratic (Hardcover)
Melissa K. Scanlan
R2,423 Discovery Miles 24 230 Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

The current political economic system is misaligned for meeting the global imperatives of rapidly reducing greenhouse gases and sharing wealth more equitably. This book makes the case for a new environmentalism that implements a systems change approach to reorient the economy to be more sustainable, just, and democratic. This book addresses the laws and policies needed to support the emergence of a new economy across a variety of major areas - including energy, food, common pool resources, and the shifting of investments to capitalize locally-connected and mission-driven businesses. The contributors take the approach that these challenges are much broader than setting parameters around pollution, and indeed go to the heart of the dominant global political economy. The authors also explore the values needed to transform our current economic system into a new economy supportive of ecological integrity, social justice, and vibrant democracy. Law and Policy for a New Economy: Sustainable, Just, and Democratic will appeal to those interested in environmental law, climate change, environmental studies, political ecology and environmental economics.

Business, Organized Labour and Climate Policy - Forging a Role at the Negotiating Table (Hardcover): Peter Glynn, Timothy... Business, Organized Labour and Climate Policy - Forging a Role at the Negotiating Table (Hardcover)
Peter Glynn, Timothy Cadman, Tek N. Maraseni
R1,946 Discovery Miles 19 460 Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Business, Organized Labour and Climate Policy examines the current lack of effective action in bridging the gap between climate change goals and governmental policies. With little published about the role of employers' organizations and trade unions in the climate change policy process, this book evaluates their involvement and argues that labour market considerations should be a central element of climate change policy. The study applies ecological modernization theory as a framework to guide policy development and negotiation. Application of the framework finds that employers' organizations and trade unions are effective civil society advocates, but responding to the labour market implications of climate change is neither institutionally embedded nor prioritized. Included are case studies of climate change policy in six developed and two developing economies, as well as within organizations such as the European Union and the UNFCCC. The emergence of labour issues in formal climate agreements demonstrates the impact that climate change is having on the broader economy and employment, and the need for business and labour to take concrete action. Providing an invaluable reference for policy development, this work will appeal to academics and students, as well as employers' organizations and trade unions. This book provides a unique perspective on key stakeholding organizations in climate change policy and presents a platform for engaging with government.

Wildly Successful Farming - Sustainability and the New Agricultural Land Ethic (Hardcover): Brian Devore Wildly Successful Farming - Sustainability and the New Agricultural Land Ethic (Hardcover)
Brian Devore
R515 R406 Discovery Miles 4 060 Save R109 (21%) Shipped within 7 - 11 working days

Wildly Successful Farming tells the stories of farmers across the American Midwest who are balancing profitability and food production with environmental sustainability and a passion for all things wild. They are using innovative techniques and strategies to develop their ""wildly"" successful farms as working ecosystems. Whether producing grain, vegetables, fruit, meat, or milk, these next-generation agrarians look beyond the bottom line of the spreadsheet to the biological activity on the land as key measures of success. Written by agricultural journalist Brian DeVore, the book is based on interviews he has conducted at farms, wildlife refuges, laboratories, test plots, and gardens over the past twenty-five years. He documents innovations in cover cropping, managed rotational grazing, perennial polyculture, and integrated pest management. His accounts provide insight into the impacts regenerative farming methods can have on wildlife, water, landscape, soils, and rural communities and suggest ways all of us can support wildly successful farmers.

Handbook on the Economics and Management of Sustainable Oceans (Hardcover): Paulo A.L.D. Nunes, Anil Markandya Handbook on the Economics and Management of Sustainable Oceans (Hardcover)
Paulo A.L.D. Nunes, Anil Markandya
R4,937 Discovery Miles 49 370 Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

As governments around the world work towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goals by 2030, the trans-disciplinary topic of ocean management is fast being recognized as one of the most important challenges of the twenty-first century. This timely Handbook takes stock of the state of knowledge on ecosystem services derived from coastal and marine areas and offers innovative proposals for the future of this important topic. The Handbook on the Economics and Management of Sustainable Oceans brings together a carefully chosen collection of world-class contributions from ecology, economics and other development sciences. It provides policy-relevant scientific information on key topics such as ecosystem services from marine and coastal ecosystems and the nuances of economic valuation. Detailed chapters also consider relevant legal and sociological response policies for effective management of marine areas for enhanced human well-being. This comprehensive Handbook will be essential reading for advanced students and academics in economics, environment studies and resource management. The contributors also focus on the nexus of science-society and science-policy with the objective of educating decision-makers in governmental agencies, industry and civil society.

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Edward B. Barbier Paperback R769 Discovery Miles 7 690