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Human Impacts on Salt Marshes - A Global Perspective (Hardcover, New): Brian R. Silliman, Mark D. Bertness, Edwin D. Grosholz Human Impacts on Salt Marshes - A Global Perspective (Hardcover, New)
Brian R. Silliman, Mark D. Bertness, Edwin D. Grosholz
R1,515 R1,125 Discovery Miles 11 250 Save R390 (26%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Salt marshes are vitally important coastal ecosystems that filter water, buffer against storm erosion, and provide essential nursery habitat for important fishery species. Long thought to be resistant to ecological perturbations, salt marshes are now known to be highly sensitive indicators of environmental change and impacts. This state-of-the-science volume details how humans have modified salt marshes around the world and why these critical habitats desperately need protection. It also offers clear recommendations about what should be done to re mediate current threats and restore the structure and function of salt marsh ecosystems.

The Environmental Movement (Hardcover): Liz Sonneborn The Environmental Movement (Hardcover)
Liz Sonneborn; Series edited by Tim McNeese
R723 R660 Discovery Miles 6 600 Save R63 (9%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

The Environmental Movement introduces readers to this significant movement, which arose in the United States in the late 1800s in response to the nation's dwindling forests and the pollution caused by a greater number of factories. The abundant photographs and vibrant text chronicles the accomplishments of conservationists such as Gifford Pinchot and John Muir, who helped the movement gain a foothold in the United States. This useful book also details how environmentalism has become a global effort, led by organizations such as Greenpeace and the World Wildlife Fund.

Igniting A Revolution - Voices in Defense of the Earth (Paperback): Steven Fischler, Joel Sucher Igniting A Revolution - Voices in Defense of the Earth (Paperback)
Steven Fischler, Joel Sucher
R369 R286 Discovery Miles 2 860 Save R83 (22%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

From laboratory bombings to the destruction of ski resorts, this emerging new militancy has been steadily upping the political ante. This anthology features a range of voices- from academics to armed revolutionaries - that explore this new form of political struggle.

The Green Agenda in American Politics - New Strategies for the Twenty-First Century (Paperback): Robert J. Duffy The Green Agenda in American Politics - New Strategies for the Twenty-First Century (Paperback)
Robert J. Duffy
R458 R428 Discovery Miles 4 280 Save R30 (7%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Organizations such as the Sierra Club and Friends of the Earth are familiar to anyone with an interest in environmental protection. As activist groups, they played by the same rules for years. But in 1994, the rules changed.

With the Republican takeover of Congress, environmental groups faced sweeping changes in federal policies that threatened the enforcement of environmental laws. As these organizations intensified their efforts to meet these challenges, they also altered their electoral strategies and political spending patterns. This book traces those actions and shows what they mean for the future of environmentalism in the political arena.

While environmental advocacy groups have become bigger and better funded in recent years, so have the corporate interests that compete with them for the attention of public and politicians. The Green Agenda in American Politics offers a new look at environmental advocacy that focuses on contemporary lobbying, electioneering, and agenda setting in this new context.

Drawing on interviews with activists from a wide range of organizations, Robert Duffy describes what environmental groups actually do when lobbying officials or the public. He examines activity at both national and state levels to emphasize their growing use of websites, email, and action alert networks to conduct more sophisticated grassroots campaigns, and he shows how they are devoting more funds to unregulated forms of spending such as independent expenditure, issue advocacy advertising, and public education campaigns.

Duffy also tracks emerging trends in interest group politics and provides an overview of activism through the early 1990s. He then documents the emergence of more aggressive action after 1994, such as providing campaign services to candidates and mounting voter registration drives. He also shows how state and local groups have begun to play more important roles in the wake of the rollback of federal environmental regulations.

Brimming with new insights into interest group lobbies in general and contemporary environmental groups in particular, Duffy's book opens a new window on the influence of Big Money in the supposedly democratic electoral process.

The Fight to Save the Redwoods - A History of Environmental Reform, 1917-1978 (Paperback, First): Susan R Schrepfer The Fight to Save the Redwoods - A History of Environmental Reform, 1917-1978 (Paperback, First)
Susan R Schrepfer
R567 R525 Discovery Miles 5 250 Save R42 (7%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

"This is not a simple or ordinary history of a conservation crusade. Schrepfer very ably traces the changes in scientific wisdom from nineteenth-century romanticism and teleological evolutionism to more current ecological dynamism--and the influence of those intellectual developments on political history. . . . The subject is important--much broader than the title suggests--and so is the book."--"American Historical Review"

A Passion for Wildlife - The History of the Canadian Wildlife Service (Hardcover, illustrated edition): J.Alexander Burnett A Passion for Wildlife - The History of the Canadian Wildlife Service (Hardcover, illustrated edition)
J.Alexander Burnett
R1,939 R1,570 Discovery Miles 15 700 Save R369 (19%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

A Passion for Wildlife chronicles the history of the Canadian Wildlife Service and the evolution of Canadian wildlife policy over its first half century. It presents the exploits and the accomplishments of a group of men and women whose dedication to the ideals of science, conservation, and a shared vision of Canada as a country that treasures its natural heritage has earned them the respect of their profession around the world. Drawing on interviews and anecdotes, personal correspondence, and the published record, the book addresses topics as varied as game law enforcement, field biology, habitat conservation, environmental education, toxicology, federal-provincial relations, and international diplomacy. Accessible to anyone interested in nature, it will appeal particularly to wildlife managers, scientists, and naturalists, as well as students of biology, wildlife technology, and environmental studies.

Environmental Justice and the New Pluralism - The Challenge of Difference for Environmentalism (Paperback, Remastered and):... Environmental Justice and the New Pluralism - The Challenge of Difference for Environmentalism (Paperback, Remastered and)
David Schlosberg
R1,304 Discovery Miles 13 040 Shipped within 7 - 11 working days

In the first ever theoretical treatment of the environmental justice movement, David Schlosberg demonstrates the development of a new form of 'critical' pluralism, in both theory and practice. Taking into account the evolution of environmentalism and pluralism over the course of the century, the author argues that the environmental justice movement and new pluralist theories now represent a considerable challenge to both conventional pluralist thought and the practices of the major groups in the US environmental movement. Much of recent political theory has been aimed at how to acknowledge and recognize, rather than deny, the diversity inherent in contemporary life. In practice, the myriad ways people define and experience the 'environment' has given credence to a form of environmentalism that takes difference seriously. The environmental justice movement, with its base in diversity, its networked structure, and its communicative practices and demands, exemplifies the attempt to design political practices beyond those one would expect from a standard interest group in the conventional pluralist model.

Earth Rising - American Environmentalism In The 21St Century (Paperback, None Ed.): Philip Shabecoff Earth Rising - American Environmentalism In The 21St Century (Paperback, None Ed.)
Philip Shabecoff
R480 R422 Discovery Miles 4 220 Save R58 (12%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

"The mission of environmentalism is to mobilize society at all levels to confront the danger and disorder into which human activity has propelled us and guide us to a safer, saner way of living on the planet.... Environmentalism has never been about catastrophe. It is about alternatives, about changing course, about transforming the future." --Philip Shabecoff, from Earth Rising Philip Shabecoff, America's preeminent environmental journalist, has spent more than two decades thinking and writing about the environment and related subjects, as a reporter for "The New York Times," as publisher of "Greenwire," and as the author of two books, including the critically acclaimed "A Fierce Green Fire." In "Earth Rising," he draws on that experience to offer a pointed and thought-provoking critique of the current state and future prospects of the American environmental movement.Based on extensive interviews with a wide range of individuals both within and outside of the movement, Shabecoff elucidates the issues and problems confronting today's environmentalists and analyzes the movement's strengths and weaknesses. Viewing environmental threats as symptoms of flaws in our society and its systems, he considers the urgent need for a broader, more inclusive environmentalism, and examines the role environmentalists can -- and must -- play in: reforming the education system taming the global economy and making it an instrument of human needs working for political reform, including reducing the influence of corporate spending on the electoral process directing the course of the scientific enterprise as well as making use of its results helping develop a new moral center for people throughout the nationand the world Throughout, Shabecoff emphasizes the need for national organizations to link together with grassroots groups and to become more responsive to local concerns, and argues that the environmental movement has not yet adequately prepared itself to meet current and coming challenges. He makes a compelling case that another wave of environmentalism is needed -- more powerful, diverse and sophisticated, visionary and flexible. "Earth Rising" offers a detailed road map that can guide environmentalists toward that new and reenergized place in society.

A History of Environmental Politics Since 1945 (Paperback): Samuel P. Hays A History of Environmental Politics Since 1945 (Paperback)
Samuel P. Hays
R787 R715 Discovery Miles 7 150 Save R72 (9%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Long before public life in America was enlivened with such dramatic sound bites as acid rain, global warming, rain forests and the ozone layer, Samuel P. Hays was well launched in his career of tracking environmental politics. His first foray, a book on the early 20th century conservation movement, published in 1958, helped to launch environmental history as a field, and his continued writings after coming to the University of Pittsburgh in 1960 helped to bring the field to full flower. Now he has produced another volley which promises to continue to energize this growing and dynamic field of study, ""A History of Environmental Politics Since 1945"". Hays provides an overview of environmental politics during the last half century, both in its formative and in its maturing years, that will be useful to those who are actively engaged in environmental affairs and those who wish to watch and assess it from the sidelines. His themes are both simple and diverse. His overall focus is on the emergence of an environmental culture that has engaged millions of Americans in varied ways of thought and action, on the one hand, and the intense opposition to that drive on the other. Hays traces these themes through a wide range of issues such as the role of nature in an urban society; pollution and its causes and effects; the impact of an ever increasing population and its voracious appetite to consume. At the same time, he follows these threads through science, technology, economics, management, the structure of politics and the results of policy. ""A History of Environmental Politics Since 1945"" provides an introduction to the subject for both the specialist and the lay audience, the general public and the student. The text provides a high level of insight that will inform both those who are environmental experts and those who wish to take a first step at grasping the meaning of environmental issues. It constitutes a formative guide for a subject that promises to engage the nation ever more fully in the years to come.

The Hunter's Game - Poachers and Conservationists in Twentieth-Century America (Paperback, New Ed): Louis S Warren The Hunter's Game - Poachers and Conservationists in Twentieth-Century America (Paperback, New Ed)
Louis S Warren
R579 Discovery Miles 5 790 Shipped within 7 - 11 working days

This provocative book takes a new look at the angry struggles between American conservationists and local hunters since the rise of wildlife conservation at the end of the 1800s. From Italian immigrants in Pennsylvania, to rural settlers and Indians in New Mexico, to Blackfeet in Montana, local hunters' traditions of using wildlife have clashed with conservationist ideas of "proper" hunting for over a century. Louis Warren contends that these conflicts arose from deep social divisions and that the bitter history of conservation offers a new narrative for the history of the American West. At the heart of western-and American-history, Warren argues, is the transformation of many local resources, like wildlife, into "public goods," or "national commons." The Hunter's Game reveals that early wildlife conservation was driven not by heroic idealism, but by the interests of recreational hunters and the tourist industry. As American wildlife populations declined at the end of the nineteenth century, elite, urban sportsmen began to lobby for game laws that would restrict the customary hunting practices of immigrants, Indians, and other local hunters. Not surprisingly, poor subsistence and market hunters resisted, sometimes violently. Dramatic shifts in deer and elk populations-the result of complex environmental dynamics-further complicated the struggles. Warren concludes that the history of wildlife conservation sheds much light on the tensions between local and national priorities that pervade twentieth-century American culture.

Rethinking Green Politics - Nature, Virtue and Progress (Hardcover): John Barry Rethinking Green Politics - Nature, Virtue and Progress (Hardcover)
John Barry
R2,769 R2,448 Discovery Miles 24 480 Save R321 (12%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

W. J. M. MacKenzie Prize winner for the best book in Political Science published in 1999 `Of the sixteen books submitted, some of high quality, this one was agreed to be in a class of its own.... The book breaks new ground in `green' political theory, and in an engaging manner, educates those anxious to be good citizens and challenges those responsible for public policy, in a highly topical and globally important discourse.... Barry's immanent critique, his insistence that we build on what there is, his resistance to the easy anti-statist line, his sane and balanced outlook, is intellectually brave in this often rather clamant territory. The analysis of ecological morality, individual stewardship, and collective responsibility provides an original and seminal treatise that advances the discipline as a whole' - Professor Andrew Dunsire

Ecological Politics (Paperback, New): Greta Gaard Ecological Politics (Paperback, New)
Greta Gaard
R642 R540 Discovery Miles 5 400 Save R102 (16%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

In the 1980s, ecofeminism and the U.S. Green movement seemed to offer some of this country's most powerful and promising solutions to problems of social and environmental justice. A decade later, ecofeminism has become more a perspective than a movement, and divisions within the Greens have deepened as its national focus has shifted from issue-based politics to party building. Why have these movements faltered? A member of both movements, Greta Gaard bases her analysis on her personal experience as well as extensive secondary sources and interviews with key theorists, activists, and speakers across the United States. By allowing each movement's members to speak for themselves, she traces the separate origins and development of each movement, explains their connections, and reveals the light that each can cast upon the other and on the difficulties facing social action in general. Beginning with the ecofeminists, Gaard describes the paths -- environmental causes, the feminist peace movement, the feminist spirituality movement, the animal liberation movement, and the anti-toxics movements, as well as experiences of interconnectedness -- that have led women (and a few men) to articulate an ecofeminist perspective. Tracing the movement from the 1980s to the present, she defines its present strands as liberal ecofeminism, radical ecofeminism, socialist ecofeminism, and social ecofeminism. Gaard illustrates the development of the U.S. Greens from a national movement into a political party. She defines the various factions -- the Left Greens, the Youth Greens, and the Green Politics Network -- that influenced the movement's direction and underlay the debates during Ralph Nadar's 1996 presidential campaign. She shows how the history of these three groups can be seen as stages in the transition from a leftist and sometimes anarchist action that places the Green movement squarely within the pattern of other social movements around the world. Despite the significant influence that ecofeminists have had in shaping the Greens as a national movement, many have chosen to withdraw from the Greens. Gaard looks at the reasons for member disaffection and draws disturbing conclusions about the compatibility between liberal feminism and cultural ecofeminism and patriarchal politics. She also presents the divisions within the Greens as ongoing battles within the new left, the radical ecology movement, and various social justice movements. She focuses on three general areas -- conflicts over philosophy, conflicts over representation, and conflicts over strategy -- to make suggestions for how to bring about the kind of social transformation envisioned by both the Greens and the ecofeminists. Arguing that the Concord Principles represent a populist form of liberal democracy that fundamentally betrays both ecofeminism and Green philosophy, she uses the 1996 Nadar campaign as a departure point to developing an ecofeminist theory of radical democracy and to speculate on future directions for Green politics and for ecofeminism. Her analysis illuminates the nature and direction of each of these important movements and the pressures and conflicts experienced by all social movements at the end of the twentieth century.

German Greens (Paperback): Margit Mayer German Greens (Paperback)
Margit Mayer
R762 R637 Discovery Miles 6 370 Save R125 (16%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

The Greens have been not only a political force and social conscience for Germany before reunification and after but also an inspiration to political groups and movements in many other countries. The Greens have raised the issues of ecology, gender, and grassroots democracy in protest against government. They have also had the rare opportunity to try converting themselves into a political party that works within the system. This is a book about their paradoxical situation and about the dilemmas all advocates of change face when they become powerful enough to negotiate with the status quo. The critical essays by German social scientists and activists also provide a detailed picture of the dynamics of the German Greens -- where their support has come from, the nature of the competing factions, and the place of feminism. The editors provide a substantial introduction. The flavor and texture of the Greens -- including their raucous public arguments and their innovative campaign tactics -- are suggested by the political posters included in the book and by a whole section of primary documents. The documents and the essays (except for one originally written in English) have been translated from the German. The result is to make available to English-speaking readers a view of a complex movement whose very name and color have become synonymous with social action in favor of the environment and the empowerment of people.

The Green Crusade - Rethinking the Roots of Environmentalism (Paperback): Charles T. Rubin The Green Crusade - Rethinking the Roots of Environmentalism (Paperback)
Charles T. Rubin
R437 R368 Discovery Miles 3 680 Save R69 (16%) Shipped within 7 - 11 working days

As recently as fifty years ago, the billowing industrial smokestack was a proud symbol of progress and power; today it is an image of unbridled corporate irresponsibility. This change in public attitudes reflects a shift in social values as rapid and profound as any in American history. Its effects are so far-reaching that scarcely anyone imagines there was ever an alternative view of the relationship between human beings and nature. Yet for all the time and energy devoted to discussion of environmentalism as a social and political movement, no one has questioned its existence as a coherent philosophy or given an account of how it first emerged in public consciousness. Most people would assume that the environmental idea, and the powerful political movement it inspired, must have emerged in response to self evident environmental problems such as air and water pollution, acid rain, the human destruction of natural habitats, and the resulting extinction of endangered species. But Charles T. Rubin argues that environmental problems are far from being a matter of common sense.He points out that while such situations almost certainly existed in the past, they were defined in different terms-implying different kinds of social and political solutions. Rubin tells the story of this massive yet strangely unnoticed transformation of public perception and social morality by focusing on the small group of influential writers and thinkers-Rachel Carson, Barry Commoner, Paul Ehrlich, E. F. Schumacher, and others -whose enormously popular writings gave birth to the environmental movement as we know it.

Ecological Identity - Becoming a Reflective Environmentalist (Paperback, New Ed): Mitchell Thomashow Ecological Identity - Becoming a Reflective Environmentalist (Paperback, New Ed)
Mitchell Thomashow
R622 Discovery Miles 6 220 Shipped within 7 - 11 working days

Through theoretical discussion as well as hands-on participatory learning approaches, Thomashow provides concerned citizens, teachers, and students with the tools needed to become reflective environmentalists.Mitchell Thomashow, a preeminent educator, shows how environmental studies can be taught from different perspective, one that is deeply informed by personal reflection. Through theoretical discussion as well as hands-on participatory learning approaches, Thomashow provides concerned citizens, teachers, and students with the tools needed to become reflective environmentalists. What do I know about the place where I live? Where do things come from? How do I connect to the earth? What is my purpose as a human being? These are the questions that Thomashow identifies as being at the heart of environmental education. Developing a profound sense of oneself in relationship to natural and social ecosystems is necessary grounding for the difficult work of environmental advocacy. In this book he provides a clear and accessible guide to the learning experiences that accompany the construction of an "ecological identity": using the direct experience of nature as a framework for personal decisions, professional choices, political action, and spiritual inquiry. Ecological Identity covers the different types of environmental thought and activism (using John Muir, Henry David Thoreau, and Rachel Carson as environmental archetypes, but branching out into ecofeminism and bioregionalism), issues of personal property and consumption, political identity and citizenship, and integrating ecological identity work into environmental studies programs. Each chapter has accompanying learning activities such as the Sense of Place Map, a Community Network Map, and the Political Genogram, most of which can be carried out on an individual basis. Although people from diverse backgrounds become environmental activists and enroll in environmental studies programs, they are rarely encouraged to examine their own history, motivations, and aspirations. Thomashow's approach is to reveal the depth of personal experience that underlies contemporary environmentalism and to explore, interpret, and nurture the learning spaces made possible when people are moved to contemplate their experience of nature.

The Green Rainbow - Environmental Groups in Western Europe (Hardcover, New): Russell J. Dalton The Green Rainbow - Environmental Groups in Western Europe (Hardcover, New)
Russell J. Dalton
R1,389 Discovery Miles 13 890 Shipped within 7 - 11 working days

What is behind the greening of European politics, and what is the future of the green movement? This book examines environmental interest groups at the vanguard of the green movement in Western Europe - from Greenpeace and Friends of the Earth to national bird societies and conservation groups - in order to answer these questions. Russell J. Dalton chronicles the evolution of environmental interest groups from their first mobilization wave in the late 1800s to the present. Drawing on interviews with leaders of nearly seventy major environmental groups in ten countries, he challenges the conventional view of the environmental movement. Dalton uses his investigation into the green movement to shed light on social movements and social theory. By comparing conservation and ecology groups, he finds that an organization's values strongly influence its political behavior. He concludes that social movements are driven by their ideological views and political identity, which shape their choice of political goals, their potential for action, and their pattern of behavior.

Back to Earth - Tomorrow's Environmentalism (Paperback, New): Anthony Weston Back to Earth - Tomorrow's Environmentalism (Paperback, New)
Anthony Weston
R797 R705 Discovery Miles 7 050 Save R92 (12%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

In the face of our receding connection to nature and the loss of our direct experience of the world, this book proposes a different kind of environmentalism. It argues that we must restore our link with the 'more-than-human' world, bringing wilderness, animals, and the Earth closer to individuals and into daily life.

The Fading of the Greens - The Decline of Environmental Politics in the West (Hardcover, New): Anna Bramwell The Fading of the Greens - The Decline of Environmental Politics in the West (Hardcover, New)
Anna Bramwell
R626 R575 Discovery Miles 5 750 Save R51 (8%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

We all care about the planet: few are untouched by a concern for the environment and the future of the earth. Yet very few of us apparently want to see the political representatives of Green ideology in power. Why should this be, and where did the energy behind Green politics go? In this sequel to her successful Ecology in the 20th Century, Anna Bramwell provides a witty and controversial analysis of the failure to create a new politics. Neither a Green text nor a political history, it focuses on the development of Green parties and ideology since 1945, and on the cultural context in which they developed in England, Germany and the USA. An environmental expert and policy-maker, Bramwell examines the shift from lonely conservative ecologists, fighting a losing battle against the emphasis on growth and reconstruction, to the emergence of 'deep' ecologism and a revulsion against the increasing industrialisation of the West. She explores the paradox of a movement hostile to orthodox science yet inextricably bound to science for its justification, its rationale and its values. The book traces how Green consciousness became skewed in political practice, preventing it from attracting support commensurate with popular feeling. Bramwell tracks this mismatch largely in relation to the dominance of the German Greens and their specific and untypical characteristics. Environmental consciousness, she argues, is undoubtedly here to stay, yet, 'in the process of rationalising environmentalism, of costing it, of playing trade wars with it, our concern for the intangible beauties of the natural world may go by the board'. The result of the manifest integrity and courage of Green activists may, ironically, be a West further impoverished by attempts to meet the demands of the developing world. But only the maligned West has the money and will to conserve the environment.

Toward Unity among Environmentalists (Paperback, New Ed): Bryan G. Norton Toward Unity among Environmentalists (Paperback, New Ed)
Bryan G. Norton
R2,187 Discovery Miles 21 870 Shipped within 7 - 11 working days

This book presents an argument that the environmental movement is a coalition of many groups working toward common objectives without common values. Norton believes this lack of unity causes unnecessary and divisive controversy and debate within the environmentalist community, which in turn impedes the development of effective and timely environmental management policies. Norton proposes the creation of a common language for discussing environmental issues as a first step towards a unified theory of environmental management.

Ecopopulism - Toxic Waste and the Movement for Environmental Justice (Paperback): Andrew Szasz Ecopopulism - Toxic Waste and the Movement for Environmental Justice (Paperback)
Andrew Szasz
R478 R408 Discovery Miles 4 080 Save R70 (15%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

In the popular politics of hazardous waste, Andrew Szasz finds an answer, a scenario for taking the most pressing environmental issues out of the academy and the boardroom and turning them into everyone's business. This work reconstructs the growth of a powerful movement around the question of toxic waste. Szasz follows the issue as it moves from the world of "official" policy-making, onto television and into popular consciousness, and then into neighbourhoods, spurring on the formation of thousands of local, community-based groups. He shows how, in less than a decade, a rich infrastructure of more permanent social organizations emerged from this movement, expanding its focus to include issues like municipal waste, military toxics, and pesticides. Szasz identifies the force that pushed environmental policy away from the traditional approach - pollution removal - toward the superior logic of pollution prevention. He discusses the conflicting official responses to the movement's evolution, revealing that, despite initial resistance, law-makers eventually sought to appease popular discontent by strengthening toxic waste laws. In its success, Szasz suggests, this movement may even prove to be the vehicle for reinvigorating progressive politics.

Beyond the European Left - Ideology and Political Action in the Belgian Ecology (Hardcover): Herbert Kitschelt, Staf Hellemans Beyond the European Left - Ideology and Political Action in the Belgian Ecology (Hardcover)
Herbert Kitschelt, Staf Hellemans
R1,417 R1,157 Discovery Miles 11 570 Save R260 (18%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Drawing on recent research on the internal politics of the Belgian ecology parties, Agalev and Ecolo, this work demonstrates how political careers in contemporary social movements lead to activism in left-libertarian politics and influence political ideology. Beyond the European Left is the first comprehensive survey of ecology parties in Europe that presents detailed empirical information on the careers, organizational practices, and political beliefs of the activists involved.
The authors employ a new research methodology--surveying party militants--that is better adapted to the study of micropolitics than are expert interviews. Herbert Kitschelt and Staf Hallemans show that European Green party activists express an egalitarian and libertarian vision of a desirable social order that builds on, but radically transforms, ideas of the traditional socialist European left. The authors then examine the debates and disagreements among militants on political objectives and the consequences of conflicting views for party organization and strategy. Their findings illuminate the unique dynamics of left-libertarian politics in a number of Western European countries with obvious relevance to current developments in Eastern Europe.

Parcs nationaux du monde - Merveilles de la nature 2019 - Des reserves naturelles spectaculaires des quatre coins du monde... Parcs nationaux du monde - Merveilles de la nature 2019 - Des reserves naturelles spectaculaires des quatre coins du monde (French, Calendar, 5th edition)
R579 R536 Discovery Miles 5 360 Save R43 (7%) Shipped within 7 - 11 working days

Des paysages saisissants de beaute qui vous font voyager au c ur d'oasis naturelles uniques. Cette serie de photos vous donne un apercu fascinant sur un large eventail de parcs nationaux du monde que ce soit la reserve de naturelle de Jotunhejmen en Norvege ou le massif de l'Ortler dans le Parc national Stilfser Joch, dans le Tyrol. Les calendriers Calvendo sont des produits haut de gamme - avec ces plus qui font la difference : nos calendriers presentent bien toute l'annee grace a leur papier de qualite superieure et leur reliure a spirales pour une manipulation des pages plus aisee et une tenue parfaitement droite contre le mur. Un film plastique transparent protege la couverture de ces calendriers toujours plus solides, qui se declinent desormais en cinq langues. Offrez-vous un calendrier Calvendo qui reste beau tout au long de l'annee.

Community Action Versus Pollution (Paperback): Irene M. Hall Community Action Versus Pollution (Paperback)
Irene M. Hall
R36 Discovery Miles 360 Shipped within 7 - 12 working days
Global Environmental Institutions (Hardcover, 2nd New edition): Elizabeth R. DeSombre Global Environmental Institutions (Hardcover, 2nd New edition)
Elizabeth R. DeSombre
R2,731 R2,546 Discovery Miles 25 460 Save R185 (7%) Shipped within 8 - 13 working days

Global Environmental Institutions continues to provide the most accessible and succinct overview of the major global institutions attempting to protect the natural environment. Fully updated throughout to reflect the latest environmental issues, the second edition includes substantial new material on developments in international agreements and how institutional mechanisms have evolved in the past 10 years, including the creation of the new Sustainable Development Goals, the Minamata Convention on Mercury, and the Paris Agreement on Climate Change. This second edition maintains the clear structure of the first edition, examining: * the underlying causes of global environmental problems * the creation of global environmental institutions * the effectiveness of action undertaken by these institutions. Providing an overview of the United Nations Environment Programme and the other entities within the UN that play important roles in global environmental governance, it also examines institutions clustered by issue area, introducing institutions that focus on protecting endangered species and biodiversity, govern the ocean environment (focusing on the atmosphere), and regulate the transboundary movement of hazardous substances. Concluding with an updated chapter on emerging issues and future directions drawing on the latest scholarship in the field, and written by an acknowledged expert in the field, Global Environmental Institutions is essential reading for students of environmental politics and international organizations.

Advances in Power and Energy Engineering - Proceedings of the 8th Asia-Pacific Power and Energy Engineering Conference, Suzhou,... Advances in Power and Energy Engineering - Proceedings of the 8th Asia-Pacific Power and Energy Engineering Conference, Suzhou, China, April 15-17, 2016 (Hardcover)
Yuanzhang Sun
R4,452 Discovery Miles 44 520 Shipped within 8 - 13 working days

Energy and power are playing pivotal roles in social and economic developments of the modern world. Energy and power engineers and technologists have made our lives much more comfortable and affordable. However, due to the demands of the global population on resources and the environment, innovations of more reliable and sustainable energy resources/management with reduced impact on the environment are being increasingly demanded. The Asia-Pacific Power and Energy Engineering Conference (APPEEC) is an annual International Conference that has been held ever since 2009, and the last seven APPEECs attracted many scientists, engineers and technologists from all around the world to attend, providing ideal forums for them to exchange their new ideas and findings. The 8th APPEEC (APPEEC 2016), which is sponsored by Wuhan University and the 1000 Think Tank, was held from April 15 to 17, 2016 in Suzhou, China. "Advances in Power and Energy Engineering: Proceedings of APPEEC 2016" provides cutting-edge scientific and engineering papers of energy and power presented by leading experts in their specialties, and is indeed an excellent reference for energy managers, researchers, engineers/technologists and policy makers to keep up with the latest developments in the fields of Power and Energy Engineering.

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