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Varieties of Environmentalism - Essays North and South (Paperback): Ramachandra Guha, Juan Martinez-Alier Varieties of Environmentalism - Essays North and South (Paperback)
Ramachandra Guha, Juan Martinez-Alier
R792 Discovery Miles 7 920 Special order

Until very recently, studies of the environmental movement have been heavily biased towards the North Atlantic worlds. There was a common assumption amongst historians and sociologists that concerns over such issues as conservation or biodiversity were the exclusive preserve of the affluent westerner: the ultimate luxury of the consumer society. Citizens of the world's poorest countries, ran the conventional wisdom, had nothing to gain from environmental concerns; they were 'too poor to be green', and were attending to the more urgent business of survival. Yet strong environmental movements have sprung up over recent decades in some of the poorest countries in Asia and Latin America, albeit with origins and forms of expression quite distinct from their western counterparts. In Varieties of Environmentalism, Guha and Matinez-Alier seek to articulate the values and orientation of the environmentalism of the poor, and to explore the conflicting priorities of South and North that were so dramatically highlighted at the Rio Earth Summit in 1992. Essays on the 'ecology of affluence' are also included, placing ion context such uniquely western phenomena as the 'cult of wilderness' and the environmental justice movement. Using a combination of archival and field data,. The book presents analyses of environmental conflicts and ideologies in four continents: North and South America, Asia and Europe. The authors present the nature and history of environmental movements in quite a new light, one which clarifies the issues and the processes behind them. They also provide reappraisals for three seminal figures, Gandhi, Georgescu-Roegen and Mumford, whose legacy may yet contribute to a greater cross-cultural understanding within the environmental movements.

Eco-Warriors - Understanding the Radical Environmental Movement, Updated Edition (Paperback, Updated Ed): Rik Scarce Eco-Warriors - Understanding the Radical Environmental Movement, Updated Edition (Paperback, Updated Ed)
Rik Scarce
R775 Discovery Miles 7 750 Special order

Eco-Warriors was the first in-depth look at the people, actions, history and philosophies behind the "radical" environmental movement. Focusing on the work of Earth First , the Sea Shepherds, Greenpeace, and the Animal Liberation Front, among others, Rik Scarce told exciting and sometimes frightening tales of front-line warriors defending an Earth they see as being in environmental peril. While continuing to study these movements as a Ph.D. student, Scarce was jailed for contempt of court for refusing to divulge his sources to prosecutors eager to thwart these groups' activities. In this updated edition, Scarce brings the trajectory of this movement up to date--including material on the Earth Liberation Front--and provides current resources for all who wish to learn more about one of the most dynamic and confrontational political movements of our time. Literate, captivating, and informative, this is also an ideal volume for classes on environmentalism, social movements, or contemporary politics.

Pesticides in Household, Structural and Residential Pest Management (Hardcover, New): Chris Peterson, Daniel Stout Pesticides in Household, Structural and Residential Pest Management (Hardcover, New)
Chris Peterson, Daniel Stout
R1,647 Discovery Miles 16 470 Special order

This book brings together current thought on several aspects of the use of pesticides in and around homes, schools and workplaces. The book addresses several parts of the process, from the discovery and development of new active ingredients, their formulation, use, longevity, environmental fate and human exposure.

Green States and Social Movements - Environmentalism in the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, and Norway (Hardcover):... Green States and Social Movements - Environmentalism in the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, and Norway (Hardcover)
John S. Dryzek, David Downes, Christian Hunold, David Schlosberg, Hans-Kristian Hernes
R1,274 Discovery Miles 12 740 Special order

This timely and important study by leading academics is a comparative study of the environmental movement's successes and failures in four very different states: the USA, UK, Germany and Norway. It covers the entire sweep of the modern environmental era beginning in 1970. The analysis also explains the role played by social movements in making modern societies more deeply democratic, and yields insights into the strategic choices of environmental movements as they decide on what terms to engage, enter, or resist the state.

Environmentalism for a New Millennium - The Challenge of Coevolution (Hardcover): Leslie Paul Thiele Environmentalism for a New Millennium - The Challenge of Coevolution (Hardcover)
Leslie Paul Thiele
R995 Discovery Miles 9 950 Special order

The vast majority of people in the industrialized world consider themselves environmentalists. Yet environmental problems continue to worsen. While the environmental movement is winning the battle for the hearts and minds of citizens in the United States and across the globe, it may be losing the war to preserve the health of the planet and its biological diversity. The reasons become clear in this book.
Leslie Paul Thiele provides a much needed analysis of the driving forces within the environmental movement and the key challenges that it faces. He begins with a concise history of the movement in the United States, where he identifies four successive waves of environmental thought and action. The first wave, conservation, emerged in the mid 1800s and focused on the responsible use of natural resources and the preservation of isolated tracts of wilderness. By the 1960s, the general public had become aware of the widespread impact of environmental problems on human health and welfare. A concern for the containment of industrial society's environmental degradation emerged. This second wave was followed by a period of co optation beginning in the 1980s, as a now popular social movement made a significant impact on public policy and witnessed the dilution of its goals.
Thiele largely focuses on the fourth and current wave of coevolution. Coevolutionary thought and action is grounded in the interdependence of humans and nature in a global context. With the goal of sustainable development in mind, contemporary environmentalists argue that human livelihoods must be integrated into complex and evolving ecological systems. This affirmation of coevolutionary interdependence has brought coherence to an inherently diverse social movement.
Through extensive interviews and a critical study of environmental publications and scholarly research, the author provides an inside look at the environmental movement. His analysis illuminates the social, economic, political and cultural forces that shape the environmental movement today and set its trajectory for the 21st century. Anyone interested the future of environmentalism will find this book an invaluable guide.

Green Business - Concepts, Methodologies, Tools, and Applications (Hardcover, 3 Volumes): Information Resources Management... Green Business - Concepts, Methodologies, Tools, and Applications (Hardcover, 3 Volumes)
Information Resources Management Association
R44,267 Discovery Miles 442 670 Special order

The issues of sustainability and corporate social responsibility have become vital discussions in many industries within the public and private sectors. In the business realm, incorporating practices that serve the overall community and ecological wellbeing can also allow businesses to flourish economically and socially. Green Business: Concepts, Methodologies, Tools, and Applications is a vital reference source for the latest research findings on the challenges and benefits of implementing sustainability into the core functions of contemporary enterprises, focusing on how green approaches improve operations. Highlighting a range of topics such as corporate sustainability, green enterprises, and circular economy, this multi-volume book is ideally designed for business executives, business and marketing professionals, business managers, academicians, and researchers actively involved in the business industry.

The Promise of Green Politics - Environmentalism and the Public Sphere (Paperback): Douglas Torgerson The Promise of Green Politics - Environmentalism and the Public Sphere (Paperback)
Douglas Torgerson
R461 R432 Discovery Miles 4 320 Save R29 (6%) Special order

Politics today is dominated by business news and the stock market. But those in support of green politics ask whether human profit should continue to be the bottom line of political deliberations or if it is time for the interests of the natural world to combine with or even displace the interests of business. In "The Promise of Green Politics" Douglas Torgerson offers a survey of different schools of ecological thought, discusses their implications for the larger political sphere, and advances a three-dimensional concept of politics that emphasizes ethics and discourse as well as strategy.
Arguing that the environmental movement has the potential to contribute to contemporary developments in political theory and social action by changing discursive practices both at the grassroots level "and" along the corridors of power, Torgerson draws on the theories of Hannah Arendt and others to advocate a performative type of political debate that values multiple opinions and is not always oriented toward reaching a single conclusion. Torgerson argues that in a world stuck in administrative and scientific gridlock, the theatrical, comic aspects of green politics are as important as other, more goal-oriented, aspects. Gestures of the carnivalesque--such as protestors sleeping in hammocks slung from trees targeted for destruction or funeral processions held for dying rivers--could be the key to the creation of what Torgerson refers to as a "green public sphere," one that promises a reconfiguration of the relationship between human creativity and the natural world. While offering a number of concrete policy suggestions, his focus remains on the complexity and heterogeneity of green thinking and on the transformative promise implicit in green politics. In creating new ways to speak about the environment, Torgerson argues, the green movement offers a creative way to reconsider many larger issues of political theory and action.
"The Promise of Green Politics" will serve as a gateway to new thinking about green politics and the emerging possibilities of a diverse and vital green public sphere. As such, it will be valued by those interested in environmental and public policy, political theory, social activism, and the future of political action.

Beyond Child's Play - Sustainable Product Design in the Global Doll-making Industry (Paperback): Sally Edward Beyond Child's Play - Sustainable Product Design in the Global Doll-making Industry (Paperback)
Sally Edward
R870 Discovery Miles 8 700 Special order

Sustainable product design is more than eco design: it goes beyond 'green' to consider the work environment, community impacts, consumer health, and economic viability, as well as environmental attributes. "Beyond Child's Play" explores the concept of sustainable product design in the context of the global doll-making industry. To initiate this research, the author reviewed eco design parameters and developed criteria for sustainable product design in the doll-making industry. Using this framework, she conducted three case studies of do I making: the American Girl doll produced in China, the Kathe Kruse doll produced in Germany and the Q'ewar Project doll produced in Peru. Themes emerged from this research that have relevance beyond the doll-making industry: the value of making a product with care; designing work for human dignity; intention and vision for sustainability; the implications of materials choices; and, transparency and sustainability. Sustainable product design calls for fundamentally new thinking. By connecting the term 'sustainable' to 'product', we raise expectations for a radically different approach to design, production, and consumption. This framework integrates the eco design principles of detoxification and dematerialization with the principle of 'humanization', to ensure that the work environment where the product is made is safe and healthy and that local communities benefit from production. This approach places increased responsibility on the industrial designer and decision-makers throughout the supply chain, including governments, corporations, and citizens. Sustainable product design can be implemented effectively only when systems are in place that support sustainable production and consumption.

The Ecological Self (Paperback, Revised): Freya Matthews The Ecological Self (Paperback, Revised)
Freya Matthews
R852 Discovery Miles 8 520 Special order

This is the first book-length treatment of the metaphysical foundations of ecological ethics. The author seeks to provide a metaphysical illumination of the fundamental ecological intuitions that we are in some sense one with' nature and that everything is connected with everything else. Drawing on contemporary cosmology, systems theory and the history of philosophy, Freya Mathews elaborates a new metaphysics of interconnectedness'. She offers an inspiring vision of the spiritual implications of ecology, which leads to a deepening of our conception of conservation.

Achievement And Addiction - A Guide To The Treatment Of Professionals (Hardcover): Edgar P. Nace Achievement And Addiction - A Guide To The Treatment Of Professionals (Hardcover)
Edgar P. Nace
R1,305 Discovery Miles 13 050 Special order

The Professional Paradox. The Generic Concept of Chemical Dependence. Etiologic Variables of Addiction. Initial Steps: Intervention and Diagnosis/Evaluation. The Impaired Physician. Nurses. Pharmacists. Attorneys. Executives. The Recovery Program. Matching the Patient to the Level of Care. Specific Treatments. Twelve?Step Programs. Appendices. Guidelines for Taking a Substance Abuse History. Adult Recovery Services Chemical Dependency. Withdrawal Signs and Symptoms. Impaired Health Professional's Treatment Contract. Routine Substance of Abuse Chain of Custody Form. Support Groups for Alcoholic/Drug Addicted Professionals.

Cyberprotest - Environmental Activism Online (Paperback, New): Jenny Pickerill Cyberprotest - Environmental Activism Online (Paperback, New)
Jenny Pickerill
R374 Discovery Miles 3 740 Special order

Cyberprotest, available for the first time in paperback, is an exploration of contemporary radical internet activism in Britain. It investigates the context, tensions and outcomes of environmentalists' use of the internet. Examining a wide variety of groups - from radical direct action protesters to the political lobbying of Friends of the Earth - it allows activists to speak of their experiences, challenges and innovations, providing a unique insight into the workings of frontline activism. Internet use in all levels of activism - from long-running campaigns to short-term intense tactics - is analysed in the quest to determine the value of this much-hyped technology. The book documents the negotiations and achievements of environmentalists both in dealing with the tensions of using environmentally damaging technology and in avoiding surveillance and counter-strategies. It also examines how they use the internet in a participatory manner, to aid mobilisation and to add to their tactical repertoire. It reflects upon the implications of these uses for political campaigning and identifies emerging trends in the forms and processes of the environmental movement. This book will appeal to those interested in politics and the environment or who have a concern for the politics of the internet and activism. -- .

Historical Dictionary of Environmentalism (Hardcover, Second Edition): Peter Dauvergne Historical Dictionary of Environmentalism (Hardcover, Second Edition)
Peter Dauvergne
R1,550 Discovery Miles 15 500 Special order

To capture the diversity within environmentalism, this dictionary takes a global tack with a focus on ideas, events, institutions, initiatives, and green movements since the 1960s. It strives to avoid a common error in many histories of environmentalism: to exaggerate the input of the wealthy countries of Europe and North America and understate the influence of Africa, Asia, South and Central America, and the Polar Regions. It aims as well for a more comprehensive analysis than most histories of the modern environmental movement, understanding environmentalism as emerging not only from grassroots and formal nongovernmental associations, but also from corporate, governmental, and intergovernmental organizations and initiatives. This assumes the ideas and energy infusing environmentalism with political purpose arise from hundreds of thousands of sources: from corporate boardrooms to bureaucratic policies to international negotiations to activists. Thus, environmentalists are not only indigenous people blocking a logging road, Greenpeace activists protesting a seal hunt, or green candidates contesting an election; an equal or larger number of environmentalists are working within the Japanese bureaucracy to implement environmental policies, within the World Bank to assess the environmental impacts of loans, within Wal-Mart to green its purchasing practices, or within intergovernmental forums to negotiate international environmental agreements. This second edition of Historical Dictionary of Environmentalism contains a chronology, an introduction, and an extensive bibliography. The dictionary section has over 300 cross-referenced entries on important events, issues, organizations, ideas, and people shaping the direction of environmentalism worldwide. This book is an excellent access point for students, researchers, and anyone wanting to know more about environmentalism.

Natural Protest - Essays on the History of American Environmentalism (Paperback, New): Michael Egan, Jeff Crane Natural Protest - Essays on the History of American Environmentalism (Paperback, New)
Michael Egan, Jeff Crane
R664 Discovery Miles 6 640 Special order

From Jamestown to 9/11, concerns about the landscape, husbanding of natural resources, and the health of our environment have been important to the American way of life. Natural Protest is the first collection of original essays to offer a cohesive social and political examination of environmental awareness, activism, and justice throughout American history. Editors Michael Egan and Jeff Crane have selected the finest new scholarship in the field, establishing this complex and fascinating subject firmly at the forefront of American historical study.

Focused and thought-provoking, Natural Protest presents a cutting-edge perspective on American environmentalism and environmental history, providing an invaluable resource for anyone concerned about the ecological fate of the world around us.

Green Low-Carbon Development in China (Paperback, Softcover reprint of the original 1st ed. 2013): Jinjun Xue, Zhongxiu Zhao,... Green Low-Carbon Development in China (Paperback, Softcover reprint of the original 1st ed. 2013)
Jinjun Xue, Zhongxiu Zhao, Yande Dai, Bo Wang
R2,316 Discovery Miles 23 160 Special order

The book provides an in depth analyses of the experience and lessons in Chinese energy and emissions reductions policies in a climate change constrained scenario. As China emerges as the world second largest economy and first largest carbon emitter, the country is moving onto a low-carbon development path. Projections of medium and long term energy supply and demand scenarios are presented, based on variations on the energy supply structure, key energy consumption sectors and energy conservation policy innovation. Energy efficiency policies are evaluated based on lessons and experiences from case studies in different sectors, and policy innovations in terms of financial, legal and regulatory approaches to improve energy efficiency and reduce carbon emissions are proposed. The book includes the latest research findings of leading experts in energy policy and low-carbon economy from researchers, key think tanks and government officials in both China and the world.

Environmental Policy and Politics (Paperback, 3rd Revised edition): Michael E. Kraft Environmental Policy and Politics (Paperback, 3rd Revised edition)
Michael E. Kraft
R787 Discovery Miles 7 870 Special order

Concise and yet thorough, Environmental Policy and Politics is an interdisciplinary, engaging, and up-to-date examination of environmental, natural resource, and energy policy and politics. Drawing from work within environmental science, policy analysis, and political science, this text critically assesses the key strengths and weaknesses of policymaking processes today, as well as the promise of new policy approaches. Arguing that strong public support is necessary for achieving environmental policy goals, the Third Edition stresses the opportunities available to all citizens to influence environmental politics at every level of government.

Environmental Justice and the New Pluralism - The Challenge of Difference for Environmentalism (Hardcover): David Schlosberg Environmental Justice and the New Pluralism - The Challenge of Difference for Environmentalism (Hardcover)
David Schlosberg
R3,163 Discovery Miles 31 630 Special order

In the first ever theoretical treatment of the environmental justice movement, David Schlosberg demonstrates the development of a new form of `critical' pluralism, in both theory and practice. Taking into account the evolution of environmentalism and pluralism over the course of the century, the author argues that the environmental justice movement and new pluralist theories now represent a considerable challenge to both conventional pluralist thought and the practices of the major groups in the US environmental movement. Much of recent political theory has been aimed at how to acknowledge and recognize, rather than deny, the diversity inherent in contemporary life. In practice, the myriad ways people define and experience the `environment' has given credence to a form of environmentalism that takes difference seriously. The environmental justice movement, with its base in diversity, its networked structure, and its communicative practices and demands, exemplifies the attempt to design political practices beyond those one would expect from a standard interest group in the conventional pluralist model.

A Passion for Wildlife - The History of the Canadian Wildlife Service (Paperback): J.Alexander Burnett A Passion for Wildlife - The History of the Canadian Wildlife Service (Paperback)
J.Alexander Burnett
R710 R650 Discovery Miles 6 500 Save R60 (8%) Special order

A Passion for Wildlife chronicles the history of the Canadian Wildlife Service and the evolution of Canadian wildlife policy over its first half century. It presents the exploits and the accomplishments of a group of men and women whose dedication to the ideals of science, conservation, and a shared vision of Canada as a country that treasures its natural heritage has earned them the respect of their profession around the world. Drawing on interviews and anecdotes, personal correspondence, and the published record, the book addresses topics as varied as game law enforcement, field biology, habitat conservation, environmental education, toxicology, federal-provincial relations, and international diplomacy. Accessible to anyone interested in nature, it will appeal particularly to wildlife managers, scientists, and naturalists, as well as students of biology, wildlife technology, and environmental studies.

Don't Burn it Here - Grassroots Challenges to Trash Incinerators (Hardcover): Edward J. Walsh, Etc, Rex Warland, D.... Don't Burn it Here - Grassroots Challenges to Trash Incinerators (Hardcover)
Edward J. Walsh, Etc, Rex Warland, D. Clayton Smith
R1,805 Discovery Miles 18 050 Special order

When first proposed in this country during the 1970s, waste-to-energy (WTE) incinerators appeared to be ideal solutions to the growing mounds of trash in our "throw-away" society. Promising to convert useless garbage into electricity while saving precious landfill space, trash incinerators seemed perfectly timed to respond to a national need. Within a decade, however, a grassroots anti-incineration movement emerged as a vibrant offshoot of the environmental movement. In Don't Burn It Here, sociologists Edward Walsh, Rex Warland, and D. Clayton Smith examine this grassroots movement through detailed analyses of the struggles surrounding proposals to build eight municipal incinerators in Pennsylvania, New York, and New Jersey.

The eight case histories that form the heart of the book are comparable to hundreds of others across the U.S. The authors' research is based on interviews, focus group discussions, extensive newspaper files, and questionnaire responses from participants on both sides of the conflicts. A final chapter examines the similarities and differences between the three successful projects and the five defeated ones. An overview of the history of the modern incinerator in the U.S. and the emergence of a major national opposition movement provides the necessary context, and throughout the book, the authors make useful comparisons to other national movements seeking legal justice for deprived collectivities such as women and ethnic groups.

This project was supported by a grant from the Ford Foundation's Fund for Research in Dispute Resolution. Striving to maintain a balanced treatment of both sides of the incinerator battles, the authors provide fresh theoretical and methodological perspectives on a new type of collective action. They also help to close the gap between theory and empirical data in the social sciences.

Kaiseraugst Besetzt! - Die Bewegung Gegen Das Atomkraftwerk (German, Hardcover): David Hani Kaiseraugst Besetzt! - Die Bewegung Gegen Das Atomkraftwerk (German, Hardcover)
David Hani
R1,395 Discovery Miles 13 950 Special order
Green Political Thought (Hardcover, 3 New Edition): Andrew Dobson Green Political Thought (Hardcover, 3 New Edition)
Andrew Dobson
R2,448 Discovery Miles 24 480 Special order

Andrew Dobson's highly acclaimed introduction to green political thought is now available in a new edition. It has been fully revised and updated to take into account the areas that have grown in importance since the last edition was published.
The third edition includes:
* a comparison of ecologism with other principal modern ideologies, such as liberalism, conservatism, fascism, socialism, feminism and anarchism
* an assessment of the relationship between green thinking and democracy, justice and citizenship
* an exploration of 'sustainable development' addressing the fundamental question of 'what to sustain?'
* real environmental problems and how green thinking relates to them.

Environmental Movements - Local, National and Global (Paperback, annotated edition): Christopher Rootes Environmental Movements - Local, National and Global (Paperback, annotated edition)
Christopher Rootes
R1,060 Discovery Miles 10 600 Special order

Environmental movements are at a crossroads. Increasingly institutionalized almost everywhere in the industrially developed societies, established environmental organizations are confronted by new radical groups and uninstitutionalized local protesters. Despite growing evidence of the universality of environmental problems and of economic and cultural globalization, the development of a truly global environmental movement is at best tentative. The dilemmas which confront environmental organizations are no less apparent at the global than at national levels. This volume is a collection of 1990s research on environmental movements in western and southern Europe, the US and the global arena.

Remaking Reality - Nature at the Millenium (Paperback): Bruce Braun, Noel Castree Remaking Reality - Nature at the Millenium (Paperback)
Bruce Braun, Noel Castree
R1,158 Discovery Miles 11 580 Special order

Remaking Reality rejects apocalyptic pronouncements that the end of the millennium represents the 'end' of nature as well. Bringing together leading international contributors this book argues that a notion of 'social nature' provides great hope for the future. Engaging with debates in politics, science, technology and social movements surrounding race, gender and class, the contributors explore important and emerging sites where nature is now being remade with considerable social and ecological consequences.
For critics and activists alike Remaking Reality provides essential theoretical and political tools to rethink environmentalism and progressive social natures for the twenty-first century.

Community Action and Climate Change (Paperback): Jennifer Kent Community Action and Climate Change (Paperback)
Jennifer Kent
R877 Discovery Miles 8 770 Special order

The failure of recent international negotiations to progress global action on climate change has shifted attention to the emergence of grassroots sustainability initiatives. These civil society networks display the potential to implement social innovation and change processes from the `bottom up'. Recent scholarship has sought to theorise grassroots community-based low carbon practices in terms of their sustainability transition potential. However there are few empirical examples that demonstrate the factors for success of community-based social innovations in achieving more widespread adoption outside of their local, sustainability `niche'. The book seeks to address two significant gaps related to grassroots climate action: firstly the continuing dominance of the individualisation of responsibility for climate change action which presupposes that individuals hold both the ability and desire to shift their behaviours and lifestyle choices to align with a low carbon future. Secondly, the potential for community-based collectives to influence mainstream climate change governance, an area significantly under researched. Drawing on empirical research into Australian Climate Action Groups (CAGs) and related international research, the book argues that grassroots community-based collective action on climate change holds the key to broader social change. This book will be of great interest to students and scholars of climate change, citizen participation, environmental sociology and sustainable development.

American Environmentalism - The US Environmental Movement, 1970-1990 (Paperback, First): Riley E. Dunlap, Angela G. Mertig American Environmentalism - The US Environmental Movement, 1970-1990 (Paperback, First)
Riley E. Dunlap, Angela G. Mertig
R1,097 Discovery Miles 10 970 Special order

This work aims to provide an overview of the progress of the US environmentalist movement over the last 20 years. It asks why environmentalism has been able to avoid the fate of most short-lived movements and how it has changed since the first

Between Two Worlds - Science, the Environmental Movement and Policy Choice (Hardcover): Lynton Keith Caldwell Between Two Worlds - Science, the Environmental Movement and Policy Choice (Hardcover)
Lynton Keith Caldwell
R948 Discovery Miles 9 480 Special order

Will humans adapt their ways of life to conserve the natural systems upon which their future and the living world depend? There is no simple answer to the question of whether we as humans can adapt our lifestyles in the pursuit of an environmentally sound world. Inadequate information is a limiting factor, and unforeseen events make uncertainty inevitable. Even so, choices made today can narrow or expand future options. A critical task for society today is to reverse trends that narrow these options, a task in which science plays a vital role. In his thought-provoking book, Dr. Caldwell attempts to address this issue with an integrated analysis of the interrelationships among science, the environmental movement, and public policy. Special emphasis is given to the interactions of environmentalism and science in generating public and international environmental policies.

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