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My Revision Notes: OCR AS/A-level History: England 1547-1603: the Later Tudors (Paperback): Nicholas Fellows My Revision Notes: OCR AS/A-level History: England 1547-1603: the Later Tudors (Paperback)
Nicholas Fellows
R230 Discovery Miles 2 300 Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Exam board: OCR Level: A-level Subject: History First teaching: September 2015 First exams: Summer 2016 Target success in OCR AS/A-level History with this proven formula for effective, structured revision; key content coverage is combined with exam preparation activities and exam-style questions to create a revision guide that students can rely on to review, strengthen and test their knowledge. - Enables students to plan and manage a successful revision programme using the topic-by-topic planner - Consolidates knowledge with clear and focused content coverage, organised into easy-to-revise chunks - Encourages active revision by closely combining historical content with related activities - Helps students build, practise and enhance their exam skills as they progress through activities set at three different levels - Improves exam technique through exam-style questions with sample answers and commentary from expert authors and teachers - Boosts historical knowledge with a useful glossary and timeline

The Battle of the Atlantic - How the Allies Won the War (Paperback, Ed): Jonathan Dimbleby The Battle of the Atlantic - How the Allies Won the War (Paperback, Ed)
Jonathan Dimbleby 1
R222 R164 Discovery Miles 1 640 Save R58 (26%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

'Majestic. Truly gripping' Andrew Roberts The Battle of the Atlantic was the single most important - and longest - campaign of the Second World War. If Britain lost this vital supply route it lost the war. In Jonathan Dimbleby's brilliant and dramatic new account we see how this epic struggle for maritime mastery played out, from the politicians and admirals to the men on and under the sea and their families waiting at home. Filled with haunting and hair-raising stories of chases, ambushes, sinkings, stalkings, disasters and rescues, The Battle of the Atlantic is a monumental work of history as it was lived and fought. 'Recounts the horror and humanity of life on those perilous oceans' Independent 'Dimbleby moves with skill from scene to scene, eavesdropping on the great statesmen like Churchill, the merchant seamen who carried out their orders, the U-boat commanders who tried to sink them and the families of those who lost their lives at sea' Mail on Sunday

Seneca - A Life (Paperback): Emily Wilson Seneca - A Life (Paperback)
Emily Wilson
R231 R163 Discovery Miles 1 630 Save R68 (29%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Philosopher, dramatist, rhetorician, Stoic and pragmatist, Seneca was one of the most contradictory figures in ancient Rome, embracing a stern ascetic morality while amassing a fortune under Nero and eventually committing suicide. This definitive biography reveals a life lived perilously in the gap between ideals and reality.

Kings and Queens of Europe - The Dark Secrets of Europe's Monarchies (Paperback): Brenda Ralph Lewis Kings and Queens of Europe - The Dark Secrets of Europe's Monarchies (Paperback)
Brenda Ralph Lewis
R656 R509 Discovery Miles 5 090 Save R147 (22%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

"To be a king and wear a crown is a thing more glorious to them that see it than it is pleasant to them that bear it." - Queen Elizabeth I of England "I shall be an autocrat: that's my trade. And the good Lord will forgive me: that's his." - Catherine the Great To many, Europe has been the pinnacle of world sophistication and culture, yet beneath the power, the glamour and the splendour there has also been scandal, mystery, incest, insanity and skullduggery. Kings and Queens of Europe peels away the glory and the glitz to take a wry look at what has really gone on in the corridors, bedrooms and dungeons of European power from the eleventh century up to the present day. From the Tudors to the Habsburgs to the Windsors, from Vlad the Impaler to Elizabeth Bathory's torture techniques to Philip IV of France's persecution of the Knights Templars, from the tragedies of Princess Grace of Monaco and Princess Diana to the corruption charges facing Princess Cristina of Spain today, Kings and Queens of Europe is illustrated throughout with 400 colour and black-and-white photographs, genealogies and artworks, and offers a lively, highly varied portrait of European monarchy.

Steel Wall at Arnhem - The Destruction of 4 Parachute Brigade 19 September 1944 (Paperback): David Truesdale Steel Wall at Arnhem - The Destruction of 4 Parachute Brigade 19 September 1944 (Paperback)
David Truesdale
R598 R436 Discovery Miles 4 360 Save R162 (27%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

The deployment of the British 1st Airborne Division somewhere in Europe prior to the end of the war was indeed a case of `coins burning holes in the pockets of SHAEF'. The Allied High Command was anxious to commit to battle a division that, while it contained some elite units, was not fully trained, had carried out only one divisional exercise and contained several officers who were either unfit or unsuitable for airborne command. On Monday 18 September 1944, the aircraft and gliders carrying the men and equipment of 4 Parachute Brigade took off from airfields in the south of England. For the first time from its creation in North Africa, the brigade was going into battle as a unified formation, albeit not fully trained and far from experienced. Within 24 hours, the Brigade would cease to exist, having achieved nothing more than the deaths of good men for no good reason. Despite the fine words of Winston Churchill that the operation had not been `in vain' and Montgomery's `90% successful', there is more logic to be found in the words of the Great War poet Wilfred Owen when he wrote in his poem Dulce et decorum est pro patria mori. There were those commanders who were indeed `ardent for some desperate glory'. This is a full account of the brigade and its actions at Arnhem.

Broken Lives - How Ordinary Germans Experienced the 20th Century (Paperback): Konrad H. Jarausch Broken Lives - How Ordinary Germans Experienced the 20th Century (Paperback)
Konrad H. Jarausch
R460 R371 Discovery Miles 3 710 Save R89 (19%) Shipped within 7 - 11 working days

The gripping stories of ordinary Germans who lived through World War II, the Holocaust, and Cold War partition "but also recovery, reunification, and rehabilitation Broken Lives is a gripping account of ordinary Germans who came of age under Hitler and whose lives were scarred and sometimes destroyed by what they saw and did. Drawing on six dozen memoirs by Germans born in the 1920s, Konrad Jarausch chronicles the unforgettable stories of people who not only lived through the Third Reich, World War II, the Holocaust, and Cold War partition, but also participated in Germany's astonishing postwar recovery, reunification, and rehabilitation. Bringing together the voices of men and women, perpetrators and victims, Broken Lives offers new insights about persistent questions. Why did so many Germans support Hitler through years of wartime sacrifice and Nazi inhumanity? How did they finally distance themselves from the Nazi past and come to embrace human rights? The result is a powerful account of the experiences of average Germans who journeyed into, through, and out of the abyss of a dark century.

France since 1870 - Culture, Politics and Society (Paperback, 3rd ed. 2018): Charles Sowerwine France since 1870 - Culture, Politics and Society (Paperback, 3rd ed. 2018)
Charles Sowerwine
R803 R643 Discovery Miles 6 430 Save R160 (20%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

This thoroughly revised, updated and expanded new edition of an established text surveys the cultural, social and political history of France from the Franco-Prussian War of 1870 and the Paris Commune through to Emmanuel Macron's presidency. Incorporating the newest interpretations of past events, Sowerwine seamlessly integrates culture, gender, and race into political and social history. This edition features extended coverage of the 2007-8 financial crisis, the rise of the political and cultural far right and the issues of colonialism and its contemporary repercussions. This is an essential resource for undergraduate and taught postgraduate students of History, French Studies or European Studies taking courses on Modern French History or European History. This text will also appeal to scholars and readers with an interest in modern French history. `Richly informative and lucidly presented, Sowerwine's France since 1870 offers essential reading for students and researchers. Particularly powerful is the new final chapter, which draws on historical expertise to explore and explain the literary and political malaise of contemporary France.' - Jessica Wardhaugh, University of Warwick, UK `This third edition is unparalleled in its reach and excellence as a history of modern France from 1870 to the present. Sowerwine seamlessly integrates culture, gender, and race into political and social history. His incorporation of the newest interpretations of past events as well as the historical perspective he lends to current events such as terror attacks, new laws regarding labor and marriage, modern globalization, neo-liberalism-as well as to France's darkening mood--make this highly readable book a true masterpiece.' - Elinor Accampo, University of Southern California, USA `Her recent social and economic challenges have cast deep shadows into the story of modern France that Charles Sowerwine tells so clearly. Those dark questions about culture, politics and society have their full place in this This scholarly but accessible reassessment of French history since 1870. This edition raises new questions about France's story, directly and compellingly, and remains the key text for readers who are curious about modern France.' - Julian Wright, Northumbria University, UK `Following on the fine precedent set by earlier editions, this masterful survey offers students and the public alike a readable and illuminating account of the tortuous and ever intriguing path of French history since 1870.' - George Sheridan, University of Oregon, USA

Status in Classical Athens (Paperback): Deborah Kamen Status in Classical Athens (Paperback)
Deborah Kamen
R497 R389 Discovery Miles 3 890 Save R108 (22%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Ancient Greek literature, Athenian civic ideology, and modern classical scholarship have all worked together to reinforce the idea that there were three neatly defined status groups in classical Athens--citizens, slaves, and resident foreigners. But this book--the first comprehensive account of status in ancient democratic Athens--clearly lays out the evidence for a much broader and more complex spectrum of statuses, one that has important implications for understanding Greek social and cultural history. By revealing a social and legal reality otherwise masked by Athenian ideology, Deborah Kamen illuminates the complexity of Athenian social structure, uncovers tensions between democratic ideology and practice, and contributes to larger questions about the relationship between citizenship and democracy. Each chapter is devoted to one of ten distinct status groups in classical Athens (451/0-323 BCE): chattel slaves, privileged chattel slaves, conditionally freed slaves, resident foreigners (metics), privileged metics, bastards, disenfranchised citizens, naturalized citizens, female citizens, and male citizens. Examining a wide range of literary, epigraphic, and legal evidence, as well as factors not generally considered together, such as property ownership, corporal inviolability, and religious rights, the book demonstrates the important legal and social distinctions that were drawn between various groups of individuals in Athens. At the same time, it reveals that the boundaries between these groups were less fixed and more permeable than Athenians themselves acknowledged. The book concludes by trying to explain why ancient Greek literature maintains the fiction of three status groups despite a far more complex reality.

Blitzed - Drugs in the Third Reich (Paperback): Norman Ohler Blitzed - Drugs in the Third Reich (Paperback)
Norman Ohler; Translated by Shaun Whiteside
R304 R247 Discovery Miles 2 470 Save R57 (19%) Shipped within 7 - 11 working days
The Penguin History of Modern Russia - From Tsarism to the Twenty-first Century (Paperback): Robert Service The Penguin History of Modern Russia - From Tsarism to the Twenty-first Century (Paperback)
Robert Service
R403 R282 Discovery Miles 2 820 Save R121 (30%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Russia's recent past has encompassed revolution, civil war, mass terror and two world wars, and the country is still undergoing huge change. In his acclaimed history, now updated to 2015, Robert Service provides a superb panoramic viewpoint on Russia, exploring the complex, changing interaction between rulers and ruled from Nicholas II, Lenin and Stalin through to Gorbachev, Yeltsin, Putin and beyond. This new edition also discusses Russia's unresolved economic and social difficulties and its determination to regain its leading role on the world stage and explains how, despite the recent years of de-communization, the seven decades of communist rule which penetrated every aspect of life still continue to influence Russia today.

Mein Kampf (Paperback, Reissue): Adolf Hitler Mein Kampf (Paperback, Reissue)
Adolf Hitler; Translated by Ralph Manheim
R475 R364 Discovery Miles 3 640 Save R111 (23%) Shipped within 4 - 8 working days

Hitler's infamous political tract was first published in 1925-26 and has been widely translated since. This edition contains a detailed introduction which analyses Hitler's background, his ideology and his ruthless understanding of political power.

The Pity of War (Paperback, New Ed): Niall Ferguson The Pity of War (Paperback, New Ed)
Niall Ferguson 2
R314 R225 Discovery Miles 2 250 Save R89 (28%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

More than any other event, the First World War made the twentieth century what it has been. In this boldly conceived book, aimed to appeal not only to students but also to the general reader, Niall Ferguson explodes many of the myths surrounding the war.

The Grand Strategy of the Habsburg Empire (Paperback): A. Wess Mitchell The Grand Strategy of the Habsburg Empire (Paperback)
A. Wess Mitchell
R518 R418 Discovery Miles 4 180 Save R100 (19%) Shipped within 7 - 11 working days

The Habsburg Empire's grand strategy for outmaneuvering and outlasting stronger rivals in a complicated geopolitical world The Empire of Habsburg Austria faced more enemies than any other European great power. Flanked on four sides by rivals, it possessed few of the advantages that explain successful empires. Its army was not renowned for offensive prowess, its finances were often shaky, and its populace was fragmented into more than a dozen ethnicities. Yet somehow Austria endured, outlasting Ottoman sieges, Frederick the Great, and Napoleon. The Grand Strategy of the Habsburg Empire tells the story of how this cash-strapped, polyglot empire survived for centuries in Europe's most dangerous neighborhood without succumbing to the pressures of multisided warfare. Taking readers from the War of the Spanish Succession in the early 1700s to the Austro-Prussian War of 1866, A. Wess Mitchell argues that the Habsburgs succeeded not through offensive military power or great wealth but by developing strategies that manipulated the element of time in geopolitical competition. Unable to fight all their enemies at once, the Habsburgs learned to use the limited tools at their disposal--terrain, technology, and treaty allies--to sequence and stagger their conflicts, drive down the costs of empire, and concentrate scarce resources against the greatest threat of the moment. Rarely holding a grudge after war, they played the "long game" in geopolitics, corralling friend and foe alike into voluntarily managing the empire's lengthy frontiers and extending a benign hegemony across the turbulent lands of middle Europe. A study in adaptive statecraft, The Grand Strategy of the Habsburg Empire offers lessons on how to navigate a messy geopolitical map, stand firm without the advantage of military predominance, and prevail against multiple rivals.

Marie Antoinette - The Journey (Paperback): Antonia Fraser Marie Antoinette - The Journey (Paperback)
Antonia Fraser 3
R362 R301 Discovery Miles 3 010 Save R61 (17%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Still a controversial figure, Marie Antoinette's dramatic life-story continues to arouse mixed emotions. To many people, she is still "la reine mechante", whose extravagance and frivolity helped to bring down the French monarchy; her indifference to popular suffering epitomised by the (apocryphal) words: "let them eat cake". Others are equally passionate in her defence: to them, she is a victim of misogyny. In this biography Antonia Fraser examines her influence over the king, Louis XVI, the accusations and sexual slurs made against her, her patronage of the arts which enhanced French cultural life, her imprisonment, the death threats made against her, rumours of lesbian affairs, her trial (during which her young son was forced to testify to sexual abuse by his mother) and her eventual execution by guillotine in 1793.

Travelers in the Third Reich - The Rise of Fascism: 1919-1945 (Paperback): Julia Boyd Travelers in the Third Reich - The Rise of Fascism: 1919-1945 (Paperback)
Julia Boyd
R379 R309 Discovery Miles 3 090 Save R70 (18%) Shipped within 7 - 11 working days
Ordinary Men - Reserve Police Battalion 101 and the Final Solution in Poland (Paperback, Revised edition): Christopher R... Ordinary Men - Reserve Police Battalion 101 and the Final Solution in Poland (Paperback, Revised edition)
Christopher R Browning
R325 R264 Discovery Miles 2 640 Save R61 (19%) Shipped within 7 - 11 working days

Christopher R. Browning's shocking account of how a unit of average middle-aged Germans became the cold-blooded murderers of tens of thousands of Jews-now with a new afterword and additional photographs. Ordinary Men is the true story of Reserve Police Battalion 101 of the German Order Police, which was responsible for mass shootings as well as round-ups of Jewish people for deportation to Nazi death camps in Poland in 1942. Browning argues that most of the men of RPB 101 were not fanatical Nazis but, rather, ordinary middle-aged, working-class men who committed these atrocities out of a mixture of motives, including the group dynamics of conformity, deference to authority, role adaptation, and the altering of moral norms to justify their actions. Very quickly three groups emerged within the battalion: a core of eager killers, a plurality who carried out their duties reliably but without initiative, and a small minority who evaded participation in the acts of killing without diminishing the murderous efficiency of the battalion whatsoever. While this book discusses a specific Reserve Unit during WWII, the general argument Browning makes is that most people succumb to the pressures of a group setting and commit actions they would never do of their own volition. Ordinary Men is a powerful, chilling, and important work with themes and arguments that continue to resonate today. "A remarkable-and singularly chilling-glimpse of human behavior...This meticulously researched book...represents a major contribution to the literature of the Holocaust."-Newsweek

The Berlin-Baghdad Express - The Ottoman Empire and Germany's Bid for World Power, 1898-1918 (Paperback): Sean McMeekin The Berlin-Baghdad Express - The Ottoman Empire and Germany's Bid for World Power, 1898-1918 (Paperback)
Sean McMeekin
R277 R187 Discovery Miles 1 870 Save R90 (32%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

The modern Middle East was forged in the crucible of the First World War, but few know the full story of how war actually came to the region. As Sean McMeekin reveals in this startling reinterpretation of the war, it was neither the British nor the French but rather a small clique of Germans and Turks who thrust the Islamic world into the conflict for their own political, economic, and military ends.

"The Berlin-Baghdad Express" tells the fascinating story of how Germany exploited Ottoman pan-Islamism in order to destroy the British Empire, then the largest Islamic power in the world. Meanwhile the Young Turks harnessed themselves to German military might to avenge Turkey's hereditary enemy, Russia. Told from the perspective of the key decision-makers on the Turco-German side, many of the most consequential events of World War I--Turkey's entry into the war, Gallipoli, the Armenian massacres, the Arab revolt, and the Russian Revolution--are illuminated as never before.

Drawing on a wealth of new sources, McMeekin forces us to re-examine Western interference in the Middle East and its lamentable results. It is an epic tragicomedy of unintended consequences, as Turkish nationalists give Russia the war it desperately wants, jihad begets an Islamic insurrection in Mecca, German sabotage plots upend the Tsar delivering Turkey from Russia's yoke, and German Zionism midwifes the Balfour Declaration. All along, the story is interwoven with the drama surrounding German efforts to complete the Berlin to Baghdad railway, the weapon designed to win the war and assure German hegemony over the Middle East.

The Maisky Diaries - The Wartime Revelations of Stalin's Ambassador in London (Paperback): Ivan Maisky The Maisky Diaries - The Wartime Revelations of Stalin's Ambassador in London (Paperback)
Ivan Maisky; Edited by Gabriel Gorodetsky 1
R375 R327 Discovery Miles 3 270 Save R48 (13%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Highlights of the extraordinary wartime diaries of Ivan Maisky, Soviet ambassador to London The terror and purges of Stalin's Russia in the 1930s discouraged Soviet officials from leaving documentary records let alone keeping personal diaries. A remarkable exception is the unique diary assiduously kept by Ivan Maisky, the Soviet ambassador to London between 1932 and 1943. This selection from Maisky's diary, never before published in English, grippingly documents Britain's drift to war during the 1930s, appeasement in the Munich era, negotiations leading to the signature of the Ribbentrop-Molotov Pact, Churchill's rise to power, the German invasion of Russia, and the intense debate over the opening of the second front. Maisky was distinguished by his great sociability and access to the key players in British public life. Among his range of regular contacts were politicians (including Churchill, Chamberlain, Eden, and Halifax), press barons (Beaverbrook), ambassadors (Joseph Kennedy), intellectuals (Keynes, Sidney and Beatrice Webb), writers (George Bernard Shaw, H. G. Wells), and indeed royalty. His diary further reveals the role personal rivalries within the Kremlin played in the formulation of Soviet policy at the time. Scrupulously edited and checked against a vast range of Russian and Western archival evidence, this extraordinary narrative diary offers a fascinating revision of the events surrounding the Second World War.

Oxford AQA History for A Level: Tsarist and Communist Russia 1855-1964 (Paperback, 2nd Edition): Sally Waller Oxford AQA History for A Level: Tsarist and Communist Russia 1855-1964 (Paperback, 2nd Edition)
Sally Waller
R876 Discovery Miles 8 760 Shipped within 7 - 11 working days

Retaining well-loved features from the previous editions, Tsarist and Communist Russia has been approved by AQA and matched to the 2015 specifications. This textbook covers AS and A Level content together and covers in breadth issues of change, continuity, and cause and consequence in this period of Russian history through key themes such as how Russia was governed, the extent of social change, and how important were ideologies. Its aim is to enable students to understand and make connections between the six key thematic questions covered in the specification. Students can further develop vital skills such as historical interpretations and source analyses via specially selected sources and extracts. Practice questions and study tips provide additional support to help familiarize students with the new exam style questions, and help them achieve their best in the exam.

The Jutland Scandal - The Truth about the First World War's Greatest Sea Battle (Hardcover): Vice-Admiral John Harper,... The Jutland Scandal - The Truth about the First World War's Greatest Sea Battle (Hardcover)
Vice-Admiral John Harper, Admiral Reginald Bacon
R482 R436 Discovery Miles 4 360 Save R46 (10%) Shipped within 7 - 11 working days

Two high-ranking officers defied the British Admiralty to tell the tale of World War I's first naval battle against Germany. The Royal Navy had ruled the sea unchallenged for one hundred years since Nelson triumphed at Trafalgar. Yet when the Grand Fleet faced the German High Seas Fleet across the grey waters of the North Sea near Jutland, the British battleships and cruisers were battered into a draw, losing far more men and ships than the enemy. The Grand Fleet far outnumbered and outgunned the German fleet, so something clearly had gone wrong. The public waited for the official histories of the battle to be released to learn the truth, but month after month went by with the Admiralty promising, but failing, to publish an account of Jutland. Questions were raised in Parliament (twenty-two times), yet still no official report was produced, due to objections from Admiral Beatty. This led to Admiral Bacon producing his own account of the battle, called The Jutland Scandal, in 1925. Two years later the man instructed to write the official report, Rear-Admiral Harper, decided to publish his account independently, under the title The Truth about Jutland. Together, these two books lay bare the facts about Jutland and reveal the failings of senior officers and the distortions of the early historians. Produced as one volume for the first time, this book tells the truth about the scandal that developed following the largest battle ever fought at sea. Skyhorse Publishing, as well as our Arcade imprint, are proud to publish a broad range of books for readers interested in history--books about World War II, the Third Reich, Hitler and his henchmen, the JFK assassination, conspiracies, the American Civil War, the American Revolution, gladiators, Vikings, ancient Rome, medieval times, the old West, and much more. While not every title we publish becomes a New York Times bestseller or a national bestseller, we are committed to books on subjects that are sometimes overlooked and to authors whose work might not otherwise find a home.

Foley - The Spy Who Saved 10,000 Jews (Paperback): Michael Smith Foley - The Spy Who Saved 10,000 Jews (Paperback)
Michael Smith
R247 R193 Discovery Miles 1 930 Save R54 (22%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

As the horror of Nazism tightened its grip on Germany, Jews found themselves trapped and desperate. For many, their only hope of salvation came in the form of a small, bespectacled British man: Frank Foley. Working as a Berlin Passport Control Officer, Foley helped thousands of Jews to flee the country with visas and false passports, personally entering the camps to get Jews out, and sheltering those on the run from the Gestapo in his own apartment. Described by a Jewish leader as 'the Pimpernel of the Jews', Foley was an unsung hero of the Holocaust.But why is this extraordinary man virtually unknown, even in Britain? The reason is simple: Foley was MI6 head of station in Berlin, bound to secrecy by the code of his profession.Michael Smith's work uncovering the remarkable truth led to the recognition of Frank Foley as Righteous Among Nations, the highest honour the Jewish state can bestow upon a Gentile. Foley is a story of courage and quiet heroism in the face of great evil - a reminder of the impact that one brave individual can have on the lives of many.

Anne Frank: The Collected Works (Hardcover): Anne Frank: The Collected Works (Hardcover)
R1,167 R855 Discovery Miles 8 550 Save R312 (27%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Anne Frank's diary is one of the most recognised and widely read books of the Second World War. Hundreds of thousands of people visit the Anne Frank House on the Prinsengracht in Amsterdam each year to see the annexe where Anne and her family hid from the occupying forces, before eventually being deported to Auschwitz in 1944. Only Anne's father, Otto, survived the Holocaust. Anne Frank: The Collected Works includes each of the versions of Anne's world-famous diary including the 'A' and 'B' diaries now in continuous, readable form, and the definitive text ('D') edited by renowned translator and author Mirjam Pressler. For the first time readers have access to Anne's letters, personal reminiscences, daydreams, essays and notebook of favourite quotes. Also included are background essays by notable writers such as historian Gerhard Hirschfeld (University of Stuttgart) and Francine Prose (Bard College) on topics such as `Anne Frank's Life', `The History of the Frank Family' and `The Publication History of Anne Frank's diary', as well as numerous photographs of the Franks and the other occupants of the annexe. An essential book for scholars and general readers alike, The Collected Works brings together for the first time Anne Frank's complete writings, together with important images and documents. Supported by the Anne Frank Fonds in Basel, Switzerland, set up by Otto Frank to act as the guardian of Anne's work, this is a landmark publication marking the anniversary of 90 years since Anne's birth in 1929.

From Stray Dog to World War I Hero - The Paris Terrier Who Joined the First Division (Hardcover): Grant Hayter-Menzies From Stray Dog to World War I Hero - The Paris Terrier Who Joined the First Division (Hardcover)
Grant Hayter-Menzies
R417 R311 Discovery Miles 3 110 Save R106 (25%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

On the streets of Paris one day in July 1918, an American doughboy, Sgt. Jimmy Donovan, befriended a stray dog that he named Rags. No longer an unwanted street mutt, Rags became the mascot to the entire First Division of the American Expeditionary Force and a friend to the American troops who had crossed the Atlantic to fight. Rags was more than a scruffy face and a wagging tail, however. The little terrier mix was with the division at the crucial battle of Soissons, at the Saint-Mihiel offensive, and finally in the blood-and-mud bath of the Meuse-Argonne, during which he and his guardian were wounded. Despite being surrounded by distraction and danger, Rags learned to carry messages through gunfire, locate broken communications wire for the Signal Corps to repair, and alert soldiers to incoming shells, saving the lives of hundreds of American soldiers. Through it all, he brought inspiration to men with little to hope for, especially in the bitter last days of the war.From Stray Dog to World War I Hero covers Rags's entire life story, from the bomb-filled years of war through his secret journey to the United States that began his second life, one just as filled with drama and heartache. In years of peace, Rags served as a reminder to human survivors of what held men together when pushed past their limits by the horrors of battle.

Revolutionizing the Sciences - European Knowledge in Transition, 1500-1700 (Paperback, 3rd ed. 2019): Peter Dear Revolutionizing the Sciences - European Knowledge in Transition, 1500-1700 (Paperback, 3rd ed. 2019)
Peter Dear
R612 R489 Discovery Miles 4 890 Save R123 (20%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

This heavily revised third edition of an award-winning text offers a keen insight into the development of scientific thought in early modern Europe. Including coverage of the central scientific figures of the time, including Copernicus, Kelper, Galileo, Newton and Bacon, this book provides a comprehensive overview of how the Scientific Revolution happened and why. Highlighting Europe's colonial and trade expansion in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, Peter Dear traces the revolution in scientific thought that changed the natural world from something to be contemplated into something to be used. This book is ideal for undergraduate and postgraduate students of Early Modern History, European History, History of Medicine, History of Science and Technology and the History and Philosophy of Science. The first edition was the winner of the Watson Davis and Helen Miles Davis Prize of the History of Science Society.

Armenia - Masterpieces from an Enduring Culture (Hardcover): Theo Marten van Lint, Robin Meyer Armenia - Masterpieces from an Enduring Culture (Hardcover)
Theo Marten van Lint, Robin Meyer
R1,413 R1,273 Discovery Miles 12 730 Save R140 (10%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Set like a stronghold south-west of the Caucasus mountains, Armenia is caught between East and West. Briefly a great empire in the first century BCE under King Tigranes the Great, Armenia was later incorporated first by the Sasanian and then the Byzantine Empires. Armenian art, literature, religion and material culture have reinterpreted elements of a wide variety of cultures. Spanning over two and a half millennia, the history of Armenia and the Armenian people is a series of riveting tales, from its first mention under the Achaemenid King Darius I to the independence of the Republic of Armenia from the Soviet Union. With the help of the Bodleian Libraries' magnificent collection of Armenian manuscripts and early printed books, this volume tells the story of the region through the medium of its cultural output. Together with introductions written by experts in their fields, close to one hundred manuscripts, works of art and religious artefacts serve as a guide to Armenian culture and history. Gospel manuscripts splendidly illuminated by Armenian masters feature next to philosophical tractates and merchants' handbooks, affording us an insight into what makes the Armenian people truly unique, especially in the shadow of the genocide that threatened their annihilation a hundred years ago: namely their spirituality, language and perseverance in the face of adversity. VISIT THE EXHIBITION Armenia: Treasures from an Enduring Culture October 2015 - January 2016 Bodleian Library, Oxford

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