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Prescriptive Stretching (Paperback, 2nd edition): Kristian Berg Prescriptive Stretching (Paperback, 2nd edition)
Kristian Berg
R524 R427 Discovery Miles 4 270 Save R97 (19%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days

No one likes to live with aches and pain. Whether the pain is caused by poor posture, repetitive movements, injury, or sedentary behavior, Prescriptive Stretching, Second Edition, can help put you on the path to feeling better and living without the pain. Prescriptive Stretching features full-color anatomical illustrations and step-by-step instructions for dozens of the most effective stretches to eliminate pain, alleviate muscle soreness, improve balance and flexibility, and prevent common injuries. You'll find various types of stretches and techniques, including individual unassisted stretches, the use of a tennis ball to target troublesome areas like the shoulder and feet, and partner stretches to ease pain caused by poor posture or sitting for long periods of time. Most importantly, Prescriptive Stretching offers ready-to-use stretching sequences to target specific problem areas. These pain release programs will help address many common ailments: Back pain Neck stiffness Headaches Shoulder soreness Tennis or golfer's elbow Runner's knee Whether you're looking to increase range of motion or simply alleviate muscle pain and discomfort, Prescriptive Stretching will help you feel better from head to toe. CE exam available! For certified professionals, a companion continuing education exam can be completed after reading this book. The Prescriptive Stretching Online CE Exam may be purchased separately or as part of the Prescriptive Stretching With CE Exam package, which includes both the book and the exam.

Men's Fitness in 15 minutes - The Essential Guide (Paperback): Robert Duffy Men's Fitness in 15 minutes - The Essential Guide (Paperback)
Robert Duffy 1
R265 Discovery Miles 2 650 Ships in 10 - 15 working days
Fit Kids in 15 minutes - The Essential Guide (Paperback): Robert Duffy Fit Kids in 15 minutes - The Essential Guide (Paperback)
Robert Duffy 1
R344 R276 Discovery Miles 2 760 Save R68 (20%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days
Synthesis of Yoga, Us Edition (Hardcover): Aurobindo Synthesis of Yoga, Us Edition (Hardcover)
R772 R700 Discovery Miles 7 000 Save R72 (9%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days

In The Synthesis of Yoga Sri Aurobindo unfolds his vision of an integral yoga embracing all the powers and activities of man. First, he reviews the three great yogic paths of Knowledge, Works and Love, along with Hatha Yoga, Raja Yoga and Tantra, and then integrates them all into a great symphony. Index.

A Practical Guide to Personal Conditioning (Hardcover): David D Peterson, Melissa Rittenhouse A Practical Guide to Personal Conditioning (Hardcover)
David D Peterson, Melissa Rittenhouse
R1,202 Discovery Miles 12 020 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

A Practical Guide to Personal Conditioning concisely and comprehensively connects the science of exercise with real-world application to sport and human performance, effectively providing readers with both the "why" and "how" behind effective exercise prescription and programming. This engaging text explores the information necessary to develop an exercise and nutrition plan specifically designed and tailored to fit their personal fitness goals. It also encourages the reader to consider the numerous factors that may impact or complicate their plan, including the physical demands of their activities, environmental factors, and nutritional requirements. Anchored in exercise science, the authors have strived to present a safe and scientific approach to exercise prescription, programming, and nutrition. Key Features: - Provides an emphasis on personal nutrition, providing specific chapters on general nutrition concepts, sport-specific nutrition, and fad diets and supplements - Learning Objectives open each chapter and provide readers with a snapshot of the skills they will be building - Frequently Asked Questions boxes throughout the text address basic questions about training techniques and nutrition - Open-ended Knowledge Check questions at the end of each chapter encourage students to reflect on key concepts.

Functional Awareness and Yoga - An Anatomical Guide to the Body in Reflective Practice (Paperback): Nancy Romita, Allegra Romita Functional Awareness and Yoga - An Anatomical Guide to the Body in Reflective Practice (Paperback)
Nancy Romita, Allegra Romita
R351 Discovery Miles 3 510 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Functional Awareness and Yoga is an essential book for all who wishes to deepen their yoga practice and discover strategies to reduce strain or discomfort on the mat as well as in daily life. It is also an excellent book of introductory concepts in anatomy as applied to yoga required during a yoga teacher training. Each chapter provides essentials in functional anatomy with over 60 practical illustrations. The chapters also apply specific postures in yoga with cues to support the practice on the mat. Finally, each chapter contains a mindful practice section to help readers integrate anatomical imagery into daily life in order to release unnecessary tension, improve posture, and support ease of movement. The reflective practice of Functional Awareness (R) changes how one goes through simple daily tasks in living and demonstrates how these small simple shifts can have a profound effect on ease in action and resilience in movement both on and off the yoga mat. Guiding readers through the essentials in body alignment by providing engaging explorations in body/mind awareness, the book offers a pathway to improve resilience and balance in action.

Pilates Evolution - The 21st Century (Paperback): Joseph Hubertus Pilates Pilates Evolution - The 21st Century (Paperback)
Joseph Hubertus Pilates
R324 R263 Discovery Miles 2 630 Save R61 (19%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days

Much has changed in the 21st century since 1934 when Joseph Pilates wrote his first book, Your Health, about fitness and health. In 1945, he followed up that first expression of fitness theories and principles with his detailed and definitive book of exercises, Return to Life through Contrology. Both of these original books were copyrighted and republished by Presentation Dynamics in 2000 in the book Pilates Primer: The Millennium Edition. Presentation Dynamics has now added 96 new pages of content to this book with the release of Pilates Evolution for the 21st Century. It details the very latest in 21st-century modifications, methodology, and enhancements to Joseph Pilates exercises. The new text opens with an introduction to 21st-century evolutionary developments, discussing how Pilates original students became the next generation of teachers. It also describes how these students have, in fact, gone on to develop a wide range of variations in their teachings, bringing new science and techniques to new variations in body positioning, balancing, centring, and aligning. In some cases, the teachers use exercise props, and in other cases, this new generation of teachers brings Pilates methodologies from the ground and mat into standing positions. Other variations in instruction blend Pilates principles with dance, yoga, and various sports to make Pilates instruction applicable to a growing number of students and disciplines. This book organises the new Pilates developments into 10 primary chapters, each focusing on a different 21st-century speciality. Each of these new chapters focuses on a different major area of Pilates evolution, such as standing or circular work, sports-specific Pilates, or Pilates exercise variation with individual props. Each chapter introduces the technique, concept, prop, or emphasis, while the chapter ends with a list of resources from companies specialising in training, certification, videos, or books. The remaining pages present new exercises in the same manner that Pilates introduced his exercises a century ago; that is, a photographic sequence tracing the exercise combined with step-by-step instructions for the student. (There are two or more demonstrative exercises in each of the first nine chapters.) Two facing pages include a series of photographs on the right side with step-by-step instructions on the left side. Visual sequencing allows you to use or teach a novel exercise that is both effective and fun. The instructions include explanations of the various aspects of the exercise, along with modifications for less- or more-advanced bodies. Joseph Pilates based his work on the concept of a balanced body and mind and on the approach espoused by the early Greeks. New practitioners of Pilates forms and exercises in the 21st century continue to expand upon this earlier work by presenting a variety of creative new approaches involving circular movements, standing postures, and core strengthening exercises using props such as tubes, weights, poles, bands, magic circles, mini-balls, stability balls, foam rollers, and more. Joseph Pilates has been nothing short of revolutionary in his impact on the world of fitness and exercise. You will learn in this book his original observations and conclusions about peoples approach to physical fitness. He describes the results of decades of scientific study, experimentation, and research into the variety of troubles and ills that upset the balance of body and mind. You will also learn every single one of his original 34 mat exercises taught to his own students. Living testimony to the validity of his own teachings, Joseph Pilates shares in these writings his fundamental tenets of posture, body mechanics, correct breathing, spinal flexibility, physical education, and his law of natural exercises. It is a fascinating look into Pilates original thinking and represents the foundation of an entire discipline embraced by fitness enthusiasts, health educators, and exercise trainers around the world.

Yoga to Preserve Youth and Beauty (Paperback): Bijoylaxmi Hota Yoga to Preserve Youth and Beauty (Paperback)
Bijoylaxmi Hota
R289 Discovery Miles 2 890 Ships in 10 - 15 working days
Krav Maga - A Complete Guide for Fitness and Self-defence (Paperback): David Kahn Krav Maga - A Complete Guide for Fitness and Self-defence (Paperback)
David Kahn
R430 R371 Discovery Miles 3 710 Save R59 (14%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

The first of its kind - an illustrated guide to the hottest new fitness trend from a top expert in the field. Increasingly popular as a self-defence method and fitness program, Krav Maga is the Israeli military's renowned method for fending off attackers. Based on the principles of doing minimal harm and enhancing our natural instincts for self-protection, anyone can master its moves - regardless of strength, size, age or gender. In this excellent beginner's guide David Khan presents the basic techniques and principles. Topics include: Anticipating an attack Understanding the bodies vulnerable targets Mastering essential defence techniques, and more

Science of Breath - A Practical Guide (Paperback, New edition): Rama Swami, Rudolph M. Ballentine, Alan Hymes Science of Breath - A Practical Guide (Paperback, New edition)
Rama Swami, Rudolph M. Ballentine, Alan Hymes
R303 R246 Discovery Miles 2 460 Save R57 (19%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days

Proper breathing helps us achieve physical and mental health and attain higher states of consciousness. Science of Breath shows us how. It describes the anatomy and physiology of breathing, as well as the subtle yogic science of prana. Basic yogic breathing techniques are explained so that we can immediately begin working with this powerful science.

Accessible Yoga - Poses And Practices For Every Body (Paperback): Jivana Heyman Accessible Yoga - Poses And Practices For Every Body (Paperback)
Jivana Heyman
R425 R340 Discovery Miles 3 400 Save R85 (20%) Ships in 5 - 10 working days

This daring, visionary book revolutionizes yoga practice--and makes it truly accessible to everyone, in every body, at any age, and in any state of health.

Yoga practice has so much to offer us physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. But many of us feel discouraged to practice because we see young, slim, flexible, well, and able-bodied people dominating yoga spaces. Yet, yoga is truly a practice for all--conferring enormous benefits to our overall well-being as our bodies change, age, and navigate various health challenges. Jivana Heyman, founder of Accessible Yoga, views yoga as a basic human right--saying we all deserve to practice it in whatever state we find our body or mind. Accessible Yoga offers a simple, clear, and wonderfully adaptable practice for all people regardless of ability, health, and body type. Heyman has spent over twenty years sharing yoga with people of all abilities and backgrounds, and in this book, he shares his knowledge by breaking down complex yoga poses, breathing practices, meditation techniques, and yoga teachings into clearly understandable and practical tools we can use every day, regardless of our limitations or challenges.

Younger Next Year: The Exercise Program - Use the Power of Exercise to Reverse Aging and Stay Strong, Fit, and Sexy... Younger Next Year: The Exercise Program - Use the Power of Exercise to Reverse Aging and Stay Strong, Fit, and Sexy (Paperback)
Christopher Crowley, Henry S Lodge; As told to Bill Fabrocini
R215 R181 Discovery Miles 1 810 Save R34 (16%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Younger Next Year Exercise Program combines the best information from the New York Times bestselling Younger Next Year with the cutting-edge workouts from Thinner This Year. The book printed in a user-friendly format perfectly sized to throw into a gym bag includes Dr. Harry Lodge's science behind the benefits, and lots of passionate encouragement from Chris Crowley. Here is the 10-minute warm-up (critical for maintaining ankle, shoulder, and hip mobility). The five amazing things aerobic exercise will do for your body, and finding the method that works for you. How to get fit better and more quickly with intervals, and the importance of "whole-body" strength training. Plus, the Twenty-Five Sacred Exercises that will be the foundation for your strength-training routine for life, including "Why Bother?" for each and easy-to-follow step-by-step instructions and illustrations.

Keeping it off (Paperback): Michelle Bridges Keeping it off (Paperback)
Michelle Bridges
R621 R474 Discovery Miles 4 740 Save R147 (24%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

A complete plan for long-term weight loss and good health. "Just like you, I need to keep up with my training, keep eating well and keep my head in check."Michelle Bridges wants to start the conversation that no one seems to be having. In Keeping It Off, she teams the latest scientific findings with knowledge she has gained from working with thousands of people over many years to give us the truth about long-term weight loss. It's not simply about 'calories in vs calories out', but rather developing routines and positive habits around food and exercise that will keep you consistently and confidently in your healthy weight range for the rest of your life. This book is not about short-term weight loss- it's about the long haul. It's for those of us who want to cut through the confusion. It's for everyone who has lost weight, then put it back on.It's about good health for you and your family, now and into the future.

View From The Back Of The Class - T'ai Chi Students' Confessions (Paperback): Mark Peters View From The Back Of The Class - T'ai Chi Students' Confessions (Paperback)
Mark Peters
R347 R277 Discovery Miles 2 770 Save R70 (20%) Out of stock
Eva Fraser's Facial Workout - Look Fifteen Years Younger with this Easy Daily Routine (Paperback): Eva Fraser Eva Fraser's Facial Workout - Look Fifteen Years Younger with this Easy Daily Routine (Paperback)
Eva Fraser 1
R210 Discovery Miles 2 100 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Look 15 years younger in 2020 with Eva Fraser's easy facial workout ___________ Facial Yoga is THE non-surgical way to achieve a facelift - and help you look 15 years younger! 'Facial exercises may significantly reduce signs of ageing' New York Times In the ORIGINAL facial fitness classic, Eva Fraser shows you how straightforward exercises can help eliminate dark circles, firm your jaw line, tone your neck, plump cheeks and so much more . . . leaving your skin with a natural, youthful glow. For nearly 40 years, Eva Fraser has been practicing her facial workout techniques - and the results are remarkable. The premise is simple: the muscles in your face, if left inactive, will become as saggy as those in any other part of your body. In order to tone them up, they need to be exercised. This book includes information on why the face ages, how skin works and what can be done about it, as well as the easy exercise plan that Eva swears by. ___________ What do readers think? 'They really do work!' 5* Reader Review 'I have only been doing them for 4 weeks and they have made a difference' 5* Reader Review 'Eva Fraser gives a fool proof method to a younger face' 5* Reader Review 'A chemical free way to firm up those looks!' 5* Reader Review

Water Exercise (Paperback): Melissa R. Layne Water Exercise (Paperback)
Melissa R. Layne
R458 R375 Discovery Miles 3 750 Save R83 (18%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days

Looking for exercises to improve your fitness, maximize your cross-training, or recover from an injury or condition-all with little or no impact? Water Exercise is your complete resource for fitness and rehabilitation exercises. Water workouts are a fabulous way to exercise, no matter your current fitness level. Water Exercise allows personalization of each workout plan: You can change the speed, intensity, or amount of rest based on your needs. Water Exercise is ideal for cross-training workouts and beginning to advanced fitness workouts. It will also help you recover from injury or manage a chronic condition. With underwater photos and simple instructions for each exercise, you will learn fun exercises in Water Exercise you can do in shallow or deep water. You'll also learn how to use optional equipment such as foam noodles and water buoys to strengthen muscles and improve flexibility. Exercising in the water is effective because it offers a range of therapeutic and health benefits yet still improves all the components of fitness that you get from land exercise-with no impact. With just a pool and a swimsuit, you can strengthen, rehabilitate, and add variety to your workouts with Water Exercise.

Yoga-pilates (Hardcover): Jonathan Monks Yoga-pilates (Hardcover)
Jonathan Monks
R257 R199 Discovery Miles 1 990 Save R58 (23%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

This is a distinctive style of exercise that combines the benefits of yoga and Pilates. You can rediscover the strength and flexibility of your body, and improve your stamina and balance, to achieve an optimum level of fitness. You can transform the shape of your body by strengthening your core muscles to create your own 'body beautiful'. Dynamic Pilates sequences are graded to suit your energy levels at different times of the day. Yoga postures show easy and more advanced variations, to suit your level of flexibility. It is fully illustrated with over 325 practical photographs that clearly demonstrate the postures. This book fuses the stretching and balancing of yoga, and the muscle control demanded by the technique of Pilates, to create a new style of practice that begins with the core strength of the body. The main part of the book is devoted to the individual yoga-Pilates postures, supplemented with advice on extending or moderating them. The postures are then brought together in a series of sequences devised by the author for warming-up, to aid relaxation, help energize, and increase strength and body awareness. Fully illustrated, with step-by-step sequences, this book is an expert guide to an exciting fusion of two influential health disciplines, and is for anyone interested in increasing their fitness levels, and enhancing an overall sense of wellbeing.

Strength Training for Women (Paperback): John Shepherd Strength Training for Women (Paperback)
John Shepherd
R433 R407 Discovery Miles 4 070 Save R26 (6%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days

Afraid of training with weights? Worried of putting on muscles? Think again. Strength training is for women. This book is the ultimate guide to toning up, burning fat and getting the body you want. It shows you why women should train with weights and why you should not be afraid of them. Dispelling the myth that weight training makes a woman 'bulky and unfeminine', the book shows that weights and resistance training methods could be the single most important element in your fitness regime. Packed with full-colour photos and descriptions of over 30 exercises, the book gives you advice on how to put together a resistance training programme as well as how to interchange exercises. Motivational, it also gives three 6-week workout programmes to achieve a stronger, fitter and firmer body. This is the ideal companion to get the best toned body you've always wanted. Strength training is for women.

Feel-Good Fitness - Workout Challenges to Inspire Your Fitness Streak (Paperback): Alysia Montano Feel-Good Fitness - Workout Challenges to Inspire Your Fitness Streak (Paperback)
Alysia Montano
R510 R413 Discovery Miles 4 130 Save R97 (19%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days

Feel-Good Fitness from pro runner Alysia Montano offers a year of fun and fresh fitness challenges that will build your strength and endurance. Alysia's fitness challenges will make you smile while you sweat because Alysia's not your typical fitness trainer. She's a mom of two who knows real workouts don't require a pricey gym membership. With Alysia's practical workout program, you can get fit in 30-60 minutes a day while tackling achievable fitness challenges. Each challenge takes on a different goal over 3-4 weeks, which means you'll achieve new fitness with every new program and never get bored-all while building confidence. But make no mistake-these aren't fluffy workouts! Feel-Good Fitness is packed with the same badass exercises that helped Alysia win 7 U.S. national running championship titles, place 5th at the 2012 Summer Olympics, and qualify for the 2016 Rio Olympic Trials. With her unmatched spunk and athleticism, Alysia makes the challenge of getting fit fun, rewarding, and totally achievable.

A Journey Into Yin Yoga (Paperback): Travis Eliot A Journey Into Yin Yoga (Paperback)
Travis Eliot
R531 R433 Discovery Miles 4 330 Save R98 (18%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days

Take time to decompress. Relieve stress. Reduce anxiety. Face the challenges and joys of life with steadiness and grace. That is what A Journey Into Yin Yoga will help you do. Join world-renowned yoga instructor Travis Eliot as he guides you through this contemporary and effective approach for strengthening your mind, body, and spirit. You will learn about the origins and practice of yin yoga, a passive approach in which poses are held for a few minutes to target the connective tissues of the hips, pelvis, and lower spine. You will slowly and mindfully transition between poses as you gently allow those tissues to stretch, facilitating better circulation and joint health and improving flexibility. Throughout, you will learn the benefits, contraindications, alignment points, and modifications so you can adjust the poses to your needs and body type. Eliot also explains eight breathing techniques and eight meditation practices for improved focus, reduced stress, and enhanced clarity. Ten ready-to-use sequences allow you to target specific goals, including better sleep, spine flexibility, and healthy hips, knees, and shoulders. A Journey Into Yin Yoga presents over 50 yin yoga poses with stunning photos and detailed instruction, along with inspiring quotes, stories, and interviews from celebrities, doctors, and athletes. You will be inspired to discover your unique path to improved mental and physical strength and balance. CE exam available! For certified professionals, a companion continuing education exam can be completed after reading this book. A Journey Into Yin Yoga Online CE Exam may be purchased separately or as part of the A Journey Into Yin Yoga With CE Exam package, which includes both the book and the exam.

The Power of Fastercise - Using the New Science of Signaling Exercise to Get Surprisingly Fit in Just a Few Minutes a Day... The Power of Fastercise - Using the New Science of Signaling Exercise to Get Surprisingly Fit in Just a Few Minutes a Day (Paperback)
Denis Wilson 1
R416 R341 Discovery Miles 3 410 Save R75 (18%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days

A revolutionary program of short burst, high-intensity exercise that uses your body's signals to curb hunger as it burns fat and builds muscle Over the last 26 years, thyroid pioneer Denis Wilson, MD, has trained thousands of physicians on the crucial relationships between the thyroid system, metabolism, and body temperature. He's heard patients recount their inability to get fit using conventional approaches, and he's understood their frustration. Based on the latest medical research, Dr. Wilson has created fastercise, a revolutionary practice that uses brief, strategically timed bursts of exercise to cancel hunger pangs, allowing people to more easily stick to a healthy eating plan and shift their bodies toward becoming leaner, faster, smarter, stronger, and healthier. Fastercise holds the promise of vindicating and liberating many of those who have struggled to improve their fitness, enabling them to transform their lives and reach their full potential. By combining simple analogies and clear explanations of the physiology of the body's energy pathways and response to food and exercise, Dr. Wilson reveals how conventional approaches to dieting and weight management can actually fight against the body's priorities and lead to frustration and poor results. Fastercise is a time-efficient, convenient, and natural approach powerfully signals the body to burn fat and build muscle synergistically, leading to surprisingly beneficial and quick results. The Power of Fastercise explains how fastercise can help you: - Burn fat without going hungry - Build your mitochondria to burn more fat and provide greater energy - Stimulate muscle growth in just a few minutes a day - Shift your body composition to less fat and more muscle - Boost your body temperature and metabolic rate - Look and feel younger - Increase mental focus, learning, and productivity - Decrease insulin resistance - Decrease inflammation and improve immune function - Improve respiratory fitness and athletic performance - Get great results with any healthy diet, including low-carb and high-carb In this groundbreaking book, Dr. Wilson lays out simple, practical strategies for combining fastercise with smart eating choices. Fastercise can provide excellent results for a wide range of people: seasoned athletes, fitness enthusiasts, and even those who dislike exercising or have physical limitations. Whatever your fitness goals are, fastercise can help you achieve them.

Play Golf Forever - A physiotherapist's guide to golf fitness and health for the over 50s (Paperback): Suzanne Clark Play Golf Forever - A physiotherapist's guide to golf fitness and health for the over 50s (Paperback)
Suzanne Clark
R335 R263 Discovery Miles 2 630 Save R72 (21%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Play Golf Forever is a practical guide to slowing down the gradual decline in your body as you get older. Suzanne Clark has 30 years' experience as a physiotherapist and is a keen, all-round sports player. She explains in layman's terms how your body works when you play golf and what you can do to make it healthier and fitter to enable you to play for longer. She describes how to strengthen key muscles as part of the everyday tasks you already do, how to prevent injury and what to do if you are injured. This book is for all the over 50s who want to keep playing golf.

Yoga and Pilates Booklet - Stretching - Relaxation - Program - Diet plan - Fitness (Paperback): Coach Ks Yoga and Pilates Booklet - Stretching - Relaxation - Program - Diet plan - Fitness (Paperback)
Coach Ks
R122 Discovery Miles 1 220 Ships in 7 - 11 working days
Fitter Faster - The Smart Way to Get in Shape in Just Minutes a Day (Paperback, Special Ed.): Robert Davis Fitter Faster - The Smart Way to Get in Shape in Just Minutes a Day (Paperback, Special Ed.)
Robert Davis; As told to Brad Kolowich
R403 R294 Discovery Miles 2 940 Save R109 (27%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

A lifetime of fitness in just minutes a day. I don't have time . . . I'm too tired . . . I hate gyms . . . These are among the most common excuses for not exercising. But the truth is that getting in shape requires less time and effort than you might think. Examining everything from pre-workout stretches to post-workout protein shakes, this science-backed book slices through fitness fads and misconceptions to reveal how you can exercise quickly and effectively. For example, is it best to exercise in the morning? Does aerobic activity burn more fat than weight lifting? You'll also learn how to get and stay motivated, what equipment to buy (and what not to waste money on), which dietary supplements really help, and how to combat muscle soreness. Fitter Faster explains how to: Find the right balance between cardio, strength, and stretching * Slash workout times with high-intensity interval training * Prevent boredom * Enhance fat-burning The accompanying Fitter Faster Plan, developed with celebrity trainer Brad Kolowich, Jr., pulls everything together. Requiring as little as 15 minutes a day, these quick workouts maximize efficiency-allowing you to reap the greatest benefit in the shortest possible time...all without ever having to set foot in a gym. With photographs illustrating each exercise routine, this eye-opening book will forever change the way you work out- and help you get fitter faster.

Black Belt Fitness for Life - A 7-Week Plan to Achieve Lifelong Wellness (Paperback): Grandmaster Tae Sun Kang, Michael... Black Belt Fitness for Life - A 7-Week Plan to Achieve Lifelong Wellness (Paperback)
Grandmaster Tae Sun Kang, Michael Imperioli; Edited by Andrew Federici; Foreword by Michael Imperioli; Photographs by Claire Jones
R168 R131 Discovery Miles 1 310 Save R37 (22%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

There's something to martial arts and especially the way Grandmaster Kang teaches it that addresses not just the body and fitness, but addresses the mind and addresses your approach to life. from the foreword by Michael Imperioli. Award-winning actor In Black Belt Fitness for Life, Grandmaster Tae Sun Kang applies his four decades of experience to guide you through an innovative method of fitness using Taekwondo principles. Whether you're a beginner or veteran to stretching and exercise, you can easily follow Grandmaster Kang's 7-week routine based on the belt system of Taekwondo, an ancient Korean martial art. With each week of the regimen, you will learn new skills and techniques that culminate in mastery of the techniques necessary to continue exercising and eating right for life. Through the use of Taekwondo stretches and movements, this black belt Combined Dynamic Stretching method will improve your flexibility and balance, stamina and strength, as well as your focus and mental health. You'll stretch multiple parts of your body at the same time, improving circulation and building mental strength while warming up to minimize injuries. As part of his holistic approach to health and fitness, Grandmaster Kang also outlines an eating plan designed to help you lose weight naturally. Unlike extreme diets and workouts that emphasize drastic results quickly, the Grandmaster's approach is a balanced, easy-to-follow, and most importantly realistic plan designed for your life. Friend and longtime student of Grandmaster Kang, actor Michael Imperioli wrote the foreword for the book and shares his experience in training under Grandmaster, as well as the benefits he has received in following Grandmaster's philosophy.

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