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Family Communication (Hardcover, 2nd New edition): Chris. Segrin, Jeanne Flora Family Communication (Hardcover, 2nd New edition)
Chris. Segrin, Jeanne Flora
R4,370 Discovery Miles 43 700 Within 7 - 12 working days

Family Communication carefully examines state-of-the-art research and theories of family communication and family relationships. In addition to presenting cutting-edge research, it focuses on classic theories and research findings that have influenced and revolutionized the way scholars conceptualize family interaction. This text offers a thorough and up-to-date presentation of scientific research in family communication for both teachers and students of family communication as well as professionals who work with families. This second edition features: Chapters updated with the latest research, including over 2000 references. Material on understudied family relationships, such as extended family relationships and gay and lesbian relationships Recent research on understudied topics in family communication, including the influence of technology on mate selection, negotiating work and family stress, single parenting, cohabitation, elder abuse, forgiveness in marriage, and the links among communication, culture, and mental health. A revised chapter on parent-child communication, taking a lifespan perspective that helps organize the large body of research in this area. A new chapter devoted to extended family relationships, with special focus on grandparent-grandchild relationships, in-law relationships, and adult children and their parents. An expanded review of family conflict processes, especially in relation to decision making and power. A companion website provides chapter outlines, exam questions, and PowerPoint slides for students and instructors. Undergraduate readers should find the information easy to understand, while advanced readers, such as graduate students and professionals, will find it a useful reference to classic and contemporary research on family communication and relationships.

Marriages, Families, and Relationships - Making Choices in a Diverse Society, International Edition (Paperback, Revised... Marriages, Families, and Relationships - Making Choices in a Diverse Society, International Edition (Paperback, Revised Edition)
Mary Ann Lamanna, Agnes Riedmann
R787 R671 Discovery Miles 6 710 Save R116 (15%) Within 8 - 13 working days

This bestselling marriage and family text combines a rigorous scholarly and applied approach with a unique theme especially relevant to today's dynamic global environment: "Making choices in a diverse society." The text achieves an excellent balance between the sociological and ecological or family systems theoretical perspectives, while including extensive coverage of family dynamics and interpersonal relationships. The authors use warmth, humor, and an engaging presentation to create a highly readable text that offers insightful perspectives on the diversity of our modern society, including different ethnic traditions and marriage and family alternatives.

I Miss Mummy - The True Story of a Frightened Young Girl Who is Desperate to Go Home (Paperback): Cathy Glass I Miss Mummy - The True Story of a Frightened Young Girl Who is Desperate to Go Home (Paperback)
Cathy Glass 1
R191 R136 Discovery Miles 1 360 Save R55 (29%) Within 7 - 12 working days

In her new book, Cathy Glass, the no.1 bestselling author of Damaged, tells the story of the Alice, a young and vulnerable girl who is desperate to return home to her mother.

Alice, aged four, is snatched by her mother the day she is due to arrive at Cathy's house. Drug-dependent and mentally ill, but desperate to keep hold of her daughter, Alice's mother snatches her from her parents' house and disappears.

Cathy spends three anxious days worrying about her whereabouts before Alice is found safe, but traumatised. Alice is like a little doll, so young and vulnerable, and she immediately finds her place in the heart of Cathy's family. She talks openly about her mummy, who she dearly loves, and how happy she was living with her maternal grandparents before she was put into care. Alice has clearly been very well looked after and Cathy can't understand why she couldn't stay with her grandparents.

It emerges that Alice's grandparents are considered too old (they are in their early sixties) and that the plan is that Alice will stay with Cathy for a month before moving to live with her father and his new wife. The grandparents are distraught Alice has never known her father, and her grandparents claim he is a violent drug dealer.

Desperate to help Alice find the happy home she deserves, Cathy's parenting skills are tested in many new ways. Finally questions are asked about Alice's father suitability, and his true colours begin to emerge."

In Sickness and in Health - Interabled Romance (Paperback): Ben Mattlin In Sickness and in Health - Interabled Romance (Paperback)
Ben Mattlin
R328 R231 Discovery Miles 2 310 Save R97 (30%) Within 7 - 12 working days
OCR Classical Civilisation A Level Components 32 and 33 - Love and Relationships and Politics of the Late Republic (Paperback):... OCR Classical Civilisation A Level Components 32 and 33 - Love and Relationships and Politics of the Late Republic (Paperback)
Matthew Barr, Lucy Cresswell, Alastair Thorley
R357 Discovery Miles 3 570 Within 7 - 12 working days

This textbook is endorsed by OCR and supports the specification for A-Level Classical Civilisation (first teaching September 2017). It covers Components 32 and 33 from the 'Beliefs and Ideas' Component Group: Love and Relationships by Matthew Barr and Alastair Thorley Politics of the Late Republic by Lucy Cresswell How was love interpreted and explained by the poets and philosophers of the ancient world? Why was Julius Caesar assassinated? How can we get to the intention behind the rhetoric of ancient sources? This book raises these and other key questions. A-Level students and their teachers will encounter ancient answers to issues ranging from sexuality and the impact of desire to the power of personality in politics. Such important and controversial themes can be examined through the prism of the ancient world. The ideal preparation for the final examinations, all content is presented by experts and experienced teachers in a clear and accessible narrative. Ancient literary and visual sources are described and analysed, with supporting images. Helpful student features include study questions, quotations from contemporary scholars, further reading, and boxes focusing in on key people, events and terms. Practice questions and exam guidance prepare students for assessment. A Companion Website is available at www.bloomsbury.com/class-civ-as-a-level.

Japanese Family and Society - Words from Tongo Takebe, A Meiji Era Sociologist (Paperback): Japanese Family and Society - Words from Tongo Takebe, A Meiji Era Sociologist (Paperback)
R949 Discovery Miles 9 490 Within 7 - 12 working days

An accurate, thought provoking translation of original work from sociologist pioneer Tongo Takebe Today's sociology education emphasizes multiculturalism, yet most of the views originate from Judeo-Christian perspectives that can limit insight and understanding. Japanese Family and Society: Words from Tongo Takebe, A Meiji Era Sociologist presents a carefully edited, accurate translation by Teruhito Sako of original work from the early Japanese sociologist Tongo Takebe. His unique viewpoint sheds light on both Eastern and Western perspectives used to describe societal development and a classification system of knowledge. This easily understandable source retains the essences of this classical Japanese social theorist's work while giving an excellent overview of Eastern and Western social theory and philosophy and discussion of major scientific advances from the earliest eras until 1900. Japanese Family and Society is a translation of Takebe's General Sociology: Introduction (1904, Volume 1) and an excerpt from General Sociology: Social Statistics (1909, Volume 3). In Volume 1, Takebe reviews the accomplishments of major Eastern and Western scholars. Systematically, Takebe discusses the major scientific advances in physics, chemistry, biology, astronomy, history, economics, philosophy, anthropology, political science, and sociology to develop criteria for a classification system of knowledge. In the excerpt from Volume 3, Takebe discusses family relationships. In these translations, Takebe focuses on the strengths and weaknesses of both Eastern and Western viewpoints of societal development in which he demonstrates the advantages of combining these perspectives. Topics in Japanese Family and Society include: a brief history of Japanese society early Japanese sociologists a biography of Tongo Takebe theoretical introduction to sociology, sociology's problems, and methodology historical introduction to the sociological ideas in Japan, China, Indian thought, Ancient Greece, Medieval Europe, and the Modern era the rise of socialism major accomplishments in various disciplines family organization, including marital relationships, parent-child relationships, sibling relationships, and others much more Japanese Family and Society can be used as a text or supplemental text for upper level undergraduate courses in social theory, sociology, philosophy, history, and social science.

The Anatomy of Silence (Paperback): Cyra Perry Dougherty The Anatomy of Silence (Paperback)
Cyra Perry Dougherty
R307 R235 Discovery Miles 2 350 Save R72 (23%) Within 7 - 11 working days
Why Women Have Better Sex Under Socialism - And Other Arguments for Economic Independence (Hardcover): Kristen R Ghodsee Why Women Have Better Sex Under Socialism - And Other Arguments for Economic Independence (Hardcover)
Kristen R Ghodsee 1
R448 R285 Discovery Miles 2 850 Save R163 (36%) Within 7 - 12 working days

A spirited, deeply researched exploration of why capitalism is bad for women and how, when done right, socialism leads to economic independence, better labor conditions, better work-life balance and, yes, even better sex. In a witty, irreverent op-ed piece that went viral, Kristen Ghodsee argued that women had better sex under socialism. The response was tremendous -- clearly she articulated something many women had sensed for years: the problem is with capitalism, not with us. Ghodsee, an acclaimed ethnographer and professor of Russian and East European Studies, spent years researching what happened to women in countries that transitioned from state socialism to capitalism. She argues here that unregulated capitalism disproportionately harms women, and that we should learn from the past. By rejecting the bad and salvaging the good, we can adapt some socialist ideas to the 21st century and improve our lives. She tackles all aspects of a woman's life - work, parenting, sex and relationships, citizenship, and leadership. In a chapter called "Women: Like Men, But Cheaper," she talks about women in the workplace, discussing everything from the wage gap to harassment and discrimination. In "What To Expect When You're Expecting Exploitation," she addresses motherhood and how "having it all" is impossible under capitalism. Women are standing up for themselves like never before, from the increase in the number of women running for office to the women's march to the long-overdue public outcry against sexual harassment. Interest in socialism is also on the rise - whether it's the popularity of Bernie Sanders or the skyrocketing membership numbers of the Democratic Socialists of America. It's become increasingly clear to women that capitalism isn't working for us, and Ghodsee is the informed, lively guide who can show us the way forward.

Motherhood in Patriarchy - Animosity Toward Mothers in Politics and Feminist Theory - Proposals for Change (Paperback): Mariam... Motherhood in Patriarchy - Animosity Toward Mothers in Politics and Feminist Theory - Proposals for Change (Paperback)
Mariam Irene Tazi-Preve
R1,109 Discovery Miles 11 090 Within 7 - 11 working days

Motherhood in Patriarchy pioneers the argument that the current Western understanding of motherhood is a patriarchal one based on a long historical tradition of subjection and institutionalization. It makes an important contribution to women's studies on reproduction, motherhood, and welfare politics. The book breaches a taboo within feminist political theory and offers a fundamentally divergent understanding of the concepts of nature, culture, and body, as well as the idea of mothers as a political force. The approach is inter-disciplinary, encompassing the fields of matriarchal studies, feminist political theory and philosophy, critique of reason, history, and psychoanalysis. The book proceeds from the historical fact that the Greek political concept was violently imposed on the existing matriarchal social structures, which were organized around female clans, and eventually replaced the older matriarchal structures. Motherhood in Patriarchy demonstrates that new technologies, as well as the dominant economic and political structures, are all parts of the attempt of patriarchy to eliminate the creative capacity of the world, of life and nature, to replace it with supposedly better forms of life and forms of nature. Contents include: Patriarchal Motherhood * Mothers in Feminist Political Theory and Philosophy * Matriarchy as Maternal Order * Historic Transformations of Birth and Motherhood * On the Historical Development of the Concepts of Nature, Body, Time, and the Individual * Mothers in Psychoanalysis * Developments of Reproductive Technology and Feminist Criticism * Feminist Strategies to Oppose the Animosity towards Mothers * The Matriarchal Order

Squeezed - Why Our Families Can't Afford America (Hardcover): Alissa Quart Squeezed - Why Our Families Can't Afford America (Hardcover)
Alissa Quart
R509 R380 Discovery Miles 3 800 Save R129 (25%) Within 7 - 11 working days
Pressure Cooker - Why Home Cooking Won't Solve Our Problems and What We Can Do About It (Hardcover): Sarah Bowen, Joslyn... Pressure Cooker - Why Home Cooking Won't Solve Our Problems and What We Can Do About It (Hardcover)
Sarah Bowen, Joslyn Brenton, Sinikka Elliott
R461 R349 Discovery Miles 3 490 Save R112 (24%) Within 7 - 11 working days

Food is at the center of national debates about how Americans live and the future of the planet. Not everyone agrees about how to reform our relationship to food, but one suggestion rises above the din: We need to get back in the kitchen. Amid concerns about rising rates of obesity and diabetes, unpronounceable ingredients, and the environmental footprint of industrial agriculture, food reformers implore parents to slow down, cook from scratch, and gather around the dinner table. Making food a priority, they argue, will lead to happier and healthier families. But is it really that simple? In this riveting and beautifully-written book, Sarah Bowen, Joslyn Brenton, and Sinikka Elliott take us into the kitchens of nine women to tell the complicated story of what it takes to feed a family today. All of these mothers love their children and want them to eat well. But their kitchens are not equal. From cockroach infestations and stretched budgets to picky eaters and conflicting nutrition advice, Pressure Cooker exposes how modern families struggle to confront high expectations and deep-seated inequalities around getting food on the table. Based on extensive interviews and field research in the homes and kitchens of a diverse group of American families, Pressure Cooker challenges the logic of the most popular foodie mantras of our time, showing how they miss the mark and up the ante for parents and children. Romantic images of family meals are inviting, but they create a fiction that does little to fix the problems in the food system. The unforgettable stories in this book evocatively illustrate how class inequality, racism, sexism, and xenophobia converge at the dinner table. If we want a food system that is fair, equitable, and nourishing, we must look outside the kitchen for answers.

Love, Money, and Parenting - How Economics Explains the Way We Raise Our Kids (Standard format, CD): Matthias Doepke, Fabrizio... Love, Money, and Parenting - How Economics Explains the Way We Raise Our Kids (Standard format, CD)
Matthias Doepke, Fabrizio Zilibotti; Narrated by Eric Michael Summerer
R610 R443 Discovery Miles 4 430 Save R167 (27%) Within 7 - 11 working days
Why Women Have Better Sex Under Socialism - And Other Arguments for Economic Independence (Paperback): Kristen Ghodsee Why Women Have Better Sex Under Socialism - And Other Arguments for Economic Independence (Paperback)
Kristen Ghodsee 1
R341 R226 Discovery Miles 2 260 Save R115 (34%) Within 7 - 12 working days

* 'Wonderful ... a joyous read' Observer / 'Capitalism's triumph is a calamity for most women. Kristen Ghodsee's incisive book brilliantly reveals their plight' Yanis Varoufakis The argument of this book can be summed up succinctly: unregulated capitalism is bad for women, and if we adopt some ideas from socialism, women will have better lives. If done properly, socialism leads to economic independence, better labour conditions, better work/family balance, and, yes, even better sex. That's it. If you like the idea of such outcomes, then come along for an exploration of how we might change things. If you are dubious because you don't understand why capitalism as an economic system is uniquely bad for women, and if you doubt that there could ever be anything good about socialism, this short treatise will provide some illumination. If you don't give a whit about women's lives because you're a gynophobic right-wing internet troll, save your money and get back to your parents' basement right now; this isn't the book for you.

Treating The Remarried Family....... (Hardcover): Clifford J. Sager, Hollis Steer Brown, Helen Crohn, Tamara Engel, Evelyn... Treating The Remarried Family....... (Hardcover)
Clifford J. Sager, Hollis Steer Brown, Helen Crohn, Tamara Engel, Evelyn Rodstein, …
R1,341 Discovery Miles 13 410 Within 7 - 12 working days

First published in 1983. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

Love Understood - The Science of Who, How and Why We Love (Hardcover): Laura Mucha Love Understood - The Science of Who, How and Why We Love (Hardcover)
Laura Mucha
R545 R416 Discovery Miles 4 160 Save R129 (24%) Within 7 - 11 working days

For Love, Factually, almost 200 strangers in over 40 countries have come together to share their most personal stories, feelings, and insights about love. These are incredibly frank, intimate, and illuminating conversations, and author Laura Mucha has used these rare and varied insights as a springboard from which to dive into the subject of love, scrutinizing it from all angles--scientific, psychological, emotional, and philosophical. Romantic love is something that poets and artists have been trying to explain and define for centuries, but it's still one of the most complicated and intimidating terrains to navigate--especially when you're directly involved. Psychologists see it as a basic human drive, yet most people are afraid to be open and honest about it, until now. Each chapter begins with a personal story from someone Laura has spoken with, and then goes on to explore the questions and themes that have arisen from the account, intertwining the opinions of other interviewees with the empirical findings and insights of academics. The interviews allow readers to connect with people of all backgrounds, cultures, and ages. Sometimes they'll empathize, sometimes they'll be challenged and at other times they'll find comfort. Love, Factually combines academic theory with everyday experience, and is for anyone who is curious about how we, as humans, work when it comes to romantic love.

Hooking Up - Sex, Dating, and Relationships on Campus (Paperback): Kathleen A. Bogle Hooking Up - Sex, Dating, and Relationships on Campus (Paperback)
Kathleen A. Bogle
R445 Discovery Miles 4 450 Within 7 - 11 working days

View the Table of Contents
Read the Introduction

Read the Gawker Review

Listen to her NPR Interview

The Sociology of "Hooking Up": Author Interview on Inside Higher Ed

Newsweek: Campus Sexperts

Watch Bogle's interview on CBS

Hookup culture creates unfamiliar environment - to parents, at least

Hooking Up: What Educators Need to Know - An op-ed on CHE by the author

"Bogle is a smart interviewer and gets her subjects to reveal intimate and often embarrassing details without being moralizing. This evenhanded, sympathetic book on a topic that has received far too much sensational and shoddy coverage is an important addition to the contemporary literature on youth and sexuality."
--"Publishers Weekly"

"A page turner! This book should be required reading for college students and their parents! Bogle doesn't condemn hooking up, but she does explain it. This knowledge could help a lot of young people make better choices and get insight into their own behavior whether or not they choose to hook up."
--Pepper Schwartz, author of "Everything You Know about Sex and Love is Wrong"

"In her ambitious sociological study, Kathleen Bogle, an assistant professor of sociology and criminal justice at La Salle University, offers valuable insight on the hook-up craze sweeping college campuses and examines the demise of traditional dating, how campus life promotes casual sex, its impact on post-college relationships, and more. Donat let your college freshman leave home without it."
--"Main Line Today"

aHooking Up uses interviews with both women and men to understand why dating has declined in favor of a new script for sexual relationships on college campuses. . . . Boglepresents a balanced analysis that explores the full range of hooking-up experiences.a
--Joel Best, author of "Flavor of the Month: Why Smart People Fall for Fads"

It happens every weekend: In a haze of hormones and alcohol, groups of male and female college students meet at a frat party, a bar, or hanging out in a dorm room, and then hook up for an evening of sex first, questions later. As casually as the sexual encounter begins, so it often ends with no strings attached; after all, it was ajust a hook up.a While a hook up might mean anything from kissing to oral sex to going all the way, the lack of commitment is paramount.

Hooking Up is an intimate look at how and why college students get together, what hooking up means to them, and why it has replaced dating on college campuses. In surprisingly frank interviews, students reveal the circumstances that have led to the rise of the booty call and the death of dinner-and-a-movie. Whether it is an expression of postfeminist independence or a form of youthful rebellion, hooking up has become the only game in town on many campuses.

In Hooking Up, Kathleen A. Bogle argues that college life itself promotes casual relationships among students on campus. The book sheds light on everything from the differences in what young men and women want from a hook up to why freshmen girls are more likely to hook up than their upper-class sisters and the effects this period has on the sexual and romantic relationships of both men and women after college. Importantly, she shows us that the standards for young men and women are not as different as they used to be, as women talk about afriends with benefitsa and aone and donea hook ups.

Breakingthrough many misconceptions about casual sex on college campuses, Hooking Up is the first book to understand the new sexual culture on its own terms, with vivid real-life stories of young men and women as they navigate the newest sexual revolution.

Dads Don't Babysit - Towards Equal Parenting (Paperback): David Freed, James Millar Dads Don't Babysit - Towards Equal Parenting (Paperback)
David Freed, James Millar
R332 Discovery Miles 3 320 Within 7 - 12 working days

By turns informative and irreverent this book takes a new approach to tackling gender inequality in the home and at work, focusing on dads being entitled to a bigger role in parenting. It presents the barriers men face to being active dads - from sexist security guards to Tory MPs and even Homer Simpson - and, crucially, it outlines how to tackle them for the good of men, women and children. In Dads Don't Babysit two dads outline some of the biggest problems facing families that want dad to get his turn at raising the kids, and offer a range of solutions in a manifesto for parents and policy makers to consider and hopefully adopt. The book tackles topics such as the gender pay gap, lack of a strong parental leave system in the UK, the financial penalties of taking time off to look after children and the limiting expectations parents find colleagues, relatives and the media have on mums and dads. The authors draw on their own experience of parenting and that of others. Interviews are backed up by extensive research so that the book presents these important issues in an accessible, personal and at times light-hearted way that the apolitical reader will be able to relate to. There is a lively and growing argument about men's role in the 21st century and this book offers a unique perspective, giving a feminist argument by men offering solutions to benefit everyone.

Love and Marriage in Mumbai (Paperback): Elizabeth Flock Love and Marriage in Mumbai (Paperback)
Elizabeth Flock
R313 R253 Discovery Miles 2 530 Save R60 (19%) Within 7 - 12 working days

In twenty-first-century India, tradition is colliding with Western culture, a clash that touches the lives of everyday Indians from the wealthiest to the poorest. While ethnicity, class, and religion are influencing the nation's development, so too are pop culture and technology - an uneasy fusion whose impact is most evident in the institution of marriage. Love and Marriage in Mumbai introduces three couples whose relationships illuminate these sweeping cultural shifts in dramatic ways: Veer and Maya, a forward-thinking professional couple whose union is tested by Maya's desire for independence; Shahzad and Sabeena, whose desperation for a child becomes entwined with the changing face of Islam; and Ashok and Parvati, whose arranged marriage, made possible by an online matchmaker, blossoms into true love. Elizabeth Flock spent close to a decade getting to know these couples-listening to their stories and living in their homes, where she was privy to marital joy, inevitable frustration, dramatic upheaval, and whispered confessions and secrets. The result is a phenomenal feat of reportage that is both an enthralling portrait of a nation in the midst of transition and an unforgettable look at the universal mysteries of love and marriage that connect us all.

Faking It - The Lies Women Tell about Sex--And the Truths They Reveal (Paperback): Lux Alptraum Faking It - The Lies Women Tell about Sex--And the Truths They Reveal (Paperback)
Lux Alptraum
R287 R219 Discovery Miles 2 190 Save R68 (24%) Within 7 - 11 working days

When we talk about sex, we talk about women as mysterious, deceptive, and - above all - untrustworthy. Women lie about orgasms. Women lie about being virgins. Women lie about who got them pregnant, about whether they were raped, about how many people they've had sex with and what sort of experiences they've had - the list goes on and on. Over and over we're reminded that, on dates, in relationships, and especially in the bedroom, women just aren't telling the truth. But where does this assumption come from? Are women actually lying about sex, or does society just think we are? In Faking It, Lux Alptraum tackles the topic of seemingly dishonest women; investigating whether women actually lie, and what social situations might encourage deceptions both great and small. Using her experience as a sex educator and former CEO of Fleshbot (the foremost blog on sexuality), first-hand interviews with sexuality experts and everyday women, Alptraum raises important questions: are lying women all that common - or is the idea of the dishonest woman a symptom of male paranoia? Are they trying to please men, or just trying to trick and trap them? And what affect does all this dishonesty - whether real or imagined - have on women's self-images, social status, and safety? Through it all, Alptraum posits that even if women are lying, we're doing it for very good reason--to protect ourselves ("My boyfriend will be here any minute," to a creep who won't go away, for one), and in situations where society has given us no other choice.

Cities, Change, and Conflict, International Edition (Paperback, 4th edition): Nancy Kleniewski, Alexander Thomas Cities, Change, and Conflict, International Edition (Paperback, 4th edition)
Nancy Kleniewski, Alexander Thomas
R1,563 R1,290 Discovery Miles 12 900 Save R273 (17%) Within 8 - 13 working days

CITIES, CHANGE, AND CONFLICT - A POLITICAL ECONOMY OF URBAN LIFE, International Edition discusses the importance of cities for the economic, cultural, and political life of modern societies. The authors consistently use the political economy perspective to introduce students to the basic concepts and research in urban sociology, while also acknowledging the contributions of the human ecology perspective. Through the use of case studies, the presentation remains accessible and down-to-earth, engaging the student in the material.

The Handbook of Narrative Analysis (Paperback): Anna De Fina, Alexandra Georgakopoulou The Handbook of Narrative Analysis (Paperback)
Anna De Fina, Alexandra Georgakopoulou
R770 Discovery Miles 7 700 Within 7 - 12 working days

Featuring contributions from leading scholars in the field, The Handbook of Narrative Analysis is the first comprehensive collection of sociolinguistic scholarship on narrative analysis to be published. Organized thematically to provide an accessible guide for how to engage with narrative without prescribing a rigid analytic framework Represents established modes of narrative analysis juxtaposed with innovative new methods for conducting narrative research Includes coverage of the latest advances in narrative analysis, from work on social media to small stories research Introduces and exemplifies a practice-based approach to narrative analysis that separates narrative from text so as to broaden the field beyond the printed page

Parenting for a Peaceful World (Paperback, Revised ed.): Robin Grille Parenting for a Peaceful World (Paperback, Revised ed.)
Robin Grille 1
R244 R176 Discovery Miles 1 760 Save R68 (28%) Within 7 - 12 working days

"Parenting for a Peaceful World" is a fascinating look at how child-rearing customs have shaped societies and major world events. It reveals how children adapt to and are influenced by different parenting styles and how safeguarding their emotional development is the key to creating a more peaceful, harmonious, and sustainable world.

Practical advice for raising a well-adjusted child includes tips on: Supporting your child's developing emotional intelligenceUnderstanding how your childhood has influenced your own emotional make-upHelping you achieve your full parenting potential

"Parenting for a Peaceful World" is for parents, child health professionals, teachers, and adults seeking to heal and grow.

Robin Grille is an internationally renowned author, speaker, educator, psychologist, and psychotherapist specializing in child development, parenting issues, and family relationships.

Groomed - Danger Lies Closer Than You Think (Paperback, Epub Edition): Casey Watson Groomed - Danger Lies Closer Than You Think (Paperback, Epub Edition)
Casey Watson 1
R212 R150 Discovery Miles 1 500 Save R62 (29%) Within 7 - 12 working days

It's late on Friday night when Casey's mobile starts to ring. She is expecting it to be her daughter Riley. But it isn't Riley. It's a woman from the Emergency Duty Team. So begins Casey and Mike's latest fostering challenge - a fifteen-year-old girl called Keeley who's run away from her long-term foster home 25 miles away. The Jonathan Ross Show has just started when Casey gets the call. She thinks it will be Riley - telling her that her favourite actor is going to be on TV. But it's something far more urgent: a fifteen-year-old girl who has run away from her foster family and accused her foster father of sexual abuse. The family deny in vehemently, but such an allegation can never be taken lightly, so a new home must be found for Keeley. Keeley is polite, but she's sharp, and she has all the hallmarks of a child who has been in the system a long time, and knows how to play it. Whether the allegation is true or not, Casey knows there will be no winners here. If it is true, then a young girl's life has been torn asunder. If not, then the heartache for the family will only be surpassed by the bleak outlook for Keeley. In the short term, it's a case of providing a safe, supportive home for a vulnerable child. But with the dangerous world of the internet at her disposal, it seems this strong-minded youngster has her own ideas of where that safe place should be...

A Long Way from Home (Paperback, edition): Cathy Glass A Long Way from Home (Paperback, edition)
Cathy Glass 1
R189 R133 Discovery Miles 1 330 Save R56 (30%) Within 7 - 12 working days

The true story of 2 year-old Anna, abandoned by her natural parents, left alone in a neglected orphanage. Elaine and Ian had travelled half way round the world to adopt little Anna. She couldn't have been more wanted, loved and cherished. So why was she now in foster care and living with me? It didn't make sense. Until I learned what had happened. ... Dressed only in nappies and ragged T-shirts the children were incarcerated in their cots. Their large eyes stared out blankly from emaciated faces. Some were obviously disabled, others not, but all were badly undernourished. Flies circled around the broken ceiling fans and buzzed against the grids covering the windows. The only toys were a few balls and a handful of building bricks, but no child played with them. The silence was deafening and unnatural. Not one of the thirty or so infants cried, let alone spoke.

Mothers and Children - Feminist Analyses and Personal Narratives (Paperback): Susan E. Chase, Mary F. Rogers Mothers and Children - Feminist Analyses and Personal Narratives (Paperback)
Susan E. Chase, Mary F. Rogers
R647 Discovery Miles 6 470 Within 7 - 11 working days

"A skillful balance of feminist scholarship and first-person accounts, Mothers and Children richly conveys the many challenges and pleasures of feminist motherhood. Clear, insightful, and moving, the book is ideal for classroom use." --Linda L. Layne, author of Motherhood Lost: A Feminist Anthropological Analysis of Pregnancy and Loss "Mothers and Children brings theory and experience together to show the complexity of feminist thinking about motherhood. It is a wonderful contribution to the literature on feminism and motherhood." --Lauri Umansky, author of Motherhood Reconceived: Feminism and the Legacies of the Sixties This feminist exploration of mothers, mothering, and motherhood combines evaluations of empirical and theoretical work with personal narratives by mothers or caregivers. While the authors' analyses yield suggestions for new approaches to motherhood, the narratives vividly demonstrate the relevance of these issues to women's lives. The result is a nuanced picture of the complex realities mothers face, as well as their struggles, joys, and hopes for their children. In the book's first part, "Social Constructions of Motherhood," Chase and Rogers argue that dominant western views of motherhood have been and continue to be detrimental to most mothers and children. In the second part, "Maternal Bodies," the authors attend to the ways that American society and women themselves have regarded the physical aspects of motherhood. Mothers' bodies, the authors contend, have long been objects of cultural and political struggle. The final part, "Mothering in Everyday Life," suggests that only an understanding of the daily realities of mothering will lead to social and political changes promoting the welfare of mothers and children. Susan E. Chase teaches sociology and women's studies at the University of Tulsa. She is the author of Ambiguous Empowerment: The Work Narratives of Women School Superintendents. Mary F. Rogers teaches sociology and women's studies at the University of West Florida. She is the author of Barbie Culture and several other books.

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Making Motherhood Work - How Women…
Caitlyn Collins Hardcover R546 R407 Discovery Miles 4 070
Grieving Together - A Couple's Journey…
Laura Kelly Fanucci, David Fanucci Paperback R286 R232 Discovery Miles 2 320
Girl Talk - What Science Can Tell Us…
Jacqueline Mroz Paperback R305 R232 Discovery Miles 2 320
The Girl in the Dark - The True Story of…
Angela Hart Paperback  (1)
R190 R141 Discovery Miles 1 410
Speaking the Unspeakable - Marital…
Margaret Abraham Paperback R562 Discovery Miles 5 620
A Wedding in the Family - Mothers Tell…
Annette Byford Paperback R330 Discovery Miles 3 300
How to Live Forever - The Enduring Power…
Marc Freedman Hardcover  (1)
R481 R358 Discovery Miles 3 580


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