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Kruispad (Afrikaans, Paperback): Deon Opperman Kruispad (Afrikaans, Paperback)
Deon Opperman 1
R300 R258 Discovery Miles 2 580 Save R42 (14%) Dispatched within 13 - 21 working days

Kruispad is die kern van Deon Opperman se groot TV-trilogie oor die Afrikaner se pad in Suid-Afrika. Dit beeld presies uit waar die groot verandering gekom en hoe die Afrikaner daarop gereageer het.

Die roman wentel om Sophia en Mariana, die twee dogters van ’n welgestelde boer, Soois van Rooyen, en sy vrou, Mart. Sophia is met die skatryk FG van den Berg getroud en Mariana met die arm, bekrompe Andries Landman. Terwyl FG en Andries albei hul ekonomiese status ná die verkiesing van 27 April 1994 verloor, sit hul onderskeie seuns, Klein FG en Henk, met die nalatenskap van apartheid.

Kruispad belig nie net die snykant van apartheid fel nie, maar boor ook diep in die problematiek waarmee die Afrikaner in die jare negentig moes worstel en toon hoeveel inbors en karakter dit verg om die juk van die verlede af te skud.

The Yearning - A Novel (Paperback): Mohale Mashigo The Yearning - A Novel (Paperback)
Mohale Mashigo
R180 R155 Discovery Miles 1 550 Save R25 (14%) Dispatched within 4 - 8 working days

How long does it take for scars to heal? How long does it take for a scarred memory to fester and rise to the surface? For Marubini, the question is whether scars ever heal when you forget they are there to begin with.

Marubini is a young woman who has an enviable life in Cape Town, working at a wine farm and spending idyllic days with her friends … until her past starts spilling into her present. Something dark has been lurking in the shadows of Marubini’s life from as far back as she can remember. It’s only a matter of time before it reaches out and grabs at her.

The Yearning is a memorable exploration of the ripple effects of the past, of personal strength and courage, and of the shadowy intersections of traditional and modern worlds.

Monstersaad (Afrikaans, Paperback): Madelein Rust Monstersaad (Afrikaans, Paperback)
Madelein Rust 1
R315 R271 Discovery Miles 2 710 Save R44 (14%) Dispatched within 5 - 13 working days

Renata, ’n forensiese sielkundige, ondersoek ’n saak waarin ’n sestienjarige meisie gesterf het: volgens die polisie was dit selfmoord en volgens die oorledene se familie was dit nie. Renata glo laasgenoemde maar sy het bewyse daarvoor nodig.

Melk & Vleis / Bloed & Bodem (Afrikaans, Paperback): Marina Albertyn Melk & Vleis / Bloed & Bodem (Afrikaans, Paperback)
Marina Albertyn
R180 R150 Discovery Miles 1 500 Save R30 (17%) Dispatched within 10 - 15 working days

Twee plaasdramas oor grense, tradisies, grond en bloed.

Melk & Vleis

Dis 1996. Suid-Afrika het verander, maar sekere huishoudings nog nie. ’n Suksesvolle aktuaris los haar werk in die stad nadat sy verlief raak op ’n sjarmante jong boer. Sy probeer haar bes om in te pas by die kleindorpse gemeenskap, haarself in haar huwelik te laat geld, en die familieplaas van ondergang te red. Nadat ’n erfgenaam gebore word, begin dinge egter op die plaas uitrafel ...

Bloed & Bodem

Jana besoek haar pa en oom op die familieplaas. Die plaas gaan agteruit en haar pa sit meer op die kroegstoel as die kerkbank. Een nag los hy in sy dronkenskap die hek oop en dit word ‘n aand wat niemand sal vergeet nie... ’n Verhaal oor plaasaanvalle en die desperate nalatenskap van Afrikanermans wat nooit kon heel nadat hulle aan die “verkeerde” kant van die apartheidstryd geveg het nie.

Notes From The Lost Property Department (Paperback): Bridget Pitt Notes From The Lost Property Department (Paperback)
Bridget Pitt 2
R220 R173 Discovery Miles 1 730 Save R47 (21%) Dispatched within 4 - 8 working days

Iris Langley is forced to take charge when her mother, Grace, has a stroke. This is no easy task: Iris suffers from the lingering effects of a near-fatal fall as a child. The accident turned her mind into a place where a dragon lives: one that roars in her ears and fills her head with smoke.

As her mother retreats into dementia, Iris realises that Grace is hiding something – a secret about that fateful day in the mountains that could threaten everything she believes about herself and her family. But with her own memory fragmented, and Grace’s mind in tatters, how can she find the truth?

Set against the sombre beauty of the Drakensberg mountains, Bridget Pitt’s powerful new novel takes us into the labyrinthine world of brain injury, and reveals how the strands of guilt, secrecy and devotion that bind mother to daughter may devastate or redeem them.

Permanent Removal (Paperback): Alan Cowell Permanent Removal (Paperback)
Alan Cowell
R225 R179 Discovery Miles 1 790 Save R46 (20%) In stock

Permanent Removal is a beautifully written political thriller focusing on the nature of justice, truth, betrayal, socio-political and ethical quandaries, complicity and moral agency. The novel introduces readers to a cast of players whose destinies intertwine in a particularly gruesome murder.

The novel is set in apartheid South Africa and the start of the Rainbow Nation. South African security forces set up a roadblock to intercept a car near the city of Port Elizabeth. Two of the four anti-apartheid activists in the car were secretly targeted for assassination. The police abducted the four and murdered them in cold blood. Their burnt bodies were found later near the Port Elizabeth suburb of Bluewater Bay. These murders are one of apartheid’s murkiest episodes.

On the day of the funeral, President PW Botha declared a State of Emergency. It was the beginning of the end.

Works such as Jacob Dlamini’s penetrating and discursive Askari and the recent publication on Eugene de Kock as state sanctioned perpetrator of various evils will be complemented in no small measure by this intriguing fictionalised exploration of political executions and culpability/loss during the apartheid heyday.

What Will People Say? - A Novel (Paperback): Rehana Rossouw What Will People Say? - A Novel (Paperback)
Rehana Rossouw 1
R250 R198 Discovery Miles 1 980 Save R52 (21%) Dispatched within 4 - 10 working days

Rehana Rossouw’s unique voice gives life and drama to this family saga. It is the story of the Fourie family, residents of Hanover Park in the Cape Flats during the height of the struggle era. The main characters include Magda, the churchgoing mother, who doesn’t see what’s going on in front of her; Neville, the concerned and loving but not always effectual father; Suzette, the oldest daughter, who is bound and determined to get away and make a better life for herself via a career in modelling; Nicky, the smart and sensitive middle child, who proves herself capable of making unselfish choices; and Anthony, the naive and doomed son, who gets caught up with a gang and meets a sad end. In What Will People Say the setting is everything, and the author doesn’t stint on the details of the world her characters inhabit. Readers who have never set foot in Hanover Park will feel they are there, and those who know the place will nod in recognition of the sensory details the author loads into her writing. Nor does the author shy away from the difficult issues faced by those living in this marginalised and disadvantaged community, which came into being as a result of the forced removals from Cape Town. How these issues affect the members of a particular family and their relationships with one another are the focus of the author’s close-up lens. Generously spiced with Cape Flats slang; lots of vivid and gritty description that give an authentic feel to the story; plenty of plot – the writer draws us in and makes us curious about what will happen next; and very human characters we come to care about.

Seven Steps To Heaven (Paperback): Fred Khumalo Seven Steps To Heaven (Paperback)
Fred Khumalo 1
R225 R179 Discovery Miles 1 790 Save R46 (20%) Dispatched within 4 - 10 working days

In this title, Seven Steps To Heaven, this streetwise philosopher of the shebeens and entrepreneur par excellence takes the back seat as her son Kokoroshe, street urchin turned lawyer, takes centre stage.

This is a multilayered family saga, a riveting tale of love, betrayal, and a search for identity - sexual and otherwise.

Dark and understated, but sometimes boisterous and with the in-your-face humour that made Bitches' Brew a hit with readers and critics alike, is the engine that drives Seven Steps To Heaven to a painful yet satisfying climax.

The Crack (Paperback): Christopher Radmann The Crack (Paperback)
Christopher Radmann 1
R254 R168 Discovery Miles 1 680 Save R86 (34%) In stock

Gentle but highly strung, Janet must support her Afrikaner husband in his new job as a plain-clothes policeman and specialist interrogator. Hektor-Jan heads off to work on New Year's Day, aware that he is unbearably close to a bloody drama about to unfold. As Janet's world tightens and threatens to fracture, she must look to her children and cling to the support of Alice, her black maid, and Solomon, her ever-faithful gardener.

All too conscious of her own emotional fragility, Janet watches her mother slip into the folds of 'Old Timers' disease. And next door, the lurking, unfathomable Doug is up to no good. As the crack in the swimming pool widens, can Janet bridge the gaps that threaten them all?

Written with tenderness and disquieting power, Christopher Radmann exposes a brutal centre that cannot hold - and reveals how in apartheid South Africa, things must crack and fall apart.

The Skinner's Revenge - Abel Trilogy: Book 2 (Paperback): Chris Karsten The Skinner's Revenge - Abel Trilogy: Book 2 (Paperback)
Chris Karsten
R295 R254 Discovery Miles 2 540 Save R41 (14%) Dispatched within 13 - 21 working days

Ella Neser is on compulsory sick leave after her close encounter with Abel Lotz’s scalpel.

Between therapy sessions and harp lessons, she ponders over the photographs of Abel’s four victims, dead set on catching him before he kills again. When a burglary results in the death of one of the victims, Ella returns to duty to catch the culprits. But she isn’t the only one on their trail.

Has Abel Lotz returned, or is there a new killer in Dorado Park?

What About Meera (Paperback): Z.P. Dala What About Meera (Paperback)
Z.P. Dala 1
R190 R150 Discovery Miles 1 500 Save R40 (21%) Dispatched within 4 - 8 working days

What About Meera tells the tale of Meera Narain, a twenty-two-year-old woman from Durban who escapes her abusive arranged marriage to run away to Dublin, where she takes up a job as a care-giver at a school for autistic children.

After years of abuse at the hands of her doctor husband, Meera’s fractured and damaged psyche sends her spiralling into a doomed relationship with Ian Gallagher, the father of one of her autistic patients. The obsessive affair uncovers frightening truths about Meera’s childhood on a farm in rural KwaZulu-Natal, setting her on a destructive path of alcoholism and hallucinations. It is in this dangerous state that Meera commits a horrifying act and is ostracised from the world where she thought she would find happiness.

Pulsating with life and colour and a considerable amount of black humour, What About Meera is the gripping story of a woman’s attempts to rise above her circumstances and take control of her fate.

Ander Lewens - 'n Roman In Drie Dele (Afrikaans, Hardcover): Andre Brink Ander Lewens - 'n Roman In Drie Dele (Afrikaans, Hardcover)
Andre Brink
R350 R298 Discovery Miles 2 980 Save R52 (15%) Dispatched within 13 - 21 working days

Hierdie boeiende drie novelles word op intrigerende wyse aan mekaar verbind deur oorvleuelende karakters en plekke, asook tematiese ooreenkomste. Die drie vertellers is al drie kunstenaars – ’n skilder, ’n argitek, ’n pianis.

Die Blou Deur begin met ’n droom en ’n verwysing na Kafka se Metamorfose. In hierdie verhaal vervaag die grense tussen die droomwêreld en die realiteit ook soos by Kafka. Kunstenaar David het ’n kothuis wat hy as ateljee gebruik en waarheen hy gaan om te skilder. En op ’n dag wanneer hy daar aankom, bevind hy hom in ’n ander werklikheid: ’n donkerkop vrou en twee kinders heet hom welkom asof hy deel is van hulle gesin ...

In Spieël maak argitek Steve een oggend die ontdekking dat hy nou swart is. Daardie dag ervaar hy dinge en mense telkens op ’n heel ander wyse, en word hy gekonfronteer met die probleem van identiteit. Totdat alles tot ’n keerpunt kom die aand toe hy en sy vrou Carla saam met ander mense in ’n restaurant deur ’n groep gemaskerde mans oorval word.

In Appassionata raak pianis Derek Hugo betrokke in ’n verhouding met sangeres Nina Rousseau – ’n verhouding wat egter op haar aandrang platonies bly. Maar alles verander na ’n gewelddadige voorval in ’n restaurant, toe Nina daarop aandring dat hulle vir ’n paar dae na haar ou familieplaas toe gaan – ’n plek met ’n donker geskiedenis.

Soos sy lesers van André Brink kan verwag: hier is weer eens die meesterverteller aan die woord!

Mede-Wete (Afrikaans, Paperback): Antjie Krog Mede-Wete (Afrikaans, Paperback)
Antjie Krog 3
R230 R198 Discovery Miles 1 980 Save R32 (14%) Dispatched within 13 - 21 working days

In Mede-wete,’n aangrypende nuwe digbundel deur Antjie Krog, word temas soos taal, geheue en gewete met ’n nuwe intensiteit en beleënheid hanteer. Dit is haar eerste digbundel in 8 jaar.

Dié gedigte laat blyk duidelik haar diep verknogtheid aan haar geboortegrond en haar volgehoue betrokkenheid by en passie vir die land se komplekse geskiedenis en samelewing. Terselfdertyd herdefinieer sy haar identiteit as Afrikaanse digter. Te midde van verse waaruit haar woede en afkeer ten opsigte van sosiale ongeregtighede spreek, is daar ook boeiende familieverse, verse oor die generasies vorentoe en terug waarin die stemme en gesprekke opklink wat ons elke dag hoor. Ook verse oor oudword en afskeid, waarvan die huldigingsvers vir Mandela ’n hoogtepunt is.

Maar dit is verál weens die ontwrigting van taal juis om nuwe betekenis te skep dat Antjie Krog ’n opwindende digbundel lewer.

Spieëlbeeld (Afrikaans, Paperback): Franz Marx Spieëlbeeld (Afrikaans, Paperback)
Franz Marx
R239 Discovery Miles 2 390 Dispatched within 10 - 15 working days

’n Spieel is ’n vreemde ding, want in ’n spieel leef ’n koue leuen; alles is andersom, verkeerdom en plat. Regs is links en links is regs. ’n Spieel lieg, dink hy, want jy kan jouself nie regtig sien nie, nes mens jouself nie kan kielie nie. Tensy jy natuurlik ’n soort aap is, dan kan jy jouself kielie. En lag. Maar Dolf Eksteen lag nie. Daar’s min rede die laaste tyd om te wil lag. Joe Minnie se lewe raak verweef met die van een van die rykste besigheidsmanne in die land. Sy opdrag is om Dolf Eksteen met sy lewe te bewaak. Dolf se weelderige bestaan word versuur deur bedelbriewe, afpersboodskappe en doodsdreigemente, en die beeldskone Belinda Eksteen, ’n opkomende vermaaklikheidster, is soos ’n emosionele en finansiele tikkende tydbom aan sy sy. Met ’n rolverdeling wat ’n deursnit van die Suid-Afrikaanse gemeenskap bied – die onaantasbares, die onderdruktes, die onderduimses – word Spieelbeeld ’n intense en meesleurende, psigologiese karakterstudie wat nog vir lank by die leser sal spook. ’n Wereldklas spanningsverhaal waartydens die leser die speurder is.

Ester (Afrikaans, Paperback): Kerneels Breytenbach Ester (Afrikaans, Paperback)
Kerneels Breytenbach
R265 R228 Discovery Miles 2 280 Save R37 (14%) Dispatched within 13 - 21 working days

’n Meesleurende roman oor ’n verbode passie en ’n politieke intrige. Dis gebaseer op ’n werklike historiese insident, en die gevolge daarvan: Die ontmoeting in 1940 tussen Dr DF Malan en ‘n Duitse spioen, mev Thyra Denk. Nou, in 1946, kry Dieter Bergman, ’n senior polisieman, instruksies om mev Denk per trein van Windhoek na Kaapstad te vergesel, waar sy voor ’n Gekose Komitee van die Parlement moet getuig. As daar bewys kan word dat Malan met die Nazi’s meegewerk het tydens die Tweede Wereldoorlog, kan hy van hoogverraad aangekla word en sal dit die einde van sy politieke loopbaan beteken. Tydens die lang reis per trein ontstaan daar ‘n verhouding tussen Bergman en die beeldskone spioen. Op die trein is egter ook ene adv Doerkstra. Sy missie: hy moet die spioen in die geheim te sien kry en haar oorrreed om nie met haar getuienis Malan se loopbaan te vernietig nie...

Vlakwater (Afrikaans, Paperback): Ingrid Winterbach Vlakwater (Afrikaans, Paperback)
Ingrid Winterbach
R310 R266 Discovery Miles 2 660 Save R44 (14%) Dispatched within 13 - 21 working days

Na die verbrokkeling van sy verhouding vestig die kunstenaar Niek Steyn hom in Kaapstad. Wanneer een van Marthinus Scheepers se varke in Niek se tuin beland, raak hulle bevriend. Charelle Koopman, Niek se loseerder, verdwyn eendag, en ’n welaf kunstenaar maak ’n verdagte aanbod op Niek se huis. Op Stellenbosch skryf ’n vrou met ’n haaslip ’n monografie oor die kuns van die Olivier-broers, en word op ’n dag ooggetuie van ’n moord. Kort hierna nader ’n holwangkerel haar met ’n vreemde voorstel.

Street Law: Learner's Manual - Practical Law For South Africans (Paperback, 3rd edition): Lloyd Lotz, Lindi Coetzee Street Law: Learner's Manual - Practical Law For South Africans (Paperback, 3rd edition)
Lloyd Lotz, Lindi Coetzee; Edited by David McQuoid-Mason; Rowena Bernard, Malebakeng Forere
R633 R532 Discovery Miles 5 320 Save R101 (16%) Dispatched within 4 - 8 working days

The South African Street Law programme is designed to teach law to learners from a variety of backgrounds, including law students, school learners, school educators, police and correctional services officers, security officers, trade unions, workers, women's organisations, children's organisations, youth groups, NGOs, CBOs and people involved in training such persons and organisations.

The Learner's Manual provides information about the law and practical advice, as well as problems, case studies, mock trials and other exercises designed to encourage active learner participation.

The Last Road Trip (Paperback): Gareth Crocker The Last Road Trip (Paperback)
Gareth Crocker
R220 R173 Discovery Miles 1 730 Save R47 (21%) Dispatched within 4 - 8 working days

Following the poignant death of a man they barely knew, four friends decide to make the most of what's left of their lives.

Abandoning the humdrum routine of life at their retirement estate, they embark on a thousand-mile road trip that will take them from the furthest corner of the Kruger Park to the blazing stars of Sutherland for the biggest adventure of their lives and one last hurrah together.

Along the way, they rediscover things about themselves that they thought had long since been lost. Above all, they discover that it's never too late to start living.

Waiting For The Barbarians (Paperback): J. M. Coetzee Waiting For The Barbarians (Paperback)
J. M. Coetzee
R195 R154 Discovery Miles 1 540 Save R41 (21%) Dispatched within 4 - 8 working days

For decades the Magistrate has run the affairs of a tiny frontier settlement, ignoring the impending war between the barbarians and the Empire, whose servant he is. But when the interrogation experts arrive, he is jolted into sympathy with the victims and into a quixotic act of rebellion which lands him in prison, branded as an enemy of the state. Waiting for the Barbarians is an allegory of oppressor and oppressed. Not just a man living through a crisis of conscience in an obscure place in remote times, the Magistrate is an analogue of all men living in complicity with regimes that ignore justice and decency.

Vinkel en Koljander 4: Wilde Klawer (Afrikaans, Paperback): Vita du Preez Vinkel en Koljander 4: Wilde Klawer (Afrikaans, Paperback)
Vita du Preez
R285 R245 Discovery Miles 2 450 Save R40 (14%) Dispatched within 5 - 13 working days

Solitaire, Woestynroos, Droomland en Wilde klawer is ’n vierluik oor vier vroue wat deelgeneem het aan ’n Boer soek ’n vrou-kompetisie en hulle wedervaringe daarna. Wilde klawer is die vierde boek in die reeks en gaan oor McKenna Wilde wat ’n spesiale gawe het om deur aanraking te “sien”. Vir hierdie ekstrovert wat verkies om eerder op die ligter sy van die lewe te fokus, is dit eerder ’n vloek as ’n seen. ’n Brief van ’n onbekende vrou lei haar terug na haar geboorteland, Noord-Ierland. Hier word sy gekonfronteer met haar ma se donker verlede en die Wildes se betrokkenheid by die IRL (Ierse Republikeinse Weermag) se bloedige stryd teen Britse oorheersing. Maar dit is ook ’n reis na selfontdekking. McKenna leer sy kan nie van haarself en haar herkoms vlug nie. In haar soeke na selfaanvaarding word dit vir haar duidelik ’n vrou moet eers ’n man met haar hart kan vertrou voor sy hom met haar lyf vertrou. McKenna wat nog altyd weggeskram het van blywende verhoudings sien oplaas in dat intimiteit sonder liefde bloot ’n gejaag na wind is. In Portballintrae, ’n klein hawedorpie aan die Ierse Noordkus kruis haar pad met verskeie mense s’n wat haar nie noodwendig almal goedgesind is nie. Die Donovan-broers wat ’n pub in Bushmills besit. Die Engelsman James Fellowes wat navorsing oor the Troubles doen en die Suid-Afrikaner Tim Els. Tim Els,’n tandarts wat vir twee jaar in Noord-Ierland werk, is vasgevang in sy eie ongelukkige verlede. McKenna besef sy kan haar gawe gebruik om hom te help. Maar dit is moeilik om teen ’n spook vir ’n man se hart te baklei. Boonop is dit vir McKenna ’n vreesaanjaende gedagte dat sy haar leefruimte permanent met ’n man moet deel.

Woes (Afrikaans, Paperback): Mike Nicol Woes (Afrikaans, Paperback)
Mike Nicol 4
R210 R171 Discovery Miles 1 710 Save R39 (19%) In stock

As ’n reël sien Krista Bishop se sekuriteitsagentskap net na vroue om. Behalwe toe regeringsluipers haar ’n aanbod maak wat sy nie van die hand kan wys nie: verseker die veiligheid van twee besoekende Chinese grootkoppe.

Wat hulle haar nie sê nie is dat die Chinese agter die onwettige perlemoenbesighede in die Kaap aan is. En hulle soek alles: van wat uit die see geoes word, tot wat op etenstafels verskyn. Hulle beplan ’n oorname wat drie bendeleiers van Kaapstad – die Untouchables – se bedrywighede en blink leefstyl sal verbrysel.

Saam met perlemoen kom spierkrag, tjieng, snuifgoed en skietgoed. Wanneer die eens onaantasbare bendebaas Titus Anders die strop nouer voel trek, kry hy vir Krista Bishop om sy dogter te beveilig en haar te beskerm teen die waansin van die bendeoorlog wat om hom uitbreek.

Krista is ’n yster. Sy is jonk, taai, en ver weg van die geweld op straat. Of dalk nie. Dié oorlog slaan orals uit – tot in haar agterplaas. Dan wag ’n geheime agent haar in, skietding in die hand.

Die Kinders Van Chronos (Afrikaans, Paperback): Pieter Aspe Die Kinders Van Chronos (Afrikaans, Paperback)
Pieter Aspe
R220 R191 Discovery Miles 1 910 Save R29 (13%) In stock

Van In is terug! Hierdie keer het hy net 'n skeenbeen en sy intuïsie om die donker raaisel mee op te los, maar hy moet gou speel.

Dis nie net sy loopbaan wat op die spel is nie, 'n mooi jong meisie is deur sy toedoen in die booswigte se mag.

Weeping Waters (Paperback): Karin Brynard Weeping Waters (Paperback)
Karin Brynard
R250 R197 Discovery Miles 1 970 Save R53 (21%) Dispatched within 4 - 8 working days

Inspector Albertus Beeslaar has left the ruthless city, only to have his hopes of finding peace and quiet in the Kalahari shattered by the brutal murder of artist Freddie Swarts and her adopted daughter. But Freddie's journalist sister Sara is not convinced that this was a typical farm attack. Amid a spate of stock thefts, Beeslaar must solve this high-profile crime, all the while training his two rookie partners, Ghaap and Pyl. After more murders, the disturbing puzzle grows increasingly sinister, as age-old secrets and hostilities surface, spurring the local inhabitants to violent action. No one is above suspicion, not least the mysterious Bushman farm manager and falconer, Dam. Weeping Waters is Maya Fowler and Isobel Dixon's translation of the Afrikaans bestseller Plaasmoord, a novel that peels away the layers of a landscape steeped in conflict, and hails the arrival of a bright new voice in South African crime fiction available in English.

Under Glass (Hardcover): Claire Robertson Under Glass (Hardcover)
Claire Robertson
R270 R212 Discovery Miles 2 120 Save R58 (21%) Dispatched within 4 - 8 working days

Set in Natal in the nineteenth century among the settlers and the homesteaders and the sugar-cane farmers, Claire Robertson’s masterful new novel Under Glass tells the story of Mrs Chetwyn, who arrives in Port Natal from India in 1856. She is with her eldest daughter and her ayah, and has been travelling for eleven months to join her husband, already deep in the hinterland.

Her father-in-law has staked them their passage, a sum for settlement and an arrangement for the purchase of land, but there are conditions to his generosity that will have a lasting effect on the Chetwyns, esspecially on their fifth child, Cosmo, born years later. It is on the Chetwyns’ sugar-cane farm that the reader begins to understand that there is something strange about Cosmo, something that must be kept secret or hidden.

At once a deeply researched historical novel and an intriguing mystery, Under Glass is a high-stakes narrative of deception and disguise that will appeal to a range of readers of literary fiction by one of the country’s finest novelists.

Die Laaste Wals - 'n Keuse uit Hennie Aucamp se Verhaalkuns (Afrikaans, Paperback): Die Laaste Wals - 'n Keuse uit Hennie Aucamp se Verhaalkuns (Afrikaans, Paperback)
R255 R219 Discovery Miles 2 190 Save R36 (14%) Dispatched within 13 - 21 working days

n Langverwagte versameling van Hennie Aucamp se beste kortverhale. Aucamp was by uitstek 'n kortverhaalskrywer, en is in 1982 met die Hertzogprys vir sy prosawerk bekroon. Hierdie versameling bevat sy eie keuse uit die vele kortverhale waarmee hy lesers oor die dekades heen geraak en vermaak het. Die keuse is so interessant soos die verhale self - daar is voorspelbare bekende verhale, en ook minder bekendes waarvoor hy 'n spesiale toegeneentheid gehad het. Saamgestel deur Johann de Lange.

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