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Journeyman - An Autobiography (Paperback, New): Ewan MacColl Journeyman - An Autobiography (Paperback, New)
Ewan MacColl; Introduction by Peggy Seeger
R515 Discovery Miles 5 150 Ships in 12 - 17 working days

This new edition of "Journeyman," Ewan MacColl's vivid and entertaining autobiography, has been re-edited from the original manuscript, and includes a new introduction by Peggy Seeger, for whom he wrote the unforgettable "The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face." MacColl, a singer, songwriter, actor, playwright and broadcaster, begins this fascinating account with his working class Salford childhood, traces the founding and life of Theatre Workshop, one of Britain's most innovative theatre companies, then moves on to his work with folksingers, the Radio Ballads and his ascent into old age. Ewan MacColl and Peggy Seeger were among the main leaders of the UK folksong revival. "Journeyman" documents their struggle to secure the integrity of that revival as the popular media appropriated and re-created traditional music for commercial gain. An entertaining and thought-provoking slice of British history, it will appeal to those interested in the histories of folk music, theatre, radio, left-wing politics and the Manchester area.

Dance of Death - The Life of John Fahey, American Guitarist (Paperback): Steve Lowenthal Dance of Death - The Life of John Fahey, American Guitarist (Paperback)
Steve Lowenthal; Foreword by David Fricke
R570 R471 Discovery Miles 4 710 Save R99 (17%) Ships in 12 - 17 working days
The Petrie Collection of the Ancient Music of Ireland (Paperback, New edition): George Petrie, David Cooper The Petrie Collection of the Ancient Music of Ireland (Paperback, New edition)
George Petrie, David Cooper
R689 Discovery Miles 6 890 Ships in 7 - 11 working days

First published in 1855, George Petrie's "The Petrie Collection of the Ancient Music of Ireland," is widely regarded as one of the most important nineteenth-century collections of traditional Irish music. It contains nearly two hundred melodies collected by Petrie as well as song texts in Irish and English and detailed notes by Petrie about the sources of the songs or pieces. The collection, which was originally published under the auspices of the Society for the Preservation and Publication of the Melodies of Ireland, has been out of print for many years and the few remaining copies are now extremely rare collector's items. This new edition contains all of Petrie's original text, the melodies and his introduction. The text is prefaced with an illuminating biographical essay which positions the collection in the context of Petrie's life, his work and within the broader field of Irish traditional music. In Petrie's 1855 collection, he provides piano accompaniments written by his daughter for the melodies. As these are stylistically inappropriate, the melodies are returned to the form in which Petrie notated them, by reference to Stanford's "The Complete Collection of the Ancient Music of Ireland as Noted by George Petrie (1789-1866)" and the original manuscripts held in the National Library of Ireland. This new edition also contains a completely reset version of the text in which the Irish spelling has been modernized and a standard font adopted. The new edition of this book will form an invaluable addition to the bookshelves of both students and performers of Irish traditional music.

The Ballad Collectors of North America - How Gathering Folksongs Transformed Academic Thought and American Identity (Hardcover,... The Ballad Collectors of North America - How Gathering Folksongs Transformed Academic Thought and American Identity (Hardcover, New)
Scott B. Spencer
R1,722 Discovery Miles 17 220 Ships in 12 - 17 working days

Much has been written about the songs gathered in North America in the first half of the 20th century. However, there is scant information on those individuals responsible for gathering these songs. The Ballad Collectors of North America: How Gathering Folksongs Transformed Academic Thought and American Identity fills this gap, documenting the efforts of those who transcribed and recorded North American folk songs. Both biographical and topical, this book chronicles not only the most influential of these song catchers but also examines the main schools of thought on the collection process, the leading proponents of those schools, and the projects that they shaped. Contributors also consider the role of technology especially the phonograph in the collection efforts. Chapters organized by region cover such areas as Appalachia, the West, and Canada, while others devoted to specialized topics from the cowboy tune and occupational song to the commercialization of folk music through song collections and anthologies. Ballad Collectors investigates the larger role of the ballad in the development of American identity, from the national appreciation of cowboy songs in popular culture to the use of Appalachian song forms in radio broadcasts to the role of dustbowl ballads in the urban folk revival of the 1950s and 1960s. Finally, this collection assesses the changing role of songs and song texts in the academic fields of folklore, anthropology, musicology, and ethnomusicology. Scholars and students of American cultural and social history, as well as fans of North American folk and popular music, will find The Ballad Collectors of North America a fascinating story of how the American folk tradition gained greater visibility, fueling the revolutions that would follow in the writing and performance of American music.

Big Christmas Songbook (Paperback): Ann Barkway Big Christmas Songbook (Paperback)
Ann Barkway
R327 R295 Discovery Miles 2 950 Save R32 (10%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days

(Music Sales America). Here's a feel-good assortment of music, stories and poems that perfectly captures the traditional spirit of Christmas The CD features sing-along songs to add to the fun Songs include: Infant Holy, Infant Lowly * Joy to the World * O Holy Night * See Amid the Winter's Snow * Sussex Carol * Unto Us a Child Is Born * While Shepherds Watched * and more.

Arlo Guthrie - The Warner/Reprise Years (Hardcover, New): Hank Reineke Arlo Guthrie - The Warner/Reprise Years (Hardcover, New)
Hank Reineke; Foreword by Ronald Cohen
R1,421 Discovery Miles 14 210 Ships in 12 - 17 working days

Arlo Guthrie, the son of America's legendary dust bowl troubadour Woody Guthrie and Martha Graham dancer Marjorie Mazia Guthrie, was reared in the rarefied atmosphere of New York City's remnant Old Left culture, a period that brought together art, political action, and folk music. Music was part of Guthrie's life from the very beginning and his self-confessed earliest childhood memory was standing knee-high next to Lead Belly, the blues legend and "King of the twelve-string Guitar." Arlo's earliest mentors were his father's friends, and the youngster would learn his craft from the giants of American folk music: Pete Seeger, the Weavers, Cisco Houston, Josh White, Oscar Brand, Ramblin' Jack Elliott, Brownie McGhee, and Sonny Terry. Arlo Guthrie: The Warner/Reprise Years revisits Guthrie's fifteen-year ride as a recording artist for the prestigious record label. Hank Reineke guides readers through the colorful history of Guthrie's most creative period, when the droll, shaggy-haired troubadour promised in song that a "new world" was surely coming. In his thoughtful consideration of Guthrie's career as a popular, if idiosyncratic, recording artist for the Reprise/Warner Bros. label, Reineke regales readers with stories behind the remarkable success of Guthrie's talking blues-turned-movie Alice's Restaurant and his celebrated appearance at the 1969 Woodstock festival. Guthrie's time at Reprise/Warner Bros. from 1967 to 1982 saw twelve critically acclaimed solo albums, two staple singles of FM radio ("Coming Into Los Angeles" and "City of New Orleans"), and a pair of treasured folk-music recording collaborations with Pete Seeger. With a look at Guthrie's life and times before and after this prolific period of his career, Arlo Guthrie: The Warner/Reprise Years is the first biography dedicated solely to this gifted artist. A goldmine of information on the Guthrie family's legacy to American music, the counterculture of the 1960s, and the record industry of the 1970s, this work also features a detailed bibliography as well as the first comprehensive discography of Guthrie's recordings through the present day. Arlo Guthrie: The Warner/Reprise Years will appeal to popular music historians, folk-rock fans, and readers interested in the American counterculture of the 1960s and 1970s.

In Praise of Krishna - Songs from the Bengali (Paperback, Phoenix ed): Edward C. Dimock, Denise Levertov In Praise of Krishna - Songs from the Bengali (Paperback, Phoenix ed)
Edward C. Dimock, Denise Levertov
R666 Discovery Miles 6 660 Ships in 12 - 17 working days

Arising out of a devotional and enthusiastic religious movement that swept across most of northern and eastern India in the period from the fourteenth through the seventeenth centuries, the powerful and moving lyrics collected and elegantly translated here depict the love of Radha for the god Krishna--a love whose intensity and range of emotions trace the course of all true love between man and woman and between man and God. Intermingling physical and metaphysical imagery, the spiritual yearning for the divine is articulated in the passionate language of intense sensual desire for an irresistible but ultimately unpossessable lover, thus touching a resonant chord in our humanity.

Manele in Romania - Cultural Expression and Social Meaning in Balkan Popular Music (Hardcover): Margaret Beissinger, Speranta... Manele in Romania - Cultural Expression and Social Meaning in Balkan Popular Music (Hardcover)
Margaret Beissinger, Speranta Radulescu, Anca Giurchescu
R2,088 Discovery Miles 20 880 Ships in 12 - 17 working days

This edited volume examines manele (sing. manea), an urban Romanian song-dance ethnopop genre that combines local traditional and popular music with Balkan and Middle Eastern elements. The genre is performed primarily by male Romani musicians at weddings and clubs and appeals especially to Romanian and Romani youth. It became immensely popular after the collapse of communism, representing for many the newly liberated social conditions of the post-1989 world. But manele have also engendered much controversy among the educated and professional elite, who view the genre as vulgar and even "alien" to the Romanian national character. The essays collected here examine the "manea phenomenon" as a vibrant form of cultural expression that engages in several levels of social meaning, all informed by historical conditions, politics, aesthetics, tradition, ethnicity, gender, class, and geography.

Bill Monroe - The Life and Music of the Blue Grass Man (Paperback): Tom Ewing Bill Monroe - The Life and Music of the Blue Grass Man (Paperback)
Tom Ewing
R499 Discovery Miles 4 990 Ships in 12 - 17 working days

From cradle to great, the comprehensive real story of Bill Monroe The Father of Bluegrass Music, Bill Monroe was a major star of the Grand Ole Opry for over fifty years; a member of the Country Music, Songwriters, and Rock and Roll Halls of Fame; and a legendary figure in American music. This authoritative biography sets out to examine his life in careful detail--to move beyond hearsay and sensationalism to explain how and why he accomplished so much. Former Blue Grass Boy and longtime music journalist Tom Ewing draws on hundreds of interviews, his personal relationship with Monroe, and an immense personal archive of materials to separate the truth from longstanding myth. Ewing tells the story of the Monroe family's musical household and Bill's early career in the Monroe Brothers duo. He brings to life Monroe's 1940s heyday with the Classic Bluegrass Band, the renewed fervor for his music sparked by the folk revival of the 1960s, and his declining fortunes in the years that followed. Throughout, Ewing deftly captures Monroe's relationships and the personalities of an ever-shifting roster of band members while shedding light on his business dealings and his pioneering work with Bean Blossom and other music festivals. Filled with a wealth of previously unknown details, Bill Monroe offers even the most devoted fan a deeper understanding of Monroe's towering achievements and timeless music.

Little Book of Klezmer Fiddle Tunes (Paperback): Johanna M. Bolton Little Book of Klezmer Fiddle Tunes (Paperback)
Johanna M. Bolton
R194 Discovery Miles 1 940 Ships in 7 - 11 working days
Paul Clayton and the Folksong Revival (Paperback): Bob Coltman Paul Clayton and the Folksong Revival (Paperback)
Bob Coltman
R1,679 Discovery Miles 16 790 Ships in 12 - 17 working days

A scholar and a balladeer, Paul Clayton (1931-1967) is credited with the Top-Ten hit "Gotta Travel On" and was a key figure in the mid-1950s rise of folksong to media popularity. Clayton single-handedly brought hundreds of obscure folksongs to the mainstream radio and recording market, and he influenced listeners and friends from Dave Van Ronk to Bob Dylan, who considered Clayton a mentor, "mindguard," and well of folksong. Paul Clayton and the Folksong Revival is the first biography of the folk singer and song collector. Using accounts from friends, family, and fellow musicians, author Bob Coltman relates the breadth and depth of Clayton's extraordinary life, from his birth into a singing family and his teenage years as a radio singer and folksong collector, to his establishment in New York as a folk performer and recording artist, to his tragic early suicide. Clayton's recordings are also examined, interspersed with his insights and adventures as a performer and songwriter in the folk world. Gradually, Clayton's achievements become overwhelmed by his disintegration as a drug user, failing musician, and bipolar gay man, culminating in eyewitness accounts relating to his tragic end. Presenting an in-depth look at folk music in the 1950s, Coltman illuminates what it meant to be a working, but not starring, folksinger in this period. With quotes from a number of folksongs, a discographic summary, and a bibliography, this volume brings to life this intelligent, perceptive, and largely unknown scholar-folksinger.

Roots Music (Hardcover, New Ed): Mark F. DeWitt Roots Music (Hardcover, New Ed)
Mark F. DeWitt
R6,345 Discovery Miles 63 450 Ships in 12 - 17 working days

When we talk about roots music, what do we mean and what is at stake? Ethnomusicologist Mark F. DeWitt delves into these questions in an introductory bibliographic essay and selects twenty-one articles published between 1974 and 2010 that have advanced our knowledge and insight about this topic. The collection focuses on the nexus between popular musics in North America and Europe and the traditional musics that have been their foundation, on both the real and imagined connections between the present and past: Olly Wilson and Gerhard Kubik on African American music, Aaron Fox on country music, Eric Lott on blackface minstrelsy, Barry Shank on the elusive Bob Dylan. Works by Sara Cohen, Beverley Diamond, Peter Manuel, Svanibor Pettan and others range on subjects from the accordion, balladry and blues to Bulgarian folk orchestras, flamenco, gospel, Irish sessions, Native American women musicians, the Roma, Tex-Mex music and zydeco.

Choctaw Music and Dance (Paperback, New edition): James H. Howard, Victoria Lindsay Levine Choctaw Music and Dance (Paperback, New edition)
James H. Howard, Victoria Lindsay Levine; Foreword by Bruno Nettl
R559 Discovery Miles 5 590 Ships in 7 - 11 working days

The Choctaws are among the largest and best-known Indian tribes originally of the Southeastern United States, but over the centuries they have become one of the most acculturated to white ways, known more for what they absorbed of white culture than for their own distinctive traditions. Since the removal of the greatest part of the tribe to Oklahoma in the 1830s, Euro-American acculturation has become especially dominant. Nevertheless, among the isolated group of Choctaws that remained in Mississippi after Removal and a few individuals in Oklahoma, the old tribal dances and songs have been preserved.

This book discusses all aspects of the Choctaw dances and songs performed today by dance troupes in Mississippi and Oklahoma. It describes the social organization of the troupes, the construction and use of their musical instruments, and their costumes. Extensive historical information surveys the early literature on Choctaw music and dance, the divergent experiences of the Mississippi and Oklahoma Groups, and the recent movement toward cultural revival among traditionalists in both states.

The choreography for each dance that survives in the Choctaw repertory is described in detail and illustrated by photographs. The book also contains an overview of Choctaw dance music, with a classification of the song and in-depth analyses of musical elements, form, and design. The structure of dance events is reconstructed here for the first time. Musical transcriptions of thirty songs are included.

The authors, using a comparative approach, have focused on the relationship between contemporary performances in Oklahoma and Mississippi. Despite regional variations in performance practice, the Choctaws have sustained considerable continuity in their dance and music in this century, successfully resisting fierce pressure to assimilate and thereby lose all remaining vestiges of their culture.

This is the first book-length study of Choctaw music and dance since 1943, with much new information on the dances. It will be welcomed by ethnomusicologists, dance ethnologists, students of Native American culture, anthropologists, folklorists, and anyone interested in American Indian dance.

Voicing Scotland - Folk, Culture, Nation (Paperback): Gary West Voicing Scotland - Folk, Culture, Nation (Paperback)
Gary West
R338 R275 Discovery Miles 2 750 Save R63 (19%) Ships in 12 - 17 working days

Voicing Scotland takes the reader on a discovery tour through Scotland's traditional music and song culture, past and present. West unravels the strings that link many of our contemporary musicians, singers and poets with those of the past, offering up to our ears these voices which deserve to be more loudly heard. What do they say to us in the 21st Century? What is the role of tradition in the contemporary world? Can there be a folk culture in the digital age? What next for the traditional arts?

D'Albuquerque's Children - Performing Tradition in Malaysia's Portuguese Settlement (Paperback, 2nd Ed.):... D'Albuquerque's Children - Performing Tradition in Malaysia's Portuguese Settlement (Paperback, 2nd Ed.)
Margaret Sarkissian
R868 Discovery Miles 8 680 Ships in 12 - 17 working days

When the Portuguese seafarer Afonso de Albuquerque conquered the bustling port of Malacca in 1511, he effectively gained control of the entire South China Sea spice trade. Although their dominance lasted only 130 years, the Portuguese legacy lies at the heart of a burgeoning tourist attraction on the outskirts of the city, in which performers who believe they are the descendants of swashbuckling Portuguese conquerors encapsulate their "history" in a cultural stage show.
Using historical and ethnographic data, Margaret Sarkissian reveals that this music and dance draws on an eclectic array of influences that span the Portuguese diaspora (one song conjures up images of Lucille Ball impersonating Carmen Miranda on "I Love Lucy"). Ironically, she shows, what began as a literate tradition in the 1950s has now become an oral one so deeply rooted in Settlement life that the younger generation, like the tourists, now see it as an unbroken heritage stretching back almost 500 years. A fascinating case of "orientalism in reverse," "D'Albuquerque's Children" illuminates the creative ways in which one community has adapted to life in a postcolonial world.

Smiling Banjo - A Half Century of Love & Music at the Philadelphia Folk Festival (Hardcover): Eric L. Ring, John Lupton Smiling Banjo - A Half Century of Love & Music at the Philadelphia Folk Festival (Hardcover)
Eric L. Ring, John Lupton; Contributions by Jayne Toohey
R1,295 R981 Discovery Miles 9 810 Save R314 (24%) Ships in 12 - 17 working days

Attended by tens of thousands of people each August, it's the longest continually running folk festival in America. These pages capture 55 years of its beloved, creatively charged atmosphere. Over 800 photos from 1962 to today feature the more than 825 performers and bands who have taken the stage, including Jackson Browne, Roseanne Cash, Judy Collins, Ani DiFranco, Steve Earle, Arlo Guthrie, Janis Ian, Odetta, the Tuva Throat Singers, and Doc Watson. Enjoy stories of how the festival began, and the unusual and unique experiences that seem to transpire only at Festival. Revisit traditions like the creatively-constructed campground compounds, the Dulcimer Grove hammocks and kids' activities, and the origins of the "Smiling Banjo" logo. Whether you are a regular or haven't visited yet, learn why so many say of the Fest, "This is my home."

Musical Romania and the Neighbouring Cultures - Traditions - Influences - Identities- Proceedings of the International... Musical Romania and the Neighbouring Cultures - Traditions - Influences - Identities- Proceedings of the International Musicological Conference- July 4-7 2013, Iasi (Romania) (Hardcover, New edition)
Laura Vasiliu, Loredana Iatesen, Florin Luchian
R1,617 R1,341 Discovery Miles 13 410 Save R276 (17%) Ships in 12 - 17 working days

This book represents the volume of the International Musicological Conference "Musical Romania and Neighbouring Cultures. Traditions, Influences, Identities", which took place in Iasi (Romania) and was organised by the George Enescu University of Arts Iasi in collaboration with the International Musicological Society. The volume includes 35 papers of 38 authors who represent academic centres in Croatia, Bulgaria, Serbia, Greece and Romania. The diverse topics include ancient Romanian, Balkan or East-European music, music iconography, Byzantine and folkloristic traditions, as well as modern and contemporary music. The articles propose theoretical and methodological documentation on the interactions between liturgical, folkloric and academic works within this multicultural space.

The Joy of Christmas (Book): Denes Agay The Joy of Christmas (Book)
Denes Agay
R313 R269 Discovery Miles 2 690 Save R44 (14%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days

For both playing and singing, this glorious volume contains a massive selection of melodies, carols, hymns and songs that celebrate and reinforce the joy of Christmas. Ideal for Christmas, this collection of songs will enhance any seasonal concert program. Features 75 pieces in all, including: Silent Night * The Holly and the Ivy * In Dulci Jubilo * Jingle Bells * O Holy Night * The First Noel * We Wish You a Merry Christmas * and many more

Punk Aesthetics and New Folk - Way Down the Old Plank Road (Hardcover, New Ed): John Encarnacao Punk Aesthetics and New Folk - Way Down the Old Plank Road (Hardcover, New Ed)
John Encarnacao
R3,324 Discovery Miles 33 240 Ships in 12 - 17 working days

Joanna Newsom, Will Oldham (a.k.a. 'Bonnie Prince Billy'), and Devendra Banhart are perhaps the best known of a generation of independent artists who use elements of folk music in contexts that are far from traditional. These (and other) so called 'new folk' artists challenge our notions of 'finished product' through their recordings, intrinsically guided by practices and rhetoric inherited from punk. This book traces a fractured trajectory that includes Harry Smith's Anthology of American Folk Music, Bob Dylan, psych-folk of the sixties (from Vashti Bunyan to John Fahey), lo-fi and outsider recordings (from Captain Beefheart and The Residents to Jandek, Daniel Johnston and Smog), and recent experimental folk (Animal Collective, Six Organs of Admittance, Charalambides) to contextualise the first substantial consideration of new folk. In the process, Encarnacao reviews the literature on folk and punk to argue that tropes of authenticity, though constructions, carry considerable power in the creation and reception of recorded works. New approaches to music require new analytical tools, and through the analysis of some 50 albums, Encarnacao introduces the categories of labyrinth, immersive and montage forms. This book makes a compelling argument for a reconsideration of popular music history that highlights the eternal compulsion for spontaneous, imperfect and performative recorded artefacts.

French Fiddle Tunes - 227 Traditional Pieces for Violin (English, German, Book): Chris Haigh French Fiddle Tunes - 227 Traditional Pieces for Violin (English, German, Book)
Chris Haigh
R451 R414 Discovery Miles 4 140 Save R37 (8%) Ships in 10 - 20 working days
Flamenco Ukulele - 5 Flamenco Solos for Low G Ukulele (Paperback): Dave Brown Flamenco Ukulele - 5 Flamenco Solos for Low G Ukulele (Paperback)
Dave Brown
R138 Discovery Miles 1 380 Ships in 7 - 11 working days
Sami Musical Performance and the Politics of Indigeneity in Northern Europe (Hardcover): Thomas Hilder Sami Musical Performance and the Politics of Indigeneity in Northern Europe (Hardcover)
Thomas Hilder
R1,988 Discovery Miles 19 880 Ships in 12 - 17 working days

The Sami are Europe s only recognized indigenous people living across regions of Norway, Sweden, Finland and the Russian Kola peninsula. The subjects of a history of Christianization, land dispossession, and cultural assimilation, the Sami have through their self-organization since World War II worked towards Sami political self-determination across the Nordic states and helped forge a global indigenous community. Accompanying this process was the emergence of a Sami music scene, in which the revival of the distinct and formerly suppressed unaccompanied vocal tradition of joik was central. Through joiking with instrumental accompaniment, incorporating joik into forms of popular music, performing on stage and releasing recordings, Sami musicians have played a key role in articulating a Sami identity, strengthening Sami languages, and reviving a nature-based cosmology. Thomas Hilder offers the first book-length study of this diverse and dynamic music scene and its intersection with the politics of indigeneity. Based on extensive ethnographic research, Hilder provides portraits of numerous Sami musicians, studies the significance of Sami festivals, analyzes the emergence of a Sami recording industry, and examines musical projects and cultural institutions that have sought to strengthen the transmission of Sami music. Through his engaging narrative, Hilder discusses a wide range of issues revival, sovereignty, time, environment, repatriation and cosmopolitanism to highlight the myriad ways in which Sami musical performance helps shape notions of national belonging, transnational activism, and processes of democracy in the Nordic peninsula. Sami Musical Performance and the Politics of Indigeneity in Northern Europe will not only appeal to enthusiasts of Nordic music, but, by drawing on current interdisciplinary debates, will also speak to a wider audience interested in the interplay of music and politics. Unearthing the challenges, contradictions and potentials presented by international indigenous politics, Hilder demonstrates the significance of this unique musical scene for the wider cultural and political transformations in twenty-first century Europe and global modernity."

Post-Tonal Affinities in Piano Works of Bartok, Chen, and Crumb (Paperback, New edition): Monica Kang Post-Tonal Affinities in Piano Works of Bartok, Chen, and Crumb (Paperback, New edition)
Monica Kang
R1,210 R1,032 Discovery Miles 10 320 Save R178 (15%) Ships in 12 - 17 working days

The book explores cellular pivots as a new means of progression, functional tonality having disappeared in much of contemporary music. Bela Bartok can be seen as a kind of father figure to the other two composers, Chen Yi and George Crumb, in terms of their stylistic, technical, and even philosophical connections. The musical affinities of all three composers reflect a larger body of post-tonal music. Cell constructions and their pivotal motions span the gamut from traditional/asymmetrical to more abstract/symmetrical formations. This study provides insight into universal principles of the post-tonal era and reveals a broader evolution of the musical language as represented by the three composers.

Venda Children's Songs - A Study in Ethnomusicological Analysis (Paperback, 2nd Ed.): John Blacking Venda Children's Songs - A Study in Ethnomusicological Analysis (Paperback, 2nd Ed.)
John Blacking
R869 Discovery Miles 8 690 Ships in 12 - 17 working days

John Blacking is widely recognized for his theoretical works "How Musical Is Man?" and "The Anthropology of the Body." This series of essays and articles on the music of the Venda people of the northern Transvaal in South Africa constitutes his major scholarly legacy.
"Venda Children's Songs" presents a detailed analysis of both the music and the cultural significance of children's songs among the Venda. Among its many original contributions is the identifying of the role of melody in generating rhythm, something that distinguishes this form of music from that of Venda adults as well as from other genres of African music in general.

Music, Culture, and Experience - Selected Papers of John Blacking (Paperback, New): John Blacking Music, Culture, and Experience - Selected Papers of John Blacking (Paperback, New)
John Blacking; Edited by Reginald Byron
R1,032 Discovery Miles 10 320 Ships in 12 - 17 working days

One of the most important ethnomusicologists of the century, John Blacking is known for his interest in the relationship of music to biology, psychology, dance and politics. He attempted to document the ways in which music-making expresses the human condition, how it transcends social divisions and how it can be used to improve the quality of human life. This volume brings together eight of Blacking's most important theoretical papers which reveal his theoretical themes such as the innateness of musical ability, the properties of music as a symbolic or quasi-linguistic system, the complex relation between music and social institutions and the relation between scientific musical analysis and cultural understanding.

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