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Rogues' Gallery - An Irreverent History Of Corruption In South Africa, From The VOC To The ANC (Paperback): Matthew... Rogues' Gallery - An Irreverent History Of Corruption In South Africa, From The VOC To The ANC (Paperback)
Matthew Blackman, Nick Dall 1
R290 R232 Discovery Miles 2 320 Save R58 (20%) In stock

If you reckon corruption in South Africa began with Zuma or even with apartheid, it’s time to catch a wake-up call. Rogues’ Gallery tells the story of some of the biggest skelms to grace our (un)fair shores, showing that dodgy dealings have been a national pastime for as long as South African history has been written down.

The action starts with the machinations of three colonial governors: rotten Willem Adriaan van der Stel and the ‘twaddling’ British duo, Sir George Yonge and Lord Charles Somerset. Added to this is Cecil John Rhodes’s unparalleled success in poisoning the land with theft, fraud and war, and Oom Paul Kruger’s corrupt and compromised Volksraads (official and unofficial). Readers are then treated to apartheid’s finest feats in corruption: from the Broederbond’s perfect ten in state capture to the Department of Information’s peddling of fake news and the apartheid state’s manufacture of – no, not illegal cigarettes – Class A drugs! And let’s not forget the hotbed of corruption that was the ‘independent’ homelands. Add to this a few murders, plenty of nepotism and a state president who started out as a Nazi spy, and the gallery of rogues is complete. On the flipside, every chapter also features at least one brave whistle-blower – the true heroes of this book.

Irreverent, entertaining and impeccably researched, Rogues’ Gallery busts the myth that the Zuptas were the first to capture the South African state, showing that corruption has always been around – and that the tricks politicians play haven’t changed a jot.

Uncaptured - The True Account Of The Nenegate/Trillian Whistleblower (Paperback): Mosilo Mothepu Uncaptured - The True Account Of The Nenegate/Trillian Whistleblower (Paperback)
Mosilo Mothepu; Foreword by Thuli Madonsela, William Bourdon
R290 R232 Discovery Miles 2 320 Save R58 (20%) Ships in 5 - 10 working days

In March 2016, Mosilo Mothepu was appointed CEO of Trillian Financial Advisory, a subsidiary of Gupta-linked Trillian Capital Partners. The prospect of being at the helm of a black-owned financial consultancy was electrifying for a black woman whose twin passions were transformation and empowering women. Three months later, suffering from depression and insomnia, she resigned with no other job lined up.

In October 2016, a written statement handed to Public Protector Thuli Madonsela detailing Trillian’s involvement in state capture was leaked to the media. Key to the disclosures were the removals of finance ministers Nhlanhla Nene and Pravin Gordhan from their posts due to the Guptas’ influence. Although she was not identified by name as the source of the affidavit, details of the revelations published in the Sunday Times left no doubt in the minds of Trillian’s executives: Mothepu was the Nenegate whistleblower.

Despite fearing legal consequences, Mothepu had decided that she could not just stand by as the country burnt. Her disclosures resulted in the freezing of Trillian-associated company Regiments Capital’s assets and a High Court order for Trillian to pay back almost R600 million to Eskom. Facing criminal charges and bankruptcy, unemployed and deemed a political risk, Mothepu experienced first-hand the loneliness of whistleblowing. The effect on her mental and physical health was devastating. Now, in Uncaptured, she recounts this troubling yet seminal chapter in her life with honesty, humility and wry humour in the hope that others who find themselves in a similar situation will follow in her footsteps and speak truth to power.

The Art Of Persuasive Communication - A Process (Paperback, 4th): Johann de Wet The Art Of Persuasive Communication - A Process (Paperback, 4th)
Johann de Wet
R371 R327 Discovery Miles 3 270 Save R44 (12%) Ships in 4 - 8 working days

The Fourth edition of The Art Of Persuasive Communication situates contemporary persuasive practices against the background of the rich history of rhetoric and within the setting of a democratic state.

Throughout, the author addresses critical issues that are important to communication science scholars and practitioners, as well as those active in related disciplines such as political science, sociology, social psychology and rhetorical studies.

The Fourth edition differs from the previous one in the following ways:

  • The arrangement of the contents has been revised to facilitate greater understanding
  • There is much new material, especially in chapters 4, 5, 7, 8
  • The role of social media is discussed and considered in chapter 7
  • Chapter 8 includes a section on image management
  • Chapter 9 is a new chapter focussing on political debates
  • A new chapter 12 on Persuasion and the rhetorical imprint of a public rhetor has been added
  • New contemporary examples related to South Africa have been included
Sociology (Paperback, 9th Edition): Anthony Giddens, Philip W. Sutton Sociology (Paperback, 9th Edition)
Anthony Giddens, Philip W. Sutton
R830 Discovery Miles 8 300 Ships in 12 - 17 working days

The indispensable guide to understanding the world we make and the lives we lead. This thoroughly revised and updated ninth edition remains unrivalled in its vibrant, engaging and authoritative introduction to sociology. The authors provide a commanding overview of the latest global developments and new ideas in this fascinating subject. Classic debates are also given careful coverage, with even the most complex ideas explained in a straightforward way. Written in a fluent, easy-to-follow style, the book manages to be intellectually rigorous but still very accessible. With a strong focus on interactive pedagogy, it aims to engage and excite readers, helping them to see the enduring value of thinking sociologically. The ninth edition includes: a solid foundation in the basics of sociology: its purpose, methodology and theories; up-to-the-minute overviews of key topics in social life, from gender, personal life and poverty, to globalization, the media and politics; stimulating examples of what sociology has to say about key issues in our contemporary world, such as climate change, growing inequality and rising polarization in societies across the world; a strong focus on global connections and the ways that digital technologies are radically transforming our lives; quality pedagogical features, such as 'Classic Studies' and 'Global Society' boxes, and 'Thinking Critically' reflection points, as well as end-of-chapter activities inviting readers to engage with popular culture and original research articles to gather sociological insights. The ninth edition sets the standard for introductory sociology in a complex world. It is the ideal teaching text for first-year university and college courses, and will help to inspire a new generation of sociologists.

The Bystander Effect - The Psychology of Courage and How to be Brave (Paperback): Catherine Sanderson The Bystander Effect - The Psychology of Courage and How to be Brave (Paperback)
Catherine Sanderson
R260 R208 Discovery Miles 2 080 Save R52 (20%) Ships in 5 - 10 working days

'Fantastic ... It explains the misperception of stacked odds and personal powerlessness that stops individuals challenging bad behaviour. Stunning. Humbling. Thought-provoking' Kathryn Mannix, author of With the End in Mind In the face of discrimination, bad behaviour, evil and abuse, why do good people so often do nothing? Every day, we see examples of bad or immoral behaviour - from sexual harassment to political corruption, from negligence to bullying. Why did no one stop the abduction of Jamie Bulger, despite many witnesses reporting they felt uneasy seeing the two-year-old's distress? How did the USA gymnastics team doctor, Larry Nassar, abuse hundreds of young women under his care for so long? Why didn't anyone intervene when David Dao, an innocent sixty-nine-year-old man, was forcibly removed from his seat on a United Airlines aeroplane and dragged down the aisle by security officers? How did large crowds of men get away with sexually assaulting an estimated 1,200 women in Cologne during the 2015 New Year's Eve celebrations? In The Bystander Effect, pioneering psychologist Catherine Sanderson uses real-life examples, neuroscience and the latest psychological studies to explain why we might be good at recognising bad behaviour but bad at taking action against it. With practical strategies to transform your thinking, she shows how we can all learn to speak out, intervene, think outside the group mentality and ultimately become braver versions of ourselves. Courage is not a virtue we're born with. A bystander can learn to be brave.

Sermons Of Soul (Paperback): Iman Rappetti Sermons Of Soul (Paperback)
Iman Rappetti
R290 R229 Discovery Miles 2 290 Save R61 (21%) Ships in 7 - 10 working days

Sermons of Soul brings you the best-loved opening segments from Iman Rappetti’s award-winning radio show, POWER Talk. With each daily sermon, Iman sought to reach out to her listeners and give them something special before the day’s tough subjects unfolded on the programme. She wanted to create a moment for them to feel appreciated, thought of, challenged or cared for.

Some days the sermon was a motivational letter, encouraging listeners to stay strong and confident, to have hope for themselves and the country. On other days it was different – a call to action, a sociopolitical critique, a powerfully moving assessment of how we were doing as a society. These few minutes became one of the most-listened-to segments in radio, so popular that people frequently called in to comment on the impact of the messages or stopped Iman in the street to talk about them. More than once, the sermons have been called life-changing.

Reading Iman’s labour of love will remind you of important issues at the same time as it will encourage and inspire you.

Criminology For Dummies (Paperback, 2nd Edition): Steven Briggs Criminology For Dummies (Paperback, 2nd Edition)
Steven Briggs
R374 Discovery Miles 3 740 Ships in 12 - 17 working days

Criminology For Dummies 2e takes its reader into the world of crime by providing such information as reasons for crime and the consequences that follow, society's response to it, and how to prevent it Criminology For Dummies 2e contains updated anecdotes and cases for the current day, and will take a detailed look into: Internet Crime, Marijuana legalization and changes in drug crime, and reform in the relationship between race and policing

Sociology of the Arts - Exploring Fine and Popular Forms (Paperback, 2nd Edition): Victoria D. Alexander Sociology of the Arts - Exploring Fine and Popular Forms (Paperback, 2nd Edition)
Victoria D. Alexander
R842 Discovery Miles 8 420 Ships in 12 - 17 working days

Explains the key concepts, theories, and studies in the sociology of the arts--the fully updated new edition of the classic textbook Sociology of the Arts is a comprehensive yet accessible review of sociological approaches to studying the fine, popular, and folk arts. Integrating scholarly literature, theoretical models, and empirical studies, this authoritative textbook provides balanced coverage of a broad range of essential topics--enabling a deeper understanding of the field as a whole. Throughout the text, numerous real-world case studies reinforce key concepts, stimulate classroom discussion, and encourage students to contemplate abstract theoretical issues central to the relationship between art and society. Now in its second edition, this bestselling volume features fully revised content that reflects the most recent literature and research in the field. New discussion on the production and the consumption of culture are complemented by fresh perspectives on changes in the social world such as the rise of the internet and digital media. Updated chapters offer insights into social boundaries and embodiment in the arts, emplacement, materiality, the social construction of art and aesthetics, and more. Exploring how art is created, distributed, received, and consumed, this textbook: Explores both classic work and new approaches in the sociology of the arts Features case studies and discussion questions on art forms including popular music, film, romance novels, visual arts, and classical music Discusses the meaning of artistic objects and why interpretations of art vary Examines the ways art intersects with race, gender, sexuality, and class Includes photographs, tables and figures, and a comprehensive reference list Written by a leading scholar in the field, Sociology of the Arts: Exploring Fine and Popular Forms, Second Edition is an ideal textbook for advanced undergraduate and graduate courses on sociology of art and culture, media studies, anthropology of art, arts management, and the social history of art, and is a useful reference for established scholars studying any aspect of sociology of the arts.

488 Rules for Life - The Thankless Art of Being Correct (Paperback): Kitty Flanagan 488 Rules for Life - The Thankless Art of Being Correct (Paperback)
Kitty Flanagan 1
R216 Discovery Miles 2 160 Ships in 12 - 17 working days

488 Rules for Life is Kitty Flanagan's way of making the world a more pleasant place to live. Providing you with the antidote to every annoying little thing, these rules are not made to be broken. 488 Rules for Life is not a self-help book, because it's not you who needs help, it's other people. Whether they're walking and texting, asphyxiating you on public transport with their noxious perfume cloud, or leaving one useless square of toilet paper on the roll, a lot of people just don't know the rules. But thanks to Kitty Flanagan's comprehensive guide to modern behaviour, our world will soon be a much better place. A place where people don't ruin the fruit salad by putting banana in it ... where your co-workers respect your olfactory system and don't reheat their fish curry in the office microwave ... where middle aged men don't have ponytails ... Other rules to live by include: 1. Men must wear shorts over leggings The gym is no place for people to discover whether or not you are circumcised. That's a private discussion for another place and time. 2. Team bonding activities should be optional Some people love it when management decides that an afternoon of bowling or paintballing or (god forbid) karaoke will help everyone work better as a team. Others would rather be dead. 3. Don't ever mention your 'happy place' To me, this sounds less like a pleasant, fun state of mind and more like some kind of utopian wank palace you've had built in the basement. What started as a personal joke is now a quintessential reference book with the power to change society. (Or, at least, make it a bit less irritating.) What people are (Kitty Flanagan is) saying about this book: 'You're welcome everyone.' 'Thank god for me.' 'I'd rather be sad and lonely, but right.' 'There's not actually 488 rules in here but it sure feels like it'.

Sociology For Dumies (Paperback, 2nd Edition): Jay Gabler Sociology For Dumies (Paperback, 2nd Edition)
Jay Gabler
R374 Discovery Miles 3 740 Ships in 12 - 17 working days

Sociology For Dummies 2e aids readers in understanding this complex field of study and helps them both when deciding to take a class as well as when participating in a course. The ability to use a sociological lens is more important now than ever; there have been recent foundational changes in how we understand society. Recent dialogue surrounding health care, politics, race, and gender now occur with frankness and urgency that will be addressed. Updates: -2020 and societal upheaval -Shifted politics -Me Too -Climate Change -Social Media mediating our lives

Is It Me Or Is It Getting Hot In Here? - Great Expectations And Boiling Frogs In South Africa (Paperback): Tom Eaton Is It Me Or Is It Getting Hot In Here? - Great Expectations And Boiling Frogs In South Africa (Paperback)
Tom Eaton
R320 R275 Discovery Miles 2 750 Save R45 (14%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days

Are we frogs in a boiling pot or a stressed but resilient nation trying to make sense of bizarre times? Are we being ruled by an African liberation movement or a fourteenth-century Italian church? And why do SUV drivers look so confused?

Tom Eaton explores these and other questions about modern life in South Africa with the razor-sharp, laugh-out-loud style that has made him one of South Africa's most beloved commentators.

Asian America (Paperback): Pawan Dhingra, Robyn Magalit Rodriguez Asian America (Paperback)
Pawan Dhingra, Robyn Magalit Rodriguez
R546 Discovery Miles 5 460 Ships in 12 - 17 working days

Asian Americans are the fastest growing minority population in the country. Moreover, they provide a unique lens on the wider experiences of immigrants and minorities in the United States, both historically and today. Pawan Dhingra and Robyn Magalit Rodriguez's acclaimed introduction to understanding this diverse group is here updated in a thoroughly revised new edition. Incorporating cutting-edge thinking and discussion of the latest current events, the authors critically examine key topics in the Asian American experience, including education and work, family and culture, media and politics, and social hierarchies of race, gender, and sexuality. Through vivid examples and clear discussion of a broad range of theories, the authors explore the contributions of Asian American Studies, sociology, psychology, history, and other fields to understanding Asian Americans, and vice versa. The new edition includes further pedagogical elements to help readers apply the core theoretical and analytical frameworks encountered. In addition, the book takes readers beyond the boundaries of the United States to cultivate a comparative understanding of the Asian experience, as it has become increasingly global and diasporic. This engaging text will continue to be a welcome resource to those looking for a rich and systematic overview of Asian America, as well as for undergraduate and graduate courses on immigration, race, American society, and Asian American Studies.

The Big South African Hair Book (Paperback): Janine Jellars The Big South African Hair Book (Paperback)
Janine Jellars
R260 R224 Discovery Miles 2 240 Save R36 (14%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days

"The Big South African Hair Book is a celebration of #NaturalHair and an exploration of the South African #NaturalHair community. Part peek into what’s causing generations of women to ditch chemical relaxers, and part practical haircare guide, this book is an indispensable companion for everyone from the curl-curious to #NaturalHair veterans.

The Natural Hair movement is a global phenomenon. Women are rejecting decades-long pressure to straighten and manipulate their hair and are, instead, embracing the way their hair grows out of their heads – celebrating their curls and coils.

Hilarious, heart-warming and hair-volutionary, this book, a first of its kind on South African shelves, is filled with advice, tried and tested tricks and tips and haircare testimonials from some of the country’s biggest hair influencers, scientists, stylists, haircare brand owners and other experts.

This book is for you if you are:

  • Curl-curious and looking to embrace your natural hair, but don’t want to wade through endless YouTube tutorials and blog posts;
  • A veteran naturalista interested in a refresher on the basics and renewed inspo to unlock your own #HairGoals;
  • Wondering what happened to your hairline or dealing with postpartum shedding;
  • Parenting a child with different textured hair than yours;
  • Interested in becoming a natural hair entrepreneur.

Journalist Janine Jellars takes us on a fun, funny, no-judgements journey from creamy crack addiction to 'fro freedom.

'Finally, a book that dismantles decades upon decades of black women’s hair misconceptions! Janine Jellars’ conversational tone and non-prescriptive insights nudge readers in the direction of happy, healthy natural hair!' – Kemong Mopedi

'Similar experiences between Janine and I remind me that black identity/black culture is inextricably wound up in one’s hair. Hair is political, it’s complex, complicated and beautiful. Timely and relevant!' – Masasa Mbangeni"
The European Ritual - Football in the New Europe (Paperback): Anthony King The European Ritual - Football in the New Europe (Paperback)
Anthony King
R1,072 Discovery Miles 10 720 Ships in 12 - 17 working days

Football constitutes a vivid public ritual in contemporary European culture through which emergent social solidarities and new economic networks have come into being. This fascinating and unique volume traces the transformation of European football from the 1950s to the present, focusing in particular on the dramatic changes that have occurred in the last decade and linking them to the wider process of European integration. The examination of football illuminates how the growing dominance of the free market has changed European society from an international order in which the nation-state was dominant to a more complex transnational regime in which cities and regions are becoming more prominent than in the past. The study is supported by detailed ethnographic accounts emerging from the author's fieldwork at Manchester United and interview data with some of the most important figures in European football at clubs including Juventus, Milan, Bayern Munich, Schalke and Barcelona. It also includes a highly topical examination of racism in European football.

Looting Africa - The Economics of Exploitation (Paperback, illustrated edition): Patrick Bond Looting Africa - The Economics of Exploitation (Paperback, illustrated edition)
Patrick Bond
R85 R73 Discovery Miles 730 Save R12 (14%) Ships in 5 - 10 working days

Despite the rhetoric, the people of Sub-Saharan Africa are becoming poorer. From Tony Blair's Africa Commission, the G7 finance ministers' debt relief, the Live 8 concerts, the Make Poverty History campaign and the G8 Gleneagles promises, to the United Nations 2005 summit and the Hong Kong WTO meeting, Africa's gains have been mainly limited to public relations. The central problems remain exploitative debt and financial relationships with the North, phantom aid, unfair trade, distorted investment and the continent's brain/skills drain. Moreover, capitalism in most African countries has witnessed the emergence of excessively powerful ruling elites with incomes derived from financial-parasitical accumulation. Without overstressing the 'mistakes' of such elites, this title contextualises Africa's wealth outflow within a stagnant but volatile world economy.

The Courage To Be Disliked - How to free yourself, change your life and achieve real happiness (Paperback, Main): Ichiro... The Courage To Be Disliked - How to free yourself, change your life and achieve real happiness (Paperback, Main)
Ichiro Kishimi, Fumitake Koga 1
R255 R204 Discovery Miles 2 040 Save R51 (20%) Ships in 5 - 10 working days

The Japanese phenomenon that teaches us the simple yet profound lessons required to liberate our real selves and find lasting happiness. The Courage to be Disliked shows you how to unlock the power within yourself to become your best and truest self, change your future and find lasting happiness. Using the theories of Alfred Adler, one of the three giants of 19th century psychology alongside Freud and Jung, the authors explain how we are all free to determine our own future free of the shackles of past experiences, doubts and the expectations of others. It's a philosophy that's profoundly liberating, allowing us to develop the courage to change, and to ignore the limitations that we and those around us can place on ourselves. The result is a book that is both highly accessible and profound in its importance. Millions have already read and benefited from its wisdom. Now that The Courage to be Disliked has been published for the first time in English, so can you.

Wit Wolf - Die Worcester-Bomplanter se Storie van Bevryding (Afrikaans, Paperback): Stefaans Coetzee, Alita Steenkamp Wit Wolf - Die Worcester-Bomplanter se Storie van Bevryding (Afrikaans, Paperback)
Stefaans Coetzee, Alita Steenkamp
R295 R254 Discovery Miles 2 540 Save R41 (14%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days

Stefaans Coetzee was net 19 jaar oud toe hy op Oukersdag ’n bom in die Shoprite in Worcester geplant het. Vier mense – waarvan drie kinders – het dié dag gesterf en Stefaans se lewe het onherroeplik verander.

Hy is tot moordenaar veroordeel en vir 40 jaar tronk toe gestuur, maar in die tronk verander sy lewe dramaties en hy begin anders kyk na homself en die mense rondom hom.

Hy ontmoet vir “Oom Gene” (Eugene de Kock) wat hom begin bearbei om met sy slagoffers te versoen.

Ná 18 jaar word Stefaans op parool vrygelaat. Kort daarna vervul hy sy lewensdroom om die Comrades-marathon te voltooi. Hy doen dit ter ere aan die Worcester-slagoffers en oorhandig sy medalje aan een van dié mense as teken van berou en versoening.

Women's organisations and democracy in SA - Contesting authority (Paperback): Shireen Hassim Women's organisations and democracy in SA - Contesting authority (Paperback)
Shireen Hassim
R170 R146 Discovery Miles 1 460 Save R24 (14%) Ships in 5 - 10 working days

The transition to democracy in South Africa was one of the defining events in twentieth-century political history. The South African women's movement is one of the most celebrated on the African continent. Shireen Hassim examines interactions between the two as she explores the gendered nature of liberation and regime change. Her work reveals how women's political organizations both shaped and were shaped by the broader democratic movement. Alternately asserting their political independence and giving precedence to the democratic movement as a whole, women activists proved flexible and remarkably successful in influencing policy. At the same time, their feminism was profoundly shaped by the context of democratic and nationalist ideologies. In reading the last twenty-five years of South African history through a feminist framework, Hassim offers fresh insights into the interactions between civil society, political parties, and the state. Hassim boldly confronts sensitive issues such as the tensions between autonomy and political dependency in feminists' engagement with the African National Congress (ANC) and other democratic movements, and black-white relations within women's organizations. She offers a historically informed discussion of the challenges facing feminist activists during a time of nationalist struggle and democratization.

The Cay (Paperback, Abridged edition): Theodore Taylor The Cay (Paperback, Abridged edition)
Theodore Taylor
R164 R135 Discovery Miles 1 350 Save R29 (18%) In stock

Phillip is excited when the Germans invade the small island of Curaçao. War has always been a game to him, and he’s eager to glimpse it firsthand–until the freighter he and his mother are traveling to the United States on is torpedoed.

When Phillip comes to, he is on a small raft in the middle of the sea. Besides Stew Cat, his only companion is an old West Indian, Timothy. Phillip remembers his mother’s warning about black people: “They are different, and they live differently.”

But by the time the castaways arrive on a small island, Phillip’s head injury has made him blind and dependent on Timothy.

The New Global Politics of Science - Knowledge, Markets and the State (Hardcover): Mats Benner The New Global Politics of Science - Knowledge, Markets and the State (Hardcover)
Mats Benner
R2,190 Discovery Miles 21 900 Ships in 12 - 17 working days

Science has become a central political concern with massive increases in public investment, but resources are embedded in a complex web of expectations that vary between countries and regions. This book outlines an insightful understanding of science policy as both concerning the governance of science itself through priority-setting, funding, organization and articulation with polity, society and economy, and its extra-organizational connections in terms of higher education, innovation and national policy concerns. The New Global Politics of Science examines how science and innovation have become truly global, and the consequences of this for scientists, policymakers and citizens. This book provides an overview of how research policies have evolved in different countries and contexts. It also examines how science research has been aligned with nation-building and state-formation, enmeshed in meta-governance, and how this relates to economic growth. Analysing how knowledge policies have been forged in their specific historical and geographical settings, this book will be an invaluable tool for scholars and policymakers in the fields of science, innovation and public policy.

Sociology of health and disease - An introduction for healthcare professionals (Paperback): E. Pretorius, Z. Mathebesi, L.... Sociology of health and disease - An introduction for healthcare professionals (Paperback)
E. Pretorius, Z. Mathebesi, L. Ackerman
R436 R384 Discovery Miles 3 840 Save R52 (12%) Ships in 4 - 8 working days

Sociology is the study of social or human interaction. Because the nurse constantly interacts with patients, patient's families and colleagues, it is vital for him or her to have a sound grasp of the topic. With this knowledge, the nurse gains a greater understanding of why people and groups behave in specific ways. Applied Sociology for Nurses succeeds very well in taking the social theories and explaining how these apply to daily nursing practice by making good use of case studies and real-life situations; the authors make the subject come to life and undoubtedly the student will want to continue to study this fascinating topic.

Human Development Report 2007/2008 - Fighting climate change: Human solidarity in a divided world (Paperback, 5th ed. 2007):... Human Development Report 2007/2008 - Fighting climate change: Human solidarity in a divided world (Paperback, 5th ed. 2007)
United Nations Development Programme
R1,292 Discovery Miles 12 920 Ships in 7 - 11 working days

Human development is about putting people at the center of development. It is about people realizing their potential, increasing choice and enjoying the freedom to lead the lives they value. Created in 1990, the "Human Development Report" has explored themes including gender equity, democracy, human rights, globalization, cultural liberty and water scarcity. The past years have witnessed the emergence of a growing consensus on climate change. Governments across the world have seen the warning signs. The science linking global warming to human activity is unequivocal. The economic case for action is compelling: the costs of inaction will heavily outweigh the costs of action. Yet the politics lags behind the science and the economics. Collectively, the world's governments are failing to act with the urgency demanded by the scale of the threat.
The window of opportunity for avoiding dangerous climate change is closing fast. This year's "Human Development Report" explains why we have less than a decade to change course and start living within our global carbon budget. It explains how climate change will create long-run low human development traps, pushing vulnerable people into a downward spiral of deprivation. Because climate change is a global problem with global causes and effects, it demands a global response with countries acting on the basis of their historic responsibility and capabilities.

The Shape of Things to Come - Exploring the Future of the Human Body (Paperback): Druin Burch The Shape of Things to Come - Exploring the Future of the Human Body (Paperback)
Druin Burch 1
R268 R225 Discovery Miles 2 250 Save R43 (16%) Ships in 10 - 20 working days

In this humane and important exploration of modern medicine, Druin Burch examines the future of medicine, our changing physicalities and the implications of longer life. From birth to death and through the exploration of topics such as disease, sex, mind, eating and drinking, Burch tracks the future of medicine by looking at what is already possible today. Weaving in insights from literature, art and history, The Shape of Things to Come considers the cultural complexity surrounding medicine as well as its impact on the humanities. As a specialist in geriatric medicine Burch writes with a keen understanding of the medical profession. He outlines the areas of medicine which have seen the greatest improvements and optimistically offers insight into further advancements. Praise for Druin Burch: 'A writer of searing intelligence and lively wit' GOOD BOOK GUIDE 'Each chapter is a self-contained pleasure to read' SUNDAY TIMES 'Intriguing and informed' THE TIMES

The Marrano Legacy - A Contemporary Crypto-Jewish Priest Reveals Secrets of His Double Life (Hardcover): Trudi Alexy The Marrano Legacy - A Contemporary Crypto-Jewish Priest Reveals Secrets of His Double Life (Hardcover)
Trudi Alexy
R522 R428 Discovery Miles 4 280 Save R94 (18%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days

The Marrano Legacy chronicles the astounding, intensely personal correspondence between two strangers from different countries who shared the unusual experience of discovering in their teens that they were Jews: "Simon," a descendant of Spain's medieval Marranos who submitted to baptism to escape the Inquisition, and Trudi Alexy who survived the Holocaust when her family fled from Prague to Paris and hid in Fascist Spain as hastily baptized Catholics.

Fifty years later, when she set out to recapture her lost Jewish identity, she discovered a spiritual kinship with the medieval Marranos who, though they were forced to hide their Jewishness, held to their ancient traditions in secret.

Simon has lived the hazardous life of a Crypto-Jewish Catholic priest, providing protection to a large community of secret Jews living as Catholics in a Latin American country. In their correspondence, Alexy shares her own inner conflicts as she struggles to understand why Simon continues to live in constant danger of discovery by both Catholics and mainstream Jews, wrestling with doubts and coping with personal tragedies that almost cause him to abandon his faith in God and his Jewish identity.

"Trudi Alexy has written a spellbinding book revealing the clandestine lives of people of our times who were coerced to hide their identities. This is not a work of fiction. The characters presented are real persons encountered by the author and they include confessional letters that instruct us about the gain and losses of self-revelation."-Rabbi Harold M. Schulweis, author of "For Those Who Can't Believe"

"Ms Alexy probes skillfully the fascinating story of the marranos (or the sephardics as they callthemselves in northern Arizona and New Mexico). It was one of the most fascinating tales of American history, and it should stir up strong and important controversy."-Fr. Andrew Greeley

"What a compelling and fascinating true story! Every Jew and every Christian should read this book. . . . I applaud Trudi Alexy for her remarkable way of uncovering and telling a story that we've never been told before, but that helps to make sense of so much of the painful clashes of our history."-Len Felder, Ph.D., author of "The Ten Challenges"

Du Bois - A Critical Introduction (Paperback): Reiland Rabaka Du Bois - A Critical Introduction (Paperback)
Reiland Rabaka
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W.E.B Du Bois is widely considered one of the most accomplished and controversial African American intellectuals in U.S. history. A pioneering historian, sociologist, political economist, and civil rights activist, his masterpiece The Souls of Black Folk remains one of the most widely read books in the history of American literature. In this new book, Reiland Rabaka critically explores Du Bois's multidimensional legacy, lucidly introducing his main contributions in areas ranging from American sociology and critical race studies to black feminism and black Marxism. Rabaka argues that Du Bois's corpus, particularly when attention is given to his contributions to the critique of racism, sexism, capitalism and colonialism, can be persuasively interpreted as both an undeniable and unprecedented contribution to the origins and evolution of one of our most important contemporary critical concepts: intersectionality. Du Bois: A Critical Introduction is an indispensable resource for scholars and students of history, sociology, politics, and economics. It will also be very valuable for those working in interdisciplinary fields, ranging from African American studies, critical race studies, and critical white studies to black feminism, black Marxism, and black internationalism.

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