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Queens Of The Resistance: Maxine Waters (Hardcover): Brenda Jones, Krishan Trotman Queens Of The Resistance: Maxine Waters (Hardcover)
Brenda Jones, Krishan Trotman
R403 R322 Discovery Miles 3 220 Save R81 (20%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days
Queens Of The Resistance: Alexandria Ocasio-cortez (Hardcover): Brenda Jones, Krishan Trotman Queens Of The Resistance: Alexandria Ocasio-cortez (Hardcover)
Brenda Jones, Krishan Trotman
R403 R322 Discovery Miles 3 220 Save R81 (20%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days
John Bercow - Call To Order (Hardcover): Sebastian Whale John Bercow - Call To Order (Hardcover)
Sebastian Whale 1
R570 R460 Discovery Miles 4 600 Save R110 (19%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Polarising, combative, unconventional: few embody the fraught nature of British politics today quite like John Bercow. A man who is revered by his one-time opponents and condemned by his former bedfellows, he has traversed the deep chasm between the Conservative right and the liberal left during a career that has never been short of controversy. Thanks to his eventful decade as Speaker of the House of Commons, he is seen by some as a great moderniser; by others, a constitutional arsonist. In this revealing biography, political editor Sebastian Whale tracks Bercow's journey from his childhood suffering at the hands of bullies, to his membership of the far-right Monday Club, through to his contentious Speakership, taking in bitter confrontations in the Commons, challenges to convention and attempted coups along the way. With the UK's exit from the EU secured and bullying allegations beginning to resurface, Bercow's legacy is under fresh scrutiny. Based on exclusive interviews with those close to the heart of Parliament, including both allies and detractors, this is the unvarnished story of John Bercow, one of the most influential political figures of the Brexit age.

Stalin's Last Crime - The Plot Against the Jewish Doctors, 1948-1953 (Paperback): Jonathan Brent, Vladimir Naumov Stalin's Last Crime - The Plot Against the Jewish Doctors, 1948-1953 (Paperback)
Jonathan Brent, Vladimir Naumov
R443 R411 Discovery Miles 4 110 Save R32 (7%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days

A new investigation, based on previously unseen KGB documents, reveals the startling truth behind Stalin's last great conspiracy.

On January 13, 1953, a stunned world learned that a vast conspiracy had been unmasked among Jewish doctors in the USSR to murder Kremlin leaders. Mass arrests quickly followed. The Doctors' Plot, as this alleged scheme came to be called, was Stalin's last crime.

In the fifty years since Stalin's death many myths have grown up about the Doctors' Plot. Did Stalin himself invent the conspiracy against the Jewish doctors or was it engineered by subordinates who wished to eliminate Kremlin rivals? Did Stalin intend a purge of all Jews from Moscow, Leningrad, and other major cities, which might lead to a Soviet Holocaust? How was this plot related to the cold war then dividing Europe, and the hot war in Korea? Finally, was the Doctors' Plot connected with Stalin's fortuitous death?

Brent and Naumov have explored an astounding arra of previously unknown, top-secret documents from the KGB, the presidential archives, and other state and party archives in order to probe the mechanism of on of Stalin's greatest intrigues -- and to tell for the first time the incredible full story of the Doctors' Plot.

The Sewing Circles of Herat - A Personal Voyage Through Afghanistan (Paperback, 1st Perennial ed): Christina Lamb The Sewing Circles of Herat - A Personal Voyage Through Afghanistan (Paperback, 1st Perennial ed)
Christina Lamb
R402 R377 Discovery Miles 3 770 Save R25 (6%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days

Twenty-one-year-old Christina Lamb left suburban England for Peshawar on the frontier of the Afghan war. Captivated, she spent two years tracking the final stages of the mujaheddin victory over the Soviets, as Afghan friends smuggled her in and out of their country in a variety of guises.

Returning to Afghanistan after the attacks on the World Trade Center to report for Britain's Sunday Telegraph, Lamb discovered the people no one else had written about: the abandoned victims of almost a quarter century of war. Among them, the brave women writers of Herat who risked their lives to carry on a literary tradition under the guise of sewing circles; the princess whose palace was surrounded by tanks on the eve of her wedding; the artist who painted out all the people in his works to prevent them from being destroyed by the Taliban; and Khalil Ahmed Hassani, a former Taliban torturer who admitted to breaking the spines of men and then making them stand on their heads.

Christina Lamb's evocative reporting brings to life these stories. Her unique perspective on Afghanistan and deep passion for the people she writes about make this the definitive account of the tragic plight of a proud nation.

Will the Internet Fragment? - Sovereignty, Globalization and Cyberspace (Paperback): Milton Mueller Will the Internet Fragment? - Sovereignty, Globalization and Cyberspace (Paperback)
Milton Mueller
R281 Discovery Miles 2 810 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

The Internet has united the world as never before. But is it in danger of breaking apart? Cybersecurity, geopolitical tensions, and calls for data sovereignty have made many believe that the Internet is fragmenting. In this incisive new book, Milton Mueller argues that the fragmentation diagnosis misses the mark. The rhetoric of fragmentation camouflages the real issue: the attempt by governments to align information flows with their jurisdictional boundaries. The fragmentation debate is really a power struggle over the future of national sovereignty. It pits global governance and open access against the traditional territorial institutions of government. This conflict, the book argues, can only be resolved through radical institutional innovations. Will the Internet Fragment? is essential reading for students and scholars of media and communications, international relations, political science and STS, as well as anyone concerned about the quality of Internet governance.

Cengage Advantage Books: American Government and Politics Today, Brief Edition (Paperback, 9th edition): Mack Shelley, Steffen... Cengage Advantage Books: American Government and Politics Today, Brief Edition (Paperback, 9th edition)
Mack Shelley, Steffen Schmidt, Barbara Bardes
R894 R763 Discovery Miles 7 630 Save R131 (15%) Ships in 15 - 25 working days

AMERICAN GOVERNMENT AND POLITICS TODAY: BRIEF EDITION, 2016-2017, shows you how easily and effectively you can participate in the political process. New features, up-to-date political news and analysis, and a great price make this text a top seller. Praised for its succinct, balanced coverage, clarity, and readability, this book examines all the key concepts of American government, while providing interesting student-oriented features that further convey what active citizenship means.

Dear America - Letters of Hope, Habitat, Defiance, and Democracy (Paperback): Simmons Buntin, Elizabeth Dodd, Derek Sheffield Dear America - Letters of Hope, Habitat, Defiance, and Democracy (Paperback)
Simmons Buntin, Elizabeth Dodd, Derek Sheffield
R600 R483 Discovery Miles 4 830 Save R117 (19%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days

America is at a crossroads. Conflicting political and social perspectives reflect a need to collectively define our moral imperatives, clarify cultural values, and inspire meaningful change. In that patriotic spirit, nearly two hundred writers, artists, scientists, and political and community leaders have come together since the 2016 presidential election to offer their impassioned letters to America, in a project envisioned by the online journal Terrain.org and collected, with 50 never-before-published letters, in Dear America: Letters of Hope, Habitat, Defiance, and Democracy. In the inaugural piece in Terrain.org's Letters to America series, Alison Hawthorne Deming writes, "Think of the great spirit of inventiveness the Earth calls forth after each major disturbance it suffers. Be artful, inventive, and just, my friends, but do not be silent." Joining Deming are renowned artists and thinkers including Seth Abramson, Ellen Bass, Jericho Brown, Francisco Cantu, Kurt Caswell, Victoria Chang, Camille T. Dungy, Tarfia Faizullah, Blas Falconer, Attorney General Bob Ferguson, David Gessner, Katrina Goldsaito, Kimiko Hahn, Brenda Hillman, Jane Hirshfield, Linda Hogan, Pam Houston, Robin Wall Kimmerer, Karen An-hwei Lee, Christopher Merrill, Kathryn Miles, Kathleen Dean Moore, Aimee Nezhukumatathil, Naomi Shihab Nye, Elena Passarello, Dean Rader, Scott Russell Sanders, Lauret Savoy, Gary Soto, Pete Souza, Kim Stafford, Sandra Steingraber, Arthur Sze, Scott Warren, Debbie Weingarten, Christian Wiman, Robert Wrigley, and others. Dear America reflects the evolution of a moral panic that has emerged in the nation. More importantly, it is a timely congress of the personal and the political, a clarion call to find common ground and conflict resolution, all with a particular focus on the environment, social justice, and climate change. The diverse collection features personal essays, narrative journalism, poetry, and visual art from nearly 130 contributors-many pieces never before published-all literary reactions to the times we live in, with a focus on civic action and social change as we approach future elections. As Scott Minar writes, we must remain steadfast and look to the future: "Despair can bring us very low, or it can make us smarter and stronger than we have ever been before."

Keir Hardie and the 21st Century Socialist Revival (Paperback): Pauline Bryan Keir Hardie and the 21st Century Socialist Revival (Paperback)
Pauline Bryan
R288 R233 Discovery Miles 2 330 Save R55 (19%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

In this collection of essays, each of the authors draw inspiration from the words of Keir Hardie, exploring the context of his writing and the lasting legacy of his work, demonstrating the continuing relevance to the present day. The writers are from different backgrounds and countries but come together because they recognise that Keir Hardie has so much to contribute in their areas of interest and that his writings and speeches are a source of inspiration today.

Sex, Lies and Politics - The Secret Influences That Drive our Political Choices (Paperback): Philip Cowley, Robert Ford Sex, Lies and Politics - The Secret Influences That Drive our Political Choices (Paperback)
Philip Cowley, Robert Ford 1
R293 R223 Discovery Miles 2 230 Save R70 (24%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Elections aren't just important - they are revealing. They tell us things about who we are and how we behave. Written by leading political experts, Sex, Lies and Politics reveals what really makes us tick. At once funny, revealing and shocking, it covers everything you need to know about the voters and their quirks, foibles and sexual secrets, including when they lie (often to themselves), how they are swayed by tribal loyalties (even when judging cats and celebrities), and why you should keep quiet about your Brexit vote when moving house... Combining brand-new essays with fully updated pieces from the acclaimed Sex, Lies and the Ballot Box and More Sex, Lies and the Ballot Box, this witty and thought-provoking collection is a guaranteed conversation starter. If you want to discover which party's voters have the wildest private lives, read on.

Jerusalem - A City and Its Future (Hardcover, 1st ed): Marshall J Breger, Ora Ahimeir Jerusalem - A City and Its Future (Hardcover, 1st ed)
Marshall J Breger, Ora Ahimeir
R1,681 Discovery Miles 16 810 Ships in 7 - 11 working days

Selected essays by notable scholars that address practical issues of concern and offer possible solutions regarding future peace in Jerusalem. Many of the perspectives in these essays are unique and have never been published for a wider audience. Contributors consider aspects of the "politics of religion" - an issue rarely explored objectively in existing literature. Other articles propose ways of mediating the challenges of Jerusalem. In covering a range of crucial subjects, the book will appeal to Jewish and Christian audiences alike. Other primary readers include Middle East and law scholars.

Montazeri - The Life and Thought of Iran's Revolutionary Ayatollah (Paperback): Sussan Siavoshi Montazeri - The Life and Thought of Iran's Revolutionary Ayatollah (Paperback)
Sussan Siavoshi
R660 Discovery Miles 6 600 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

By the time of his death in 2009, the Grand Ayatollah Montazeri was lauded as the spiritual leader of the Green movement in Iran. Since the 1960s, when he supported Ayatollah Khomeini's opposition to the Shah, Montazeri's life reflected the crucial political shifts within Iran. In this book, Sussan Siavoshi presents the historical context as well as Montazeri's own political and intellectual journey. Siavoshi highlights how Montazeri, originally a student of Khomeini became one of the key figures during the revolution of 1978-9. She furthermore analyses his subsequent writings, explaining how he went from trusted advisor to and nominated successor of Khomeini to an outspoken critic of the Islamic Republic. Examining Montazeri's political thought and practice as well as the historical context, Siavoshi's book is vital for those interested in post-revolutionary Iran and the phenomenon of political Islam.

Letters To The President (And Other Elected Officials) - Write. Send. Be Heard.: Lea Redmond Letters To The President (And Other Elected Officials) - Write. Send. Be Heard.
Lea Redmond
R302 R245 Discovery Miles 2 450 Save R57 (19%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days

More than 2.4 million copies sold in the series! Make your voice heard. This book of letters lets anyone (or a group of people) reach out to their elected officials--president, senators, mayor, etc.--with the help of 12 lightly prompted letters. Letter-writers simply tear out each letter, write their message, seal with enclosed stickers, attach a postage stamp, and send. Start your letter-writing campaign today and make change for tomorrow!

A perfect gift or self-purchase for activists, protesters, classroom teachers, or anyone looking for easy ways to be politically active or make positive change The book includes:

- 12 tear-and-send letters

- Full-color stickers to seal the letter flaps and sides

- A correspondence log to keep track of your letter-writing campaign and recipients

- An address book for noting mailing addresses for your representatives

- Tips for writing the most effective messages to politicians Lea Redmond is the author of the bestselling Letters to My... series.

She crafts objects, designs experiences, writes books, and plays with ideas at her studio in Oakland, California.

World Politics: Trend and Transformation, 2016 - 2017 (Paperback, 16th edition): Shannon Blanton, Charles W. Kegley World Politics: Trend and Transformation, 2016 - 2017 (Paperback, 16th edition)
Shannon Blanton, Charles W. Kegley
R898 R773 Discovery Miles 7 730 Save R125 (14%) Ships in 15 - 25 working days

WORLD POLITICS: TREND AND TRANSFORMATION offers analysis of the most up-to-date data, research, and contemporary events from today's international political stage. You will understand what is happening today and why. The 2016-2017 Edition incorporates recent challenges to global peace and prosperity, and the latest on international organizations, advances in military technology, a look at the changing nuclear environment in Iran, an expanded discussion on human rights, an enhanced discussion of global health threats, new data from World Development Indicators, and more. A partnership with the Carnegie Council for Ethics in International Affairs provides additional coverage of contemporary issues. The authors present each issue in a thought-provoking way that encourages you to critically assess the problems, payoffs, pitfalls, and paradoxes of people's choices about the global future and the probable impact those choices will have on students in the future. Now, the book is also available in a variety of formats with MindTap Political Science for Blanton/Kegley's World Politics: Trend and Transformation is the digital learning solution that helps instructors engage and transform today's students into critical thinkers.

Morocco since 1830 - A History (Paperback): C.R. Pennell Morocco since 1830 - A History (Paperback)
C.R. Pennell
R831 Discovery Miles 8 310 Ships in 7 - 11 working days

The first general history in English of Morocco in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, Morocco since 1830: A History explores the profound changes that have affected social relations in Morocco over the last 150 years, especially those between the sexes, and between linguistic identities and cultures.

Although the country has returned to roughly its pre-colonial boundaries, Morocco still suffers from the effects of colonization by France and Spain. Its current king, like the sultans of the nineteenth century, claims legitimacy through his leadership of the Islamic community, but there is a long tradition of dissent based on Islamic ideals. Morocco's history is also marked by the enduring presence of a large Jewish community.

This comprehensive portrait examines the tactics used by Moroccan rulers to cope with European penetration in the nineteenth century and colonialism in the twentieth, and, since the 1950s, to retain control of the independent state. As Pennell points out, however, the ruling dynasty is not sufficiently representative of modern Morocco, nor are political events the only influence on change. Most Moroccans are still poor, and their lives are shaped by their economic circumstances. The influence of harvests, access to land and water, and external trade have always determined the fate of the majority.

Parlor Politics - In Which the Ladies of Washington Help Build a City and a Government (Hardcover): Catherine Allgor Parlor Politics - In Which the Ladies of Washington Help Build a City and a Government (Hardcover)
Catherine Allgor
R1,135 Discovery Miles 11 350 Ships in 7 - 11 working days

When Thomas Jefferson moved his victorious Republican administration into the new capital city in 1801, one of his first acts was to abolish any formal receptions, except on New Year's Day and the Fourth of July. His successful campaign for the presidency had been partially founded on the idea that his Federalist enemies had assumed dangerously aristocratic trappings--a sword for George Washington and a raised dais for Martha when she received people at social occasions--in the first capital cities of New York and Philadelphia. When the ladies of Washington City, determined to have their own salon, arrived en masse at the president's house, Jefferson met them in riding clothes, expressing surprise at their presence. His deep suspicion of any occasion that resembled a European court caused a major problem, however: without the face-to-face relationships and networks of interest created in society, the American experiment in government could not function.

Into this conundrum, writes Catherine Allgor, stepped women like Dolley Madison and Louisa Catherine Adams, women of political families who used the unofficial, social sphere to cement the relationships that politics needed to work. Not only did they create a space in which politics was effectively conducted; their efforts legitimated the new republic and the new capital in the eyes of European nations, whose representatives scoffed at the city's few amenities and desolate setting. Covered by the prescriptions of their gender, Washington women engaged in the dirty business of politics, which allowed their husbands to retain their republican purity.

Constrained by the cultural taboos on "petticoat politicking," women rarely wrote forthrightly about their ambitions and plans, preferring to cast their political work as an extension of virtuous family roles. But by analyzing their correspondence, gossip events, "etiquette wars," and the material culture that surrounded them, Allgor finds that these women acted with conscious political intent. In the days before organized political parties, the social machine built by these early federal women helped to ease the transition from a failed republican experiment to a burgeoning democracy.

The organisation of government - An introduction (Paperback): J.S.H. Gildenhuys, A. Knipe The organisation of government - An introduction (Paperback)
J.S.H. Gildenhuys, A. Knipe
R585 R506 Discovery Miles 5 060 Save R79 (14%) Ships in 7 - 10 working days
From Rocky To Pataki - Character and Caricatures in New York Politics (Hardcover, New): Hy Rosen From Rocky To Pataki - Character and Caricatures in New York Politics (Hardcover, New)
Hy Rosen
R298 R261 Discovery Miles 2 610 Save R37 (12%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days

From Rocky to Pataki is a lively blend of political cartooning and oral history, featuring forty years of drawings by award-winning cartoonist Hy Rosen.

Covering New York State politics from the late 1950s to the late 1990s, Peter Slocum offers frank -- and not always flattering -- stories from more than fifty political players, while Hy Rosen's editorial cartoons paint a portrait of the Empire state as it soared under the grand dreams of Rockefeller, nearly went bust in the aftermath, and struggled to bounce back in the nineties.

Interviews with Governors Malcolm Wilson, Hugh Carey, Mario Cuomo, and George Pataki; and New York City mayors Ed Koch and John Lindsay highlight this colorful look at New York, the staging area for national political upheaval, in the last half of the twentieth century.

Ethics in Public Life (Paperback): A. Fleming Bell Ii Ethics in Public Life (Paperback)
A. Fleming Bell Ii
R709 Discovery Miles 7 090 Ships in 7 - 11 working days
Fundamentalism Reborn? - Afghanistan under the Taliban (Paperback): William Maley Fundamentalism Reborn? - Afghanistan under the Taliban (Paperback)
William Maley
R768 Discovery Miles 7 680 Ships in 7 - 11 working days

"A dozen experts provide a coherent picture of the Taliban and the Great Game. . . . They discuss the emergence of the Taliban, their military development, the civil war, and their relations with foreign powers. Several of the authors conclusively demonstrate that the Taliban(and their organized opposition) are the creatures of external powers.... Richard Mackenzie provides a devastating summary of the ineptitute with which U.S. policies have been conducted . . . the volume makes it all too clear that outside powers will determine Afghanistan's fate."
--Middle East Quarterly

"A useful analysis of the Taliban and politics and society in Afghanistan today. The four chapters on the intensive foreign involvement--by Pakistan, the United States, Russian, the Central Asian republics, Saudi Arabia, and Iran--show that the venerable "great game" once played between Britain and czarist Russia now has multiple players."
--Foreign Affairs

"A fascinating and thorough analysis of the very complex political/military situation that evolved in Afghanistan follwing the demise of the Soviet puppet regime in 1992. This volume also provides an insightful study of the rise of a new form of puritanical Islamic fundamentalism that overran Kabul in September 1996--namely, the Taliban, and its impact on Afghan society. . . . Highly recommended."

"[It] is an important collection of essays by leading experts on Afghanistan and the Taliban...an invaluable academic resource for anyone seeking to understand how the Taliban came to rule and "ruin" Afghanistan."
--"Washington Times"

In 1996, the world watched with varying degrees of interest, surprise, and unease as armed, ultra-fundamentalist insurgents overthrew the Afghan government. Within days of their victory, the Taliban, a militant Islamic sect, were issuing draconian religious decrees, restricting women's employment and movement, rounding up Afghans at gunpoint to pray five times a day, and publicly executing political opponents and criminals.

Composed of essays commissioned from the foremost experts on the Taliban, this anthology traces the movement's origins, its ascendance, the reasons for its success, and its role in the reconstruction of Afghanistan. Crucial to the Taliban's staying power as a governing force will be its relations with neighboring countries and with the West. Interestingly, given their intense hatred of Iran, the Taliban were enthusiastically supported by the U.S. government up to the very moment of their triumphant arrival in Kabul.

Examining yet another country on the brink of ethnic disintegration, Fundamentalism Reborn? is a comprehensive and up-to-date account of the history, rise to power, and future of the most dramatic manifestation of Islamic fundamentalism since the Iranian revolution.

Outsiders at Home - The Politics of American Islamophobia (Paperback): Nazita Lajevardi Outsiders at Home - The Politics of American Islamophobia (Paperback)
Nazita Lajevardi
R592 R474 Discovery Miles 4 740 Save R118 (20%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days

Discrimination against Muslim Americans has soared over the last two decades with hostility growing especially acute since 2016 - in no small part due to targeted attacks by policymakers and media. Outsiders at Home offers the first systematic, empirically driven examination of status of Muslim Americans in US democracy, evaluating the topic from a variety of perspectives. To what extent do Muslim Americans face discrimination by legislators, the media, and the general public? What trends do we see over time, and how have conditions shifted? What, if anything, can be done to reverse course? How do Muslim Americans view their position, and what are the psychic and sociopolitical tolls? Answering each of these questions, Nazita Lajevardi shows that the rampant, mostly negative discussion of Muslims in media and national discourse has yielded devastating political and social consequences.

Thomas Jefferson and Sally Hemmings - An American Controversy (Paperback, New edition): Annette Gordon-Reed Thomas Jefferson and Sally Hemmings - An American Controversy (Paperback, New edition)
Annette Gordon-Reed
R479 R392 Discovery Miles 3 920 Save R87 (18%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days

When Annette Gordon-Reed's groundbreaking study was first published, rumors of Thomas Jefferson's sexual involvement with his slave Sally Hemings had circulated for two centuries. Among all aspects of Jefferson's renowned life, it was perhaps the most hotly contested topic. The publication of "Thomas Jefferson and Sally Hemings" intensified this debate by identifying glaring inconsistencies in many noted scholars' evaluations of the existing evidence. In this study, Gordon-Reed assembles a fascinating and convincing argument: not that the alleged thirty-eight-year liaison necessarily took place but rather that the evidence for its taking place has been denied a fair hearing.

Friends of Jefferson sought to debunk the Hemings story as early as 1800, and most subsequent historians and biographers followed suit, finding the affair unthinkable based upon their view of Jefferson's life, character, and beliefs. Gordon-Reed responds to these critics by pointing out numerous errors and prejudices in their writings, ranging from inaccurate citations, to impossible time lines, to virtual exclusions of evidence--especially evidence concerning the Hemings family. She demonstrates how these scholars may have been misguided by their own biases and may even have tailored evidence to serve and preserve their opinions of Jefferson. This updated edition of the book also includes an afterword in which the author comments on the DNA study that provided further evidence of a Jefferson and Hemings liaison.

Possessing both a layperson's unfettered curiosity and a lawyer's logical mind, Annette Gordon-Reed writes with a style and compassion that are irresistible. Each chapter revolves around a key figure in the Hemings drama, and the resulting portraits are engrossing and very personal. Gordon-Reed also brings a keen intuitive sense of the psychological complexities of human relationships--relationships that, in the real world, often develop regardless of status or race. The most compelling element of all, however, is her extensive and careful research, which often allows the evidence to speak for itself. Thomas Jefferson and Sally Hemings: An American Controversy is the definitive look at a centuries-old question that should fascinate general readers and historians alike.

A Snarky Mandala Coloring Book - Mandalas? Again?!? Smh: Haters Gonna Hate (Paperback): Papeterie Bleu A Snarky Mandala Coloring Book - Mandalas? Again?!? Smh: Haters Gonna Hate (Paperback)
Papeterie Bleu
R182 Discovery Miles 1 820 Ships in 7 - 11 working days
Hamas - A Beginner's Guide (Paperback): Khaled Hroub Hamas - A Beginner's Guide (Paperback)
Khaled Hroub
R170 R135 Discovery Miles 1 350 Save R35 (21%) Ships in 5 - 10 working days

The U.S. views Hamas as a terrorist organisation. Yet, to the great surprise of many, Hamas swept to victory in the 2006 Palestinian authority elections. Hamas is now a democratically elected political party. This is the first beginner's guide to this controversial political organisation. Explaining the reasons for Hamas's success, this title provides the key facts that are so often missing from conventional news reports. It's a one-stop guide that gives a clear overview of Hamas's history, key beliefs, and its political agenda. This title provides a refreshing perspective that gets to the heart of the reasons behind Hamas's victory. It provides a critical overview of Hamas's attitudes to Israel, including religious beliefs and suicide bombings, its attitude to the PLO and its programme of grassroots social work within Palestine. The reality of Hamas's victory means that the West will now have to engage with it more seriously if there is to be peace in the Middle East. This title provides the first essential step towards a better understanding of the challenges and suprises that the future may hold.

The Mitterrand Era - Policy Alternatives and Political Mobilization in France (Hardcover, New): Anthony Daley, Melanie Nolan The Mitterrand Era - Policy Alternatives and Political Mobilization in France (Hardcover, New)
Anthony Daley, Melanie Nolan
R2,422 Discovery Miles 24 220 Ships in 7 - 11 working days

In 1981, the French Left came to power with a project to transform society. By 1983, French economic policy underwent a dramatic reversal as the government moved from its reform agenda to an economic orthodoxy that won the accolades of the business press throughout Europe. What brought on this seachange in orientation and political philosophy?

Bringing together some of the most renowned scholars of French politics and society, The Mitterrand Era explores the political effects of policy change. It examines the transformation in the composition, organization, and orientation of the French Left under the presidency of Franois Mitterrand. The essays probe the breakdown of traditional party and union strategies, the constraints of party politics, the challenges of economic policy, the attempts to forge new political discourses, and the new challenges (focused around issues of race, gender, and ecology) for the respectable Left.

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