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Applied Questions On Auditing (Paperback, 8th Edition): B.M. Barnard, B. Marx, A. van der Watt, P.A. Lansdell Applied Questions On Auditing (Paperback, 8th Edition)
B.M. Barnard, B. Marx, A. van der Watt, P.A. Lansdell
R1,029 R809 Discovery Miles 8 090 Save R220 (21%) In stock

The questions in this book are grouped according to the various topics covering the different stages of the audit process.

To enhance the value of the book and to make it more useful, it was decided to include answers to all the questions in the text.

All The Money In The World (Paperback, Film Tie-In Edition): John Pearson All The Money In The World (Paperback, Film Tie-In Edition)
John Pearson 1
R301 R201 Discovery Miles 2 010 Save R100 (33%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Inspired by the fortunes and misfortunes of the Getty family, whose most extraordinary and troubled episode - the kidnap and ransom of grandson Paul Getty - is now a major motion picture, directed by Ridley Scott, from a screenplay written by David Scarpa and starring Michelle Williams, Christopher Plummer and Mark Wahlberg.

The Airbnb Story - How Three Guys Disrupted An Industry, Made Billions Of Dollars ... And Plenty Of Enemies (Paperback): Leigh... The Airbnb Story - How Three Guys Disrupted An Industry, Made Billions Of Dollars ... And Plenty Of Enemies (Paperback)
Leigh Gallagher 1
R416 R280 Discovery Miles 2 800 Save R136 (33%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

In 2008, two broke art school graduates and their coder-whiz friend set up a platform that - in less than a decade - became the largest provider of accommodations in the world. Now valued at $30 billion, Airbnb is in the very top tier of Silicon Valley's 'unicorn' startups. Yet the company has not been without controversy - disrupting a $500 billion hotel industry makes you a few enemies.

This is also a story of regulators who want to shut it down, hotel industry leaders who want it to disappear and neighbourhoods that struggle with private homes open for public rental. But beyond the headlines and the horror stories, Airbnb has changed the terms of travel for a whole generation - where a sense of belonging has built trust between hosts and guests seeking a more original travel experience that hotels have struggled to replicate. This is the first, definitive book to tell the remarkable story behind Airbnb in all its forms - cultural zeitgeist, hotel disruptor, enemy to regulators - and the first in-depth character study of its leader Brian Chesky, the company's curious co-founder and CEO.

It reveals what got Airbnb where it is today, why they are nothing like Uber, and where they are going next.

Making Africa Work - A Handbook For Economic Success (Paperback): Greg Mills, Jeffrey Herbst, Olusegun Obasanjo, Dickie Davis Making Africa Work - A Handbook For Economic Success (Paperback)
Greg Mills, Jeffrey Herbst, Olusegun Obasanjo, Dickie Davis 1
R310 R266 Discovery Miles 2 660 Save R44 (14%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days

Sub-Saharan Africa faces three big challenges over the next generation. It will double its population to two billion by 2045. By then more than half of Africans will be living in cities. And this group of mostly young people will be connected through mobile devices.

Properly harnessed and planned for, these are positive forces for change. Without economic growth and jobs, they could prove a political and social catastrophe. Old systems of patronage and muddling through will no longer work.

Making Africa Work is a practical account of how to ensure growth beyond commodities, and to create jobs. It’s a handbook for dynamic leadership inside and outside the continent.

Companies And Other Business Structures In South Africa (Paperback, 3rd Revised Edition): Dennis Davis, Walter Geach, Tshepo... Companies And Other Business Structures In South Africa (Paperback, 3rd Revised Edition)
Dennis Davis, Walter Geach, Tshepo Mongalo, David Butler, Lindi Coetzee, …
R610 R526 Discovery Miles 5 260 Save R84 (14%) In stock

Companies and other business structures in South Africa, third edition, offers a clear and practical introduction to the law relating to companies, close corporations, business trusts, partnerships and financial markets. The third edition is comprehensively revised and updated to offer deeper explanation and analysis, and to address the recent developments in the field: The text discusses recent cases in which the Companies act 71 of 2008 has been applied, analysing the insights and common law developments which arise from these cases; an entirely new chapter on corporate finance addresses the subject matter in a multifaceted way, bringing together legal, accounting and management accounting perspectives; the text now provides a new chapter which addresses the winding up and deregistration of companies; following the repeal of the Securities services act 36 of 2004, the text offers comprehensive guidance relating to the recently promulgated Financial markets act 19 of 2012, and discusses the impact of this new legislation within the context of insider trading and financial markets. The text offers a clear pedagogical structure, which includes a comprehensive glossary of terms. This framework supports learning and develops independent, critical and reflective engagement with the subject matter. An expanded test bank and PowerPoint slide presentation complement the text, and are available to lecturers to support teaching. Companies and other business structures in South Africa is eminently suitable as a core text for students who are studying company law as a module of the BCom, BCompt, BAcc (Accounting) programmes, or of the LLB degree. It may also be a useful resource for post-graduate students, and for legal practitioners wishing to clarify new or foundational principles of the field. Companies and other business structures in South Africa complies with the competency framework for commercial law as indicated in the SAICA education requirements for part 1 of the qualifying examination.

Leadership (Paperback): Tersia Botha, Johan Strydom, Sharon Rudansky-Kloppers, Watson Ladzani Leadership (Paperback)
Tersia Botha, Johan Strydom, Sharon Rudansky-Kloppers, Watson Ladzani
R479 R421 Discovery Miles 4 210 Save R58 (12%) Ships in 6 - 10 working days

Leadership is an increasingly important concept which is being heralded as a necessary topic to be included in undergraduate courses at South African institutions, given the dearth of leadership skill displayed in especially the public sector. Leadership is a subject which should be approached in a holistic manner, particularly within the Economic and Management Sciences. The purpose of this textbook is to identify the principles of leadership in contemporary business organisations and to develop the students' understanding of the interrelatedness of leadership and management in order to achieve organisational goals. The textbook also covers contemporary issues in practicing leadership for success. The book aims to encourage students to understand the principles and the importance of effective leadership in modern organisations, to understand the leadership skills that are necessary in modern organisations, the role of leaders in workplace relations, the role of leaders in teamwork, the importance of leadership ethics and the formulation of leadership standards and evaluation of leadership performance.

Companies and other Business Structures (Paperback, 4th Revised edition): Dennis Davis, Walter Geach Companies and other Business Structures (Paperback, 4th Revised edition)
Dennis Davis, Walter Geach; Anneli Loubser, Zolani Buba, David Burdette, …
R600 R518 Discovery Miles 5 180 Save R82 (14%) Ships in 6 - 10 working days

Companies and other Business Structures in South Africa, fourth edition, offers a clear and practical introduction to the law relating to companies, close corporations, business trusts, partnerships and financial markets.

The fourth edition is comprehensively revised and updated to address the extensive development of common law jurisprudence that has emerged in the recent period. In particular, the text succinctly analyses the complex body of case law developments within the spheres of corporate governance, insider trading and business rescue, and provides a chapter that addresses the winding up and deregistration of companies.

The text explains the law relating to corporate finance with an interdisciplinary (legal, accounting and management accounting) approach, and situates discussion of the recently promulgated Financial Markets Act 19 of 2012 within the context of insider trading and financial markets.

Principles Of Managerial Finance - Global and Southern African Perspectives (Access code included) (Paperback, 2nd): Lawrence... Principles Of Managerial Finance - Global and Southern African Perspectives (Access code included) (Paperback, 2nd)
Lawrence Gitman 1
R982 R788 Discovery Miles 7 880 Save R194 (20%) In stock

This is the second Global and Southern African Perspectives edition of Lawrence J Gitman's Principles of Managerial Finance, currently in its 13th edition.

Grinding It Out - The Making of McDonald's (Paperback): Ray Kroc Grinding It Out - The Making of McDonald's (Paperback)
Ray Kroc 1
R260 R224 Discovery Miles 2 240 Save R36 (14%) Ships in 5 - 10 working days

"He either enchants or antagonizes everyone he meets. But even his enemies agree there are three things Ray Kroc does damned well: sell hamburgers, make money, and tell stories." --from Grinding It Out

Few entrepreneurs can claim to have radically changed the way we live, and Ray Kroc is one of them. His revolutions in food-service automation, franchising, shared national training, and advertising have earned him a place beside the men and women who have founded not only businesses, but entire empires. But even more interesting than Ray Kroc the business man is Ray Kroc the man. Not your typical self-made tycoon, Kroc was fifty-two years old when he opened his first franchise. In Grinding It Out, you'll meet the man behind McDonald's, one of the largest fast-food corporations in the world with over 32,000 stores around the globe.

Irrepressible enthusiast, intuitive people person, and born storyteller, Kroc will fascinate and inspire you on every page.

Vuyo's - From A Big Big Dreamer To Living The Dream (Paperback): Miles Kubheka Vuyo's - From A Big Big Dreamer To Living The Dream (Paperback)
Miles Kubheka 3
R165 R130 Discovery Miles 1 300 Save R35 (21%) Ships in 5 - 10 working days

Many South Africans became familiar with the phrase, ‘Ooh Vuyo – he’s such a big big dreamer’ from the TV beer commercial that told a rags-to-riches story about an entrepreneur who starts a business selling boerewors rolls and grows it into a successful multinational business. Wondering whether it was a true tale, Miles Kubheka did some research. When he discovered that Vuyo was a fictitious character, he saw a gap in the market for developing an exciting business model.

Moving from his solid IT background into the food business was a major change for Miles, but he took the plunge into an industry he knew nothing about. One step at a time, building on experience often learned from past failures, and with more than a little flair, he created a successful food business. He told his story to anyone who would listen and in time found himself being asked to give motivational talks, initially to groups of students. But the word spread, people were inspired by his story. Before he knew it, Miles was sharing his insights at global platforms such as TEDx and to large audiences at corporate conferences.

This book is not a ‘recipe for success’. It is rather many recipes which Miles shares with an enthusiasm that will encourage and inspire budding young entrepreneurs to achieve their own dreams of business success.

Quality Management And Techniques - Custom Unisa Edition (Paperback, 5th Edition): S Foster Quality Management And Techniques - Custom Unisa Edition (Paperback, 5th Edition)
S Foster 1
R880 R744 Discovery Miles 7 440 Save R136 (15%) Ships in 5 - 10 working days
Brand Management (Paperback): H.B. Klopper, E. North Brand Management (Paperback)
H.B. Klopper, E. North
R650 R558 Discovery Miles 5 580 Save R92 (14%) Ships in 5 - 10 working days

The first of its kind in South Africa, Brand Management constitutes an invaluable tool for the growing number of academic institutions that offer this exciting subject. Making use of both local and international examples and cases, the subject is approached from a holistic, yet applied perspective. Written in an accessible style, this book assists both students and practitioners to develop the ability to manage brands from the outset to the ultimate outcome. This text is an invaluable reference work for practising professionals, written by authors who have extensive academic and professional expertise and international exposure.

Labour Relations in South Africa (Paperback, 5th Revised edition): Labour Relations in South Africa (Paperback, 5th Revised edition)
R658 R565 Discovery Miles 5 650 Save R93 (14%) Ships in 6 - 10 working days

Labour Relations in South Africa provides a thorough, engaging introduction to the science and practice of labour relations in South Africa. The fifth edition presents a more critical and reflective approach, engaging with the various issues, shifts, and seismic events which have impacted this dynamic field in recent years. The text's view is expanded to encompass a multi-faceted perspective, relating to business science, law, economics, and sociology, and to focus more specifically on the context and dynamics of a developing country.

Business Management - A Value Chain Approach For Accounting Students (Paperback, 2nd ed): G. Nieman, A. Bennett Business Management - A Value Chain Approach For Accounting Students (Paperback, 2nd ed)
G. Nieman, A. Bennett
R465 R410 Discovery Miles 4 100 Save R55 (12%) Ships in 7 - 10 working days

The value chain is a major focus in today's business world, and many organisations and managers allocate considerable resources to understanding and analysing their value chain. The main reason for doing this is either to eliminate activities that do not add value, or to improve on activities that do not add sufficient value.

In order to ensure optimum customer satisfaction, businesses must integrate the activities of various departments and functions. This demands a sound understanding of the chain of activities and their interrelationship with other business activities. The authors adopt the value chain as a framework in order to help business students to visualise how the value chain works. New ground is broken in that management is not dealt with only from a functional perspective. While the goal is to introduce undergraduate students to the concept of the value chain, it is not, however, to offer a comprehensive directory on the related literature.

This special and abridged version of Business Management has been requested by academics in order to accommodate the needs of accounting students. As accounting students at a number of higher institutions only do a seven-week module in business management, we have selected the chapters which cover the basics of business management as well as the primary functions of the value chain.

Business Ethics (Paperback, 6th Revised edition): Deon Rossouw Business Ethics (Paperback, 6th Revised edition)
Deon Rossouw
R577 R500 Discovery Miles 5 000 Save R77 (13%) Ships in 6 - 10 working days

What is the social responsibility of businesses? What is the role of ethics within corporate governance? How should organisations manage ethics from within? Business Ethics 6e offers an introduction to the theoretical underpinnings of the field of business ethics, as well as practical guidance on governing and managing ethics in organisations. It tracks global developments in areas such as corporate ethical culture and highlights their relevance within the southern African context.

The new edition is aligned with the South African Companies Act and with the Fourth King Report on Corporate Governance. This textbook is suitable for BCom students following courses in ethics and can also be used for graduate and postgraduate modules in business management and human resource management. Given the growing emphasis on corporate governance, the book is also of relevance to business practitioners as it addresses key ethical issues affecting organisations in the twenty-first century.


  • Content is aligned to the King IV Code on Corporate Governance.
  • Updated information on the Companies Act of South Africa.
  • New case studies show how theory can be applied to business scenarios.
  • Content is aligned to the King IV Code on Corporate Governance.
  • The latest information on the Companies Act of South Africa, including social and ethics committees, is included.
  • The fourth generation guidelines issued by the Global Reporting Initiative are discussed.
  • New case studies show how the theory can be applied to business scenarios.
Corporate Governance (Paperback, 5th ed): Tom Wixley, Geoff Everingham, Karen Louw Corporate Governance (Paperback, 5th ed)
Tom Wixley, Geoff Everingham, Karen Louw
R570 R446 Discovery Miles 4 460 Save R124 (22%) Ships in 5 - 10 working days

What does Corporate Governance mean in the post Steinhoff-collapse era in South Africa? It has become more important than ever, and this established work by top directors, accountants and lawyers is an essential handbook for all Company Directors, their advisers, and those who have aspirations to be business leaders.

Companies, whether public, private or state owned, their directors and officers, their shareholders and the public are all affected by new and sweeping changes to corporate governance codes, company legislation and regulations.

A new & significantly expanded edition of this leading reference on Corporate Governance in South Africa, this book incorporates a new and comprehensive Summary of the King IV code, as well updated examples and current thinking on an increasingly important sphere.

Legal Principles Of Contracts And Commercial Law (Paperback, 8th Edition): M.A. Fouche Legal Principles Of Contracts And Commercial Law (Paperback, 8th Edition)
M.A. Fouche
R867 R733 Discovery Miles 7 330 Save R134 (15%) Ships in 4 - 10 working days

Legal Principles of Contracts and Commercial Law (Eighth Edition aims at providing a detailed, yet simplified reference to the general principles of the Law of Contract and specific contracts, other commercial transactions and corporate law.

The purpose of this publication is to impact the current legal position, rather than to provide a critical and analytical approach to judgments and the view jurists.

Business Model Generation - A Handbook for Visionaries, Game Changers, and Challengers (Paperback): Alexander Osterwalder, Yves... Business Model Generation - A Handbook for Visionaries, Game Changers, and Challengers (Paperback)
Alexander Osterwalder, Yves Pigneur 3
R830 R651 Discovery Miles 6 510 Save R179 (22%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days

"Business Model Generation" is a handbook for visionaries, game changers, and challengers striving to defy outmoded business models and design tomorrow's enterprises. If your organization needs to adapt to harsh new realities, but you don't yet have a strategy that will get you out in front of your competitors, you need "Business Model Generation."

Co-created by 470 "Business Model Canvas" practitioners from 45 countries, the book features a beautiful, highly visual, 4-color design that takes powerful strategic ideas and tools, and makes them easy to implement in your organization. It explains the most common Business Model patterns, based on concepts from leading business thinkers, and helps you reinterpret them for your own context. You will learn how to systematically understand, design, and implement a game-changing business model--or analyze and renovate an old one. Along the way, you'll understand at a much deeper level your customers, distribution channels, partners, revenue streams, costs, and your core value proposition.

"Business Model Generation" features practical innovation techniques used today by leading consultants and companies worldwide, including 3M, Ericsson, Capgemini, Deloitte, and others. Designed for doers, it is for those ready to abandon outmoded thinking and embrace new models of value creation: for executives, consultants, entrepreneurs, and leaders of all organizations. If you're ready to change the rules, you belong to "the business model generation "

Umsamo - The New African Business Literacy (Paperback): Velaphi Mkhize Umsamo - The New African Business Literacy (Paperback)
Velaphi Mkhize
R224 Discovery Miles 2 240 Ships in 27 - 32 working days

Umsamo is not merely a social or managerial philosophy, but also an explicit structure and process for managers and organisations if not also for politicians and social activists. Umsamo is a special and sacred place inside a traditional Zulu hut that is simultaneously an altar and a repository (ithala) of a family’s precious items. Umsamo is also a physical manifestation of the interconnectedness and special bond that exists between the living and the dead. The Zulu hut where umsamo is normally found, is part of isibaya (the kraal). Umsamo is seen as a tool for shared direction, purpose and value, productive relationships and performance excellence which goes beyond that of ubuntu-for-the-twenty-first-century companies.

The potential that this book offers, through the concept of umsamo that underpins it, is to transcend philosophy and value to provide an overarching structure and process, which will form the basis for a subsequent institutionalisation of African management. It is a philosophy that emphasises the meaningful engagement of employees, using each person’s strengths to achieve optimal performance and business effectiveness. Umsamo emphasises meaning, and creates a sense of family cohesion within the organisation. It seeks to enhance the collective buy-in of employees from an empowered and motivated mindset, and to engender a genuine sense that their input matters. It is about underlining a gender-sensitive leadership style in which both the male (umnumzane) and female (umama), the pillars of the family, share responsibility and lead from a position of equality and mutual respect.

In the twenty-first century we are all global traders, which creates rich opportunities for growth and success. In order to capitalise on these opportunities, however, we must rely more on our own indigenous knowledge and expertise. The global village needs to learn from us, just as we also need to learn from them on a daily basis. We must sell them our “exclusive values”,which are guaranteed to inspire them to invest in our country.

Business transactions law (Paperback, 9th ed): Robert Sharrock Business transactions law (Paperback, 9th ed)
Robert Sharrock 2
R910 R733 Discovery Miles 7 330 Save R177 (19%) In stock

Business Transactions Law, now in its ninth edition, addresses fundamental questions about business transactions: When is a transaction recognised as binding at law? If a transaction is binding, what is its legal effect? Are there any circumstances in which a party is excused from carrying out his side of a transaction? What legal redress does a party have if his opposite number fails without excuse to do what he has promised in terms of the transaction? Apart from this redress, are there any other legal means available to a party to ensure that he receives what he has been promised by the other party? Finally, what is the position if a party, due to financial difficulties, is unable to carry out or complete his side of the transaction? The objective, as with previous editions, is to meet the needs of students and others taking their first steps in the complex field of business transactions law. The aim is also to cover a significant part of the syllabus recommended by the South African Institute of Chartered Accountants. New legislation and case law are included in the ninth edition. The chapters on Interpretation and Credit Agreements have been re-written and other chapters have been revised wherever necessary to reflect legislative changes or developments in the case law. The ninth edition of Business Transactions Law has approximately 200 new case summaries in total.

Bezonomics - How Amazon Is Changing Our Lives, and What the World's Companies Are Learning from It (Paperback): Brian... Bezonomics - How Amazon Is Changing Our Lives, and What the World's Companies Are Learning from It (Paperback)
Brian Dumaine 1
R340 R235 Discovery Miles 2 350 Save R105 (31%) Pre-order

Amazon is the business story of the decade. Jeff Bezos, the richest man on the planet, has built one of the most efficient wealth-creation machines in history. Like a giant squid, Amazon’s tentacles are squeezing industry after industry and, in the process, upsetting the state of technology, the economy, job creation and society at large. So pervasive is Amazon’s impact that business leaders in almost every sector need to understand how this force of nature operates and how they can respond to it.

Saying you can ignore Jeff Bezos is equivalent to saying you could ignore Henry Ford or Steve Jobs in the early years of Ford and Apple. These titans monumentally changed how we do business, redefining the rules on a global scale. Amazon founder Jeff Bezos is the new disruptor on the block. He has created a 21st century algorithm for business and societal disruption. He has turned the retail industry inside out, is swiftly dominating cloud computing, media and advertising, and now has his sights trained on every other domain where money changes hands and business is transacted.

But the principles by which Bezos has achieved his dominance - customer obsession, extreme innovation and long-term management, all supported by artificial intelligence turning a virtuous-cycle 'flywheel' - are now being borrowed and replicated. 'Bezonomics' is for some a goldmine, for others a threat, for still others a life-shaping force, whether they’re in business or not.

Brian Dumaine’s Bezonomics answers the fundamental question: how are Amazon and its imitators affecting the way we live, and what can we learn from them?

Contemporary Strategy Analysis (Paperback, 10th Edition): Robert M. Grant Contemporary Strategy Analysis (Paperback, 10th Edition)
Robert M. Grant
R1,529 R1,400 Discovery Miles 14 000 Save R129 (8%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Now in its tenth edition, Contemporary Strategy Analysis continues its tradition of accessibility, practicality, and real-world relevance to graduate and undergraduate students around the world.

Focusing on strategic analysis, value creation, and implementation, this book provides a rigorous grounding in essential principles while offering up-to-date perspectives based on practices used at leading companies across industries and borders. Comprehensive coverage merges theory and application through new and updated cases, and the discussion surrounding business policy, business strategy, and the business environment links concept to context for a holistic understanding of the mechanisms at work.

To keep pace with the field’s constant evolution, this new edition has been revised to reflect the current business landscape with expanded coverage of critical topics including disruption, innovation, technology, and other factors impacting strategic planning and implementation. Global perspectives throughout highlight the dynamic nature of strategic management in the face of borderless business, equipping students with the well-rounded knowledge base the future of business demands.


  • Provides in-depth coverage of core principles of strategy, fully supported by online supplemental resources
  • Integrates real-world examples that demonstrate current practices
  • Facilitates student comprehension with accessible language and logical organization
  • Emphasizes practical applications of central concepts, with guidance toward the identification and use of appropriate tools
  • Updated treatment of stakeholder analysis, corporate social responsibility, platform-based competition, business ecosystems, business model innovation, and capability development
  • New cases on the Lithium-ion Battery Industry, Zara, Manchester City, Restructuring General Electric, and Disney's Acquisition of 21st Century Fox
  • Other cases updated, including: Tough Mudder, Starbucks, Kering, Walmart, Tesla, Video Games, Haier, and Alphabet
The Mortgage Encyclopedia: The Authoritative Guide to Mortgage Programs, Practices, Prices and Pitfalls, Second Edition... The Mortgage Encyclopedia: The Authoritative Guide to Mortgage Programs, Practices, Prices and Pitfalls, Second Edition (Paperback, 2nd edition)
Jack M Guttentag
R700 R552 Discovery Miles 5 520 Save R148 (21%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days

The bestselling one-stop guide to mortgages--updated for the post-housing crisis market

"The Mortgage Encyclopedia" demystifies all the various mortgage terms, features, and options by offering clear, precise explanations.

Fully updated to address the new realities introduced by the housing crisis of 2007, "The Mortgage Encyclopedia" provides not just a complete description, but also in-depth discussion of the issues that may affect you, whether you're a homeowner (or homeowner-to-be), real estate agent, loan provider, or attorney. With this handy, comprehensive guide on hand, you have instant access to: Definitions and explanations of common mortgage-related terms, as well as arcane mortgage terminology, listed alphabetically Expert advice on the most pressing issues, such as whether to use a mortgage brokers, the benefits of paying points versus a larger down payment, and the hazards of cosigning a loan The truth about common mortgage myths and misperceptions--and the pitfalls you need to avoid Helpful tables on affordability, interest cost of fixed-rate versus adjustable rate mortgages, and much more

So the next time you ask yourself such questions as "Is this FHA loan right for me?" or "Can I negotiate this fee?" reach for this indispensable guide and get the fast, accurate information you need

Blockchain - The Next Everything (Hardcover): Stephen P. Williams Blockchain - The Next Everything (Hardcover)
Stephen P. Williams 1
R559 R357 Discovery Miles 3 570 Save R202 (36%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

The perfect book for everybody who's either never heard of Blockchain or simply wants to know more about the technology which is about to transform the world we live in for the better. What is blockchain? Why does everyone from tech experts to business moguls to philanthropists believe it is a paradigm-shifting technology, bound to revolutionize society as significantly as the internet? Indeed, why is blockchain touted as The Next Everything? In this deft, fascinating, and easy-to-digest introduction to one of the most important innovations of recent times, Stephen P. Williams answers these questions, revealing how cryptocurrencies like bitcoin are just one example among dozens of transformative applications that this relatively new technology makes possible. He interprets the complexity into digestible anecdotes, metaphors, and straightforward descriptions for readers who don't know tech, and explains all of blockchain's most important aspects: why this so-called digital ledger is unhackable and unchangeable; how its distributed nature may transfer power from central entities like banks, government, and corporations to ordinary citizens around the world; and what its widespread use will mean for society as a whole. Taking us on a dazzlingly vivid tour through the systems predicted to soon underpin economics, politics, global trade, science, art, and numerous other aspects of our everyday lives, Blockchain: The Next Everything is a truly extraordinary journey into our future. Review"Finally: a book that engagingly and entertainingly tells you what blockchain is and how it works. It makes clear why it's so important for our future, showing how this technology can help with everything from voting rights to economic inequality to corporate transparency to climate change. Stephen P. Williams' Blockchain: The Next Everything is a must-read for anyone who wants to understand where the world is headed." (Hunter Lovins, author of Natural Capitalism and President and Founder of Natural Capitalism Solutions) "Stephen P. Williams has created a small miracle - a book about blockchain that helps the rest of us understand what it is, how it works and what the implications are for the future of our world. From the first page to the last, just when you think you know what this book is, it surprises you. By turns poetic, philosophical, explanatory and provocative, Blockchain: The Next Everything is a must-read for anyone who has ever wondered what all the hype is about, and why they should care." (Ty Montague, author of True Story and Founder of Co:Collective) "Shakespeare famously advised readers to be on watch for tides in human history. Now we have blockchain. If you are curious about it, read this book. Stephen P. Williams has created a remarkable and remarkably accessible piece of work on one of the most important topics of our time." (Rye Barcott, author of It Happened on the Way to War and co-founder of Double Time Capital) "An astonishing, illuminating tour of a mind-bending new economic model--written with the verve and page-turning appeal of a novel. A book for the nerd but especially for the rest of us scratching our tech-terrified heads. And--how did he do this?--it's inspiring and fun." (Patricia Hampl, author of The Art of the Wasted Day) "This short introduction to a cutting-edge technology is appealingly informative and hopeful." (Publishers Weekly)

Samsung Rising (Paperback): Geoffrey Cain Samsung Rising (Paperback)
Geoffrey Cain 1
R340 R267 Discovery Miles 2 670 Save R73 (21%) In stock

'Shines an incisive and entertaining light into the secretive world of the South Korean technology giant shaping our digital lives in ways we probably can't imagine' -- Brad Stone

Can the Asian giant beat Apple?

Based on years of reporting on Samsung for the Economist, the Wall Street Journal, and Time from his base in South Korea, and his countless sources inside and outside the company, Geoffrey Cain offers the first deep look behind the curtains of the biggest company nobody knows.

How has this happened? Forty years ago, Samsung was a rickety Korean agricultural conglomerate that produced sugar, paper, and fertilizer. But with the rise of the PC revolution, Chairman Lee Byung-chul came up with an incredibly risky multimillion dollar plan to make Samsung a major supplier of computer chips. Lee had been wowed by a young Steve Jobs who sat down with the chairman to offer his advice, and Lee quickly became obsessed with creating a tech empire.

Today, Samsung employs over 350,000 people – over four times as many as Apple – and their revenues have grown 40 times their 1987 level. Samsung alone now make up more than 20% of South Korea’s exports and sells more smartphones than any other company in the world. And furthermore, they don’t just make their own phones, but are one of Apple’s chief supplier on technology critical to the iPhone. Yet their disastrous recall of the Galaxy Note 7, with numerous reports of phones spontaneously bursting into flames, reveals the dangers of the company's headlong attempt to overtake Apple at any cost.

A sweeping, insider account of the Korean's company's ongoing war against the likes of Google and Apple, Samsung Rising shows how a determined and fearless Asian competitor is poised to take on the giants of the tech world.

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