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Elements of Causal Inference - Foundations and Learning Algorithms (Hardcover): Bernhard Scholkopf, Jonas Peters, Dominik... Elements of Causal Inference - Foundations and Learning Algorithms (Hardcover)
Bernhard Scholkopf, Jonas Peters, Dominik Janzing
R969 R904 Discovery Miles 9 040 Save R65 (7%) Shipped within 20 - 25 working days

A concise and self-contained introduction to causal inference, increasingly important in data science and machine learning. The mathematization of causality is a relatively recent development, and has become increasingly important in data science and machine learning. This book offers a self-contained and concise introduction to causal models and how to learn them from data. After explaining the need for causal models and discussing some of the principles underlying causal inference, the book teaches readers how to use causal models: how to compute intervention distributions, how to infer causal models from observational and interventional data, and how causal ideas could be exploited for classical machine learning problems. All of these topics are discussed first in terms of two variables and then in the more general multivariate case. The bivariate case turns out to be a particularly hard problem for causal learning because there are no conditional independences as used by classical methods for solving multivariate cases. The authors consider analyzing statistical asymmetries between cause and effect to be highly instructive, and they report on their decade of intensive research into this problem. The book is accessible to readers with a background in machine learning or statistics, and can be used in graduate courses or as a reference for researchers. The text includes code snippets that can be copied and pasted, exercises, and an appendix with a summary of the most important technical concepts.

Writing Computer Code - Learn the Language of Computers! (Paperback): Chris Minnick, Eva Holland Writing Computer Code - Learn the Language of Computers! (Paperback)
Chris Minnick, Eva Holland 1
R221 R163 Discovery Miles 1 630 Save R58 (26%) Shipped within 20 - 25 working days

A technology book for kids!

Learning how to code can be like learning a foreign language.This book serves as an excellent guide to help you start writing in the odd–looking languages that make the web work. Follow simple steps as you work with real code to build your own web robots.

- Create your robot write code that builds your robot′s body and structure

- Give your bot some style add code lines that customize your robot′s color and shape

- Get your robot moving finish off your robot with code that teaches it how to dance

Technology Requirements:

Hardware PC or tablet with Internet connection running Windows 7 or higher or Mac with Internet connection running Mac OS X 10.7 or higher

Software Web browser to access JSFiddle.net: Google Chrome , Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, Microsoft Edge, or Microsoft Internet Explorer version 9.0 or higher

Legend Of Kingdom Hearts Volume 1: Creation (Hardcover): Georges Grouard Legend Of Kingdom Hearts Volume 1: Creation (Hardcover)
Georges Grouard
R799 R625 Discovery Miles 6 250 Save R174 (22%) Shipped within 7 - 11 working days
Taobao Technology (Paperback): Chao Zhao Taobao Technology (Paperback)
Chao Zhao
R337 R273 Discovery Miles 2 730 Save R64 (19%) Shipped within 7 - 11 working days
Building Web Apps with WordPress 2e (Paperback, 2 Ed): Brian Messenlehner, Jason Coleman Building Web Apps with WordPress 2e (Paperback, 2 Ed)
Brian Messenlehner, Jason Coleman
R958 R733 Discovery Miles 7 330 Save R225 (23%) Shipped within 7 - 11 working days

WordPress is much more than a blogging platform. If you have basic PHP, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript experience you can use WordPress to develop fast, scalable, secure, and highly customized web apps, mobile apps, web services, and multisite networks of websites. Along with core WordPress functions and database schema, you'll learn how to build custom plugins, themes, and services for just about any kind of web or mobile application. In this updated second edition, Brian Messenlehner and Jason Coleman cover new features and functionality added to WordPress up to version 5.4. All code examples in the book are available on GitHub. Compare WordPress with traditional app development frameworks Use themes for views and plugins for backend functionality Get suggestions for choosing or building WordPress plugins Register custom post types (CPTs) and taxonomies Manage user accounts and roles, and access user data Build asynchronous behaviors with jQuery Use WordPress to develop mobile apps for iOS and Android Integrate PHP libraries, external APIs, and web service plugins Collect payments through ecommerce and membership plugins Learn how to speed up and scale your WordPress app Extend the WordPress REST API and create custom endpoints Learn about WordPress Gutenberg blocks development

Goedel 96: Logical Foundations of Mathematics, Computer Science, and Physics - Lecture Notes in Logic 6 (Paperback): Petr Hajek Goedel 96: Logical Foundations of Mathematics, Computer Science, and Physics - Lecture Notes in Logic 6 (Paperback)
Petr Hajek
R1,156 Discovery Miles 11 560 Shipped within 20 - 25 working days

This volume contains the proceedings of the conference Logical Foundations of Mathematics, Computer Science, and Physics-Kurt Goedel's Legacy, held in Brno, Czech Republic on the 90th anniversary of his birth. The wide and continuing importance of Goedel s work in the logical foundations of mathematics, computer science, and physics is confirmed by the broad range of speakers who participated in making this gathering a scientific event.

Black Hat Go - Go Programming For Hackers and Pentesters (Paperback): Chris Patten, Tom Steele, Dan Kottman Black Hat Go - Go Programming For Hackers and Pentesters (Paperback)
Chris Patten, Tom Steele, Dan Kottman
R765 R591 Discovery Miles 5 910 Save R174 (23%) Shipped within 7 - 11 working days
SEO Help - 20 Steps to Get Your Website to Google's #1 Page (Paperback, New): David Amerland SEO Help - 20 Steps to Get Your Website to Google's #1 Page (Paperback, New)
David Amerland
R547 R423 Discovery Miles 4 230 Save R124 (23%) Shipped within 7 - 11 working days

Help your website be found without spending a fortune.Every webmaster and every website owner wants the same thing: to see their website on Google's first page and to keep it there.SEO Help is a practical, step-by-step guide which in 20 easy-to-understand chapters gives you the kind of practical advice a leading SEO engineer would give you if he were standing over your shoulder and helped you search engine optimize your website. An optimized website gets: - Greater online visibility- More targeted visitors- More online sales and advertising enquiriesWhat usually stops you from succeeding in the online world is the fact that by the time you learn the valuable lessons you need to apply you have also ran out of time and money. SEO Help helps you gain both time and money by showing you how to avoid costly mistakes and apply technical shortcuts which will help you optimize your website fast. Totally accessible, with complete, step-by-step details and no need of any deep know-how, it gives you the distilled knowledge of a successful search engine optimizer. Provided you follow the advice in each one to the letter your website will start to outperform your competitors' and you will be well on your way to search engine dominance and online success.

JavaScript Programming - Pushing the Limits (Paperback): Jon Raasch JavaScript Programming - Pushing the Limits (Paperback)
Jon Raasch
R731 R494 Discovery Miles 4 940 Save R237 (32%) Shipped within 20 - 25 working days

Take your JavaScript knowledge as far as it can go

JavaScript has grown up, and it's a hot topic. Newer and faster JavaScript VMs and frameworks built upon them have increased the popularity of JavaScript for server-side web applications, and rich JS applications are being developed for mobile devices. This book delivers a compelling tutorial, showing you how to build a real-world app from the ground up. Experienced developers who want to master the latest techniques and redefine their skills will find this deep dive into JavaScript's hidden functionalities gives them the tools to create truly amazing and complex applications.JavaScript has evolved into much more than simple client-side scripting; this book delves into advanced topics not generally found in other more intermediate JS development booksExpert author delivers an in-depth tutorial showing how to build a real-world app that is loosely coupled, with each component built to exist separatelyExplores how to build a backbone app, the importance of JavaScript templates, Node.js and MongoDB, 3D Canvas using WebGL / Three.js, how to convert a desktop app into a dedicated mobile app, and much moreIdeal for experienced developers with a deep knowledge of JavaScript as well as online developers with strong graphic design skills who are experienced in HTML/CSS and want to develop their front-end skills

"JavaScript Programming: Pushing the Limits" will arm you with the skills to create killer apps for the 21st Century.

AngularJS - Novice to Ninja (Paperback): Sandeep Panda AngularJS - Novice to Ninja (Paperback)
Sandeep Panda
R893 R514 Discovery Miles 5 140 Save R379 (42%) Shipped within 20 - 25 working days

AngularJS: Novice to Ninja is your fast track route to mastering AngularJS, the superheroic JavaScript framework. AngularJS provides the fastest, most efficient way to build single page web applications.What will I learn?In this practical and fun-to-read book, you'll learn the fundamentals of AngularJS, such as scopes, modules and controllers. You'll then move on to more sophisticated techniques, including using directives, filters and expressions to build a full single page web application.Discover the power of AngularJS's two-way data bindingUsing AngularJS and TDDGet to grips with modules, scopes, and controllersEnhance your HTML with directivesBuild a complete working single page blog application as you learn And much more

Head First Learn to Code (Paperback): Eric Freeman Head First Learn to Code (Paperback)
Eric Freeman
R1,126 R665 Discovery Miles 6 650 Save R461 (41%) Shipped within 20 - 25 working days

What will you learn from this book? It's no secret the world around you is becoming more connected, more configurable, more programmable, more computational. You can remain a passive participant, or you can learn to code. With Head First Learn to Code you'll learn how to think computationally and how to write code to make your computer, mobile device, or anything with a CPU do things for you. Using the Python programming language, you'll learn step by step the core concepts of programming as well as many fundamental topics from computer science, such as data structures, storage, abstraction, recursion, and modularity. Why does this book look so different? Based on the latest research in cognitive science and learning theory, Head First Learn to Code uses a visually rich format to engage your mind, rather than a text-heavy approach that puts you to sleep. Why waste your time struggling with new concepts? This multi-sensory learning experience is designed for the way your brain really works.

Space Image Processing (Hardcover): Julio Sanchez, Maria P. Canton Space Image Processing (Hardcover)
Julio Sanchez, Maria P. Canton
R3,361 Discovery Miles 33 610 Shipped within 20 - 25 working days

Space Image Processing covers the design and coding of PC software for processing and manipulating imagery obtained by satellites and other spacecraft. Although the contents relate to several scientific and technological fields, it serves as a programming book, providing readers with essential technical information for developing PC applications. The material focuses on images of the planet and other celestial bodies obtained by orbiting and non-orbiting spacecraft. This book is not about raster graphics in general, but about raster graphics processing as it applies to space imagery. Three parts divide the text: oScience - background at an introductory level - scientific principles underlying space imagery and its processing - topics related to space and remote sensing oTechnology - topics related to space imagery - geodesy, cartography, image data formats, image processing oProgramming - code examples for DOS and Windows programming on the PC - consideration of low-level and C++ code - routines with a tutorial and demonstrative purpose Space Image Processing includes a CD-ROM holding all the source code and programs discussed in the text. The CD contains a demo version of the TM-Lab program, a public domain Thematic Mapper scene of the Grand Canyon area, two public domain space image viewers, and sample images.

Learning React (Paperback): Alex Banks, Eve Porcello Learning React (Paperback)
Alex Banks, Eve Porcello
R1,081 R630 Discovery Miles 6 300 Save R451 (42%) Shipped within 20 - 25 working days

If you want to learn how to build efficient user interfaces with React, this is your book. Authors Alex Banks and Eve Porcello show you how to create UIs with this small JavaScript library that can deftly display data changes on large-scale, data-driven websites without page reloads. Along the way, you'll learn how to work with functional programming and the latest ECMAScript features. Developed by Facebook, and used by companies including Netflix, Walmart, and The New York Times for large parts of their web interfaces, React is quickly growing in use. By learning how to build React components with this hands-on guide, you'll fully understand how useful React can be in your organization. Learn key functional programming concepts with JavaScript Peek under the hood to understand how React runs in the browser Create application presentation layers by mounting and composing React components Use component trees to manage data and reduce the time you spend debugging applications Explore React's component lifecycle and use it to load data and improve UI performance Use a routing solution for browser history, bookmarks, and other features of single-page applications Learn how to structure React applications with servers in mind

Rails, Angular, Postgres and Bootstrap, 2e (Paperback, 2 Rev Ed): David B. Copeland Rails, Angular, Postgres and Bootstrap, 2e (Paperback, 2 Rev Ed)
David B. Copeland
R773 R518 Discovery Miles 5 180 Save R255 (33%) Shipped within 20 - 25 working days

Achieve awesome user experiences and performance with simple, maintainable code! Embrace the full stack of web development, from styling with Bootstrap, building an interactive user interface with Angular 4, to storing data quickly and reliably in PostgreSQL. With this fully revised new edition, take a holistic view of full-stack development to create usable, high-performing applications with Rails 5.1. Rails is a great tool for building web applications, but it's not the best at everything. Embrace the features built into your database. Learn how to use front-end frameworks. Seize the power of the application stack through Angular 4, Bootstrap, and PostgreSQL. When used together, these powerful and easy-to-use tools will open you to a new world of possibilities. This second edition is updated to cover Angular - a completely reworked front-end framework - and dives into new Postgres 9.6 features such as UPSERT. Also new is Webpack coverage, to develop the front-end code for your Rails application. Create a usable and attractive login form using Bootstrap's styles, while ensuring the database table backing it is secure using Postgres' check constraints. See how creating an advanced Postgres index for a case-insensitive search speeds up your back end - enabling you to create a dynamic user experience using Angular 4. Create reusable components that bring Bootstrap and Angular together and effectively use materialized views for caching within Postgres. Get your front end working with Webpack, use Postgres' features from migrations, and write unit tests for all of it. All of this within Rails 5.1. You'll gain the confidence to work at every level of the application stack, bringing the right solution to every problem. What You Need: This book covers Postgres 9.5, Rails 5, and Ruby 2.3. You should have some experience with basic Rails concepts and a cursory understanding of JavaScript, CSS, and SQL, but by no means need to be an expert. You'll learn how to install Postgres on your computer or use a free version of it in the cloud.

Python Pocket Reference (Paperback, 5th Revised edition): Mark Lutz Python Pocket Reference (Paperback, 5th Revised edition)
Mark Lutz
R433 R270 Discovery Miles 2 700 Save R163 (38%) Shipped within 20 - 25 working days

Updated for both Python 3.4 and 2.7, this convenient pocket guide is the perfect on-the-job quick reference. You'll find concise, need-to-know information on Python types and statements, special method names, built-in functions and exceptions, commonly used standard library modules, and other prominent Python tools. The handy index lets you pinpoint exactly what you need. Written by Mark Lutz - widely recognized as the world's leading Python trainer - Python Pocket Reference is an ideal companion to O'Reilly's classic Python tutorials, Learning Python and Programming Python, also written by Mark. This fifth edition covers: Built-in object types, including numbers, lists, dictionaries, and more Statements and syntax for creating and processing objects Functions and modules for structuring and reusing code Python's object-oriented programming tools Built-in functions, exceptions, and attributes Special operator overloading methods Widely used standard library modules and extensions Command-line options and development tools Python idioms and hints The Python SQL Database API

Essential SQLAlchemy, 2e (Paperback, 2nd Revised edition): Jason Myers, Rick Copeland Essential SQLAlchemy, 2e (Paperback, 2nd Revised edition)
Jason Myers, Rick Copeland
R760 R504 Discovery Miles 5 040 Save R256 (34%) Shipped within 20 - 25 working days

Dive into SQLAlchemy, the popular, open-source code library that helps Python programmers work with relational databases such as Oracle, MySQL, PostgresSQL, and SQLite. Using real-world examples, this practical guide shows you how to build a simple database application with SQLAlchemy, and how to connect to multiple databases simultaneously with the same metadata. SQL is a powerful language for querying and manipulating data, but it's tough to integrate it with your application. SQLAlchemy helps you map Python objects to database tables without substantially changing your existing Python code. If you're an intermediate Python developer with knowledge of basic SQL syntax and relational theory, this book serves as both a learning tool and a handy reference.Essential SQLAlchemy includes several sections: SQLAlchemy Core: Provide database services to your applications in a Pythonic way with the SQL Expression Language SQLAlchemy ORM: Use the object relational mapper to bind database schema and operations to data objects in your application Alembic: Use this lightweight database migration tool to handle changes to the database as your application evolves Cookbook: Learn how to use SQLAlchemy with web frameworks like Flask and libraries like SQLAcodegen

Karel The Robot - A Gentle Introduction to the Art of Programming (Paperback, 2nd Edition): Richard E. Pattis, Jim Roberts,... Karel The Robot - A Gentle Introduction to the Art of Programming (Paperback, 2nd Edition)
Richard E. Pattis, Jim Roberts, Mark Stehlik
R2,432 R1,389 Discovery Miles 13 890 Save R1,043 (43%) Shipped within 20 - 25 working days

Uses a creative approach to teach the basic skills and concepts of programming quickly. This edition offers excellent insights into problem solving and program design processes. It will also improve comprehension of such computer science considerations as loop invariants and recursion. Includes 60 color line drawings.

R Cookbook - Proven Recipes for Data Analysis, Statistics, and Graphics (Paperback, 2nd Revised edition): J. D. Long, Paul... R Cookbook - Proven Recipes for Data Analysis, Statistics, and Graphics (Paperback, 2nd Revised edition)
J. D. Long, Paul Teetor
R1,535 R879 Discovery Miles 8 790 Save R656 (43%) Shipped within 20 - 25 working days

Perform data analysis with R quickly and efficiently with more than 275 practical recipes in this expanded second edition. The R language provides everything you need to do statistical work, but its structure can be difficult to master. These task-oriented recipes make you productive with R immediately. Solutions range from basic tasks to input and output, general statistics, graphics, and linear regression. Each recipe addresses a specific problem and includes a discussion that explains the solution and provides insight into how it works. If you're a beginner, R Cookbook will help get you started. If you're an intermediate user, this book will jog your memory and expand your horizons. You'll get the job done faster and learn more about R in the process. Create vectors, handle variables, and perform basic functions Simplify data input and output Tackle data structures such as matrices, lists, factors, and data frames Work with probability, probability distributions, and random variables Calculate statistics and confidence intervals and perform statistical tests Create a variety of graphic displays Build statistical models with linear regressions and analysis of variance (ANOVA) Explore advanced statistical techniques, such as finding clusters in your data

Cython (Paperback): Kurt Smith Cython (Paperback)
Kurt Smith
R661 R395 Discovery Miles 3 950 Save R266 (40%) Shipped within 20 - 25 working days

Build software that combines Python's expressivity with the performance and control of C (and C++). It's possible with Cython, the compiler and hybrid programming language used by foundational packages such as NumPy, and prominent in projects including Pandas, h5py, and scikits-learn. In this practical guide, you'll learn how to use Cython to improve Python's performance - up to 3000x - and to wrap C and C++ libraries in Python with ease. Author Kurt Smith takes you through Cython's capabilities, with sample code and in-depth practice exercises. If you're just starting with Cython, or want to go deeper, you'll learn how this language is an essential part of any performance-oriented Python programmer's arsenal.Use Cython's static typing to speed up Python code Gain hands-on experience using Cython features to boost your numeric-heavy Python Create new types with Cython - and see how fast object-oriented programming in Python can be Effectively organize Cython code into separate modules and packages without sacrificing performance Use Cython to give Pythonic interfaces to C and C++ libraries Optimize code with Cython's runtime and compile-time profiling tools Use Cython's prange function to parallelize loops transparently with OpenMP

Elegant SciPy (Paperback): Juan Nunez-Iglesias, Stefan van der Walt, Harriet Dashnow Elegant SciPy (Paperback)
Juan Nunez-Iglesias, Stefan van der Walt, Harriet Dashnow
R869 R511 Discovery Miles 5 110 Save R358 (41%) Shipped within 20 - 25 working days

Welcome to Scientific Python and its community. If you're a scientist who programs with Python, this practical guide not only teaches you the fundamental parts of SciPy and libraries related to it, but also gives you a taste for beautiful, easy-to-read code that you can use in practice. You'll learn how to write elegant code that's clear, concise, and efficient at executing the task at hand. Throughout the book, you'll work with examples from the wider scientific Python ecosystem, using code that illustrates principles outlined in the book. Using actual scientific data, you'll work on real-world problems with SciPy, NumPy, Pandas, scikit-image, and other Python libraries. Explore the NumPy array, the data structure that underlies numerical scientific computation Use quantile normalization to ensure that measurements fit a specific distribution Represent separate regions in an image with a Region Adjacency Graph Convert temporal or spatial data into frequency domain data with the Fast Fourier Transform Solve sparse matrix problems, including image segmentations, with SciPy's sparse module Perform linear algebra by using SciPy packages Explore image alignment (registration) with SciPy's optimize module Process large datasets with Python data streaming primitives and the Toolz libraryv

Build Your Own Teams of Robots with LEGO (R) Mindstorms (R) NXT and Bluetooth (R) (Paperback, Ed): Cameron Hughes, Tracey... Build Your Own Teams of Robots with LEGO (R) Mindstorms (R) NXT and Bluetooth (R) (Paperback, Ed)
Cameron Hughes, Tracey Hughes, Trevor Watkins, Bob Kramer
R875 R750 Discovery Miles 7 500 Save R125 (14%) Shipped within 7 - 11 working days

Publisher's Note: Products purchased from Third Party sellers are not guaranteed by the publisher for quality, authenticity, or access to any online entitlements included with the product. CREATE YOUR OWN SYNCHRONIZED ROBOT ARMY!PLAN, DESIGN, ASSEMBLE, AND PROGRAM ROBOT SQUADS THAT COMMUNICATE and cooperate with each other to accomplish together what they can't do individually. Build Your Own Teams of Robots with LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT and Bluetooth shows you how to construct a team capability matrix (TCM) and use the Bluetooth Robotic-Oriented Network (BRON) so your robot teams can share sensors, actuators, end effectors, motor power, and programs. Find out how the Bluetooth communications protocol works and how to program Bluetooth in NXT-G, NXC, LabVIEW, and Java. Learn how to send and receive Bluetoothmessages, data, and commands among robots, between a robot and a computer, and between an Android smart phone and a robot. Through teamwork, your robots will be able to accomplish amazing feats! THE STEP-BY-STEP ROBOT TEAM PROJECTS IN THE BOOK INCLUDE: * Crime Scene Investigation Robot Team * Robot Convoy * Rubik's Cube Solver LEARN HOW TO: Coordinate multiple robots to work together as a team to perform tasks Combine two or more microcontrollers to make a single, multicontroller/multi-agent robot Take advantage of sensor and actuator capabilities in a team environment Establish goals and teamwork strategies for your robots Control your robot teams with NXT-G Bluetooth bricks and LabVIEW for NXT Bluetooth VI Activate your team using a smart phone Give your team of robots Java power with leJOS Use Java on the Linux and Darwin operating systems Watch video demonstrations of the projects and download code and examples in multiple languages (NXT-G, Java, LabVIEW, and NXC) from the book's companion websiteat www.robotteams.org. Downloads are also available at mhprofessional.com/robotteams.

Numerical, Symbolic and Statistical Computing for Chemical Engineers using Matlab  (R) (Paperback): Pallab Ghosh Numerical, Symbolic and Statistical Computing for Chemical Engineers using Matlab (R) (Paperback)
Pallab Ghosh
R625 R587 Discovery Miles 5 870 Save R38 (6%) Shipped within 20 - 25 working days

Numerical, analytical and statistical computations are routine affairs for chemical engineers. They usually prefer a single software to solve their computational problems, and at present, MATLAB has emerged as a powerful computational language, which is preferably used for this purpose, due to its built-in functions and toolboxes. Considering the needs and convenience of the students, the author has made an attempt to write this book, which explains the various concepts of MATLAB in a systematic way and makes its readers proficient in using MATLAB for computing. It mainly focuses on the applications of MATLAB, rather than its use in programming basic numerical algorithms. Commencing with the introduction to MATLAB, the text covers vector and matrix computations, solution of linear and non-linear equations, differentiation and integration, and solution of ordinary and partial differential equations. Next, analytical computations using the Symbolic Math Toolbox and statistical computations using the Statistics and Machine Learning Toolbox are explained. Finally, the book describes various curve fitting techniques using the Curve Fitting Toolbox. Inclusion of all these advanced-level topics in the book stands it out from the rest. Primarily intended for the undergraduate students of chemical engineering, the book is also of immense use to the postgraduate students, chemical engineers and scientists. KEY FEATURES: Numerous worked-out examples to enable the readers understand the steps involved in solving the chemical engineering problems MATLAB codes to explain the computational techniques Several snapshots to help the readers understand the step-by-step procedures of using the toolboxes Chapter-end exercises, including short-answer questions and numerical problems Appendix comprising the definitions of some important and special matrices Supplemented with Solutions Manual containing complete detailed solutions to the unsolved problems Accessibility of selected colour figures (including screenshots and results/outputs of the programs) cited in the text at www.phindia.com/Pallab_Ghosh.

Arduino Cookbook (Paperback, 2nd edition): Michael Margolis Arduino Cookbook (Paperback, 2nd edition)
Michael Margolis
R1,082 R719 Discovery Miles 7 190 Save R363 (34%) Shipped within 20 - 25 working days

Create your own toys, remote controllers, alarms, detectors, robots, and many other projects with the Arduino device. This simple microcontroller board lets artists and designers build a variety of amazing objects and prototypes that interact with the physical world. With this cookbook you can dive right in and experiment with more than a hundred tips and techniques, no matter what your skill level is. Updated for the Arduino 1.0 release, recipes in the second edition provide solutions for most common problems and questions Arduino users have, including everything from programming fundamentals to working with sensors, motors, lights, and sound, or communicating over wired and wireless networks. You'll find the examples and advice you need to begin, expand, and enhance your projects right away.* Get to know the Arduino development environment * Understand the core elements of the Arduino programming language * Use common output devices for light, motion, and sound * Interact with almost any device that has a remote control * Learn techniques for handling time delays and time measurement * Use simple ways to transfer digital information from sensors to the Arduino device * Create complex projects that incorporate shields and external modules * Use and modify existing Arduino libraries, and learn how to create your own

Microsoft .NET Gadgeteer (Paperback, Ed): Simon Taylor Microsoft .NET Gadgeteer (Paperback, Ed)
Simon Taylor
R515 R406 Discovery Miles 4 060 Save R109 (21%) Shipped within 7 - 11 working days

Publisher's Note: Products purchased from Third Party sellers are not guaranteed by the publisher for quality, authenticity, or access to any online entitlements included with the product. Turn your flashes of creativity into first-rate gadgetsCovers Gadgeteer for Micro Framework 4.1 and 4.2 Realize your inner innovator and rapidly build breathtaking electronic devices with Microsoft .NET Gadgeteer. By working through easy-to-follow, practical projects, you'll discover how to design, assemble, and prototype your own gadgets-all without ever lifting a soldering iron. Learn how to choose components, write Gadgeteer applications, connect your creations to the Web, and troubleshoot. Microsoft .NET Gadgeteer: Electronics Projects for Hobbyists and Inventors contains complete instructions for building your projects using money-saving mainboards and modules. Set up the development environment and tools on your PC Understand Gadgeteer mainboards, modules, and sockets Learn how the Micro Framework and Gadgeteer libraries work Download and debug your applications from your PC Learn the principles of writing structured applications for embedded projects Interface with SPI, I2C, and serial-based modules Work with Gadgeteer interfaces for serial and storage devices, graphics, networking, and web-connected devices Design touch-sensitive graphic display gadgets Create web servers and web devices

Head First HTML and CSS - A Learner's Guide to Creating Standards-Based Web Pages (Paperback, 2nd Revised edition):... Head First HTML and CSS - A Learner's Guide to Creating Standards-Based Web Pages (Paperback, 2nd Revised edition)
Elisabeth Robson, Eric Freeman
R1,156 R695 Discovery Miles 6 950 Save R461 (40%) Shipped within 20 - 25 working days

Tired of reading HTML books that only make sense after you're an expert? Then it's about time you picked up Head First HTML and really learned HTML. You want to learn HTML so you can finally create those web pages you've always wanted, so you can communicate more effectively with friends, family, fans, and fanatic customers. You also want to do it right so you can actually maintain and expand your web pages over time so they work in all browsers and mobile devices. Oh, and if you've never heard of CSS, that's okay--we won't tell anyone you're still partying like it's 1999--but if you're going to create web pages in the 21st century then you'll want to know and understand CSS.Learn the real secrets of creating web pages, and why everything your boss told you about HTML tables is probably wrong (and what to do instead). Most importantly, hold your own with your co-worker (and impress cocktail party guests) when he casually mentions how his HTML is now strict, and his CSS is in an external style sheet.With Head First HTML, you'll avoid the embarrassment of thinking web-safe colors still matter, and the foolishness of slipping a font tag into your pages. Best of all, you'll learn HTML and CSS in a way that won't put you to sleep. If you've read a Head First book, you know what to expect: a visually-rich format designed for the way your brain works. Using the latest research in neurobiology, cognitive science, and learning theory, this book will load HTML and CSS into your brain in a way that sticks.So what are you waiting for? Leave those other dusty books behind and come join us in Webville. Your tour is about to begin.

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