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Gustave Courbet: The Calm Sea Greeting Card - Pack of 6 (Cards, Pack of 6): Flame Tree Studio Gustave Courbet: The Calm Sea Greeting Card - Pack of 6 (Cards, Pack of 6)
Flame Tree Studio
R421 R340 Discovery Miles 3 400 Save R81 (19%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days

Sold in packs of 6. Gorgeous, foiled, handmade greeting cards, blank inside and shrink-wrapped with a gold envelope. Our greeting cards are printed on FSC paper and wrapped in biodegradable cellobag, and are themed with our art calendars, foiled notebooks and illustrated art books. Gustave Courbet painted this view of the sea, receded at low tide, during his visit to Etretat near Normandy, France, in the summer of 1869. The two small boats left on the shore add to the tranquility of the scene, which is in stark comparison to many of Courbet's other coastal landscapes, which depicted chaotic, crashing waves and dramatic skies.

Delicious Decadence - The Rediscovery of French Eighteenth-Century Painting in the Nineteenth Century (Hardcover, New Ed):... Delicious Decadence - The Rediscovery of French Eighteenth-Century Painting in the Nineteenth Century (Hardcover, New Ed)
Guillaume Faroult, Monica Preti, Christoph Martin Vogtherr
R3,062 Discovery Miles 30 620 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

The history of collecting is a topic of central importance to many academic disciplines, and shows no sign of abating in popularity. As such, scholars will welcome this collection of essays by internationally recognised experts that gathers together for the first time varied and stimulating perspectives on the nineteenth-century collector and art market for French eighteenth-century art, and ultimately the formation of collections that form part of such august institutions as the Louvre and the National Gallery in London. The book is the culmination of a successful conference organised jointly between the Wallace Collection and the Louvre, on the occasion of the acclaimed exhibition Masterpieces from the Louvre: The Collection of Louis La Caze. Exploring themes relating to collectors, critics, markets and museums from France, England and Germany, the volume will appeal to academics and students alike, and become essential reading on any course that deals with the history of collecting, the history of taste and the nineteenth-century craze for the perceived douceur de vivre of eighteenth-century France. It also provides valuable insight into the history of the art markets and the formation of museums.

Dreamland (Hardcover): Boris Vallejo, Julie Bell Dreamland (Hardcover)
Boris Vallejo, Julie Bell
R787 R523 Discovery Miles 5 230 Save R264 (34%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

This stunning book is packed with outstanding examples of the recent work of Boris Vallejo and Julie Bell, two of the most stellar names in the world of fantasy art. Featuring muscle-bound heroes, dramatic dragons and dazzlingly beautiful women in fantastical, otherworldly landscapes, their work is unrivalled in its field. This carefully curated selection of images is accompanied by fascinating text that gives the reader a unique insight into the way Boris and Julie work. Biographical stories reveal their own personal histories, their thoughts on the artists that have influenced them, the ideas that find their outlet in the work they produce, and their hopes for the direction their work will take in the future. Also included in the book is a set of limited-edition art prints that can easily be detached for display. Word count: 10,000

Timothy Hyman: A Year with Maggie's (Hardcover): Timothy Hyman, Marcia Blakenham Timothy Hyman: A Year with Maggie's (Hardcover)
Timothy Hyman, Marcia Blakenham
R444 R383 Discovery Miles 3 830 Save R61 (14%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Inspired by a passionate belief in the healing and uplifting powers of architecture, Maggies Cancer Caring Centres are quietly extraordinary spaces in the landscape of modern medicine. It was while suffering from advanced cancer that Maggie Keswick Jencks conceived the idea of a beautifully designed space offering free practical, emotional and social support to those affected by cancer, and, following her death in 1995, the first Maggies Centre opened in Edinburgh in 1996. There are now 17 centres across the UK, designed by leading architects including Frank Gehry, Zahah Hadid and Richard Rogers. In September 2011 Timothy Hyman was asked to be artist in residence at the London Maggies Centre at the Charing Cross Hospital, and this book records his reflections on the people he met and the drawings and paintings he made there. Having himself been touched by cancer through the death of his twin brother twelve years earlier, Hyman sensitively captures the experiences of the centres users and the rhythms of life in this small haven away from the world. While not always an easy journey, The Maggies Year is an intimate meditation on the determination to not lose the joy of living in the fear of dying.

Marsh Mission - Capturing the Vanishing Wetlands (Hardcover): C.C. Lockwood, Rhea Gary Marsh Mission - Capturing the Vanishing Wetlands (Hardcover)
C.C. Lockwood, Rhea Gary
R936 R759 Discovery Miles 7 590 Save R177 (19%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days

Louisiana is in a desperate battle to save what remains of its coastal wetlands, which are disappearing at the rate of a football field--size area every 38 minutes. Most people are unaware of the devastating transformation of this remote region, though the effects are detrimental for the entire country economically, culturally, and environmentally. Hoping that art will inspire concern where statistics have not, and focusing on the marshlands' beauty rather than their destruction, nature photographer C. C. Lockwood and painter Rhea Gary have joined together in Marsh Mission to show that a picture is worth at least a thousand words. Their rapturous thirty photographs and thirty paintings may well leave one speechless.

For an entire year, C.C. immersed himself in the wetlands, living on a houseboat -- the Wetland Wanderer -- with his wife, Sue, a schoolteacher, who created an interactive classroom from the boat via the Internet. They covered more than 5,000 miles, taking the pulse of their environs and documenting everything from oil rigs to egrets and vivid setting suns. Rhea sometimes joined the Lockwoods and other times ventured out in her own bateau, designed to hold an easel for making oil-on-paper sketches. She produced the final oil paintings on canvas in her studio.

In his photographs, C.C. captures the quiet, hidden activity of the wetlands in all their paradisaical aspects. Breathtaking detail -- the reward of day-in and day-out vigilance. Rhea conveys her emotional response to the light, color, and mood of the landscape with bold impressionistic strokes in raspberry, tangerine, lime, fuchsia, azure, and yellow. Hot -- like the culture and the climate of south Louisiana. Together, the two impart an aesthetic experience that explains better than any map or scientific data the irreplaceable treasure being lost. A narrative by each artist enhances their visual testimony and gives a rare glimpse into the creative process.

Formed by silt deposits from the Mississippi River, Louisiana's coastal region constitutes 40 percent of all U.S. marshlands, but it is sinking at an alarming rate because the river's leveed banks -- while essential for flood control and ship navigation -- obstruct silt replenishment. With Marsh Mission, C. C. Lockwood and Rhea Gary offer a visionary tribute to this endangered, national natural resource. Their images should arouse awareness, appreciation, and, especially, action.

Baroque and Later Paintings in the Ashmolean Museum (Hardcover): Catherine Whistler Baroque and Later Paintings in the Ashmolean Museum (Hardcover)
Catherine Whistler
R3,964 R3,081 Discovery Miles 30 810 Save R883 (22%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days
Michael Craig-Martin - Present Sense (Paperback): Ben Luke, Tim Marlow Michael Craig-Martin - Present Sense (Paperback)
Ben Luke, Tim Marlow
R541 R462 Discovery Miles 4 620 Save R79 (15%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

A selection of Michael Craig-Martin's paintings, prints and sculptures, with an interview. This book is the result of a collaboration between The Gallery at Windsor, Florida, and the Royal Academy of Arts, London. Born in Ireland, the artist Michael Craig-Martin studied in America. On returning to the UK, he became a key figure in British conceptual art and an influential educator, linked in particular to the YBAs including Damien Hirst and Gary Hume. Craig-Martin's works transform recognisable objects - such as sneakers, headphones, watches and, most recently, Modernist buildings - with bold colour and simplified lines. He cites his 'rationalism' as the root of his practice. Craig-Martin is the latest subject of a three-year curatorial partnership between The Gallery at Windsor, Florida, and the Royal Academy of Arts, London, initiated to celebrate the Academy's 250th anniversary. This lively book reproduces a selection of his paintings, prints and sculptures, with an insightful essay by the art critic Ben Luke and an interview between Tim Marlow and the artist. Published to accompany an exhibition at the Gallery at Windsor, Florida, 26 January - 26 April 2019. Ben Luke is the art critic at the London Evening Standard. Tim Marlow is artistic director at the Royal Academy of Arts, London. Below images, left to right: Sir Michael Craig-Martin CBE RA, Untitled (watch fragment yellow), 2017. Acrylic on aluminium, 90 x 90 cm. Sir Michael Craig-Martin CBE RA, Double Take (iPhone), 2017. Acrylic on aluminium in two panels, 2018, 90 x 180 cm. Sir Michael Craig-Martin CBE RA, Untitled (trainer fragment), 2017. Acrylic on aluminium, 60 x 60 cm. Sir Michael Craig-Martin CBE RA, Untitled (lightbulb blue), 2017. Acrylic on aluminium, 90 x 90 cm. All images courtesy Gagosian. Photos Mike Bruce.

War Artists in Afghanistan (Hardcover): Jules George, Douglas Farthing, Michael Fay War Artists in Afghanistan (Hardcover)
Jules George, Douglas Farthing, Michael Fay
R960 R788 Discovery Miles 7 880 Save R172 (18%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

'I felt physically sick from the pit of my stomach and to be honest was now feeling vulnerable and completely outside my depth of knowledge. The world had seemingly gone mad and I was having visions of the base now being ransacked; I was confused and unsure what to do. My solution was to do the only thing that I could do. I climbed the nearest sangar and started to draw.' Jules George. Jules George, war artist, travelled to Helmand, Afghanistan, in 2010, in the wake of its bloodiest year for British troops. War Artists in Afghanistan: Beyond the Wire reproduces the remarkable sketches, watercolours and oil paintings born of his experiences with the 2nd Yorkshires (Green Howards). His work captures the vast scale and stunning, fertile beauty of the Afghan landscape, and in its midst, the British soldier, out on patrol, boarding a Chinook or caught in a firefight.The book also features the work of four other war artists in Afghanistan: Douglas Farthing, a former sergeant in the British paratroopers; and Michael Fay, soldier-turned-combat artist for the United States Marine Corps; Arabella Dorman, internationally recognised portrait painter and war artist; and Matthew Cook, trained illustrator, former Times war artist and Territorial Army solider. Each artist's work is accompanied by their own, first-hand account of war in Afghanistan.

Art of Time, the Art of Place - Isaac Bashevis Singer & Marc Chagall - A Dialogue (Hardcover, New): Ruth Dorot Art of Time, the Art of Place - Isaac Bashevis Singer & Marc Chagall - A Dialogue (Hardcover, New)
Ruth Dorot
R549 R488 Discovery Miles 4 880 Save R61 (11%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

This book draws a comparison between two of the most prominent Jewish artists in the twentieth-century: Polish-born magician story-teller Isaac Bashevis-Singer (1904-1991) and Russian-born creator of visual magic Marc Chagall (1887-1985). In addition to their East European Jewish background both were exposed to Western culture. Chagall absorbed such turn-of-the-century avant-garde styles as Expressionism, Fauvism, Cubism, Abstract Art, Surrealism; from these he created a unique blend, to which he brought the various Russian influences he had absorbed and his own special highly imaginative and inventive personal style. Bashevis-Singer brought to his works philosophical, psychological, scientific, medical and legal knowledge. While both artists were affected by these Western influences, they remained firmly entrenched within the Jewish culture - the Yiddish language and life in the "shtetl" - from which they drew their inspiration. Their world consisted of a special blend of reality and dream, realism and fantasy. Ruth Dorot demonstrates that they shared, albeit unwittingly, a common "meta-realistic" style combining the earthly with the supernatural and the transcendental. Their works allude to real place names, dates, facts and historical events; but at the same time contain occult forces, angels, demons, mysticism and mystery. Comparisons range over the Jewish "shtetl", Jewish artists, Love and Despair, the Holocaust and war, religion and mysticism. In the works of both artists, hope springs eternal; it is a hope emanating from the mystical realm of life as it relates to the magic of creation and the cosmic logic of the Creator. Artist and story-teller sail between hard-core reality and the yearning for redemption, between Judaism and universal values, between exile and revelation.

Ten Poems about Art (Paperback): Geoff Dyer Ten Poems about Art (Paperback)
Geoff Dyer
R130 R120 Discovery Miles 1 200 Save R10 (8%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days
Matisse: Chapel at Vence (Hardcover, New): Marie-Therese Pulvenis de Seligny Matisse: Chapel at Vence (Hardcover, New)
Marie-Therese Pulvenis de Seligny
R997 R824 Discovery Miles 8 240 Save R173 (17%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Considered on of the most important religious structures of the twentieth century, the Chapel of the Rosary in Vence was regarded by Matisse himself as his great masterpiece. He dedicated four years to the creation of this convent chapel on the French Riviera, and the result is one of the most remarkable and comprehensive ensemble pieces of twentieth-century art. Every element of the chapel bears the artists touch, from the vivid Mediterranean hues of the stained glass windows to the starkly powerful murals; even the vestments and altar were designed by Matisse. This beautifully illustrated volume captures the chapel in exquisite detail, allowing an unparalleled view of this iconic and sacred space. With stunning new photography that captures the dramatic effects of the changing light in the building throughout the day, this book is the first to present the experience of being within the chapel exactly as Matisse himself envisaged it, while Marie-Therese Pulvenis de Selignys authoritative and insightful text explores the extraordinary story of the chapels creation and the challenges faced by the 77-year-old artist in realising his great vision."

Animal Painting and Anatomy (Paperback, New edition): Frank Calderon Animal Painting and Anatomy (Paperback, New edition)
Frank Calderon
R450 R384 Discovery Miles 3 840 Save R66 (15%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days

Useful information on important anatomical features, directions on how to handle subjects, and how to express their forms and postures. 224 illus.

Sacred Mirrors Cards (Cards): Alex Grey Sacred Mirrors Cards (Cards)
Alex Grey
R443 R255 Discovery Miles 2 550 Save R188 (42%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

The Sacred Mirrors are a journey through our physical, socio-political and spiritual anatomy. The Sacred Mirrors Cards contains twenty-three meditation cards featuring reproductions of all twenty-one of Alex Grey's Sacred Mirrors paintings plus two additional transformative images: Oversoul and The Angel. Grey's visionary poetry on the back of each card leads the meditator through contemplation of the image on the front of the card, culminating in a one-word theme for reflection. The twenty-three cards in this boxed set are intended to lead the viewer through the process of theosis - that is, coming closer to God - through contemplation of iconic archetypes and seeing oneself, each other and the world as a reflection of the divine. Alex Grey's two books of paintings have already realised massive sales: Sacred Mirrors has sold 90,000 copies and Transfigurations 25,000. His work has been exhibited around the world, including the New Museum and Stux Gallery in New York City, the Chicago International Art Exposition; the London Regional Art Gallery in Canada, the Grand Palais in Paris, the Sao Paulo Biennial and ARK exhibition space in Tokyo. In 1999, the Museum of Contemporary Art in San Diego honoured Grey with a mid-career retrospective. His art has, also, been featured in venues as diverse as album covers for the Beastie Boys, Nirvana and Tool; Newsweek magazine; and the Discovery Channel. He lives in New York with his wife, artist Allyson Grey, and their daughter, actress Zena Grey.

Hardy Family of Artists (Hardcover): Kimber G. Hardy Hardy Family of Artists (Hardcover)
Kimber G. Hardy
R1,099 R895 Discovery Miles 8 950 Save R204 (19%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

The artists in the Hardy family, Heywood, James, Frederick Daniel and several others, have always been popular with collectors. However, this is the first comprehensive assessment of their work, based on previously unpublished material and with illustrations of all their major paintings. Heywood Hardy was a remarkably versatile artist who did much to advance a more realistic portrayal of animals, landscapes, portraits and sporting scenes over a long and productive career from 1860 to 1927. His elder brother James Hardy junior became one of the most accomplished sporting artists of his day. And their cousin Frederick Daniel Hardy painted some of the most accurate and sympathetic pictures of life in country towns and villages. The book's author, Kimber Hardy, a descendant of the Hardy painters, has called upon a significant collection of letters and documents about the artists. His revealing, intelligent narrative on their lives and works provides engaging accompaniment to the wealth of colour reproductions featured in the book.

J.W. Godward 1861-1922 - The Eclipse of Classicism (Hardcover): Vern G. Swanson J.W. Godward 1861-1922 - The Eclipse of Classicism (Hardcover)
Vern G. Swanson
R1,762 R1,404 Discovery Miles 14 040 Save R358 (20%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

John William Godward was among the brightest stars of the late Graeco-Roman painters during classicism's twilight years. Some believe he equalled Alma-Tadema in his depiction of marble and flowers and Frederic Leighton in his depiction of drapery. However, his own reclusive nature, society's loss of interest in classical subject painting, aggressive modernist art and the efforts of his disapproving family conspired to plunge him into obscurity. Godward's art was more than escapist; it was purposely beautiful in an age plunging headlong into atrocity. For Godward, art was not only an aesthetic exercise but also a form of therapy. Through these pictures he lived his self-contained life until melancholia, fed by ill health and increasing artistic criticism, overwhelmed his fantasy haven. A hapless victim of his own personality, unable to make his way in a hostile world, Godward ended it all. Swanson's original edition of John William Godward introduced the life of a very private man who pushed the classical ideal further into the twentieth century than most would think possible. This revised edition contains the author's latest research - significant expansions to the text, as well as approximately 100 new pictures, many of which have only recently been attributed to Godward.

Radiant Child - The Story of Young Artist Jean-Michel Basquiat (Hardcover): Javaka Steptoe Radiant Child - The Story of Young Artist Jean-Michel Basquiat (Hardcover)
Javaka Steptoe
R365 R292 Discovery Miles 2 920 Save R73 (20%) In stock

Somewhere in Brooklyn, a little boy dreams of being a famous artist, not knowing that one day he would make himself a king. Jean-Michel Basquiat and his unique, collage-style paintings rocketed to fame in the 1980s as a cultural phenomenon unlike anything the art world had ever seen. However, before that, he was a little boy who saw art everywhere: in poetry books and museums, in games, in the words that we speak and in the pulsing energy of New York City. Now, award-winning illustrator Javaka Steptoe's vivid text and bold artwork echoing Basquiat's own style introduces young readers to the powerful message that art doesn't always have to be neat or clean - and definitely not inside the lines - to be beautiful.

The Materials of the Artist and Their Use in Painting - With Notes on the Techniques of the Old Masters, Revised Edition... The Materials of the Artist and Their Use in Painting - With Notes on the Techniques of the Old Masters, Revised Edition (Hardcover)
Max Doerner; Translated by Eugen Neuhaus
R886 R708 Discovery Miles 7 080 Save R178 (20%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days
Rosie Sanders' Flowers - A celebration of botanical art (Hardcover): Rosie Sanders Rosie Sanders' Flowers - A celebration of botanical art (Hardcover)
Rosie Sanders 3
R832 R611 Discovery Miles 6 110 Save R221 (27%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Flowers by Rosie Sanders is a large-format book that showcases over 80 of her finest flower paintings in exquisite detail. Often compared to the artist Georgia O'Keeffe, Rosie Sanders's botanical paintings lie at the extreme end of botanical art - they exude dynamism and sensuality in every brushstroke and their richness of colour sets her apart from her contemporaries. In this beautifully illustrated book, Rosie exhibits a selection of flowers, from tulips to orchids, roses to irises, anemones to amaryllis, and illuminates them with fascinating and skillful uses of perspective and light. This large-format book showcases her finest paintings in exquisite detail and they are accompanied by excellent and accessible scientific commentary. Also included is an introduction by renowned Swiss botanist Dr. Andreas Honegger. This book is perfect for artists want to get a closer look at a master's brushstrokes, textures and colour in paintings, or readers who are interested in contemporary botanical art. Chapters include: 1. Diversity in the Garden 2. Dark Flowers: the Magic of Night 3. A Fascination of Orchids 4. Lilies in Spring 5. Varieties of Belladonna 6. In Search of the Black Iris.

The Lord of the Rings Sketchbook (Hardcover, New ed): Alan Lee The Lord of the Rings Sketchbook (Hardcover, New ed)
Alan Lee
R619 R415 Discovery Miles 4 150 Save R204 (33%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

A sumptuous large-format hardback containing sketches and paintings from the illustrated Lord of the Rings, together with brand new and previously unseen material. In this large-format hardback Alan Lee reveals in pictures and in words how he created the images in the authorised illustrated edition of The Lord of the Rings. These images would prove so powerful, matching perfectly with Tolkien's own vision, that they would eventually define the look of Peter Jackson's movie trilogy and earn Alan a coveted Academy Award. The book is filled with over 150 of his sketches and early conceptual pieces to show how the project progressed from idea to finished art. It also contains 20 colour paintings reproduced in full-page glory, together with numerous examples of his conceptual art produced for the films and brand new pieces drawn specially for this book. The Lord of the Rings Sketchbook provides a fascinating insight into the imagination of the man who painted Tolkien's vision, firstly onto the page and then in three dimensions on the cinema screen.; It will also be of interest to many of the 100,000 people who have bought the illustrated Lord of the Rings as well as for budding artists a

From Verona With Rage - Nicola Verlato (Hardcover): Nicola Verlato From Verona With Rage - Nicola Verlato (Hardcover)
Nicola Verlato
R875 R725 Discovery Miles 7 250 Save R150 (17%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days

Italian born painter Nicola Verlato believes deeply in the power of figurative painting. From Verona with Rage features works created over the past 5 years since moving his studio to the United States. Verlato daringly combines techniques and skills borrowed from the old masters with themes more pop culture than Raphael. Regardless of the stew of pop-culture sign-posts found in his work, ranging from Disney to rock n roll, to movie stars, comics and pornography, his central argument - that nothing evokes an emotional reaction more than the human form - is borne out by his highly dramatic tableaus. Verlatos engrossing paintings

Theresa Bernstein - A Century in Art (Hardcover, New): Gail Levin Theresa Bernstein - A Century in Art (Hardcover, New)
Gail Levin
R1,184 R980 Discovery Miles 9 800 Save R204 (17%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days

The American artist Theresa Ferber Bernstein (1890-2002) made and exhibited her work in every decade of the twentieth century. This authoritative book about Bernstein provides an overview of her life and artistic career, examining her relationships with contemporary artists.

Bernstein's work is noteworthy, even among her more famous male contemporaries such as John Sloan, Stuart Davis, and Edward Hopper, all of whom she knew. Working in realist and expressionist styles, she treated the major subjects of her time, including the fight for women's suffrage, the plight of immigrants, World War I, jazz, unemployment, racial discrimination, and occasionally explicitly Jewish themes such as a synagogue interior or ritual objects such as a menorah. She was a member of the American Artists' Congress and painted a mural for the U.S. government during the Great Depression.

Bernstein's portrait subjects include Albert Einstein, Martha Graham, Judy Garland, Louis Armstrong, Lil Hardin, and Billie Holiday, yet it is her particular sensibility and empathy with those subjects that set her apart from her mostly male contemporaries.

"Theresa Bernstein: A Century in Art" includes thematic essays by Michele Cohen, Patricia M. Burnham, Elsie Heung, Sarah Archino, Stephanie Hackett, Gillian Pistell, and by the editor, Gail Levin. It features more than two hundred images, including full-color reproductions of her art and rare documentary photographs, many published here for the first time. It also includes a detailed chronology of Bernstein's life, a list of public collections, and a list of her writings.

The William Bouguereau - The Essential Works (Hardcover): Kara Lysandra Ross, Frederick C. Ross The William Bouguereau - The Essential Works (Hardcover)
Kara Lysandra Ross, Frederick C. Ross
R1,227 R993 Discovery Miles 9 930 Save R234 (19%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

William Bouguereau, the most popular artist in nineteenth-century France, is rapidly becoming one of the most popular realist artists of all time. This book is an exploration of the four main types of paintings that were most prevalent throughout Bouguereau's body of work. This includes his mythological works, religious works, peasants, and portraits. This final section on portraits focuses on paintings of heads and hands, which gave the artist the opportunity to concentrate on the subtleties of capturing human emotion, something at which the artist was a consummate master, and is a primary factor in what makes his works, in general, so compelling. Although each section of the book discusses the importance of the individual genera within Bouguereau's oeuvre, and includes painting analyses to highlight his most important works, this book is a true showcase of the master's lifetime achievement through beautifully illustrated full-page plates of over 120 of his greatest masterpieces.

Six Fairy Tales From The Brothers Grimm (Hardcover): David Hockney Six Fairy Tales From The Brothers Grimm (Hardcover)
David Hockney 1
R442 R380 Discovery Miles 3 800 Save R62 (14%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

The fairy tales of the Brothers Grimm according to David Hockney are like no other version you will have read before. Although inspired by earlier illustrators of the tales, from Arthur Rackham to Edmund Dulac, Hockney's extraordinary etchings re-imagine these strange and supernatural stories for a modern audience, capturing their distinctive atmosphere in a style that is recognisably the artist's own. Reprinted for the first time since its original publication in 1969, Hockney's book brings together some well-known tales - Rapunzel, Rumpelstiltskin - with others that are less familiar. Informed by great art of the past, attuned to idiosyncrasies of character and incident, and fresh in execution and content, his illustrations invite us to read each one as if for the first time.

Australia - Antipodean Stories (English, Italian, Hardcover): Eugenio Viola, Judith Blackall, Clothilde Bullen, Dunja Rmandic Australia - Antipodean Stories (English, Italian, Hardcover)
Eugenio Viola, Judith Blackall, Clothilde Bullen, Dunja Rmandic
R860 R723 Discovery Miles 7 230 Save R137 (16%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

This volume accompanies the largest exhibition of contemporary art from Australia to be presented outside the continent. It's characterised by a surprising richness and variety, offering a combination of personal stories, languages, ethnic origins, religions and traditions. The artists belong to many Aboriginal cultures and First Nations and those that arrived from the Pacific, Europe, Asian countries and America. Curated by Eugenio Viola, this project encompasses a broad constellation of cultural, political and social practices and perspectives, and takes into consideration different means of expression such as painting, performance, installation, sculpture, video, drawings and photography. Artists: Vernon Ah Kee, Tony Albert, Khadim Ali, Brook Andrew, Richard Bell, Daniel Boyd, Maria Fernanda Cardoso, Barbara Cleveland, Destiny Deacon, Hayden Fowler, Marco Fusinato, Agatha Gothe-Snape, Julie Gough, Fiona Hall, Dale Harding, Nicholas Mangan, Angelica Mesiti, Archie Moore, Callum Morton, Tom Nicholson (with Greg Lehman), Jill Orr, Mike Parr, Patricia Piccinini, Stuart Ringholt, Khaled Sabsabi, Yhonnie Scarce, Soda Jerk, Dr Christian Thompson AO, James Tylor, Judy Watson, Jason Wing and Nyapanyapa Yunupingu. Text in English and Italian.

Victoria Crowe (Hardcover, New): Duncan Macmillan Victoria Crowe (Hardcover, New)
Duncan Macmillan
R961 R788 Discovery Miles 7 880 Save R173 (18%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Written by the award-winning writer Duncan Macmillan Features lavish illustrations of Victoria Crowe's work This publication accompanies an exhibition at the Browse and Darby Gallery, London, from September to October, and in December 2012, at the Scottish Gallery, Edinburgh This is the first complete monograph on Victoria Crowe's work to date, and is written by the award-winning writer and art critic Duncan Macmillan. With great depth and perception, the author considers the work of one of Scotland's leading painters from her earliest days at Kingston School of Art, through to her most recent commissions, setting it in the wider context of artistic thought. Her full range of work is covered, including still lifes, portraits, self-portraits, landscapes and interiors. The insightful writing, accompanied by lavish illustrations of Victoria Crowe's work, gives readers access to the paintings as they relate to the different eras of her life. The artist's studies at the Royal College of Art, her move to Scotland, the Kittleyknowe years and A Shepherd's Life exhibition are all discussed, as are Plant Memory (a series resulting from her visiting scholarship at St Catharine's College, Cambridge) and the impact of her travels abroad, particularly her time in Italy. In the latter part of the book, the focus moves to the artist's most recent work, including a reflective series of Venetian pictures and a significant group of luminous winter landscapes. We also learn about a unique commission for a series of paintings specifically designed for a Scottish house, and a current project with Dovecot Studios for a tapestry based on a painting from A Shepherd's Life', thus a testament to the enduring quality of her work.

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