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Hidden Johannesburg (Hardcover): Paul Duncan Hidden Johannesburg (Hardcover)
Paul Duncan; Photographs by Alain Proust 3
R470 R375 Discovery Miles 3 750 Save R95 (20%) Ships in 8 - 13 working days

Johannesburg: Egoli to some, Jozi to others. Once a mining town, now the most important commercial city in Africa. It’s been home to renegades and rogues, colonialists and capitalists, the dispossessed and the newly enriched. Today it’s populated by those who call themselves Africans or Afrikaners, by blacks, whites and every shade inbetween, and by immigrants from all over.

There are suburbs where the daily rituals of Jewish culture rival New York’s; elsewhere, the tone is more Lagos than laid-back. Remnants of the colonial era stand alongside contemporary steel and glass. In a town that prides itself on the pursuit of fortune, it’s a challenge to preserve heritage, and it is against this background that Hidden Johannesburg offers a snapshot of 28 notable buildings. From the stately mansions of the Randlords to their downtown headquarters, the clubs where they socialised and the churches where they worshipped, the architecture of early Johannesburg lives on in sandstone, granite, marble and slate. But this is a city that constantly reinvents itself, and where the old is all-too-readily demolished to make way for the next ‘big thing’. Some buildings will survive, others will be consigned to memory.

Hidden Johannesburg reveals fragments of the history of this vibrant city but, perhaps, the book also tells us something about our future, for if we allow our heritage to be swept away in the name of progress, are we advancing at all?

Hidden Cape Town (Hardcover): Paul Duncan Hidden Cape Town (Hardcover)
Paul Duncan; Photographs by Alain Proust
R470 R375 Discovery Miles 3 750 Save R95 (20%) Ships in 8 - 13 working days

Now revised, this book takes a unique look ‘inside’ 29 of Cape Town’s most notable buildings. If you have ever wondered what lies behind an interesting facade, or wished you could peek behind a closed door, Hidden Cape Town is the book for you. The author and photographer have collaborated to reveal the artworks and architectural secrets that lie behind the doors of some wellknown, and lesser known, landmark buildings in and around the ‘Mother City’. These buildings are part of our collective heritage, reflecting the myriad cultural influences that have shaped our country. These ‘hidden’ interiors include the Sendinggestig Museum, South African National Library, City Hall, Palm Tree Mosque, Welgelegen, the Royal Observatory, Bertram House, the Greek Orthodox Cathedral of St George, Groote Schuur, the Old Synagogue and the officer’s mess of the Cape Town Rifles (‘The Dukes’).

New Orleans Architecture - Volume IX: Carrollton (Hardcover): Robert J Cangelosi Jr New Orleans Architecture - Volume IX: Carrollton (Hardcover)
Robert J Cangelosi Jr
R1,179 R920 Discovery Miles 9 200 Save R259 (22%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days

An essential reference guide to one of New Orleans's most iconic Uptown neighborhoods, New Orleans Architecture: Volume IX documents the remarkable architectural history of the former city of Carrollton, once the seat of Jefferson Parish and now listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Following the format of previous volumes in the series, Robert J. Cangelosi Jr. divides the study into three sections. He begins in the early eighteenth century by chronicling the area's development as one of the many upriver communities just west of New Orleans. Its fields and plantations afforded early homesteaders tillable farmland and easy access to the Mississippi River. Later, during the War of 1812, American troops led by William Carroll encamped there, and the area was subsequently named for the general. In 1831, developers purchased the land, subdivided it, and began construction of a road and a canal linking the area to New Orleans. Local officials reorganized Carrollton in 1845 - by then a village of about 1,000 residents - as a town in Jefferson Parish, and in 1859 a charter officially incorporated it as a city. Just fifteen years later, the City of New Orleans annexed Carrollton - now replete with schools, public gardens, and brick-paved streets - as the Seventh Municipal District. The volume's second section consists of a ""Building Index,"" which gives the original owners, dates of construction, costs, designers, and builders for many of the structures erected in Carrollton since its founding. In the ""Selective Architectural Inventory,"" the book's final section, Cangelosi explores the history of nearly 420 historic homes and buildings in Carrollton, and shares thumbnail photographs, detailed sales records, and information on a variety of architectural styles. New Orleans Architecture: Volume IX serves as a valuable resource for the city's Historic District Landmark Commission and the State Historic Preservation Office, as well as home owners, real estate agents, guides, historians, and tourists.

Bruce Goff - Architecture of Discipline in Freedom (Hardcover): Arn Henderson Bruce Goff - Architecture of Discipline in Freedom (Hardcover)
Arn Henderson
R1,290 Discovery Miles 12 900 Ships in 7 - 11 working days

Renowned today as one of the most important architects of the twentieth century, Bruce Goff (1904-1982) was only twelve years old when a Tulsa architectural firm took him on as an apprentice. Throughout his career he defied expectations, not only as a designer of innovative buildings but also as a gifted educator and painter. This beautifully illustrated volume, featuring more than 150 photographs, architectural drawings, and color plates, explores the vast multitude of ideas and themes that influenced Goff's work. Tracing what he calls Goff's ""path of originality,"" Arn Henderson begins by describing two of Goff's earliest and most significant influences: the architect Frank Lloyd Wright and the French composer Claude Debussy. As Henderson explains, Goff embraced from a young age Wright's ideal of organic expression, where all elements of a building's design are integrated into a unified whole. Although Goff's stylistic dependence on Wright eventually waned, the music of Debussy, with its qualities of mystery and ""discipline in freedom,"" was a perpetual source of inspiration. Henderson also emphasizes Goff's identification with the American West, particularly Oklahoma, where he developed most of his ideas and created many of his masterful buildings. Goff served as a professor at the University of Oklahoma between 1947 and 1955, becoming the first chair of its School of Architecture. The new studio course he introduced was a pivotal development, ensuring that his ideas were imparted to the next generation of architects. Part biography of a well-known architect, part analysis of Goff's work, this book is also a finely woven tapestry of information and interpretation that encompasses the ideas and experiences that shaped Goff's artistic vision over his lifetime. Based on scores of interviews with Goff's associates and former students, as well as the author's firsthand study of Goff's extant buildings, this volume deepens our appreciation of the great architect's lasting legacy.

Barn Club - A Tale of Forgotten Elm Trees, Traditional Craft and Community Spirit (Hardcover): Robert Somerville Barn Club - A Tale of Forgotten Elm Trees, Traditional Craft and Community Spirit (Hardcover)
Robert Somerville
R516 R427 Discovery Miles 4 270 Save R89 (17%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

What is rediscovered and what is learned when a year-long community of volunteers breathes life into the dormant tradition of barns built by hand using local materials When Robert Somerville moved to Hertfordshire from Devon, he discovered an unexpected landscape rich with wildlife, particularly elm trees. Nestled within London's commuter belt, this wooded wilderness inspired Somerville, a lifelong woodworker, to revive the ancient tradition of hand-raising barns using locally sourced elm timber for material and the local community as labour. The story of the elm tree in the landscape is central to Barn Club. Its natural history and its historic importance in England, continental Europe and North America make for a fascinating story told by the author, a long-time admirer of this diverse and remarkable forest denizen. The decline of the elm, which began more than a century ago, was due to an imported fungal disease, and nearly spelled its doom. Yet the tree has survived, often unnoticed, throughout the English countryside and even within some cities. Barn Club is about craft, landscape and community. It follows the building of Carley Barn, a traditional Hertfordshire elm barn, made by hand with the help of volunteers over the course of one year. The last time barns were made in this way was 150 years ago, so the experience provides unique insights into aspects of craft construction that have faded from modern life. What happens when we imbue our structures with the local landscape? When we leave behind the vibrations, whines and whirrs of power tools in exchange for the delicate dexterity of the hands and eyes? When every mark in the wood tells the story of a joint effort? Barn Club calls on us to discover our landscapes more intimately and explore the joys of making beautiful things by hand, together.

Material Witnesses - Domestic Architecture and Plantation Landscapes in Early Virginia (Paperback): Camille Wells Material Witnesses - Domestic Architecture and Plantation Landscapes in Early Virginia (Paperback)
Camille Wells
R973 Discovery Miles 9 730 Ships in 7 - 11 working days

The Chesapeake region of eastern Virginia and Maryland offers a wealth of evidence for readers and researchers who want to discover what life was like in early America. In this eagerly anticipated volume, Camille Wells, one of the foremost experts on eighteenth-century Virginia architecture, gathers the discoveries unearthed during a career spent studying the buildings and plantations across this geographic area. Drawing on the skills and insights of archaeologists and architectural historians to uncover and make sense of layers of construction and reconstruction, as well as material evidence and records ranging from ceramics, furniture, and textiles to estate inventories and newspaper advertisements, Wells poses meaningful questions about the past and proposes new ways to understand the origins of American society. The research gathered in this cohesive and engaging collection views the wider history of the colonial and early national periods through the lens of lauded as well as previously unrecorded sites in the Tidewater and Piedmont regions. The subjects are equally wide-ranging, from the way domestic architecture articulates problems and possibilities that found forceful expression in the Revolution; to the values and choices made by those who lived in unprepossessing circumstances as well as those who built statement gentry houses intended to dominate the landscape. Other essays address the challenges of discovering historically accurate room functions and furnishings as well as the way Colonial Revival attitudes still dominate much of what is imagined about the early Virginia past. Taken together, these beautifully written and accessible essays will be essential reading for those interested in architecture, material culture, and the ways they reveal the complexities of the nation's history.

The Spanish Style House - From Enchanted Andalusia to the California Dream (Hardcover): Melba Levick The Spanish Style House - From Enchanted Andalusia to the California Dream (Hardcover)
Melba Levick
R1,051 R817 Discovery Miles 8 170 Save R234 (22%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days

The great appeal of Spanish Style homes lies in their aura of romance and drama, a sense of story, of magic, as well as in their very comfortable and engaging proportions and the great livability of the interior spaces. Deep shadow, arched doorways, trickling courtyard fountains, climbing bougainvillea on wrought-iron window grilles, wood-beamed ceilings, and white plaster walls are all hallmarks of the style. Here, through a celebration of contemporary and historic homes in Southern California, as well as existing historic precedents in Andalusia, Spain most notably the intricately detailed Casa de Pilatos in Seville and the Alhambra of Granada The Spanish Style House presents the definitive picture of the style as it exists today. Featured homes include the George Washington Smith-designed Casa Blanca (1928) a fantasy made real in stone and stucco replete with the romance of old Morocco in its horseshoe arches, domes, and evocative tile murals and a Marc Appleton-designed beach house (2007) in Del Mar, California, which is a dream on the sea and an eloquent testament to the virtues of the style for today.

Tree Houses - Escape to the Canopy (Hardcover): Peter Eising Tree Houses - Escape to the Canopy (Hardcover)
Peter Eising
R763 R631 Discovery Miles 6 310 Save R132 (17%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Tree houses have come a long way since our collective childhoods. The very definition of a tree house has broadened to now include anything from a boutique hotel room where star gazing is a must to exceptional viewing platforms and, of course, not forgetting a tree house for kids such as exists only in their dreams. This carefully compiled list provides an overview of striking tree houses across the globe, with designs that are truly unique, inspiring, and beautiful. Leafing through this inspiring collection, the reader will wonder in amazement at the exquisite and whimsical yet sophisticated constructions dreamed up by modern architects and designers. This beautiful edition is lavishly illustrated with evocative full-color images of ingenious arboreal architecture, with a focus on the forested surroundings, verdant treetop canopies, and rural experiences. This book will not only appeal to your inner child, but provide a welcome respite from the stresses of modern living by offering a pleasurable visit to the green world of tree houses.

Virginia Plantation Homes (Hardcover): David King Gleason Virginia Plantation Homes (Hardcover)
David King Gleason
R1,131 R921 Discovery Miles 9 210 Save R210 (19%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days

David King Gleason provides a grand tour of Virginia's distinctive plantation homes. As the architectural historian Calder Loth states in his prefatory note, ""Gleason's elegant photographs provide a seductive image of life in 'Old Virginia.' He presents one inviting house after another, complete with handsome interiors, and spacious grounds dotted with boxwoods and venerable trees."" Unlike those in the Deep South, most of Virginia's plantation homes were built before the antebellum period and mainly reflect colonial, English Georgian, and Jeffersonian styles of architecture. Gleason has photographed the homes in all seasons, framing some in the pink blossoms of springtime dogwoods, showing others surrounded by the golden hues of autumn, and presenting still others blanketed in January snows. Many of the photographs provide aerial perspectives that encompass not only the homes themselves but outbuildings and dependencies, great lawns and terraced gardens. The book begins with homes in the Tidewater region, where Bacon's Castle, built in 1665 on the south bank of the James River, still stands. It is the oldest surviving house not only in Virginia but in all of English-settled North America. Other houses from the Tidewater region include Westover, considered one of the most beautiful Georgian residences in the United States; Brandon, at one time the home of Benjamin Harrison; Appomattox Manor, where Ulysses S. Grant headquartered for a period during the Civil War; and Carter's Grove, near Williamsburg. In northern Virginia and the Shenandoah valley are Gunston Hall, near Alexandria; Woodlawn, in Fairfax County; Washington's Mount Vernon; and Melrose, a castellated manor inspired by the romantic literature of Sir Walter Scott. In the Piedmont, Gleason photographed such houses as Ash Lawn, the home of James Monroe; Edgemont, an exquisitely proportioned house showing Thomas Jefferson's influence; and Estouteville, whose great center hall opens onto identical Tuscan porticos framing magnificent views of the Virginia countryside. Gleason's photographs of a mist-shrouded Monticello are among the most beautiful in the book. In all, Gleason has photographed more than eighty of Virginia's finest plantation homes. Extensive captions provide concise histories of each house, including its original builder and subsequent owners, and its occupants, either friendly or hostile, during the Revolutionary or Civil wars.

Stone Houses of Jefferson County (Hardcover): Maureen Hubbard Barros, Brian W. Gorman, Robert A Uhlig Stone Houses of Jefferson County (Hardcover)
Maureen Hubbard Barros, Brian W. Gorman, Robert A Uhlig; Photographs by Richard Margolis
R1,041 R832 Discovery Miles 8 320 Save R209 (20%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days

Jefferson County, New York, has one of the richest concentrations of stone houses in America. As many as 500 limestone houses, churches, and commercial buildings were built there before 1860. Some of the buildings are beautiful mansions built by early entrepreneurs, and others are small vernacular farmhouses. Some are clustered together; others dot the countryside near limestone outcroppings. Embedded in the fabric of each building are the stories of its location, its maker, and those who have lived there. Lavishly illustrated with almost 300 photographs, this volume highlights eighty-five stone houses in the region. The editors explore both the beauty and permanence of the stonework and the courage and ambition of the early dwellers. They detail the ways in which skilled masons utilized local limestone and sandstone, crafting double-faced stone walls to protect against fire and harsh winters. The book includes detailed discussions of the geology of the region, the stone buildings that have been lost, and the preservation and care of existing structures. Stone Houses of Jefferson County provides a fascinating look at the intrinsic beauty of these buildings and the historical links they provide to our early settlement.

Antebellum Homes of Georgia (Hardcover): David King Gleason, Joseph B. Mahan Antebellum Homes of Georgia (Hardcover)
David King Gleason, Joseph B. Mahan
R1,108 R899 Discovery Miles 8 990 Save R209 (19%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days

From the stately Gothic Revival and Regency-style houses of Savannah to the majestic, multicolumned plantation homes that punctuate rolling farmlands throughout the state, David King Gleason presents a splendid pictorial record of Georgia's fines pre-Civil War residences.The book begins with the town houses of Savannah, which include such landmark residences as the Andrew Low House, built in 1848 in the style of an early Victorian Renaissance villa, and the imposing Gree-Heldrim House, a Gothic Revival mansion that was the most expensive house built in Savannah prior to the Civil War. Wild Heron, located just south of Savannah on the Little Ogeechee River, is the oldest plantation house still standing in Georgia. A one-and-a-half story farmhouse built in the style of a West India cottage, it is being restored to reflect the period of the early 1800s.

Farther to the interior, in the area around Augusta, are such homes as Fruitlands, now the clubhouse of the Augusta national Golf Club; Meadow Garden; Ware's Folly; and Montrose, built in 1849 and one of the Loveliest Greek Revival houses in the area. Houses photographed along the Plantation Trail, from Athens to Macon, include the white-columned President's House, home since 1949 to the presidents of the University of Georgia; the Howell Cobb House, in Athens; Whitehall, in Covington; Glan Mary, in Sparta; and the Woodruff House, in Macon.

Gleason devotes considerable attention to the homes of the western side of the state, from Chickamauga to Thomasville. The Gordon-Lee House, constructed in 1847, was headquarters fro the Union army during the battle of chickamauga. Other houses in this part of Georgia are valley View, which overlooks the Etowah River, west of Cartersville; the Archibald Howell House, near downtown Marietta; Lovejoy, in Clayton Country; The oaks, in the vicinity of LaGrange; and Greenwood and Pebble Hill, near Thomasville.

In all, Gleason captures more than one hundred of Georgia's most beautiful antebellum homes, including many lesser-known houses. In addition to exterior photographs, Antebellum Homes of Georgia contains a number of interior views as well as aerial photographs that show the relationship between the houses and their environs: outbuildings, formal gardens, and recd clay fields that were once white with cotton. Captions provide brief histories of the houses and their owners as weel as notes on construction and outstanding architectural details.

Sustainable, Affordable, Prefab - The ecoMOD Project (Paperback): John D. Quale Sustainable, Affordable, Prefab - The ecoMOD Project (Paperback)
John D. Quale
R964 Discovery Miles 9 640 Ships in 7 - 11 working days

"Sustainable Affordable Prefab " combines architectural theory and practice in a beautifully illustrated account of ecoMOD, the innovative design/build program pioneered by John Quale. Unlike most manifestos of green design, Quale's book describes a collaborative process that has produced, to date, four elegantly designed, built examples of sustainable affordable housing.

Implementing the principles that produced an award-winning Solar Decathlon project in 2002, Quale and his students at the University of Virginia, working with colleagues in the School of Engineering and Applied Science, and with affordable housing providers, have created four designs for environmentally sensitive affordable dwellings. The houses, built with modular units and/or panelized building components, include a two-unit condominium, a post-Katrina home on the Mississippi Gulf Coast, a historic renovation with an accessible addition, and a townhouse configuration that can be replicated and mass-produced for Habitat for Humanity. Each house pays attention to its site and incorporates sustainable materials and systems such as solar hot water and rainwater retention, and strives for zero energy load.

The success of Quale's ecoMOD project offers multiple lessons for practicing architects interested in affordable, sustainable design and/or prefabrication, for architectural educators looking for new ways to engage students, and for anyone looking to build a sustainable home.

Historic Plantations of Alabama's Black Belt (Paperback): Jennifer Hale Historic Plantations of Alabama's Black Belt (Paperback)
Jennifer Hale
R400 R332 Discovery Miles 3 320 Save R68 (17%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days

Once the center of agricultural prosperity in Alabama, the rich soil of the Black Belt still features beautiful homes that stand as a testimony to the region's proud heritage. Join author Jennifer Hale as she explores the history of seventeen of the finest plantation homes in Alabama's Black Belt. This book chronicles the original owners and slaves of the homes and traces their descendants, who have continued to call these plantations home throughout the past two centuries. Discover why the families of an Indian chief and a chief justice feuded for over a century about the land on which Belvoir stands. Follow Gaineswood's progress as it grew from a humble log cabin into an opulent mansion. Learn how the original builder and subsequent owners of the Kirkwood Mansion are linked by a legacy of exceptional and dedicated preservation. "Historic Plantations of Alabama's Black Belt" recounts the elegant past and hopeful future of a well-loved region of the South.

Steep, Strait and High - Ancient Houses of Central Lincoln (Hardcover): Christopher Johnson, Stanley Jones Steep, Strait and High - Ancient Houses of Central Lincoln (Hardcover)
Christopher Johnson, Stanley Jones
R1,025 Discovery Miles 10 250 Ships in 12 - 17 working days

This volume illuminates the development of different building styles in timber, stone and brick over a period of 750 years, in one of the oldest areas of Lincoln. High quality and detailed architectural drawings are accompanied by documentary accounts which explain the historical context, and tell some of the fascinating and tragic stories of the people who lived and worked there from the mid-twelfth century until the First World War, including the medieval Jewish community. Steep Hill is already internationally regarded for the quality of its cultural environment as well as its picturesque architecture, and the Strait and the upper part of the long High Street have a wide range of different architectural styles in their buildings, of considerable interest. Steep, Strait and High forms the final volume in a series of architectural and historical surveys of the historic buildings of Lincoln, based on forty-five years of research, originally undertaken by the Survey of Ancient Houses, sponsored by the Lincoln Civic Trust, and now continued in the work of the Survey of Lincoln. Christopher Johnson, Chair of the Survey of Lincoln, was an archivist and latterly service manager at Lincolnshire Archives prior to becoming Information and Records Manager at Lincolnshire County Council; Stanley Jones was a lecturer at Sheffield College of Art, and has been deeply involved in the Survey of Ancient Houses in Lincoln.

Art Deco Tulsa (Paperback): Suzanne Fitzgerald Wallis Art Deco Tulsa (Paperback)
Suzanne Fitzgerald Wallis; Photographs by Sam Joyner; Foreword by Michael Wallis
R438 R364 Discovery Miles 3 640 Save R74 (17%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days
Stay Wild - Rural Getaways and Sublime Solitude (Hardcover): Gestalten, Canopy & Stars Stay Wild - Rural Getaways and Sublime Solitude (Hardcover)
Gestalten, Canopy & Stars
R879 R698 Discovery Miles 6 980 Save R181 (21%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days
The New World Dutch Barn - The Evolution, Forms, and Structure of a Disappearing Icon (Paperback, 2nd Revised edition): John H... The New World Dutch Barn - The Evolution, Forms, and Structure of a Disappearing Icon (Paperback, 2nd Revised edition)
John H Fitchen
R646 R535 Discovery Miles 5 350 Save R111 (17%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days

Updates the highly acclaimed original edition with extensive new material that relates to the form, essence, and age of each Dutch barn as well as the evolution of the barn building era.

Gregory D. Huber updates John Fitchen's The New World Dutch Barn with extensive new material. Added to Fitchen's descriptions of barn types, framing style, and exterior appearance is research information that relates to the form, fabric, and essence of each Dutch barn. Huber notes the secondary expressions seen in barns in various locations in both New York and New Jersey, the evolution of the barn building tradition, and why only one of the four major tie-beam types found in the Netherlands proliferates in America.

The Virginia Landmarks Register (Hardcover, Fourth Edition): Calder Loth The Virginia Landmarks Register (Hardcover, Fourth Edition)
Calder Loth
R1,863 Discovery Miles 18 630 Ships in 7 - 11 working days

The fourth edition of The Virginia Landmarks Register is an entirely new, fully illustrated compilation of the state's buildings, structures, sites, and districts that have been officially designated as historic landmarks by the Virginia Board of Historic Resources over the past thirty years. The assemblage of nearly 1,800 entries--700 more than in the third edition, published in 1986--represents the most comprehensive inventory of Virginia's rich and varied historic patrimony ever published.

An invaluable reference for any Virginian, scholar, planner, architect, or preservationist, the Register is far more than an official list of names. Every registered landmark and district is identified by a brief history documenting its significance and by a brief description. Each entry is accompanied by a photograph showing its current appearance. Arranged alphabetically by county and independent city, the entries include not only many nationally famous places but the entire spectrum of the Commonwealth's cultural resources, from a 1,200-year-old prehistoric archaeological site through twentieth-century commercial architecture, from gristmills and metal-truss bridges and iron furnaces to NASA space exploration installations.

Those interested in traditional Virginia architecture will discover a multiplicity of building types, both high-style and vernacular. Included, too, are important landmarks of black history, the Civil War, education, and industry. The Virginia Landmarks Register, fourth edition, will create for the reader a deeper awareness of a unique legacy and will serve to enhance the stewardship of Virginia's irreplaceable heritage.

Designing Homes for People with Dementia (Paperback): Damian Utton Designing Homes for People with Dementia (Paperback)
Damian Utton
R1,576 Discovery Miles 15 760 Ships in 12 - 17 working days

Good design helps to make the environment more understandable, resulting in huge benefits for everyone. The 25 case studies illustrated in this book demonstrate the principles of good design for people with dementia. The examples are drawn from nine countries across Northern Europe, North America and Australia. This book is an invaluable resource for anyone committed to improving the built environment for people with dementia: from chief executive officers and directors of service providers, through to officials from regulatory authorities, home managers and staff, architects and interior designers, as well as nursing, medical and related professions.

Chinese Houses (Hardcover): Inn Chinese Houses (Hardcover)
R3,628 R1,210 Discovery Miles 12 100 Save R2,418 (67%) Ships in 12 - 17 working days

The book when it first appeared was also well received by "House and Garden Architecture Forum" and "Landscape Architecture." "The handsome book will be a joy to possess for those who love beauty in architecture and cultivated nature," so wrote Pearl S. Buck. In 1940 Henry Inn of Honolulu, art collector, designer, and photographer, produced a collection of Chinese architectural pictures that is extraordinary.

Although probably the only record of its kind, many of the photographs were taken as recently as 1936. Of those locations very few remain if any. A veteran traveller to his ancestral homeland, Henry In had an extraordinarily wide set of acquaintances which gave him an entrance into some of the choicest homes and gardens throughout China. This combination of artistic shell and unusual opportunity are unique.

Remarkable Heritage Houses Of South Africa (Hardcover): Nini Bairnsfather Cloete Remarkable Heritage Houses Of South Africa (Hardcover)
Nini Bairnsfather Cloete 3
R400 R344 Discovery Miles 3 440 Save R56 (14%) Ships in 5 - 10 working days

From a grand sandstone mansion rescued from dilapidation in the scrubby Free State veld, to a romantic Arts & Crafts style double-storey that presides over a halfacre of prime real estate in the high Berea suburb of Durban, Remarkable Heritage Houses of South Africa provides a privileged glimpse inside 20 of the country’s most distinguished, remarkable and treasured private residences.

Predominantly constructed no later than the mid 1950s and chosen for the singular legacy each keeps alive, these are homes that blend architectural integrity with an uncanny sense of place. Some more ‘historic’ than others, they have been sensitively rescued or meticulously preserved, or simply kept current with custodianship that has at all times respected their unique pedigree. Strikingly captured by distinguished photographer, Craig Fraser, they cover the full gamut of locations, architectural genres and interior decorating styles, yet have all been skilfully adapted to meet the demands of modern living.

How To Design & P{lan Your Own Extension 2012 - Design and Plan Your House or Extension (Paperback): George Baxter How To Design & P{lan Your Own Extension 2012 - Design and Plan Your House or Extension (Paperback)
George Baxter
R368 Discovery Miles 3 680 Ships in 12 - 17 working days
The Classical American House (Hardcover): Phillip James Dodd The Classical American House (Hardcover)
Phillip James Dodd
R1,890 R1,485 Discovery Miles 14 850 Save R405 (21%) Ships in 12 - 17 working days

This latest compilation volume for The Images Publishing Group reveals an enticing glimpse into the exquisite architectural works of innovative and skilled contemporary classicists. While remaining loyal to traditional classical design, the architectural projects featured within display a remarkable talent for versatility and adaptability within the fundamental classical language of architecture. This richly photographed book masterfully presents a number of preeminent classicists, who offer unique insight into their interpretation of the theory of classical design in their works. This compilation also highlights the collaboration between the architects' application of excellent detailing, the use of fine material, and exceptional craftsmanship, and how, all the while, they are creating a refined and seamless fusion with the surrounding landscape and environment. AUTHOR: Introduction written by Phillip James Dodd. A native of Manchester, England, Phillip attended the prestigious Prince of Wales' Institute of Architecture in London where he was taught by many of the architects featured in this book. He received a Degree in Architecture from his hometown university, before moving to America, where he gained a Masters in Architecture from the University of Notre Dame. After training with some of the most recognised residential architectural firms in America, Phillip started his own design firm Phillip James Dodd: Bespoke Residential Design. With a reputation as one of the foremost experts on Classical architecture and interiors, Phillip is fast becoming one of the most sought-after young residential designers practicing today. SELLING POINTS: * Features an insightful introductory essay by Phillip James Dodd, an internationally renowned expert in the fields of Classical architecture and design * Includes dozens of exemplary architectural projects, rich in photographic detail and architectural analysis * Provides a modern take on traditional Classical design themes, with indepth profiles of exterior and interior works, including detailing, use of materials, landscapes and regional variations * Investigates the contemporary works of many eminent Classicists, and highlights their unique methodologies and innovative designs 600 colour images

The American House: 100 Contemporary Homes (Hardcover): Hannah Jenkins The American House: 100 Contemporary Homes (Hardcover)
Hannah Jenkins
R1,375 R1,120 Discovery Miles 11 200 Save R255 (19%) Ships in 12 - 17 working days

The American House is an outstanding and extensive collection of contemporary residential designs seen across the United States today. This book follows the incredibly successful and recently published title European House, which also features a gorgeous collection of residential architecture produced by architects from across the globe. The American House contains cutting-edge residential designs by leading architects from across the United States, illuminated with rarely seen photographs and detailed plans, and underlines the sensitivity of today's architects to the natural environment, as well as the care and attention paid to interior design and everyday living. AUTHOR: This book is coordinated by Images Publishing, one of the world's most prestigious international publishers of architecture and design titles. Images specialises in lavishly illustrated and beautifully designed books on architecture and interior design. The Master Architect series has documented the success of many of the world's most inspired architects, and boasts a leading collection of architecture monographs. SELLING POINTS: * Showcases contemporary residential architecture and design across the United States by renowned international architects and designers, illustrated with full-colour photography, informative descriptions and detailed floor plans * Introduced by an acclaimed expert on the profound influences of key architecture and design practitioners, and the topic of building in different environments throughout the United States * Includes selected high-calibre contemporary gems spanning the nation, including multiple projects across a wide range of topographies and environments, from rural to urban, from small-scale apartment dwellings to large rambling villas 400 colour images

Architectural Invention in Renaissance Rome - Artists, Humanists, and the Planning of Raphael's Villa Madama (Hardcover):... Architectural Invention in Renaissance Rome - Artists, Humanists, and the Planning of Raphael's Villa Madama (Hardcover)
Yvonne Elet
R2,189 Discovery Miles 21 890 Ships in 12 - 17 working days

Villa Madama, Raphael's late masterwork of architecture, landscape, and decoration for the Medici popes, is a paradigm of the Renaissance villa. The creation of this important, unfinished complex provides a remarkable case study for the nature of architectural invention. Drawing on little known poetry describing the villa while it was on the drawing board, as well as ground plans, letters, and antiquities once installed there, Yvonne Elet reveals the design process to have been a dynamic, collaborative effort involving humanists as well as architects. She explores design as a self-reflexive process, and the dialectic of text and architectural form, illuminating the relation of word and image in Renaissance architectural practice. Her revisionist account of architectural design as a process engaging different systems of knowledge, visual and verbal, has important implications for the relation of architecture and language, meaning in architecture, and the translation of idea into form.

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Margaret Ruth Little Hardcover R756 Discovery Miles 7 560
Sustainable, Affordable, Prefab - The…
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Small Homes: Short on Space, Big on…
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Staying Put - Adapting the Places…
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Architecture Can! - HWKN Hollwich…
Matthias Hollwich, Marc Kushner, … Paperback R565 R477 Discovery Miles 4 770
Victorian Woodturnings And Woodwork
Blumer and Kuhn (Firm) Paperback R326 R278 Discovery Miles 2 780
Contemporary Houses. 100 Homes Around…
Philip Jodidio Hardcover R1,444 R1,171 Discovery Miles 11 710