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Hidden Johannesburg (Hardcover): Paul Duncan Hidden Johannesburg (Hardcover)
Paul Duncan; Photographs by Alain Proust 3
R450 R354 Discovery Miles 3 540 Save R96 (21%) Ships in 5 - 10 working days

Johannesburg: Egoli to some, Jozi to others. Once a mining town, now the most important commercial city in Africa. It’s been home to renegades and rogues, colonialists and capitalists, the dispossessed and the newly enriched. Today it’s populated by those who call themselves Africans or Afrikaners, by blacks, whites and every shade inbetween, and by immigrants from all over.

There are suburbs where the daily rituals of Jewish culture rival New York’s; elsewhere, the tone is more Lagos than laid-back. Remnants of the colonial era stand alongside contemporary steel and glass. In a town that prides itself on the pursuit of fortune, it’s a challenge to preserve heritage, and it is against this background that Hidden Johannesburg offers a snapshot of 28 notable buildings. From the stately mansions of the Randlords to their downtown headquarters, the clubs where they socialised and the churches where they worshipped, the architecture of early Johannesburg lives on in sandstone, granite, marble and slate. But this is a city that constantly reinvents itself, and where the old is all-too-readily demolished to make way for the next ‘big thing’. Some buildings will survive, others will be consigned to memory.

Hidden Johannesburg reveals fragments of the history of this vibrant city but, perhaps, the book also tells us something about our future, for if we allow our heritage to be swept away in the name of progress, are we advancing at all?

Hidden Cape Town (Hardcover): Paul Duncan Hidden Cape Town (Hardcover)
Paul Duncan; Photographs by Alain Proust
R450 R354 Discovery Miles 3 540 Save R96 (21%) Ships in 5 - 10 working days

Now revised, this book takes a unique look ‘inside’ 29 of Cape Town’s most notable buildings. If you have ever wondered what lies behind an interesting facade, or wished you could peek behind a closed door, Hidden Cape Town is the book for you. The author and photographer have collaborated to reveal the artworks and architectural secrets that lie behind the doors of some wellknown, and lesser known, landmark buildings in and around the ‘Mother City’. These buildings are part of our collective heritage, reflecting the myriad cultural influences that have shaped our country. These ‘hidden’ interiors include the Sendinggestig Museum, South African National Library, City Hall, Palm Tree Mosque, Welgelegen, the Royal Observatory, Bertram House, the Greek Orthodox Cathedral of St George, Groote Schuur, the Old Synagogue and the officer’s mess of the Cape Town Rifles (‘The Dukes’).

Architects' Houses (Hardcover): Michael Webb Architects' Houses (Hardcover)
Michael Webb
R1,091 R826 Discovery Miles 8 260 Save R265 (24%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Thirty of the world's leading architects, including Norman Foster, Thom Mayne, Tod Williams and Billie Tsien, talk about the houses they designed for themselves over the past decade. What inspired them, what were the constraints, how did their concepts take shape? Michael Webb explores the creative process and traces the influence of architects' houses over the past two hundred years, from Jefferson's Monticello to the creations of Charles and Ray Eames, Toyo Ito and Frank Gehry. Texts, images, sketches and plans are interwoven to illustrate houses that differ widely, in size, material, character and location. There are urban infills, rustic retreats, experiments, and fusions of new and old. They all make a statement, modest or ambitious, and each reflects the personality and tastes of its owner. These architects have accepted the challenge of doing something out of the ordinary, turning constraints to advantage. They give different answers to a crucial question: how can a house enrich lives and its surroundings? Spacious or frugal, refined or rough-edged, daring or reductive, these adventurous dwellings will inspire other architects and everyone who would like to design or commission a house that is one-of-a-kind.

The Contemporary House (Hardcover): Jonathan Bell, Ellie Stathaki The Contemporary House (Hardcover)
Jonathan Bell, Ellie Stathaki
R844 R592 Discovery Miles 5 920 Save R252 (30%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

There is no one way to design a modern urban house. Demand for space in cities the world over is higher than ever and new buildings must meet stringent energy saving requirements and negotiate a myriad planning regulations. But the best new urban architecture suggests invention and innovation are as critical as ever. The Contemporary House brings together seventy solutions, drawn from cities around the globe to explore the many ways in which architecture can enhance the experience of living in the city. Organized geographically, The Contemporary House offers a fascinating insight into the sheer variety of contemporary approaches to urban design, from reinventions of longstanding vernacular forms like terraces and townhouses, through to the fastchanging suburbs and inner cities of modern Japan, where the short lifespan of family houses provides architects with a template for aesthetic and technical experimentation. The book also provides an insight into the conditions that shape the architecture of some of the world's major cities, through recent history, signature styles, and current conditions on the ground. The Contemporary House is an essential guide to design in the modern city.

The Small House in Eighteenth-Century London (Hardcover): Peter Guillery The Small House in Eighteenth-Century London (Hardcover)
Peter Guillery
R1,336 R1,235 Discovery Miles 12 350 Save R101 (8%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

London's modest eighteenth-century houses - those inhabited by artisans and labourers in the unseen parts of Georgian London - can tell us much about the culture of that period. This fascinating book examines largely forgotten small houses that survive from the eighteenth century and sheds new light on both the era's urban architecture and the lives of a culturally distinctive metropolitan population. Peter Guillery discusses how and where, by and for whom the houses were built, stressing vernacular continuity and local variability. He investigates the effects of creeping industrialisation (both on house building and on the occupants), and considers the nature of speculative suburban growth. Providing rich and evocative illustrations, he compares these houses to urban domestic architecture elsewhere, as in North America, and suggests that the eighteenth-century vernacular metropolis has enduring influence.

Stone Houses of Jefferson County (Hardcover): Maureen Hubbard Barros, Brian W. Gorman, Robert A Uhlig Stone Houses of Jefferson County (Hardcover)
Maureen Hubbard Barros, Brian W. Gorman, Robert A Uhlig; Photographs by Richard Margolis
R1,190 R919 Discovery Miles 9 190 Save R271 (23%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days

Jefferson County, New York, has one of the richest concentrations of stone houses in America. As many as 500 limestone houses, churches, and commercial buildings were built there before 1860. Some of the buildings are beautiful mansions built by early entrepreneurs, and others are small vernacular farmhouses. Some are clustered together; others dot the countryside near limestone outcroppings. Embedded in the fabric of each building are the stories of its location, its maker, and those who have lived there. Lavishly illustrated with almost 300 photographs, this volume highlights eighty-five stone houses in the region. The editors explore both the beauty and permanence of the stonework and the courage and ambition of the early dwellers. They detail the ways in which skilled masons utilized local limestone and sandstone, crafting double-faced stone walls to protect against fire and harsh winters. The book includes detailed discussions of the geology of the region, the stone buildings that have been lost, and the preservation and care of existing structures. Stone Houses of Jefferson County provides a fascinating look at the intrinsic beauty of these buildings and the historical links they provide to our early settlement.

Designing Homes for People with Dementia (Paperback): Damian Utton Designing Homes for People with Dementia (Paperback)
Damian Utton
R1,649 Discovery Miles 16 490 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Good design helps to make the environment more understandable, resulting in huge benefits for everyone. The 25 case studies illustrated in this book demonstrate the principles of good design for people with dementia. The examples are drawn from nine countries across Northern Europe, North America and Australia. This book is an invaluable resource for anyone committed to improving the built environment for people with dementia: from chief executive officers and directors of service providers, through to officials from regulatory authorities, home managers and staff, architects and interior designers, as well as nursing, medical and related professions.

50 Favourite Houses by Frank Lloyd Wright (Hardcover): Diane Maddex 50 Favourite Houses by Frank Lloyd Wright (Hardcover)
Diane Maddex
R471 R387 Discovery Miles 3 870 Save R84 (18%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Houses - not skyscrapers, museums or schools - remained Frank Lloyd Wright's favourite building type from the beginning to the end of his seventy-year career as an architect.When he started his practice near the close of the 19th century, he saw a house as the embodiment of democracy and individual freedom.Your home had more capacity to spread well-being, he said, than any cathedral or palace.To him it was the centre of all family life. As 50 Favourite Houses by Frank Lloyd Wright shows, his ideal home took on an amazing variety of forms. From Wright's 300 house designs that were eventually built, this book visits fifty that have become world-wide favourites. Here, from the young architect's first period, is his own home and studio in Oak Park, Illinois, an architectural laboratory for him over two decades.Wright next ushered in the 20th century with his Prairie House, whose sheltering roofs and horizontal lines linked them to the earth; classics such as the Willits, Dana Thomas and Robie Houses. In the 1920s came revolutionary design in California built of textured concrete, followed in the 1930s by the internationally renowned Fallingwater and Taliesin West. Each of the examples featured grew from Wright's never-changing principles that a house should be built with nature, use materials and colours, be designed from within, have the consistency of a finely woven fabric, achieve harmony through unity, and be a work of art - not just a house.

Mindful Design of Japan: 40 Modern Tea-Ceremony Rooms (Paperback): Michael Freeman Mindful Design of Japan: 40 Modern Tea-Ceremony Rooms (Paperback)
Michael Freeman
R615 R489 Discovery Miles 4 890 Save R126 (20%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days
Remarkable Heritage Houses Of South Africa (Hardcover): Nini Bairnsfather Cloete Remarkable Heritage Houses Of South Africa (Hardcover)
Nini Bairnsfather Cloete 3
R605 R373 Discovery Miles 3 730 Save R232 (38%) Ships in 7 - 10 working days

From a grand sandstone mansion rescued from dilapidation in the scrubby Free State veld, to a romantic Arts & Crafts style double-storey that presides over a halfacre of prime real estate in the high Berea suburb of Durban, Remarkable Heritage Houses of South Africa provides a privileged glimpse inside 20 of the country’s most distinguished, remarkable and treasured private residences.

Predominantly constructed no later than the mid 1950s and chosen for the singular legacy each keeps alive, these are homes that blend architectural integrity with an uncanny sense of place. Some more ‘historic’ than others, they have been sensitively rescued or meticulously preserved, or simply kept current with custodianship that has at all times respected their unique pedigree. Strikingly captured by distinguished photographer, Craig Fraser, they cover the full gamut of locations, architectural genres and interior decorating styles, yet have all been skilfully adapted to meet the demands of modern living.

Houses of the National Trust - New Edition (Hardcover, 2nd New edition): Lydia Greeves Houses of the National Trust - New Edition (Hardcover, 2nd New edition)
Lydia Greeves 1
R937 R670 Discovery Miles 6 700 Save R267 (28%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

The National Trust cares for a wealth of houses and historic buildings of all types, ranging from the grand to the quirky to the humble. This captivating book, fully revised and updated and featuring more houses than ever before, is a guide to some of the greatest architectural treasures of Britain, encompassing both interior and exterior design. The houses covered include spectacular mansions such as Petworth House and Waddesdon Manor, and more lowly dwellings such as the Birmingham Back to Backs and estate villages like Blaise Hamlet, near Bristol. In addition to houses, the book also covers fascinating buildings as diverse as churches, windmills, dovecotes, castles, follies, barns and even pubs. The book also acts as an overview of the country's architectural history, with every period covered: the medieval stronghold of Bodiam Castle, Tudor eccentricity in Hardwick Hall, 18th-century grandeur at Kedleston Hall, Victorian fantasy at Tyntesfield, and the clean-lined Modernism of The Homewood. The book teems with stories of the people who lived and worked in these buildings: wealthy collectors (Charles Wade at Snowshill), captains of industry (William Armstrong at Cragside), prime ministers (Winston Churchill at Chartwell) and pop stars (John Lennon at Mendips). Written in evocative, imaginative prose and illustrated with glorious images from the National Trust's photographic library, this book is an essential guide to the built heritage of England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

The Virginia Landmarks Register (Hardcover, Fourth Edition): Calder Loth The Virginia Landmarks Register (Hardcover, Fourth Edition)
Calder Loth
R2,074 Discovery Miles 20 740 Ships in 7 - 11 working days

The fourth edition of The Virginia Landmarks Register is an entirely new, fully illustrated compilation of the state's buildings, structures, sites, and districts that have been officially designated as historic landmarks by the Virginia Board of Historic Resources over the past thirty years. The assemblage of nearly 1,800 entries--700 more than in the third edition, published in 1986--represents the most comprehensive inventory of Virginia's rich and varied historic patrimony ever published.

An invaluable reference for any Virginian, scholar, planner, architect, or preservationist, the Register is far more than an official list of names. Every registered landmark and district is identified by a brief history documenting its significance and by a brief description. Each entry is accompanied by a photograph showing its current appearance. Arranged alphabetically by county and independent city, the entries include not only many nationally famous places but the entire spectrum of the Commonwealth's cultural resources, from a 1,200-year-old prehistoric archaeological site through twentieth-century commercial architecture, from gristmills and metal-truss bridges and iron furnaces to NASA space exploration installations.

Those interested in traditional Virginia architecture will discover a multiplicity of building types, both high-style and vernacular. Included, too, are important landmarks of black history, the Civil War, education, and industry. The Virginia Landmarks Register, fourth edition, will create for the reader a deeper awareness of a unique legacy and will serve to enhance the stewardship of Virginia's irreplaceable heritage.

Chinese Houses (Hardcover): Henry Inn, S.C. Lee Chinese Houses (Hardcover)
Henry Inn, S.C. Lee
R4,095 Discovery Miles 40 950 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

The book when it first appeared was also well received by "House and Garden Architecture Forum" and "Landscape Architecture." "The handsome book will be a joy to possess for those who love beauty in architecture and cultivated nature," so wrote Pearl S. Buck. In 1940 Henry Inn of Honolulu, art collector, designer, and photographer, produced a collection of Chinese architectural pictures that is extraordinary.

Although probably the only record of its kind, many of the photographs were taken as recently as 1936. Of those locations very few remain if any. A veteran traveller to his ancestral homeland, Henry In had an extraordinarily wide set of acquaintances which gave him an entrance into some of the choicest homes and gardens throughout China. This combination of artistic shell and unusual opportunity are unique.

Steep, Strait and High - Ancient Houses of Central Lincoln (Hardcover): Christopher Johnson, Stanley Jones Steep, Strait and High - Ancient Houses of Central Lincoln (Hardcover)
Christopher Johnson, Stanley Jones
R1,160 R1,076 Discovery Miles 10 760 Save R84 (7%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

This volume illuminates the development of different building styles in timber, stone and brick over a period of 750 years, in one of the oldest areas of Lincoln. High quality and detailed architectural drawings are accompanied by documentary accounts which explain the historical context, and tell some of the fascinating and tragic stories of the people who lived and worked there from the mid-twelfth century until the First World War, including the medieval Jewish community. Steep Hill is already internationally regarded for the quality of its cultural environment as well as its picturesque architecture, and the Strait and the upper part of the long High Street have a wide range of different architectural styles in their buildings, of considerable interest. Steep, Strait and High forms the final volume in a series of architectural and historical surveys of the historic buildings of Lincoln, based on forty-five years of research, originally undertaken by the Survey of Ancient Houses, sponsored by the Lincoln Civic Trust, and now continued in the work of the Survey of Lincoln. Christopher Johnson, Chair of the Survey of Lincoln, was an archivist and latterly service manager at Lincolnshire Archives prior to becoming Information and Records Manager at Lincolnshire County Council; Stanley Jones was a lecturer at Sheffield College of Art, and has been deeply involved in the Survey of Ancient Houses in Lincoln.

Mediterranean Home (Paperback): Massimo Listri Mediterranean Home (Paperback)
Massimo Listri
R727 R578 Discovery Miles 5 780 Save R149 (20%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Here is a mouthwatering tour of over 50 of the Mediterranean's most luxurious and finely appointed houses, including through-the-keyhole looks into the houses of many stellar talents such as Dolce & Gabbana, Alberta Ferretti and Salvador Dali. Originally published in hardback (as Casa Mediterranea) and now in a desirable paperback format, this book showcases a sumptuous selection of some of the most beautiful houses found around the Mediterranean, captured by the lens of renowned architecture photographer Massimo Listri. Listri's stunning photographs vary between sweeping panoramas of the houses in their glorious settings to close-ups of specific rooms, furniture and design details. These houses provide glorious fodder for dreaming as well as a concrete source of inspiration for creating one's own personal style.

John Pawson: Anatomy of Minimum (Hardcover): John Pawson John Pawson: Anatomy of Minimum (Hardcover)
John Pawson; Alison Morris 1
R1,450 R1,066 Discovery Miles 10 660 Save R384 (26%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

A powerful new monograph showcasing the defining elements and architectural anatomy at the very heart of Pawson's work

This monograph, the latest volume in Phaidon's documentation of John Pawson's stellar career, hones in on the essential details that mark his distinctive architectural and aesthetic style. It groups a selection of his recent works into domestic projects, including his own house in rural England; extended sacred spaces; and repurposed structures, such as London's Design Museum. Throughout its pages, this book explores Pawson's unique approach to proportion and light and his precise language of windows, doors, and walls.

The Homebuilding and Renovating Book of Barn Conversions - Complete Fully Illustrated Stories of 35 Inspirational Projects... The Homebuilding and Renovating Book of Barn Conversions - Complete Fully Illustrated Stories of 35 Inspirational Projects (Paperback, 2nd Revised edition)
R745 R664 Discovery Miles 6 640 Save R81 (11%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

This work includes 35 fully costed barn conversions. It also contains projects to suit all budgets - all fully costed with detailed project descriptions. Clussic, rustic and contemporary styles are complete with details of suppliers and craftsmen for each project.

Nomadic Homes (English, French, German, Hardcover): Philip Jodidio Nomadic Homes (English, French, German, Hardcover)
Philip Jodidio; Illustrated by Russ Gray 1
R1,500 R1,044 Discovery Miles 10 440 Save R456 (30%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

This illustrated volume, written and edited by Philip Jodidio contains some of the most remarkable examples of homes on the move. Starting with totally revamped Airstream mobile homes, and going on to spectacular yachts like Philippe Starck's Motor Yacht A, this book doesn't stop moving, surveying the best in campers and tents, and even going on to private jets in the A319 or Boeing 737 category, veritable flying palaces for the privileged few.

Modern Architecture and Climate - Design before Air Conditioning (Hardcover): Daniel A. Barber Modern Architecture and Climate - Design before Air Conditioning (Hardcover)
Daniel A. Barber
R1,379 R1,215 Discovery Miles 12 150 Save R164 (12%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

How climate influenced the design strategies of modernist architects Modern Architecture and Climate explores how leading architects of the twentieth century incorporated climate-mediating strategies into their designs, and shows how regional approaches to climate adaptability were essential to the development of modern architecture. Focusing on the period surrounding World War II-before fossil-fuel powered air-conditioning became widely available-Daniel Barber brings to light a vibrant and dynamic architectural discussion involving design, materials, and shading systems as means of interior climate control. He looks at projects by well-known architects such as Richard Neutra, Le Corbusier, Lucio Costa, Mies van der Rohe, and Skidmore, Owings, and Merrill, and the work of climate-focused architects such as MMM Roberto, Olgyay and Olgyay, and Cliff May. Drawing on the editorial projects of James Marston Fitch, Elizabeth Gordon, and others, he demonstrates how images and diagrams produced by architects helped conceptualize climate knowledge, alongside the work of meteorologists, physicists, engineers, and social scientists. Barber describes how this novel type of environmental media catalyzed new ways of thinking about climate and architectural design. Extensively illustrated with archival material, Modern Architecture and Climate provides global perspectives on modern architecture and its evolving relationship with a changing climate, showcasing designs from Latin America, Europe, the United States, the Middle East, and Africa. This timely and important book reconciles the cultural dynamism of architecture with the material realities of ever-increasing carbon emissions from the mechanical cooling systems of buildings, and offers a historical foundation for today's zero-carbon design.

The American House: 100 Contemporary Homes (Hardcover): Hannah Jenkins The American House: 100 Contemporary Homes (Hardcover)
Hannah Jenkins
R1,520 R1,180 Discovery Miles 11 800 Save R340 (22%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

The American House is an outstanding and extensive collection of contemporary residential designs seen across the United States today. This book follows the incredibly successful and recently published title European House, which also features a gorgeous collection of residential architecture produced by architects from across the globe. The American House contains cutting-edge residential designs by leading architects from across the United States, illuminated with rarely seen photographs and detailed plans, and underlines the sensitivity of today's architects to the natural environment, as well as the care and attention paid to interior design and everyday living. AUTHOR: This book is coordinated by Images Publishing, one of the world's most prestigious international publishers of architecture and design titles. Images specialises in lavishly illustrated and beautifully designed books on architecture and interior design. The Master Architect series has documented the success of many of the world's most inspired architects, and boasts a leading collection of architecture monographs. SELLING POINTS: * Showcases contemporary residential architecture and design across the United States by renowned international architects and designers, illustrated with full-colour photography, informative descriptions and detailed floor plans * Introduced by an acclaimed expert on the profound influences of key architecture and design practitioners, and the topic of building in different environments throughout the United States * Includes selected high-calibre contemporary gems spanning the nation, including multiple projects across a wide range of topographies and environments, from rural to urban, from small-scale apartment dwellings to large rambling villas 400 colour images

Through the Crystal Ball of the Chancellor's Residence - North Carolina State University 1928-2012 (Hardcover): Margaret... Through the Crystal Ball of the Chancellor's Residence - North Carolina State University 1928-2012 (Hardcover)
Margaret Ruth Little
R897 Discovery Miles 8 970 Ships in 7 - 11 working days
Small Architecture (English, French, German, Hardcover): Philip Jodidio Small Architecture (English, French, German, Hardcover)
Philip Jodidio
R479 R372 Discovery Miles 3 720 Save R107 (22%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Over the years, talented architects have occasionally indulged themselves with the challenge of designing small but perfectly formed buildings. Today, with reduced budgets, many architects have turned in a more focused way to creating works that may be diminutive in their dimensions, but are definitely big when it comes to trendsetting ideas. Whether in Japanese cities, where large sites are hard to come by, or at the frontier between art and architecture, small buildings present many advantages, and push their designers to do more with less. A dollhouse for Calvin Klein in New York, a playhouse for children in Trondheim, vacation cabins, and housing for victims of natural disasters are all part of the new rush to develop the great small architecture of the moment. The 2013 Pritzker Prize winner Toyo Ito is here, but so are emergent architects from Portugal, Chile, England, and New Zealand. From world-famous names to the freshest new talent, come discover architectural invention on a whole new, small scale.

The Barbican Estate (Hardcover): Stefi Orazi The Barbican Estate (Hardcover)
Stefi Orazi; Photographs by Christoffer Rudquist
R1,170 R800 Discovery Miles 8 000 Save R370 (32%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

A beautifully produced book to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Grade II listed brutalist icon, the Barbican Estate.

2019 marks the 50th anniversary of the first residents moving into the Barbican Estate in London. This new book is a celebration of this unique complex – looking at the design of the individual flats as well as its status as a brutalist icon. Author and designer Stefi Orazi interviews residents past and present, giving an insight into how life on the estate has changed over the decades.

The complex, designed by Chamberlin, Powell and Bon, is now Grade II listed, and is one of the world’s most well-known examples of brutalist architecture. Its three towers – Cromwell, Shakespeare and Lauderdale – are among London’s tallest residential spaces and the estate is a landmark of the city. This is a beautifully illustrated, comprehensive guide to the estate, with newly commissioned photography by Christoffer Rudquist. It will show in detail each of the 140 different flat types, including newly drawn drawings of the flats as well as original plans and maps.

Includes fascinating texts by leading architects and design critics, including John Allan of Avanti Architects on the unique building materials and fittings of the flats, and Charles Holland of Charles Holland Architects (and FAT co-founder) on the home and how these concrete towers have become such an integral part of Britain’s domestic and architectural history.

Sustainable, Affordable, Prefab - The ecoMOD Project (Hardcover): John D. Quale Sustainable, Affordable, Prefab - The ecoMOD Project (Hardcover)
John D. Quale
R1,817 Discovery Miles 18 170 Ships in 7 - 11 working days

"Sustainable Affordable Prefab " combines architectural theory and practice in a beautifully illustrated account of ecoMOD, the innovative design/build program pioneered by John Quale. Unlike most manifestos of green design, Quale's book describes a collaborative process that has produced, to date, four elegantly designed, built examples of sustainable affordable housing.

Implementing the principles that produced an award-winning Solar Decathlon project in 2002, Quale and his students at the University of Virginia, working with colleagues in the School of Engineering and Applied Science, and with affordable housing providers, have created four designs for environmentally sensitive affordable dwellings. The houses, built with modular units and/or panelized building components, include a two-unit condominium, a post-Katrina home on the Mississippi Gulf Coast, a historic renovation with an accessible addition, and a townhouse configuration that can be replicated and mass-produced for Habitat for Humanity. Each house pays attention to its site and incorporates sustainable materials and systems such as solar hot water and rainwater retention, and strives for zero energy load.

The success of Quale's ecoMOD project offers multiple lessons for practicing architects interested in affordable, sustainable design and/or prefabrication, for architectural educators looking for new ways to engage students, and for anyone looking to build a sustainable home.

When a Factory Becomes a Home - Adaptive Reuse for Living (Hardcover): Chris van Uffelen When a Factory Becomes a Home - Adaptive Reuse for Living (Hardcover)
Chris van Uffelen
R1,348 R872 Discovery Miles 8 720 Save R476 (35%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days
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